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- Rafe punches mouthy Ted!
- He then realizes what is really going on
- and agrees to help Hope hide him from Stefan.
- Abe and Sheila are at odds again.
- Marlena gives Will advice after he tells all.
- Both Adrienne and Will slap Leo.
- Will stops Leo from marrying Sonny once but the
- second time it takes. Victor and Justin want
- unhappy Sonny to humor Leo until they can nail him!
- Kayla gets a Steve update and confides in Tripp.
- Abigail issues Gabi a threat!
- Gabi starts to spiral out of control.
- Stefan is hit with a dose of reality!
- Julie agrees to help Abigail
- appalled by what she has heard.
- Abigail hits back and breaks into Kayla's office.
- Tripp gets the full story of Steve's setup.
- Julie breaks in and takes on Gabi!
- She finds out the father is Chad!
- Push comes to shove!
- Justin has something from a secret client.
- Nicole left a letter that rocks Eric's world.
- He is livid at Chloe and Brady cos at the end
- of her life Nicole wanted HIM to raise Holly.
- Maggie does an about face in favor of Chloe.
- Stefan makes a move on Gabby, who is really Abigail!
- Kayla decides to hire Dr. Sarah.
- Lani and Eli decide to date. JJ is disappointed.
- Lucas hangs his ornament and heads to Europe.
- Ciara agrees to a second date with Ben
- but he is already keeping boss Stefan's secrets!
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