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- Eduardo Hernandez went to Winterthorne, spent lots
- of time in Central America AND has a pro baseball son!
- Hope believes Bo's ghost wants her to get the bad guys.
- Gabi tells Rafe she is going to give her dad a chance.
- Justin and Eve get physical.
- Justin gives Rafe the go ahead to go after BEN.

- As previously reported ...
- Hope is on an emotional roller coaster.
- Ciara tries a little tenderness toward Chase.
- Salem celebrates a bittersweet Thanksgiving.
- Martha Madison is back as Salem's Belle.
- Blonde bombshell Claire is back too all grown up.
- A week of Love and loss.
- News spreads of Bo's passing.
- John negotiates with Andre to free Sami
- but things get crazy complicated!
- Sami has escaped and steals Stefano's liquid assets!
- Marlena and John worry what Stefano will do next.
- Sami has gone underground. Stefano vows revenge!
- Abi begs Ben to let her have her baby at the hospital.
- Chad remembers Ben is the real serial killer!
- He tells Rafe and they try to track Abi's dying phone.
- Rafe puts out an APB on Ben.
- The cabin is about to get crowded and chaotic.
- Abigail's baby boy is on his way and so is Chad!
- After the baby boy is born Ben murders the midwife and
- chains Abigail to the bed!
- Shawn is still plagued by Belle's cheating.
- Belle uses the D word with her parents. Divorce.
- Bo's ghost appears to Hope and urges her to carry on what
- he believed but be wary of faceless enemies.
- Distraught Hope is determined to get revenge.
- Steve is against it.
- Steve gets drunk after Bo's death and gets another
- anonymous text. He is being watched.
- Ed runs an idea by Eve.
- Could a new Winterthorne clue be the missing link
- for John Black?! Paul points out an old student
- from John's era is staying at the Salem Inn.
- John morphs into spy mode and assures Marlena
- his ISA days are over. This is HIS investigation.
- Victor's loyalty lies more and more with Caroline as
- well as Bo's kids (Ciara and Shawn).
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November 23 - 27, 2015
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