Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

MAY 6 +, 2019

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- Stressed Nicole seems different
- but she is still Eric's destiny.
- Sarah feels sorry for herself ...
- A delicious deception.
- Now what, Ted?!
- Marlena and John get romantic.
- Ben and Ciara team up to solve a case.
- Look out Claire - and look out for Claire!
- Rafe could be in big trouble.
- Maggie's past affects her present.
- Will's loved ones really need the rest of
- Doctorrrr Rolf's notes!
- Sarah's fling with Xander comes back to bite her!
- Power hungry Xander makes an unexpected move ...
- Kristen DiMera is not out of the picture.
- Lucas and Sami sweep in after May Mayhem.
- Johnny is a chip off the old Stefano block!
- Claire and Chloe split Salem after a hot summer
- as well as Ted, Tripp, and Rex.
- Viv is alive with a new agenda and a new look!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers
MAY 6 +, 2019
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