Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

AUGUST 27 +, 2018

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- Will is numbed by Paul's announcement.
- Sonny and will’s sweet moment is cut short.
- Hope and Sami clash.
- Claire becomes crazy Kristen’s hostage!
- Kristen wants Brady back and makes him
- a scandalous offer he can’t refuse!
- Doug and Julie get an eyeful.
- Marlena is shot and John is overcome.
- Marlena needs an operation at the hospital.
- Steve is there for bff John.
- Jen decides Eric deserves to know about Nicole.
- Sami gets arrested by Rafe.
- Paul goes looking for Brady.
- Eve catches Brady with Kristen.
- Paul, Sami and Kristen are in a killer of a conflict!
- A twisted twist sends shockwaves!

- Ben has Jordan back and on his side!
- Sarah Horton is coming to town!
- Farewell to Steve.
- Crazy Kristen is back, played by Stacey Haiduk.
- Lucas -= AWOL :(
- Heeeeeeere's Jack!
- Shawn, Belle and a big story!
- Nicole will be back with Holly this fall.
- Bye bye Paul.
- Kate Mansi (former Abigail) reprises her role
- Sami is back for a wild arc!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers
AUGUST 27 +, 2018
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