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Thursday, July 19, 2018
Episode 13,380
1560 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Claire ends a call with Tripp about Steve’s bionic eye. She wonders where Ciara went after she left the hospital. Enter Ciara ... Detained Ben flashes back to falling for Ciara and wanting to keep her safe. Hope arrives with his meds. She sits across from the cuffed young man and stares ... Jen is on the phone discussing the Ben Weston story and the fire he allegedly set. Her reporter is not posting it yet though Ciara is safe. Eric joins her at the square with coffee and the talk turns to JJ. Eric assures her the investigation will clear her son. Jen vows to track down who set him up herself. Eve turns, having overheard ... Maggie visits Brady, who sadly shows her the first watch he wanted Tate to have. He does not want him to miss the clock in his room or his father. Maggie understands ... Theresa steps away from Tate's table at the pub. Roman is on the phone. JJ is so sorry about mama Kimberly. Theresa is filled with regret and fears it might be too late for them. She watches Tate color and gets back to JJ, lamenting Kim’s leukemia returned. That explains why she could not come. They were waiting for word from the doctor. JJ assures her Shane did not wish to worry her. Theresa cries she gets her son and loses her mom now. He hugs her and she cries on his shoulder ... Brady starts to break down about losing his boy. The redhead suggests a meeting. No worries for he wants no drinks. She suggests he be surrounded by love and should move back to the mansion. No can do cos Eve would not be welcome and he will be as loyal to her as she has been to him ... Eve tells Eric and Jen that JJ, like Theresa, has a partying history and had a tough time of late. She thinks they were JJ’s drugs. She laments Brady did not deserve to lose his son. Jen suspiciously asks Eve whether she happens to know who planted the drugs ...

Ciara sarcastically states Claire need not stop talking to her boyfriend on the phone. She comes in on her crutches. Claire acts innocent about what almost went down with Tripp. Ciara accuses her of going after any guy she gets close to. She knows she only wants to hurt her ... Ben informs Hope he cares about Ciara. She accuses him of leaving her to perish. He insists he did not set the fire. He said everything he knows. She repeats he did not reveal how that fire started. She blinks back the tears and wishes he would help her find out what happened to her daughter. He agrees. She recounts how Ciara woke up to a fire and passed out in the smoke. If Ben did not start it, who did? ... Eve accuses Jen of making accusations. Jen assures her she believes Brady but the person who planted the drugs did have an interest in the outcome of the custody case. Eric suspects Victor but Jen suspects Eve ... Brady praises Eve as a wonderful woman who would never deceive him. He intends to keep fighting for custody of Tate. The redhead demands he join her at the pub at least for a lunch ...

Theresa cries now she ruined JJ’s shirt with her tears, and not just his job! She decides to depart and return home for Kimberly. That means she is taking Tate and moving to California. She gazes at him sadly. JJ looks more than just a little let down ... Eve acts indignant. Eric watches as Jen refers to her ruthlessness. She is after the truth! Eve flashes back to Brady sharing the fact that he blackmailed Nicole into leaving Eric and Salem. She warns Jen she might have something interesting to tell them both that is true ... At the pub Brady and Maggie spy Theresa taking Tate with a packed bag. She explains they are leaving town. Brady snaps like hell ... Claire claims almost hooking up with Tripp was a mistake so Ciara can have him. Ciara smugly announces she is moving on ... with Ben Weston ... Ben wants Hope to realize the wiring might have been faulty. Hope doubts it. He insists he did nothing and the fire was an accident! Rafe walks in and drawls they know it was no accident. The prelim findings of the fire marshal show suspicion the fire was set on purpose. Ben takes a look. Hope states there were only two people at the cabin and Ciara didn’t do it so that leaves HIM ... Claire cannot believe Ciara forgave the serial killer for setting the fire that almost killed her ... Jen and Eric wait for Eve to explain. Eve concludes the Holier than though Hortons cannot seem to help themselves from butting in and walks off. Eric wonders what she meant. Jen vows to find out ... Theresa reminds Brady she got full custody. He counters Justin is appealing. Maggie agrees. Theresa cries and wants to go. Brady blasts her so JJ steps in and updates him on her mother Kimberly, who could be dying. Sympathetic Maggie will pray for her and asks to head upstairs to bid Tate goodbye. Theresa agrees. JJ steps away so she can speak to Brady, who is sorry. She breaks down about not knowing what to do. Life is short! She cries the only time in her life she was not selfish she lost him. She takes his hand. Eve enters and soap stares ... Jen and Eric discuss the case of who planted the drugs like detectives. She deduces the child services worker might have been paid off since no one else had access to the apartment that day ... Ciara insists Ben is innocent. Claire accuses her of wanting to play house with a serial killer ... Hope notes Ben needed his meds and that was when the fire started. She suggests his reality was distorted. But he remembers how Ciara talked him down. Hope suggests he lost his grip on reality. He pauses and asks for water. Hope wants to know if he heard voices while he was in the cabin. What did they say? He insists he did not do anything. Hope thinks the voices wanted him to do something and they got louder and louder. So he did what they wanted him to. She shouts did the voices make him set the cabin on fire! Ben pauses ...

Eve wonders what is happening. Brady updates her on the bad news. Eve is sincerely sorry and Brady adds Kimberly is getting treatment in California so Theresa is leaving today. Eve implores her sister to let Tate stay in Salem with Brady. Theresa glances at hopeful Brady and his emotional eyes ... Hope urges Ben to admit he started the fire as the voices ordered. He remembers Ciara saying she trusted him and smiles he did not. Rafe drawls too darn bad as he will be facing attempted murder charges. Ben asks for his phone call. Rafe scoffs no one will help him and exits with Hope ... Claire worries about Ciara and asks if she could have been so hurt by Chase she feels she deserves to be hurt by a villain like Ben. Ciara denies it and warns her she will be sticking around a while so stay outta her way ... Tate comes down and hugs dada Brady. Theresa cries and holds him close. Brady blurts out he should be with his mommy who needs him. Theresa is touched. Brady explains he went through a similar hard time with his mommy Isabella. He wants his boy to spend as much time with grandma Kim as possible. He picks him up and Theresa says to say goodbye to daddy. Brady gushes Theresa is a great mom. She tells him to come down to California anytime, who cares about the court, cos Tate needs him too. Eve asks to call Tate every day. Theresa cries to take care of Brady. They are both so sorry and hug one another again. Brady agrees to hang onto his little man’s watch and hugs him again, letting him know how much he loves him ...

Jen calls Adrienne from the dim park, asking her to get the phone number of the child services employee who was at JJ’s apartment from Justin. It sounds like she has something ... Eve ends a sad call with unseen unheard Shane. She is sorry and here if he needs anything. Then she holds Brady, who breaks down. Outside Theresa waits for her taxi with Tate and thanks JJ for all he has done. After all they became friends. The cab beeps. Theresa gushes he is a good guy and holds him. Then she has to let go and tells him he will be alright. JJ woefully watches her walk away ... Back at the station Rafe reasons they will need proof Ben started that fire. Hope will do whatever it takes to keep him away from her daughter ... Cuffed Ben makes his one phone call. To Ciara. He needs her help! The girl is listening ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, July 19