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- Brady believes Theresa's tale!
- Aiden gets an earful and dares to hope!
- EJ is caught off guard by armed and dangerous Chad!
- Chad claims he caught a thief. Ben!
- Abi still gets to Chad.
- Kristen dares Dan to destroy Theresa with HER.
- Jill the pill drugs JJ and snaps away!
- Nicole is there for Eric.
- The pics of JJ and Jill are sent to Paige.
- JJ begs Paige to believe him.
- Abi is affected by Chad.
- Chad proposes a power play with Kate.
- Clyde goes all creepy on Jordan.
- Chad saves Jordan!
- Roman catches EJ and Sami in a kiss!
- Roman wants Ejami to never ever get back together!
- Writer Will faces another conflict of interest.
- Clyde begs for a date with Kate.
- Hope reaches out to Bo - for a divorce!
- Sonny advises Will on his latest article
- EJ and Sami feel the pull of their PASSION.
- One thing leads to another and another ...
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September 15 -  September 19, 2014
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