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- Lani is appalled by Gabi and Eli's wedding plans.
If he knew what she had done he would denounce her!
Lani would love to sock it to her on the special day.
- John and Steve - really Stefano looking like Steve -
agree the most likely place to search for Stefano is
Europe so here they are! They will run into Tony and
Anna, who make Stefano lose his cool and almost blow
his cover ...
- Back in Salem Gina is as smug as a bug about her
and Stefano's purrfect plan. They are about to get
what they want by setting up a situation where John
and Marlena believe one another to be dead and Gina
and Steve swoop in to save the day. However, Shawn
shows up to help Rafe and Gina fears the net could
be closing in. Time to speed things up ... Rafe and
Shawn are on the case together. Gina cannot keep her
cover much longer. Shawn is no fool ...
- Meanwhile Kate is filled with guilt over covering
for Stefano for so long and tolerating Gina, whom
she now believes has something big in store for her
friend Marlena. She knows she and Stefano are up to
something sinister and cannot sit back ...
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