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Monday, November 30, 2015
Episode 12,728

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Hope follows Steve to his room like a woman on a mission. Patch points out he cannot partake in her mission due to his sensitive family situation here in Salem. Hope insists he then at least give her some intel she can use on the bad guys she blames for Bo's untimely end. He suspects they scattered and it would be dangerous to start nosing around. But vigilante Hope is hell bent on revenge and refuses to leave without something solid to get her started ... Claire is with papa Shawn at the pub. She has noticed they did not accompany her mother Belle to Marlena and John's house and has her suspicions. Shawn sighs he and her mother are having problems. Belle hopes they will talk things through. Shawn excuses himself to give Caroline a hand ... At the town house, when Belle tells John and Marlena she and Shawn are divorcing, John immediately suspects Shawn of some wrongdoing. Belle sighs she felt unneeded in their little town and turned to another man, which spread like wildfire ... At DiMera mansion Andre acts sympathetic about Samantha stealing the Hong Kong funds. Stefano angrily accuses Andre, who smoothly assures fatha he too respects the familia and would never be foolish enough to even attempt to betray him. He acts like he is in a hurry to help find Samantha ... Chad is on his way to the station. When he gets there, he updates Rafe on the fact that he sent Abigail's picture to all hospitals within a 50 mile radius. Busy Rafe has been working the phone and updates him on the good news that Justin approves of them going after Ben. His face is getting circulated. Chad scoffs. Rafe reminds him they also have the APB out on Ben and gets an important call ... Ben solemnly comes back to the cabin with his shovel. Abigail whimpers Wendy did not deserve to die and attends to her newborn on the bed. Ben is in a bad mood about having to murder the midwife and goes on a rant about protecting his son from the world. He really believes it too ... Steve offers to email Hope all he has on Claudia, who tried to con him into believing she was Brita's daughter. Hope is grateful. Steve suggests she take care of herself for her kids' sake. She replies they needed justice first. He warns her there could be some heavy facts to face. Hope, however, is in full vigilante mode and will not be deterred ... Ben realizes the cops could come after them guns blazing as they did in Wako Texas years ago. He decides they must depart from the cabin immediately. Abigail worries for the safety of her newborn and hovers over him on the bed, trying to reason with Ben, who has driven himself even more deeply into madness ...

Marlena assures Belle that she and Shawn will be able to make it, then gets diverted by a text. John anxiously asks if it is from HER. Belle sighs Sami must have done something again and nervously laughs she always steals her thunder. She asks what she did. John and Marlena are tight lipped and will only tell her Sami left to lie low. Belle is not surprised and suspects it is more DiMera melodrama ... Steve heads to Kayla's office at the hospital to update her on Hope's mission. Kayla offers to talk to her. He tells her that might make her mad. Kayla is feeling stressed about being helpless and losing Bo and also about the texts. Steve agrees some seem to be from a certain someone who wants them to be together. Kayla suggests they pick a public fight and laughs as she lists all the reasons she has to be mad at him. Steve laughs as well and follows like a puppy dog when she departs for the supply room and some printer paper ... Ciara sits with woeful Claire and sympathetically wonders what is the matter. Claire complains about the rift between her parents. She laments she thinks they are breaking up. Ciara starts to break down about all the sadness swirling around in Salem. The loss of Bo has hit hard ... Shawn assists Caroline and she asks about Belle. He sighs things are not good between them. From the sounds of it he cannot even stand to be around her. Caroline is sorry ... Chad is blasting D.A. Justin behind his back for unfairly throwing the book at him. Rafe tries to get him to stop and takes his important call. Ben Weston was spotted talking to a midwife in Mammoth Falls ... Abigail implores Ben not to take the baby anywhere as it is cold outside. He snaps to stop using the baby as an excuse and blames her for giving birth early.Weary Abi attempts to change his mind by having him hold the baby and do right by him, let him stay with his mama. She weeps she knows Ben is still a good man and asks him to let them go. She will never tell anyone what he did and will take it with her to ... Ben looks up from the baby he is holding without blinking. To her grave like Wendy did? Abigail pales ... Hope heads home, packs her suitcase, and quietly gets her gun. Enter Ciara ... Abigail emotionally explains she needs to keep her son safe and healthy, she needs to breastfeed him. Ben bitterly reminds her he is THEIR son and sneers he would deserve a better mother than a cheating HO like her. His love for her is a thing of the past ...Abigail cries she loves him. Ben now agrees she can come but they leave NOW. And if she does not agree he will leave her here to DIE ... Joey watches from around the corner as Steve faithfully follows his sweetness into the supply room ...Caroline is saddened for the state of things when Shawn confides he is heading home after the funeral ... Blonde Belle is on the move at the park. Andre stops her with a sneaky smile and eerily says how sorry he is about Bo ... Ciara has spied the suitcase and suspects Hope is leaving. Hope laments she cannot say why. Ciara suspects it is about Bo and cries she cannot get through his service tomorrow without her mother. Hope is suddenly herself again and hugs her daughter. She explains she merely packed to be ready in case she needs to be but make no mistake, she will be here for her tomorrow and all the days of her life ... Stefano works the phone with fury, trying to track down Samantha, who has stolen ALL his money ... Abigail agrees to go with Ben for the baby's sake and senses his coldness toward her. She tells him she will do as he orders. He sneers damn straight. He hands the baby to his mama when he lets out a cry and starts to pack. Abigail can see snowflakes through the cabin window and advises Ben to look outside, Ben opens the door and stares at the snowstorm starting to encompass the cabin ... Chad is ready to move but Rafe reasons they cannot move anywhere toward Mammoth until tomorrow. Tonight they are getting hit with a huge snowstorm ... Belle grabs her arm back from Andre, who is interested in Sami, and gives him an ice princess stare. She snaps she wants nothing to do with him and storms off alone. Andre watches with a wicked laugh ... Steve takes down the heavy box Kayla needs. All of a sudden the door closes and they are locked in! Unbeknownst to them, Joey did it ... Hope is holding her gun again alone in the living room. Bo the ghost in black appears so she updates him on having to stay for Ciara. Ghost Bo tells her to make Claudia come to her in that case and disappears. Hope considers ... Ben comes back inside. Abigail insists it is too cold outside for the baby. He tells her to shut up and chains her ankle to the bed again as she clutches her newborn. Ben still intends to flee forever as planned but first thing in the morning. Meanwhile back in Salem Chad DiMera will not be deterred by a simple snowstorm. He ignores Rafe's protests and storms off to save the woman he loves from THAT BASTARD ...


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