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WEEK OF JULY 21, 2014

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- Theresa is scared silly.
- Dr. Dan has an unfortunate update for Brady.
- Eric braces to meet the bishop again for the scoop on what
  must be done to save his good name. Nicole now has a chance
  to prove herself for she and she alone can save the day!
- EJ is still begging Samantha.
- Jordan is still keeping secrets from Rafe.
- Paige ponders who the real JJ Devereaux is!
- Ciara wants Chase and Aiden to holiday with her and Hope.
- Jen reacts to Dan and Eve and loses her Horton cool.
- Jen scolds EJ for seducing her daughter. He lets her have her say.
- Paige and JJ's date is doomed.
- Eric and Nicole feel the temptation.
- Ben tells Abigail his secret. She seeks something real with sincere
  Ben but how to get EJ out of her system?!
- Jordan is super spooked by creepy Clyde.
- Kate cannot hide her true feelings.
- Rafe is caught off guard.
- Loved ones are concerned about John.
- Caroline gets to Sami. Sami has an emotional meltdown
  but she is still against the world and forges on in fury..
- Will and Sami argue.
- Will defends Abigail.
- Brady has a heart-to-heart with Maggie.
- Brady comes to a dramatic decision.
- Aiden must have all the right moves cos he has more
  than one Salem heart aflutter. Who will win - Kayla or Hope?!
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July 21 -  July 25, 2014
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