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WEEK OF MAY 29, 2017

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2 Weeks +

- John refuses to give up!
- Chloe goes to see ailing Brady again.
- Nicole has the same idea!
- Eric attempts to distract Chloe.
- Will Tripp overcome his dark side?!
- Nicole is caught and arrested!
- Eric is also arrested. Jenny to the rescue!
- Things do not go well for one of the island gang ...
- Paul does not support Sonny's Titan obsession
- as new CEO in absentia!
- JJ and Lani make a shocking island discovery.
- Steve is on the case for Adrienne.
- Chad is so busted!
- John rages at Chloe she is wrong!
- Gabi realizes how much Eli gets her.
- Adrienne shares a secret with Kayla.
- It is about loving Lucas ...
- Maggie gives Deimos a tongue lashing!
- Abigail finds her Dario deception difficult.
- Hope interrogates Deimos.
- Deimos is fired from the family.
- Justin socks it to him.
- The stage is set for a summer murder with many
- Salem suspects and a twist ...
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
MAY 29 - June 2, 2017
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