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WEEK OF MARCH 20, 2017

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- Abigail is astonished by Chad's admission.
- He promises to cut Gabi out of the picture.
- Dario would do 'anything' to win Abigail!
- Hell hath no fury like a Salem siren.
- Chloe shows Ed that a kiss would make Kate jealous!
- She wants to help him as he is helping her.
- More Deimos mischief. He threatens Ed and Chloe.
- Abigail is now mysteriously missing.
- Deimos has abducted both Gabi and Abigail!
- He taunts the girls and Chad with his game.
- It's choose or lose time for Chad!
- The voice tells him there is antidote for 1 woman!
- Chad gives it to Abigail first, then Gabi!
- Sonny is vaguely onto Deimos but hesitates.
- Paul ends up working with JJ and Dario.
- They get the girls to the hospital in time.
- Sonny confronts Deimos and makes it clear to Vic
- that his Kiriakis way will be a very different way!
- Eric has plans but not involving a Jen romance.
- Jen gushes she will wait for him.
- A new coupledom but not all candy is dandy!
- Julie will freak when she finds out her newfound
- grandson is getting to know Gabi!
- Steve and Ava's son Tripp is going to be a trip.
- Father and son come face to face in Arizona.
- Kayla accompanies Steve to the restaurant.
- Tripp will later be aware and angry about his mother's fate.
- Ciara leaves Theo a syrupy letter that Claire intercepts.
- In a nutshell, Claire crushes the competition.
- Brady helps Nicole in her new home. Still she worries.
- Eric has Nicole on his mind.
- Up in Canada, Nicole's new neighbor's got a gun.
- She's a police detective on holiday and she senses a secret!
- Jade pops too many painkillers on purpose to hang onto Joe.
- Abe asks Lani to reach out to Eli. Eli overreacts.
- A patient is on the road to recovery.
- Adrienne is surrounded by optimism.
- Brady welcomes brother Eric back to the world.
- Brady wants to be the man for Nicole.
- Eric receives soulful advice from Maggie.
- Rafe has the skinny for Sonny ...
- and he believes they can bring down Deimos together.
- Smart cookie Hope drags Rafe off Deimos!
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