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- Susan begs EJ to exit Salem! EJ says he stays.
- Susan senses EJ is in grave danger. Here comes Kristen!
- Kristen also has a feeling of dread.
- Chad is the new era of DiMera and it's not all good!
- Chad and Kate hatch a plan against Stefano.
- Old school Stefano wants EJ away from Sami!
- Kayla counsels a victim,
- Paige overhears Kayla admitting she is a rape survivor.
- Hope and Aiden have an awkward date. She agrees to a 2nd!
- Hope spreads the word about her divorce.
- There are questions about Aiden ...
- Nicole and EJ remember.
- Kristen vs Susan!
- JJ overhears Eve comparing him to Jack.
- Eve trashes Jack's memory and gets bitch slapped by Jen!
- Clyde is officially out to get EJ!
- Paige has uncovered a dark chapter in Devereaux history
- Paige starts to worry about JJís dark side.
- Dan helps JJ but is powerless about the sins of the father.
- Ben has romantic plans for Abi. They go all the way!
- Kristen causes trouble for Sami and EJ.
- Kate tries to drive Jordan over the edge.
- Kate flaunts her "friendship" with Rafe and Clyde.
- EJ has got some explaining to do.
- Tough luck for Theresa when John summons her.
- John is himself again, romantically reunited with Marlena!
- Marlena does not want John to get too agitated.
- Unsuspecting Sami agrees to a new alliance.
- EJ is aghast when Victor shares something with him.
- BIG: John knows Brady didnít attack him and thatís a fact!
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September 29 -  October 3, 2014
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