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- Serena's secret mission has taken a new turn.
- Serena warns Eric to get the elephant back stat!
- But Eric gave Dan the elephant and now Parker loves it!
- Kate rages at Chad for ruining Rafe's cop career!
- Chad admits he did it so Jordan turns on him!
- Rafe warns Jordan that Ben needs Chad's good will now.
- Lucas and Adrienne can't go back!
- Hope is haunted by Ciara's old kidnapping.
- Marlena discusses the possibility of Ciara remembering.
- Mel makes a delicious deal with Nicole.
- Nicole makes a dangerous discovery!
- Anne attempts to booze up Brady!
- Theresa snatches that drink from baffled Brady.
- Brady thanks her for saving him. He knows!
- But Theresa ain't talking.
- Brady is grateful. Theresa gets they are done though.
- Theresa calls a number Clint left behind. Tis Mandrake!
- Mel suggests Dan cut Nicole some slack.
- Paul's pretty mom comes to town.
- Paul makes an innocent introduction.
- Mrs Norita is shocked to see Marlena!
- Will begs Sonny for forgiveness. Sonny needs time.
- Tori wants to take Paulson home!
- Chad admits to Abi he did not want to love Jordan.
- Chad and Stefano start to conspire against Kate.
- Chad is more DiMera by the day!
- JJ gets a fake girlfriend to cover up.
- Clyde threatens Kate oooo!
- Eve is eerily jealous.
- Paige gets closer to Cole to forget.
- Dan discusses JJ’s bizarre behavior with Jen.
- Theresa confronts MEL about Mandrake.
- Dealing with a DiMera can be down and dirty ...
- Abigail slaps Chad and his smart mouth!
- Many viewers are hoping for Paul to be John's son.
(as first reported by DaysCafe)
- Mel had no idea all roads lead to Kristen!
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