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- Steve's strange story is explained.
- John wanted to save him with antidote
- cos ISA head Van Damme ordered him offed
- with poison. It was all about Ava Vitali.
- Paul and Will escape and find shot Billie!
- Stefan is astounded by a side of siren Abigail ...
- Abigail now apears to have killed Andre but
- nothing is as it seems in this crazy tale!
- She tells Stefan she is Gabi and kisses him
- But goes back to bed, forgetting her alter ego!
- John spills his secret mission to Steve, Marlena, Kayla.
- He feels guilty as soap sin. Marlena stands by her man.
- Marlena offers to help Will work on his memory block.
- After shooting Billie Van Damme abducts Tripp & Ciara!
- Hope, Rafe and Paul race to the rescue, led by John.
- Tripp stabs Van Damme dead with her own poison!
- Stefan remains a person of interest.
- Maggie orders Victor to confess his evil plan to Eve!
- Brady makes Eric mad when he tells Jen that Eric
- would drop her in a Salem second if Nicole came back.
- Eric insists Nicole is the past and Jen is his future.
- Brady starts to come clean to Eve ...
- Paul admits to John he now has feelings for Will!
- Stefan keeps Abigail’s alter ego a secret.
- Lucas is still determined to date Chloe.
- John gives Marlena the promise of a romantic holiday.
- Curious Claire secretly records Ciara and Tripp!
- Claire now knows all of Ciara's secret.
- A relationship is rocked when Maggie leaves Victor!
- The redhead cannot condone his wicked ways.
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February 19 - February 23, 2018
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