Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

OCTOBER 28 +, 2019

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- Tis Halloween in Salem.
- Ciara is in dire straits & discovers something damning!
- Jordan gets nutty buddy Claire out of Bayview!
- Lani makes stylish vengeful Gabi a counter offer.
- Rolf has a mission in mind for Princess Gina!
- Ben is blasted, Jordan snaps and attacks JJ!
- Haley warns John and Marlena of more Hope weirdness.
- Rafe realizes Jordan is not so sweet.
- Tony makes a major reveal to Marlena.
- Rolf spooks Jack and Jen.
- Hope- as Gina - spooks Xander.
- Ciara tries to outwit Jordan.
- Ben is driven to extremes.
- Lani’s mom comes to Salem for the wedding.
- Justin has a reason to be rattled.
- John and Marlena see a clue & confront Gina-Hope.
- Tis the last week of Salem as we know it.
- Alas Rolf's plan and Hope's mind control
- were not caught in time ...
- MORE: Jordan's arc includes a big baby reveal.
- Daddy didn't know he was the real deal.
- The DiMera board gets a new look!
- A November with fast forward fever ...
- and at least one Salemite suspects foul play!
- Shawn comes back for a brief spell.
- Julie seems different!
- A questionable union holds a clue.
- Steve has important information.
- Steve returns to Sweetness, Jack, John & a case!
- Abigail and Chad reappear for a mini arc.
- Steve and Kayla's situation is not so simple.
- Johnny DiMera is a chip off the old Stefano block!
- Christmas includes stunning spoilers about the past.
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
OCTOBER 28 +, 2019
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