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- Blackmailing Bonnie corners Victor.
- Marlena finds Eric.
- Paul was never happier.
- Sonny has Will on his mind. Still.
- He tells Paul their tragic tale of love.
- Hope confides in Kayla about Rafe.
- Shock and awe ...
- Marlena asks Eric about his love for Nicole.
- Abigail and Chad are after Dario.
- Doug and Julie celebrate their love.
- Andre and Kate reboot their bogus relationship
- but they are both in denial!
- Abigail has reason to be relieved.
- The Brady pub is an important venue.
- Someone makes a pass at Paul.
- A secret patient is on the loose!
- It’s about BIG BEN again!
- A double wedding day and a guest
- has something to say ...
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SEPTEMBER 25 - 29, 2017
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