Days of Our Lives August 29, 2012
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

posted on August 28  circa 2:30 pm eastern


- At the prison, Marlena advises inmate Nick to think about what he said. He explains he did not actively change but the years here have changed him. He was strung out when he came in here but they helped him and now he is a better man. Marlena wonders just who Nick Fallon really is. Nick pauses. He is a man who loves his family and learning, who yearns
to make a difference in the world. She encourages him to continue. He solemnly states he will take responsibility for his actions, past and future. Marlena wonders how he feels about Melanie now. He replies he owes her for her leniency and regrets the past. Now he can only try and be the best man he can be. He is determined  to do what is right.
- Dan tells Mel this is not about him and Jen. He holds her hands and emotionally declares this is about her. He vows to never let her down again and hopes she understands she is his most important person. They sit and discuss. Mel assures him it was not his fault he knew not where she was or that he was busy saving lives. She explains Abigail, however, lost her father, and wonders how she could say no to letting Jen and Abigail have another family member in their lives. She is referring to Nick. Dan praises her for her kind heart, yet reminds her she has been through much. Mel announces she will not allow herself to remain a victim.
- Nicole glances at the daffodils EJ is carrying and unhappily notes he never got her those. He calmly replies she preferred roses. She recalls
how she used to spend hours in the garden with Sydney and daffodils, which mean new beginnings, and bitterly wonders if he even noticed.
She wishes him luck. He mentions his own new beginning, pointing out
he is innocent. She seems to doubt his innocence and starts to leave. He blocks her path and notes she is further along than before. “You should know, I haven’t forgotten.” He still intends to solve his own personal mystery - whether that baby belongs to him or to Rafe! Nicole hisses the results were accurate. He stops her from leaving again and coldly reminds her he loves his children with a vengeance. She lied to him about Sydney and he threatens that if she does such a thing again, she cannot begin to imagine what the future shall hold for her! Ominous music is heard.
- Sami enters the police station, eagerly asking for EJ. Rafe turns around, growling she has the wrong guy! Sami deduces he is not pleased about
her trying to find EJ. Rafe bitterly reminds her of the past. Roman now enters with good news. The charges against Will have been dropped.
Sami thanks him with a hug but Roman suggests she thank Rafe instead! Rafe gives her a look. Roman must step away to take a call. Sami is
not sure how to thank Rafe. He claims  he was just doing his job. Their conversation returns to her. Rafe sternly implies Will could have suffered from her actions. Sami notes Will makes his own decisions and laments Lucas is still mad at them both. Rafe remarks it sounds like she is letting him know she is back on the market, drawls he was doing the favor for Will, not her, and walks out of the room with his papers. Sami blinks.
- Theo and Abe excitedly join Bo, Hope and Ciara at the pub. When the kids go off, Hope places her hand on Abe’s and sighs they have missed their family dinners. Abe marvels how he sees Lexie in Theo and knows they will make it. Bo readily agrees. Abe is glad to focus on his boy at present. Bo grins it is all about family. Enter preoccupied Maggie. Hope observes her .
- Rafe saunters up to Nicole at the town square and asks whether there
is a problem. He faces Rafe. The two men stare each other down. Rafe stands possessively next to Nicole. EJ appears amused. He makes a snide remark about detective baby daddy rescuing her. Rafe touches Nicole’s baby bump and tenderly asks whether she is alright. Did he hurt her? Nicole sighs that she is fine. EJ quips they were having a little chat. In an attempt to keep up the façade of his fatherhood, Nicole mentions nursery shopping with Rafe later. He agrees they will plan it and she departs. EJ starts to leave as well but Rafe stops him. Nicole now leaves a desperate message for Daniel on his voice mail. She gasps EJ was hounding her about the baby. She panics about what might happen to them if he uncovers the truth.
- Mel and Dan’s conversation is interrupted by his pager. She suggests
he attend to it, insists he has helped her immensely, and promises to lock the door when he leaves. Once alone, she pouts and nervously glances around the room, not sure what to do next.
- At the pub, Hope and Maggie sit at a table and talk. Hope wishes she would see the progress Nick has made. The redhead already has and points out life on the outside is not without pressure. And she, better than anyone knows, “Once an addict always an addict.” She adds Mel is her granddaughter and laments she was not there for her in the past. She needs assurances that the changes in Nick will last. She will wait to hear Marlena’s assessment. Hope suggests it could be a moot point, if Nick goes ahead and cancels his parole hearing. She now gets a call and
excuses herself. Stressed Maggie sighs and rubs her hand with a forehead. Enter Marlena. Maggie is eager to hear her verdict. Marlena concurs with the prison psychiatrists about Nick. He seems fine and willing to pay for his mistakes. Maggie confesses she feels rather torn. Marlena offers to speak with Mel. The redhead would appreciate it. The blonde hopes it
will turn out well for all parties involved.
- Back at the station, Sami sighs and gets herself water from the water cooler. Roman returns and asks where Rafe is. Not there. He wonders why she is still there. She is not sure. Roman would like a word with his daughter. He wants to know what she was thinking when she almost took a bullet for EJ. He lectures her for risking her life and almost making her kids an orphan. Sami takes his hand and softly states she knew he would not shoot. Roman has another tough question. Does she not think she
can do better than a man like EJ DiMera?! Sami responds with her own question. Why was he looking for Rafe? Commissioner Roman shares
that he is getting a promotion he pushed through when EJ was on the run. He is a great cop and he needs all his big guns. Plus Rafe has a solid FBI background. Sam teases he does not need to sell her on him. Roman seems to have personal matters on his mind and wants to know what it is about EJ DiMera. Sami confesses there is something there and this time
she plans to follow her heart. Roman, however, remains worried.
- Rafe places his hands on his hips and muses EJ somehow managed to get out on bail. He wonders if he will get back to the business of running the town into the ground. Lawyer EJ lists the facts. He was accused of murdering a man who is alive. The D.A. would be a fool to proceed with any charges. Rafe warns him not to bully a pregnant woman on his watch despite his other crimes. EJ has other things on his mind. He sarcastically warns him there is not much happiness in his future with the likes of Nicole. Rafe passes on his romantic advice. He growls to stay away from Nicole. Or WOT? Rafe elaborates. If he harasses the mother of another man’s child, it will not bode well for him. He will lose his post as mayor, just as he has lost everything else. EJ retorts he will go see Johnny and Sydney, who have a beautiful motha. He advises Rafe to step aside. Rafe does and glares daggers at him as he strolls away with the flowers, on his way to see Sami.
- Nicole meets Daniel at the hospital and praises him as a father. She too would want Nick to stay in prison! Concerned Dan now asks about her run-in with EJ. They sit and she complains he will find out the child is
his. Dan attempts to calm her fears. She  is terrified EJ will seek revenge on him if he discovers out the truth. She claims she is now too frightened to return to her hotel room. Dan has an idea ...

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