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Friday September 19, 2014
Episode 12,426

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

First on a personal note, many thanks for your patience during my moving week! Sorry for the slowness but next week I am baaaack in action! Now to the story ... At the club, Chad has let Ben know who’s the boss – HE is! Ben has his doubts until T confirms the inconvenient truth. Chad takes it a step farther when he accuses Ben of club cash theft. Meanwhile Sonny is suspicious of Zoe’s offer to Will, to write about Chad. He and hubby are interrupted by texting T, who warns things are going to hell between Chad and Ben at the club. By the time they arrive, things have gotten heated. Sonny sides with Ben, as he knows for a fact there is no cash missing from the club. Chad grudgingly gives Ben his money back. Abi sides with Ben as well and faithfully follows him out of the club. But she catches sight of him giving the cash envelope to Jordan and wonders. Back in the club, Sonny suddenly seems to have reconsidered Will writing that article about his friend, who has morphed into a mini-EJ. He suggests he do it …

Roman has an update for Kate. His attempt to talk Sami out of taking EJ back was a bust. He and Kate discuss the romance of Sami and EJ and the threat of Stefano. Roman is unusually upbeat about Sami and Kate scratching out of any situation and goes on his way.

Rafe has raced off to find Jordan, since Abi informed him Clyde was in her sphere. Meanwhile Jordan confronts Clyde about his mysterious business with Jeremiah the mountain man. She warns him not to even think about starting such a seedy business in Salem. Clyde counters by clenching his fist, and threatening to expose her involvement in said seedy business to brother Ben! Cowboy Rafe catches up with the pair. Clyde reverts to his deceitful charming ways with Jordan and then excuses himself. Rafe deduces the dad from hell is what got her distraught but Jordan wants to be aloooooone and takes off. The truth is she is terrified of him learning the truth about her past …

Clyde the visitor has flowers for future date Kate. The diva declares she did not accept his invitation and hopes he does not intend to blackmail her into it. Clyde is out to charm, not alarm, and lays it on thick. Kate eventually agrees to one dinner. She will be in touch with the timing…

At the mansion, EJ assumes Samantha has become emotional over Roman’s reaction to their togetherness. Not exactly. She has come to realize she needs to forgive EJ and so she does. She puts her head on his shoulder. EJ is touched. He fetches some food. They eat, drink, make merry, and take a trip down memory lane. Sami sighs she would need to go back and change some of her choices. EJ too, though he would never want to change the choice he made when he fell for her … Johnny calls. He and his sisters want to share some pictures before they return home tomorrow. Afterwards, Sami and EJ kiss in bliss, feeling secure. Things get passionate fast and they make their way to the bedroom …



Kate gives Chad pointers.
EJ and Sami are on fire!

All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 19