Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks +

DECEMBER 23 +, 2019

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- Jack has made good on his promise.
- Will Roman really believe the story he is fed?
- Ciara has a moment with Ben thanks to Marlena.
- JJ admits what he did to Jack and Jen.
- Xander gives Sarah a gift of love.
- A new deal!
- Tis the season to be festive - and to flee!
- Eve makes plans.
- Justin lectures Kate.
- New empowered Lani hits back!
- Christmas with ornaments and oddness ...
- Sami comes again!
- A Salem patient.
- The baffling baby truth no one in Salem saw coming!
- Will Hattie's delicious idea be a no or a go?!
- JJ appears destined to depart.
- Salem has not seen the last of Sheila!
- An unexpected update on Claire!
- A daddy didn't know he was the real deal.
- The DiMera board has a new look!
- What does Li Shin know about “Stefan”?!
- A Valentine's to remember.
- Shawn comes back for a brief spell.
- Johnny DiMera is a chip off the old Stefano block!
- Christmas brings stunning spoilers about the past.
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
DECEMBER 23 +, 2019
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