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Friday, October 24, 2014
Episode 12,450

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

JJ is ready to tell his story but banging on the door interrupts. Tis Rory, out of breath about his Jill sighting. He agrees to take Paige and JJ to where he spotted her cos she could set the record straight for JJ and his reputation. The mod squad are on the move … Jill makes Eve jump at her apartment door. She gasps the scam will blow up for them both if she does not help her right now!

Kate is curious what Clyyyyyde set straight. He came to town to make things better for him and his boy Ben and will do whatever it takes. Jordan will not stand in his way. Kate agrees it is not Jordan’s place to come between father and son. Clyde drawls he was not the greatest daddy but she seems to have seen the light and will let it be. Eerie music plays … At the park, Chad assures jumpy Jordan she is safe now and hugs the shivering girl. He sits her down and suggests they talk so he can help her the way she helped him. She flashes back to Clyde claiming she killed mama and stammers she cannot speak of it. Chad agrees to sit a while and sighs about his lousy football knee. It manages to make her momentarily forget the horror that is Clyde. Chad tenderly tells her things will get better no matter what they are. She sure hopes so ..

At the club Abigail lets it slip to Ben that Jordan is going to go on a date with Chad! Ben believes he is doing this to get back at him, rages he will not let him hurt his sister, and takes off. He finds Chad and Jordan at the park together, notices her upset, and naturally assumes the worst …

At the apartment busy Will can only say he has to help Sami. He asks Sonny to hand Chad his copy of the article to proofread when he drops by. First Sonny wants to talk and sort things out between them. Will inhales and sighs Sonny does not respect or support him of late. Case in point is his reaction to his big Chad story. Sonny begs to differ. Will admits he may be too ambitious but it is better than settling for a boring life. Sonny is stunned he considers their life together boring. Will insists Sonny is not boring but they used to have dreams. Sonny explains he already lived many of his dreams. Will sighs he never had that chance. Sonny promises to support his ambition provided he does not have poor judgment. The notion that Will does not always exercise good judgment sets off the son of Sami. He accuses Sonny of considering him a screw-up …

At DiMera mansion, hugging Sami and Nicole agree it was an unexpected moment they just shared. They cry and laugh that EJ must find their almost friendship funny. Sami offers her grateful guest a drink. Nicole notices the portrait of Kate and Sami and has high praise. They enjoy wine and words together. Nicole toasts to respect for Sami, as she showed Stefano who was boss. Sami is so glad she came. The family has been fabulous but only Nicole can understand the magnitude of what she feels, what she lost. They toast to EJ with their respective glasses of red wine. Nicole now apologizes her for earlier insult. She gets why Sami wanted revenge on EJ and why she took him back. She wickedly smiles EJ had a way. Sami smiles that is true but he also incensed her. They remember how it felt to love and be loved by EJ. Sami is sympathetic about Nicole losing him the second time around. Nicole thinks he loved Sami more. She now lets her know about their last conversation. Sami pours more wine. She cannot really remember their last conversation. Nicole takes her hands and tells her it matters not, for EJ knew how she loved him and she and the kids made him blissfully happy. Sami gets choked up. They now flash back to some of their catfights about Sydney and Rafe and EJ. Those certainly were the slappy days! Nicole laughs Sami started their fights. Sami insists she provoked her. Nicole reminds her of her blackmailing ways that led her from stormy days to a sewer. Literally. The two women laugh and drink more wine. Tipsy Sami announces that Hollywood has come calling. They say SAMI is a lucrative business. Nicole says wow and they toast to that too. Hiccup!

The Mod Squad confer outside the pub. Still no sign of Jill, who has given them the Salem slip. Paige suggests the police. JJ would rather not. Rory asks about the pictures. They deleted them but Paige promises to try and find them on back up. That has to be done at home, where she now heads. JJ wants to stop searching as they have had no luck anywhere. Rory does not agree ... At the apartment, Eve and Jill are freaking out that the friend of JJ was following her. Paige arrives. Jill has hidden in the other room. Paige updates her mother on Rory’s Jill sighting. She sits down at her computer and suddenly hears a strange phone ringing. Whose phone might that be? Are they not alone? Eve laughs loudly and claims she was trying new ring tones. Paige gets back to getting back her pictures. Someone will have seen where Jill went and they will find her. Then they will force a confession out of her and JJ’s good name will be cleared. Eve plays along but groans once the girl is gone, aware all roads would lead back to HER ...

At the pub, Kate takes a call from Victor and gasps how great, thank God! Clyde is curious. Kate gushes the news was great and asks for a redo rendezvous. Clyde smoothly suggests dinner. She bids adieu until then and waltzes out. Clyde looks like the cat who has swallowed the canary.

Sonny wishes Will the word master would stop twisting what he says. He insists he supports Will’s writing and believes in him. Will plans to push the boundaries to make his dreams a reality. Sonny says okay without any hesitation. He asks how long he will be with Sami. Will is non committal and walks out, still peeved. Sonny is unable to stop him.

At the mansion, Sami states the Hollywood heavies want her to move to California with the kids. Nicole tells her to just do it and leave this house of horrors behind. Sami sadly recalls how the kids at summer camp taunted Johnny about his DiMera name. Nicole notes it is in his genes to fight back. Sami wants them to grow up as themselves and be spared of the dark DiMera shadow. She has reservations, however, due to her business in Salem. Nicole notes there are computers and smart phones. Sami stammers about having to stay in the jurisdiction, then gets a big call from Kate. She is officially in the clear with the SEC thanks to Victor. Sami gets excited as they speak. Kate suspects she has been drinking. Sami blames Nicole the lush. Kate wants to warn the mansion security, convinced of a catfight. Sami giggles Nicole has been giving her some great advice …

Eve ushers Jill out and orders her to get out of town first by cab and then catch a bus. It is imperative she steer clear of the searchers near the square. She shoves a hat and sunglasses on her and away she goes … JJ unhappily admits to Rory what he was about to confess to Paige about Jack when he interrupted. Rory insists it has no relation to the now. Paige comes around the corner just as Rory suggests JJ might not want to find Jill out of fear. What would she really reveal? JJ grumbles nothing and goes.

Abigail appears as Ben demands to know what Chad went and did to upset his sister. Jordan assures him she is fine. Ben snaps is this their date and wants Jordan to tell Chad the loser she is never ever going out with him! Jordan laments this is not a good time. Chad steps up to make Ben stop berating her. Push almost comes to shove until Jordan stops Chad. He insists it was not his intention to cause trouble. Abigail ushers Chad off to give the siblings a chance to speak alone. Jordan now gasps to Ben he seems to want to protect her but she is not worthy! As they arrive at the square, Chad accuses Abigail of telling Ben out of spite and jealousy …

Sami is on the phone with Hollywood heavy Bruce, who will be at the house soon. Nicole gets them a much needed cup of coffee. Sami gulps and gushes they want her in California tomorrow! Nicole humbly begs to let her see Sydney. Pause. Sami agrees. They embrace and Will wonders whether he should leave. Sami says to stay so they can speak about something. Nicole tells her to knock them dead. Sami hopes so and they share a last laugh. Then Nicole climbs the staircase to the bedrooms. Will is confused. Sami hands him her Hollywood contract to read. Meanwhile Mama Nicole visits sleeping Sydney upstairs and says goodbye to the angel. The angel opens her eyes and asks her to stay …

Abigail accuses Chad of ego. She does not give a damn! But she worries the big bad DiMera will only hurt her friend. Chad dangerously drawls DiMeras always get what they want and she should not forget it! He saunters off, leaving the girl to ponder what he really meant …

Ben is beside himself with worry. What did Chad do? Jordan cries it was Clyde. Ben wants to know what he said to upset her so deeply. Clyde watches and waits by the gate …

Jill ditches her disguise at the park and Paige appears. IT’S YOU!

JJ arrives at the apartment as Eve trips with a box she was carrying. JJ approaches and asks the fallen one how she fares. Eve lets out a whispery whimper …

Sydney sighs she misses daddy. Nicole consoles her, reminding her how much he loved her from the first moment they met. Mommy and her siblings love her and will look after her. She innocently asks if Nicole loves her as well. Nicole cries she will always be in her heart and kisses her. Sydney wants her to stay longer so they snuggle in bed as mama Nicole starts to read her a story …

Will is extremely worried about the SEC. Sami exclaims so he was the one who went to Victor and had him intervene! She thanks him profusely. Ding dong! Hollywood calling! Sami stammers for Will to let her know what he thinks and invites Bruce in. He talks hot project. Will is introduced and Bruce is delighted. He admired his insight in that article he wrote for True Vista and wants him to come to Hollywood too. They were planning to make him an offer. Sami the hot project is thrilled, places an arm around her surprised son, and smiles for her close-up …


All the drama in Salem on Friday, October 24