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- A sweet letter for Nicole?
- Dario uses the L word with Abigail.
- However, he is let down by the apple of his eye.
- Dario is dumbfounded. Now what?!
- Ed's kiss with Chloe has Kate seeing red.
- (no brownies or apples though!)
- Brady spills a secret to Marlena.
- He thinks he loves Nicole.
- Brady also professes his love to Nicole.
- Someone walks a very thin line.
- Sonny spies on Deimos for Rafe and Hope!
- The Kiriakis mansion has been bugged.
- Steve takes the paternity test with Tripp.
- He also takes him home to Salem.
- Steve and Kayla are concerned Joey will
- tell Tripp what he did to Ava but Tripp
- is already investigating!
- Joey starts to spill the secret so
- Steve wants to lie he killed her!
- Victor talks turkey to his tormented brother.
- Deimos hates Brady being with Nicole.
- Brady and Nicole start a store in Canada.
- Chad hits back at Deimos.
- Ed faces off with Deimos.
- Just desserts? Abigail asks Chad about Deimos' attack.
- Andre is against Gabi going anywhere near Chad.
- Others weigh in on what went down with Deimos.
- Like Sonny ...
- Lucas has sweet words for Adrienne.
- Gabi feels she's got to move on.
- Julie will freak when she finds out her newfound
- grandson is getting to know Gabi!
- Abe plays peace maker for Val and Eli.
- Jade's cry for help gets her hospitalized.
- Adrienne realizes who her Mr Right really is.
- The stars don't seem to be aligned for Eric and Jen.
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