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WEEK OF MARCH 25, 2019

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2 Weeks +

- Can material girl Claire keep it together?!
- Diana feels the net closing in.
- John exposes her to her face!
- Love starved Leo is heartbroken and leaves happy
- as clams Will and Sonny with something strange.
- Rafe gets revenge on Ted!
- Hope warns Ted he cannot have his cake
- and eat it too ...
- Brady gives Eric a really hard time and
- Sarah naturally sides with Eric.
- Ciara lovingly looks after Ben.
- Sugary Claire appeals to Eve and ends up
- up taping Tripp as he talks about his planned
- marriage of convenience to Haley!
- Brady and Chloe kiss.
- Rex reels when Sarah confesses she kissed Eric.
- Jordan makes a stunning reveal to Rafe.
- JJ looks into Jordan's cabin history.
- A chaotic comeback!
- Hungry Stefan and Gabi smooch!
- Will has to get to the hospital asap...
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March 25 - MARCH 29, 2019
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