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WEEK OF JUNE 1, 2015

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- Brady and Mel's last kiss was bittersweet.
- Mel moves on and away June 2.
- Things get crazy again!
- Theresa intends to tempt Brady at home.
- But Brady is heartbroken and hostile ...
- Stefano has a secret mission.
- Jen and Eve have an altercation.
- A package is delivered to the door and
- Eric finds a photograph Serena would rather hide ...
- It is a telling picture of her with Zander!
- Chad and Abigail end up alone and attracted.
- Chad and Abi feel the power of their passion!
- Diamonds are not always forever!
- Parker surprises Dan by showing him something.
- Oh no Nicole!
- Nicole needs a way OUT.
- Will and Sonny work on their marriage.
- Will wonders. Sonny reacts.
- Will and Sonny suffer another BIG spat!
- Paul has a helpful chat with Marlena.
- Eric realizes Nicole was right about Serena!
- Serena feels the wrath of the fallen father.
- She kinda confesses.

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