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Episode 13,467
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Tripp and Ciara wake up together and kiss. She assumes Julie might need her help today and notices the news that someone confessed to setting up Ben ... Worried Wyatt gives Claire all her money back at the café, claiming crazy Ben threatened him. He wants out effective immediately ... Outside Chad is on the phone with unseen unheard Sami, happy to hear she is with EJ. He admits so much has happened and ends the call when Ben comes around the corner. Ben asks about Abigail ... Gabi visits Kate to celebrate her success but Kate is worried about Abigail and baby. Gabi stays her course, insisting the girl deserves what she gets ... Abigail wakes up and JJ assures her the baby is fine. She feels betrayed by them all and asks JJ if he too helped Stefan and Chad steal her baby. JJ is bewildered. Meanwhile Jen meets the baby and gives her a kiss at the hospital. Enter Stefan who sneers to stay away from his daughter. Dangerous drums play ... JJ swears he was not part of Chad's plan and is plenty mad. Abigail is utterly heartbroken. JJ admits he almost searched Gabi’s bag but she caught him and denied any wrongdoing. Abigail insists Gabi is to blame and Kate is her co-conspirator ... Gabi smugly updates Kate on the details of Stefan getting the baby girl. Kate hates her gloating but Gabi feels payback was due. She reminds Kate of Andre but Kate feels she went too far. Gabi admits she was about to turn herself in yesterday when out of the blue ... Stefan lectures the nurse for letting anyone in, even the baby’s grandmother. Jen adds Kayla gave her permission. Stefan wants her to leave. Jen blasts him for selling Abigail out so he could have her baby. He reminds her he is the father. Jen reminds him he also wanted Gabby to come back. Stefan alludes to that being impossible. Jenny proceeds to probe ...

Claire begs Wyatt not betray her. He babbles he will not reveal her name. She makes light of Ben but Wyatt calls him a maniac who is about to blow. Claire offers to fix things. Wyatt says no. She offers him lots and lots more money. Leave Ben to her ... Ciara finds it strange that Wyatt tried to set up Ben. She has not seen him in ages. Tripp claims he must have cared for her a lot to do something so extreme. If only she knew he was really referring to himself ... Concerned Ben asks about Abigail’s baby. Chad refuses to answer anything and advises him to stay far from him and his family ... JJ adds Gabi did admit she was angry though she wants the best for her bff. Abigail reminds the ex-cop that girl has lied before. It is all about revenge. JJ acts sorry. Abigail snaps she almost had proof when Kate drugged her tea. JJ is listening. Abigail tells him how Kate was about to pass out when she switched their tea but then Chad abducted her. She demands her so-called loyal brother help her ... Stefan argues it was Chad who had Abigail committed. Jen accuses them both of taking advantage of her fragile daughter. She blames Stefan for encouraging alter Gabby. He tells her not to call him the bad guy. Jen feels it is a fact that he is the bad guy. He orders her out! She refuses to leave him alone with her granddaughter. Dr. Kayla comes in. Stefan notes he told her to let no one in. Jen agrees to go and warns Stefan she will not let him keep her from her grandchild. Stefan blinks ...

JJ wants his sister safe and sound and suspects she shall overcome. She fumes she is not some fragile fruitcake. This is not her first time stuck in Bayview but this time she is sane. She vows to get out and prove Gabi is the guilty one ... Gabi confesses to Kate that hearing how selfless Will was with Sonny made her feel guilty. But at the station when she was about to confess Hope said Abigail has been committed, her baby born. It was too much to give up just yet. She needs more time. Kate sternly suggests she at least tell Chad he is the real father. Otherwise she shall do it. Gabi wants more mimosa. Kate stares her down. Chad knocking at the door interrupts them both. Gabi begs her to get rid of him. Kate makes her hide and lets him in. She hugs him and is sorry about Abigail ... Ciara wonders why Tripp seems to support Wyatt. He reminds her she was almost killed in the cabin fire! She points out Wyatt also screwed poor Ben over. Tripp claims Ben is dangerous and deserves to be locked up far away from her. They exchange I love yous but poor Ciara does not know the truth about the guy she is kissing. Not yet ... Claire has wired Wyatt tons of money. She promises she will pull this off but he notes he might be needing a bodyguard and goes. Ben has spied the pair together Oooooooo

Kate asks about the baby. Chad gushes Charlotte is beautiful and he almost believed she was his! However she is not, she belongs to Stefan. That was why he made a deal with the DiMera devil to save the woman he loved by making her get help. He feels badly about betraying her. Kate tries to make him feel better ... Abigail laments she lost Charlotte and needs to nurse her asap. And what about Thomas?! JJ hopes the separation will not last. The doctors will look into whether or not the alters returned. They now discuss Jane Eyre, the book written by Charlotte’s namesake. JJ states his sister is also such a heroine and agrees to check on her child. He notes the nurse said she needed her meds. Abigail agrees to take them with water. She seems to do so and they exchange I love yous as he steps out ... Tripp tells the girl he loves he has to get in the shower and get ready for his shift. Afterwards, Ciara calls surprised Wyatt and summons him to meet her at the park. At the park Ben approaches weak Wyatt and demands to know what he is hiding with Claire. Wyatt blurts out he was not the proof planter. Ben eyes him and asks who then. Wyatt doesn't miss a beat. TRIPP.

Ciara soon comes to meet Wyatt at the park but finds Ben instead. He updates her on Wyatt being gone. She gets a bad feeling ... Kate assures Chad it will all work out. He tells her how Abigail believes she was working with Gabi and attempted to drug her. Gabi listens. Chad sadly states he loves his wife and also appreciates Kate as his only trusted ally. He spies the mimosa and she claims she had company last night. She laughs and he leaves with an I love you. Gabi now emerges. Kate tells her to tell tormented Chad it is his baby but Gabi plans to pull the rug out from bonding father Stefan first. She needs a little more time ... Stefan wants to hold the baby and asks the nurse how to feed her. It is time ... JJ catches up with Kayla at the hospital. She assures him the baby is alright and asks about Abigail. She is broken. But she believes there are no alters and Kate and Gabi are setting her up. She claimed Gabi drugged her. Kayla flashes back to Gabi getting a sedative prescription refilled and hastily excuses herself ... At the town square café Tripp frets about Wyatt to Claire. She assures him Wyatt agreed to stay silent ... Ciara certainly hopes Ben did not hurt Wyatt. He did not. Ben now announces Wyatt was not the one who framed him for it was Tripp. Ciara soap stares ... Stefan rocks his baby girl and admits he is less than perfect ... Jen opens her door to concerned Chad, who asks about Abigail. She slaps him across the face ... Meanwhile Abigail wakes up to a visitor. Wicked Gabi. They eye one another with loathing ...


The Salem Story on Friday, November 16, 2018