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Friday, September 23, 2016
Episode 12,922
Length:1630 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Brady waits with worry at the square. A few people and a policeman walk by. Nothing is normal in Salem, which is still experiencing power problems. He breathes a sigh of relief when Nicole approaches. She assures her friend she is not without security as Deimos has a guard keeping close. Brady believes she should be getting her coffees only at the at Kiriakis kitchen these days. There are madmen lurking about, including Zanimal. Nicole admits she is spooked but Deimos might get the wrong message if she moves in. Brady argues Theresa told him Xander is out to get her. Nicole notes he already called her. Brady orders his bff to come with him to the mansion now ... Eve is with Theresa at the Kiriakis mansion, mad about the mess. They discuss the 3 devils. Eve offers to change her teaching schedule and tells her sister to come to New York with her and bring Tate. Theresa cannot leave Brady. Eve weeps she is worried cos the son of Clyde killed her daughter. She does not want him to get to her sister or nephew Tate ... Phil and Chloe are waiting for the doctor at the out of town clinic to appear for her appointment. Enter Dr. Wright. Phil is hoping he is Dr Right for their purposes. The medicine man is concerned about her blood pressure but Chloe cannot relax ... On the phone Deimos throws his family name around with another contact who cannot get the power and security system up and running fast enough for him. Justin overhears. Deimos informs him he already got more guards. He adds he has something important for Justin to do. Justin gives him a suspicious look and reminds him last time his request cost him dearly ... Phone Kate tells daughter Billie long distance that she has a bigger gun now for Clyde. She puts on a brave face until the front door starts to open. She gasps it is Clyde, he has come back!

Nicole explains she cannot commit to living with a man for she must honor Dan's memory. She is not ready for more. Brady, the man who has Dan's heart beating in his noble chest, accepts that and offers to walk her home. She would love to see Theresa so they leave for the Kiriakis mansion together, arm in arm ... Back at the mansion, Theresa tells Eve that she has to stay in Salem. She has already neglected her new company enough, not to mention that Brady will not leave. She believes she and Tate will be safe here ... Kate comes face to face with ANDRE, who smiles sardonically. She ends her call with Billie and blasts him and his suit for scaring her so. Andre teasingly tells her to stay with Phillip if she is fearful. He teases her for not approving of anyone her sons are seeing. Kate is annoyed that Adrienne is with Lucas and does not hide it. She also does not hide her hatred of Chloe ... Back at the clinic, Chloe does not want Phil to be hurt by becoming part of her big lie but he is all about being there for Parker and this new kid for life! They remember their prom night, the mean kids calling her ghoul girl, then how they kissed. Phil would like to discuss their most recent kiss. Chloe, however, cannot deal with anything complicated now. He agrees to keep it simple. But his male mind wanders back to falling for her all over again when he kissed her ... Deimos tells Theresa the security system is still not working but they have extra guards. Eve is exasperated. When Theresa mentions seeing Chloe and Phillip leaving the house, Deimos curses and takes off after them ...

Kate informs devil's advocate Andre that Adrienne and Chloe will only lead to hurt for her sons. Andre says to tell the sons she hates seeing them hurt. Kate is impressed. Andre watches Oprah. They proceed to poke fun at each otha ... Nicole has a wedding gift for Theresa at the Kiriakis mansion, to be opened once she is married. Eve wishes they would both come to New York with her. Nicole admits her heart is in Salem ... Chloe is in bed wearing the gown she was given as she and Phillip await the doctor together. She smiles she thinks it is a boy, based on a feeling. Phil would like either and they discuss names and occupations for the unborn child. He likes baseball she prefers opera, However, she likes the sound of Phillip Jr. She smiles about socking it to Deimos with the name. Cue Deimos, who suddenly stands before them ... Andre hears Kate on her phone convincing Charlie, the last of the big investors, to pull out of Theresa's company. That much less competition for DiMera! Andre loves her new DiMera loyalty and wonders whether she spoke to Chad about him. She snaps not yet and warns him not to mention it again. Andre sarcastically salutes her for keeping her unflappable facade even in the face of ... death.

Brady is back with Theresa at the Kiriakis mansion. Little man Tate is napping. She can see he is worried and wonders. He sighs he bears bad news ... Furious Phil exclaims WHAT THE HELL! Chloe deduces Deimos was having her followed. Deimos is mad they made her appointment with a doctor in another town. Justin enters with Deimos' legal demand for a paternity test TODAY. Phillip says no more stress for mom and baby. Deimos smugly states it is so simple cos he and Phil can give blood today. Here comes the doctor, who reads the court order he is handed ... Brady tells Theresa about losing an investor. She deduces DJWear is done. Brady senses Kate did something underhanded. Theresa, however, has no energy left to fight for her fledgling company. Brady offers to step up but she disagrees. He would do better to invest his energy in Titan, as he has always wanted. She only cares about marrying him and being with Tate, and does not want him to lose money ... Deimos demands the blood be drawn now. The doctor needs to examine the patient and notes Phillip is now the father of record. He has to wait. Deimos steps outside, smug the paternity test WILL be done today ... The doctor departs to order additional blood work. Phil assures anxious Chloe he will do what it takes to make it look like he is the daddy. The results will be ready by the end of today. A test needs to be switched ...Cue any number of Salemites, including KATE ... Suited Justin heads to the square and sees Eve. She is going to the airport. He wishes they could have had a drink. She jokes she will be back for Theresa's next wedding. Justin is sorry since it seemed they had the start of something. Eve smiles she knows he still loves his ex. He mutters she is marrying another and talks what might have been for them ... Deimos is now back at the family mansion, getting mad at Dario on the phone for not telling him about the date change of the doctor appointment. Next time he makes a mistake like that he is fired! Brady wonders who is fired. Deimos lies just the head of the security team and cannot calm down ... until he notices Nicole. He kisses her and updates her on catching Chloe and Phillip at the doctor, who has been ordered to do a paternity test ... Phillip and Chloe face Kate at her home together. They come clean about the baby deception, and he begs her to help. He reasons she hates Deimos anyway. Kate already knows Dr Wright but she says he is too ethical to make mischief. Phil says then get to the lab! She loves the idea of destroying Deimos' dream of having a child. However, she would hate to see Phillip saddled with Chloe and her spawn so the answer is NO.

Chloe is losing it. Phil offers to find way to get into the lab himself. It must be today ... Justin offers to drive Eve to airport. She accepts and gives him a last kiss, suggesting his wife was a fool to let him go ... Deimos and date Nicole are holding menus at the pub. He asks her to go powder her nose at the ladies room when Kate waltzes in. Nicole obliges. He steps up to the bar and starts to taunt her about Clyde. She calls herself a survivor. He quips she always survives unlike her unlucky men. She makes a snide remark about Nicole being sedate enough for him. Deimos threatens to have her arrested for the tatenapping if she ever crosses paths with him again. She stands with a smirk on her face and walks outside, mulling over her next move. No one tells Kate what to do ... Nicole comes back to the table. She is somewhat surprised Deimos is so happy despite the danger and bad news. The Greek gushes things are going his way and grins ... Brady and Theresa cuddle at the Kiriakis mansion. He is sorry about DJWear. She gushes she is focused on the wonderful family life they will have. They kiss in bliss ... Chloe sighs that Deimos has won. Phillip frantically suggests they figure something out. They must for they are a family ... Deimos informs curious Nicole the paternity test he wanted will be done today. He is convinced Chloe lied about Phillip being the father and this is his child. Nicole gulps ... Meanwhile Kate phones Phil, having reconsidered her decision. She gushes she would like to be a grandmother again. Kate is IN, which means Deimos will be OUT of luck ...!



All the drama in Salem on Friday, September 23