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- Here comes Chloe.
- She raises hell with Nicole!
- Dan catches Nicole in a catfight with Chloe.
- Chloe comes between Dan and Nicole's plans.
- It is about Parker ...
- Chloe was worried about Nicole's track record.
- Eve has a wild daydream about killing Jen.
- Roman warns Jump Street JJ against going rogue.
- Eric and Brady have breakfast together.
- JJ's road to redemption makes him do something rash.
- He pockets Kyle's spare keys ...
- JJ breaks into Kyle's place.
- JJ almost suffers a setback.
- He is after evidence against the drug dealer.
- Eve hears Jen lose her cool over a developer.
- The dastardly developer wants Horton Center gone.
- Jen intends to buy him out, dig up dirt!
- Eric calms her down.
- Clyde has created a situation for Ben.
- A result does not seem real.
- Everybody believes Ben is the daddy!
- Chad loses the girl he loves.
- Theresa pretends to be injured so she can stay.
- Theresa's almost wonderful week gets wrecked.
- Chaos comes to the Kiriakis mansion.
- Hope wonders what Rafe is hiding.
- Bad news for the Brady clan.
- Poor Caroline is in bad shape.
- Serena asks Caroline to give Eric her last message.
- Tis a sad goodbye letter ...
- But Caroline passes out on the spot!
- Abigail deals with the daddy news.
- Kate starts to suspect Clyde.
- Clyde has made a major miscalculation.
- Love can be a dangerous game.
- Chad is falling apart.
- Victor talks tough with Zander.
- Kate walks in on Paul and ...!
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August 3 -7, 2015
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