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Thursday, May 25, 2017
Episode 13,095
Length:1125 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Kayla summons Joey to the hospital about his date, whom she heard was told what he had done by jaded Jade. Joey is stunned. But he promises to let Jade know she will never get him back ... At the square impressed Tripp tells Jade all about his stakeout with Steve the great guy. She reminds him the bad one is Kayla. Tripp will do what he must to make her pay. Jade cannot wait for the revenge to begin ... JJ, Lani, Chad and Sonny discuss Nicole and Eric, who have left the island. Sonny notes at least Guy gave good evidence against Deimos and Xander. JJ sighs still it is not enough and suggests they search Xander’s villa for more. Even Gabi gets in on the action ... Marlena finds Victor at the chapel. He grimaces is Brady gone? Marlena replies John is with him. She sits with the Greek and he confesses this could be his comeuppance. Marlena wishes it looked better for Brady ... At the villa Gabi finds fancy plates with Chad. Eli returns and growls they will get the fugitives ...

Steve sweetly suggests he take working Kayla on a much needed break. She worries Brady is running out of time ... At the square Joey confronts Jade for ruining his chance at a new romance. He should have realized his mom was right about the troublemaker. Tripp defends her. Joey wants a word alone. He informs Jade she should let him go. Jade claims that date had a mean side and acted like their date was a joke. She acts insulted and takes off ... Sonny wants to celebrate his gains and starts a Greek party with music at the villa, with vintage alcohol. He toasts to life without Deimos and breaks a plate, They all do to ward off evil ... Victor and Marlena remember Brady and she praises what a fighter he always has been. Victor praises her for raising Isabella's son and making him the good man he is now ... Eli claims he has case details to check on and decides to return to the plane. Chad and Gabi get going together. Lani and JJ are alone as Sonny has stepped outside to call Victor with the latest. He tells his great-uncle why he deserves to be the new leader at Titan. Victor agrees to back his corporate bid and is dismayed about Deimos betraying the family. Sonny plans to make him proud ... Tripp wonders why Joey is so bothered by Jade. He sympathizes with her hard life. Joey realizes they are on the same page with a similar past. He ominously alludes to his own past with present consequences. Tripp does not seem to notice ...Kayla tells Steve how marvelous she feels about mentoring Tripp. She gushes the young man reminds her of his father and kisses him. Steve has a surprise in store ...Sonny meets Paul with wonderful food at the Athena Cafe. Sonny is sorry he could not stay with him at the hospital. Paul grins he had to get Deimos. Sonny now tells him his CEO news. He will be the best leader! Paul senses he is power hungry. Sonny gets his back up but Paul feels uneasy about this new side to him ... Lani is still with JJ at the villa and notes he looked unhappy about Gabi going with Chad. He claims he worries Gabi will get hurt by Chad the cad. Lani bites her lip as gives a long speech about liking her and not being serious. He hugs her and she looks sad ... In Chad's room Gabi reminds the amulet loving DiMera that they have to go back to Salem reality. He is looking forward to their long flight in the clouds. They agree they are friends. Pause ... Back at the square Joey tells Tripp it felt like Jade was stalking him. Tripp knows his mom says the same and suggests he apologize to Jade for hurting her. Meanwhile Jade weeps alone on a park bench. She imagines Tripp telling Joey that his mom is in jail so he should give her a chance. Then she imagines Joey wanting her back and speaking words of romance and a kiss. Now the real Tripp arrives to announce Joey has something to say to her ... Sonny explains to perturbed Paul he cannot appear to be weak. He will begin by firing anyone Deimos hired. Paul thinks that is unfair to the good employees. Sonny reasons it is risky to keep any of Deimos' hires. He must demonstrate strength ...

JJ, Lani, and Paul are soon sitting on the Kiriakis plane. Sonny states they will be taking off shortly. Eli sits in silence. Gabi arrives and JJ notes she is not with Chad. She stammers she did not want to feel crowded ... Steve surprises Kayla with a hotel room and spa package. He plans to deliver on a long luxurious soak in the tub. She teases to wash her back and they enter the lavish bathroom ... Marlena returns to Victor at the chapel, explaining Brady is being examined. Victor updates her on Sonny's news, including the fact that Eric fled with Nicole and Holly. They are being hunted by the authorities. He scoffs he will certainly not miss Nicole or Eric. Marlena reminds him that Brady loves his brother, whom he turned to to track down the woman he loves ... Chad is the last man on the Kiriakis plane. He sits across from Gabi, who disagrees with his close proximity. Chad claims his plane had mechanical problems. Gabi seems to think it was the amulet curse again ... Joey apologizes to Jade for being insensitive. She accepts and forgives him. He leaves and she wants to know what Tripp told him. He will only say he has a plan that will cut her enemy Kayla completely out of the equation ... Kayla and Steve snuggle in hotel bathrobes and kiss, happy to have their time together. They have no clue that chaos is just around the corner ... Chad teases Gabi to read an article about voodoo. They are high in the air now. Paul suddenly appears from the cockpit to announce that pilot Sonny has informed him they are losing fuel fast. The gang get tense. Gabi gasps. An emergency landing is imminent! ...Steve tells Kayla their best days are ahead and she kisses him. She has no idea that Tripp is telling Jade he will destroy her ... Back in the chapel, Victor admits to Marlena it is hard to face losing his grandson. She takes his hands and prays to the heavenly father to bless Brady and all who love him. Victor sadly sighs ... JJ assures the gang that Sonny is a good pilot. Eli explains the perfect crash position. Pilot Sonny lets them know they are coming in for an emergency landing and it is not ideal. The lights flicker. They all sit in the crash position, the lights flickering around them and brace for IMPACT!


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All the drama in Salem on Thursday, May 25