Days of Our Lives Cast News

Small spoilers included


BREAKING .... SOAP ..... NEWS ...

Farewell Dr. Dan!


We have not seen the last of Sami and Sonny.

Clyde's days could be numbered.

Aiden goes too ...
Parting is such sweet sorrow. Poor Paige!
Serena left in a coffin.

No more Derek on Days.
Greetings Bo, Steve, sorased Joey
Boy will Andre rock the DiMeras!

Dena Higley is back at Days as head writer!
She was fired in 2011
Her storylines included Dr. Baker, nighttime Hope, baby switches, autism.
Dena will be head writing with Josh Griffith, formerly with Y&R.
Josh wanted to make Young and Restless hotter and sexier. Ooooo
Dena and Josh start writing mid-February 2015. Stay tuned! Freddie Smith said to be done.
Melissa Archer & Molly Burnett have left the building!

Before ...

Adam Mayfield is reportedly coming to Salem. Oooo
Mayfield is 3 years older than James Scott (ex-EJ)
But he will be playing another character.
Chrishell Stause (Jordan) is done in March.
Wally Kurth (Justin) appears again in spring!
So does Kristen! (Eileen Davidson)
Christopher Sean is Sonny’s former flame Paul.
Spencer Neville is naughty Derek.
Welcome home Molly Burnett (Mel):)


Clyde - played by James Read - is a very violent villain!


As of Friday, May 2 James Scott has left the NBC building!
His scenes air for a few more months, as do Alison Sweeney's.

The role of Ben as he and Abigail get closer wil be
played by Robert Wilson.

Brace yourselves cos KRISTEN IS BAAAAAACK!
She starts to air this summer.

Mark Collier is Liam.
Kassie DePaiva will be the new Eve Donovan
Daniel Cosgrove is Aiden
Connor Kalopsis is Chase Jennings.
Sorased Ari is Vivienne Rutherford.
Justin Gaston is Jordan's brother Ben.
True O'Brien is Paige , the girl of JJ's dreams.
Michael Benyaer is Dr. Chyka, the deliciously evil
Hungarian character without a Hungarian name!

Alison Sweeney has just announced she will be leaving
Days at the end of the year. If she follows through in
11 months, do you think Sami should be recast?

Theresa the terrible's older half sister Eve Donovan
will be returning to Salem and compared to her,
Theresa is tame! Hellcat Eve had a tough young life
as a prostitute, ended up coming to Salem to find daddy
Shane, made mischief, adventure, dealt with blackmail,
danger, and had a marriage of convenience wth Jack, who
then ended up with Jennifer, now sister Theresa's sworn

Amanda Corday is WOWING me with her hilarious
portrayal of Karen the hospital gossip girl, along with
the scandalous Anne Milbauer, played by Meredith Scott

John Black is back in action and that's a fact!

Lucas will also be having decent airtime in 2014.

It is no coincidence that these veteran characters are more in demand as Days creeps closer to 2015, which will mark the big
50 year anniversary!


Cam dramatically departs!

Guy Wilson is the new Will, which makes perfect sense cos
he’s a Wilson guy! #winning

Chandler Massey has left the building. Brace yourselves for
new Will! Please note: I did not write nu Will like others might,
as NU is French for NUDE. Teehee!

See the spoiler page
HERE for the scoop on the character
of Kristen DiMera, as portrayed by Eileen Davidson.

Chandler Massey (Will) and Camila Banus (Gabi) are
not be renewing their contracts this December.
Casey Diedrick (Chad) is confirmed to be gone after Halloween. 

JJ is played by Casey Moss, while Jen Lilly is Theresa, Kevin Riggin is Rory, and Allison Page is Bev.

Chrishell Stause's character Jordan arrives in Salem in August.
It's all in the photograph ... Did you know that most
younger Days talent is reportedly cast from modeling pools ...

More Previously reported casting news
   from the ARCHIVES:

  Chloe visits Salem just after Christmas!
  Nancy to show up for some episodes too!

  Things are in a fast state of flux! There is talk of
  Eileen Davidson returning as both Kristen and Susan,
  the character of Eric has been recast, and the characters
  of Shawn, Belle, and maybe Chelsea are still said to be
  high on the to-do list.  
* Contract negotiations have evidently broken down
  between Peter Reckell (BO) and the show, with his wife
  revealing on social media that he will not be returning ...
*  Stefano gone from the picture though it is said to be
  temporary ...
*  Molly Burnett (Melanie) is leaving Days this summer.
  I am not surrised. She has been wanting to try her luck
  at prime time ...
*  Ian Buchanen, who portrayed the evil Ian, has been
  let go. He will be gone from Salem after the summer.
*  Blake Berris - aka Nick Fallon - returning to Salem!
*  Jason Cook (aka Shawn Douglas Brady) is officially done
  with General Hospital, soooo ...!

* MORE SAD NEWS! The characters of Austin, Carrie,
  Madison, Jack to be written off the show. More to follow *


UPDATE: The show was unable to snag Tanya and so
Celeste is going to be recast, though the character will
remain mysterious, etc

January 9, 2012
Celeste, Lexie's stunning psychic mother, returns to Salem, once
again played by Tanya Boyd. The mysterious Celeste was known 
for her visions, vibes, her ability to see dead people, communicate with the dark side, and the fact that she believed EJ was as evil as Stefano. Psst. She also has a very glam hat collection, and says "dahling" like no one else can.

Previous key cast hires and rehires, including Freddie Smith, Bryan Dattilo, Lisa Rinna have appeared on DaysCafe spoiler pages.

September 2, 2011
Dates you need to know:

September 20 - Dario is gone.
September 22 - Carly, Taylor, Vivian are gone.
September 22 - Quinn exits for a month.
Week of September 26: Chloe and Kinsey finish.

August 10, 2011
As DaysCafe previously reported on the spoilers page,
Jack is back sooner than September 26, the official reset day
concerning the Horton Town Square and vet returns. Jack
will be wreaking havoc for Dan and Jen!
CEO Madison James shows up on October 4.

July 19, 2011
Sarah Brown airs as CEO Madison. She will change a lot
of things for a lot of people!

July 11, 2011
Deidre Hall's first tape date is Wednesday, July 13.
The character of Taylor will be seen through September.
Ivan is back to wrap up Vivian's storyline.

July 8, 2011
As already reported on the Buzz page, Carrie and Austin will  be
returning to Salem. They will be played by Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon.

As previously tweeted by the new writer, the vets return on Sept 26.

June 25, 2011
As DaysCafe tweeted, the show has decided to keep Bren Foster!

June Update:
Please note that the returns of Nathan and Lucas are presently
rumors, as fans were promised more Hortons in Salem. Stay tuned.
Lucas became reality!

June 8, 2011
Unfortunately, Dario (Francisco San Martin) to be written off the show ...

June 7, 2011
As Tweeted by DaysCafe ...
It is sad, for sure. Bren Foster (Quinn), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe),
Tamara Braun (Taylor) have been given their walking papers

June 2, 2011
The Buzz from last March has now been upgraded to a spoiler.
John Black himself triumphantly returns to Salem! The eyebrow
is back, baby, and so is the blond! John and Marlena. Home at last.

But sadly, Louise Sorel (Vivian) has been dropped from the show.

June 1, 2011
Days has opted not to renew the contract of Crystal Chappell,
so Carly will be written off the show ...

May 19, 2011
As DaysCafe already tweeted, head writer Dean Higley
has reportedly been fired, days after the announcement of her
Emmy nomination, weeks after the ratings started a steady
decline  ...

May 17, 2011
Over a week ago, I was informed that Matt Ashford would soon be
returning to Days. As he now seems to have made the announcement
on his Facebook page, I am certainly not breaking any rules when
I happily share the following ...

Freddie Smith has signed a contract with the show!

April 13, 2011
Shelby Young is back as Kinsey early this summer. She is currently
taping in Salem. Btw, she is pretty famous now, given that a clip
including her in "The Social Network" was shown at the recent Oscars!

Valerie Wildman (Fay) did such a great job in her dramatic
death scenes (and after) that many viewers are hoping Fay
is really not dead! For now, however, it appears she is.

- As already stated on the Buzz page, Aussie Bren Foster is
  Days' latest hire ...
- Award winning veteran soap writer Christopher Dunn has
  reportedly been snagged to join Days as a breakdown writer.
- Kate Mansi is the new Abigail Deveraux.
- Francisco San Martin plays Dario Hernandez (he was previously
  seen as the good looking patient who perished from the virus that
  sent Mel and Nath into quarantine).

Nicholas Alamain, son of Carly and the late Lawrence, just might
be showing up in Salem! (alas he was heard but not seen!)

Days co-head writer Chris Whitesell is OUT. There was bound to
be a shakeup, as after Sami  slept with a violent thug impersonating
her husband, hundreds of thousands of viewers left  the building.

Previously (cont'd)
Natalia Livingston has been replaced. The role of Taylor will
be played by Tamara Braun, who won a Daytime Emmy for
outstanding supporting actress as SCHEMESTRESS Ava
Vitali on Days. No more sweet Taylor. The b*tch is back!

January 24, 2011
Update: Mark Hapka's final air date as Nathan is to
be March 28. The character is being written off for the moment..

January 19, 2011
Shelley Hennig (Stephanie) and Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip)
are leaving Days. DaysCafe wishes them both the best and
looks forward to hearing about their future projects ...

January 10, 2011
As DaysCafe already tweeted, Nathan (played by Mark Hapka) to be
written off the show, ending his dramatic run in the next few months.
Also ending his Days 'walkabout' is Ty Treadway (Ben Walters),
which means the notion of a Jen/Ben pairing is no more ...

Quirky Kinsey babbles her way back in March.

December 2, 2010
Natalia Livingston's first air date is January 26.
Btw Nicole will be majorly jealous of her sis!
Ed Marinaro (Bo's old merchant marine buddy) airs in January too.
And Christie Clark (Carrie) is back for a visit in February.

December 1, 2010
As DaysCafe already tweeted, Jen and Jack's daughter Abby
returns to Salem (Feb or March). This time around she will be
played by Kate Mansi. Looks like she will be interacting with
the Chad/Will/Gabi crowd ...

October 26, 2010
Nicole's sister Taylor Raines comes to Salem! She will be
played by Natalia Livingston (formerly of GH) She starts to air next year.

October 1, 2010
Lawrence Alamain is back - in Vivian's hallucination
that is - once again portrayed by Michael Sabatino!

September Updates
As previously reported on the DaysCafe Twitter page,
Lindsay Hartley's character Arianna is OUT after she
is hit by a car. Lindsay was let go and then hired under
contract by All My Children, a few days after Eric
Martsolf (Brady) predicted she would be "snapped up"!

Updated August 19, 2010
As previously reported on the DaysCafe Twitter page,
1. John Callahan's Dr. Baker confesses and is then out
   of the picture.
2. Sydney has been recast with twin toddlers who look like Johnny!

Updated August 9, 2010
Stacey Haiduk has reportedly been dropped. Prison warden
characters never really go anywhere anyway. That also opens
up the possibility of a Patty return to Y&R ...
New: Gina Gallego will now play the warden Haiduk started.
- Just a reminder of what was already reported on the
page weeks ago - Mary Beth Evans returns for a visit as Kayla.

Updated August 1, 2010
Robin Mattson will be playing Lee, a character involved
in the prison storyline this fall ...

HOT! (July 30)
Can now officially share the news that Melissa Reeves - the
greatest soap heroine of all time - is coming back as Jennifer Horton,
with a contract! Wonderful  Days await. She will be airing as of
November ...

Updated July 30, 2010
As already reported here and on the Twitter page a while back,
Stacey Haiduk (Patty/Emily on Y&R) will show up in Salem
in September, as a prison warden. Rather interestingly ...
she played James Scott's mother on AMC once upon a time!
Meanwhile, Gaby Rodriguez has just mysteriously tweeted
"I'm no longer on DOOL." That is cos Gabi has been recast
(sorased a tad, you see) and will be played by Camila Banus.

Updated July 26, 2010
French Stewart taping on Days set!

Updated July 21, 2010
Rafe's work assistant Tiffany that got Sami so jealous is played by Camilla Ludington. Rafe's work associate Tim will be back again on July 28, once more played by Roy Jackson.
As already mentioned, Nicole's mama Fay (the glamorous Valerie Wildman) returns for a fun run, starting  July 30. Also on July 30, the daughter of  Dena Higley - Jensen Higley - will be back as Detective McCarthy (and she was pretty dang good the last time!)
Poker player Charlie will be back on August 2, once again played by Joel Stoffer. He will be connected to a Baker situation.
On August 4, Sister Anne is played by Eileen Barnett.
Ty Treadway will be appearing  for several Days episodes as
Dr. Ben Walters.

Lindsay Hartley has just been let go. The gorgeous former Passions star has played Arianna Hernandez for almost a year.

Updated July 1, 2010
As DaysCafe already reported on Twitter, Y&R's
Stacy Haiduk has been hired by Days, to play a tough
prison warden, airing in September.

Updated May 14, 2010
Valerie Wildman shows up as Fay again. No doubt she'll be
dishing out more advice for daughter Nicole ...!
- As already reported, the vets trickle back in June.

Updated April 14, 2010
Please note it is inaccurate to say Taylor Spreitler was "fired."
It is storyline dictated to have her character leave town. The role
will not be re-cast.

Updated March 8, 2010
Funny psychic-turned wedding planner Calliope (Arleen Sorkin)
will be on screen in May. Looks like she will be interacting
with Anna. (Calliope was married to Eugene Bradford, also a
psychic, who was last known to have been building a time machine)

Bo (Peter Reckell) now reported to be off the canvas for 2 months.
Bo will be said to be out of town, leaving Hope to play a key role in
his cases.

As previously reported on the
Buzz page, John Callahan is back as
Dr. Baker (and he is already taping!)

Chad's mother and the D.A.'s wife to be played by Jessica Tuck.
She is here for a few months.

Updated February 6, 2010
As DaysCafe already reported on Twitter, Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis, wife of Justin) will be coming to Salem for an unspecified run.
- Please note, the DaysCafe tribute to Frances Reid was posted on
Buzz page on February 3, the day of her passing.

Updated January 14, 2010
Yeah, you heard right. Darin Brooks (Max) is back for a few
days in March (the 15th and 16th) ...

Updated December 21, 2009
DaysCafe had warned on Twitter that things did not look good
for Bryan Dattilo. And now his contract has not repeat not been renewed.

Updated December 10, 2009
How long Leann Hunley will be back on the show as
Anna DiMera remains unconfirmed ...

Updated December 8, 2009
Goodbye doesn't mean forever ...
- As already reported on the DaysCafe Twitter page, the role of Will
has been recast. Dylan Michael Patton has been replaced  by Chandler Massey.

Updated October 18, 2009
As DaysCafe already reported on Twitter last week, Rafe and
Ari's sister Gabby comes to town for Thanksgiving! She is Gabriela Rodriguez and, not surprisingly, will be a young heroine type.

August ...
Michael Sabatino, already reported by the soap mags to be returning
to Days, will indeed be seen again as Lawrence Alamain, though the frequency or duration of said return remains unclear. Meanwhile, there is unfortunately no word on a possible return of Vivian's Euro-admirer Ivan ...

Updated July 28, 2009
Louise Sorel officially returns as Vivian come September, so last
Rumor is a go. Look out. Kate!

Updated July 23, 2009
Felisha Terrell - Arianna - will be  replaced by Lindsay Hartley
(Theresa from Passions)

Updated July 14, 2009
David Leisure, as the new D.A. makes his debut on August 10.
The last character Leisure played (Y&R's Roger) was a SNAKE!

By the way, the character of Emily's sister Meredith (see below)
is not repeat not anticipated as a long-term role ...

And here is a major by the way! Judi Evans' deal to appear on
ATWT is only reportedly for a couple of months, so Adrianne's
return to Days is not that impossible after all!

Updated June 16, 2009
Wally Kurth reportedly returns to Salem in August, as Justin Kiriakis,
the nephew of Victor. Justin was married to Adrianne, Steph's aunt.

Updated June 15, 2009
Crystal Chappell  returns to Days in the fall, to once more play
Dr. Carly Manning. Crystal's real life husband is actor Michael
Sabatino, who played Lawrence Alamain on Days once upon a time ...
But seen even before her will be Rachel Kimsey (Mac on Y&R),
who plays Meredith, a blast from Rafe's past - the sister of his lost love!

Updated May 25, 2009
June Newbies!

The role of Nathan Janning, Melissa's med school son, will be
played by Mark Hapka.
The role of Mia's ex-flame Chad will be played by Casey Deidrick.

Updated May 10, 2009
Gordon Thomson, who played the evil Adam Carrington on
Dynasty, will play the role of Walter, papa of Owen. Owen is the Kiriakis gardener who is also a DiMera mole.

Updated April 10, 2009
Felisha Terrell (Arianna, new gal at the pub) reportedly has a
3 year contract = key character! Update: Replaced!
Speaking of the pub, Darin Brooks (current Max) says farewell
to Days in the summer!

Updated February 12, 2009
Of her own choice, Rachel Melvin (Chelsea) gas decided not  to
remain at Days once her contract expires come springtime.

Updated February 4, 2009
Thaao Penghlis has been dropped from Days, but there is
good karma in store for him regardless ...

And there are more budget blues just in. Mary Beth Evans (Kayla)
and Stephen Nichols (Steve) have also reportedly been let go.

Updated November 20, 2008
The show has officially  re-negotiated with Jay Kenneth
Johnson, so things are looking up for Phil fans!

Updated October 23, 2008
Are you superstitious? You just might be after you read our update
on the two dudes who are coming to Salem from Passions, the
supernatural soap ...
Galen Gering (Rafael the FBI agent) first appears on Friday,
October 31. That means Halloween. Meanwhile Eric Martsolf
(Brady Black) reportedly shows up on Friday November 14, the
same day "We are Wizards," a documentary about Harry Potter,
has its theatrical release!

Updated September 23, 2008
Eric Martsolf, formerly of Passions, has just been cast
as Brady Black!

Updated September 22, 2008
Galen Gering, formerly of Passions, has signed a contract with Days!
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