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- Jen has a hot lead but does she get it?!
- JJ has been hiding something.
- Eduardo and John are brothers in arms.
- Hope's date with Aiden goes to hell!
- Rafe comes up with a wild idea.
- Roman and Rafe conspire!
- Chad steps up as a single dad.
- Something unexpected.
- Change is a comin to Kiriakis! Vic takes action.
- Theresa will be haunted by her past. Bad luck.
- Marlena means well but can Andre be trusted?!
- Psssst! This is the week that the stunning
- lady doctor from Abe's past appears in Salem
- with something to hide.
- Love is in the air for Steve and Kayla.
- Aiden refuses to give up but suddenly
- sees the error of his ways and moves away.
- Deimos turns on Nicole for her deception!
- Romeo Rafe tries to get Hope out of town.
- Eduardo and Kate have a hot kiss!
- Chad and Andre settle a certain matter.
- Victor might make Ciara a wealthy woman.
- Eduardo hopes to hire corporate Kate.
- Salem goes Halloween this year with DiMeras,
- a shocker, and black magic ...
- Gabi is consumed with caring. JJ gets better.
- Theo is suspicious of Abe's new doctor.
- Ciara is on his side.
- Abe seems to take a turn.
- A mysterious phone call ...
- Deimos confides in Victor.
- Beware! Orpheus is still an issue.
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October 24 - 28, 2016
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