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Return Of The Redhead!

Friday, November 21, 2014
Episode 12,469

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Telephone Chad is at the mansion with a stern phone message for T. He hopes he does not let him down! Jordan arrives as Chad has something to reveal. He worries his being a DiMera could become an issue between them. She gushes she has no issues. Chad now drops a bombshell. He is about to become co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Jordan was not expecting this. However, she does not delve into the world of finance, claims not to care he is a big shot, and congratulates him with a tender kiss He kisses her passionately, then swears her to secrecy until the announcement comes out. Otherwise he could be in big trouble! Charming Chad hopes they are still on for dinner. Of course. She muses he is both a club co-owner and co-CEO, then laments his co-CEO must be Kate! She suspects she will come between them just as she did with her and Rafe and hastily excuses herself to work. His phone rings and she suggests he answer it. Chad takes the corporate call with a sigh …

Sonny stands at the club, leaving a woeful message for unreachable Will. He loves and misses him and wishes he would return his texts and messages! Victor glowers the marriage is at risk! Sonny denies it. The Greek thinks Will sitting around a pool not calling his hubby back spells trouble! Sonny emotionally explains he is proud of Will for being there to support Sami and the kids, whose father was murdered. And he is certainly not hanging around a pool! Besides, he would rather focus on his new club on the south side. The Greek grumbles that is what brought him here. He heard of all the problems. Sonny is not looking for a lecture. The Greek gets to the point. How much does he owe Chad? Sonny soap stares. He folds his arms and calls Chad a close friend. Victor warns Chad’s life is about to change. He will always be a DiMera, whereas Sonny will always be a Kiriakis. That will never change! Dangerous music plays as he departs, leaving Sonny to wonder …

Marlena marvels over Eric’s lunch invitation at the pub and eats her salad. Eric announces he is moving! Marlena sadly states she understands. He chuckles he is just moving a couple of blocks away. She notes he wants to get on with his life. Eric calls that code. Marlena alludes to him finding someone special and not giving up on love because of … He sighs because of Nicole? Yes she was the love of his life but he had another life as well in Colorado before he started studying for the priesthood … Ooooooooo

Dan runs into Nicole at the square. He has bought her a balloon and suggests dodge ball to help her with that coordination. He wants to go one on one with her too! He also wants her to read her phone so she sees his message about a rematch! He teases his friend almost killed him with that throw before. She loves that they are friends again. He whispers he does too. They agree to meet up at the park for the rematch after he takes care of … personal stuff.

Maggie closes the door after Abi leaves with her recipe and remembers Dan having her brother JJ’s money clip. She calls after the girl, but alas she is gone.

At the park, Paige’s pal is puzzled her mom confided in her about her one night stand. Paige exclaims she caught a glimpse of the guy’s coat in the kitchen! Daphne does not get why her mom said anything. Paige defends her desirable mom. Daphne insists she was not criticizing. Paige points out her mom had a tough childhood and they are a team. Daphne apologizes and leaves for class. Paige pouts and then bumps into … Maggie, who is on the move, looking for JJ of filled message box fame! The redhead asks how things are for the happy young couple. They are … good … Maggie now wonders whether Dan gave back JJ his money clip. Paige does not understand why Dan would even have JJ’s money clip. Before she can reply, Maggie receives an unexpected call from Dan, who would like to meet her to discuss Jennifer. And off she goes, Dan soon meets Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion, noting Jen comes home tonight. He intends to meet with her to clear the air though they are still apart. He hopes this will not cause a rift between Maggie and Jen. She assures him she will be just fine with Jen always. Good. Dan declares they both need Maggie. Family hug!

Jen demands to know what happened that night! Eve says hello. JJ is surprised. Jen explains she caught an earlier flight and insists they fill her in on the melodrama. She will not be dismissed! She suspects book royalties are the issue again. Negative. Eve explains she does not approve of JJ and Paige and tells a terrified JJ they should tell her the truth! JJ’s eyes reflect his dread. Jen seeks to understand. Eve explains Paige found out something that happened. JJ admits she found out about Jack. Jen is sorry though she suspects more. What did Eve go and do to her son this time! JJ stammers she is Paige’s mom and that is her only part in this. Jen suspiciously asks if she was the one who told Paige. JJ says she did not but Eve admits she may have been partially responsible. Jen hisses if she caused any trouble, she will make her regret it! Eve explains how Paige overheard her and Kayla’s conversation. Today she just came by to check on JJ. Jen fears the young couple broke up. JJ calls it a break. Eve warns one cannot undo the past. Jen snaps that was Jack’s past, not JJ’s. She wants a word alone with her son. Paige gives JJ an intense look, reminds him one cannot undo things, and departs. Jen embraces her stressed saddened son. JJ pretends Paige took the past badly, which led to their break. Jen wants to speak to her. JJ laments it is too late! It is best they break up. Jen insists he did nothing wrong and Jack would hate this. JJ shakes his woeful head. This is not about what Jack did!

Nicole notices Eric moving his belongings out of the pub and warmly wonders where he is headed. The man clad in black is moving but a few blocks away. Nicole is relieved and makes nice, asking where. He quips does it even matter? He then sees the sadness in her eyes and states it is best they go their separate ways. She promises not to try and track him down, wishes him luck, and wistfully walks away ...

Jordan is at the hospital and leaves a message for Chad insisting she is happy for him. Marlena comes along and agrees Chad deserves some good news, whatever it may be. Meanwhile Chad is on the phone at DiMera mansion, discussing board member support when in walks Sonny! Chad the charmer ends the call and stands up, flashing a friendly smile. Sonny sarcastically states he is here to touch base. He accuses him of hiding his big news, which he now knows. T told …

Paige is about to leave home to find JJ when she runs into Eve, who stops her. She stopped by to see JJ. Paige gets worried. Eve explains she wanted to find out what his problem was. He wants Paige to let him go! Mama says she should. Paige cannot face her, her eyes filled with tears of heartbreak. She then gets mad her mom is meddling and shouts they will be together. She cannot stop her. She storms out. Eve angrily vows to keep her away from that boy no matter what …

At the park, Dan places the blue balloon on the ground and explains the ground rules of his blue balloon dodge ball to new friend Nicole. He throws the ball at her, laughing to duck. Nicole takes many balloon hits. She calls him a ball hog! He pretends to leave, taking his balloon home. Nicole playfully jumps him. Within seconds they fall to the ground and he pretends to be out cold again. Nicole turns him over and begs him to wake up. He hits her with the balloon and laughs she is out. The pair wrestle and Dan wins at that too, pinning her to the ground. But something enchanting happens when their faces get close …

At the hospital, Jordan and Marlena chat about Chad. Marlena thinks he has suffered as a DiMera and is still in mourning. Those dastardly other DiMeras have hurt many, including her family and she will never forget …

Sonny is furious he found out about Chad being Co-CEO at DiMera from T! Chad argues T overheard a private conversation. No one was supposed to know, not even his club partner Sonny. No one!

Eric puts down a box in his humble new apartment, then comes across a photograph of the old church. He places it on his bureau and prays to the Lord to bless his new home, his new start. He yearns to know what God’s will for him is …

Jen knows not what happened but tells JJ she is here for him. JJ stammers this is the hardest thing he has to say …

Maggie opens her front door, wondering who keeps impatiently ringing the doorbell. Much to her delight, there stands Melanie in a pretty pink coat! She sweetly smiles SURPRISE and they share a big hug. But Mel’s gentle eyes are HAUNTED …


All the drama in Salem on Friday, November 21