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Monday, July 25, 2016
Episode 12,889
Length:1610 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Aiden awaits a meeting with his son. Chase comes to see his visitor and he is now standing. He asks how it fares with Hope and Aiden lies it fares well. Chase looks into his eyes and asks for the truth. Aiden agrees. He and Hope have issues. Chase sadly senses something awful happened ... Hope is happy with a visit from Ciara at her hospital bedside. Ciara tells her beaming mom she could have died. Hope assures her all will be alright. Ciara credits Rafe as her hero ... Rafe and Eduardo are at the table of Adriana, who has a big breakfast for Rafe but still she blasts Hope for being with another man after all Rafe did for her. Rafe tells her not to be so hard on her and insists Hope rescued HIM! Mama is irate regardless and blames Hope for him being in the house with the bomb. Eduardo is impressed he dealt with Andre the DiMera devil. Gabi bursts in to embrace Rafe and blasts mama for bellowing cos he survived ... Hope promises Ciara she will be more careful in the future and adds she told Aiden he was out of her life. Ciara breathes a sigh of relief ... Chase woefully wonders what Aiden did that he is hiding from him. Aiden lies he wanted to leave the lodge early as it is best he back off from Hope. Chase now realizes Hope rejected him. Aiden's face falls ...

Gabi and the gang are done with breakfast. Eduardo insists on cleaning up with Rafe. Gabi goes out to the porch with mama. As they clear the dishes Eduardo offers to join Rafe's mission to go after Aiden. He believes he needs backup. Rafe assures him he will not go in alone anymore and politely refuses. Eduardo and his contacts are on standby anyway. Rafe is grateful ... On the sunny porch Gabi points out to worried mama that Hope is a good woman. Mama wants her family to be happy and normal. Gabi gets glib about their killing past. Mama pouts Hope spells trouble so Raphael should stay away from all her people ... Ciara gets a text about being late for her shift at Shady Hills. Hope urges her to go. Ciara sighs she wishes ... Hope knows, that Chase was not there. She senses something happened. Ciara states he claims to hate himself. Hope warns her to watch herself ... Aiden grins again and changes the subject to Chase, who fumes he feels invisible. Everyone avoids him here and has no interest in the rapist son of the attorney being at the institution. Aiden implores him to give it a chance but Chase adds Abigail attempted to burn it down. Aiden argues it is better than prison. Chase begs to differ. Aiden wants to take action. Chase repeats what he did and reasons at least Ciara treats him differently. The guard now orders him to therapy. Anxious Aiden gets to thinking ...

Ciara runs into Chase as she tidies the lounge. He wants to know what is troubling her ... Aiden sits alone on the big bed in his room and remembers how he almost won Hope's heart ... He shuts his eyes and remembers her confronting him for lying that he was NOT the Aiden who wed her cos it really was him. His alter ego Evil Aiden appears at his door and drawls it seems he cannot stay away ... Chez Rafe, Gabi hears how Rafe turned down Eduardo's involvement. Mama has something to say and urges her son to let his secret investigation go but Rafe rages Aiden owns the house where the bomb was. In addition he asked Andre to get rid of him. Mama has a bad feeling about Aiden's ability to cover his tracks and fears the fellow could come after him. Rafe is not worried about it. Mama asks him to walk away from Hope. He shouts she only wants him with Blanca in whom he has no interest. Eduardo greets Blanca, who is now in the room, having overheard. She stands uncertainly in her floral summer dress as Rafe realizes how rude he sounded. Blanca is sorry for the interruption. Rafe is even more sorry. Ed fibs he was supposed to take Adriana to the club for coffee and dessert and ushers her out. Gabi claims she has to call Arianna's school and also exits. Rafe apologizes to Blanca but she does not mind he told the truth. She told his mom to stop pushing them together as well and is grateful she got to stay here but now they need privacy. With her hospital job she can afford her own place. Rafe gushes not to rush and goes to see Hope at the hospital ... Ciara frowns nothing is the matter. Chase hopes she is not bothered by him being here. She snaps she has work to do. Chase wants to know what happened between their parents. Aiden is unhappy and he needs to know why. His dad is all he has. Ciara suddenly agrees to talk ...

Aiden insists suited slick evil Aiden is not real but he states he IS a part of him. He is his cold hard truth staring him in the face. He calls him spineless and taunts him for losing Hope forever. Aiden stammers he is nothing without her and wants to earn her forgiveness. Evil Aiden warns him that Hope is a threat he would do well to avoid ... At the club Ed cannot get Adriana to eat cake or talk. She tells him to talk and eats the cake. He reminds her Rafe is a grown man who knows his heart. Hope Brady is a fine woman so she should give her a chance. Adriana quietly keeps eating cake ... Blanca is busy looking for apartments online when Gabi returns. Blanca is exasperated she is having trouble with the app. Gabi cannot believe she wants to leave and questions whether it is as she has given up on Rafe ... The guard starts to step in but Ciara has something to say to Chase. She snaps she has to see him on the job but nothing has changed. He betrayed her trust and will never get it back. He states he is sorry and she sarcastically suggests he got coaching from his creepy father ...

Aiden wants what his heart wants and that is Hope! His evil alter ego warns him Andre's story could send him to prison indefinitely. Aiden pales and feels the panic. He needs a plan out of this predicament ... Blanca denies wanting to move cos of Rafe and states she stayed in Salem as it seems a nice place. She asks for help with the apartment app ... Adriana insists to Eduardo that Hope is not right for Rafe and they are doomed! Eduardo announces their son loves her. Mama sighs he is too trusting and does not want him to be hurt in love. Eduardo deduces this is also about them and their past. Old Latin love wounds run deep ... Evil Aiden insists love struck Aiden get himself into a position of power. They are a team too! He pats his head and is gone. Aiden's eyes are now filled with cunning and he gets to his computer ...

Gabi has helped Blanca bookmark the apartments that interest her. Blanca appreciates it and offers to buy her a drink. She teases JJ might have a handsome single friend to bring along for her ... Chase does not understand. Ciara declares her mom now hates his father and the fact that he lied about being kidnapped before they were wed. It was HIM that married her and it was Him with her on their wedding night. Chase rages she is wrong. She hisses about the matching blood samples that prove from the start he was out to kill her mom. Chase's face turns red ... Aiden is reading about rape cases with a lack of evidence online and smiles a demonic smile ... Meanwhile Rafe arrives at Hope's room with a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers. She smiles up at him and he sits at her side with news that Kayla said she can head home soon. She sighs she wants her own bed. Rafe offers to get her anything she needs. She holds his hand and smiles she needs the family around her and HIM. Rafe smiles back, a man in love ... Eduardo is filled with deep regret about why he had to leave the love of his life and their young family. The threat to them has now passed and they have a chance at happiness. He thinks Rafe deserves one too. Adriana sighs and eventually agrees. Ed thanks her. She tells him how impressed she is with how he listened to them, saved Rafe's life, and tried to make restitution to others. She calls him honorable and he wipes away an emotional tear. Her words mean more than he can say and he takes her hand. She suddenly pulls away and goes to the back to find Dario to discuss designs. Now alone Eduardo finds a note in his jacket pocket. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK YOU CAN BUY OUR SILENCE? THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. MURDERER! Ominous music plays and the former assassin's eyes darken at the declaration of WAR.


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