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- * Abigail and Chad are last seen on Thursday *
- They leave for Paris, their love stronger than ever
- after they make love and get remarried to one another!
- Jack makes an announcement at their royal wedding.
- Rafe reunites with Hope and warns Ted to back off.
- Rex stays with Kate and insists Sarah dine with Eric.
- Sarah gets tipsy and calls a nurse about cheating with Rex.
- Jordan tries to kill Ben but Ciara fights back!
- Ben wakes up, grabs Jordan and almost kills her.
- Rafe arrives. Ciara explains and he escorts Jordan away.
- Ben is shaken by his behavior. Ciara stands by her man.
- Kate is eternally grateful to Rafe.
- Gabi unties Leo in the morning and issues him a warning.
- Wilson agree to get rid of Leo no matter how messy!
- JJ and Haley make out.
- A hero has been hoodwinked!
- John wants Marlena to know his huge Leo secret
- But Diana acts worried about his deadly daddy issues.
- Roman warns John not to necessarily trust her.
- Diana now wants a word with Marlena ...
- Leo summons the police and hands over his proof.
- Sonny and Will wind up at the station
- where Eli intends to interrogate them!
- JJ begs Jack to keep Haley’s secret.
- Mad Stefan morphs into Stefano mode.
- He fires Gabi from Gabi Chic and decides to sell it.
- Eli and Lani celebrate a late Valentines.
- Claire jealously realizes Tripp is a Haley fan.
- Eve uncovers the connection between Haley & Trask.
- Before Jordan is taken away to Bayview ...
- the bombshell cabin fire starter is revealed!
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