October 22-25, 2021 DEADLY DRAMA

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Kristen is verrry close to coming back and that's a Salem fact!
Brother EJ will have the headache of having to hide her but no
one can control that one. This time Stacy Haiduk reprises the role,
not Eileen Davidson who played her in Beyond Salem. Both are
formidable fiery actresses!
- Julie gives Marlena a piece of her mad mind She must see Doug!
She gets faithful formidable Detective Eli on her side as they
demand the nurse give her access to her isolated hubby but then
Mardevil shows up madder than hell and decides enough is enough
and diva Julie must d-i-e.
- Jake tried to take action but he is just going to get himself
arrested! He ends up apprehended and having to explain himself
to a highly suspicious Rafe after Carmine shoots Abe with Jake's
gun. Ben tried to warn him about confronting the lying goon.
- Stylish Gabi stands by her man as they hope Abe will wake up.
- Abe needs immediate life-saving surgery that will see him
having an unexpected almost heavenly encounter with his ex-wife
the late Lexie (alas Renee Jones was not available).
- Loved ones wait for word on Salem's marvelous mayor and hero
as Kayla and her team try to bring him back. Julie and Paulina
are there for one another. Theo is contacted and begins a
long journey from Africa to be with his father ...
- John hears the recorded session that went down between doc
and Doug. Boy is Mardevil gonna be mad! At least now he knows
the woman he loves has been re-possessed. Let the St. Luke's
showdown begin!
- Tis the prelude to a very perilous perturbing Halloween and
that's a Salem fact!
- Coming Up: Lucas blasts Brady.

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