WEEK OF JULY 19, 2021

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- NEW: Paulina does the right thing, Sweet Bits is a go,
- and Abe seems to believe in her again. Not Lani!

- Lucas tosses the Kristen letter so Philip takes it!
- Ciara ends her marriage to Ben by getting an annulment
- thanks to Vic Kiriakis having a judge pal in his pocket.
- Sami admits to EJ she paid Xander to expose Nicole.
- EJ has more questions but plays along with his wife.
- Allie become a maid of honor again after Ciara asks her.
- Abe advises son Theo against marrying forgetful
- Ciara, cos she might get back her memory for Ben.
- Stylish Claire has an idea on how to assist Ben, who is
- still determined to make Ciara remember their romance.
- Chad and tough cookie Belle face an urgent situation.
- Chanel admits her dilemma to Eli, who does not buy defeat.
- CEO EJ proceeds with his powerful DiMera plan and more.
- Paulina drops yet another bombshell on Abe and Lani.
- A Salem bash blows up because of Sami's deal with Xander.
- She made sure honorable brother Eric would hear all about
- stylish Nicole's secret night at the Salem Inn with Xander
- while hubby was away in Africa doing his important work.
- Eric punches Xander with a holy war cry!
- Theo and Ciara's wedding plans still seem to be on.
- Claire and Ciara get into a catfight that gets physical!
- Phil gives Nicole Kristen's letter so she takes it to EJ!
- Ben and Ciara's fraught fairytale is far from over.
- Ben gets one more chance to change her beautiful mind
- and goes to Olympic worthy extremes to get her back!
- Torn Eric and Nicole agree they will always love each other
- as he journeys back to Africa to continue his good work.
- Alas Xander soon sees he went too far with his deal.
- He gets fired from Basic Black by mad boss Brady.
- Nicole is now smug about her own sweet revenge!
- Slick EJ snaps after reading the letter Kristen wrote.
- Lucas admits to Sami that he might have made a mistake.
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