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(posted December 21, 2016)

Abigail does not feel like she has many friends in
Salem but Dario seems to be there for her when she
needs support. In addition, he kept her secret as
asked. It is purely platonic but when he needs saving
of his own and Abigail attempts to return the favor,
eyebrows will be raised! Nevertheless there is no
real romance. Abigail takes action as a friend ...


(posted December 6, 2016)

Even when he wants to do the right thing Deimos
seems to make the wrong move according to the Salem
code. Driven by passion and emotion, his extremes
will come back to haunt him when Nicole finds out she
is having Dan the good's baby (via secret surrogate
Chloe). Nicole will hold Deimos to a higher standard.
Meanwhile he is about to abduct and drug Phillip for
answers! That dark side inside that makes him do it
might make an enemy of Victor as well when he finds
out. With each passing day his dark side inside seems
to grow stronger regardless of the reason ...


(posted October 13, 2016)

Just when Paul and Sonny seem closer to becoming
a couple again, here comes Derek, that sexy schemer
from the Salem Inn! He went after Paul and conspired
with Will. In the end, he let it slip to Sonny that
Paul was spending tons of time together with the "writer,"
- Will - and things went to hell for Wilson. What angle
will Derek have this time and can his sudden benevolence
be believed ...?!

(posted June 29, 2016)

It's official. Ken Corday, executive producer of Days of
Our Lives, is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
Deidre Hall, as we all know, also recently got one. Making
Days an acknowledged STAR show in the eyes of Hollywood
makes a major statement as it represents the creme de la
creme of the showbiz capital. Lights Camera Action ...

(posted January 14, 2016)

Stefano is dead again but there are irregularities.
He acted like he wanted to provoke Hope into shooting
him. Now Andre is going to want the money and power
all for himself. Chad, on the other hand, wants to
do things differently. And he was fed up with father
but he did love him ... The body was left at a demolition
site but rubble is always removed post-demolition ...
Hope is losing it. Rafe wants to protect her ...
Nothing stays a secret for long in Salem!

(posted January 4, 2016)

Two months ago in Hollywood I was informed by
sources on the show that Eric and Nicole had
great scenes coming up. But interviews in
Hollywood are often scripted so I dug deeper
and therefore did not fall for this duping.
I probed and was told there was nothing but
more torture coming up for this tortured couple.
That having been said, if Eric ever comes back
the writers could always write that he was drugged
and under mind control when he crashed and caused
Dan's death ...

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