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- Maggie will walk again!
- Nicole discovers Deimos made the retired doctor
- work his magic for Maggie. She agrees to run
- Basic Black for him and admits she can't have kids.
- Deimos still wants Nicole as the woman in his life
- and suggests they could adopt or get a surrogate.
- Claire gets noticed with the great song she
- is working on.
- Shawn and Belle smooch up a storm.
- Phillip and Belle battle over business
- Phil fires his silent partner and she accuses
- him of sour grapes since she chose Shawn!
- Justin needs to fight
- But the deposed D.A. cannot do it alone.
- Wicked Andre wants the family fortune back
- and a road map to revenge!
- Hope is horrified Aiden is the new D.A.
- She wonders how to break the news to Ciara.
- The Salem P.D. is in disarray.
- Abe hates having to swear in Aiden.
- Chloe panics Deimos could be closing in!
- Chloe conspires. Phil offers to be her baby daddy.
- Claire finds out Chloe is pregnant but Chloe
- swears her to secrecy!
- Chad feels the fury and the frustration ...
- So does Ciara, who blurts out her feelings too fast.
- Claire loves that her folks agree she can
- defer college for a year to follow her dream.
- Theo and Claire come together in a KISS.
- John, Brady and Theresa find the Tatenapper's room.
- Paul is in the P.I. picture with John.
- Roman is suspicious of Aiden's agenda.
- Hope and Rafe hope Aiden will not uncover
- her deadly secret.
- Aiden intends to dig up dirty secrets
- But still no one knows Sonny's secret.
- The Thomas custody case seems over.
- Chad is unraveling. He believes his son
- would be better off without him.
- Chad fires Belle, believing he needs no lawyer.
- Abigail IS out there but no one knows!
- Chloe's baby is growing.
- Tough times await depressed addicted Jen.
- Alas ghost Jack cannot stop her!
- She wakes up in a hazy motel room.
- Paul alerted Belle, who finds her first.
- Nicole demands the truth from Deimos about
- setting Victor up. He insists he will help
- clear Victor. Dare she believe him?!
- Brady has something for Theresa ...
- Yeah baby!
- Tate is reunited with his relieved parents.
- Brady calls the only programmed number on the phone
- the kidnapper left behind and Victor answers!
- Victor claims he was set up but Caroline tells
- Maggie about her vision. Victor is carted off
- by the cops.
- Sonny suspects Deimos and teams up with Justin
- to bring him down!
- Victor appeals to John to believe him ...
- Rafe starts to realize what Aiden's agenda is.

- Kate gives Deimos and Nicole the evil eye.
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AUGUST 22 - 26, 2016
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