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- Xander deals with Dr. Rolf and agrees to get him a lab.
- John and Marlena disagree with Brady's decision.
- Gabi falls apart and then feels vengeful.
- Rolf asks Nicole to give Eric an envelope.
- She sneaks a peek and sees Sarah’s test results!
- Xander changes his mind but he is too late!
- Nicole admits she saw it. Xander seeks her silence!
- Awake Julie insists Eli and Lani keep their wedding date.
- Julie is grateful to Gabi but hits a snag.
- Vic offers flowers + the Titan CEOship to Kate.
- Before she accepts she advises Gabi to fight
- for Stefan's legacy. Gabi gets out his secret projects.
- Hope is now in a strange altered state!
- Anna wants to wed worldly Tony, who
- is now busy heading up DiMera!
- (He consulted with Chad, then spoke with Shin)
- Victor orders Jordan offed but when Rafe learns
- a drunk driver confessed to almost running down Ciara,
- Ben gets the Greek to cancel his plan. For now.
- Jack apologizes to Abe, who agrees to be interim mayor.
- Kayla gives booted out Rolf's flash drive to Jen.
- Eric wonders why Sarah suddenly wants to move.
- John and Marlena suspect Hope is not herself.
- John realizes Rolf is up to something in Salem!
- Kate also catches Hope acting oddly.
- Nicole keeps the super-secret from Eric.
- Instead of being offed Jordan gets free pizza.
- Ben apologizes to his sister but this is far from over!
- Sis sweetly invites him to a party with sinister plans.
- Hope is down the DiMera tunnels with Stefano's portrait.
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October 14 - October 18, 2019
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