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- Lucas and lawyer Justin make Bonnie an offer.
- Jen has confessed to Eric so Eve starts to confess too.
- Brady drops Eve for making him lose his son.
- Eric punches Brady in the face for destroying his life!
- After denouncing Brady, Eric vows to find Nicole.
- Meanwhile Sami vows to find an alive EJ!
- She starts by storming over to DiMera mansion
- to get answers from Kristen. Butler Harold is on the job.
- John tries to keep Hattie under control.
- Shawn and Rafe decide to do the right thing.
- Will makes worried Paul a promise. Sort of.
- Stefan asks Kristen for the truth about EJ.
- Eric asks Maggie to help with his Nicole mission.
- Lucas seeks assistance from Adrienne.
- Rafe and Hope's realization is a game changer.
- Gabi sets up Stefan and Abigail at the same time!
- Kristen is on the loose again and heads to the hospital
- to kill Marlena and get it right this time!
- Chad pours out his heart to Kate.
- Eli is suspicious of Susan.
- Chloe has a heart to heart with Brady.
- Tripp is there for Ciara in a big way
- but her heart belongs to Ben.
- Will JJ do the math ...
- A story starts to explode.
- Abe is at an unexpected wedding - of John and Hattie!
- Meanwhile real Marlena opens her eyes!
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SEPTEMBER 24 - 28, 2018
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