Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

MARCH 5 +, 2018

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- Eli starts to see how wrong he was.
- Lani needs a doctor stat!
- A conflict corrects itself.
- Ciara vows revenge on Claire!
- Jen and Eric are not on the same side.
- It's about Sami ...
- Here comes a Kiriakis power struggle!
- Brady's scheme seems to be a bust.
- Jen is in for a surprise.

- Kate catches the eye of a foxy new lawyer.
- Eve intends to take Brady and Titan to court.
- Brady's world is rocked by Theresa's truth in May!
- A custody battle looms ...
- Down the line Nicole is briefly back with Holly.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers
MARCH 5 +, 2018
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