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January 25-26, 2021


- Abigail seeks answers from her frazzled father.
How can Gwen's paternity claim possibly be true?!
- Phil takes a risk when he returns to the Kiriakis
mansion for clothes. He urges Maggie and Sarah to say
nothing to Victor.
- Julie has a crisis and Abe drives her and Doug to the
hospital. Sarah helps relax her.
- Lani goes to see Kristen in the slammer and makes
an emotional appeal - as one mother to another.
- Phil accepted Chloe's offer to hide with her. Brady
tries to talk her out of risking her life cos the
mob mean business - something he is about to find
out himself. Sadly Kristen is going to snap when
she hears the man she loves getting shot.
- Eli and Xander's agreed plan to proceed.
Eli is interested in a set-up with Xander to get
guilty Raynor in his sights. Xander calls her cell
and talks meeting, promising a passport and more.
- Kristen is horrified by what she hears and takes
action with trusting Tony.
- The champagne may have been sweet but Kate senses
a souring of her romantic relationship with Jake now
that Gabi has gone territorial.
- Nicole wants to give Rafe a birthday to remember.
They are certainly getting close ...
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