WEEK OF AUGUST 17 and More

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Jake and Gabi wonder where they go from here.
- Chad realizes he was rather wrong.
- Ben tries to hold it together.
- Will Claire seize the day?!
- Handsome Philip Kiriakis comes home to Victor
- and Xander meets the princely prodigal son.
- Phillip must choose his alliance!
- Romantic Chloe comes back to her old flame.
- Stylish Kate has concerns.
- Abigail has a reason to be angry again. Ooo
- Gabi is going to go with ...
- Enjoy Ericole scenes while you can cos
- Eric's airtime concludes in the coming months :(
- Abigail (Marci) is back with a vengeance!
- Farewell to Hope in the coming months ...
- Here come connected Eduardo Hernandez.
- Rafe is out of the Salem picture soon.
- A sweet Salem couple sails off into the sunset.
- Sonny and Will's story sees the classic supercouple
- leaving Salem in September, duration unknown.
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