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Friday, May 18, 2018
Episode 13,340
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gabi remembers Abigail’s apology. She fumes it was unforgivable and then covers up the comment to curious Chad. He announces Abi is pleading guilty to first degree and the arraignment is in the morning. Gabi replies she told her already ... At DiMera mansion Abigail accuses Stefan of rape and smacks his face. Meanwhile at the pub Kayla disagrees with Steve’s decision to quit Black Patch. He believes he had no choice and seeks her support. John arrives with doc and declares he will not let it happen ... Brady wants to Bella strategize with Eve from his bed. She shuts his laptop and reminds him he has one more stress test. He grabs his fiancée in a feisty kiss ... Xander greets grumpy Victor at the Kiriakis estate. Xander has something on offer he will be pleased about. Victor takes a drink and calls him a swine. Theresa now emerges with a hello ... Chad was aware his wife wished to apologize in person. Gabi scoffs she wanted to clear her conscience and complains she was almost killed by her betrayal ... Stefan stops Abigail from swinging again. He has his side of the story. She demands he inform her of everything that happened and do not try to protect her like everyone else ... John sips his coffee with Marlena at his side. He knew Steve would try to resign. Steve argues he cannot accomplish anything without his sight. John notes he does not have his sight now. Kayla reasons there is no way to restore it. Steve sighs no transplant would work. John drawls he was not referring to a human transplant ...

Brady gets frisky with Eve, who wants to wait until they get home to his bed. Brady cannot wait and gives her another kiss. She giggles ... Victor wonders what the hell! Xander updates him on saving Theresa from el Fideo his old contact. She claimed that Victor would welcome him back to the family for it. Victor says to wait and asks Theresa, who confirms he was telling the truth. Xander asks Victa whether Theresa was also telling him the truth. The Greek tycoon raises a glass and grins welcome home ... Chad unhappily explains Abigail was not of sound mind when things happened. Gabi gets it but she remains bitter from the betrayal. Chad weeps his cheating wife would never have consciously harmed them but Gabi suspects her subconscious is another matter ... Stefan wonders where to start. Abigail is after facts, not his twisted love story. Stefan helps himself to a drink and tells her how he wanted to help her when she was Gabby. Everything changed when she kissed him. From that moment on, Stefan was smitten even though she was blackmailing him for being at the scene of Andre’s crime. Abigail starts to remember their moments together and turns away. Stefan swears he was taken by her beauty from the moment they met and accepted her devotion to Chad. But then Gabby the alter fragmented from the real girl and he could not let go. Matter of fact he still wants to be with her ...

Chad refuses to believe Abigail would try and hurt them. Gabi snaps she set her up out of spite since she got together with Chad after she was presumed gone. It was a jealous payback trip ... Victor hopes they were not followed by El Fideo. Xander notes he has a new object. Victor pities the poor woman and thanks him for bringing Theresa home. Xander gushes about family and getting a new position. Vic quips he already has a gardener. Xander talks corporate. Victor agrees to discuss later. Xander reasons he would like to take his rightful place at the Kiriakis table. Victor grows impatient so he excuses himself. The gruff Greek now asks Theresa if Xander was telling the truth. She tearily tells him the whole story and admits if not for Xander buying her with discounted diamonds she would be as good as dead ...

John drawls the ISA has been dabbling in bio robotics, working with a startup called Visionary Biotics. They even having a working prototype. Kayla is elated. Steve will believe it when she sees it but if he will be able to see sweetness and their beautiful kids again, he is ready to sign up ... Brady is dressed after his last test. He cannot wait to take Eve home and put Tate to bed. He wants her to move back into the Kiriakis mansion with him tonight. They kiss ... Victor is relieved Theresa came back safe and sound. He informs her he has had reports from ISA Shane. She now notices the welcome home sign, which Victor explains is for Brady. But she should know ... Xander brings in Tate. Theresa hugs her son and sobs mommy is back ... Chad insists Abigail was suffering from the stress of killing Andre hence the alters. Gabi winces as she needs her pain killers soon. She now admits she let it slip out to Abigail that she slept with Stefan ... Abigail calls Stefan cruel for what he did. He confesses he could not resist Gabby the siren and they fell in love. He made her feel safe since she feared she would disappear as a broken part of Abigail. Abigail finds it odd that the girl chose him. Stefan starts to list the times she told him she wanted him. He alludes to her making moves. Abigail more stunned by the Salem second ...

Chad tries to call his wife, worried what she will do now that she knows she was with Stefan. Then he takes off to save her. Gabi is exasperated ... Abigail has doubts about Stefan’s story. She suddenly remembers when she was Gabby and gasps she remembers why she wanted to be with him. It was to get rid of the real HER. She whispers he went along ... Back at the pub. John admits he is a good friend of the guy running research and development at Visionary Biotics. He teases Steve he will have to see him and doc wed since he wants him to be his best man. Steve is touched. The two shake hands. Kayla smiles they cannot wait for their wedding. She smiles even more when Marlena asks her to be her maid of honor ... Theresa cries tears of joy. Tate remembers his mommy. Victor watches the mother and child reunion. She promises to never ever leave again and is pleased to see he has the book she got him before she left. She cannot wait to read it to him with Brady! Victor sighs first he has to tell her something. It is about her sister Eve ...

John and Marlena must take their leave. John cannot wait for their wedding ... Eve gushes Brady will soon be able to see her 24 hours a day. He ushers her away to check out of her room at the Salem Inn first ... Theresa explains she is already aware of Brady ad Eve. She tells Victor she is so happy and leaves to read Tate the book before Victor can say his piece. He asks Xander whether he told her about Eve being with Brady. Negative. The Greek sighs this is going to be disastrous ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail rages at Stefan for trying to take her from her family and insists what he did was rape. She warns she will call the cops! Enter Chad. He wonders what is going on and glances at highly agitated Abigail... As they walk hand in hand through the square John and Marlena marvel over Tom and Alice’s happiness. Marlena notes they never took one another for granted. John loves her more each day and loves how he feels when she is with him. She gushes she feels the same and wishes Tom and Alice could be at their wedding. John suggests they tie the knot at the square so this greatest day of his life will include Tom and Alice. They admire the plaque. Marlena cannot count the ways she loves her man! He whispers he loves her too and tenderly kisses her ... Steve wonders whether the insurance will cover him becoming the six million dollar man. Kayla reads some news online about Visionary Biotics. She sighs it was just bought by DiMera Enterprises ... Gabi vows to herself she will make Stefan pay cos he is also to blame for putting her in prison ... Abigail threatens to send Stefan to prison. Stefan threatens to take Chad with him ... At the park Xander admires Eve’s rock and smugly warns her she should be worried about someone other than him ... Brady now returns home - to Theresa in her red dress. He stares in stunned silence as she gazes and warmly greets him ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, May 18