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- Sami will not be staying in Salem
- But Will finally forgives her.
- Hope's ring is discovered in Sami's room!
- Sami fibs it's her engagement ring from EJ.
- She returns it to Rafe but it's stuck. Enter Hope!
- Sami fake cries and sneaks the ring back to Rafe.
- Will's memories are on their way back. Slowly ...
- More scandal surrounding Eve!
- Lucas tries to clean up his act with rehab.
- Abe asks for his assessment of JJ's actions.
- Sonny states his heartfelt case to Will.
- He is baffled by his recent behavior.
- Will and Sonny seem back on track in time
- for the happy holidays!
- Steve and Kayla confront Kate cos
- they know what she did! Andre helps Kate.
- Steve stops Kayla from telling Eli about Kate
- who threatens to expose her. Steve has an idea ...
- The DiMeras get a specialist for Theo.
- Hope does not see eye to eye with her daughter.
- Brady gets the goods on Eve. Paul's proof!
- Doug warns Romeo Rafe he'd better never hurt Hope!
- An unexpected triangle of feelings has formed.
- JJ has a candid conversation with Eric.
- Chad assures Jen he will deal with any DiMera
- who led Theo into the line of fire.
- Eli and Rafe finally have the facts.
- Will Gabi say yes to Eve or to Kate?
- Ciara can see that Tripp cares for Claire. Ooo
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December 11 - December 15, 2017
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