MARCH 30 - MARCH 31, 2020

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- Stefano almost has his way with his coveted
queen ... until King John shows up for a showdown!
He rages at Stefano to remove his paws from his wife.

- Nicole re-discusses the DNA drama with Abe.
Eric catches the pair in their private conversation.
Nicole needs to lie just one more time to her honey.

- Anna and Abigail follow that app across the DiMera
grounds, goons and danger be damned. They know their
rights and they know their men need them now!

- Brainwashed Chad tries to shoot Kristen but brave
Brady takes the hit and saves the woman he loves!
Kristen lovingly cleans her hero's wound.

- Anna arrives in time ready to rescue Tony from the
wrath of Stefano Steve. She has style, her app, her
attitude, and her designer shoe. An eye for an eye, big guy!
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