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Salem Subplanners!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Episode 12,558

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...

Ben appears at Horton house with a bouquet of flowers and an apology for Abigail, who lets him in ... Serena makes arrangements on the phone to meet Zander somewhere safe so they can settle their business. He smoothly suggests the square, where he is already standing. Serena agrees and remembers where she hid the diamonds he desires ... Dan the man summons Nicole to his humble apartment to humbly apologize for his behavior. He hopes she can find it in her heart to forgive him. She is touched and things seem to be going quite well in their world - until she lets him know how she feels about him shutting her out of this mysterious thing he has with Jen so he lets her know how he feels about her feelings for Eric. Perhaps this was not in the cards for them. Nicole is now reduced to tears ... JJ is hanging around pretty Paige. The happy college couple will catch up later. For now, he must speak with Dan, who has been trying to talk to him, while she is off to see Eve, whom she truly believes has come around to their state of coupledom ... Will bounces Arianna in his arms and assures her he is going to be smart about this situation. She innocently replies. Oh oh oh ... Knock knock! Tis Rafe bearing happy anniversary wishes and a gift from Gabi. Will hands over his daughter, thanks Rafe, and goes in the bedroom to wake up Sonny. Alas the bed is made, no Sonny in sight! ... Paul and his pecs are about to put on a shirt when Sonny pays a surprise visit to the hotel room ... Sullen Serena joins slick Zan at his town square table and tells him she knows what he did ... Ben explains he was caught up in Kate's warnings about Chad, which was why he overreacted last night. Sensitive Abi admits when he threw her affair with EJ in her face it hurt but only because the words he spoke were true ... Eve has a clandestine meeting with Cole, to warn him no one must know of their partnership. Cole is IN. She starts to explain the concept of keeping enemies close. Cole the eager pupil promises to do as ordered ... Zander tries to make nice with Serena, who knows he searched her room again and found nothing for she has the diamonds and only she knows where they are. She sighs he used to be fun when they started out and she even got drawn into his diamond smuggling ... Rafe realizes something is not right when Will excuses Sonny for going out, and the fact that he slept out of their bedroom. Will claims he did not want to wake him as he arrived home late. Rafe seeks the whole story and tells Will trouble in paradise could rock Gabi and Arianna's world. Will admits there are issues and declares the bad days will be done soon. He vows to keep their happy little family safe. Rafe is relieved ... Sonny announces why he had to come. Why did Paul not point out he saved his life with his own blood! Paul makes light of it and puts a shirt on, pointing out he initially knew not who the patient in need was, only that the hospital needed his blood type ... Zander tries to keep his cool about not getting his diamonds after all this time. He drawls she will get her cut. Serena first requires his word no harm will come to Eric, who cannot find out she was involved in smuggling diamonds. Done! Now where are those diamonds? Not so fast ...

Knock knock! Tis JJ. Dan opens his door and distraught Nicole is grateful for an excuse to exit ... Paul informs perplexed Sonny he only became aware the blood was for Sonny when his mom Adrienne told him and hugged him in gratitude. Sonny agrees she is quite a hugger. He wonders whether Will knows. If he does, it is not from Paul. He had planned for no one to discover his good deed ... Enter the Tori, ready to talk to Paul about his packing. She stares in horror and gasps Sonny's presence is not appropriate! Sonny sweetly smiles he came to thank him for saving his life. Stressed Tori almost seems sorry to hear of it and downplays the dramatic gesture ... Paul sees Sonny to the door, whom Tori is giving the cold shoulder, and smiles she is not a hugger. Sonny now heads home ...

Abi laments like Chad, EJ too referred to what Jack wrote and it got to her. However, Chad was different once, until he lied to thwart a competitor for her affections. Ben sighs so Chad is the reason she cannot commit to living with him. He stands up in sorrow and she stands up too ... Zander snaps he needs this deal done today. Serena snaps she needs proof of his trust. How? She gets a call and he suggests she step away and take it. Serena disappears from view. Nicole now appears. Zander is all smiles and is pleased to hear her day is dreadful due to her love life. He bids her sit and confide in him ... At the club, Eve acts supportive of Paige seeing JJ, then excuses herself for a dental appointment, Cole shows up and apologizes for being rude. He hopes they can still be friends. Paige sweetly agrees. Cole points out JJ would not be happy with that scenario. Paige suddenly excuses herself for class ... Dan declares he has been wanting to speak to JJ so he can hear his story from him. People make mistakes ... JJ tells it like it is and blurts out he went to bed with Eve. But now everything is better. He updates the medicine man on Eve blackmailing him to stay away from Paige, only to have Jen blackmail her right back so he could keep seeing Paige. Dan is paged to a medical emergency and mutters they are taking a huge risk assuming they will be able to count on anything from a woman like Eve ...

Sonny is surprised by the anniversary flowers and gift from Gabi that are waiting for him with Will. They read the card together and admire the framed collage of Arianna and her double dads ... Sonny is sorry for not leaving a note. Will assures him it is alright. Sonny adds he wants him to know,he was with Paul. Will musters all the self-control he can to prevent himself from exploding. A few seconds pass and he calmly claims he realizes he is to blame for what went wrong. He concludes he trusts Sonny enough to accept he must have had a good reason for going to Paul. Sonny did indeed and solemnly states t'was Paul who saved his life by giving his blood ... When Serena returns to her old partner in crime, Nicole is none too pleased to discover they have a history. Zander is glib about going from an aid organizer to a pharmaceuticals mogul. Serena leaves. Nicole decides to go as well. He wants a date. She teases she would need his last name and waltzes off, glancing over her shoulder ... Abi unhappily admits she is confused and kisses Ben, who has promised to never hurt her again. Ben kisses her one more time, drawling he will fight for their love. Then he goes ... On his call with Eve, Cole boasts he did it and he knows what comes next ... Tori wants to discuss their packing and moving story but Paul wants to hear about how she met Sonny. Tori exclaims Will and Sonny are committed to each other and belong together. Paul pauses. He cannot shake the strange feeling that his mother has also met Will ... Will understands why Sonny thanked Paul cos he sure would want to thank him for saving his life. Tired Sonny thanks hubby for understanding. They share an embrace ... The calm before the storm!


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