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WEEK OF MAY 1, 2017

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- Danger lurks as couples collide.
- Brady is down! Sonny and Paul find him.
- Marlena has reason to worry about John.
- Zanimal goes raging rogue again.
- Hostage Nicole fights to flee with Holly.
- Kate advises Chad not to choose Abigail.
- Lani and Eli suddenly have a lot in common.
- Will Theo be able to make Wyatt withdraw?!
- Wyatt wants Ciara to go steady with him.
- Claire's singing dreams are dashed. She leans on Theo.
- Abigail disappoints Dario.
- Tripp regroups. Joey cringes ...
- JJ worries when Lani sneaks off to see Snake..
- Chad sees Gabi smooching with Eli.
- Eric will embark on a new journey with Jen.
- Tripp knows Steve has been lying to him
- cos he is covering for the real killer.
- Enter jaded Jade with nothing to lose!
- Hope looks into Ciara's Mr. Wonderful.
- JJ saves Lani from a detective disaster!
- Near death Brady gasps to Eric to go after Nicole.
- Rafe arrives but Brady is in no condition to be cuffed!
- Julie and Gabi go at it again.
- Tripp tells cousin Angelo that Kayla could have killed Ava!
- Chad and Kate both desire Deimos' powerful amulet
- but how far would they go to get it?!
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