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WEEK OF JULY 4, 2016

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers This Week!

- Andre has a plane crash on his mind.
- Rafe is after answers from Andre!
- Rafe fears Hope is in danger!
- Money makes things macabre.
- Nicole feels the forbidden temptation!
- Aiden will not be getting his wish.
- JJ blames Chad for Abigail.
- Andre claims she gave him the letter for Chad.
- Shawn hopes to to hurry it up with Belle.
- Chad plays along with his brother.
- Phillip finds out Deimos has plans.
- Kate deduces Deimos intends to destroy her.
- Kayla wants to slow down with Steve.
- Jade is shunned by her folks.
- Theresa admits her sleeping problem to Brady.
- Nicole probes how close Chloe is with Deimos.
- Stefano's ghost tells Chad to put Thomas first.
- They argue about Abigail.
- Kate is now paranoid about Deimos.
- Hope thinks it is time to go home.
- A sinister plan, a plane, and Summer ...
- Who's that baby?!
- Maggie is heartbroken.
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July 4-July 8, 2016
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