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- More is revealed about a bold business plan.
- Ed and Dario take the next step.
- Andre attempts to get Gabi out of DiMera!
- He also advises Abigail to act before it's too late!
- Kate is key to Shawn and Rafe's case.
- A story is told in Stefano's email account!
- A terminal illness gave him a motive to set up Hope!
-(hence the maniacal laughter as she shot him)
- Stefano's doctor confirms his deadly diagnosis.
- Material girl Claire gets money from Victor.
- Ciara tries to find love online buuuut ...
- she gets more than she bargained for!
- Adrienne is in emotional hiding at the church.
- Steve is the one who finally finds her.
- Lucas senses Jenny has a huge secret.
- Phil says too much to Nancy.
- Just when Nicole thinks her guy is sweet ...
- Deimos goes gangster on Phil after he
- finds out he knows Chloe's baby secret.
- Phil is restrained and drugged. Truth serum anyone?!
- Adrienne's world is about to come crashing down.
- Kayla breaks news of her test results. Breast cancer.
- Sonny is devastated.
- Adrienne leans on Father Luis.
- Joey becomes suspicious of happy house guest Jade.
- JJ urges Abi to return to her husband and son.
- Brady cries on Jen's shoulder. Ooo
- Great conflict comes between Gabi and Chad.
- Soon Dario also knows Abigail is alive!
- Abigail is going to lose a friend she silences...
- The girl regroups - with blackmail!
- Chad gets news on Stefano. Gabi is sympathetic.
- Crazy Hattie helps Hope in the slammer!
- Hattie tells Hope her tale that started with Stefano.
- Theo gets closer only to expose Val via her phone.
- Brady bumps into Eve, aka the sister of
- the wife-in-spirit who left him ...
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December 5 - 9, 2016
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