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Friday, May 29, 2015
Episode 12,600

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Justin is seated at his computer at the house of Kiriakis, having been busying himself with research on the wild world of cosmetics. Enter diva Kate, her head held high, with an apology for how she acted. They have in common that Victor's corporate play caught them off guard. Justin reminds her he is still her supervisor. She snaps whatever. He wants to talk makeup. She wants to talk about what this really is about. LUCAS ... Adrienne and Lucas wake up together. She spent the whole night in his hotel room. He realizes she feels guilty. However, Justin is doing God knows what with his mistress in Dubai ...Chez Dan, Parker giggles and sweetly wakes up big sister Mel with a nose tickle. Maggie and Dan smile at the sight. Mel admires the Parker art, then announces to Dan and Maggie she has made a decision. It all sounds very serious ... Theresa is fully dressed on her hospital bed and finishes checking her makeup in her compact. After she shuts it Brady appears with an apology for his bad behavior the night before. She tells him she gets out today but Tate must stay for two more days. Brady produces an agreement that he believes she will find fair. He seeks to settle the matter of custody at this moment ... JJ has gotten home while complaining to Jen on the phone that he cannot find Paige. He ends the call when someone knocks. EVE ...After Jen puts her phone down in her office, she too has a visitor - PAIGE, whose dark eyes stare at her with accusation ... JJ and Eve both want to know where Paige is and proceed to blame each other for what happened. Loudly ... Paige numbly demands details from the mother of her betraying boyfriend. How long did she know and how did she find out? Jen confesses she caught them in bed together. Paige accuses her of being a JJ enabler after that when the right thing to do would have been to leave her alone instead of attempting to make her live a lie ... Lucas wants more Adrienne lovin. He boasts as the boss he can be late ... Kate gives Justin a hard time about allowing Victor to manipulate him into the makeup side of the business. Justin counters she cannot afford another screwup or else. Kate storms off and he goes after the cosmetics queen with a curse... Theresa takes a look at the lavish offer from Brady, which would see her rich beyond her wildest dreams, but there is one little thing ...

Theresa sighs the document states she would be required to remain in Salem. Kim arrives and accuses Brady of trying to pull a fast one without any lawyers looking it over first. She tells Theresa NOT to sign ... When Daphne delivers some of JJ's items in a box from Paige, JJ pressures her to tell them where she is at present. He threatens to tell Daphne's folks of the fiend she is dating. She admits Paige went by Eve's apartment to pick up some stuff. Eve and JJ run of together, destination the apartment ... Jen patiently explains to Paige it was all about love. Maxine interruptus and hopes Paige had a happy surprise birthday from JJ, who worked hard to keep it a secret. Paige mutters he manages to keep lots of secrets like his mother. Maxine excuses herself ... Lovers Lucas and Adrienne arrive at the outdoor cafe in the square. She settles at a table and he steps away to call work he is running late. Breakfast beckons. All of a sudden, from behind the menu she is reading, Adrienne spies Kate running by in a rage, with Justin in hot pursuit. Lucas returns and she says what a strange sight she saw ... Justin and Kate end up at the park. He advises her to deal with him being her superior unless she intends to get another job. Lucas and Adrienne are already on their way ... Theresa does not want to sign any agreement that prohibits her from leaving Salem with her son. Kim throws a fit. Brady sternly states it is between him and her daughter so BUTT OUT. Theresa takes it all in ... Jen comes clean with Paige, including the part where she blackmailed her mother. She seems to want the girl to blame her and absolve JJ. But Paige is no fool. She finds it horrific how Jen would have wished for her a life that was a lie, all in the name of getting JJ what he wanted ... Justin issues Kate a work warning. He knows the names of three people who could make Mad World great again. She scoffs she is the best. He reminds her she already lost their top designer and distributor and has a history of alienating people. Lucas and Adrienne appear and Lucas frowns, demanding to know what is going on ... Mel woefully tells her family she knows that family is the most important thing and knows how it feels not to have one ... Brady accuses Theresa of threatening him to drop Mel or else lose Tate. Kim gets it and tells him to go, taking that crummy contract with him. Naturally she is still on the side of her deceitful daughter ...

At the park, Justin scoffs Lucas and Adrienne spent the night together... Jen's apology to Paige is not accepted. The betrayed beauty hisses she is no different than Eve and exits ... Kate claims she has hired Justin to work for her. Justin sighs. Lucas gets it. This was the doing of Victor, to make them competitors ... JJ and Eve continue their argument at her empty apartment, with no sign of Paige in sight. Eve accuses him of blowing it for both of them but JJ is not giving up. He dramatically declares he will get Paige back ... Theresa appreciates Kim supporting her but states she wants to work it out by herself with Brady. Kim gets her game and happily lets her know she has her full support if she wants her to come back. Meantime she needs a lawyer and all the legal groundwork laid in case she decides to come to California. Theresa gushes how grateful she is and mother and daughter hug ... Mel alludes to making a major life -altering decision. Brady arrives and he is not smiling. Maggie and Dan discretely give them their privacy. Mel's eyes are filled with tears ... Eve calls JJ a delusional fool. He calls her the world's worst mother. She slaps him hard. Exit JJ, feeling like a man on a mission to win back his dream girl ... Dan and Maggie are at the park with Parker, who is playing on this sunny day. Dan feels all is not lost, Brady and Mel can overcome ... The talk turns to Jen and he asks how she fares. Not well. He wishes he could have done something to help ... At the hospital, Madame Milbauer is mad at bff Theresa for turning down billionaire heir Brady's offer of riches untold. She then realizes she is plotting to keep Mel out of the picture and what Theresa wants Theresa the terrible gets ...Brady complains to Mel about Theresa turning down his offer. He refuses to live without Mel and that is what Theresa is gunning for! Mel woefully wonders whether he would want to live without his son ... Maxine gives Jen a pep talk about trying and then exits. Enter the Eve and she wants BLOOD ... Paige pauses at the square by the festive flowers and sadly remembers how right it felt the first time she saw JJ at this very spot. JJ comes around the corner and meets her gaze ... Lucas grimaces this means Justin is out to get him. He vows to get him first and ushers Adrienne away for breakfast. Justin wishes Kate would stop telling people he worked for her. She quips not to say the same thing about her. Justin sighs. This is not going to be a bed of roses ... Mel tragically tells Brady she cannot stand by as Theresa uses Tate against him. Therefore, she is leaving Salem TODAY! Brady cannot believe what he is hearing ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, May 29