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- Caroline has another premonition!
- Steve's mission takes a dangerous turn.
- Will is about to be confronted by chaos.
- He gets a killer of a clue!
- Murderous Ben is unraveling.
- Someone is now living their last days ...
- Roman sides with Victor and his untried drug,
- desperate to save Caroline!
- Abigail cannot keep away from Chad!
- Chad wonders why.
- Rafe flies at his father for condemning Chad
- with his $100,000 reward!
- Eduardo is elusive about his "security" work.
- Andre has his own idea ...
- Abigail's baby is at risk!
- Tate seems to take a turn.
- Brady and Theresa bond.
- Steve is back in Salem. It's bad about Bo ...
- Steve suspects Bo was tortured to death.
- Victor wants Steve to keep his silence for now.
- Stefano et al set their sights on Clyde.
- Andre is involved in the intrigue.
- JJ also wants to out Clyde!
- Hope finds out about Aiden's latest lie.
- ALIVE prisoner Bo refuses to talk.
- Indebted Aiden gets the goods on Clyde.
- Aiden passes the info on to Commissioner Roman!
- JJ helps out Gabi. Oooo
- Adrienne leans on Lucas.
- Will gets close to the killer.
- The net is closing in so the killer kills again!
- Expect shock waves ... and FAN FURY.
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October 5 - 9, 2015
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