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WEEK OF JUNE 19, 2017

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- Adrienne and company need a new plan.
- Steve informs his sis that Angelica is on the warpath.
- Justin and Adrienne are all about team Sonny.
- Paul gets another attack of jungle madness.
- John and Marlena save the marooned survivors!
- Paul gets treated as Sonny hopes for the best.
- Steve gets wind of Jade and Tripp's wickedness.
- Lani helps Eli inch closer to his mother.
- Rafe and Hope and information from dude Rory!
- He presents a picture of halo candyman DEIMOS.
- Eric threatens Deimos!
- Sonny falls under the spell of the amulet.
- Julie has something special for Eli.
- Chloe does an about-face and leaves Salem!
- Brady and Nicole are happy to have Holly back.
- Nicole starts her community work - with Eric!
- A trail of corporate chaos ...
- Vengeful Tripp channels his inner Vitali.
- Hope and Rafe get Deimos' factory closed but he escapes!
- Chad learns Abigail is actually engaged!
- Theo reads the letter that Claire intercepted.
- Can he forgive her?! Marlena helps.
- Eric's heartfelt secret letters to Nicole
- are discovered by Jen. She insists he read them all.
- JJ is against Chad and Gabi.
- Victor knights Sonny.
- Sonny discusses Will and Paul with Marlena.
- Hope hides from Rafe that she is after Dario's emails.
- At DiMera mansion Gabi vs. pro-Abigail Andre ...
- Sonny vs Deimos in a huge clash that sets the stage.
- Deimos is ready to retaliate with a mother load of halo
- whereas Sonny has a secret weapon that Deimos wants...
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