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WEEK OF JULY 31, 2017

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- Someone is under siege!
- Abigail protects Chad and is hurt!
- Angelica realizes her flunky could go rogue.
- Marlena will need help.
- Kayla can go back to work.
- Tripp tells her he knows she murdered his mother.
- Brady really believes Eric and Nicole aren't over!
- The DiMeras grow closer as a corporate clan.
- Steve is haunted by his past ...
- Eric and Roman have a heart to heart
- about the way he really feels.
- Gabi finds out Chad truly loves Abigail.
- Chad decides to do the right thing.
- Andre advises little brotha.
- John is concerned.
- Victor conspires to FREE SONNY!
- Angelica's plan is gonna get crazier.
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
JULY 31-AUGUST 4, 2017
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