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- Things happen fast in Salem ...
- Roman gave responsive Kate a romantic kiss
- and Andre acts like a jealous husband.
- Chad proposes to Abigail! Engaged!
- Bonnie gets her Lucas fantasy fling.
- Angelica is mad Bonnie missed Sonny's hearing.
- Bonnie renonciles as "Adrienne" with thrilled Justin.
- A soap sinner calls too much attention!
- Abe is more anti-DiMera than ever.
- And Abe has been wronged!
- Jen pays the misunderstood mayor a visit.
- Freed Sonny and Paul have plans. Engaged!
- John tails Hattie.
- Roman wants Kate back for real!
- Nicole cries to Brady that she killed Deimos
- cos he bribed judge number 2 and was about to
- leave the country with Holly as his daughter!
- Nicole considers confiding in Eric.
- Brady promises to protect her.
- Lucas is still off the wagon.
- Steve makes Bonnie squirm.
- A twist becomes tangled.
- Gabi is bothered by Chad and Abigail's news.
- John joins joyous Marlena at the sanitarium.
- John is after Hattie’s mastermind
- He and Marlena put their heads together
- both now imprisoned in the place.
- Joey hugs Steve and Kayla goodbye, off to do time.
- What a wild killer reveal!
- Brady tells Victor a huge secret.
- Someone is going to suddenly DIE.
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August 21 - August 25, 2017
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