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- Chad is bothered by Abigail's new ally.
- A strange twist with a fugitive.
- Ed and Dario discover Deimos has their device.
- Deimos is desperate to elope with Nicole.
- He can't seem to escape his wicked ways
- and now Nicole is onto him! Chloe faints.
- Dario advises Nicole away from Deimos
- as he too goes gangster!
- Where's Stefano ...?!
- Some people have been played.
- Journalistic Jen is intrigued by JJ's
- assignment to investigate the docks but
- that information was classified for cops!
- JJ freaks out at her for snooping and stealing.
- Claire and Theo get bad publicity
- so Val the good gives them pointers!
- Eric is a hero again!
- He is on his own road to redemption
- as he helps Hope, hides her from the law.
- Hope recovers in a pretty farm bed
- with all kinds of questions. Eric keeps
- the cops at bay!
- Joey and Jade move in with Theo, Claire, Ciara.
- Rafe and Paul are sent on a wild goose chase.
- Anna is on the loose and Austin and Carrie
- are convinced she is going to do something loony.
- Anna hijacks the almost Stefano meeting and her
- gun goes off. Steve takes a hit!
- Back in Salem Nicole attacks an almost assassin!
- Adrienne comes to H20 assistance for Justin
- Chad, Dario and Sonny are close to an-all out war.
- Abigail and Gabi will attempt to broker a peace deal.
- Brady blasts Chloe.
- Ed wants to woo Kate back.
- Kayla and Sonny plan to join partners Steve and Paul
- in Prague. Loving moments to come.
- Claire is consumed with cattiness.
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JANUARY 16 - 20, 2017
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