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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Episode 12,514

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Eric stands by Serena as she accuses Nicole of stealing her files. She threatens to send her to jail. Nicole does not deny getting the files for she had to follow up on a source. The files would prove Serena had a seedy secret! Eric angrily calls her a hacker. Nicole calls herself a verifier, Serena a total fraud. She offers to prove it but Dan points out it is against the law to proceed without Serena's permission. Smug Nicole has a trump card and she now plays it... Kate slyly suggests Jordan enter when she drops by the Wilson apartment bearing a snowsuit for Ari. Kate toys with her, calls her a sl*t and taunts her in general. Jordan hisses at her for lying to Chad. Kate cackles about the trouble in paradise and Jordan storms out ... Chad is at the mansion doing a good job of feeling sorry for himself. Stefano calls from overseas, irate that the removal of Hernandez from the police force backfired. Chad acts bored. The phoenix is livid it led Abraham to hire John Bloody Black! As history has proven. John Black will come after the DiMera clan with a bloody vengeance! Pause. He hears his son is distracted. Chad complains about Jordan. Stefano is smug he succeeded in what he used her for - to get to her brother. Chad remains glum over losing the girl. Father phoenix would rather he keep to his plan to seduce Abigail in rrrrrrrevenge! Stefano is the master of revenge .... John steps out of the hospital elevator, on official department business. He is there to speak with someone who was mugged down at the docks .His keen eye spies Marlena on the phone leaving a message for no show Clyde. She is elated to see him and hopes they are still on for supper. Indeed, though first he intends to see Sonny, to let him know he and Will have their support. Marlena gets emotional about their beautiful wedding, now these woes. John is sure they are gonna be fine ...Sonny wants to open the door to Will's office and surprise him with the red rose. Editor Zoe explains he is in a secret interview and offers to pass the flower on. Sonny sweetly agrees and departs, gushing about Will ...Inside the office, Paul admits to Will he still loves his old flame. He flashes back to romantic times with Sonny and then blinks back to his stark reality. He laments he lost his old love long ago and it is too late. Will assures him he will meet someone new. Paul smiles he has but as it turns out he is taken ...

Will now learns that Paul and his mother are often at odds and she is unaware he is gay. Paul explains he did invite her to Salem, yet she did not come. He will speak with her somehow before the article comes out. Will hopes so. Paul teases Will about Sami, since he has done his homework. Will replies his mom always has his back and they got through their problems so moms often mean well. He informs his interview that he is expected to hand in the final draft of his article tomorrow but first he will arrange for Paul to get his own copy for pre-approval. The sports star appreciates it and extends his hand. The two clasp hands in a long silent moment. Then grateful Paul breaks free and gets going. Will sits down with a sigh ... John meets Sonny at the club to give him a pep talk, as one supercouple to another. He and Marlena are concerned ... Will is happy to have the red rose from his hubby. He now shows a shocked Zoe the title of his article about Paul Norita. THE FINAL OUT. She had no idea he was gay ... Nicole's trump card arrives. Serena knew him as Edward, but he now goes by Ted. He explains he was her loyal journalistic partner and lover. Ted tells the tragic tale of how she insisted on keeping his data and work for their big art project on her computer, which she stole after breaking up with him. She published everything under her name alone and ruined his reputation when he dared protest. Not surprisingly Serena denies the charge. Nicole stands by her Ted. Perhaps she shouldn't ...

Sonny admits he and Will hit a rough patch but that was then this is now. He is convinced they can weather any storm together. All he needs is his love and trust ... Will heads home, only to find Kate waiting. He lets her know the article is in the final draft stage but he has other things on his mind - namely the fact that he cannot keep secrets from Sonny! It was a promise they made to each other at their wedding. Kate sternly suggests he never spill the secret of sleeping with Paul. Sonny would be devastated and it would cast a dark shadow over Will's article. Will protests. His sleeping with Paul had nothing to do with the story. Kate thinks Paul is irrelevant unless Will is falling in love with him. Will is livid she would suggest such a thing. He loves Sonny and the life they have built together with Ari. She suggests he is star struck, and perhaps sought to bask in the sports star's spotlight. Will does not deny his blond ambition but insists he wants to work to make his own spotlight! Kate apologizes, assuring Will she wants him to be happy. Will weeps he has to tell Sonny the truth. Kate reasons the news would ruin Sonny and wonders what prompted Will to cheat at all ... John repeats he has much support, then advises Sonny not to succumb to an overabundance of pride or stubbornness in his relationship. Sonny smiles he seems to be speaking from experience. John does not deny it. He drawls he and doc are in a good place and vows not to let anything in this world come between them. Little does he know ... Marlena is walking by the town square when Stefano calls. It feels like old times when he issues a not so subtle threat about the danger John faces in his new occupation. Pause. Marlena flashes back to decades past, when sheer determination made her set out to save John, who was near death. Those were dangerous times due to Stefano DiMera and she has not forgotten, she never will ...

Jordan wishes Chad would go away when he appears at her office wanting a word. She snaps she knows Kate turned him against her. Chad refuses to let her leave and demands an explanation cos he knows what SHE did. Why did she kiss Rafe ... Ted tells the gang to check Serena's files for everything is there. Serena slyly gives her permission. Eric is indignant. Dan is still smarting from Nicole not taking him into her complete confidence. The key is inserted ...Marlena takes a deep breath and suggests Stefano is the one who is afraid. He sarcastically asks her to give John his regards if she ever sees him again! Marlena takes a deep breath. The clear and present danger is still there. In fact, it is soon coming back to Salem with a vengeance ... Paul catches sight of John at the square and lets him know he is sorry for his unfriendly behavior before. John grins no prob and praises the sports star for his killer arm ... Back at the Wilson apartment, Will woefully claims to have no clue why he cheated with Paul. But his relationship with Sonny would not be the same if he did not tell him the truth. Kate cuts him off and exclaims not to tell Sonny! Sonny has just entered the apartment and wants to know WHAT she wants Will not to tell him. He would really like to know ...


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All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, January 28