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WEEK OF JUNE 24, 2019

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- Sami is mad at “Nicole” for being mean to Eric.
- Tough cookies Sami and "Nicole" slapfest!
- Kate sneaks into “Nicole’s” room.
- Xander makes friends with targeted Ted.
- Abe gives Stefan food for thought.
- Rex asks Eric to marry him and Sarah now!
- Sarah has no idea Eric is still sweet on her, ties
- the knot with Rex, and offers to help with Nicole!
- Jen suggests Jack try the serum!
- Jack secretly wants his memory back.
- Kayla updates curious Jack on the Rolf formula.
- When Jack agrees to drop the charges against JJ,
- Will hands over Rolf's diary!
- JJ is surprised by sweet lovin Haley.
- Eric is shocked by a reveal.
- Cupcake Claire complains to Shawn,who blasts Ben.
- Ben/Marlena confer about the plan to catch Claire.
- Ben is sure he knows what she did!
- Kristen decides Hope’s digging could be
- a recipe for disaster and tries to confuse her.
- Kate hears a juicy scandalous secret!
- Xander issues Kate a not so subtle warning.
- A dark side is exposed.
- Belle cannot believe it.
- Eve dangles a delicious DA deal to Justin.
- Will and Sonny have made it through.
- Gabi spends a sweet night with Stefan.
- Lani lets Eli know how she feels.
- Tripp and Ciara's plan implodes cos
- jealous Claire goes nuts! Look out Tripp!
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JUNE 24 - JUNE 28, 2019
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