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Once Upon a Soap Fairytale that went to Hell there was a Heroine who needed Saving ...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Episode 12,852
Length:1270 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Enter the Hero ...

Jen is in pain at home in the dark, gasping in agony. She cannot ... she cannot it hurts sooooo much she says. She grabs her bag to go and runs into Lucas, who offers her help if she wants it. Jen cries please help her and hugs Lucas the good man. Lucas sees stuff thrown around. He knows she was trying to find her stash. She anxiously admits she hid it everywhere. Lucas knows. He realizes her supply ran out but Jen tells him she threw them out. She was trying ... She was worried about JJ having the virus and also wanted to see Abigail who is slipping away she sobs. Lucas helps her sit down. She cries she could not get Thomas for the night cos Chad does not trust her with him. He knows! She hates someone thinking she is a danger to her grandson. Lucas hopes she did not down more meds. No. She flushed them all! Lucas holds her hand and notes the stash is gone so problem solved. Jen remembers ... She remembers calling for another refill, in pain and also suffering withdrawal. Back to the present. Lucas explains the pharmacists know all the tricks. Jen feels like a junkie. She now remembers rummaging and finding no more meds, gasping, searching, feeling frantic and screaming. She started to trash the living room screeching where is it! Her eyes were like a wild animal and she cried oh God and called for help. Then Lucas came over. For now he is her rock ... Lucas promises he will help her overcome. She is upset she broke family photos, even believed she could cope. Lucas notes all addicts do. He admits he too is an addict and addiction is a disease. Jen cries she is exhausted. The pills helped her to sleep. Lucas knows that sleep and it is not a good one. Jen complains of her back being in pain, and wants a few. Lucas has a better idea. He wants to take Jen to a meeting at St Luke's at 6 am and involve Maggie. Jen is miffed about the meeting. Lucas convinces her. She eventually agrees. In four hours. Meantime they will face her demons together ... Jen is huddled on the sofa with Lucas, and he asks what she feels. Shame. He argues this was all the result of her car accident. She sighs Carly had the same problem. Lucas notes she did not judge her so she should judge not herself so harshly. Jen calls him wise. Lucas suggests she sleep. He is staying and will quietly clean up. Jen lies down and shuts her eyes. She imagines Abigail coming home to her drugged up mother who was supposed to watch Thomas. The baby was found crawling around the driveway. Abigail came to say goodbye cos Jen is not here the way she needed her, she cries. Abigail yells where were you and holds up her pill bottle. She blames her problem for where JJ is too. Jen wonders where he is. Jen is soon standing in a jail cell waiting - with her trusted pill bottle on the table. Here comes prisoner JJ, who wants her to share. He is here for ten years for possession. Jen implores her son not to throw his life away. He taunts too late and a guard says it is time to go. JJ vanishes into thin air. Jen does not want her son in prison. The serious guard is JACK. He suggests she already put herself in prison. Jack looks as elegant and intelligent as the day he lost his life ...

Jen is sleeping a stressed sleep as Lucas calls for family reinforcements ... Dream Jen declares she is not locked up. Jack suggests she is locked away from life. When did she last laugh or dare to live the way they did once upon a time. Jen and Jack flashback to a ring on her finger in the middle of nowhere and their following cold adventure in the snow ... Jack smiles what happened to the tough girl who had all the fun there was to be had in the world. Jen cries she died when he did and he took her with him! Jack gets wistful. Jack and Jennifer were and are a soap fairytale. Jack now explains dying was not his idea and he did come home for good before it happened. Jen points out she had to raise their kids. But they were poised to live Act 2 of their great story and be smart about it! He smiles they were together at last. Alas it did not last long. Then death took him. Jen is grateful for their good months. He says she deserved years. She says you too. He asks about the house. Jen notes her grandparents' house is now empty, the kids are grown and gone and he is gone. She feels alone. He wisely replies in the end we all are but she does have company. Jen wonders why he is here. Cos he knows the Jennifer Rose he knew is still in there somewhere. He urges her to seize the day again, for she is free! She can be the author of her own book of life ... He makes her giggle but then she feels tired and wants a pill. Jack warns those do not help they wear you out. Let the family help you they are all there ... Jen whimpers and wakes up on the sofa. Doug, Julie and Lucas are there for her rough night. Three hours until the meeting. They will stay as long as she needs them. Jen announces she would like to go to bed, feeling fatigued. Julie helps tuck her into bed upstairs and Jen thanks her. Julie comes back down when she falls asleep ... Jen wakes up feeling the withdrawal. She wants to get away and gets out of bed. She falls and finds a bottle under the bed. Doug and Julie are downstairs with Lucas. Jen gets some pills out but Julie comes back and wants her to hand them over. Jen cries nooooo. Julie says the worst is over and reaches for the bottle. Jen smacks her, then breaks down. She sobs she is sorry and Julie hugs her, assuring her it is alright. Time passes slowly. Julie later wakes up in the chair but Jen is gone. She runs downstairs and discovers Jen is demurely dressed. They all love her and show their support. Doug, Julie, Jen and Lucas now share a a tight family hug in Horton house.

Brady and Maggie are at the early AA meeting. Lucas arrives with Jen, softly telling her how it goes. Just listen watch and then say something. Jen sits with Lucas and Maggie smiles. Brady solemnly nods. Maggie gives the opening pledge. Next Lucas takes to the podium, grateful for the days ... Maggie sweetly asks who else would like to speak and she and Brady looks at Jen. Sad music plays and the once fun girl stands. This is her first meeting ever she smiles but she knows it will not be her last. She is Jennifer. All say Hi Jennifer. Jack now stands at the window watching with encouragement and Jen finally finds the strength to say it. I AM AN ADDICT. So begins her road to recovery and self-discovery ...



All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, May 24