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WEEK OF MAY 25, 2015

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- Chad complains to Abi about the DiMera love curse.
- Will has made Clyde a person of interest.
- Chad enlightens Will that DiMera owns Sonix!
- Will confesses to Rafe that Clyde was menacing.
- Will agrees with Sonny not to spoil Arianna.
- Rafe and Chad are after Will's research!
- Theresa has Kim on her side!
- Adrienne and Lucas plan to publicize their love.
- Clyde tells Ben to hold on to Abi how ever!
- Hope wants Rafe to work with her against Clyde.
- Jeremiah's convo with Will was scripted by Clyde!
- Kate plans to be ruthless with Adrienne.
- Aiden learns more about his crafty client.
- Clyde wants to suck Aiden into his seedy business.
- Victor is exasperated by Kim.
- Kim gives Brady a hard time.
- Kim and Brady bicker about baby.
- Kim is against Tate being raised Kiriakis.
- Kim has not forgotten her past with Victor.
- She slept with sinister Vic to save Shane long ago!
- Paige is heart broken but wants REVENGE.
- Eve is gunning for Jen.
- Kim inadvertently assists Theresa.
- Theresa blackmails her rival to move away!
- She threatens to take Tate to California.
- Mel gives Brady her answer. NO.
- Brady knows why and turns on Theresa!
- Will Serena save Nicole?! She tries to tell her.
- Victor pulls rank.
- Kate must work with a personal pill.
- Justin has been fired by Victor in Dubai but ...
- Justin has been hired to manage Kate!
- Mel must leave Salem. Many tears!
- Lucas and Adri are caught off guard by Kate.
- Eve and JJ play the blame game.
- Paige has harsh words for Jen.
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May 25 - 29, 2015
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