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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Episode 12,453

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Sami is calling upstairs to the kids about toys to take on the plane when Rafe arrives. The guy in the black leather jacket heard about her Hollywood move. She gushes they would not take no. Rafe drawls she deserved goods news. This must be their goodbye. They sit together and she teases him about his role in her story. Rafe grins he has no regrets about their great times. Sami shares the sentiment. He asks to say farewell to the kids he is so fond of. Sami agrees but adds it might not last long in lala land. Rafe has a good feeling for her about this. He now has something to return Ė EJís wedding ring. Sami starts to cry. Rafe is sorry. She asks about the case being closed. Rafe admits there remain a few loose ends but they seem to have the facts. Sami finds it unfair that EJ was at the wrong place at the wrong time and was killed by a drug addict. She thanks Rafe for returning the ring she now cherishes. EJ wanted them to renew their vows, hence the new ring. Rafe is sorry for the kids. Sami admits she is at a loss. He notes they still have her and gives her a pep talk. She may go kinda crazy sometimes but Sami is some force to be reckoned with! The kids are lucky and once upon a time so was he. They share a tender embrace, brief kiss. Rafe wants her to look after herself and climbs the stairs of the house he has made many arrests in. The time has come to bid the kids goodbye. Sami whimpers downstairs ...

Will airily returns from an early morning prison visit, having taken Gabi the baby to ask if she approved of the trip. Sonny is surprised and appears sad. He then notes Will confided his decision to Gabi before HIM. Will lets him know she did agree. Sonny sighs he told Gabi before him and he is supposed to be one of Ariís dads. Caught up in his own glory, Will fails to notice his hubbyís hurt feelings ...

Jen laments to Dan they are OVER. She knows he was fed up. He denies it. Jen states he kept shutting her down. Dan drawls there seemed no point in talking as nothing was changing. Jen insists she is not judgmental where he is concerned. She cries he never listens to how great she thinks he is and now he wonít even have a coffee with her! Dan suggests a coffee chat tonight. Jen stares him in the eye and dramatically declares it is too late. She leaves for her momís place this evening for a couple of weeks. And when she comes back she will get a new job and a new life. He is no longer a friend as far as she is concerned. Dan is crushed. Jen is torn. Dan tells her he still loves her. She knows he used to love her. Violins play in the background. Jen recalls the odds they overcame with their pure and honest love. Then came the misunderstandings. Dan gets choked up about the emptiness. He needs Jen to fill the void. Jen reminds him he did not want to fix things. He did not think she wanted him to. Jen has something else to say. She wants him to stay away from her kids and insists he get that key back from JJ cos he is not his cool uncle. Dan states the lad needs him. Jen exclaims he cannot have her kids without her! Dan exclaims he wants her too, reminds her he saved her life, and they still love each other so this is not over! Jen knows he has secrets with JJ and Kristen and wants him to trust in her. Pause. He turns away and breathes he cannot tell her. Jen is hurt by his apparent lack of trust and bids him goodbye. Dan hangs his head and cries.

In the hospital room of the Salem patient, Theresa calls John cranky. He asks whether she knows if Kristen is still in town. He wonders why the mention of her name seems to spook her so. The nurse comes and Theresa turns away to take off. John taunts as soon as he gets out, he is gonna come lookin for her Ö

In her hotel room, Kristen plays the revealing recording of Theresa stammering John did memba she hit him not Brady. Brady is not amused and calls Kristen a lying bitch! She is aghast as he accuses her of doctoring the discussion. He is no fool and he will not fall for her terrible tricks again! She spliced this! She assures him she did not. He states there was the sex tape with his brother Ö She swears this is true. He points at her and pouts he will NEVER believe her again! Brady claims he is finally free She questions that but he drawls he is over the addiction that is her. How dare she go after Theresa the innocent! Kristen tells him to stop deluding himself about the devil. She cries she loves him and that is why she wants him to believe her and believe in him. This is the truth! The billionaire heir scoffs Ö

Sonny and Will confer at the kitchen table. Sonny is sorry, he does want him to have his opportunity. Will wants to help his mom and he will be back before he knows it. Sonny wonders when they go. Sami leaves today and wants Will and Ari to be on the plane. Sonny sighs and gets to packing for the baby. Will boasts about Zoe loving his article. Looks like he could have a reason to come home from L.A. Sonny is shocked. Will laughs he meant a job. Of course he is coming back. Sonny worriedly wonders. Will casually assures him no matter what, he intends to be based here in Salem. He gives hubby a kiss. Rafe now shows up, having been texted by Will and wonders. Sonny informs him that Will is taking Ari, going away with Sami and the kids. This is news to Rafe ...

Theresa finds herself alone outside the pub, panicking that John wants to ruin her relationship with Brady. She now gets a text and gasps oh my God!

Kayla has brought Caroline to the mansion to say goodbye to Sami and the kids. Caroline thinks the young widow deserves her happiness and heads upstairs to the kids. Sami hopes she will be alright. Kayla sadly states she will be while the rest of them cry. She loves Sami and wishes her all the happiness in the world. They embrace and Sami loves her too.

Brady boldly has news for Kristen DiMera. He is staying sober and he is free of his love addiction for her as well. She is dead to him! He hopes he never sees her beautiful toxic person ever again. Exit belligerent Brady. Kristen softly sobs. Meanwhile Theresa the terrible has regrouped and goes out in her animal print dress and purse to match, to do battle with John.

Sami sighs while holding EJís ring. Caroline comes downstairs with the news that the kids are behaving and all packed for the trip. Sami credits her for showing her the right way to raise kids. Daddy always spoke highly of the almighty matriarch. She will miss her. Caroline puts on a brave face and states they can talk on the telephone. No blubbering for her! Sami wants her to come with but Caroline is not into the California scene. Salem is her world. Sami sobs she is the hardest one to tell goodbye. Caroline feels the same way and they share an emotional embrace. Sobbing Sami calls Caroline her rock. And she will never forget her beautiful words at Willís wedding. Caroline whispers she will be alright. Sami admits she aches for EJ. She hopes grandma will not forget her. Impossible! No one can forget Samantha Brady Ö Rafe asks Will if he is going with Sami cos she needs him or cos he wants to advance his career. Sonny is seated on the sofa too and they wait for Willís response. Will acts like his involvement is for Sami but this money he makes would be good for Ariís future. Rafe wonders whether the 6 months Sami is staying also applies to him. Will flippantly agrees and goes to the gurgling baby in the other room. Rafe wonders how Sonny feels. Sonny says it is all good, hiding his heartbreak Ö Jen sighs at a photo of herself with Dan when she gets home. Dan pours himself a drink when he gets home. He downs it and spies the same photo of himself with Jen. Knock knock! Tis crying Kristen, who needs a friend Ö Jen rips up the picture in rage Ö Theresa returns to Johnís room as he puts on his jacket. She gushes about the gratitude they owe Kristen for his miraculous recovery. He says no small talk. He knows she knows he knows what she did and more. He intends to get both Kristen and Theresa the terrible away from his boy for good. She smugly smiles she is not letting him go. John now threatens to tell Brady exactly what she did when the time is right Ö Kristen breaks down over losing Brady forever. Lonely man Dan consoles her with a clooooooose hug Ö John circles Theresa and claims this is no game. If she does not get outta town, his son and the police will be told by him that SHE was the one who attacked him that night. Brady blinks by the open door, having finally overheard the whole truth ...


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