OCTOBER 26-27, 2020

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- More fright night for Marlena, who now knows
exactly what Orpheus wants her to do! Meanwhile
John gets an update from Ben about his missing wife
that makes him wild with worry. With every second
he gets closer to the inevitable deadly confrontation
with evil Orpheus ...
- Claiming he is a worker from Salem Gas and Electric,
crafty Clyde appears at Allie's door wearing a hard hat
and dupes her into allowing him inside the apartment.
After realizing the baby is gone, Allie and Nicole
contact the cops but all is not lost cos Clyde is not
gonna get very far ...
- Ben explains his actions to Eli.
- Lucas tells Kate why he hates Tripp.
- Demented Dr. Rolf has a gun on Kayla and a crazy
plan in store. The obsessed follower of Stefano the
great and power is ever so proud of his secret embryo
clone ...
- Meanwhile Marlena needs Evan now and says what she
must to get the young man out of Bayview as per Orpheus'
orders. Only thing is Evan ain't exactly cooperating ...
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