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Friday, March 16, 2018
Episode 13,296
1475 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the loft Claire puts down Ciara’s amateur pics and claims she will win. Tripp has overheard and after Claire leaves accuses Ciara of lying. He knew not the real reason she wanted those photos done ... At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie is much relieved Brady is drinking club soda. He wants to be level headed to get Eve back ... Eric asks Eve for her order at the pub and assures her no hard feelings from the other day. He suggests the clam chowder and states he is sorry when she brings up her breakup with Brady. She wishes she had never met his brother ... Jen cannot reach Abigail and worries with Kayla ... Lani watches while Chad tries to open Stefan’s door. Stefan opens it with his shirt unbuttoned and he is not amused. Lani wants to search his room. Stefan denies any involvement in Andre’s murder and agrees to let her search so long as she has a warrant. Chad wonders what he has to hide. Stefan snaps she will not even tell him what the evidence she mentioned is and declares he will meet them downstairs. Then he slams the door and picks up fake Gabi’s dark wig ... Abigail greets Jen at the hospital. Jen wonders where she was all this time. Fake Gabi remembers Chad encouraging her to impersonate real Abigail and raises her head. Jen and Kayla have no idea they are dealing with Abigail’s bad alter who is impersonating the Abigail they know and love ... Tripp hates that Ciara used him. In addition she should not only enter a contest cos she wants to hit back at Claire. Ciara confesses he gave her confidence. He praises her for being real. She offers to withdraw from the contest if he wants her to ... Brady laments to Maggie he would like to speak to Eve face to face. She smiles where there is a will there is a way. He is working on it ... Eve invites Eric to sit at her table for a word when he brings the clam chowder. She apologizes for her behavior with Eric and Jen but not Brady. Eric believes he himself is not without blame. He has faith in the future but Eve is done with Brady cos she cannot risk being hurt again ...

Lani and Chad head downstairs. She sighs Stefan might be stashing something as they speak. Here comes Stefan acting impatient ... Abigail claims she has been busy with work. Jen has seen her file. Abigail gathers they both care. Kayla asks if she is ready for the tests. When the subject of a brain scan is broached Abigail - aka fake Gabi - ask whether such a test would detect mental illness ... Brady sighs as he looks at happy pics on his phone of himself with Eve. Colorful Claire arrives with her photos and leaves them with him when she hears Eve is not there. He remembers his promise to be powerful partners with Eve, who fired him in return. Back to reality. He announces he will devote all his attention to the Bella project and checks the pictures with pleased Princess Claire. Meanwhile Eve is at the loft looking for Claire. She is not there but Eve notices Ciara’s photogenic photos. She urges her to enter the contest. Ciara starts to stammer so Tripp grins and promotes her pictures. Ciara smiles ... Abigail admits she can handle a brain tumor but could not bear to be separated from her loved ones. Jen emotionally assures her that will never happen ... As Chad sips coffee Stefan hears he opened his secret desk drawer and found Andre’s phone. Stefan leers that safe is always locked. Chad pretends it was not. Lani notes Andre’s phone was not found on his person and he did not leave his office that day. She suspiciously asks how Stefan came to have it. Stefan remembers erasing his voice mail to Andre and reminds Detective Lani the security footage was not on so Andre could have left his office. He claims security gave him the phone when they found it and criticizes the Salem P.D. for not finding it first. Lani snaps he knew they were looking for it! Chad stares him down and declares he is lying ...

Brady loves Claire’s look in the photos and then finds out Eric was the photographer. She notes he even helped launches Nicole’s career and gasps she is sorry. Brady assures her he has moved on. Claire heard all about it from Eve, who told her how amazing he was. She thinks they make a great professional and personal team and calls Brady a good guy. He appreciates it and will pass the pictures to Eve. She would rather hand her the photos herself as there are others entering. Brady promises to hand them to Eve today and grins ... Eve leaves the loft with Ciara’s pictures and asks her to remind Claire to hand hers in. Ciara is elated, especially about Tripp’s encouragement. She loves how he is direct, then stammers she means as a friend. She wonders what made him change his mind ... As the fireplace glows behind him Stefan smoothly states the phone was turned in to him yesterday. Lani asks where security found it. He pauses and replies in the kitchen. She can speak with them herself. Chad points out they are on Stefan’s payroll. Lani must leave so Chad solemnly sees her to the door ... Back in Kayla’s office Jen fears for her daughter's mental state. Kayla sighs she forgot to ask for her insurance card so Jen opens Abigail’s purse. Inside she finds Kayla’s missing purple glasses. Kayla wonders why they ended up there. Weird music plays. Jen's eyes widen ...

Tripp wants to support Ciara all the way in what she wants. She admits she is anxious about the competition and tries not to be negative. Tripp tells her she has a shot. She worries about Claire. He reminds her beauty is skin deep ... Abigail is back with Jen, done with her tests. Kayla will try to rush the results. Jen asks about the glasses in her purse. Abigail acts surprised so Jen worriedly wonders whether she has no memory of them ... At the DiMera front door Lani lets Chad know she has doubts about Stefan’s story. She will let the tech team examine the phone for tampering and promises to keep him posted. Chad thanks her. Now back to brother Stefan, who is pouring himself coffee. Stefan warns him he will regret it if he continues to try and blame him for Andre’s murder. He alludes to knowing a dark family secret ...

Brady asks reading Maggie to look after Tate as he is off to see Eve. She smiles and suggests he start with a compliment instead of a powerful passionate approach. She thinks they belong together. He looooooooves everything about that woman and is ready to win her back. Now he walks off to do romantic battle ... At the square phone Eve orders Brady’s things thrown out and sadly sits on a bench, remembering when Brady gave her a rose, how they came to fall in love for real. Then came the ring. Back to reality. She blinks back the tears of betrayal ... Abigail fibs she took things out of her purse and must have accidentally put the glasses back with them. She asks mama Jen not to tell Chad about her tests just yet. Jen agrees. Kayla will be in touch when she has results. Abigail gives them both a hug and leaves. Jen has a bad feeling ... Stefan solemnly warns Chad to back off. Chad wants to know what he is hiding. Stefan eyes him like a handsome snake ... Ciara smiles if she wins the modeling contest she will try to make Tripp her photographer. He grins he would follow her like a fan and calls her beautiful. She thanks him with stars in her eyes and he gets going. Claire returns and boasts how Brady loved her photos. Ciara counters Eve loved hers. Meanwhile Brady approaches Eve at the park. She suggests he clear out his office. Brady boldly replies either they run this contest together or she does not run it at all ... Back at the pub Jen and Eric discuss the Brady and Eve drama. Eric invites her out to Doug’s Place. She accepts but she will be keeping her phone close cos something seems off with Abigail ... Abigail interrupts bickering Chad and Stefan. She assures Chad her checkup with Kayla went well. Stefan is glad and grins they are going on a business trip together. Chad gives him a dirty look. Abigail blinks ...

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All the drama in Salem on Friday, March 16