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- Jen has much on her mind. Brady too!
- Eve might have more news.
- Eve and Nicole open up about love and loss.
- Adrienne's state causes concern.
- Deimos is baby obsessed!
- Chad has something to say to Hope in the slammer.
- Kate shows her kinder gentler side as she
- offers words of wisdom to anguished Adrienne.
- Derek presses Paul to admit he is not over Sonny!
- Steve sweeps sweetness off her feet.
- Gabi eavesdrops on JJ and Jen.
- Gabi finds out JJ lied again. Oh oh!
- Abigail agrees to reveal herself to Chad
- but she had better act fast!
- Hope is targeted big time.
- Holiday happiness and unhappiness abounds ...
- Pssst. Jade's joy is to be short-lived!

- JJ learns who his mystery Miami woman was!
- What will Lani do ...?!

- Steve and Kayla plan a Valentine Wedding of love.
- Belle has one more thing to do in Salem.
- Eric heads home with a 2017 storyline!
- Some Salemites are more forgiving than others.
- Early 2017 John Black is also back in action!

The Steve and Kayla wedding brings Stephanie back!

- Anne gets a job at the newspaper.
- Sonny tries to prove himself.
- After Theresa, Brady gets a new romance!
- A mysterious fortune teller and a clue!
- Austin and Carrie anyone?!
- A storyline will swirl around their son ...
- Lani is back at the Salem PD!
- Belle is seen again!
- Phillip and Shawn are gone shortly.
- Paul is about to hotly hook up- with Sonny again
- but something TEMPORARILY stands between them.
- Ooo

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December 12 +, 2016
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