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WEEK OF JUNE 19, 2017

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- Adrienne and Angelica have cat fight fever!
- Victor has a perturbing premonition about Sonny.
- Hello again ghost Dan.
- Eric and Nicole work ever so well together!
- Deimos intends to make good on his threat.
- Paul is worried about amulet Sonny!
- Theo moves forward.
- Eric counsels guilty Jade, who is hiding something huge.
- Joey gets Jade out of a jam.
- Friends and family attend Eli's bash at Marton mansion
- in honor of the island saviours and survivors.
- Dastardly Deimos drugs the whole dang party - but not Paul!
- Deimos is disguised as a waiter and wants Sonny's amulet.
- Eric and Nicole have a hot kiss!
- Lani and Eli also kiss.
- Rafe wants to marry Hope.
- Chad and Abigail feel like old times.
- Hope needs help!
- Tripp think he has the upper hand but does he?!
- Someone is going to DIE.
- Gabi makes the grim discovery of stabbed dead Deimos.
- JJ is front and center ...
- He needs Marlena to hypnotize his muddled mind.
- Raines announces all at the party are now
- under investigation.
- Translation: Secrets will be spilled!
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