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Thursday, June 22, 2017
Episode 13,112
Length: 1400 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Claire gives Theo the endless apologist the cold shoulder at the loft. Marlena comes in to speak with Claire alone. Theo discreetly departs. Claire assumes Marlena is angry at her ... At the Kiriakis mansion ambitious survivor Sonny is a smart ass with Victor and admits he thought of him on the island as well as Titan. He yearns to fix the mess Deimos made. Victor is having Justin file the papers to make him CEO as they speak. Sonny is pleased but still peeved about what happened to Paul ... Andre and Kate greet Gabi and Chad at DiMera mansion. Joyous relief abounds and Andre wants Kate to announce that she and he are now husband and wife. The diva is a DiMera again. Chad lets out a surprised sound ... At the pub mama Val leaves Eli a message imploring him to return her call. At the station Lani suggests Eli do just that. She tells him that seeing Abe gave her back her sense of home. He would feel the same with his mom ... Andre complains the board called him unstable. Kate explains why she wed Andre - to save the company. Andre announces now the company is intact. Kate hugs Chad with her dark nails and declares his brother loves him. Chad warns Kate she will be chained to Andre. Gabi adds that would mean throwing away her life. They seem to feel sorry for Kate. Andre reminds all parties he is present in the room! His smooth silky pink tie makes him even more noticeable ... Eli sighs about the past conflict. Lani reasons his mother must have been sick with worry and loves him. He knows. Lani urges him to make the call ... Theo is supposed to meet Lani at the pub and ends up talking to Val. He assumes Abe told her about the video. She deduces he did not know he was being recorded. Exactly. Theo now states that sleeping together was not as simple as he thought. So many emotions and complications ... Meanwhile Marlena talks to Claire about the big step in a relationship, wondering how Theo would feel about her telling girlfriend Jade that they were intimate. She questions whether the girl was even ready for that step ... Corporate Sonny is pumped. Victor warns it will be hard. He knows his business is not all above board but likes that Sonny has a code of ethics. However, he will not be able to climb out if he falls into a rabbit hole ... Chad fumes. Kate assures him she will give up the position as CEO at DiMera in six months. Chad hates the idea of Andre being married to the CEO as he might exert influence. He leaves in a huff to complain to the board. Andre gets sarcastic. Gabi wants a word with Kate. What if she meets the man she loves while chained to Andre? Kate casually tells Gabi she cannot be with the man she wants anyway. Such is her lot in life ...

Marlena reminds glam Claire that she has a history of whims which lead to her losing interest. Claire is indeed in love and loved being with Theo. She sighs to Marlena that Theo likely loves Ciara not her, though ... Theo admits to Val he believed he was ready but he blew things. He did not believe Claire when she was telling him the truth about not knowing of the video. That is a big thing so Val suggests he has some making up to do. She now gets her call from Eli, who wants to see her. She gets choked up with emotion ... Andre gets sarcastic about Gabi getting involved and gets offended by Chad as well when he again questions Kate wanting to do this. Kate assures them there are ground rules and she and Andre are friends only. Andre gushes they are fond of one anotha. Chad accepts it and thanks brother Andre for helping the family company. Andre states the DiMeras stick togetha. Perceptive Kate now congratulates Chad on getting together with Gabi. Andre hesitates. Chad chuckles ... Claire admits to Marlena she did a bad thing. Marlena is listening ... Back at the pub Val tells Theo the poignant story of allowing Eli to take the bus to school when he was small. Eli arrives with Lani and listens. Val laments when she thought she lost her son on the plane, she could not bear the idea of being without him. Eli steps forward. Mother and son have an emotional reunion ... Andre fibs he is fine with Gabi if she makes Chad happy. She goes to check on Arianna and Chad gets his call back from the board. Kate praises Andre. He flirts with Kate about sharing a room together and giggles at her reaction. Chad returns after the call and assures Kate he gave his support. She gushes she is so happy about Chad being with Gabi. Meanwhile by the staircase Andre warns Gabi he will be keeping an eye on her for he is protective of little brotha. He sneers at the sultry senorita to watch her step ... Theo is thrilled to see sister Lani safe and sound. She brings up Claire. Theo thinks Valerie gave him a great idea and lets Lani know he loves her. But now he needs to take care of something ... Eli regrets being hard on his mother and is sorry. He is willing to work on things and they hug. Enter Julie, who marvels at the sight ... Victor and Sonny discuss the difficult decisions. He had to make many unethical ones. Sonny knows it. Odysseus Victor had to make hard choices and lives with them. Sonny gets it but thinks he can keep it honest. Victor wishes him luck and does not seem to believe he will be able to keep things above board ... Chad admits to Kate that Abigail is with Dario now. Kate seems glad Chad had no nice reunion with Abigail and praises Gabi some more. But Chad wants to get along with Abigail next time he sees her ... for Thomas of course. In the foyer, Gabi meets Andre's stare and alludes to Chad being her destiny. Andre gets glib. She insists he will not be able to break them up and goes to her calling daughter ...

Eli is happy to hear that glittery Julie and Val are good friends now for the sake of the family. Julie wants to show the gang her family surprise and leads the way. Lani goes along ... Thoughtful Theo goes back to the loft to let Claire know he is sorry for not trusting her. She is feeling even sorrier for herself and feels bad about what she did. She did not deserve his trust! She now shows him the letter she hid from him - the letter of love from Ciara ... Kate tries to convince Gabi to move permanently into the mansion. Gabi points out it would be premature and Andre would pose a problem. Kate insists only Chad counts and they embrace ... Chad comes clean to Andre about having the amulet before. Andre gasps it caused everything! Chad insists he left the cursed amulet buried on the island. Meanwhile obsessed Sonny speaks to his beloved amulet. He is obsessed with wealth and Kiriakis power already, and he feels unstoppable ... Julie gives the gang a tour of Marton house, whose owners Eli is descended from. She wants to have a welcome home party for the survivors including Eli right here. She presents the place to Eli the new owner. Lani is amazed. Val is moved. Julie emotionally explains she wants him to stay in Salem. Val praises generous Julie and Eli graciously thanks her. Now she is off to plan the party with the caterer. Eli thinks reuniting with his mom was still the greatest gift of the day. Lani smiles ... Claire wants Theo to read Ciara's letter cos it might change his mind about her. She leaves him alone and he starts to read ... The cocktails continue to flow at DiMera mansion. But Kate warns charming hubby Andre to go easy on Gabi or adoring Chad will hit back, as will she. He lies he will be neutral. She warns him not to make any maneuver and walks out. Andre silently toasts to Stefano's portrait with a glint in his eye ... Gabi is going home with Ari and kisses Chad goodnight. They both believe this is a new beginning ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, June 22