Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

JUNE 25 +, 2018

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- Kate faces the fallout.
- A secret starts to unravel.
- Abigail is back where she belongs but pregnant!
- Gabi blames Stefan for everything.
- Ben and Ciara seem to become friends ...
- Theresa fights for full custody of Tate!
- JJ defends Theresa.
- Kayla deceives Steve.
- Paul uses the L word but is he too late?!
- More trouble looms re: Leo and Sonny.
- Brady and Eve take on Theresa.
- Kate has a question for Ted.

More ...
- Heeeeeeere's Jack!
- Shawn, Belle and a big story!
- Nicole will be back with Holly this fall.
- Farewell to Paul.
- Kate Mansi (former Abigail) reprises her role
- so look for a hell of a fight with Ben.
- Titan is in turmoil.
- Sami is soon back as well, with a wild arc!
- Kate handles her foxy new lawyer.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers
JUNE 25 +, 2018
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