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- Unholiness exposed!
- Kate is Stefano Steve's secret partner in crime!
- Lani fears for Eli after hearing he is with Gabi.
- Shaky JJ has got a gun on Kristen!
- She kneels down and shuts her eyes.
- Lani tries to talk the vigilante down.
- Kristen hears Eli is with Gabi and snaps.
- Kristen convinces Lani not to become a nun
- but to accompany her back to Salem to fight.
- Sarah and Eric agree on the best Boston
- cancer doc for Mickey and leave Salem for a while.
- Nicole unsuccessfully reaches out to Eric again.
- Chad confides in Kate about "Stefano."
- She warns the phoenix his son failed his mission.
- Jen and Abigail return to the balcony where
- she fell and something happens! Jen remembers
- a flashdrive that was not included with evidence.
- Abigail grills Hope and gets Chad to help her case.
- Justin and Kayla are officially living together.
- Ben bears bad news for Ciara about his situation.
- Ciara approaches Justin to rep her Romeo! He agrees.
- Kate accuses Sonny of cheating on Will.
- Sonny storms out with Evan and seems interested.
- Kate urges Will to fight for his marriage.
- Justin lets wistful Will know he is still family.
- Gabi tries to kick out Chad but he stands his ground
- Abigail is shocked when the DiMera forensics
- expert reveals the real person underneath Eve's image!
- Gina plots her great escape.
- Xander realizes his secret case has been switched!
- He suspects Ciara. Will he return to his wicked
- ways, laced with bitterness over losing baby Mickey?!
- Ben finds a dead rat in his prison bed!
- Jen is home with romantic rogue Jack at last!
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December 9 - December 13, 2019
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