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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- The search is on for gone girl Gabi!
- Jake's ex Gwen has a crazy Salem connection.
- She has been in Bayview with bff Claire!
- Teen drama with a secret Sami would want to know!
- Claire is allowed to live with Marlena
- but seems obsessed with Ciara and Ben's wedding.
- Was Julie the psychic right?!
- Lucas drops a new bombshell on Kate.
- Brady plays a high risk game and Ciara is onto him!
- Allie implores Eric and Nicole not
- to tell anyone she is expecting a baby.
- Chad is not done trying to destroy Gabi.
- EXTRA: Someone is going to die!
- Will the Salem wedding curse strike again?!
- Shawn and Belle show up for a summer story
- but Claire keeps going for months!
- Will and Sonny get their chance to have another child.
- Gabi confronts another woman for kissing ‘Stefan.’
- Sami shoves Nicole into wedding cake!
- Handsome Philip Kiriakis comes home to Victor
- and Xander meets the princely prodigal son.
- Vivian cries crocodile tears when she sees 'Stefan.'
- Romantic Chloe comes back to an old flame!
- Rafe is out of the Salem picture soon.
* Sonny and Will's storyline sees the classic supercouple
- leaving Salem in September, duration unknown *
- Eve emerges in autumn.
- Bonnie alert! About that book ...
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