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Monday, October 20, 2014
Episode 12,446

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

At the dark park, stylish Nicole lets Chad know how sorry she is. He gets glib about bastard EJ’s bad timing. Nicole is not all that surprised by the attitude. She is aware of the article that exposed what happened between EJ and Abigail. Still she is sympathetic. Chad now mentions seeing Sydney and invites her over. Nicole notes she is the last person Sami would want to see. But she does miss little sweet Syd something awful. She even watches the Christmas video she has of her several times a week. She and EJ lost two babies, then raised Syd as their own, until that ended. She and EJ were on good terms toward the end. Chad gets sarcastic about the bad blood between himself and big brother. Nicole sadly states he would do well to admit to himself that deep down he did love him …

Will and Lucas have been playing croquet in the pristine DiMera garden with the now unseen kids, for whom bedtime beckoned. Will worries about his mom. Lucas worries about HIM. Will woefully recounts to Lucas the last time he saw EJ alive. And to think he was busy writing an article about what a creep he was! Will feels terrible about it. Inside Sami wishes Kate would withhold the drama. She is busy thinking of her kids. Kate exclaims she had better get busy thinking of how not to end up behind bars! Sami would rather mourn and notes she broke rules but she will not be jailed for it. It will be nothing like the pain of losing EJ. Kate warns her she is talking about big FRAUD here!

At the square, Eve enjoys telling Eric all about her passion for music and her career. He is happy for her and sips his beer as she enjoys her wine. The talk turns to her daughter. Eve claims she has always attempted to be a good role model, though she also happens to be a woman of action who goes after what she wants!

Kristen the cat has summoned doubtful Dan to her room. She eyes him and opens the door. She needs his heeeeelp. Dan drawls he has not changed his mind. He has no intention of telling Brady what they both suspect Theresa of doing. Kristen is pulling out all the stops and hands him a glass of expensive champagne when he points out they are not pals. He turns down the drink. Kristen continues to wear him down about telling Brady the truth. She slyly suggests they get Theresa the terrible to confess. She has been having Theresa tailed and shows him the pics of her pals. She knows Eve by name. Dan unwittingly identifies the other evil one as Anne. Kristen claims one of them could be used to spill her inconvenient truth. Dan drawls then she should go for it! However, that will not be the path to getting Brady back. He warns she will not be able to get to Brady thru him and sips his champagne, giving her an intense look. She sips too and returns the intense stare...

At the hospital, Maggie asks Jen how Abi is doing. She feels badly for the DiMera kids. The redhead also asks about JJ. Jen admits she knows not what is troubling her teen son. But he has grown up a great deal. Being less needed has left her with more free time. Maggie teases her about it. Jen adds she has been thinking. The redhead knowingly wonders. Jen admits she has some unfinished biz she plans to take care of soon. Maggie gives her a brief kiss goodnight and quietly hopes she was referring to Dan …

Paige has slipped into JJ’s bed. He halts her kisses and demands to know why she is in his bed. She smiles like a temptress in training. Surely he knows! She kisses him more and he jumps up, gasping she should not be here! Paige pouts and stands up too, sad the one she wants no longer wants her. Tormented shirtless JJ feels unworthy, which makes Paige even more perplexed. She gets a call from her mom, which he makes her answer and sighs she was studying but is headed home … Eve now informs good listener Eric that her whole world is her darling daughter. She wants her to follow her dreams too. She gets back to the topic of herself and gushes about Eric the good listener. She coos she looooves his smile and touches his hand. The former father suddenly flinches. Maggie happens by and observes. Eve pulls her hand hastily away upon realizing they are being watched.

Lucas assumes Will can have the article cancelled now that EJ was murdered. Will explains editor Zoe actually ordered him to speak with Chad again and has no intention of pulling the story. Lucas is sure he can handle it. Will gets emotional and appreciates his dad, who appreciates him right back. Father and son share a hearty embrace.

Kate exclaims Sami misleading the investing public will get out! She needs to do something before it is too late! Chad appears and innocently asks what will get out. Kate covers she was referring to Sami being in need of a break. Man in black Chad wonders. Lucas returns and explains to Chad that Will needs to see him in the garden now. Chad steps outside. Sami wonders why the secrecy from Chad. Kate does not want to risk him relaying anything to Stefano. One can never be too careful. She urges Lucas to speak some sense into her. Sami would rather go upstairs to console the kids. She slowly leaves. Lucas is curious and finds out about her fraud. Kate hopes he will help. Lucas intends to talk some sense into Sami. He goes after her and orders her to hurry back down to talk after she has tucked the kids into their beds. Still numb from her loss, Sami agrees … Out in the garden, Chad asks if the article is still coming out. It is on hold until Will does the rewrite Zoe has demanded. The shark editor wants a new slant – for the scandalous story to be all about Chad DiMera, heir apparent!

Kristen is amused and stops Dan after his drink when he makes for the door. She teases she likes him and their agreement. Stay for more champagne! She flirts and he holds her wrists, to keep her at bay, though he is clearly enjoying the dangerous game. Jen appears at the open door and cannot believe her eyes! Dan makes himself scarce. Jen has come about EJ. Kristen keeps drinking her bubbly. Jen blurts out is she making a play for Daniel now!

Eve steps away to take a call. Maggie wonders what that was! Eric is most amused Maggie thought his new photography client was more than that. The redhead is relieved to realize she was wrong and does mention Jen has issues with her. They both do. Then she goes. Eve gets back and wants to do damage control about anything Maggie might have said against her. Eric makes light of Maggie’s remark. However, he and Jen are good friends. Eve admits there was a lawsuit due to a financial matter. Eric concludes it is not his concern and decides to go get those proofs ready. Eve promises to dedicate a first song to her photographer. He mutters thanks and goes on his way.

Paige screams at JJ for turning her down. What about Jill! He snaps he was drugged and this is different. He loves her. She questions that and runs out of his bedroom. So does JJ, wearing his pants. He follows her to the door. She woefully wonders why. JJ cannot bring himself to answer, at a loss. Paige storms out, ignoring him now.

Kristen claims she was merely being the hostess with the mostest, offering Dan champagne as she attempted to enlist his assistance with Brady. Why, Jen can confirm herself! Kristen now adds judgmental Jen is probably not on the best terms with the doc and assures her she is not her enemy. Jen scoffs.

Dan walks in the night until he comes across the latest damsel in distress, Nicole. She is sitting all alone on a bench, a tear in her eye. He is sympathetic when she states she was remembering EJ. She does not know how to say goodbye. Dan suggests she will think of something. She updates him on Chad being on bad terms with him and having to live with that. But she and EJ got the best she could have hoped for though it was not really goodbye ……

Sami is under Johnny’s bed tent, playing with a flashlight. He laughs and turns down her offer to make breakfast in the morning. She asks whether he wants to get back to school to see his school friends. Johnny sighs some at school say daddy is a criminal and Nono still is one. Sami insists EJ was a great man who loved his son. Johnny suddenly starts to get worried about losing his mother. She comforts him with a mother’s warm embrace and insists she is going nowhere. But her blue eyes fill with worry. She now goes back to Lucas and Kate, who want to strategize. Sami is officially IN cos she must stay free for her kids’ sake …

Chad is somewhat concerned about this new spin. Will is sorry as he realizes he spoke impulsively about his big brother during their interview. Chad quips but his hatred of EJ was very real ... Gentleman Dan places a coat gallantly around Nicole’s cold shoulders and offers to be her listener. He suggests he get her that cup of coffee as promised. Nicole nods it sounds good and he takes her by the hand … Jen hisses at Kristen she defended her once upon a time, only to realize when she ran, she had ruined Eric and Brady’s lives. She will not let her destroy Dan as well and storms out. Kristen sighs Dan already served his purpose. Now to get to battle ... JJ the tormented pauses outside the town square bookstore he vandalized the very night he found out what Jack had done … Paige gets home in a mood and excuses herself to bed. Mama Eve hopes she is done with JJ hence her upset ... Chad confesses to Will that he almost wanted to kill EJ. That was why he came back to Salem. He gets sarcastic about being any kind of DiMera heir. However, if the story must be written, he only wants Will to do it! Will appreciates his confidence and must get going to Sonny. They can continue with their conversation tomorrow. Chad scoffs in the dark garden. Heir apparent indeed ... As they gather round the DiMera chess set, Lucas reminds Sami she inflated stocks by announcing she would not sell. Will approaches the open garden door and listens to the secret meeting. He hears millions were involved. Kate informs Sami the lawyers would run to Stefano with the information in a heartbeat. Sami panics. So this is how Stefano will try and steal the children from her! Will the writer takes it all in …


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