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WEEK OF JUNE 29, 2015

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- Tormented Eric takes the high road.
- He lets the love of his life go. If only Dan knew!
- Nicole is truly torn between two lovers!
- Eric is still unable to forget what went down.
- Serena could still make trouble cos
- she saw Nicole and Eric together.
- Zander causes chaos on many levels.
- Serena's lawyer warns she could lose her life!
- Brady talks tough with his Greek grandad.
- Theresa tries to keep up appearances at the mansion
- but she has something up her sneaky sleeve!
- She wants to bring Brady closer to her with a Tate scare!
- Sonny's head is spinning over Will's latest stunt.
- Eve intends to drug JJ and get him committed!
- Dan wants to try again with Nicole.
- The medicine man pops a question!
- Derek the bellboy is back in the picture ...
- especially for Paul. He no longer works at the hotel.
- But Derek should not be trusted!
- Abi and Chad secretly obsess over one another.
- Justin coldly has Adrienne served!
- Lucas and Adrienne discuss her divorce papers.
- A message from far away unnerves Abigail.
- Ben is embittered over Abigail's cheatin heart.
- Paige runs into JJ and Bev. Regret follows.
- JJ is caught off guard by Kyle wanting his old list.
- Paige schemes to sock it to JJ and Eve.
- Ben complains to Clyde about his love life.
- Clyde arranges to meet Stefano.
- The hillbilly from hell wants to outfox the phoenix.
- But the phoenix is up to something bigger ...
- Hope and Victor try to solve a strange case.
- Nicole still has Eric's heart.
- Nicole thinks it is easier to be with Dan!
- Kate dangles a deal to Lucas.
- Kate can get Paul out of Salem away from Sonny!
- Sonny suspected Will had hidden yet another affair ...
- Will admits he did cheat one time in Los Angeles.
- Can Sonny forgive him for that fling too?!
- Sonny makes an unexpected announcement.
- Trouble in paradise for Hope and Aiden.
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