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- Bang Dang! CLYDE IS SHOT by Damon!
- Victor wants to leave the Clydecicle in the snow!
- Will gets his official interview.
- Will inches closer to his final draft.
- Kate offers Sonny a loan to lessen the stress.
- Sonny heads to Will's office with a rose. Zoe intercepts!
- Kate tries to reach Clyde many times!
- Victor agrees to hire Ben at the new club.
- Abi gives Ben the good news.
- Victor worries about losing Maggie.
- Stefano reminds Chad to have revenge s-e-x with Abi!
- Chad demands Jordan explain why she kissed Rafe.
- Jordan explains and agrees to get back together.
- Jordan believes she must forgive Chad to save Ben.
- Stefano calls Marlena and threatens John!
- Paul meets John again and is cordial.
- John shows his support for Sonny.
- Nicole thinks she has evidence.
- The truth is crazy Ted is obsessed with Serena!
- Nicole's big plan blows up in her face.
- Dan suspects Nicole really just wants Eric.
- So Dan drops Nicole for good!
- Paul speaks his old lover's name.
- Will suspects Paul of playing him.
- Sonny walks in on Kate telling Will not to tell him!
- Kate covers she just made Will show her his article.
- Sonny is upbeat about his and Will's future.
- Tormented Theresa is still seeing Clint.
- Victor knows Theresa still loves Brady.
- Mel hears creepy Clint reporting on the phone.
- Mel and Brady's date gets them all wet.
- Serena finds Eric's African elephant art she is after!
- Paige has a plan.
- Hope is drawn deep into Aiden's past ...
- Clint is spying on Theresa for Kristen's Dr Mandrake!

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January 26 -  30, 2015
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