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Length: 1,595 descriptive words

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Episode 12,780

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Steve enters the dark house. Kayla jumps up from the couch and a highly emotional reunion ensues. He is concerned how Kayla is while she is concerned about his adventure. She sees a secret in his eyes, even after he explains it is over as the baby broker told them the baby died, which may or may not be the truth. Kayla confronts him for acting like the old days, when he wanted to protect her but left a piece of himself far away with his unfinished adventures. He assures her that is not the case She presses him to admit Ava was actually with him. He notes she is now in Jakarta. Kayla wants to warn Roman about her mischief but Steve suspects she will no longer pose a problem ... Ava sobs alone in her tropical hotel room. She sobs for her baby and sobs for Steve leaving her. Then she trashes the room and falls to the floor for a while. But the girl with the serpent tattoo eventually pulls herself together and starts texting ... At their elegant residence, John is sitting on the sofa staring at a photograph of his father, wishing he had known the good man. Marlena appears and gracefully sits next to this man she loves ... At Hope's house the fire that Andre started in Chase's backpack slowly climbs the wall. The smoke is thick. Andre plays classical music and enjoys the show from the dark DiMera mansion. He giggles like a mischievous madman. The smoke detectors scream so Hope, Chase, and Ciara run downstairs. Ciara calls 911. Chase races to the flames to put it out with a blanket, ignoring Hope's insistence they leave. The blanket accomplishes little so when Hope has grabbed the fire extinguisher and sprays, the coughing teens step outside. Hope is wild-eyed even when the fire has been put out ... John looks at Marlena with tears in his heroic eyes. Alas there was no happy reunion for him and his father. Marlena is miffed his mother sold baby John. He sighs she then tried to kill him. Marlena reminds him his father was a good man. She praises him for being a war hero and asks what else he knows about him from the old newspaper clippings. John's biological dad came from poverty but built up his own business, and gave to charity as well. He was respectable and respected. Marlena smiles he can be proud of him. John now wonders what life would have been like had his parents raised him ... The fire is out and the fire department is on scene to investigate. Hope and Chase can see where it started. Chase suspects the nearby outlet shorted. Hope humors him ... Marlena gushes John has his father's goodness and kindness, which he in turned passed onto his kids, including Paul. John still has sadness in his eyes so she adds he is also brave and honorable. Then she muses they might never have met had his parents raised him. John roguishly chuckles well, he would not want to change a damn thing ...

Hope calls cousin Jen and asks her for a place to spend the night. Sympathetic Jen seems to be in a stupor as she agrees they can all spend the night ... Hope confers with the fire department and declares they know it was caused by a short. Ciara praises Chase for being so brave when he tried to put out the fire ... John gazes at the woman he loves and drawls he would like to believe fate would have brought them together. She smiles she likes that and tells him how proud his father would be of the fine, gentle and determined man he is. She looks at his picture and points out he resembles him. Now she dares to deduce he might be ready to move on, given he got his answers he was seeking about his family. He turns and almost raises an eyebrow. "Not quite ..." Steve holds Kayla close and confesses he almost wanted to kill Ava with his bare hands. However, he had to find out where his sweetness was so he had to go with her. Kayla comprehends he was trying to save her. He tenderly tells her he loves her so much. She loves him too and is never letting him go again. They share a kiss. Kayla now suggests something positive came from the mess. Steve reacts with a resounding NO! He rages Ava is pure poison and how he hates her! He wishes he had listened to Kayla and sent the sinister woman packing from the start. He blames himself for not heeding her warnings and believing her. Kayla is horrified to hear how she faked her illness and concludes she is crazy as ever ... Jen pops another pill and downs it with some tea from her fancy teacup. Then she opens the front door of Horton house. She almost acts like she is sleepwalking as she listens to Hope's story and sets up the kids in guest rooms. JJ is not back from work and Abigail is chez Chad tonight. Ciara repeats how brave Chase was and the teens head to their rooms. Hope notes Jen seems tired. Jen sighs she has not slept well since the accident. Hope is sorry. Jen cries it was also tough to lose good friend Dan. Hope thinks they should stay at Doug and Julie's bed and breakfast instead. Jen insists they stay here and glides away to make tea. Hope has to return to her own house to deal with the fire department and get answers ...

Soon back at the house, Hope calls Rafe, who is walking outside. He had wanted to get in touch earlier bur assumed she was asleep. She updates him on the incident and announces it bears the mark of ANDRE ... John feels strongly about stopping the agency that is turning innocent little orphans into assassins. Marlena argues he had said Ed neutralized said agency. John admits it was only a temporary solution. The hawkish hero is ready to fight the good fight. Marlena laments she cannot lose him and will not let him wage this war ... Steve sighs to Kayla he does feel the loss of the baby who died and now takes out his phone. Kayla also sees the texts from Ava, who apologized for what happened and signed off by stating she was going far far away to grieve. Kayla wonders whether he believes her. Not for a lying second ... Chase and Ciara are in the living room feeling too wired to sleep. Jen offers to make food. Ciara assures her they will be fine so she should go back to bed while they wait for Hope to return. Sleepy Jen shuffles upstairs. Chase tries to talk about what they can do but Ciara is suddenly distant. He wonders whether she thinks he did it given how she is now behaving ... Andre happily watches his Hopecam, amused that Hope has her reinforcements - aka Rafe - now with her at the house. Hope wants forensics Shawn to investigate. She knows this was Andre! Rafe reasons they cannot afford the risk of any investigation ... John refuses to walk away from the injustice. Marlena thinks it is too dangerous to do without backup. He reminds her he is highly trained. Besides she did say he was brave and heroic. She adds stubborn, exasperating to the list and gets choked up. He promises the woman he loves that nothing will come between them and reaches out to touch her. I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART. Then he kisses her cheek and embraces her. Marlena hugs him back and whispers she loves him too ...

Steve finds himself alone with Joey for a few minutes. His son tells him off and refuses to let him explain why he saw what he saw. He accuses him of betraying his mother. Steve insists he did not. Kayla comes back from her hospital call and explains she already knows everything. Steve freezes. Joey pauses ... Ciara cannot help but wonder whether Chase set the fire to make himself look like a hero when he put it out. Chase gets insulted she seems to think he is like crazy Aiden and storms out in a snit ... Hope insists Andre must be neutralized. Rafe sees the wild look in her eye and tries to talk her down. Now suspecting Andre saw the inside of her house, she and Rafe start to search for the hidden cam. She finds it fast and her face appears close-up on Andre's screen as she mouths a few murderous words. Then the screen goes black ... Steve smoothly states he already told Kayla that Ava made him go with her in return for Kayla's location. Kayla smiles she knows he did it to save her. Joey grumbles right and goes to the kitchen ... Meanwhile Ava calls and books a one way flight to Salem USA. The b*tch is back ... Hope and Rafe race to DiMera mansion but as per Harold the butler, Andre has left the building. Matter of fact, the house is in foreclosure. Rafe tells her the fire was probably his final parting shot. But Hope's wild eyes widen. She senses sinister Andre is just getting started and wonders what comes next ...


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