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- Angry Andre has it out with Rafe
- and he intends to test heroism!
- Hope discovers the gun is gone!
- Andre enjoys his Hopecam as Hope
- panics at the house but there is no sound.
- Careers bring out the claws.
- Will Brady be able to move on?! Not yet.
- Steve felt he he had to sleep with Ava
- to save Kay. The latest on his story is lunacy!
- According to the black market baby man,
- Ava's baby died. Steve orders her away from Salem.
- Steve and Kayla are reunited again and now
- he is hiding something from sweetness.
- Frisky Fynn has his eye on Lani.
- Lani flirts right back but says NO to a drink.
- Chase is mad as hell to see Theo and
- Ciara's cute connection.
- Lani admits to Abe that Rafe might be covering.
- Andre is determined to destroy Hope.
- Andre gets lonely boy Chase in his sphere.
- Next thing you know Hope's house is on fire!
- Even Andre will be stunned by Chase.
- John declares war on his old agency.
- Marlena wishes he wouldn't.
- The most dangerous man is still a threat.
- Theo attempts to woo Ciara.
- Theresa is touched by Brady at Valentine's.
- Deimos dupes Phillip big time!
- He gets Victor's bank account numbers from him.
- Victor fears for Caroline's safety due to Deimos.
- Deimos tells Phillip they are done and exposes
- his betrayal wanting to break Victor's heart.
- Victor is furious at Phillip for his betrayal!
- Their relationship goes straight to hell.
- Claire is irate about Belle's interference.
- Belle tries again with her daughter to no avail.
- Forensics Shawn asks where Belle got the big money.
- She has no intention of sharing!
- Abigail wonders why Chad wants to elope.
- He updates her on Andre's madness.
- Abi thinks Chad is worried Andre will
- influence him all over again.
- Ava's new plan has far-reaching implications.
- Ed ponders his position.
- He gets closer to Gabi and Rafe.
- Kate could be in over her head - maybe Deimos is!
- Doug and Julie rock Valentine's day.
- Love is in the air and in more dreams
- but some seem more fantasy than reality.
- Sweepish days ahead!
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