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- Ciara informs Will of his innocence.
- Sonny has Will's signed divorce papers.
- Sonny and Justin remember Last Mother's Day ...
- Will ran the paper for Adrienne so Justin
- could pamper her with a home spa day.
- Sonny suggested he and Will have another child.
- Anna got Tony fired from DiMera! He agreed to
- to travel away with her after sage advice from Chad.
- Maggie was upset by wicked Summer and drunk drove!
- John and Marlena had a champagne breakfast.
- Brady brought Kristen to Marlena and John's.
- Marlena accepted her. Kristen's water broke.
- Xander warned Nicole to keep her mouth shut as
- his doting stressed out Sarah, who felt closer to Eric.
- Xander admitted to Victor he was not the fatha.
- Distracted driver Will swerved. Adrienne crashed.
- Adrienne was lost to the world. Sarah was in labor.
- Xander was Sarah’s midwife.
- Victor and Xander played God. Especially Xander.
- Each was protecting their loved one.
- They did destroy an innocent man - Will!
- Will believed he was to blame and confessed.
- Kristen and Brady had a healthy baby girl but
- Xander switched her with Sarah’s deceased daughter!
- Kristen snapped when the nurse said her daughter died.
- Nurse Haley came tumbling down. Brady was shocked.
- Abigail told JJ the tragic news.
- Justin cried on Kayla's shoulder.
- Jack said his sad goodbyes to his sister.
- (Adrienne's death saved a life).
- Orpheus was revisited with a twist ...
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January 20 - January 24, 2019
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