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Thursday, December 18, 2014
Episode 12,486

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Long distance Paige is on a phone call with JJ. She is sorry they cannot be together Christmas day. JJ has high hopes for the New Year. At this point Paige can make no promises .. Meanwhile Eve and Kimberly face the doctor in his office, waiting with bated breath. Kim breathes a sigh of relief when the doctor declares Shane should fully recover. Eve, however, is pinched … Victor is rather vague with Rafe on phone about how he intends to tackle the Clyde problem. Rafe fears he might go rogue. The Greek gets off the phone, then lets in Clyde. The mountain man marvels what an honor it is to have been summoned … Jordan is on the phone with Chad, who is at DiMera mansion. She hopes to see him soon but Stefano interrupts their call with one of his own, so naturally Chad accepts the interruption. Stefano cackles his congratulations for his conquest. His plan worked and he slept with Jordan … Kate runs into Jordan outside and gets catty about her conquest. She is referring to Chad …

Eric is happily taking pictures at the park. Dan approaches and informs him he met Serena … Back at the hospital, Nicole has also met Serena. The reporter manages to get her first name, then pretends to have a call when Serena sweetly asks hers. Nicole observes the new girl in town talking to Maxine. She learns she is doing medical research … Eric asks how Dan met Serena. Dan pleasantly replies she and Mel are pals and praises the pretty girl from his past. Eric blushes … Stefano finds the entire situation humorous and informs his surprised son he knows he was gone for the night and assumed he was with Jordan. The phoenix knows ALL. Chad gets testy and snaps his sex life is not his business! Stefano is even more amused … But then cowboy Rafe arrives, waiting for a word with Chad. Stefano laughs he might have found out about his mischief with Jordan. Chad demands his father come clean about what he did to make cowboy Rafe think he could throw HIM in the slammer … Paige ends the call lest her disapproving mother find out they are communicating. She loves JJ, who loves her too. He grumbles to himself it seems her beech of a mother is already onto them … Pretty Kim wants to go share the good news but Eve wants to talk to the doctor alooooone …

Dan excitedly invites Eric for dinner to meet Mel, who is back in Salem. Eric is looking forward to it, even more so when his friend suggests he bring Serena … Back at the hospital, Serena is swamped with medical files she leaves to read. Nicole approaches Maxine, explaining she wants to leave Dan note, then mentions Serena as someone she might wish to interview. She finds out her last name … Victor Kiriakis responds to Clyde’s excitement with gruffness … Kate proceeds to taunt Jordan. She taunts her for throwing herself at a rich boy and also for losing Rafe to her … Stefano smoothly asks his son about those so-called threats from Hernandez. Nothing specific but it is definitely about business … The phoenix figures he is blowing smoke, unless of course he discovered that Chad played a role in covering up Samantha’s frrrrrrrrrrrraud along with Katarrrrrrrina! Rafe storms in and warns Chad he has enough to arrest him and send him to jail … Clyde has long admired Sir Victor. Victor knows about his illicit business and orders him outta town … Chad gets off his phone, returns Rafe’s stare, and sarcastically states this must be the result of him sleeping with Jordan ... Jordan walks away from Kate, who follows her to the park. Ponytail Jordan yells to get a life. But Kate believes she has every right to butt in since she is having an affair with her business partner ... Dr Dan now meets up with Serena at the hospital again … At the club Nicole is busy surfing the net on her tablet, which tells her all about Serena’s work and education history ... Congo comes up. Nicole has discovered the connection. Eric was also in the Congo and Serena is that girl in his pictures, the one he loved before becoming a priest! Eric appears and she contorts to conceal her tablet … Rory drops by Horton house and boasts to dude buddy JJ that he is done with exams, now on his vacay . He perceives his pal is gloomy … California Kim informs elated Paige that Shane is gonna be okay ... Eve flirts and asks the doctor for a favor … Eric wonders what Nicole is up to now … Just research. He did not like how they left things and wanted to give her a friendly hello … The coffee gets knocked over. Eric acts fast to save the tablet, then notices what Nicole was really doing – investigating Serena!!

Clyde compares his humble beginnings and rise to power to Victor. The Greek growls he is a lowlife drug dealer and suggests he even eliminated the competition – EJ! … Jordan counters that Kate is sleeping with the enemy by sleeping with Clyde. Kate would rather talk about Jordan going after a rich guy … Jordan counters Kate worked hard for the money as Stefano’s favorite hooker! … Stefano is on his phone from Europa, having ordered some documents delivered to Rafael Hernandez pronto. He then raises his brandy to toast to rewarding his son for his loyalty. SALUT! Back in Salem, Rafe is armed with a search warrant and a forensics computer guy. He lets him check out the lap top. Chad is unable to stop them … Nicole admits she bumped into Serena and knew she knew her from someplace. This was merely her curiosity. But Eric knows better. He rages to stay out of his life. Nicole storms off to see her new man Dan …

At the hospital, Dan happily tells Serena that she and Eric are invited for an early dinner with him and Mel. Eric accepted on her behalf … Back at DiMera mansion, Rafe wants to take the laptop. His computer guy is sitting and searching the files ... All of a sudden one of Stefano’s attorneys arrives with counter-documents clarifying that Chad’s words and actions BEFORE he became Co-CEO at DiMera were not in any way connected to Stefano … Clyde retorts Victor is the one with bad blood with DiMeras, not him. Victor thunders to get out of Salem or face years in the slammer! Clyde calmly and smugly responds … Paige complains to Kim about her mom wanting to run her life. Kim thinks it is just a mom/daughter thing, they want to protect their kids. Paige softens … JJ tells Rory all about him and Paige sneaking around cos Eve hates him. Rory suspects there is more. Something must have happened … Eve wants the doctor to pretend Shane is badly off so she can keep her daughter in L.A. longer and away from her bad boyfriend back in Salem. He refuses to lie and kicks her out. Eve threatens to cause trouble with his wife … Eric and Serena hook up at the town square. She is excited about dinner and teases is this a date? Eric is in a mood and mutters he ran into Nicole ...Nicole finds Dan at his apartment and announces she is NOT rebounding from Eric anymore … Clyde slyly states he hired some of Victor's old thugs and one of 'em talked so he would not go down alone. He threatens to take the Greek with him. He walks out with a grin and Victor gives him a murderous look …

Rafe and his forensics guy are forced to withdraw. Chad sarcastically calls out he will say hello to Jordan for Rafe. Rafe suspects she will not be fooled by him for long … Kate claims Jordan was out of her league with Rafe, just as she is now out of her league with Chad DiMera … JJ tells Rory there is just hateful history since Eve was once married to Jack. Rory can imagine she is really something in bed and says so. JJ shouts to shut up! … Eve pretends to be in tears when Paige comes into the doctor’s office. He states he has bad news ... Stefano conducts the opera in the background from his chair with glee. When Chad calls to thank him for his help he is even happier. He would do anything for his son … Chad gets off the phone when Jordan appears. She is terrified that Rafe could cause trouble for him. Chad murmurs no worries and grabs her in a passionate kiss … Rafe calls Victor from the park for an update on Clyde. Victor pretends it did not work ... he will keep digging and it may take a while. But make no mistake, he is bringing Clyde Weston down … After the call, Rafe gets an ominous feeling … Clyde waits in his room with champagne and room service for Kate. She wonders about his mysterious meeting. It went smoothly, he got the other party to see his way … Kate purrs like with her? He says no and they kiss passionately … Eric laments he and Nicole fought about Serena. Serena met her today, she just didn’t realize who she was … Dan drawls he gets it. If something happens between himself and Nicole, it has nothing to do with Eric. But she is exuding a certain energy which makes him think there is more … Nicole impulsively kisses him on the lips and he kisses her right back …


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