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- Magnificent Melanie is home at last!
- But the family is in the dark ...
- Dan is delighted his daughter is home.
- Mel is happier to see some Salemites than others.
- Mel is furious to find Nicole in a towel at her father's!
- Dan and Nicole decide to fight the feeling.
- Eric is not sure what to make of a certain situation.
- Mel has a super secret!
- Chad doubts Mel is over him but his DiMeraness is an issue.
- Marlena counsels crafty Clyde.
- Jen want's Marlena's advice as well.
- Rafe asks Marlena to help Gabi get to see Ari!
- Since Will took Ari to L.A. Gabi's had no visits.
- Rafe is feeling down in general.
- Kate's underhandedness comes back to haunt her.
- Chad makes an enemy of Clyde.
- Jordan confronts Kate for telling Clyde where she was!
- Paul makes eyes at Jordan. Chad is displeased with Paul
- JJ and Paige make up for good! He wants no one to know.
- Marlena has something to say to Chad.
- Mel has a word with Chad and then meets Ben.
- Theresa is tormented.
- A new biz partner for Sonny?!
- Sonny is mad at Chad and doubts his club loyalty.
- Chad charms Sonny but Kate knows better!
- Kate warns Sonny that Chad is like Stefano.
- L.A. Will is not sharing everything.
- Maybe Sonny isn’t either …

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November 24 -  28, 2014
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