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Monday, October 12, 2015
Episode 12,695

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Steve sneaks into Caroline’s hospital room like a man on a mission. He wishes to discuss her dreams of Bo. Caroline claims she saw it clear as day – Bo was trapped in a neglected old hospital with his chest taped. There was blood. Steve believes and now asks about the room. It appeared to be an old OR. And the location? All of a sudden Kayla comes in and stops the clandestine conversation. She drags Steve out and accuses him of wanting another excuse to run after an adventure. She scoffs at his notion that Caroline knows something that cannot be explained. In Dr. Kayla’s world, Caroline is still suffering the strange effects of the drug that saved her … At the condo, John is at his computer. Meanwhile Marlena giggles about getting a win in an internet game she plays with Will. John too feels a tad triumphant and tells her he tracked down one Louise, who taught at Winterthorne when Petrov was present. He can feel he is getting close to solving the mystery of his murky past … Ben and Abigail are making love. Ben is bothered by the red lights flashing inside. They remind him of how he just murdered Will in cold blood. Abigail stops, sensing something is not right. He replies he wanted to go slow and see her in the candlelight … Chad is at the dark DiMera mansion all alone in a room. He reads about Clyde’s capture, then mutters if the killer was not Clyde then … Gabi wails at Will’s apartment, unable to revive him and calls Rafe at the station. She is in a state about Will. Rafe is on his way. Soon the Salem P.D. has taken over the crime scene. Will is confirmed as dead. Rafe fights back the tears and tries to calm overwrought Gabi. She manages to spit out her story of how the door was open and she found him lying there. She tried to no avail to revive him with cpr but he is cold. She collapses in her brother’s arms again, crying what is she going to tell their daughter. Ari is with the sitter … At the same time Sonny is in his hotel room in Paris, smiling as he plays Will’s message. It is morning in the city of love and romance. Sonny slips his wedding ring on and starts to pack … Hope arrives at the scene of the crime, horrified. She notices the telltale necktie and insists Chad be caught. Rafe calmly explains he has reason to believe the flight from Salem was a ruse. However, something does not add up cos Will and Chad are friends. There was no known motive. In addition, the body had to have been moved from the real scene of the crime. Hope barks orders and then apologizes. Rafe is sorry as well and gives her a heartfelt hug as she cries … Kayla comes back to Caroline’s room and advises her to pay no attention to Steve. Caroline quips to give him a chance cos she can see she still loves him … Steve arrives at the condo for a clandestine conversation with John. Marlena excuses herself to the other room and graciously gives them their privacy. Steve suggests Caroline gave him some clues. John questions that. Steve insists Bo is alive, he can feel it and they are like brothers … Ben has a nightmare that Chad has sent a swat team to arrest him, led by Rafe, and he wins the fair Abigail back … Rafe gets choked up about Will dying too young. There are loved ones to contact. Hope will call Victor to get in touch with Sonny. She cries there is also Lucas and Sami to call. The poor parents … Spiffy Lucas is strolling through the town square in a fine mood when he answers his phone. Hope solemnly states he needs to come to Will’s apartment right away. A frown creases his brow and he starts to feel uneasy. Hope will not say more over the phone. Lucas is on his way … Steve insists on following up. John wonders how. Steve is vague about formulating a plan, then asks John about his own investigation … Chad’s thoughts are interrupted by the online news alert that Will Horton was killed … Lucas arrives at Will’s open door and asks where his son is. Hope gasps he is gone. Lucas starts to hyperventilate. How can it be? Rafe is sorry to report that Will was strangled. Lucas cries out NOT MY SON and sobs emotionally on Hope’s shoulder …

Victor visits Caroline in her hospital room. She thanks him for saving her with the unusual treatment. The Greek gushes he would move heaven and earth for her. She kisses his hand in gratitude as Maggie is about to enter. Maggie woefully closes the door and does not enter after all … John proceeds to update Patch on the woman who knew Petrov at Winterthorne. All of a sudden Marlena enters, her eyes filled with anguish. John worries. She weeps it is about Will … Lucas sobs where is his son? Rafe replies he was moved to the morgue. Lucas sobs not to say that word. Who could do such a thing to his boy! He lashes out they lost the suspect and then apologizes, asking after Arianna, relieved to hear she is with the sitter and will soon see Gabi. Hope tenderly tells him he should be the one to call Sami about the tragedy. Lucas wants Chad apprehended and brought to justice. He now takes his phone out and sadly makes the call to Sami. He bears bad news … Abigail wakes up, aghast to get the call from her mother. Ben wakes up and wonders. Abi is extremely upset that Will was killed by the necktie killer but Ben is quick to insist Chad is crazy and she should accept it. Upset Abigail excuses herself to get ready and go to Gabi and her goddaughter …

Chad is enraged the hunt is now on for HIM and then does the math about who the murderer really is … Gabi cries at the park to confused little Ari that mommy has to go to the station. Abigail arrives and hugs mother and daughter. The two women weep together for Will … Marlena and John join Rafe at the station. Marlena laments that Ari has lost sweet Will, then cries cos she herself experienced the horror of the necktie killer. Those would have been Will’s last moments. John wonders whether they have located Chad. Rafe mutters about things not making sense and emotionally excuses himself. Marlena is concerned the kids will take it hard. They all loved Will. John vows they will get through this tough time together. Lucas arrives and they embrace and weep … At the hospital, Maggie, Kayla and Victor are approached by Hope, who is sorry to inform them that Will was murdered. Maggie gasps no and turns white. Victor immediately places a long distance call to Sonny. Sonny happily answers, explaining he is taking some time off from work but intends to stay on top of things. Victor grumbles to get home right away, his jet is waiting. Sonny wonders what happened … Kayla has decided not to tell Caroline the bad news until she is stronger … Victor is sorry to say that Will was murdered. Sonny is in denial, as he was on his way home to Salem to make things right. Victor tells him he is gone. Sonny sadly realizes he is too late to reconcile with the love of his life and sits in a corner in shock … Caroline is relieved when Steve returns to her room. She gasps Bo is running out of time and she knows where he is … John and Marlena let Lucas know they are here for him. They all soap stare when Sami walks in numbly without a word, her eyes red. Marlena holds her close … Abigail is crying and hugging crying Gabi and confused Ari … At the apartment, Ben reads the internet for an update and explodes about the cops not being able to find Chad. Where could he be?! Chad comes up behind him and thunders he is here. Ben turns around in a flash. Chad rages it was HIM all along. Busted Ben returns his cold hard stare. Violence is imminent …


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