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WEEK OF APRIL 14, 2014

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- May approaches but will she still have stars in her eyes?!
- Scandalous pictures of EJ and Abigail are delivered
  to DiMera mansion and also to Abigail! Wot EJ wants to know
  is who the anonymous sender was!
- Sami gets closer to the truth!
- Sonny knows Nick is up to something. EJ senses he just wants
  Gabi and the baby. Sonny wants to do something but EJ points
  out Nick feeling in power is the Nick who slips up - so for the
  time being, they should humor him ...
- Nicole knows Liam was lurking around Dan's apartment and a
  confrontation ensues. Liam turns on her with blackmail most foul!
  Nicole wants to step up and do right by Dan, though it does
  not materialize cos Liam the man with the blue gloves has
  got major goods on her!
- Marlena is worried when Eric shares his matrimonial hopes with
  her at the town square.
- Gabi gets upset with Sami for calling her an unfit mother ...
- Will is stunned when Gabi announces her plan to move
  out with Ari! Will now has custody concerns and realizes
  Sonny was right! He wants a custody agreement. Gabi freaks out.
- Sami is told off by Will for making things worse again.
- JJ and Paige pucker up.
- Rafe realizes his sister has a secret.
- News travels of Gabi and Nick.
  Rafe attacks Nick, who verbally threatens him.
- Rafe now intends to dig up all dirt on Nick Fallon.
- Mary Beth the buttinsky plots against JJ and Paige.
- Theresa is smug about Dan's suspension. He thinks she
  had a hand in it. Eric warns her that if she was in any way
  involved, he will make her wish she never came to Salem!
  Maggie shares the same sentiment.
- Brady decides to dump Theresa. She is crushed. Can she change ...?!
- Liam acts like he does not know Theresa in public.
- Liam tells Jen that Dan could be an addict. He claims his wife
  was one so he knows the signs. He mentions money being taken
  from his account with the excuse that he could not balance, to set
  the stage for the next part of his plan ...
- Aiden and Hope work together again for the church school
  but things get complicated.
- Aiden opens up to Marlena about his feelings.
- All roads now lead to May sweeps and the end of Gabi ...
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