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Friday, August 28, 2015
Episode 12,665

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

At the station, John smoothly states he was dropping off a case file for Hope. Roman wants to discuss the danger of his ISA career cos Marlena has been through too much to lose him ... Ben and Abigail's square shopping comes to a stunning stop when Maxine messages her about Serena's MURDER! Clyde conveniently comes over, claiming he witnessed the victim and Chad DiMera having the fight from hell. Ben suspects Chad. So does Clyde but Abigail refuses to believe them. Ben continues to badmouth Chad for his treatment of women. He acts like the tantrum he must have had after Serena slapped him for coming onto her was the tip of the iceberg ... Abigail excuses herself to work and walks away ... Hope and Rafe are on the job at the park, the scene of the crime. Hope really wants Rafe to work with her on this case. She sighs Serena was only in her thirties. Death was strangulation by a necktie ... Chad is in his room as the sirens speed by. He recalls how he argued with Serena at the square when she stormed out post slap but draws a blank after. He assures himself he did not go to the park ... Maggie returns to Kiriakis mansion after a meeting of the Salem historical society. The redhead reveres the town history and the old house that started it all. Victor is distracted. They discuss Caroline's stroke. Maggie notes Kayla believes she is fine. Still, the Greek has been reminded of his own mortality, not easy to come to terms with ... Chad worriedly wonders why he cannot remember. He decides he needs answers and heads to the scene of the crime, highly stressed ... Kayla comes into Caroline's hospital room. The matriarch has a bad feeling, but insists on returning to run the pub ... Maggie teases her tycoon to live every day to the fullest. They kiss and Julie sweeps in with an OOPS! Victor leaves the ladies to their bicentennial planning and heads out for a bored board meeting. Julie is beaming about the bicentennial ... Hope and Rafe realize Xander is probably the most likely suspect. Even from jail, he might have ordered the hit. Aiden appears and reminds Hope of his surprise. He kisses her and says he will see her soon. Hope gets back to searching for any clue, any piece of evidence. She bags a coffee cup she found nearby. Rafe updates her on his own attempts. Due to the heat there were no footprints, though Serena's cell phone made it possible to trace some time she spent in the vicinity of the club ... Aiden is alone at the pub. He gets tense when he receives a text ordering him to meet and take the usual precautions ... Evidently not affected by Serena's murder, Ben and Clyde have a happy conversation about Abigail and unborn child. Ben smiles he has grocery shopping to do when Marlena arrives. She smiles and tells Clyde she is sorry she had to cancel their session due to a family emergency. Clyde claims he only intended to tell her he no longer needed her sessions. He considers himself completely cured. Marlena questions his grip on reality in her own discreet way. He grins he is all better and smugly struts off like a peacock ... Abigail and Chad have both ended up at the scene of the crime, which is swarming with police ...

Abigail gasps and asks Chad whether it is true that he was the last person to see Serena alive ... Dr. Kayla does not wish Caroline to rush into anything. Caroline is a bundle of nerves and knows not why. Kayla complains she is also on edge as son Joey has not contacted her since she put him on the plane to his boarding school in Ohio. Caroline suggests she simply call the school ... Detective Rafe is back in business. He questions the bartender at the club after flashing a photo of the pretty murder victim. The bartender admits he saw her drinking scotch with the boss and getting cozy ... Abigail and Chad are now by the town gate, for privacy while they talk. She tells him how Clyde is pointing the finger at him and asks what he did after Serena exited the club. Pause ... Julie is rather disheartened about Tom and Alice not being alive for the big bicentennial. Maggie gushes the Hortons are still getting great representation and they giggle ...Victor slips into Caroline's room. She is sleeping again ... Marlena meets John at the square. She laments poor Eric is devastated over Serena's death. He even feels partly responsible, believing their falling out might have driven her to drink. She now notes John is done with the police department and ready for the ISA. The man she loves lets her know he will never let the ISA come between them ever again. He states he also has another major change in store. The blonde blinks ... Chad stammers after he left the club, he had to get a room at the Salem Inn since Stefano kicked him out of the mansion. Abigail is aghast and proceeds to praise her brave and noble friend for protecting her from Stefano by exposing his whole land story. Chad sits and accepts the praise but points out his DiMera money is gone too. She gives him a pep talk about being smart enough to make his own money. She knows in her heart the son is nothing like Stefano. Chad sighs he sure hopes the cops share the same sentiment ... John sits with the woman he loves and lets her know he is considering selling his interest in Basic Black after he confers with Brady, who also has an interest. She suspects he simply wants to make the ISA his whole life. Wrong! The focus of his life is HER. He wishes he knew how to make her believe in him again. Would it help if he asked her to marry him? Marlena demurely looks down ... Caroline updates Victor on her nightmare that felt so real and it was about BO. Victor is listening... Hope catches up with Roman. Xander does not seem to have had any contact with the outside since he was arrested. The necktie that strangled Serena is being tested as they speak. With any luck it will lead the cops to her killer ... Aiden enters and reminds Hope of their plans. Roman grins and tells her to go ... Chad is back at DiMera mansion for a few things. He tells sulking Stefano he asked Harold to have the rest sent to his room at the Salem Inn. Stefano is incensed about his betrayal. Chad still knows not what Abi's land meant to the future of the family and gets sarcastic about being used by him for the last two years. The phoenix claims he broke his heart ... Kayla is in a state as she speaks to Joey's school from the hospital. He never arrived and no she did not write a note! She screams no one knows where her son is. People at the hospital are staring at her hysterics ... Marlena muses they already walked down the aisle at least 5 times. It is wonderful when a couple is ready but she would need more to make her believe, more than mere words. John takes his cue and moves in for a romantic long kiss ... Chad exclaims he is not going to end up like Kristen or Tony or EJ - he is going to have his own life ... All of a sudden Rafe comes in, flashing his Salem PD badge with a smug smile. His first act as a cop again is to ask Chad a few questions. Stefano's eyes narrow. Chad freezes ... Kayla is in a state screaming about calling her brother the commissioner when son Joey walks in. She throws her arms around him in relief. Enter one Steve Johnson aka Patch aka Patchman aka the absentee ex-husband. Kayla soap stares. He stares right back. HEY SWEETNESS! BEEN A WHILE HUH ... As Aiden asks Hope to marry him at the nightclub with a Princess Diana ring, Caroline confides her worst fear to Victor. Her dream felt so real! Bo was in a filthy place in pain, and he could not escape ... Meanwhile far away Bo Brady groans in pain, face down and badly beaten, under the grate that prevents his escape...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, August 28