AUGUST 5-6, 2020

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- Ben has been programmed to off his beloved Ciara but
the gang soon get what is left of the emotionally scarred
soldier back ...

- Poor Sonny and Will. The baby disappointment is one
thing but the aftermath of Will keeping the secret from
hubby Sonny cos Sami wanted him to does not go unnoticed
in the days to come. Meanwhile Nicole did not see Allie's
last minute choice coming!

- Bonnie asks Justin to rep her. Here we go ...

- Secret Agent Gwen is watching and listening to Gabi as per
her deal with Chad! Speaking of Chad's sphere, mother-in-law
Jen is back with an update on Abigail from sunny Florida,
father-in-law Jack gives Xander another pep talk about his
love life while Uncle Steve's plans with the woman he loves
are paused.

- More baby love needed ... Lani's pregnancy is even bigger
than she and Eli expected!
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