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WEEK OF MARCH 23, 2019

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- Sonny agrees to assist Rafe.
- Sonny implores Evan to give David to Rafe so he does!
- Stefano has a haunting dance with hesitant Marlena.
- Wine cellar girls Kate & Gabi know Chad is not himself.
- Xander protects his interests by doctoring DNA test results
- but investigating Nicole hoodwinks him right back!
- Ben finally tastes his freedom!
- Eric tells Sarah his serious doubts about
- having Xander in their daughter's life long term.
- Abigail and Anna can see Chad is off his game.
- Ben and Ciara celebrate their love all day at the Salem Inn!
- (Sonny and Will were supposed to go to Adrienne's grave)
- Hope uncovers more about her Gina days and recalls
- to desperate John where Stefano rebuilt Maison Blanche.
- Maggie must bid farewell to Victor and
- the clan before heading for the slammer.
- Gabi accidentally knocks out Abigail!
- Roman gets an earful from action ready Hattie,
- who leaves in her green earings to conquer the world.
- Stefano fake weds Marlena while Tony and Kristen
- must watch but Anna finds Tony's location with her app!
- Abe advises Nicole on her baby switch suspicion.
- Chad calls too much attention, Abby's world is rocked.
- Marlena gets a telepathic message from John, who shows
- up for real before Stefano can start their honeymoon.
- The phoenix has made a fool of himself.
- Brady saves Kristen from zombie Chad!
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