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WEEK OF JULY 25, 2016

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- The pace stays fast and the suspense
- continues to build for the cliffhanger
- coming the following week ...
- Sonny's parents are pleased as punch
- to have him back.
- Deimos dares to bother them!
- when Sonny goes Kiriakis on him!
- Deimos makes Victor an offer.
- Sonny gives Victor all his inheritance!
- Theresa attacks her and they argue.
- At the end of the fight Theresa falls
- and hits her head!
- Justin is summoned to the station ooo
- John gets a break on the Tatenapping!
- The good news for Salem is that Sonny is staying.
- Paul is happy to hear Sonny say Salem is HOME!
- John and Brady suspect Deimos might have masterminded
- Tate's abduction but will he talk?
- John has a picture that proves an old
- connection between Deimos and the Chopin Group.
- Aiden lies to Chase so Ciara tells him the truth.
- Aiden is influenced by his dark side, who appears!
- Complex attorney Aiden is up to something again.
- Eduardo receives an ominous message.
- Blanca suggests Gabi get her a blind date!
- Nicole discovers there is more to Deimos.
- A real romance didn't die ...
- Belle is bothered by feelings.
- Shawn is bothered by Belle's behavior.
- Fynn makes a move on Kayla and kisser her!
- Kayla claims to Steve - who saw - it was nothing.
- Adriana finds the threatening note Ed was sent!
- Ed asks Steve to tell John he put out the
- word about Tate ...
- Steve takes a job tending bar at the club
- to prove he can lead a life without adventure.
- Kayla doubts it will work.
- Jade makes love with Joey and craves ice cream.
- Jade now seems to be homeless.
- Shelle have conflict as they co-parent.
- Victor believes Deimos stole Tate!
- Justin is troubled by Roman's investigation.
- Deimos blackmails a top surgeon to come
- out of retirement to operate on Maggie.
- Claire is Chloe's new assistant!
- Her parents wish she would just go to college.
- Phil feels Belle cannot get over him.
- He has big plans for promoting Chloe!
- Ciara and Theo are friends again.
- Eduardo wants Adriana to give Hope a chance.
- Rafe and Hope seem to be back on track.
- Hope is troubled when Ciara tells her about Chase.
- Fynn turns up to kiss Kayla again.
- Nicole and Dario end up at a shooting range.
- Nicole's two Ds seem hopelessly devoted.
- (the two Ds = Deimos and Dario)
- Nicole fires away at a photo of Kate!
- Adriana asks Rafe to avoid Hope. No can do
- and Rafe is now out to get Aiden!
- Eduardo offers his expertise ...
- Joey's future seems less bright than before
- all because of Ava ...
- Victor and Maggie have a reason to rejoice.
- Adriana has her final answer.
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