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WEEK OF APRIL 13, 2015

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- Mel had no idea all roads lead to Kristen!
- Will is upset over Sonny's support of Paul!
- Tori tells John and Paul their truth!
- Paul turns on John. Tori tries to help ...
- Chad is Zoe's new boss cos DiMera bought Sonix!
- Mel realizes she was right.
- Mel tells Brady that Kristen stole his baby!
- Brady vows to track her down.
- She's seen at last. Kristen mayhem hits!
- And crazy Kristen loooves her BABY BOY!
- The DiMera reach is far and furious.
- Clint gets another order.
- Kristen orders Theresa brought to her ...
- Ms DiMera wants to play it safe for the son.
- Vic hands Brady Kristen's Italian castle address!
- Brady flies to Rome. Mel is his stowaway!
- An emotional "reunion."
- John wants to make up for lost time with Paul.
- Marlena, however, is on John's mad list!
- Lucas cannot let go of Adrienne.
- Kate goes mommy dearest on her son!
- The heat is on from Abigail to Chad!
- Theresa and Nicole have a cat fight.
- Hope raises an eyebrow at Clyde being Aiden's client.
- Dan and Nicole are good again.
- Eve has a fit when she realizes ...
- JJ and Paige have slept together!
- JJ updates Jen on Eve behaving badly.
- Everything changes for Paige.
- Kate goes after what she wants.
- Bad boy Zander is sweet on Nicole.
- Aiden intends to talk to the FBI for Ben.
- A secret affair costs someone dearly ...
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April 13 - 17, 2015
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