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- Nicole begs Brady to let her go. No luck,
- John and Paul state their case to Sami.
- Bonnie has a wanton word with Mickey's grave.
- Kayla tries with stepson Tripp.
- Eric is deeply let down in love again.
- Lucas offers Brady the dirt on Countess W!
- Steve investigates strange sis "Adrienne."
- JJ is glad to be back in action.
- Sami and Lucas are torn up about Will.
- She vows at the cemetery to find the truth!
- Sami has big doubts about big Ben.
- Marlena, John, Lucas and Eric have
- a moment with wild child Sami ...
- Marlena reminds her of the dead end EJ clues.
- Rafe is ready to partner with Eli.
- Andre is exposed as Alfi in an online article.
- He assures Chad he can change his image for the board.
- Sonny asks Andre to lead them to Dr. Rolf.
- Andre has something to say to Hope.
- Nicole leaves Salem with Holly and without Eric
- but she might see Sami first. Salem is all shook up!
- Hope, Justin, Steve and Kayla have new clues.
- The Kiriakis clan know something is off.
- Eli is surprised by Gabi's passionate support.
- Hope's job causes conflict with Rafe.
- Victor plays along with Bonnie.
- Sami gives Chad a big fat kiss and
- Abigail catches her in the act at the mansion!
- Paul and Sonny's relationship is stressed.
- Suspicious Steve goes to Statesville to see Hattie.
- Here comes the bride from hell and a big discovery!
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October 16 - October 20, 2017
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