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Friday, October 21, 2016
Episode 12,942
Length:1400 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Lucas and Chad confer at DiMera mansion. Thomas is still asleep. Master Chad asks about Anne, as he was informed by manservant Harold that Madam Milbauer spent the night. Lucas muses she made up some crazy story about running out of gas. He could have kicked her out but thought it best to let her stay in the guest room. Chad accepts that. He actually has something more pressing on his mind. He appreciates all he helped but now he is better than before so he is ready to look after his son. Lucas grins he will not be needing him and Adrienne anymore ... At the hospital as Paul checks out he remembers Sonny's concern for him. Sonny arrives and offers him a ride home. He teases he will be a better friend by also buying him a cup of coffee. Paul airily states he is meeting another pal at the pub. But he lets Sonny come with to buy him that coffee ... Down at the docks Deimos is stunned. He had assumed there would be no more secrets between himself and Nicole. She explains that was before they made that rule. Then she heard him and Phil. Deimos doesn't get it ... Nicole feels he would be a fab father albeit intense at times. Deimos knows not where this is coming from for he has not been fortunate enough to have a child. Nicole announces Chloe LIED! That baby is HIS. Deimos soap stares. He then points out it is not possible, he had a paternity test done. Nicole confesses Chloe had the doctor falsify the result. She knows for a fact he is the father! Deimos embraces her and gets emotional about his dream coming true ...

Lucas and Adrienne will be happy to leave Chad to look after his son. However, Lucas notes he needs to tell Jen too. Chad is worried what she will say. Lucas wants him to wait with Jen cos of all she is going through. Now would not be the best time for the recovering addict. Lucas is looking forward to more alone time with Adrienne. Chad smiles he is hoping to take Lucas' granddaughter Arianna to the hospital to see Gabi later. They are all connected ... At the hospital stressed Jen informs Julie that Gabi spent the night with JJ. Julie tries not to grimace. Meanwhile in the Salem patient's room, he is breathing with tubes and remains in a coma. Gabi begs him to come back to her ... Paul and Sonny sit at a pub table. Sonny sweetly states his friend seems to be late. Paul praises him again for saving his life and wonders how he found him. Sonny had a feeling ... He adds he wants to discuss what just happened between them last night. He looks serious and Paul sips his coffee ... Deimos now hears that Nicole has been lying along with Chloe for the last two months. He is horrified. Nicole reasons Chloe was afraid and did not allow her to tell him the truth. Chloe had her convinced that Deimos - whom she did not know very well - was evil like EJ. Deimos is disgusted and explodes. He shouts how to trust her now and her lower lip quivers. He becomes more confrontational by the Salem second ...

Paul fibs he only wants to be friends and is sorry Sonny sensed more. The past belongs in the past. Sonny glumly agrees and sips his coffee ... Gabi tells sleeping JJ about the playlist she made him. No response. She weeps to please wake up ... Chad arrives at the hospital with Ari and greets Jen and Julie, who is happy to see the child resembles Will. No one seems to notice the girl looks like a mini Sami ... Mama Gabi comes out and hugs Ari. Julie gives her the evil eye. Chad pleasantly suggests an outing. Gabi assures Jen she will be back as she wants to be in the room when JJ wake up. More evil eye from Julie ... Deimos calls Nicole an actress and lets her have it for hiding the fact that he was having a child. She snaps he lies too! Deimos does not lie about family and sends a crate flying, using the U word. UNFORGIVABLE! Family and descendants mean everything to the Mediterranean man ...

Chad treats Gabi and Ari to lunch at the square, which is open for business again. The war is over. She laments JJ did not deserve to be shot, he should be here. Chad tries to help the mood by telling Ari a story about a giraffe who is an accountant and greedy hyenas. Then he eats some of her chicken and she laughs as does Gabi ... Paul chuckles at Sonny for wanting Ari to be a nun for Halloween. He fondly recalls a comic book convention where Sonny dressed as the viper. Sonny always stood out. Sonny adds he was wearing a mask. Paul points out he was the one wearing an unseen mask. Back then only Sonny really knew him. Sonny now explains he knows what he said before but ... Enter the friend. Tis none other than Derek the bellboy turned hospital administrative assistant . The smile fades from Sonny's face ... Nicole states her case to Deimos. She and Chloe were old friends and she hardly knew him, but now knows he has a big heart. She is hoping he will be noble with Chloe cos she is the baby's mama and is also hoping that she did not misjudge him. Deimos stares darkly ...

Derek explains to surprised Sonny he just ran into Paul at the hospital where he now works. Paul suggested they see a movie. Sonny deduces it is a date. Paul denies it and insists they only intend to hang out. Time to make that movie ... Sonny looks depressed ... Lucas and Adrienne - the soon to be free birds with their own place - approach Chad and Gabi at the square. They will take Ari with Thomas for a bit. Chad is looking forward to living his life again. Gabi smiles ... Julie and Jen sit with unconscious JJ. Jen cries why did he have to become a cop! Julie talks making a difference. Jen cries no more tragedy ... Deimos leers the only mistake Nicole made was keeping this from him! He throws her past in her face, suggesting it should not surprise him since she stole a woman's baby before and passed it off as her own. He rages no child would want her as a mother. Nicole smacks him across the face and cries how could he be so cruel! He knows she miscarried twice! Deimos coldly departs. Nicole breaks down, alone again ... By the park, Paul pretends to Derek he accidentally assumed the movie started earlier. Derek noticed that Sonny seemed bothered. Paul notes it had nothing to do with them but Derek saw that look. Paul points out they can never be. Sonny would be plagued with guilt if they got together, for the tragedy of Will would loom ... At the pub Adrienne assumes her baby has the blues. Sonny sighs he may have misread something between him and Paul ... Lucas hugs Jen at the hospital and gives her a pep talk about tough JJ making it. He asks her to attend a meeting with him. JJ will need her sober and strong. They go down to the meeting together ... Derek almost sounds like he wants Sonny and Paul to make a love connection ... Gabi and Chad walk and talk. He lets her know he would do anything for JJ as he is Abigail's brother. Gabi gushes Abigail would like that and they head for the hospital ... Lucas and Jen visit sleeping JJ after the addicts meeting. JJ starts to stir. Lucas is sent for the nurse. JJ gasps he is sorry for Gabi ... so sorry ... Deimos pays a goon to bring Chloe back to Salem from NYC. He hands over the address of the parents she is staying with and warns him to be careful cos she is carrying his child. Meanwhile Nicole leaves Chloe a frantic message about Deimos. He turned out to be way worse than she thought and there is no telling what his next move will be. Be warned!



All the drama in Salem on Friday, October 21