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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Episode 12,472

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

At DiMera mansion, Mel confronts Chad for being a DiMera. He gazes at her in wonder and welcomes the redhead home. Mel looks worried. She stammers she stopped by to get their first meeting out of the way. Also she is sorry about EJ. Chad suspects she has more to say. She explains she is back for good. Chad’s blue eyes shine with hope. Mel notes nothing has changed, though she did hear about his bogus brain tumor from Abi. Chad suggests they all have their bad moments and sanctimoniously states Abigail had an affair with EJ. He thinks Mel already knows all about that. Mel seems momentarily at a loss. Chad pours them both a drink. Mel feels she may have been wrong to mention Abigail. Chad assures her he respects her position and accepts it. He boasts he just became co-CEO at DiMera. And her? Mel gulps her drink. She makes a sarcastic remark about heading up the hospital, then admits it will be tough enough getting her old job back. Chad is sorry he made her feel crummy. She suspects that was what he set out to do. He points out she does have a way of dismissing him, then wonders why she was so nervous when she initially came in. She wistfully admits she was not sure whether she would get a glimpse of the guy she once … “Loved?” he scoffs. He bitterly speaks of getting burned. She calls him a DiMera through and through. He drawls that is part of what she was drawn to and must take a business call. When he turns back around alas Mel is gone. He now gets another call and cockily answers as Chad DIMERA.

Ben and Abi kiss and cannot keep their hands off each other once they arrive at his abode. He caries her to the bed and so it goes. His shirt comes off and they kiss again. Tender music plays in the background as they come together as one ...

Patient Paul makes eyes at Theresa the temptress, who brazenly bears a gift basket. He hopes she will not get in trouble but Theresa looooves trouble and purrs they will be aloooone for at least an hour! A minute later lookout Anne texts Theresa that Maxine is on the move! Paul suspects the text came from Theresa’s boyfriend. She coos she is very single and boasts she knows about … other sports. Paul is not surprised. She tries to impress him with her Japanese, which turns out to be Korean. He thanks her for the gifts and asks if she is hungry. Theresa has a healthy appetite. They chow down on the sushi and she sighs the restaurants he frequents are far swankier. She knows he sees many beautiful women and wonders if there is someone special. He flirts he is looking at her. Theresa is tantalized. Perhaps she shouldn’t be …

At the club, Rafe is grateful T went to see his sis and tells the server so. T laments she was not doing great and gets back to work. Rafe now spies Sonny and wonders what is up with Will. Sonny gets defensive. Rafe complains that poor Gabi has had no news of Ari in prison since Will took her to California. Sonny softens and is sorry. He and Will are having trouble connecting. It could be due to … the time difference. Rafe implores him to relay to Will that Gabi is only getting through prison by hearing how healthy and happy her daughter is. This silence is killing her. Sonny promises to pass it on as soon as he connects with hubby. Rafe appreciates it. Once he goes, Sonny calls Will. Voice mail again! Sonny hastily texts him to call and it is IMPORTANT. T offers to drop off some supplies to the hospital but Sonny decides to do it, as he is headed to the south side location anyway. He checks his text messages. Nothing new.

During their session, Marlena patiently probes Clyde. What made him fear he would morph into his monster daddy? Clyde confesses he became even worse! Marlena is curious but Clyde is now a closed book. Marlena explains if he cannot trust her, then perhaps she is not the right therapist. He admits he sometimes gets better, only to lose control with his bad temper. He acts desperate to get it under control. Marlena suggests they find out what triggers his rage and start there. Clyde is grateful. She gets back to the topic of the monster daddy. He recalls a time when he played with him when he was a boy but one time he showed such rage and disgust. That was the last time he cried and he was five years old. Marlena asks him to close his eyes and think of his father’s face the day he made Clyde the little boy cry. What does he see? A mad and miserable man. He gets all choked up that his father was not pleased with him. Marlena wants him to realize that no five-year-old boy could have made the man a miserable human being. Clyde gets calmer. She smiles to open his eyes. Clyde does open his red eyes, disappointed they are done. Marlena the emotional healer politely promises they will continue next time. Country Clyde cordially thanks her and she sees him to the door. Once outside, his eyes narrow with cunning …

Jordan calls Kate a b*tch at the park and flies at her for venturing to Poplar Bluff, where she informed Clyde she was hiding in Salem. Kate smugly admits she did do that. She now informs her she was the one who hired her for Rafe, but then she got all sweet on Rafe so she did some digging to protect him. And she was right to be concerned cos Tammy Sue pretended to be someone she was not! Jordan fumes. She now flies at Kate for sending for Clyde when she thought she had a chance with Rafe again, so Clyde would distract her by terrorizing her. Kate scoffs. They exchange words and Jordan warns her make no mistake, she will regret summoning Clyde to Salem! Kate dismisses the danger and waltzes off …

At the club, Mel giggles and gets away from a big T hug. She notes the apron and his take charge approach. He feels he is workin it with that apron and wonders how long she is staying. For good but she wants to surprise Sonny. T replies neither boss is here - no Sonny, no Chad. Mel grimaces she already saw Chad. T gets it. She has other friends to catch up with, including Abigail. T the talker grins he knows Abigail’s precise location at this very moment …

In the afterglow, shirtless Ben gushes how it warmed his heart to hear Abi told her mother all about him, about them. Abigail is in seventh heaven. But she has to get to work soon so he should probably go shower without her. She admires the view and is about to check her messages when T calls, explaining he has Ben’s phone. He wants to get it to him and lets her know. He then hands Mel the address so she can bring the phone and surprise the pair. Mel gets caught up in the fun, having forgotten that T’s great ideas are a recipe for disaster ...

Jordan rushes over to DiMera mansion to warn Chad to watch his back cos Kate cannot be trusted. He has a good laugh. What has the villainess done this time? Jordan gasps she got her evil stepfather to come to Salem and secretly hired her, that’s what! Chad promises not to let the man wreck her life. She should not allow it either. However, on another level, he is grateful Kate brought her to Salem as it gave him the chance to meet HER. Jordan blushes, falling for his charm ...

Rafe is looking for Marlena at the hospital. Maxine replies she is in her office and urges him to pass on her best thoughts to Gabi. Rafe will. Seconds later Anne tries to stop the head nurse from making for Paul’s room and lies she has issues with one of her nurses. Inside the room, Theresa is falling under Paul’s spell. He calls her different and talks connection, touching her hair. She suggests they spend some time together and he agrees, kissing her on the lips. Paul presses the buzzer. Maxine is on her way! Anne gets there first but Maxine arrives in time to see what happened. Paul plays it like a lady killer. Maxine talks rules. Anne drags Theresa out of the room. Paul grins he wanted it to happen. Outside the room, Anne wants to know how she got him to kiss her. Theresa is happy about the kiss but unhappy about the interruption. Anne explains he pressed his buzzer. Theresa insists it must have been accidental. Anne feels he is not edgy enough. Theresa is still swooning over the kindness and the kiss ...

Clyde greets Rafe as he walks out of Marlena’s office. The leather jacket detective’s antennae go up. Clyde returns to his own room, where Kate shows up and tells him off for tipping off Jordan that she brought him to Salem. They had an agreement! Clyde is confused cos he confessed to no such thing. They try to figure it out. Clyde suddenly states he did make a mistake but Kate is to blame!

In her office, Rafe asks Marlena to please help Gabi, who is having a tough time. Marlena offers to go and see her. What is the problem? Rafe sighs it is Will … Back at the hospital secret patient Paul steps out of his room for a magazine. Sonny walks past, carrying supplies from the club and flashes the staff a smile. He does not perceive Paul soap staring. Paul is smitten with Sonny!

Abigail takes out the garbage wearing Ben’s shirt, leaving the door ajar. Mel jumps into the room and yells SURPRISE but Ben has just dropped his towel and his jaw drops too. Mortified Mel turns away and holds out his phone … Chad hears the whole story of Kate and Jordan and Rafe and wonder whether Jordan still carries a torch for Hernandez … Marlena is aware that the studio is taking up all Will’s time. She offers to speak with Gabi as well as Will. Rafe is relieved and refers to someone he saw coming out of her office. He implies the cagey character would not be worthy of being her patient … Clyde tells the tale of the coffee being the clue he let slip. He had sexy Kate on his muddled mind, how hot she looked in Poplar Bluff pouting about the crummy coffee. No harm done. She sighs if Rafe finds out … Clyde calls her sexy and teases his restraint is being tested. Kate reminds him he does not do restraint and they start to kiss with reckless abandon ... Happy Theresa goes searching for Paul. The secret patient is on the move and has followed Sonny into a room where he is leaving supplies. Paul locks the door behind himself. Sonny stands up. Their eyes meet. Paul suddenly grabs him and proceeds to passionately kiss him on the lips. Sonny holds back at first but then …


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, November 26