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Once Upon a Loon ...

Wednesday April 16, 2014
Episode 12,318

- JJ phones Paige from home. She answers happily at the town square
with stars in her eyes. He wants to meet at the park and stammers like
the love struck schoolboy he is. She sweetly suggests two o'clock. He
will be there! Enter the Abigail, who teases her blushing brother. He thought she had to go Chicago. She boasts she is back in action and continues to taunt her red-faced brother. He does not want to talk Paige with her, nor does he want to tell mama Jen. He gives the flimsy excuse they are only friends. Abigail has some unsolicited advice about trying
to act casual about the girl. Too casual might make the girl assume he is
not interested. She now gets a text and is shocked that Dan has been suspended. So much for love talk. She and JJ take off together to offer their support to the medicine man ...
- At the pub, Marlena and Eric discuss the nightmare that Dan is living. Eric can relate on an obvious level, but he also bears his own news,
hence the meeting. He wanted to tell his mother his big news personally. He admits to feeling torn, though God showed him the way. His life and future is with the woman he loves. And so he is going to marry Nicole even without the church's blessing. Marlena puts on a brave face and
asks when then, right away?
- Liam the sympathetic sicko is sorry it is so hard. Jen gets choked up
that what happened to Dan was wrong. Liam kindly offers to help her write the press release. Jen gasps she must do it herself. Liam pleasantly points out he does care and they can do it together. Hope arrives and the cousins hug. Liam frowns. Jen asks him to excuse them. He stammers he will be here should she need him and unassumingly exits. Outside, he hits the wall like a maniac, ready to explode. Inside, unsuspecting Jennifer complains to concerned Hope about the large amount of drugs in Dan's system. Someone must have drugged him! Hope asks who. Jen admits they suspect Theresa.  Hope goes into detective mode. She would like
to start by calling her parents, then she will sit the girl down and grill her. Jen would prefer to proceed as per hospital protocol, with an internal investigation first. Hope agrees to step aside and they embrace again.
- Busy Billionaire heir Brady is ending another call when Theresa shows up at the Kiriakis mansion. He wants a kiss but she wants to talk Daniel. Brady wonders what the drama is all about. She stammers she has done nothing as accused and he had better believe her and not blame her too. Brady is baffled. Theresa nervously updates him on the Dan drama, the fact that he was suspended for being high in the OR. Brady stares in disbelief.
- Nicole announces she will help Daniel no matter what! Dan deduces she is serious. She shivers. He gets her a glass of water. Nicole exclaims this
is really big and she wants to tell him everything ...
- Paige awaits JJ in the park, her hair as wavy as a romantic heroine. Along comes Mary Beth, who scoffs at the rendezvous. She calls JJ a loser, a criminal she should stay away from. Paige wonders why she
hates him. She does not, she just wants to protect her pal from a boy
who would only drag her down.
- Nicole explains this all started because ... she looooves Eric, which led
to some decisions ... Ring ring! She makes Daniel answer the call from Brady, who wants to know what the hell happened. Daniel talks setup though he cannot discuss any such details with a hospital board member. Brady understands and so ends the call. Dan now urges Nicole to just continue. She laments he could lose it all, just like what happened to Eric. Eric's career was ruined when he got drugged by Kristen. Dan thinks this will be different. He repeats he and Jen suspect Theresa. Matter of fact they know it was her and he will prove it and make her pay! Nicole cuts him off cos there are some intense items on the agenda she has got to tell him first ...
- Back at the fancy house of Kiriakis, Brady rubs his face and calls it unlikely Dan the good would use drugs. Theresa argues doctor have been known to use stuff sometimes. He gives her a long hard look and sternly states the man's life was at stake. Theresa loudly insists she did not do
the vicious deed and hopes he believes her. Pause.
- Eric solemnly states to his mother that the marriage is imminent though not immediate. He has noticed her anxiety. She says fine but proceeds to remind him how much the church's teachings mean to him. They will probably mean even more to him now that he can no longer be a priest. He insists his decision is the right one. Marlena smiles then she is happy for him. He wants her to say what she is really thinking. Marlena ponders. She wishes for her son to be happy, so if the girl makes him happy, go
for it! He is pleasantly surprised, thanks her, and goes on his way. He
will call her later. She sure hopes so, then runs into suited Aiden.
- Dan claims he already knows what Nicole is going to tell him. He does? He assumes she is offering to use her resources at the station like she did for Eric. But this is not the best way to go. It was a great idea for Eric
and she came close with Chyka. However, Theresa has a damning video of JJ. He hopes she will therefore keep her distance from the volatile girl. Nicole agrees, though she is not finished telling him about plan ... Knock knock! Tis very sorry JJ and Abigail, who wonder how they can help. Dan drawls Nicole was about to share the details of her plan. They face her and wait. Nicole is rendered sadly silent.
- Hope runs into little Chase at the town square. He is there on a field trip to observe how frozen yogurt is made. Hope is delighted to see him. He hands her a thank you note his dad made him write and departs. Hope is touched, puts down her coffee, and reads his thanks for getting the bad guy. He calls her cool.
- Mary Beth thinks JJ is a no show. Paige points out he could be late. Or something might have occurred. Mary Beth muses he might have found someone else to busy himself with.
- Nicole suddenly decides later would be the best time to strategize. Dan agrees and boasts she is a top notch investigator. JJ and Abigail are aware she helped Eric and are hopeful. Abigail exits and wishes her luck. Parker starts to thump in the next room so Dan goes to check it out. JJ is left alone with Nicole. He knows Theresa did this to Daniel. It is just like her! Nicole thinks she should go and she will call Daniel later. First JJ wishes
to apologize for behaving so rudely before, back in the days when he was still a screw-up. Nicole assures him they are good. He wonders if she
will be able to discover how Theresa did it. Nicole hastily excuses herself. Pausing outside the door, she flashes back to Liam's not so subtle threat about having evidence, whereas she can only theorize. It starts to sink
in ...
- Theresa begs Brady to belieeeeeeve her. He explains he has issues with people in town like Dan and Jen who have hounded him about drinking - and seeing her. However, he still considers Dan a close friend and he
just loves Jen. He protects those he loves fiercely. Matter of fact, he would CRUSH anyone who tried to hurt them and hopes he has made himself clear. She hisses he has not even answered her question and gets close. His arms remain firmly folded.
- Aiden joins Marlena at a table. He thanks her for helping his law client and she thanks him for the referral. Aiden does not understand. It was someone from his son's school. Aiden anxiously admits that was not his referral and he only asked for her card for himself!
- Theresa gets shrill despite Brady's claim he believes her so far. He
coldly explains he can confirm she was with him when Dan was drugged.. However, there could have been other ways to make Daniel take the hit. She screams she did not have an agent do it. Brady reminds her of her vendetta against Dan and Jen, the vendetta she has made no secret of.
She insists she did not do it. Brady does believe her, but he could be wrong. If she proves him wrong and she has withheld anything, she is in big trouble!
- Paige is increasingly insecure. Her pal points out JJ could be with that Bev girl or another one who puts out. She takes her by the hand to lead her to the club. Paige sighs and glumly goes along.
- JJ wants to get involved in operation take down Theresa. Dan thinks he should stay out of it as there are risks. JJ thinks it would be worth the
risk. Dan disagrees. He already has his mom and Nicole and Eric on the case. He wants him to focus on school and his life, though he is touched by his concern. Dan now must go as the sitter is expecting him to show
up with Parker at 3pm. JJ realizes it is way past 2 o'clock, races out, and hopes his dream girl will not be mad.
- Nicole has summoned Eric to the town gate and laments she was unable to help Daniel. He praises her for her fierce loyalty but she snaps she is
no friend, she is horrible. He peers at her, perplexed.
- Pouty Paige enters the club with Mary Beth and goes to get some cookies and drinks from the counter. She does not even want to think about JJ ...
- Nicole exclaims she was wrong! Eric takes her gently by the shoulders and assures her she has done much for others including him, though she is not to blame if there is no miracle. She gasps she could have helped more. Eric explains it is tenuous with Theresa and Dan will ask if he needs her help. She softly stammers they could be missing something, though her
voice trails off ...
- Marlena sweetly wonders how she can help. Aiden notes she is very connected in town. She insists what he tells her privately would of course stay private ... Just then Hope flounces in with a friendly greeting. Aiden gushes and goofily greets her right back, though he otherwise clams up. Marlena notices.
- Brady promises to defend Theresa as being here with him at the time of the drugging. However he intends to investigate and if she was in any way involved, he is coming after her! She cries he will find nothing and offers to forget his nastiness, though she will not wait forever for him to try
and make this up to her! Then she goes, pausing outside the door as she flashes back to giving Liam Danís key. She stands in the garden and stammers it is not her fault but what to do now???
- Liam joins Jen at the nurse's station in an attempt to continue their conversation about Dan. She primly points out she is better now. He understands how one can be fooled by a partner. Jen blows him off, boasting she believes Dan and stands by him too.
- Once at the park, by the very bench they had arranged to meet at, JJ is dismayed to discover the girl of his dreams is nowhere to be found. She must have left! He texts her but Mary Beth sees the ringing phone at their club table and deletes his apology something came up, his sincere hope that they could still meet up ... Meanwhile, Paige pouts at the counter, woefully waiting for her comfort cookies and drinks.
- Hope hopes she is not interrupting. Aiden assures her that she is not. Marlena discreetly states she must head to an appointment and graciously excuses herself. Hope had no idea Aiden and Marlena were acquainted and tells him so.
- Eric agrees they are all missing something. Nicole thinks Theresa did
not have the resources to pull this off. Eric thinks she could be right but they would need proof and it must be done the right way. Nicole turns away and repeats yes, the right way ...
- Daniel has just left Parker with his babysitter and spies Theresa absentmindedly walking opposite him outside ...
- Brady heads to the hospital to confer with pal Jen in her office. She confirms Theresa is suspect number one. Slick Brady takes a seat and asks if it could have been anyone else ...
- Back in his room, Liam punches the air and curses the doctor who still has Jen's heart. She is supposed to be with him! He could destroy Daniel Jonas and it would be easy! He addresses Jenís picture on his phone and decides so be it. He destroys Jonas completely , the sooner the better.
His eyes narrow like the crafty crazy man no one suspects him to be in Salem, except for Nicole, and so far, her lips are sealed ...


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