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- Vivian puts poor Kate in a coma!
- Maggie blasts Victor about Ben.
- Xander is sweetly on Sarah's side
- but Eric goes berserk on him!
- Xander gets to Sarah.
- Gabi goes to see Julie. Meow!
- Eric and Nicole are LOVERS again!
- Jack and JJ cannot find Jen!
- Jack blames Eve for the lab destruction.
- Doug and Julie pray together.
- Brady pours out his heart to John.
- Kristen wants Brady to believe she
- is a kinder gentler her.
- Anna is after a deal with Kristen.
- Jenny is all tied up and calls out for Jack,
- who is on the phone with her creepy captor!
- Hostage Jen gives him a clue!
- The identity of her captor is insane!
- Lucas and Will are at Kate's side.
- Hope and Rafe wonder about Gabi.
- Eve appeals to Abe.
- Gabi to suffer a loss.
- Xander tells Kristen too much!
- Jenny needs a hero now and her rescue
- is seconds away ...
- Jordan and Claire became pals at Bayview!
- Jordan is back but Ben worries she will go after Ciara.
- She has full custody of baby David.
- Rafe gives Jordan a chance and she kisses him.
- Will overhears Stefan and scandalous Vivian.
- Sarah hides her truth from Kayla.
- Anna and Tony will triumph only after
- he makes a sacrifice.
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SEPTEMBER 16 - 20, 2019
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