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- Gabi is onto Kristen's master plan.
- Kate gets a dramatic DiMera chance from Shin. CEO!
- Victor presents Maggie with a sobriety gift, but
- when they head to the club he corners Kate about Shin.
- Xander is the subject of Sonny and Will’s sleuthing.
- Sonny and Will open Xander's box of secrets and
- find out Kristen has been financing him.
- Will warns Brady alive Kristen might be around.
- Brady boasts to Eric he is with Nicole now.
- Eric responds badly and Sarah is disheartened.
- Stefan plays hero for Gabi but Kristen
- locks them both in the DiMera wine cellar!
- Sonny comes looking for Gabi. "Nicole" lies she left
- for a last minute meeting and forgot her phone.
- JJ wants to leave the cursed loft with Haley.
- Roman gives Anna her ring.
- Tony kisses his beloved Anna and demands
- a divorce from "Nicole" now!
- Marlena notes to John that Nicole is not herself.
- John will be caught off guard by a return.
- Kristen locks up Susan.
- Things go crazy at John and Marlena’s celebration.
- Xander has told the cops all about Kristen.
- John slaps “Nicole,” and gets her mask off.
- Gabi is moved by Stefan's actions
- and they go for greatness together.
- The jig is up for Kristen and the
- cornered crazy cupcake guns for Marlena!
- Hope has quetions for corporate Kate.
- Bamboozled Brady demands answers.
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AUGUST 19 - AUGUST 23, 2019
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