WEEK OF APRIL 12, 2021

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Gwen's preggers test says she is having Chad's baby.
- She confides in Jack and Abigail suggests
- an abortion but Gwen will want to keep her baby!
- Xander is hung over and hoodwinked!
- Shopaholic Chanel claims she wed "Xavier,"
- whom she assumes is still Titan CEO!
- Eli finds out with petulant Paulina, who cries foul!
- Chad learns Theo is still sweet on Ciara
- and believes he would be better for her than Ben.
- Phil and Gabi's big deal lunch date makes Jake jealous.
- Phil and Gabi swap stories about their soap sins!
- Justin comes to see Ciara with tulips from sick Vic.
- Ciara reads the letter Victor passed on and agrees
- she should not be with dangerous Ben.
- After Jake argues that he and Kate had no side effects,
- Ben goes to extremes with a memory serum move when
- he tries to jab sleeping beauty Ciara! Theo stops him
- and gets a kiss from Ciara after Ben gets the boot.
- Nicole wants to matchmake stylish Chloe and Brady
- but he tells Chloe he is committed to Kristen.
- Sami is forced to make a deal with Kristen and
- orders Lucas to romance Chloe away from Brady.
- Spying 101!
- Marlena hypnotizes John. Oooooo
- Claire is determined to deal with Jan.
- Sami reels from Rafe's reveal.
- Could it be a case of planted evidence?!
- A realization about the red button!
- Rafe is surprised by his new suspect.
- Trask tells him to make an arrest asap.
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