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WEEK OF APRIL 22, 2019

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- Spring winds bring unseen truths ...
- Ben is a Salem hero with Ciara at his side!
- Eve and Jack continue to dupe the public
- but he babbles about "Loretta" in his sleep!
- Gusto Gabi has gotten in bed with Stefan.
- Next morning the hungry couple come downstairs.
- Chloe confronts them re: a gold button on the floor.
- Gabi covers. Stefan thanks her and they agree never again!
- Brady drops his plan but Gabi keeps going.
- Lani stays with recovering Rafe for the night
- to take care of David. He lets her have a shirt
- and here comes jealous Hope. Rafe argues with her
- about Ted.Eli overheard him on the phone with a secret
- partner. Hope storms off seeking Ted's explanation.
- Kate catches Ted having a conversation about Chloe.
- April showers bring tough cookie Nicole and
- this time she is staying! Alas Holly is taken ...
- Ben and Ciara make sweet love.
- Jack senses something between Abe and Sheila.
- Marlena makes an admission to Sarah.
- Will is not acting like himself but Sonny is at his side
- as they get the news his tumor is benign. Radiation awaits.
- Kate and Maggie have a Titanic fight. Mags calls her a witch!
- Maggie orders Vic to cool what he cooked up! He refuses.
- Maggie weighs in on Brady's latest.
- He loathes losing in love and hates Kate was hired.
- Rex helps Nicole!
- Rafe spies Ted having a sweet moment with Hope.
- Eric and Sarah's kiss is a recipe for disaster - for her.
- Regarding Nicole: Eric will be royally rocked!
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