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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks

- Paul feels the pressure.
- Paul starts telling Will about the love of his life!
- Nicole breaks into Serena’s room!
- Kimberly is home for Christmas.
- Kim tells Paige the truth about papa Shane.
- Someone might not be so discreet after all.
- Hope and Doug discuss an important matter.
- Meanwhile Maggie and Jen defend Aiden.
- Kayla is worried about Hope as well.
- Santa Claus is coming to town …
- Chad has a DiMera Christmas.
- Long distance Stefano flexes his muscle!
- The Hortons hang their ornaments ...
- Sonny gets his own ornament!
- JJ gets his Christmas wish.
- But his trouble with Eve ain't over.
- JJ and Eve are soon at it again!
- Will, Sonny and Rafe make a prison pilgrimage.
- Gabi gets to see Ari. Happy at last!
- Doug and Julie are home for Christmas …
- John comes back too, ready for romance. Lucky doc!
- Brady seems better with his da.
- The Christmas story is read.
- Doug and Julie’s real great granddaughters attend!
- Adrienne confides in Lucas and cries on his shoulder.

- PSSST! Pay close attention to the Theresa/Brady baby
saga cos Kristen is briefly back this spring to wrap it up!
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
December 22 -  26, 2014
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