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WEEK OF MAY 27, 2019

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- Payback is a soap beech! Poor Eric.
- Will Xanda share wot else he has?! He assists Jack.
- Power hungry Xander's plans are layered!
- Drinking Maggie goes after Kate!
- Claire regroups.
- Chloe comes to a decision.
- Teddy romances Hope.
- JJ needs help from funny old friend Rory!
- Rory is on Eli's radar.
- Kristen deceives drunk Maggie after she opens the
- door without her Nicole face! The door closes and
- Kristen gets her fake Nicole face back on ...
- faster than you can say Indiana Jones!
- Wild child Jen whacks Jack again!
- Will draws a blank at the Tom and Alice plaque.
- Ben tells Ciara about not so sweet Claire
- but they need proof ...
- The clock is ticking fast for Will.
- Vic gets caught in the middle of a mess.
- Will insults Hope and Ted teehee!
- Marlena hypnotizes Ben, who wants his truth!
- Jen helps Tripp to avoid Jack.
- John and Marlena work together for Will.
- John uncovers Eve's connection to Rolf's diary.
- Rex has information about Rolf.
- Maggie tells Brady a scandalous secret.
- Jack remembers more so Jen dares to dream ...
- Eric makes a heartfelt appeal to Nicole.
- Note: The precious memories of Caroline story
- is expected to start in May. Sami & Lucas to be seen ...
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