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Friday August 29, 2014
Episode 12,411

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Maggie arrives home to the elegant Kiriakis mansion in her glossy suit. Guilt-ridden Victor has flowers waiting. The redhead smells a blunder. He stammers he owns True Visa. The redhead is not impressed. The Greek humbly apologizes. Maggie senses she has not heard the whole sordid story. The Greek glumly confesses he came up with the article idea. Maggie curses. He admits it was the glory of getting to stick it to Stefano and son that made him act impulsively. The redhead rages people got hurt … Sonny gets home and Will sighs he thought he was at work all day. Sonny forgot something and says damn cos Will does not seem ready to talk things through. This silent treatment must be his punishment. Will pouts and denies it. Sonny demands to know how long this is going to last. Will mutters he knows not. Sonny gathers he made a mistake getting him the job behind his back BUT one is supposed to work things out in a relationship. Will thinks right now all he has is his great career and Ari. Sonny insists he still has him! Will realizes he does and starts to talk. He knows Sonny is sorry and wanted to help. He recalls how self-confident Sonny the accomplished one was when he swept into Salem and alludes to his own insecurity. Why he even screwed up coming out of the closet! Sonny patiently points out coming out can be complicated. Will is not done yet. Sonny listens. Will laments he got Gabi pregnant when he tried to talk himself into being straight. He is a screw up! Sonny agrees he might not be perfect. Will now beats himself up for his father going to prison for him and how he has blamed his mother for all his woes. This story was his big chance to accomplish something on his own but as it turns out, he did not even get himself the job. Sonny and Victor got him the job! Sonny insists it was his skills that got him the job. Will sighs the whole town hates him. He glumly goes in the other room, done with the discussion. Sympathetic Sonny approaches his door and promises they will get through this trying time. Now he has somewhere he must go … As clever Clyde eavesdrops at the town square, Rafe informs Jordan he put in a good word for Abi except that job was taken already. Jordan appreciates the good will gesture. Rafe assures her his contact will keep Abi in mind. Her story was hard on many. Jordan assumes he is referring to Sami. Rafe is referring to all the family affected and he is sympathetic. Sami seems to have a talent for taking a bad situation and making it worse. Jordan agrees, then wonders why he did not text her his news. He gently states it was an excuse to see her. She blushes and excuses herself. Clyde now creeps up and notes it is nice to see him and Jordan trying to work it out. Rafe sarcastically states it is between them and has nothing to do with dear old dad. Eerie music plays as Clyde grins he wants his girl to be in a good place with Rafe, just like Ben and that little cutie called Abigail … Colorful Julie sweeps into the club and gives her blessings to patron Kate. Joyful Julie is back from an exotic Asian cruise with Doug (aka the invisible man). She is all about yoga and Buddhist peace. It is calming and she hands Kate a little Buddha. Kate claims she is calm, then catches sight of a copy of True Vista on a chair. What the hell! Julie sees. T takes back his copy, having found it ever so exciting. Julie wonders and he hands her his copy, generous soul that T is. Kate cackles this will throw her inner peace into chaos and suggests she could use that little Buddha for herself … Sami hopes her incoming text is from Johnny. No such luck. She gasps it is STEFANO! She then asks if EJ knew, refuses to listen or share, and takes off. EJ had assumed they were making headway and wonders wot happened now. He calls fatha and wishes he would answer his bloody phone! Sami races back to the mansion and frantically texts Kate, who is nowhere to be found …

Ben and Abi are starting to make out in the storage room when she has a shocking flashback to making out with EJ in another storage room! She freezes and shoves her guy away, gasping to stop, then frowns. This is not the reception Ben was expecting. Did he push too hard? Knock knock! The gasping girl continues to gasp. T’s voice calls out for Ben. He opens the door, sorry he is late. Ben drawls they got locked in. T notices the wine and teases the pair about their tete-a-tete, assuming it was a setup. Abi gasps it was her fault and takes her leave without glancing at Ben. T senses something. So does baffled Ben … Ben and T get back to the club with big boxes and T asks about what went down, a glint in his eye. Broody Ben is elusive and T has to make a delivery for Sonny so that almost conversation ends. Ben cannot comprehend what came between himself and the fair Abigail after their romantic lunch … Abi walks alone and flashes back to flashing back to her storage moment with EJ at the most inopportune time. Jordan finds her by the town gate and wonders what is the matter. Assuming she is feeling down about her lack of employment prospects, she gives her a pep talk about Rafe trying to help. Abi the romantic is amazed the two are communicating. Jordan admits it did feel good. One step at a time. Jordan teases she must have had fun with Ben. Abi decides to go and let him know just in case he is harboring doubts. She thanks her friend for her help and walks away … Sonny stops Maggie from lecturing Victor at the mansion and states the whole thing was his fault! He was the one who set things in motion by asking Victor to hire Will at the magazine. Maggie soon realizes Victor was not even aware that Will had been handed the assignment of the Sami/EJ expose. The redhead now learns Will did not even reveal Abi’s name, Sami did, and Victor apparently found out when it was too late. Sonny blames himself but Victor blames his own self. Maggie seeks a word alone with her husband. Sonny starts to go. The Greek praises him for his guts and is proud of him. Sonny mutters at least someone is and steps out. Victor waits for round two with the redhead of his dreams … Woeful Will gets a visit from T, who bears club bills for Sonny. He will not be turned away and wants to talk. Will sighs. T tells dude to talk to him. Will assumes he is there to lecture him but he is there to help, not to lecture! Bffs are better than that. T admits he did not like Abi getting hurt, though he assumes Will had his reasons for what he did. Will sighs that at the time, he did … Kate glides into the mansion, where Sami panics about Stefano and holds up her text. Kate gets flustered. It is not possible! Stefano cannot come back! He risks arrest! Sami quietly asks if Kate is sure. Kate pouts and seems suddenly unsure. Sami is a stammering stressed wreck. It appears they are agreeing to drop the charges if Stefano pays the fine and back taxes. He would return with his old school revenge! Kate does not understand what changed. She thinks they should check with the prosecutor and the corporate cats take off together …

Julie approaches EJ outside the pub and she has something to say! He would ratha not as he has already heard it all. Julie smiles sweetly. But not this! EJ folds his arms and explains nothing would make him feel worse than he feels right now. The diva does not doubt it and confesses she was once someone who hurt others too. She calls EJ my dear and declares things happen to humans, who stumble and keep going, stumble again. That is simply the cycle of life! EJ peers at her, perplexed … Rafe has to get to the station. Clyde seems sarcastic about his serving and protecting and adds that Kate Roberts seems like one nice lady. Rafe echoes the sentiment and walks off. Clyde now catches up with Jordan and notes it is squirrel hunting season. She tells him to go back to Poplar Bluff but Clyde is a stayin. He claims to want to see how things work out between her and Mr. Po-l-ice-man. He is a fine fella who introduced him to the even finer Kate Roberts … Maggie admits she was madder than mad but then she saw how much Victor loves Sonny and wanted to help Will. Things exploded and the big brave Greek took the fall. She loves he loves the kids and believes he would never have intentionally caused Abi any harm. However, if this happens again … The Greek gushes he would ask himself what his sweet loving wife would do. She smiles he is lucky to be so cute. He roguishly agrees he is the luckiest man on earth and they share a magical kiss … T thinks the article fallout will pass. Will wonders about that. T reminds him they as bffs have overcome rough patches. Will agrees, but this is different. He hurt Abigail deeper than anyone this time … Abigail is back at the club with stars in her round eyes. Piano music tinkles as she greets big Ben. She wants to talk. He assumes he came on too strong. She tells him no, she was wrong … Julie and EJ agree it is unfortunate that Will put the affair into print. She has yet to discuss with Will as she only just returned to town. She intends to give him space for a while, like others. EJ muses she seems very different, Julie does. Julie does not deny it. She went on a quest for answers after Nick’s death. She has since attained spiritual enlightenment and suggests he try it sometime. She clasps his hand with warmth and smiles it was good to see him, now leaving him with the little Buddha … At the station, Rafe has a unscheduled visit from Sami and Kate, who are close to hysterics. They have heard Stefano is getting another hearing! Rafe knows just who to ask … Outside the club, EJ is on his phone, demanding to know everything happening with fatha, Moments later, he walks inside the club, where Abigail is about to explain herself to Ben. Abigail notices him and clams up. Ben notices her noticing her former lover, snaps he gets it, and sulks back to work. EJ goes on his way. Abigail growls in growing frustration … T reminds Will that he was forgiving when he – T - acted like a jerk so he should have faith in others too. Sonny returns home. T takes his leave after pleasantly pointing out the first year in a marriage is the hardest, they say. Will pouts he wants to go. Sonny insists they settle this right here right now! … Jordan is astonished Rafe actually introduced Clyde to Kate. He has high praise for her and acts surprised Jordan seems to know her too. Upset Jordan excuses herself. Clyde thinks he was won that round … Rafe returns to the ladies with the latest. The prosecutor whose mission was to bring down the DiMeras has been unexpectedly replaced. Kate and Sami are exasperated by the interference of the phoenix at every level. Rafe points out any change, however, must be approved by a judge. The hearing is tomorrow. Stefano’s plane could touch down fast. Sami and Kate quietly consider their options, if indeed they have any this time ...!


All the drama in Salem on Friday, August 29