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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2 Weeks and Beyond!

- As loved ones wait Abe's noble history is remembered.
- Reunited Chad and Abigail are annoyed by EJ again.
- Ava and Phil try to cover their tracks.
- Jack hounds Victor to step up for Bonnie and Gwen too.
- Suspicious Philip tries to put unsuspecting Chloe to the test.
- Abe meets Lexie on the other side but is not ready to leave.
- Kristen is basaaaaack and EJ is bothered by the timing
- but has to try and help hide her. They argue about her
- plan to go see daughter Rachel.
- Kristen gets caught close to Rachel by Brady and Steve,
- only to wind up at the station trying to explain herself.
- Belle gets super spooked by possessed mama Marlena.
- Ciara hopes and believes she might be preggers.
- Time to take a pregnancy test!
- It's a church showdown for John and Mardevil!
- Lucas blasts Brady for being at the Salem Inn with Chloe.
- Johnny, Chanel and Allie get a message from beyond
- when they play with a Ouija board.
- Mardevil makes John her hostage in the creepy crypt.
- Johnny and Allie discover the devil walks among them.
- Jake is taken to the station for questioning. Rafe
- demands answers about Abe getting shot with his gun.
- Jake was simply set up by Carmine the old Vitali
- killer mobster, and Philip and Ava played a part
- but will he be able to convince the commissioner
- he is not a bad guy?! Of course Gabi wants to help ...
- Someone unexpected senses what is to come.
- Julie and Paulina have a heart to heart conversation.
- The dreadful devil has decided Julie must die!
- Slick Victor seems to be owed a few favors!
- Salem is in for a most harrowing Halloween.
- Rex returns with a reveal that would rattle rival Xander.
- Gwen reels over Xander suddenly wanting to rescue
- Sarah aka the bride that ran away with Randy Rex.
- The hunk literally leaps out of bed with her after
- their hot and heavy reunion but how much is real?!
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