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- Chloe confesses to Brady the baby is Nicole's!
- Nicole is accused of attempted murder after she
- saves Deimos from an attacker.
- She is disgusted with Deimos' deception
- and cannot believe Chloe kept Holly.
- She demands her baby now!
- Steve pulls a gun on sweetness!
- Gabi and Abigail perfect their peace plan.
- Carrie gets close to Rafe!
- Justin is on the case for Nicole, who is in jail.
- Someone surprises her!
- Belle is back in Salem.
- She is asked to be Chloe's legal saviour.
- Let the custody battle for baby Holly begin!
- Claire is happy to see her mother.
- Eric has a hard time nursing Hope back to health.
- He might need to reach out ...
- Chad and Abigail get romantic. For real!
- Deimos begs Chloe to be fair.
- Maggie and Victor are on team Holly.
- Dan's ghost is on his way ...
- There's something about Stefano.
- Shane delivers the detail in person.
- Marlena keeps the peace between Steve and Rafe
- and decides to lure Stefano into her own lair!
- Lucas helps out Anne again. Is Adrienne in?!
- Kayla is in Europe with Steve.
- They paint Prague red with romance!
- Sonny seeks a simple solution with Chad.
- United they should stand - against Ed and Dario.
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