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Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Episode 12,839
Length:1670 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the hospital doctors Kayla and Fynn talk shop. Steve appears, angry she went too far and he means Joey's arrest she did not tell him about ... Jade and Joe are packed for running away and she kisses him at the square ... At the station smitten Rafe invites Hope to lunch. She accepts but still worries about Ciara ... At DiMera mansion as her phone rings, Ciara tells Thomas she hopes his mom comes home soon. Chad is outside in the rose garden calling for an update on his wife. The doctor informs him she is still under observation. Her improvement is up to her ... Abigail is with her new doctor, worrying about the door being left unlocked. She states she has a blank space about Ben and gets irate when asked to remember more. The lady doctor tells her to try so she can recover ... At the square Rafe and Hope walk and talk. He admits to stealing candy at a store as a kid. His mom let the owner decide what to do as punishment. As a result, Rafe had to do heavy work at the store for free. It changed him. At that very moment, Ciara entertains Thomas with a story. Chad returns and praises her for being so good with his son. Ciara hopes Abigail will get better soon. Chad reminds her she must stay in school to stay on as Thomas' sitter. She knows ... Fynn advises furious Steve to tone it down. Steve scoffs go to your patients. Fynn says back the hell off oooooo Kayla asks for moment alone. Fynn makes himself scarce. Steve feels she should shorten the leash on the dingo as he calls him ... Once they arrive at the sunny square, Hope and Rafe sit and talk. Spring flowers abound. Hope admits she is not sure tough love would succeed with Ciara. All of a sudden there is a flurry of activity. Doug and Julie appear discussing their noisy Irish dancer guests at the inn. Rafe respectfully invites them to join them at their table and they do. Rafe now gets a call about a captured carjacker and alas must go. Hope offers to bring him his lunch back. Julie asks about Ciara. Hope complains to Doug and Julie about feeling helpless. Meanwhile Ciara wants Chad to know she can never be that old Ciara again. He suggests she give it time cos he has confidence in her. Ciara decides to take alert little Thomas for a walk. Chad stays home, waiting for news on the woman he loves ... Abigail admits to her doctor that only Thomas knew Ben was at the house besides her. She duped Ben and seduced him. She tied him to the bed, poured kerosene on him and set him on fire just as he did to her and Chad.. The lady doctor takes notes. Abigail laments Ben will find her and try to kill her. The doctor wants to help her remember more and move on. Abigail tragically wonders to what she would move on. Meanwhile Chad worries about her at home with no news ... Back at the square, Hope wishes Ciara was not so destructive. Doug laughs she is a teen like Hope. She rebelled with Bo and turned out just fine. But these days it is tough having a teenager with the internet and creepy kids running around. Hope states Rafe suggested backing off but Doug and Julie have an old school parenting point of view ... Claire comes to the park and greets Ciara and Thomas. Ciara suggests they get their own place. Claire talks funds. Ciara realizes they must also deal with the other night but they will just tell the judge they are sorry and likely get let off. Jade and Joe appear and he admits his mom did not tell his dad about their night in jail ... Kayla has asked Steve to have coffee at the square but he cannot calm down. He snaps she kept the arrest a secret from him and decides to go talk to the judge himself. Kayla advises against it. She wants to do right by their son. Steve gets offended she seems to want him to stay away from him and walks away with his hurt ...

Joey intensely informs his friends that he and Jade are officially running away. Jade notes now the Ava thing is over and Ciara wonders what he had to do with it. He claims he just cannot take it in town anymore and hugs Ciara and Claire. Then he and Jade leave ... Hope ventures to the mansion and asks Chad how Abigail is. Getting help. Hope is sorry and calls her special. He says Ciara is special too. Hope admits she assumed she would lose her job for what happened. Chad is already aware of the trouble and considers it no big deal for a teen. Hope wants to know whether she told him anything else ... At the square Joey warns Jade to watch what she says. He has to take care of something before they go. Jade agrees to wait for his call. Kayla is sitting at the town square and he now goes to her. He suspects she is upset. But Kayla is trying to put on a brave face on this sunny Salem day. She claims she had a hard case at the hospital. Joe apologizes for last night. He will never forget how she was always there and hugs her. They exchange I love yous and he leaves ... The lady doctor assures Abigail that prison is different than a hospital so Ben will not get in but Abi insists she sees him here sometimes. Sometimes he is staring at her from the window. He was also in her house and then he vanished but came back for real. He was here last night at her bed after they gave her a pill to sleep, wearing a hospital uniform. She screamed but no one heard. He had a necktie and was trying to strangle her. She sobs and gasps he said she was to be his last victim. A nurse enters and the doctor orders new medication right away. She tells terrified Abigail that she does hear her and promises to help her ...

Chad notes Ciara does not talk personal and he would not betray her confidence. Ciara comes back and asks why her mother is here. Chad discreetly steps away. Hope apologizes. Ciara now declares she decided she needs space and can no longer live with her. She wishes to get her own place or a place with Claire. Hope is saddened. She starts to say this is a bad time but Ciara notes she can now do what she wants as she is 18. Chad steps in and gallantly offers his guest house rent free. Ciara smiles and excitedly asks if Claire can be her roommate. Agreed. She goes to call her with the good news. Hope sighs she will be safe here at least. Chad muses it is the DIMERA mansion but Hope is aware he is nothing like the phoenix. If he were not a good man Abigail would not have fallen in love with him ... At the hospital Fynn asks how it went with Kayla's ex. She sighs not well ... Joey visits Steve at his place, very sorry about screwing up. He laments he cannot forget how Ava fought back. Steve wants him to get help and blames himself. Joey thinks he would feel better had he confessed and taken it like a man. Steve calls him a kid. Joey tells his father he can only stay sane if he keeps moving. Steve wants to know what he means. He senses he is hiding something ... Kayla unhappily updates Fynn on what happened. He wants to talk over dinner and hopes to cheer her up. She replies another night and he grimaces ... Joey just wanted to say he is sorry. Steve thinks he has much more on his mind. Joey lies he has a headache and asks for aspirin. Steve gets it. But while Steve is in the other room he steals his black leather jacket and stuffs it in his backpack. Steve returns and shares that his mom is worried about the company he is keeping, aka Jade. Joey downplays their relationship. Steve says to be careful. Joey emotionally explains he appreciates what his dad did for him. He blurts out he loves him and embraces him. Steve loves him too, his eyes filled with surprise. Something is not right. Joey takes his leave ... Hope is back at the station with Rafe. She concludes he was right about her giving Ciara space. Meanwhile Theo is at the DiMera mansion to see Ciara. She wonders what Abe would think. He gushes he is not going to stay away from her and adds he loves her. They kiss ... Joey meets Jade at the park, hands her her helmet and they ride away on the bike together, L.A. bound. He is wearing Steve's cool black leather jacket but lacks his street smarts ... Chad asks to see Abigail and the doctor tells him about her anti-psychotic medication. It was necessary as she was imagining Ben everywhere. Chad enters her room and Abigail hangs onto him like a worried waif. She wishes she looked better. He gushes she is beautiful and he loves her. They kiss in bliss. Chad is upbeat about the new treatment making her well enough to come home soon but she sees Ben at the window and states he will not let her! Chad turns around. Ben is not there. In fact, no one is there. Fragile Abigail soap stares into space ...


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