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WEEK OF JULY 2 +, 2017

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- More Chad and Abigail angst.
- JJ has some explaining to do.
- Deimos' list of enemies is shockingly long.
- Eli cannot forget that kiss.
- Roman offers advice for Eric about his reality.
- Will the cursed amulet strike again ...?!
- Gabi needs a shoulder to lean on.
- Tripp is ready to roll with revenge!
- Coming soon - Kristen DiMera LIVES.

- Hilarious Hattie heads back to Salem.
- So does Rolf, Stefano's mad scientist doctor, a huge
- return as A. When last seen he was quite dead ...
- B. He is said to have mastered death reversal
- C. He and Hattie had the hots for each other.
- Fall wedding anyone?!
- Sami Alert! Later in the year Sami will return
- for a 2 month stint and a major bombshell!
- Pssst. Is a new blonde vixen also coming to town?!
- YES! Here comes soap siren Morgan Fairchild!
- Morgan is the new Anjelica Deveraux, who was a
- scamp, a vamp, Jack's stepmother, the biological
- mother of Justin's son Alexander.
- Power struggle time!
- Hope will face an old foe in the long run.
- Some storylines to change with the writer change.
- Delicious drama is in store. Oh Will!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers
JULY 2 +, 2017
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