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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Eli questions Ben at the station.
- Fright night explodes.
- Allie opens her door to Clyde, not
- realizing how dangerous that workman is!
- Ben suggests John call Xander about where Clyde
- could be. Xander provides a warehouse address.
- Baby Henry is gone! Clyde has the cutie at the park.
- Allie and Nicole need the police.
- Stylish Kate sees Clyde snatched the baby.
- Bang bang and she gets her great-grandson back!
- John is desperate to find doc and
- finds himself face to face with Orpheus!
- Marlena escorts Evan to his father.
- New Jen reads Hope's letter with Jack.
- Chad is suspicious of Gwen, who now
- has a real deal with Rolf.
- How long will she keep her secret?!
- Armed dangerous Rolf plans to implant an embryo
- of Stefano's clone inside poor petrified Kayla.
- Steve and Roman scramble to find Sweetness fast!
- Lucas shares Allie's awful secret with Kate.
- Ben's rage turns to Clyde for deceiving him.
- Clyde tries to save his son from his dark side.
- Julie and Doug remember Ciara.
- Lani learns what comes next for Kristen.
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