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- Lani blurts out her tale of blackmail
- with all the details!
- A sinister surprise!
- Abigail accuses Eli.
- Eli reveals to Gabi that Abigail and Chad
- are aware he has been investigating them
- and that's not all ...
- Gina has completed her Stefano portrait.
- Here comes Steve.
- A new clue!
- Fierce Ciara Vs crazy CLYDE!
- Nicole's news shocks Eric.
- Abigail and JJ remember what happened to Haley
- and who did what.
- Marlena gets a gift of love.
- Gabi has a reason to see red.
- Marlena's Thanksgiving is anything but dull!
- Meanwhile Eve has a very Hattie Thanksgiving!
- Xander hopes Sarah loves him too
- but he wants his confession back!
- Hattie wants to talk turkey. She has an idea how
- to help herself and Eve, but can she sell it?!
- Hopeful Chad has been hoodwinked and he
- did not see it coming. He regroups.
- Abigail investigates another matter.
- A deal goes south.
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November 25 - November 29, 2019
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