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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2 Weeks +

- Allie tells Tripp about the secret DNA
- test and he takes it hard.
- Henry's test results are ready!
- Nicole stands by Allie while Steve
- stands by his son.
- Ben is in big trouble but buddy Jake
- pays his bail.
- Shawn gives grieving Ben a pep talk.
- News travels of Hope's letter.
- Lani is after answers. Where is Eli?!
- She was sure he was at the hospital.
- Henry's test results are revealed.
- Stylish Kate tells Roman all about Allie
- and he reels from the news of her rape.
- Jack and Jen's party gets underway and
- Gwen wants to make it a moment certain
- Salemites will never forget!
- Theo has a surprise in store for Abe.
- There's a twist regarding Tripp.
- Abigail reads a 'secret' letter concerning Kate
- and someone she cares about.
- John and Marlena remember their romance.
- Jake goes after Gwen - not in a good way!
- Justin uses the F word with Bonnie. Forgive.
- PS And the president is .... Happy voting USA!

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