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WEEK OF APRIL 24, 2017

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- Abigail is the new cop receptionist.
- Lani refuses to drop a dangerous case.
- Tough girl Gabi loses it with Deimos!
- FBI Eli promises to make sure he is investigated.
- Dario's happy hacker targets the local bank!
- Wyatt was asked by Theo to make Ciara happy!
- Wyatt is lying about everything he likes plus his
- last girlfriend suddenly dumped him.
- Theo fears Ciara would never forgive him if she knew.
- Paul wants Sonny to live with him at the Marton b&b but
- Sonny wants Paul to live in the mansion when he owns it.
- Victor threatens Deimos to leave Brady and the kids alone.
- Chad gets turned down by both the girls he loves.
- Lani is not the same because of a creep called Snake.
- Jen lashes out at Anne, who is still after Lucas!
- Deimos has a hot lead. Victor hears all about it.
- Steve tries to talk Tripp out of Jade.
- Tripp impresses Kayla. Steve and Kayla try again with him.
- Jade accidentally gives Tripp a clue on the real killer.
- Brady and Nicole become lovers.
- Maggie begs Deimos to let it be with Nicole.
- Approving Abigail finds out about Jen and Eric.
- JJ seeks assistance from Steve.
- Eli and Gabi sweet kiss again.
- There is something magical ...
- Kate causes trouble by convincing Chad to sell some
- stolen artifacts due to DiMera losing the Countess W cash.
- Abigail overhears and argues with Chad about it.
- Kayla rescues allergic Roman with Tripp at her side!
- Deimos is after lovebirds Brady and Nicole. Sonny and Paul
- follow him together assuming he will lead them to treasure...
- But they get more than they bargained for.
- Watch out for masked wildman Xander this week
- when he pays Nicole and Brady an unannounced visit.
- He grabs baby Holly and shoots Brady!
- Gabi tells Abigail to give Chad a chance ...
- Eli likens Abigail to Jane Austen's Emma.
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