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Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Episode 13,134
1550 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion, soulful Chad sighs and takes another look at Abigail's ring. Then he removes his jacket by the bed. Lavender Gabi sweeps in speaking about getting the kids settled and massages his tense shoulders. But Chad is intense about the meeting he had with Abigail ... At the club Abigail attempts to reach arrested Dario on the phone with no luck. Theo is sitting at the laptop, having trouble with the high level encryption in place. Abigail points out he has to hack his phone (to delete the damning picture of Chad with the knife over dead Deimos) ... At the station defiant Dario has been booked and tells Rafe he is touching his private property when he picks up his phone. Rafe scowls to stop talking but Dario has something to say. Hope is waiting ... At the Kiriakis mansion Jen accuses Brady of having ulterior motives by pushing her to try with Eric. Meanwhile Nicole refuses to let go of Eric's personal letters and insists she deserves to know what they are all about ... Theo thinks it could take days on the cloud. Abigail gives him the specific date of June 27. Now he needs to know what is on the photo. She gasps it shows Chad looking guilty over dead Deimos ... Rafe wonders why Dario needs his phone. Dario wants a word with his lawyer and his wife. Rafe is not interested and blasts him for making such a mess. He calls him crooked but Dario claims to have a get out of jail free card. He can prove someone's guilt if they listen. Rafe is waiting ... Gabi gets agitated that Chad wanted to see Abigail again. Chad updates her on Dario the hacker, counterfeiter and corporate thief who even stole from him. Gabi soap stares ... Jen calls Brady jealous but he denies it. He spoke to Nicole about her moment and everything is fine. Jen is mad he is trying to put her in the middle between Eric and Nicole anyway ... Eric grabs back his letters and is furious Nicole went looking through his drawers. She recalls he wrote to her in prison but these ones were not sent. He growls so she gets offended and sits in her own desk claiming not to care. He stares at her from his desk like a wounded animal ...

Theo thinks it is impossible so Abigail describes the picture. Theo does not believe it happened. Abigail reminds him they were drugged so Chad might not have any memory of it. She doubts the picture was doctored. Theo vows to wipe the photo from all Dario's devices ... Gabi is horrified and now hears that Chad found out about Dario's dirty dealings from Abigail, who believes she can make him do the right thing. She wonders what if she cannot. Chad thinks the cops will find out and admits it is out of his hands ... Jen asks Brady not to focus on Nicole's drugged moment with Eric, for they have a future. Jen also believes Eric is not after Nicole but Brady feels she is influenced by her feelings for him so she is not impartial. Jen calls him jealous again ... Eric refuses Nicole's work suggestions and snaps to STOP. He cannot continue this way. Nicole blinks in bewilderment ... Back at the station, Raines rages at Rafe the brother of the accused and Hope for going rogue. Hope explains they went to Eli, who now appears and announces this is HIS investigation ... Chad stops Gabi from going to her brother, to give Abigail time to handle it. She cries so he holds her in his arms and reminds here he is here for her. She puts her head on his shoulder ... Jen thinks Brady is jealous and babbles until he blurts out he is jealous ... Eric bitterly remembers Nicole would not read most of his letters so he kept writing in the hopes that he could become a better man. She wonders whether they helped. He recounts when they both saw Dan at the party he told him to move on but he feels what he did, robbing Dan's family of the good man was utterly unforgivable. He holds a flame close to the letters to destroy them forever. Nicole jumps up with a desperate NO! She believes they are far too important to be burned ...

Theo is almost there but he needs to work alone. Abigail thanks him and heads to the station. He would do anything for Chad. Abigail calls Chad lucky to have him. Theo thinks Chad is lucky to have her as well ... Gabi apologizes for being bothered by Chad seeing Abigail. Chad lets the girl know he loves her and has accepted Abigail is with Dario. She hopes that won't change and bites her lip ... Eli and Raines clash over who is in charge so Eli pulls FBI rank on the cross commissioner. He escorts the prisoner into a room and says to send his attorney when he arrives. But Dario asks to cut a deal ... Jen accepts Brady's apology. He admits his love for Nicole makes him nervous. That was why he was so bothered by her kiss with Eric. Jenny soap stares. She was not aware of that detail. Brady scoffs Eric did not say that part in his story to her ... Nicole snatches the letters from the flame. She woefully tells Eric that she did feel Daniel's peace, his presence and love that fateful night. It was for both of them but she feels she let him down. Daniel would not hide as she did. She asks to read all the letters and Eric silently removes the rest from his drawer ... Chad suspects Abigail will stand by Dario no matter what he does. Gabi is happy to hear it and he heads to the shower. She will be waiting ... Abigail comes to the station to speak to Dario. Raines scoffs he is calling Eli's supervisor to complain he has taken control. He reminds Rafe and Hope he will deal with them as well. Rafe and Hope inform anxious Abigail that Dario is with Eli at the moment. She suddenly picks up his phone, which she notes is his. Inside the room Dario assures Eli he has something rock solid. Eli believes it is big. Dario sneers he stated his terms so take them or leave them, his lawyer is only someone who takes his orders anyway ... Jen and Brady discuss the stolen kiss, the fact that Nicole believed Eric was Daniel at the time and they were both drugged. Brady perceives Jen still cares deeply for Eric. She, however, feels he has unresolved issues. Brady assumes she means Nicole and it makes him mad ... Upset Eric storms out so Nicole starts to read his heartfelt letters about losing Daniel and losing himself with him that fateful day. Nicole is overwhelmed ...

Hope and Rafe are hanging onto the phone as evidence. Hope explains Dario wanted to make a deal with something he has. Eli emerges and Abigail asks what Dario said. He suggests she ask him herself so she walks in and glares daggers at Dario for she can sense he wants to sacrifice Chad to save himself ... Brady exclaims "I knew it!" but Jen assures Brady that he is the one Nicole needs and wants. They will be a family with Tate and Holly. Brady gets he has to let it go. Jen reminds him brother Eric loves him. Brady praises Jen the wise and beautiful one. She wants him happy and tells him not to try matchmaking her and Eric anymore. Done. He hugs her and she heads off after urging him not to bow to jealously. He advises her not to bow to pride ... Eric returns and Nicole whispers thank you for she has read the letters. Poignant music plays as she excuses herself to Brady and Tate. But first she asks to keep his letters. Done. Then she pauses at the door and finally forgives him. Powerful stuff. Once alone, Eric blinks back the tears ... Theo gets in and sees the picture. Then he gasps Oh my God. Abe and Val overhear and Abe wonders ... In the DiMera bedroom, Gabi finds the diamond ring when it falls from Chad's jacket pocket to the floor ... Eli confirms to curious Rafe and Hope that Dario wants to cut a deal. He has to tell his boss but is unable to tell anyone the terms. He walks away and Rafe wonders what his brother could know. Hope scoffs there is someone he wants to bury to save his own self ... Abigail angrily asks Dario if he sold out Chad. He is bitter that she only cares about Chad but assures her he kept his silence. She thanks him. He adds he did it for her. However he still offered a deal. He will give up his partner in crime to the feds and go into witness protection. She notes then he will never point the finger at Chad. He confirms that is the case but she must come with him!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, July 25