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- And baby Holly goes to Chloe! For now ...
- Chloe announces she will live in New York.
- Brady tries to talk her out of it.
- Deimos is trouble so Nicole dumps him!
- Drew seeks Shane's expertise.
- He drops a bombshell.
- The three heavies - Andre, Deimos and Ed -
- meet to discuss a dramatic deal.
- Kate feels betrayed by Ed, who wants her back.
- Abi and JJ join forces to get to Gabi and Chad.
- Gabi and Chad have cabin fever and kiss.
- Abigail finds Chad half undressed with Gabi!
- Tis Hattie's last week.
- Hope senses Andre is scheming again.
- Orwell is killed, the hostages saved.
- Rafe realizes something about his sister.
- Dario is there for Abigail.
- Chad is determined to do the right thing.
- so he explains the situation.
- Abigail is perturbed so Chad proves his love.
- Val hopes to hide her son's history.
- Marlena finds Eric a changed man.
- Sonny's captors have gone too far.
- Hattie tells off Alfi aka Andre.
- Claire and Ciara come close to a cat fight.
- Eric and Jen are all over each other!
- Val's FBI son comes for David's funeral.
- He confronts Val for hiding his paternity.
- Julie has a hard time letting go.
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FEBRUARY 20 - 24, 2017
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