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Monday July 28, 2014
Episode 12,387

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

- Eric and Dan discuss deep coma John as Dan pours himself hospital coffee. Dan seeks the scoop on Ericís possible return to the priesthood. Eric starts to say something until woman in red Nicole appears. The he clams up. Nicole notices. Eric drawls he was about to go and wishes Dr. Dan a bon voyage. Nicole can feel the frost in the air. How fares John? Dan refuses to discuss anything with her and she asks about his trip. She questions the timing, as John is in ICU and her old friend Brady Ö Dan declares he would rather never ever talk to her about anything! Nicole understands. However, she did try to make amends with Eric. Dan
blasts her for hurting the fallen father when he was already down. Nicole accuses him of assuming she is such a bad person. Besides, Kristen was the evil doer in this story, despite her own misguided mischief, which pales in comparison. Dan snaps but Eric came to love her. He calls her
his JUDAS. Nicole thinks that is rather extreme. Dan was a lot more understanding before. Dan now feels forgiving her at all was a mistake Ö
- JJ is at Horton house, unhappy to read about the new lawsuit in the newspaper. Jen naturally assumes that is the cause of his long face. But
JJ has his dream girl Paige on his young mind. Jen assures him she is here for him, then praises his final day of community service at long last. She
is so proud of him! JJ pouts she should not be, though he is reluctant to reveal more.
- Paige drowns her virginal sorrows at the coffee club as she remembers pushing JJ away and then running out. Eve walks in and notices the newspaper headline. She is about to join her daughter when she gets a
call from her new doc. Her financing for the procedure is an issue she promises to have resolved asap. She now approaches Paige, who would rather not even think about that lawsuit, and goes on her glum way. Eve sits and curses her current lack of funds.
- Theresa has buttonholed Anne Milbauer about Johnís chart. There is
no change and it does not look good. Theresa is mighty relieved as she concludes he might never wake up now. Madame Milbauer notices and becomes mighty suspicious. Theresa refuses to talk and takes off.
- Marlena sits at Johnís bedside. She will not leave his side, in fact. Sympathetic Roman arrives. Eric joins his folks to inform them he is headed for Rome, to see about being reinstated. He hopes he will be in their prayers. Mama Marlena marvels he belongs in the priesthood and requests a blessing for John. He whispers of course and performs the blessing as Marlena and Roman observe. The former father asks God for tender mercy ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Victor snaps his grandson needs a lawyer but Brady boldly braces himself to face the music.. He answers the door and asks Abe if he has come to arrest him. Abe apprehensively explains the D.A, will not be pressing charges as there was not sufficient evidence. Brady all but admits to manslaughter. Victor hushes him and thanks Abe. Abe gives Brady an intense look and advises him to do some soul searching. Then he exits. Victor is relieved. But Brady is torn. There is still the possibility of his pop perishing all because of him!
- Jen muses that whenever something bothered her boy, Jack washed the car with him. She praises her son for becoming a better person and smiles their family is strong. He was her miracle baby and she loves him a great deal. JJ is touched and wipes a tear from his eye. They embrace. He truly appreciates her good thoughts.
- Theresa the terrible gets a call from Eve and refuses to refer to Brady
as anything but her husband despite the inevitable annulment. Eve wants
a favor. Theresa worries someone she cares about could be sent to prison today. Eve leers herself? Theresa hangs up on her.
- Dan joins Brady and Victor and is upbeat about Bradyís good news. Brady is dismal. Dan assures Victor there is still hope for John . Victor exits and Dan offers to cancel his St Louis conference if he wants him to stay in Salem for John. Brady thinks there is no need and sighs he has to change some things. Dan notes Kristen is to blame for the chaotic turn his life took.
- At the hospital, Nicole bumps into Eric and apologizes. He holds her by the arm and breathes not to go ...
- Roman worries Marlena must be tired after so many hours at the hospital. The faithful friend and lover to John looks up, her blonde mane as vibrant as ever. Her ex offers to drive her home, She gasps she cannot go. Roman smiles knowingly, noting she still loves John. Doc does not deny it and gets back to watching the sleeping Salem patient.
- JJ is all eyes when woman in red Paige walks up to him at the town square.
- Eve runs into doubtful Dan as he exits the Kiriakis mansion. She wants to explain about the lawsuit but he quips he is not sticking around and saunters off. Brady is still inside and informs Vic he must meet Theresa
to talk. The Greek glowers. Brady boasts he is handling it like a man but Victor worries she will demand money from the billionaire heir. He knows the type only too well and hopes he will not be hoodwinked ...
- Eric is aware that the bishop asked Nicole to be a witness in Rome for him. She takes a deep breath. As she informed the bishop, she does not need any time to decide. Eric sighs and looks down, dismally assuming
the worst.  Nicole has stars in her eyes as she gushes she would do anything for him! She is in! Eric breathes thank you and goes on his way. Nicole blinks and woefully watches him walking away. 
- Back in the Salem patientís room, Roman continues to insist Marlena loves John and never stopped loving him. He discreetly decides to give
the pair their privacy. She shuts her eyes, feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of her emotions ...
- JJ stammers to Paige that he is sorry. It was not his intention to push
her but she is so sexy ... He then stops himself, promises no pressure and insists did not want to offend her. She is so amazing. She starts to smile. He begs for her forgiveness.
- Victor opens his grand front door to Eve and cackles who ordered the hooker! She is seeking Theresa but the Greek growls he gave her the heave HO. He snaps she should go peddle her wares somewhere else instead of trying to take  money from the vets. Eve vows to get what belongs to her ...
- Theresa meets Brady at the park and assures him she believes in him. He sighs he was not sober. She insists John was the one who attacked him. Brady would rather not think about it and they sit on a bench. The time has come Ė to discuss their annulment! She stammers to take his time, no need to rush.  He states he  will send her the papers soon. She begs him not to go and he hopes she does not have a problem with them getting the thing annulled. Pause.
- Paige thinks JJ did nothing wrong and regrets she overreacted. The boss interrupts and lets JJ quit early, handing over his vest as his community service is done. Free JJ gets back to the girl of his dreams and leads her away by the hand. They smile and blush the way young lovers do.
- Eric is praying and soul searching at the monastery, surrounded by lit candles as he remembers how close he came to kissing Nicole. He makes the sign of the cross and gets up, eager to greet Brother Tim the monk,
his spiritual advisor. The holy men clasp hands. Eris seeks enlightenment and wonders how to know what is God's will ...?
- Theresa assures Brady he is off the hook. However, there is no rush to dissolve their marriage. She wants to stay friends ... Brady thinks they
can be but right now he needs to be alone, to get his act together. She
gets tears in his eyes as he casually adds he will be in touch and walks out of her life She sits amid the colorful flowers and cries.
- By the time Eve arrives at Theresaís apartment, the girl has been crying a while. Eve makes nice. Her half-sister sniffles she must want something. Madame Milbauer now appears, irate she summoned her back to Salem from her retreat to get some intel and then walked away. Theresa makes the introductions and then tries to get rid of Eve, who cattily comments and walks out. But she remains by the slightly open door, Eve eavesdrops as Theresa tells Anne of  Brady wanting an annulment. Anne notes she knew already. Theresa gets emotional about meaning those wedding vows.  Madame Milbauer quips to save the Tammy Wynette (Stand By Your Man) garbage. Why did she summon her to get the latest on John Black? And more importantly, why was she relieved it did not look good!
- Marlena has dozed off and wakes up with a start, sensing something with John. She gets closer and speaks his name.
- Tim the monk alludes to the irony of Nicole now holding Ericís entire future in her not so humble hands. Eric mutters he feels extreme anger towards her and cannot let it go. Tim questions whether it is actually
anger that he is feeling for her  ...
- Nicole has gone to see Brady, as she was worried about him. She woefully hopes they are still friends. He agrees they are and she hugs him in gratitude, thankful for at least one friend left in the world.
- JJ takes his dream girl to the pretty park. He remembers the day they met and would rather focus on them, not the lawsuit drama of their moms. She agrees. He always wants to be with her. She gushes she always wants to be with him. He gushes he is in love. She loves him too and they seal the deal with a sweet kiss ...
- Victor shows up on Jenís doorstep raging about Eve showing up on his doorstep. He offers her all the money she needs to handle that harpy! Jen thanks him and promises to keep it in mind. The Greek now gets right to the reason for his visit. Daniel is in St Louis for a conference. Jen laments he said he did not want her in his life. Victor wants her to go all girl on him and make him change his mind, the way Maggie made him. But Jen has decided the time has come to let Dan go. The Greek grumbles they are fools and she will be sorry if she does not try again!
- Dan is talking to Parker on his phone when he enters his expensive high security hotel room in St. Louis. He fails to notice the thug in the black leather jacket who hits him on the back of the head. Dan goes down!
- Eric sighs he cannot forgive Nicole but he still has unresolved feelings
for her. Tim peers and asks if he just might love her ...
- Theresa apologizes for her rudeness. Bosslady Anne notes she is still avoiding answering the question. She gets paged away and warns they
will continue later! Theresa closes the door behind her boss with a curse. Eve comes back and admits she heard the whooooole thing. She suspects she feared John would wake up and that is why she was so desperate to get that update ...
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady assures Nicole that he is ready to make some changes. He is done with booze, drugs, and bad women like Kristen and Theresa  ...Totally done!
- Roman returns to the Salem patientís private room as he sleeps on. Marlena cannot shake a feeling of dread. Something horrible is about to happen ...
- The door to Danís hotel room is opened. He is still unconscious on the floor. Marlenaís feeling of dread steps in. Tis Kristen DiMera.

The End

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