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Friday, July 1, 2016
Episode 12,873
Length:1360 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the park, Nicole says NO to revenge! Deimos promised her he would change ... At DiMera mansion Kate regains her composure and asks Andre if he saw ... Andre replies Deimos with Nicole at the park. Kate takes off like a bat out of hell. Andre reads a recent text from GUY asking about their secret venture ... Aiden is dreaming about Andre abducting him to hell. He shouts NO! CRASH! He wakes up and Hope comes running ... Nicole is disappointed in Deimos. He vows to let nothing happen to her. However, she is worried about playing dangerous games with someone like Kate. She feels revenge is overrated but Deimos wants payment due. She argues he will get his money back, which he should then return to Victor. Deimos is peeved Kate attempted to send Nicole to prison and even assumed Nicole would be turned on by him punishing her. Not this time ... Andre gingerly approaches Rafe at the station. Detective Rafe sarcastically suggests he same to confess. Negative for he did not kill fatha, as he knows! Rafe thinks he is here to threaten Hope. No for he is a new man and wanted to tell Hope as much. Rafe senses something ... Aiden knocked over the lamp when he woke up and acts like he is fine to Hope. She calls for the bill so they can check out. She wants him to come clean or they go home. He lies he forgets what the nightmare was about. Hope knows better and threatens to leave unless he lets her in ...

Andre insists he has no agenda. Rafe threatens to rearrest his ass. Andre threatens him right back ... The hotel mess has been cleaned up. Aiden has confided in Hope. She is sorry about Aiden's old nightmare about the cage. She admits she has nightmares about the past and notes it is normal. Aiden insists nothing they went through was normal ... Nicole is exasperated and wants to be a better woman than Kate but Deimos the Greek strikes back at his enemies. Always. She reasons instead of surviving like he did in prison, he should leave the past behind and embrace his future. Deimos shakes his head. He cannot let Kate triumph. He adds he needs Nicole's help and she turns away. He warns Kate will come after her as well. She will think it over. Deimos demands his answer now. Then it must be NO. He is sorry to hear it. She is sorry he has not changed after all and woefully walks away ... Deimos now makes a call with a fake British accent pretending to be Harold. He asks for Kate. She is not in. He replies he will call back lata and goes on his way. His destination is the Kiriakis mansion ... Rafe warns Andre he would end up in jail if he had a witness to his threat. Andre boasts about his new lawyer and leaves, adding please inform Hope he was looking for her. Rafe gets to thinking. Andre evidently has dropped him a clue ...

Aiden complains one can never really get away from the destructive DiMeras. He knows Hope is concerned cos the trust is gone and might never come back. The bill is slipped under the door. He sadly sighs it is time to go ... Nicole is at the square on her phone giving work orders and sees Kate, who airily states she is looking for her partner. Nicole asks Dario? Kate lies yes and reminds her she is still fired, Deimos is dead and she is CEO sooo ... unless Nicole knows otherwise? Meanwhile Deimos is back at the Kiriakis house looking at his old piano. He takes a Titan report out of a desk drawer and grimaces. There are other documents as well and they tell a sordid story ... Rafe calls a contact and asks who Andre's new lawyer is. He is surprised the answer is he now has no lawyer ... Hope and Aiden discuss the DiMera destruction. She suggested time together away to see if they could get back on track. Aiden laments now all is lost ... Nicole wants Kate not to drop her from Titan. Kate says forget about it and forget about Deimos cos he is gone for good. Nicole innocently wonders whether she is certain about that. Kate wants to know what she knows. Her eyes narrow like a sultry serpent ready to strike ... Deimos sees the fake marriage certificate and almost explodes. He hastily hides when Andre comes home, preoccupied with his phone. Andre is soon inside the lavish living room and Deimos is behind him. He sneaks out the door as Andre pours himself a drink. Andre feels something and turns around but it is too late ... Nicole hopes Deimos is alive. Kate talks MURDER. Nicole wishes she would do the right thing and tell the cops she did not do anything to him. Nicole is trying to change and thinks Kate should do the same. Kate snaps she is not her and doubts she would help her anyway. Nicole offers to work together and make Basic Black a Titan success. Kate counters she cannot trust her cos she went behind her back with Deimos! She hisses she heard every word when she demanded he drop Kate for her! She also stole Victor from her and never really changed. She was merely acting for Daniel. She calls her cunning and selfish and declares DNA does not change. She would rather rot in hell than help her and storms off ... Aiden loves Hope and thinks it would be easier for her to run away. However, thoughts of her kept him alive in his cage! Hope is touched and he moves in for a kiss. He lets her know she was his dream. She says this is not a dream and they lock lips. Tragic music plays ...

At the station Rafe has another call with his contact. The detective is curious about all Andre's visitors in prison. One was called GUY, and the description fits AIDEN! Rafe asks for photos from the security tapes ... Hope and Aiden are still kissing. She has a flashback of one of the Aidens trying to kill her and stops. Aiden laments he will not keep hurting her and decides to leave. Hope sighs ... Andre murmurs hmmmm on a call and ends it when Kate returns. She pours herself a good stiff drink and snaps she saw no Deimos with Nicole. Andre asks about lunch. She does not seem to trust him and spies the open drawer. She wants him gone. Andre slyly states he will keep his ear to the ground about Deimos, and suggests a fee for his service. Kate says okay to that and he slithers out with a smile ... Nicole meets Deimos at the park again and rages about her run-in with Kate. She wants IN. He chuckles he changed his mind for her. He realized revenge is a waste of time and never helped with Victor anyway. He wants to live for real now. Nicole believes him. She assures him she did not tip Kate off even though she seemed suspicious. She kept his secret. Deimos decides his next move will be to confront Kate and contact the cops. Nicole hopes he will not change his mind since she did play him but he is done with retribution and flashes a smile ... Rafe takes his laptop in another room and checks out the photos he was sent from the security tapes. He sees an image of AIDEN meeting with Andre as GUY. Rafe exclaims what the hell! He takes out his phone to call Hope ... Hope tells Aiden not to leave due to fear. He thinks they need to move forward. He loves her and will respect it. She suddenly kisses him. Aiden returns her kiss, blissfully unaware of Rafe's hot lead that could cost him the woman he loves ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, July 1