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WEEK OF MARCH 30, 2015

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- Dan wants to do the right thing.
- JJ admits his Eve indiscretion to Dan.
- Mel has done the math thanks to Maggie.
- Sonny is grateful for Paul's blood.
- Will gets rattled by a reporter on his anniversary!
- Nicole notices Serena's strangeness with Zander.
- Stefano is amused by Chad's antics.
- Abigail,however, is not!
- Chad is bugged by Ben being with Abi.
- Eve and Cole conspire.
- Sonny and Paul are tempted ...
- Adrienne CHEATS with Lucas!
- Will and Marlena discuss Paul's predicament.
- She demands he enlighten her.
- John is about to see Tori!
- A party blows up with a BIG secret!
- Clyde seeks out Victor. It's about Kate ...
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March 30-April 6, 2015
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