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Monday, July 6, 2015
Episode 12,625

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Rafe approaches Aiden and Hope at the square. Aiden realizes he has been conversing about Clyde with Hope again but before he can confront them Dan calls so he steps away. Rafe lets Hope know he noticed the tension ... Creepy Kyle is on the phone outside with creepier Clyde, who happens to be the big boss. He puts the squeeze on him to sell more drugs. Kyle promises to bring in someone with a successful dealing history on the street level. Clyde warns him never to cross him or speak his name and then discards his phone ... JJ is drowning his sorrows in beer with Bev at Horton house. She wants to go upstairs. He wants to walk slowly to the lake party instead... Paige is alone in her room online. She seems to have found the perfect patsy for her plan ... At the park, Eric cannot stop thinking about Nicole. When Serena approaches, he unleashes his anger on her, especially when he finds out Zander got away. He blames her for not reporting the smuggling. She points out he covered his tracks and as for the smuggling, he had threatened to harm Eric if she did not let it go ... Zander taunts nervous Nicole at the hospital. She is horrified he has been released. He should be in jail! He gets too close and she screams not to touch her. Dan comes running and proceeds to beat him to a pulp as Nicole screams at the "bastard" ... Aiden has to excuse himself as he had gotten a call from Daniel, who asked him to represent Nicole. He must get acquainted with all aspects of the case ... Hope now updates her partner-against-crime Rafe on the latest. They discuss her informing Justin of Stefano's visit from Clyde so he would warn Victor. Hope suspects Victor might order a hit on Clyde. Rafe gets to thinking and they theorize together ...Paige's dorm room is dreadfully hot so she cools down with an ice cube, flashing back to her and JJ at the lake once upon a hot summer night. She feels drawn to it again and departs ... As Eric leaves Nicole an agitated message on the phone about Zander walking free, Serena insists she was not at fault. But Eric remains enraged at her ... Security comes running, accompanied by Anne Milbauer of HR infamy and anti-Dan sentiment. As Dan the man is pulled off, she sides with Zander the innocent man in a suit. Nicole screams he tried to kill her. Zander shrugs it off, smug as ever about his alibi. Daniel gets a warning and leaves with his woman after raging he will KILL Zander if he tries to hurt her again. He leaves with his woman. At least he is assumes that is what she is ...

Outside the club, Hope recalls how ruthless Victor is. Rafe quips Clyde would get the language of ruthlessness, then realizes Victor might already have ordered a hit on the hillbilly from hell. But it did not take and he had Sonny stabbed in retaliation. They both agree that would be enough to make Victor back off ... Hope is pumped by their teamwork but Rafe tells her they have to withdraw lest their loved ones be targeted ... Serena insists she loooooooves Eric. He storms off, not in the least bit interested ... At the pub Marlena complains to Roman about their son's killer getting off scott free. Roman is still on the case but admits the technical aspect of disproving Zander's alibi is almost impossible. He promises to keep at it and is grateful their son did not die ... The lake party is in full swing. JJ downs more beer to drown his sorrows as Bev laughs at a friend who is high. Kyle reminds him how much better his pusher position paid than his summer job. But JJ is not interested and steps away. Someone is watching and listening ... Paige appears and Kyle is smitten. He kisses her hand and she warms to him. But when Kyle leaves her side for a second, jealous JJ marches over. As luck would have it, he gets bumped by a drunken lad, which leads to jumpy JJ the hot head losing his cool. A strange attack ensues. Paige cannot help but smugly watch. Bev calls her a beech ... Rafe offers to get Hope something sweet to drink from the club. She agrees and takes a call from papa Doug ... Rafe coolly enters the club and notices Clyde is now there as well. He sarcastically says hello ... Anne slyly suggests Zander press full charges against Dr. Dan. He dismisses the notion and answers a call from Eric, who demands a meeting pronto. Zander appears quite pleased about it ... Aiden the attorney now meets new clients Dan and Nicole at the pub. Having researched the case, he explains there is no case. Given the phone records and Chicago alibis, the Salem P.D. presently have nothing on Zander. In addition his fingerprints were not found at the scene of the crime. They know they were wiped off but still there is no proof. Aiden apologizes to the perturbed pair. Dan drapes a supportive arm around the one he believes to be his woman ... Eric confronts Zander at the square. Zander smiles as he rages he will make him pay. Eric accuses him of blood diamond smuggling as well...Inside the club Rafe sarcastically asks how Kate is, then apologizes for his rudeness when he looks at his ringing phone. He sneakily sends Hope a text to stay away lest Clyde see them together cos he is in the club as they speak. Preoccupied Clyde departs and Hope keeps her distance outside. They hope they have not been spotted together ...

Woman in red Marlena is on the move! She finishes a phone call with long distance Sami, stating Eric is alright, and enters the club to meet with Hope. The blonde is furious Zander almost killed her son, only to be set free. Hope wonders how she found out. Chad. Hope is somewhat surprised. Marlena explains she was thanking him for his assistance in an incident with Stefano though she refuses to say more. Hope suspects said incident was fallout from the Kristen fiasco. Marlena remains tight-lipped ... Back at the square, Zander threatens to make Eric sorry and sneers sexy Serena said he was a bore in bed. Eric threatens to make him pay. He scoffs he could only condemn him to burn in hell and goes on his crazy cocky way. Eric gets an idea ... Dan breathes this feels right as he escorts Nicole to his door for their first night together ...Paige pouts alone in her room again until her online Romeo sends her another message. Then she gets a wicked idea on what to do to JJ ... Drunken JJ is walking through the park peeved when all of a sudden the man who had been doing surveillance on him shoves him on the ground and slaps handcuffs on him for the attack at the lake ... At the square, Rafe spies Clyde meeting with anxious attorney Aiden to do some work for him. Clyde leaves and Rafe realizes something ... Marlena wishes someone would be able to prove Zander's guilt. Hope quietly deduces Victor could ... Serena is surprised to see Eric at her door. He urges her to prove she meant it when she promised to help him ... Nicole cannot stop remembering Eric's words to her about their feelings and flashes back to the tender moments when they feared they would die. Romantic reality sets in. She freezes and makes her choice ... Nicole's dramatic decision..!


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JJ feels a new pressure.
Dan loses.
Eric has a plan against Zan!


All the drama in Salem on Monday, July 6