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WEEK OF MARCH 19, 2018

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- Stefan's story for the Salem P.D. spreads.
- Kate gives him a piece of her mad mind.
- A member of the Kiriakis clan crashes.
- Shawn thinks Rafe deserves another shot
- at happiness with Hope.
- Paul gets a talking to from Sonny.
- Sonny hates seeing him with Will!
- Stefan whisks fake Gabi to Hong Kong,
- Hope sees them together but it's unclear.
- Is fake Gabi falling for Stefan?!
- Steve officially forgives friend and partner John.
- Eli coaches real Gabi.
- Abigail has some explaining to do.
- Brady refuses not to work with Eve.
- Rafe pours out his Hopeful heart to Kate.
- Sonny is threatened by vicious Viv!
- Hope wants Belle to rep her for a divorce!
- Kayla confides in Marlena about John.
- Chloe is back in Salem, unaware that she is
- being tailed by trouble!
- Lucas and Chloe have a cute skate date.
- Gabi's trial gets underway. Justin is in fine form.
- Lani drops a dramatic courtroom bombshell!
- Under oath she has to admit she slept with Eli!
- JJ explodes and attacks Eli in the courtroom!
- Chad finds his wife, who happens to be in Gabi mode!
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