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- Undercover Chad makes a discovery.
- A secret is about to EXPLODE!
- Ghost Andre warns Kate to tell Chad the truth.
- Will goes to Kate’s suite asking for money cos he has trouble,
- then comes face to face with towel clad Ted who is his trouble!
- Paul suspects Sonny of sleeping with Will!
- Sonny comes clean to Paul about killing Leo!
- Will exposes terrible Ted to Kate.
- Kate tells Will to go and turns the tables on Ted.
- Chad dreams he is Abigail's real baby daddy!
- Claire catches Tripp off guard.
- Steve is after answers about Kayla.
- Abigail catches Gabi acting like a family with Chad.
- Gabi lies she wants Chad to go back to her best friend.
- Stefan puts the squeeze on Kayla again
- but Abigail's medical records could hold a clue!
- Ben is still in Salem with Claire’s sneaky support
- And Ciara wants him to move in!
- Eric offers to contact Sami to come to Marlena's wedding.
- Eve tries to bring Brady and Victor back together
- as per her promise to the patriarch.
- Jen tries to tell Eric everything.
- Sonny admits to Adrienne he loves Will. Still.
- Paul feels betrayed by Will's lies!
- Steve sneaks a peek at Kayla’s phone.
- Will Kate shoot terrible Ted?!
- Tripp seeks an explanation from Ciara.
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AUGUST 13 - AUGUST 17, 2018
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