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Tuesday July 22, 2014
Episode 12,383

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

- EJ enters the mansion and calls out for his Samantha. Alas the double doors of the lavish living room are locked! EJ speaks to his beloved through the closed doors. He begs her to allow him in, just speak to him. He tells her not to worry, he realizes he deserved what she did. Nothing matters other than their relationship. No luck. He sighs to give him a chance as tragic music plays in the background. EJ calmly continues. He admits he cannot justify wot he did and implores dahling not to lock him out. Movement is heard and he is grateful. Colorful Kate opens the doors. EJ had not been expecting this and his demeanor changes. He demands to know where Samantha is and wot she is doing in his living room! Kate hisses half the house is hers as she is co-CEO of the DiMera company.
EJ dismisses her game and glares when she points at the portrait of the two new perfumed powers, Sami and Kate. He mutters where is his wife!
- Sami is clad in a black outfit at the hospital asking after Marlena. She is stunned to learn Marlena is in the room of JOHN BLACK. In the Salem patientís room, Roman and Marlena talk about the tragedy. Sami bursts in and gasps what happened? Marlena sadly states there was a fight. Roman can only confirm he was attacked with a poker and gets a cop related call. Sami places a sympathetic hand of support on mama Marlenaís shoulder and asks about his condition. Marlena woefully weeps about the coma,
the fact that he might never wake up ... Sami seeks the name of the attacker. Marlena whispers t íwas Brady.
- JJ meets pretty Paige at the park and will only say his sister is going through a rough time. He hopes all is well between them though. He tells her he is not proud of his Theresa fiasco but swears it was not really his intention to keep the secret. He charmingly smiles he is not perfect. Paige agrees. He sure is not perfect!
- Jen stomps into the pub and snaps she knew it! Eve feigns surprised. Dan grins and wonders how they are acquainted. Jen leers she knows all about that Eve! She stares with rage. Daniel gets a work call and must step away. Eve acts innocent. Jen hisses she knows she is after the man she used to be involved with as part of her plan. Theresa the obsessed
one must have told her all about them! Eve smoothly states she does not wish to upset her and smugly walks out. Dan returns and hopes nothing is the matter. Jen gives him a strange look. Dan wonders where Eve went and now notes Jenís distraught demeanor. She rages to just forget it and storms out. Dan is perplexed. She seemed angry with him but why?
- Eric comes close to kissing Nicole, then pulls back and turns away in torment. She is at a loss. He answers his ringing phone with a hoarse voice. Tis his Excellency the bishop with news. The bishop wonders whether this is a good time. Eric gasps it is always a good time. His Excellency suggests a meeting. Eric is about to go until Nicole stops him, having just read the shocking news about Brady and John online Ö
- Marlena updates sorry Sami about Brady having no recollection of the drunken rage that led to this. Sami notes but Marlena was not close with John anymore. Marlena sighs one does not abandon a loved one in such a crisis Ö Sami states he will wake up AND THATíS A FACT! Then she departs.
- Kate accuses EJ of barking. EJ gets on the phone and barks at his man to tell him where Samantha is. No luck. Kate gets glib. EJ gets even more exasperated and kicks Kate out. At least he tries. She coos she is in charge with Sami for the next six months. If word got out how he and Stefano were hoodwinked, it would not look well. EJ growls he is taking a shower. She hisses that is how this whole thing started - with his naughty shower, threatens to get a restraining order against him, and suggests HE get out. EJ soap stares ...
- Daniel follows furious Jen all the way home and seeks some sort of explanation. They are friends after all. Jen accuses him of not considering her feelings by hanging around with the likes of evil Eve. Clueless Dan deduces this is about Eve and Theresa being half sisters. Jen laughs like a loon. Dan does not understand why she is feeling so betrayed. Jen now updates him on Eveís lawsuit for the profits of Jackís book. And thatís not all. They have been enemies since they were teens!
- Eric is upset no one bothered to call him about Brady and John and goes on his way. Nicole leaves an anxious message for Brady to call her, picks up the handbag that matches her dress, and pauses to remember the hot kiss she is sure she and Eric came close to sharing. Then she walks out.
- Sami is concluding a business call at the mansion. EJ appears and drawls she handled the bedlam in the baltics like a pro. She quips his girlfriend must have baked him a cake with a nail file to get him out of prison. He drawls he made bail with conditions. Sami sits to look at her files and kicks him out after getting sarcastic about his ankle monitor. EJ stands
and stares soulfully out the window. She repeats she wants him in prison! He suspects something else is troubling her and hopes she will tell him. Sami snaps she is fine. He sits close and asks after the children. He suggests she is hiding behind her work. The only thing he is interested in
is not DiMera Enterprises, not the drama, it is simply THEM! Sami ignores his heartfelt declaration and keeps on working.
- Paige pouts she is torn about what to think. JJ insists the past is the past and he wants to be open now. Things are not as bad sometimes as one assumes. He suggests she knows him well but she sighs and wonders about that. She is feeling the pressure of the battle between their families and questions his trustworthiness. He takes her face in his hands and she glumly goes off to community service. At least it will give her some time to think. JJ is unable to stop her. Devil with the blue dress Eve emerges and sympathetically asks if that chill was because of her ...
- Dan deduces Eve and Jen were really just rivals once upon a time. Jen gasps it was way worse and now Eve is trying to steal everything from her, including the last man she dated! Dan wishes she had clued him in and starts to lose his patience with her impatience toward him. Jen gets flustered.
- Roman returns to comatose Johnís room, where Marlena has filled in Eric. Eric breathes he feared something like this would end up happening Ö
- Dan seems to think Jen is overreacting cos he is not the kind of man who jumps from one woman to another. Jen reasons Eve manipulates men. Dan gets upset that here Jen is once more questioning his judgment and THAT is their problem! He will always love her but there is still a
wall between them. He walks out, ignoring Jenís please. She sits down on Jackís book by accident, then holds it close to her unhappy heart Ö
- JJ thinks things will be fine for him and Paige. Eve offers to tell her daughter that Abigail was under pressure when she attacked and she does not hold a grudge. JJ wonders whether she would actually do such a thing to help him. Altruistic Eve wants to shake on it and assures him she can help. Paige has just doubled back and wonders what her mother is doing.
- Sami sneers there is no them. EJ confidently claims there will ALWAYS be a them. She helps herself to cookies and boasts she owns his life and he can read the business papers to learn more. EJ claims he needs no corporation, which he already gave back for the woman he loves. Sami sits and eats. EJ exclaims she can take the whole empire and burn it.
Sami pauses. Does he mean that? He sits on the desk and confirms as much. He mutters he hates that he made a mistake but now he sees a chance to make amends. He promises to spend the rest of his life doing right by them. Sami gasps he does not even care she sent him to jail and stole his company? He murmurs that is true. She meets his gaze and leers now she will know that when she destroys him she will be breaking his heart too! Her overly painted eyes, however, are filled with pain despite her angry words. He teases she wishes to punish him. She snaps she will punish Abigail He warns she could be hurting their children in the fallout. Sami starts to scream about EJ and his skinny skank. Caroline appears at the doors, which have been thrown open by Harold, and shouts to STOP. Sami does.
- Eric updates Marlena and Roman on Johnís worry, Bradyís rage. Marlena thinks there must have been a terrible fight. Roman goes to get her coffee. Eric urges his mother to focus on getting John back, not the fight. She whispers she needs to be here with him, though she is not sure it is what he would want Ö
- Eve sweetly says she and JJ were merely catching up and leaves the young couple to do the same. Pretty Paige admits she could not walk away and wonders what her mom was saying. That she did not want her altercation with Abigail to come between them. Paige sits down with a sigh. She has decided that despite the drama, she does know JJ deep down, from his moving music. JJ kisses her in the peaceful park.
- Jen is on the phone with attorney Aiden, insisting they not settle with
evil Eve. The call to arms has come!
- Eve approaches dismayed Daniel at the square and makes light of the curious coincidence. To think she has been hanging out with Jenís ex! Dan doubts it was any coincidence at all Ö
- Nicole arrives at the hospital, as she leaves yet another message for Brady to call. Once she catches sight of Roman, she wants answers. He explains Brady is in a meeting as they speak, Eric is with John and Marlena, and she should stay out of this family matter!
- Dan thinks Jen had every reason to feel rage today. He now knows about the lawsuit and sympathizes with Jen. Eve acts innocent. But Dan does not believe she was unaware of their history. She starts to explain. He refuses to listen and accuses her of USING him. Dan the man does not like it one bit and walks away. Eve sighs.
- Eric urges Marlena to pray for the best and also acceptance. Marlena asks about that acceptance part. Eric murmurs at time Godís will might not be what one wants and gets a faraway look in his eye ...
- EJ gets irate at Harold, who let Caroline into a private discussion. Caroline snaps they could hear Sami all the way to the pub. Sami tries to make her grandmother leave. Carline snaps at EJ and his butler to scram. EJ implores her to side with him, for all he wants is to fix things between him and Samantha. Once they are alone. Caroline stops Sami from hiding behind her work files. Sami is curious what EJ just said.. Caroline snaps does she even care? Sami looks at her like a lost little girl.
- Eve asks Paige about her boyfriend when she comes home to their humble apartment. Paige hopes she really means it when she says she supports their relationship. Eve explains she does want her happiness. However Ö..there is now a big problem whose name is Jennifer Horton!
- JJ greets mama Jen at home and she tells him there is now a WAR! They are headed to court to do battle with Eve and he should expect it to get UGLY!
- Dr. Dan gets to the hospital and Nicole wishes he had told her about Brady. Dan drawls she could have found out from someone else. Nicole notices his foul mood and wonders who the woman was. He growls to stop theorizing and steps away ...
- Sami complains to Caroline about everyone feeling sorry for the little tramp who slept with her fiance. She assumes grandma, just like the whole town, wants to tell her I told you so. Caroline denies it. Sami rages she will make EJ pay and pay and pay. Caroline calls her out on all that anger. She suspects that deep down, she still loves EJ. Sami pauses, her baby blues filled with hurt  ...


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