WEEK OF MAY 25, 2020

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Eric sets up the romantic proposal of Nicole's dreams.
- They get engaged and she cries tears of joy. We all do!
- Sami sends Eric an angry message about his engagement!
- Gabi has a secret enemy behind the scenes
- but even Rafe does not seem to be listening.
- She suspects Rolf has a partner in crime on the outside.
- Ben boasts his girl is fierce and she steps up again!
- Brady's bold new addiction is dark power baby!
- Will & Sonny celebrate their love. Will agrees to another baby!
- Lani is late so she takes a pregnancy test. Oh baby!
- Abigail goes to Florida to get better, Chad at her side.
- Xander refuses to give up on reuniting with Sarah
- and he still has an ally but Sarah insists she hates him.
- Brave hearts Eli and Lani are re-engaged!
- Steve and Marlena meet odious Orpheus and Steve wins!
- The hunt is on for David! Hope helps Rafe find him.
- Zoe is still in the custody problem picture.
- Rafe is reunited with David after Zoe shoots his badge!
- Orpheus tries another twisted twist in his game.
- John and Marlena welcome Nicole to the family. Eric is elated.
- Chez John and Marlena, Hope and John search for an explosive
- and find it with less than 60 seconds to spare! Hope throws
- it in the dumpster so no one is hurt. Rafe calls her a hero.
- Nicole tries to talk Abe out of new hire Kate.
- Justin goes Kiriakis on Orpheus at the station. Steve steps in.
- Ciara convinces Julie to officiate her and Ben's wedding.
- Jake dreams that Gabi jabs him and goes to see her.
- Xander accuses new ruthless Brady of betrayal.
- Justin and Sonny visit Adrienne's grave.
- Steve wants Kayla forever but Justin beats him to it!
- Abe wants Hope and Steve to get the key to the city!
- Jack blames Gabi for Abigail's anguish and talks justice!
- John is hard on slick Vic and causes his heartrate to spike.
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