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WEEK OF MAY 30, 2016

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- Jade pushes Joey to commit robbery
- but he is gonna get caught!
- His folks could not see it coming.
- Fynn fully supports stressed Kayla
- and gives her a heartfelt hug. They kiss.
- John is suspicious of Fynn.
- Chaos has come to the California commune!
- In the end Joey gets arrested and Steve cannot
- stop his son from taking the fall for Jade!
- Kate is ready to reconcile with Deimos until ...
- Kate catches Deimos and Nicole in a looong kiss!
- Deimos had claimed he was onto Victor's scheme but
- he suddenly has a real ring ready for Nicole.
- She demands a new one.
- Raging Kate sees it all down by the river!
- Nicole consults with Dario on the latest.
- JJ's loyalties are tested.
- Aiden acts like he is utterly crushed.
- Hope acts sorry for Aiden.
- She checks on Chase and also hugs Aiden.
- Rafe is furious to find the pair in an embrace.
- Mama believes Hope is not the right girl for Rafe.
- Adriana calls in reinforcements.
- A certain someone is summoned to Salem.
- Chad feels let down in love cos
- he cannot get Abigail to agree to a visit.
- However, he is not always alone ...
- Chad drowns his sorrows.
- Ciara feels more empowered.
- Aiden has a plan.
- Andre regroups.
- A startling secret ...
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