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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week!

- Paulina is shocked when Marlena jokes about her secret.
- As stylish Ciara and Gabi catch up at the pub, Jake shows
- his gun to Ben and notes he needs to protect Gabi.
- Ben warns him that is not the right way to go.
- With assistance from actress Kayla, Steve tracks Kristen
- on EJ's phone and Nicole knows all about it!
- Seems like Chanel is gonna be the new Celeste!
- Gwen fears her worst secret will soon come out.
- John officially suspects pro-movie Marlena is possessed!
- By week's end he has his hands on her recording!
- Gwen and Bonnie have become unexpected slammer roommates!
- Julie now demands Marlena allow her access to Bayview Doug.
- Xander and Justin try to keep busy in jail by working out.
- Oh boy. Ben and Ciara are back in bed!
- The devil in Marlena is out to get Julie again!
- Stylish Kate and Roman are slowly getting back together.
- Steve is about to change the rules of his deal with Victor.
- Brady believes he knows a better place Chloe could live.
- Phil misunderstands when Brady carries her bags to Salem Inn.
- Justin tries to make disheartened Bonnie feel better.
- Paulina panics as Abe wants Marlena to assist in their wedding
- but Mardevil does not want to deal with sacred vows.
- Jake tries to save fallen Abe at the park but creepy Carmine
- the murderous mafia liar has caused chaos for them both!
- Alas Mayor Abe must be taken to the hospital right away.
- Abigail opens up to bff hubby Chad about her Gwen suspicion.
- Victor steps up for family in need (Justin and Xander).
- Mardevil tries to avoid looking suspicious John in the eye
- but then plays along while altering her appearance.
- Stylish mama Kate and Lucas advise Phil on his love life.
- Chloe is fed up with Phil and Brady fighting over her.
- What will crazed threatened Kristen do from a distance?!
- Jake warns Philip that he went too far.
- Romeo Rafe confesses he cannot bear Nicole being with EJ.
- The devil wants to use Ciara & Ben for demonic purposes! Like
- 'Rosemary's Baby' the cult classic 1970s horror film.
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