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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Terrorized Ben believes he is going to die.
- Not everything is exactly what it seems.
- Ciara, Claire, Shawn and Hope head to New York.
- Chloe explains Eve has lost her mind and the
- man with her is Vincent. Time to track him!
- Nicole warns Sonny and Will about Sami.
- Sami bitterly complains to Belle about Nicole.
- Sonny blows up at Sami for her deceit and soon
- learns Will was aware of her meddling. Oh oh!
- Eli and Lani are in for some cute double trouble!
- Ciara and Claire put the pieces together.
- Bonnie tries to hire Justin.
- Eric advises Sami but will she listen?!
- Xander has another love talk with his hero Jack.
- Steve and Kayla are solid as a rock. Roman loves it!
- Nicole wants Allie to give her baby boy a chance.
- The DiMera mansion intrigue intensifies.
- Chad has a secret weapon. Gwen is his secret agent!
- Stylish Gabi and greedy Gwen power struggle!
- Ciara and Hope finally find Ben but he needs help!
- Steve and Kayla's romantic plans are postponed.
- Sarah and Xander's romantic plans proceed with a kiss
- plus she is ready to make loooove with her man!
- Gabi is determined to get Jake on her side.
- Allie summons Rafe, then apologizes to Sonny and Will.
- Jen is back from Florida.
- Ciara brings back Ben with a splash but he has
- been programmed to off her!
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