Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

OCTOBER 30 +, 2017

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- Sami is in trouble again.
- Abigail and Chad get spooked.
- Eve bears huge news.
- Steve is upset about Kayla.
- Kate needs Theo's involvement.
- John tries to make Paul feel better.
- Sonny ends up in the hospital.
- Someone from the old Days stuns Sami,
- Marlena and John.
- Eli spends time with Gabi and Ari.
- An odd character is connected to Will.
- Rolf re-emerges on Halloween night!
- Lucas, Adrienne and Justin join the gang
- in Memphis. They are all about answers.
- Eve hopes Paige is also alive.
- Justin and Adrienne are back in love.
- Abe and Lani bicker about JJ.
- Paul has huge news.
- Marlena, John and Sami are hit with a
- Wild Will bombshell!

- Pssst! After something changes Nicole comes
- back for the Christmas holidays with Holly.
- Will's arc to last a few months.
- Sami runs amuck with the law a lot.
- Expect Angelica's son Alex.
- Billie is briefly back.
- Lani later gets unexpected news.
- JJ has a tough time.
- Pssst. The Alamains take Salem by storm with
- a scheme spearheaded by Vivian Weeeeeeee!
- Theo is thrilled when Ciara comes home!
- A new hunk is headed to Salem.
- And Shawn and Belle come hoooooooome!
- Coming soon - Kristen DiMera LIVES.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers
OCTOBER 30 +, 2017
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