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- Will and Sonny are back together!
- Kate Mansi is back as Abigail with Julie on her side!
- Sonny and Will regroup.
- Make no mistake. Gabi is going down ...
- Chad feels the wrath of Abigail.
- Rafe grills guilty Gabi.
- Alive Leo still wants his wedding with Sonny!
- Busted Kate has words with clever Kayla.
- But Kayla is maddest at Stefan for Steve.
- Ben tells Tripp he knows what he did!
- Hope panics over Ciara dumping Tripp.
- Terrible Ted gives Hope an idea.
- Dr. Kayla points the finger at Gabi.
- Eric and Sarah are on the same page.
- Ben and Ciara smoooooch. Rafe sees!
- Kate updates Roman on the Stefan situation.
- Leo tells Sonny about his secret boss ...
- Sonny chides Chad for keeping Kate's secret.
- Ben gets a job.
- John and Marlena - the romance continues.
- Hope tries to hide her secret deal with terrible Ted
- but towel clad Ted tells Rafe they are having an affair!
- Sonny blasts Kate for setting him up.
- Julie snoops for Abigail, discovers what Gabi did,
- and attacks her!
- Kayla stands up to Stefan, accuses him of spying,
- and Roman goes after him!
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
NOVEMBER 26 - 30, 2018
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