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WEEK OF APRIL 16, 2018

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- Obsessed Stefan refuses to listen to reason.
- Fake Gabi gets sloppy so Kate sees her!
- Chad is bothered and bewildered!
- Lani still needs JJ!
- John interrogates Abigail about missing Marlena.
- Abigail sees dream Andre again as he speaks in circles!
- Paul warns Will about Leo. Will Will do some digging?!
- Leo lies to Paul that Viv approached him as a Titan hire.
- But he does not even know the woman! Paul knows better.
- Chloe vs Kate! Of course it's all about Lucas.
- Rafe and Hope close in on the killer.
- Paul assists John in finding Marlena.
- Vivian scrambles when Leo warns her about Paul.
- Ciara drops Tripp after she loses the contest by 1 vote.
- Lucas asks Chloe to follow her dream after a word with Eve.
- Will wants to interview crazy Clyyyyde!
- Sonny is impressed with Leo as his assistant.
- Eli goes to see Gabi in the slammer.
- Gabby and Stefan are ready to run away together.
- He even locks up disapproving Vivian with Marlena!
- Gabby goes crazy and makes Kate prisoner number 3!
- Viv makes an astonishing admission to the two women.
- Ciara runs into her old love interest Wyatt,
- who secretly agreed to help Claire beat her!
- Eve agrees to give Brady another chance at romance,
- Will Ben get in Abigail's head again?!
- The heart wants what the heart wants ...
- Chloe thanks Miguel but says no. She stays for Lucas.
- Miguel tells his boss in Spanish he will eliminate Lucas!
- Abigail is busted and Chad is flabbergasted.
- Stefan spins his story.
- Blackmail!
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