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- Kate and Lucas are a concerned united front.
- Sloppy saddened Sami faces arrest!
- Sami and Kate get some much needed assistance.
- Victor steps up to save Sami after Will comes to him.
- Someone visits Sami. It changes everything!
- Kristen is more and more drawn to Dan.
- Jen catches Dan alone with Kristen.It maddens her!
- Ben catches Abi getting closer to Chad.
- Chad the cad confuses Abigail.
- JJ thinks he and Paige should postpone their passion.
- JJ almost admits what Jack did. Almost.
- Paige and JJ join forces to track down his drugger!
- Will’s boss wants a slant to his story. Sonny disagrees.
- Will wants Sonny’s support no matter what the scandal!
- The net is closing in on Eve.
- Kristen tries to use Eve and Anne against Theresa.
- Kristen wants a taped confession!
- Theresa finds out what Kristen is up to.
- Clyde the liar threatens to expose Jordan for murder!
- Kristen gets lucky with Brady but it is short lived!
- What is that Chad up to with Kate and Sami!
- Abigail is feeling maternal.
- Sami and Nicole drink and discuss EJ ...
- Nicole shares an idea.
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October 20 -  24, 2014
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