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APRIL 6 +, 2020

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- Rolf must operate on Marlena.
- Xander has a nightmare involving Sarah.
- Ciara and Ben to have new careers.
- Brady has discovered a dastardly deception.
- At first Eric does not buy it. Nicole explains.
- Kristen gets her groove back.
- An unexpected hero.
- Stylish Gabi has a strange vision that sends
- her senses reeling. Stefan is imminent.
- Stefano warns he will be back.
- Kayla wants the real Steve to live! Sarah helps
- but tis touch and go. Jealous Justin talks to Jen.
- Steve makes it through but not perfectly.
- Holly keeps Eric and Nicole together.
- Steve wakes up, weeps and mourns Adrienne.
- Ben threatens Evan.
- Sarah's world is horribly rocked.
- MORE: The mystery woman cometh.
- A bad romance crashes and burns.
- Crazed cupcake Claire comes again.
- Romantic Chloe also returns.
* Sonny and Will's storyline leads up to
- the classic historic supercouple leaving Salem
- in September, for a duration unknown *
- Rafe is out of the Salem picture soon.
- A deal for a Salem heavy. What does Shin know?!
- Sami stirs the Salem pot in summer and winter!
- Vivian (Louise Sorel) brings more delicious drama.
- Bonnie alert! About that book ...
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
APRIL 6 +, 2020
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