July 20-21, 2021 BITTERSWEET

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Sad times. Eric will go away again, back to his work.
in Africa. Sami seems to win this battle as Nicole loses
it all for the time being, but just you wait!
- Meanwhile Philip Kiriakis is not the best influence
in the world on Lucas, who really needs a friend now.
Phil feels Lucas should let Kristen's letter go straight
to Nicole and let her be the one to break Sami's fling
to EJ dastardly DiMera. EJ already senses a secret.
- The series of scandalous events continues ...
- Philip the sneak sees an opportunity. He slyly suggests
Lucas pass him Kristen's letter so he can pass it to Nicole
and Lucas will not be implicated. He believes that the best
end game would be for Nicole to give EJ the letter, thus
ruining his relationship with Sami. But first Phil must
make Lucas agree to make him the messenger. Like with
all things Lucas, there will be regrets. Lucas tosses the
letter but Phil takes it after he is gone!
- Allie agrees to be Ciara's maid of honor but warns Ben.
- Romeo Ben is convinced Ciara can remember their love
if she gives him just a little more time. Alas Ciara is as
stubborn - or rather strong-willed - as Hope, which means
sometimes talk just ain't enough. Desperate times call for
desperate measures! Meanwhile Mayor Abe weighs in with
Theo. He is concerned his smitten son is rushing in too fast.
- Ciara ends up having a wild altercation with Claire, who is
convinced she still loves Ben and they belong together. Claire
is ready to go above and beyond for good friend Ben. He
wants to kidnap Ciara from her wedding so she gives him a
history lesson in Bo and Hope.
- Abe and Lani seem less than thrilled to see her but
Paulina announces the Marketplace is on! Sweet Bits is back.

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