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WEEK OF MARCH 23, 2015

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- Serena's diamonds are dangerous!
- So she hides them in the Jonas fireplace for now.
- Parker saw Serena's diamonds though!
- The Tori story takes an unexpected turn ...
- Someone could face the consequences.
- Will lashes out at Paul.
- If only Sonny knew the latest!
- Adrienne has advice for her son.
- Nicole meets a naughty new man.
- That new character used to be Damon!
- Theresa is duped and drugged by creepy Clint.
- Theresa's troubles are just beginning!
- Hope smells a rat when she runs into Clyde.
- Dan finds out Eve's lover has a jacket like his.
- Dan now knows JJ slept with Paige's mother!
- JJ freaks out about Dan's digging.
- Eve is after an alliance with Cole!
- Nicole wants Eric to see Serena for who she is.
- Will tells T his marriage troubles.
- Ben asks Abigail to move in with him.
- Abi replies she is not ready and runs into Chad.
- Chad impresses Abigail by quoting Jack the great.
- Serena has a vindictive visitor.
- Kate tells Clyde that Stefano tricked Victor too.
- Kate vows revenge!
- Paul enlightens Sonny.
- Dan says he knows about JJ and Eve!
- Jen the not-so-good liar panics …

- Many viewers are hoping for Paul to be John's son.
(as first reported by DaysCafe)
- Mel had no idea all roads lead to Kristen!
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