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WEEK OF APRIL 28, 2014

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks!


- Sami feels more strongly than ever that something
  has to be done about Nick! She gets an idea on
  how to neutralize him ...
- Abigail wonders what Ben is hiding. She is intrigued.
- Will sees Gabi's proposed custody agreement.
  This means WAR!
- Theresa has the chance to step up and do the right
  thing and she tries.
- Jordan professes her love for Rafe.
- Kate shows no mercy with Jordan.
- Paige has it out with JJ.
- EJ gets an update on the picture that rocked his world.
  He goes straight to the source, meaning the photographer!
- After Theresa tells the truth, Dan and Eric go searching for Jen.
- Liam explodes on Smith Island. He thinks he has nothing to
  lose, everything to gain. so watch out, Jenny! Nicole to the rescue!
  Shots are fired in the fight with Liam. Then it's over ...
- Liam is gone! Nicole and Theresa could be in the clear!
- Sneaky Ciara wants to make a deal with Aiden.
- Papa Will refuses to lose his rights ...
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April 28 -  May 2, 2014
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