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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Jack's secret rocks Jen's world.
- Xander and Charlie discuss Claire.
- Belle has something up her sleeve.
- Claire leans on faithful friend Theo awwww!
- Will Abigail come undone or will Gwen's
- big plan backfire?!
- A helping hand.
- The secret of the century and a whodunnit for
- the books, as first reported by DaysCafe.
- Time does something strange again.
- Ciara's story is not over.
- A deal is exposed.
- A crazy case of sibling rivalry.
- EXTRA: Stylish Val is comin to town!
- Romantic Chloe returns home
- in the Christmas season!
- Jake has high hopes.
- JJ puts a smile on his folks' faces.
- Gabi and Rafe rock their return.
- Phil and stylish Chloe come together again.
- Will and Sonny are not done at Days after all.
- Ava Vitali appears again!
- There is something big about Bonnie.
- Gabi has new issues with Jake
- but they ain't over baby!
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