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WEEK OF MAY 23, 2016

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- Hope says she chooses Rafe but first
- Rafe reels from seeing Hope kissing Aiden.
- He drowns his sorrows and runs into Roman,
- who advises him to fight to Hope.
- Hope informs Aiden it is too late and is
- aghast he intends to help Chase.
- Romeo Rafe heads to Hope's house and
- states his case. They passionately kiss.
- Deimos causes a Kate/Nicole fight. Kate
- rages at him for having Nicole's perfume scent
- and slaps his face before storming out!
- He now wants to make love with Nicole, who
- counters she needs a commitment first.
- Deimos plays the piano alone in the dark.
- Nicole warns Victor to butt out. She
- believes she has Deimos where she wants him.
- Kate ends up at the club with tears in her eyes.
- She downs a double extra dirty martini.
- Belle blurts out how she feels to Shawn. He
- is sorry he said things he did not mean.
- Shawn and Belle make love - body and soul.
- Jen is tormented by her demons.
- Her addiction spirals out of control.
- She winds up in jail!
- Julie and Maggie fear for her future.
- But Jack her hero appears to save the day!
- Jack is her voice of reason, her rock.
- Dirk is dangerous ...
- John works with partner Steve to save Joe!
- His secret hideaway with Jade is a secret no more.
- Tired Kayla wants him home!
- Claire and Ciara have their day in court.
- Attorney Aiden has a huge obstacle with Hope.
- He decides to keep his distance from the detective
- and goes to see Chase in the slammer.
- He schemes to spring his son, no matter how.
- Ciara is dismayed and disgusted.
- Holy Shelle! Claire can't help but wonder cos
- Shawn and Belle fell in bed together!
- Phillip finds out about their renewed romance.
- It is a bitter pill for him to swallow.
- Love struck Lani is still lurking.
- Chad is anxious and affected as Stefano appeared
- to him in that new dream. He wishes Abi would see him!
- Nicole starts to lose her perspective
- as she is drawn into Helena's world.
- Ciara speaks freely in her session with Marlena.
- The tormented teen makes a confession.
- Ciara is falling for sad Chad!
- Tough times for a dude who dealt with Deimos ...
- Rory the drug dealer causes friction between
- Roman and Jump Street JJ.
- There are blurred lines in prison.
- Attacked Chase has to be hospitalized.
- He has lost a great deal of blood ...
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