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- Deimos is convinced Chloe's baby is HIS!
- Hope refuses to deal with the new D.A.!
- Paul is ready for that lunch with Sonny.
- Joey is drawn into the drama of Jade again.
- Hope has harsh words for Aiden.
- Deimos dupes Nicole.
- The proof against Victor is too easy!
- Justin is down in the dumps and
- refuses to deal with Deimos again!
- Will is remembered ...
- Kayla feels her family needs therapy.
- Kate is the new mistress of the old Marton house!
- Doug and Julie are baffled by her behavior.
- Chad prays to Abigail, unaware she is alive.
- Chad trashes the place in his pain.
- New D.A. Aiden starts to see he made
- a deal with the worst devil!
- Xander feels like a caged animal.
- Evil Orpheus has been plotting his revenge
- from prison for years! He could even be
- blamed for some surprising past crimes.
- Rafe and Hope are tested ...
- Brady and Theresa prepare for wedded
- bliss ...
- Brady now has a hard time believing Victor
- was the mastermind of the Tatenapping.
- Chloe and Phillip are kissing co-conspirators
- but his heart belongs to Belle!
- Phillip and Chloe lie he is her baby daddy.
- Nicole knows better than to believe it!
- Deimos orders Dario to tail Chloe.
- Sonny is livid about Deimos setting Victor up
- and he is going to do something about it ...
- Arrested Victor makes bail and rejoins Maggie.
- The redhead is on her road to recovery.
- Gabi and Sonny discuss the latest in their lives.
- The good Hortons rally around Jen.
- Adrienne and Lucas ask Jen to wedding plan.
- Ed announces he is leaving Salem.
- Jen's mama Laura shows up!
- A private conversation was not so private.
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