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Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Episode 12,538

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Jen slams the door behind herself raging NOOOOOOO! Eve and JJ sit up with a start looking guilty as sin ...Will walks in and snaps what the hell is Paul doing in Sonny's room. Sonny snaps he asked him here for the truth ...Lucas and Adrienne look at each other with longing. Lucas wants to do the right thing so he steps back, confesses he wants more, which is why they should stop spending any alone time together. Adrienne regains her composure and goes to pick up Sonny, her eyes reflecting her sorrow ... Nicole is pretty in pink and filled with good will at the hospital. She bears a gift for Dan and asks Maxine where he is for he was not in his office. Maxine grumbles she knows she is up to no good and refuses to tell her where Dan is, pass on that present or even smile in support of Nicole getting anywhere near that noble man ... Eric is alone at his apartment. He looks at an African zebra mask and remembers Serena demanding to know who he gave the elephant statue of her dreams. Serena is alone at the club. She stares into space and remembers being warned to get that elephant, never mind Eric getting hurt ... Her phone rings with an unexpected call from Mel, who wants to update her on the Mandrake mystery. Serena sighs she is no no shape to come over. Mel is her pushy perky little self ... Serena now gets another call. Tis Eric, who lets her know the sister has slipped away. She is sorry. So is he and he wants to make things right between them. How about lunch? She agrees and he adds there is one condition ... no more elephant talk! Serena now states she is rather busy today, blows him off, and decides to head for Mel's place ... Nicole has overheard and cannot believe they are having problems not of her making ... Paige helps Dr. Kayla put away files in her office. She spies a framed photo of JJ but insists she is over with him and done with love. Why there is nothing more JJ could ever do to hurt her ... Will apologizes. Paul is sympathetic though still he stays. Sonny states Paul's truth was the same as what Will said but who can blame him for wanting to make sure his hubby was not lying all over again?!

JJ jumps out of bed and stammers he can explain. Jen goes after Eve like a wild woman, trying to pound her to a pulp, screaming bloody murder. JJ drags her off nekid Eve ... Paul is about to go. Will assumes Sonny is coming home with him. Wrong! Sonny announces he is not going with Will... Paul stays and keeps watching ... Eve starts to get dressed and acts indignant. Jen punches JJ in the chest, not impressed. She knows what she saw here today, there is no denying Eve was doing her son. JJ hangs his head in shame ... Mel is at Dan's apartment with Parker, who is pumped about his new elephant friend ... Sonny starts to explain he needs time away to do some soul searching. He is making no promises. Will starts to beg. Paul is still listening ...Jen is disgusted by what Eve the wanton woman has been doing to her own daughter. Is there no limit to the lengths she would go against Jen? Does she really hate her enough to destroy her own daughter?! It is sick and twisted and hateful as hell ... Eve gets weepy. JJ gets weepy as well and whispers he hates ... Jen hisses how he slept with Paige's mom and lied? JJ laments yes that is it ... Serena accuses Nicole of gloating ...Nicole denies it, declaring she hopes for happiness for Eric. Serena scoffs and storms out of the establishment ...Paul exclaims this is crazy. Will snaps this is between him and his husband but Sonny snaps it is actually between the three of them ... Sonny refuses to change his mind despite Will's woeful pleas. He intends to take the Titan jet today ... Will wants to know when he is coming back. Alas Sonny has no answer ... Jen rages as she recalls how Eve taunted her about them having something in common, the fact that someone had the hots for her. Eve denies it. Jen the warrior princess shouts at her to SHUT UP and gives her another push ... JJ just stands there shirtless and cringing. Perhaps he is getting cold ... Jen throws her hands up in the air, admitting defeat cos Eve did a dreadful thing way worse than twisting a knife in her heart with this. JJ sighs he too is to blame ... Eric enters the club in light clothing to match his light mood. Nicole lets him know he just missed Serena. He states he knew not she was here. Nicole assures him they did not have a spat, though he and Serena seem to have and she is sincerely sorry ... Serena goes to visit Mel and hear her story, unaware the elephant she seeks is under Parker's blanket a few feet away ...

Will gives Paul an exasperated look. "Do you mind???" Paul apologetically excuses himself. Will now suspiciously wonders whether Sonny leaving Salem to sort things out really has to do with Paul. He points out he was about to answer his question, whether he only married Will as Paul was unavailable. Sonny is incensed ... Adrienne is surprised to see Paul near the elevator. He explains he still has physical therapy sessions. Adrienne is there to pick up her son. Paul is worried about Sonny, who is with Will. Adrienne makes for the room ... Jen insists to JJ and Eve that her boy does NOT have any feelings for this wicked wanton woman! She cannot bear the sight of her for another second ... Eve throws her thin self in front of the door, begging Jen not to expose the affair to her daughter, who is but a child. Jen leers what about JJ? He had to grow up too fast ... She tosses Eve her keys and starts to leave. Eve tries to stop her. Jen bitch slaps her. DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN she hisses and walks out. JJ goes after her ... Eric softens toward Nicole, who sweetly states she wishes him happiness, hopes she is not responsible for this rift between him and Serena, and admits she misses her friend. Eric is grateful for her honesty. He suddenly smiles anything is possible and embraces her in a hug. Then he goes. Nicole feels the power of the possibility ... Serena sighs to Mel she is trying to track something down, then sits and waits for the update on Mel's mystery. Mel mentions Mandrake's tax information, though he is a doctor. Serena suggests many in the medical profession are slippery characters. Mel teases like her. Serena is not laughing ... Will wants to know if Paul was right, if Sonny married Will cos Paul was not willing to wed ... They are interrupted by the appearance of Dr. Kayla and Adrienne ... Serena states she is stressed and should go. Parker shyly emerges from his room and Mel starts to look for his old school toy he loves so much. She thinks Serena will get a kick out of it ... Kayla has the release papers. Sonny has a request of his mother, that she give him a lift to the airport. He is off to Arizona to see his brother. Adrienne assumes Will is going. So does Will. Sonny soap stares. Will woefully hugs him, says to wish his brother the best, and reminds him how much he loves him. Still Sonny soap stares. Exit Will. Adrienne has a bad feeling and finds out Sonny is not even certain he is returning ... Will walks to the elevator, where Paul lurks. He angrily lets him know he may think he has a chance with Sonny but he is NOT giving him up. He gets in the elevator glaring at him. The door shuts ... Eve is back at the empty apartment and finally listens to Paige's voice mail wondering where her mom is ... JJ follows raging Jen all the way to the town square. He emotionally exclaims he is so sorry. Jen makes a face, still furious. How could he do this?! ... They fail to notice the dark-haired female standing nearby. Tis Paige. She watches and listens as the drama unfolds ...


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