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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Brady and Chloe cannot agree.
- BIG: Ciara is back & Brady takes a mob hit!
- Kristen hears the harrowing gunshot!
- Stylish Kate is heartbroken and angry.
- Ladies man Jake feels the pressure.
- Charlie the fiend has a new friend.
- Rafe celebrates his big day with Nicole.
- Tony and Chad officially join forces.
- Julie needs a doctor!
- Lani asks Kristen for a major favor.
- Xander exposes Phil to Vic, who issues orders!
- Tony has a talk with Kristen.
- Xander's involvement makes a situation implode.
- Ben admits his deep thoughts about Ciara
- to Claire. Then he sees something ...
- Maggie tries to help Phillip.
- Jack, Jen struggle with Gwen's claim. DNA test time!
- Brady fights for his life.
- Kristen gets into his room, threatens Tony & Chloe!
- DiMera wives Anna and Abigail discuss marriage.
- Allie remembers ALL during Marlena's hypnosis.
- Tripp appeals to Charlie one last time.
- Tough cookie Abigail goes after Gwen.
- Steve proudly shows Shawn proof positive.
- Charlie is near the end.
- Beautiful captive Ciara needs to break free!
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