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WEEK OF MAY 2, 2016

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- Shawn and Belle are bewitched, bothered and bewildered.
- Justin make Deimos a Kiriakis offer.
- Caroline shares her visionary view with Victor.
- Deimos falls hook line and sinker for Nicole.
- Deimos now asks Nicole to CEO Basic Black!
- Caroline and Julie are aware of what Deimos did to Maggie.
- Victor and Maggie are John and Marlena's new neighbors.
- Maggie wants Summer to live with them!
- Summer is haunted by her past and the man who
- knows her biggest secret. He blackmails her
- but winds up dead!
- Romeo Rafe romances the Hope.
- She lets him know she loves him too.
- Hope is happy at last at home BUT
- of these past months. He still loves her!
- Steve is livid Kayla hid from him how Joey got locked up!
- Ciara becomes a live-in nanny at DiMera mansion!
- Theo supports and continues to see her.
- Claire could be on her way to stardom.
- Phillip's future hopes have changed ...
- A couple starts to crack!
- Theresa warns Brady to stop playing the hero.
- Kate is livid Nicole looks like Helena. Meow!
- Brady is bothered by Nicole's new normal.
- Marlena needs John now more than ever.
- Summer and Dario lie that they are lovers.
- JJ and Gabi's date does not go smoothly.
- The Ben thing is still an issue.
- Abigail has a major meltdown.
- Theresa decides to dig up dirt on Summer.
- JJ is a guest at a gathering of girlfriend Gabi's family.
- Jade and Joey are L.A. bound.
- Eduardo feels the pressure of his past.
- Psst. The matter of the DiMera money ain't over ...
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