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WEEK OF MAY 21, 2018

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- Lani fears for the baby.
- Vivian is baaaaack!
- Ghost Andre appears to Kate.
- Eric meets ancient enemy Xander again!
- Ciara gets a history lesson from Julie.
- Kayla assists Will ...
- Mateo creeps out Chloe by claiming he offed Theresa.
- Will wants to go after his missing memories!
- Eve is bugged by the sight of Brady with Theresa.
- Theresa wants to stake her claim.
- Kate gets a legal update on her fate.
- Sonny is so onto Lothario Leo!
- Xander mocks Eric to Jen.
- He has big plans ...
- Some in Salem doubt Abigail's new memories
- Gabi is off the hook but on the hook!
- She still has to face the judge!
- Will makes a discovery in Rolf’s dastardly diary
- with far reaching implications ...
- Jen stands by Abigail as she faces the music.
- Ciara discusses her fear of men with Hope.
- Brady confides his new dilemma to Marlena.
- John and Marlena and a wedding to remember!
- But first John and Paul plan a daring rescue
- of Chloe. A Mexican standoff in the making!
- May sweeps spell a mother of a twist ...
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