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WEEK OF JUNE 11, 2018

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- Will has faced his worst fear.
- How far will Kayla go?!
- Marlena helps Will make progress.
- Bad news Xander knows Nicole and Brady's secret!
- Xander makes Victor a crazy corporate offer!
- Ciara is missing and now Hope knows.
- Doug is there for his daughter.
- Eric has a heart to heart with Roman.
- Eric wants to make amends with Brady.
- Ciara is stuck with Ben at the cabin from hell
- with no way out cos her leg is broken!
- Eyebrows are raised about JJ living with Theresa.
- Theresa begs Victor to help her with Brady.
- Theresa becomes the new boss at Bella
- until Eve makes a backdoor deal with Stefan!
- Brady is now spared of her sexual harassment.
- Kayla listens to Kate’s candid conversation
- as Stefan awaits an update.
- Ted and Kate conspire.
- Lani dares to dream after a moment with JJ.
- Will shares his memory hopes with Sonny.
- Will now has Rolf’s serum in his system!
- Jenny has a reason to see red!
- Hope and Tripp search for Ciara.
- Ben seems obsessed again!
- JJ is Lani's hero!
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JUNE 11 - 15, 2018
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