Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

DECEMBER 25 +, 2017

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Fallout from an unexpected fling!
- Pssst. As I broke on my rumors/spoilers page
- last July, Jack is seen again - just when
- JJ needs him. It is all about a family arc ...

- Eve intends to take Brady and Titan to court.
- Brady's world is rocked by Theresa's truth in May!
- Nicole comes back for the holidays with Holly.
- Will's arc to last a few months but he
- stays after the old story wraps up!
- Billie appears.
- Lani will get unexpected news.
- The Alamains take Salem by storm with
- a scheme spearheaded by Vivian Weeeeeeee!
- A power hungry new hunk is headed to Salem.
- A baby changes everything!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers
DECEMBER 25 +, 2017
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