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- Theo has suffered a setback.
- Abe attempts to make him feel better.
- The teen talks about Lexie.
- Claire and Theo get closer.
- Claire, Marlena and Kate are in danger!
- They end up in the same alley cornered
- by bloodthirsty Clyde and Orpheus!
- John saves the day and turns Clyde's gun
- against Orpheus, who takes a hit.
- The fugitives flee. Marlena had alerted
- John by pressing her panic button.
- However, Orpheus is far from over.
- He phones John after he captures
- Claire! John is horrified.
- Nicole wants Deimos to drop the paternity
- test for her. He says no and he is no hero!
- And the paternity test says ...
- Deimos is crushed but wonders.
- Confused Chloe is confronted.
- Phillip's dreams are dashed,
- Nicole now knows Deimos had Chloe followed.
- Kayla and Steve are a united front.
- Key Salemites gather at the square
- for a press conference.
- Shootout at the square!
- Sharpshooter Clyde is gunning for Abe.
- A bullet hits him at his mayoral podium!
- Marlena and Kayla scramble to save him.
- Zanimal terrorizes the two tied up teens.
- An old love is revisited ...
- Aiden has Hope and Rafe on the hot seat
- but suddenly drops it.
- Chloe comes clean to Nicole the godmother.
- Hope advises Aiden to leave Salem, save himself.
- Sonny confides in Paul.
- Marlena assesses Clyde for Abe.
- Joey's past could complicate his case.
- Jen worries about JJ.
- Chad gets into Gabi ooooo
- Terrible times for Theresa and Brady.
- The mayhem gets even more maddening.
- The Salem three start to snap.
- The whole town panics!
- Sonny and Brady have a big brazen plan.
- Hope the survivor braces herself ...
- John and Steve are ready to storm that warehouse!
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SEPTEMBER 26-30, 2016
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