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- Brady is ready to redeem himself ...
- Abigail feels Gabi is her enemy. She tells JJ.
- Gabi wants Chad to lock Abigail up! He disagrees.
- JJ is questioned by the cops in the proof planting case.
- Hope deduces Ben planted the proof to taint her case
- and decides to beat him at his own game.
- Ciara dreams of Romeo Ben. Claire knows she is in denial!
- Claire and Ben become partners in a crime of the heart!
- Tripp doesn't see it coming ...
- Abigail faces off with her enemy. Gabi attacks herself!
- It is also Halloween worthy when Gabi drugs Abigail,
- drags her to DiMera mansion and leaves her there
- dressed like Gabby. Poor Stefan wants to believe!
- Jen calls Stefan sick.
- JJ warns Chad of his sister's suspicions.
- Gabi now claims Abigail was violent!
- Victor sympathizes with Eve over losing Brady.
- But there is more. Eve fears he is missing.
- Lucas slaps Bonnie with a sole custody lawsuit
- but Mimi wants her baby back!
- She begs Chloe to make Lucas back off.
- Eric, Sami and Nicole end up working together
- after Sami realizes she sprayed the wrong person!
- The EJ plot thickens.
- Sami and Eric sneak into Xander's warehouse.
- Brady has become Kristen's hostage and tells Sami
- about the mysterious prisoner who might be EJ.
- Suspicious Sami goes looking for him on her own.
- Nicole discovers a dramatic secret.
- Belle feels torn between two friends.
- Sex-ay Rex-ay is back in Salem with something new!
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OCTOBER 15-19, 2018
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