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Friday, August 26, 2016
Episode 12,903
Length:1420 descriptive words

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Now without further ado ...


At the club Phillip is treating his silent sullen mother to dinner. Kate eats her salad, sips her white wine and says nothing. He reminds her of the major mistakes she made by not heeding his warnings about Deimos the devil ... In bed, Chloe reads a prenatal pamphlet with a sad sigh. She remembers her road to this unexpected pregnancy ... At the Kiriakis mansion Deimos pours the bubbly for himself and his new paramour Nicole. He notes her silence and she admits she is anxious about Victor being accused of kidnapping his own grandson. Deimos hopes she believed him that he was not involved and gives her an intense look ... From her hospital bed recovering Maggie is stressed when she sees the news on TV, that Victor Kiriakis is to be charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping. It breaks her heart ... Sonny and suited lawyer Justin join Brady at the station. Justin goes in to represent his client and gives Roman a hard time for interrogating him without his lawyer present. Victor maintains his innocence though Roman warns him he will have to convince a jury. Outside Brady is belligerent and argues with Sonny, who insists the uncle is innocent. Brady wishes so but facts are facts and he proceeds to list the proof. Smart Sonny states he simply has opinions for those are not concrete facts. Brady fumes ... Nicole beliiiiiiiieves Deimos but also finds it hard to believe the mastermind of the kidnapping was Victor. Deimos slyly states he has investigators on it, looking into who may have set his brother up. Nicole believes the good in him ...

Theresa visits Salem patient Maggie with Tate. The redhead calls the baby perfect and Theresa assures her he is doing well. Victor made sure he was properly looked after. Maggie primly insists her husband is innocent. Theresa looks away ... Victor warns smug smiling Roman he is simply being played by bastard Deimos and explains his logic. Deimos holds a grudge and is a piano virtuouso linked to the elusive Chopin Group. It is all rather complex, however, and Roman does not like complex ... Belligerent Brady blasts Victor as the bastard who did it. Sonny snaps he has a case only in his head with his story that someone else wrote! He questions his family loyalty ... Kate sips her wine and pouts Phillip invited her for dinner to gloat he was right and she was wrong. He perceives the rage in her cat eyes and cackles he loves to see inside her soul. He suspects she is going for revenge against Deimos as well as Nicole in the near future ... Deimos knows someone once framed Nicole for murder too and acts like he wants Victor to be proven innocent. His good will impresses Nicole so the woman in red impulsively kisses his hungry lips. One thing leads to another on the luxurious sofa ...

Phillip drops the sarcasm. He solemnly states his mother will be the one who suffers in the end if she seeks revenge against Deimos and Nicole as he knows she will. Kate has heard enough and hits back about his own life going to hell since he is sleeping with Chloe again. Chloe approaches their table and the claws come out ... Deimos stops in a moment of passion with Nicole on the sofa and urges her to say yes to moving in with him right here right now. She grins and they get back to kissing. The designer clothes come off fast ... Brady brings up Victor's mobster past but Sonny argues he was a changed man after he met Maggie. Commissioner Roman emerges with handcuffed Victor to haul him off and book him. Sonny snaps this is INSANE. Justin insists he will be there for his morning bail hearing and promises he will be set free soon. Sonny announces to his uncle he will not give up until his good name has been cleared. The Greek patriarch is grateful and is led to his cell ... Justin and Sonny now argue with Brady, who is accepting the facts at face value in his fury. Suited Justin suspects it was Deimos of Chopin Group fame. Brady mutters the mobster trail went cold decades ago and departs ... Maggie wants to know whether there has been any word on Summer. Theresa is sorry not yet and feels sorry for her sorrow. Maggie declares whoever did it, whoever took Tate, should be punished. Theresa is here for her. However, she will also be in attendance when Victor is sentenced ... Phil is exuberant to see Chloe but Kate calls her a conniving witch who will make him miserable again. Chloe asks if she still has poison, a glint in her eye. Kate eventually departs, having lost her appetite altogether ... Now fully dressed at the square, Deimos wants Nicole to say yes to moving in. She stammers she needs time to agree to such a big step. He drawls to take her time and they kiss in bliss. Kate stops in her diva tracks and soap stares. This is the last thing she needed to see ...

Theresa heads home with Tate and breaks down about what happened to him. Brady consoles her with a warm embrace and assures her all is well with their world. She hopes that bastard is behind bars ... Meanwhile bored Victor is locked behind bars, staring into space ... At the club, Phillip notes they are now alone so Chloe may speak freely. Chloe feels what Phillip offered was crazy. He reasons he wants her to keep the baby and throw off Deimos in order to keep them both safe. She thinks this will give Kate another reason to hate her. Phillip, however, wants her on his record label for decades to come plus he does care for her ... Kate sarcastically praises the lovely couple. She cackles tis Prince Deimos with Nicole the common girl. Deimos quips Kate could play the part of the wicked witch, Nicole quips Kate is actually a word that rhymes with witch. Kate smiles a wicked smile, not denying she is a soap b*tch. They taunt her a few more times and leave her standing alone. She watches as they disappear from view and her eyes narrow. The scheme queen is back ... Chloe thinks she can move away to avoid Deimos. Phil wants to keep going with her career launch not hide. She needs to think it over. Phil wants to help and she happily thanks him ... Maggie tries calling Victor, who is in jail. She is unable to get through as he will not be permitted out of his cell and leaves him a heartfelt message of love and support. Then she weeps and flashes back to the figurine he fixed for her, the red shoes, their romantic moments, and deduces he did not do it ... Justin and Sonny arrive at the hospital. Justin suggests he only speak to Maggie about her recovery. He will try and get Victor out on bail as soon as possible but it will not be as easy as he pretended to the police ... Brady complains to Theresa that the clan is against him and thinks he is unfairly out for Victor's blood. Theresa wonders whether Brady wants to believe in Victor's innocence. Brady admits he is torn between wanting to believe that he could not have done such a horrible thing and his profound love for Theresa and Tate. They exchange I love yous and kiss like there is no tomorrow ...

Sonny seeks an update from Justin on the mobster lead. Justin claims it went cold years ago. Sonny now suggests they do as the culprit did and break as many laws as they have to in order to get the required result. It is now official. Sonny has gone completely Kiriakis ... A guard has given Victor his cell phone so he makes a heartfelt call to Maggie. He vows to win against all odds and come home to the woman he loves ... Chloe alludes to Phillip as her hero and they share a poignant embrace. Enter Nicole and Deimos. The Greek gives the pair a strange suspicious stare ... Meanwhile back at the square Kate shreds a rose in her rage and considers her next move against those who done her wrong ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, August 26