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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks

- EJ and Sami consummate their marriage.
- Sami learns the true story of EJ - from EJ!
- Sami gets a new ring for a new start!
- Brady blasts Kristen for the latest mess.
- Brady accuses Kristen of drug deception.
- Dan tries to get through to Kristen.
- Nicole urges Eric to nail Kristen in court!
- Hope confides in Caroline about the divorce.
- Caroline reacts to Hope's news. She takes it hard!
- Kristen tries to teach Chad her evil ways.
- Clyde has his date with Kate.
- Clyde makes Kate an enticing offer!
- Jen is upset with Dan for lying about JJ.
- Theresa's troubles are not over.
- A new Salem scandal...
- Marlena loses hope.
- All is not as it seems with John!
- John wakes up for Marlena!
- Theresa panics and plots.
- Kate discovers Chad's long term agenda.
- Rafe is hugely jealous of Jordan and Chad!
- EJ and Sami are solid as a rock.
- Susan is back in Salem. EJ was not expecting her ...
- Susan wants to see how her little Elvis is doin.
- EJ tries to put motha's fears to rest.
- Susan is not so sure Sami is the right girl.
- EJ is not so sure motha is playing with a full deck!
- Will's new story will affect many.
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
September 22 -  26, 2014
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