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Monday, May 4, 2015
Episode 12,582

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Stefano solemnly speaks Italian to his contact over the phone. The phoenix requires a full report on what happened to Kristen at the castle ... Abigail is in another DiMera room with Chad, who is strangely silent. His behavior baffles her and she wonders what is the matter. Chad impulsively embraces her ... At their pub table, papa Clyde points out to Ben he had better not talk much to Will cos he is after the scoop on Clyde. The boy does like to do his digging and Ben has much to hide about those early years after Poplar Bluff. Big Ben grimaces and gets it ... At the apartment, Will complains to caller Zoe that she gave him nothing of any worth on Paul. He assures her he is going to do some interviews for the Clyde story. When Kate arrives, he jokes he has to go to little Poplar Bluff ... At the Kiriakis mansion, Zander alludes to his unending allegiance to Victor and the Kiriakis dynasty. The Greek grumbles Brady will be needing his help and asks for an update on his business dealings in town. Zan promises it is almost a fait accompli. Victor cuts him off when he mentions the merchandise,wanting to be spared the details from the one he helped once upon a time. He wants to keep the family safe and happy. Zander knows how much family means to him. The Greek gets gruff ... At the club, Nicole claims to know Serena is hiding something. Serena counters she is just jealous. She hisses she will lose Dan as she did Eric. Nicole snaps to shut up. Serena smugly struts away ... Dan and Eric discuss the enigma that is Nicole. Dan fears she harbors old feelings for the former father. Eric admits they might have made it as a couple if not for the lies. Dan is aware she is insecure, though she loves with her whole heart. Eric gets a faraway look in his eye and adds it will never be smooth sailing with her. However, he wishes them the best and advises him to accept his lover in a relationship rather than try and change her ... Clyde suggests his son steer clear of Will the snooping snake and ominously reminds him he stands to lose his sweetheart Abi if his own secrets are exposed ... Kate tells Will to try and fix his marriage, staying put in Salem. Will is miffed that Kate came over to do Clyde's bidding and berate him not to do the article. She innocently explains there is nothing interesting there but Will knows better. He senses something big. He can feel it. Kate asks who ordered said article. Editor Zoe but the magazine was just bought. It was all very hush hush. Will has no need to know more. Diva Kate, however, is another matter ...

Chad apologizes for the embrace and advises Abigail to go home.She blinks in bewilderment and is close to tears when he gets even more cross. But still she stays. Papa Stefano calls his son and assumes Abigail is present. He orders his son to speak to no one and explains he is waiting for an update on what exactly happened to Kristen. More soon. After the call, Abigail innocently asks who it was ... Maggie comes upon Victor with Zander at the Kriakis mansion and asks what the meeting is about. Biz says Victor. Maggie makes nice, hoping to have him over soon. He sweetly agrees but stares darkly when he goes out the door, enraged that Victor only wanted to use him to protect Brady, keeping his eyes open, mouth shut ... After his discussion with Eric is done, Dan considers calling Nicole ... Will haughtily lets his grandmother know he is going to dig for dirt and do his sensational story on her boyfriend. He is all about the facts ... Chad tells Abi he is feeling stressed due to business. She hopes they can talk soon. He snaps she ran straight to Ben after he kissed her. Abi flashes back to her fantasy of seeing his face when she was in bed with Ben. She insists she knows he is upset, Chad snaps not everything is about her and kicks her out ... Writer Will later spies Ben at the square and suggests they grab a coffee and catch up. Ben is cold as ice, turns him down, and keeps walking ... At the club Kate has an update for hungry man Clyde. Someone ordered Will to dig up dirt on him and she has a good idea who that someone is ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie the redhead smiles there is something Victor needs to share. He sighs very well, he gave Brady the address to Kristen's castle but had no idea that by doing so he was putting Brady, Mel and others in harm's way. She tenderly tells him Brady is a big boy who can fight his own battles. Victor alludes to even more drama coming Brady's way ... Serena slinks back to the hospital, where she meets Eric with the amazing news she was offered a job in Hawaii. She coos to come to Honolulu with her. He explains he needs time - time for his mother to come home safe and sound, time to think it over. Serena plays along, though she is running out of time ... At the town square Nicole is torn. To Dan or to Zan ... Clyde is amused Kate feels she can control the outcome of Will's article. She announces Victor must have ordered it. Clyde dismisses the notion, noting he knows better than to antagonize him again. Kate now gets the call she was waiting for and corrects herself. The new owner of Sonix is none other than Stefano DiMera! ... Maggie teases Victor to stop trying to save the men of the Kiriakis dynasty. He feels it is his duty and laments the men are all a mess at the moment. She kisses the patriarch ... Dan stands before Nicole acting like a schoolboy. He smiles he wanted to tell her how Mel and Marlena and Brady are alright. She wishes he would not withhold anything from her. He is sorry he displaced his worry about Mel on her and hopes they can start over, a twinkle in his eye ... Stefano takes a drink by the door of DiMera mansion, explaining to his heir that he has to leave Salem to solve a certain matter in person. He urges him to focus on his mission. Chad agrees and they share an emotional embrace ... Eric gushes how good it is to have Serena in his life and they kiss. Her blues eyes are filled with fear of the future if they stay in Salem ... Nicole notices Zander nearby and makes a split second decision to let him lead her straight to Serena's secret. She exclaims NO HELL NO to Dan's dinner and start over suggestion. Dan is flabbergasted. Zander stops and soap stares with interest ...


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