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- Aiden has a quiet phone conversation about the
- big bundle of cash he is about to get his hands on!
- He then gets another call from the boss and boasts
- he has succeeded in his paid task of winning Hope!
- Eve holds Jump Street JJ’s fate in her hands.
- This spells danger for JJ!
- She outs him to Kyle as being undercover!
- Eve flirts with Justin.
- Kyle orders JJ to TEST his new shipment.
- Chad risks feeling the fury of the phoenix.
- Chad summons Abi to expose Stefano's land plan.
- Abigail angrily refuses to ever let Stefano win.
- Stefano believes he has been betrayed.
- Chad is sad to hear Abi is having Ben's baby.
- Ben continues to track and test his fiancee.
- Stefano kicks Chad out of the mansion!
- Nicole triumphs over two enemies.
- She wins a civil suit against Zan and Serena!
- But when Eric berates her about it
- she gives the Serena cash to charity.
- Nicole wants to use any money from Zander
- to start her own business whenever ...
- Gabi's hearing is planned.
- Will laments to Abi he has not heard from Sonny.
- Marlena urges woeful Will to be patient.
- She points out she and John are finding their way
- back together ...
- John is pleased when Paul opens up.
- Hot head Ben finds out Abigail lied to him.
- Theresa is determined to draw Brady in.
- Zander is in trouble cos of Theresa!
- She sets it up to appear he attacked her!
- Brady falls for it but says it changes nothing!
- Zan is toast on Tuesday. The cops cart him off.
- Victor laughs at him to call legal aid.
- Chad and Serena get drunk together and
- things go completely CRAZY that night!
- Clyde is watching when Serena slaps Chad.
- A dark secret soon swirls around Chad ...
- Eric stumbles upon something sordid =
- Serena stone cold DEAD in the roses!
- Chad can't really remember what happened.
- He hopes he did not do anything dastardly.
- Caroline joins Maggie, Hope, and Julie
- as part of the bicentennial planning committee.
- Steve is back in Salem for Kayla with son Joey!
- Their reunion takes place at the hospital.
- (Steve assumed Bo was alright)
- Aiden wants a word with Rafe about Hope.
- Rafe liking his lady leads him to hurry so
- As previously reported, Aiden proposes.
- It happens this week!
- Will blasts Paul because
- Will blames Paul for everything.
- Caroline has a disturbing dream about Bo ...
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August 24 -28, 2015
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