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- On Thursday Adrienne says she wants her future
- with Lucas but by Friday she is too worried about
- her condition to confirm any decision!

- Bo is remembered by loved ones.
- Abigail is in the attic. Here comes JJ!
- Someone has some explaining to do!
- JJ is determined for his hiding sister to come
- downstairs to Chad but Jen is determined to stop him.
- Fallout from the past.
- Kiriakis bucks Brady and Phillip rumble.
- A love triangle between Theo, Ciara and Claire begins.
- And Adrienne wants to be with ...
- Alas this is the week that she faints.
- Chad has a Horton Thanksgiving.
- Abigail sneaks sweet time with Thomas!
- Victor and Maggie both worry about Brady.
- Rafe asks Steve to do something for Hope.
- Hope has visitors!
- Hope is threatened in prison!
- Jade's pregnancy is confirmed.
- Julie gives Gabi a hard time!
- JJ and Gabi try again.
- Adrienne is hospitalized.
- Sonny steps between her two suitors. Marlena too!
- Kayla learns what made Adrienne faint.
- Claire wants more from Theo.
- Phillip and Maggie discuss Chloe's secret.
- Ed gives thanks for and with Kate!
- Someone needs some emotional rescue.
- Kim seeks a status report on Theresa.
- Shane only knows she is in Mexico with Mateo.
- Val's connection to Abe is strong.
- She agrees to stay as long as the hospital needs.
- Brady pours out his heart to Marlena.
- Steve and Kayla remember the good times.
- JJ feels jealous of Chad's eyes on Gabi!
- Jen denounces Laura for her deception.
- Shawn and Rafe piece together strange pieces
- of the Stefano puzzle ...
- Prisoner Hope has to deal with her new "home."
- Heeeeeeeeere's Hattie!
- Pssst. Hope and Hattie will make a pact.
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