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WEEK OF JULY 28, 2014

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers This Week!

- Eric needs Nicole to help him with Rome!
- After some soul searching, Nicole makes her choice .
- Here comes trouble! Kristen DiMera is back on MONDAY.
  Salem will never be the same ...
- Kristen is convinced her latest scheme is justified.
- Brady must deal with his new normal but can Sami
  keep going with hers? You betcha!
- Marlena is highly suspicious and worries about John.
- Eric cannot forget the passion.
- Nicole feels like a different woman ...
- Kristen resorts to kidnapping Dan! Her DiMera methods
  may be dramatic, but she wants Brady back and she would
  just looove to have a baby ...
- Theresa realizes how wrong she was to trust evil Eve.
- Theresa must do Eve's bidding.
- Will and Sami are still at odds.
- Abigail attempts to take on Sami.
- Kate tries to drag Victor into a scheme.
- Victor does something unexpected concerning EJ.
- Clyde sticks around Salem like a bad penny.
- Sami enlightens Jordan. Jordan confronts Rafe!
- Maggie wonders where or where Daniel could be.
  Meanwhile Kristen has underestimated the superdoc ...!
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July 28 -  August 1, 2014
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