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Days of Our Lives Spoilers This Week!

- Chloe drops Phillip.
- but how long can she hide her secret
- from Nicole, who knows there is something!

- Claire and Ciara search for Theo.
- Ciara fears he'll go vigilante over Abe being shot!
- Kayla cries on Steve about the status of their son.
- John, Marlena, Steve and Kayla frantically fight back!
- Hope has been pushed to the max but she should not
- have believed Aiden cos now he is winning!
- Audacious Aiden threatens to expose Hope
- unless she stops seeing Rafe forever!

- To catch a thief ...
- Gabi spies a certain someone stealing.
- Nicole knows something new about Deimos.
- She is upset about his underhandedness.
- Thomas could be in danger!
- Marlena questions Kate about Clyde.
- Theo plots his revenge for Abe !
- Justin wants Adrienne away from the DiMeras.
- A couple gets tangled in a triangle.
- Dust settles ... with shock ...
- The good guys regroup but so do the madmen.
- More to be revealed on the history of Orpheus.
- John and Orpheus rendezvous!
- Andre boldly suggests a business deal with Chad.
- Dealing with the devil does come at a price ...
- Andre wants a piece of the Kiriakis pie
- but Chad would be betraying someone!
- Kate is IN and the three conspire ...
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October 3 - 7, 2016
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