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Monday, August 21, 2017
Episode 13,153
Length: 1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Sonny has started to ask Paul to marry him! At the hospital Chad has asked Abigail the same thing! He emotionally explains he knows he belongs by her side, for she is home and he loves her ... Kate and Roman have kissed at the pub and Andre is peeved ... At the sanitarium Marlena calls out to John to help her as she struggles in her straight jacket ... Hattie cringes as John bangs on her door demanding answers ... Nicole remembers and gasps to Brady she was actually the one in Eric's room holding the amulet ... Hattie opens the door as Marlena but John senses something is off. He confronts her for kissing Roman and wonders what the hell cos she is clearly not herself these days... Andre walks out of the pub and Kate stops, wondering what they were thinking. Roman muses he had a moment after his talk with Marlena. His life is full but something has been missing. He would like some love in his life and gushes he could not get her out of his head all these years. He asks to try again and Kate gives him a sad little stare ... Abigail replies she is not even released and there is much to consider. Chad stammers they were married before, are in love, and he does not want to lose another minute without her ... Brady does not want to believe it. Nicole continues to remember. Eric was not in the room so she tried to find him. She ended up downstairs, where she came face to face with Deimos the devil while he was still alive. The memory is very raw and very real ...

That fateful night at Marton house Nicole was alone in the living room alone with Deimos. She feared for her life and picked up the knife. It made him laugh. Back to the present. Brady doubts she used it. Nicole snaps he provoked her and taunted her for losing Holly cos he made it happen! She cries and Brady soap stares in silence ... Hattie acts at the end of her rope as Marlena. She refuses to talk further with John and refers to him as a second rate Roman. Their relationship is over! John walks out like a man on a mission ... Angelica catches up with Bonnie at the square, cross she has been shopping up a storm instead of attending Sonny's hearing. Bonnie seems to have forgotten about Adrienne's son ... Sonny gushes he now knows what matters and wants Paul in his life. Always. He loves him ... All of a sudden Justin enters with news of his release. Paul and Sonny happily hug ... Chad could not bear to lose Abigail again and repeats to please marry him. She sighs and smiles it sounds nice. Alas she cannot. Chad is confused. She explains she cannot marry him and he assumes the worst. She reminds him she remains married to Dario. Chad scoffs ... Kate admits she was not expecting this. Roman reminds her when he proposed Christmas Eve and quips John's punch must have cleared his head. They used to feel oh so right. She reminds him their marriage did not end well. He blames Andre for the breakup. He insists even after all this time they still have the spark ... Justin has the paperwork the judge agreed to sign, sending Sonny home where he belongs. Sonny is surprised mama Adrienne is not here. Justin is as well ... Bonnie heads to the station, handing Angelica her shopping bags for safe keeping. Hattie now calls Angelica and quits ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady asks how Deimos could have cost Nicole Holly. She remembers Deimos boasting he bribed the second corrupt judge and this time he was not on her side like when he loved her. Drugged Nicole despaired as he taunted her for having false hope. He nastily noted she would never have Holly even when her 60 days were up. He taunted she would be called Holly Kiriakis after he took her away with him that night. He then held up the cursed amulet and cursed her to a life without children. She wept and he laughed it worked. Insults were exchanged and he declared he was going to get his daddy's girl now. Nicole screamed he was sick and tried to stop him. He mocked her but in the end she stabbed him. Nicole tells horrified Brady she is now sure she killed Deimos and explains how it happened as per her flashback ...

Deimos falls to the floor dead in Nicole's clear flashback. She approaches and picks up the fallen amulet from the floor. She gasps NEVER and coldly walks away. Back to the now. She tells Brady and stares at the amulet in her hand, adding she headed back up to Eric's room after. She was desperate to get rid of the hot amulet so she threw it across the room. It fell under a chair in the corner. Brady mutters he found it there. Nicole hyperventilates and repeats she killed Deimos, not Eric ... Abigail starts to giggle at tormented Chad about her teasing and gushes of course she will marry him. They kiss in bliss ... Back at the pub Kate points out she is a married woman. Roman doubts her union with Andre is anything real. She excuses herself and he smiles knowingly ... Hattie gasps she is going away cos she could not get her Roman. Angelica lies she has charm so give it time. Hattie decides to stay and updates her on Marlena calling John for help. Angelica orders her to head to the sanitarium and make certain she has no access to a phone again ... Justin assures Sonny he will speak soon with Adrienne and advises him to celebrate the great day. Sonny and Paul depart together. Justin now calls "Adrienne," who arrives in his office. He boasts their boy is free and hugs her. She thanks him profusely and then announces she ended her relationship with Lucas. He is the only one that she wants. It has always been so. Justin is stunned. She states they shared many marriages and memories plus their children. She wants them back and begs him to say he feels the same way ... Abigail smiles for making Chad sweat. He hopes they are done with Dario. She announces Justin is already working on their annulment. They never ... Chad clears his throat and gets it. She gushes they are engaged and wants to call Jen to bring Thomas to celebrate. He leaves her with the red rose and lets her know he will be back soon ... Hattie is on the move, unaware that John Black, investigator extraordinaire, is tailing her ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Nicole sighs she stabbed Deimos. Brady declares it was in self-defense and also in defense of her daughter. She wants to confess but he stops her, lamenting it might made her lose Holly for life ... Paul and Sonny are alone at last. Sonny admits at the station he wanted to ask him to marry him ... Bartender Roman touches his lips and grins ... Meanwhile Kate fixes her lipstick at DiMera mansion. Andre appears, asking about her morning. She muses she had meetings and he quips no doubt. She excuses herself explaining she has much on her mind. He is not surprised ... Hattie pretends to be Marlena at the sanitarium after looking through real Marlena's window and asks to speak to who is in charge of the patient while Dr. Ross is on vacation. The orderly leads her away. John now steals in and looks through the window, where he witnesses Marlena in a straightjacket. He pries open the door and hugs his honey but she seems to be even more drugged than before. He assures baby it will be alright and starts to untie her. Who dared to do this?! She whispers it was Hattie and he promises to get her out. All of a sudden Hattie shuts the door and cruelly says they can spend some time together. John growls to open the door but she is already gone ... Brady holds Nicole and refuses to let her go to prison. She leans on his strong shoulder and woefully weeps about what to do ... Bonnie has made Justin's dreams come true. He plants a passionate kiss on her ... Sonny gives Paul a heartfelt speech about giving him a reason to fight and asks him to marry him. Paul smiles yes and they romantically kiss ... Chad returns with a surprise for elated Abigail. Tis her ring. He places it on her finger where it belongs and they lock lips like Romeo and Juliet ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, August 21