Week of APRIL 19, 2021
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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2 Weeks +

- Rafe arrests Belle, but her red button was planted!
- Chad refuses to turn his back on Gwen's baby.
- Vivian demands Kristen deliver on their deal.
- Kristen gets to work against Kate.
- If Chanel wants a divorce with non-CEO Xander
- she will have to agree to a deal!
- Abigail cannot accept Gwen's baby story.
- Jack asks Steve for advice.
- The curious case of Charlie Dale takes a turn.
- Jan tries to regroup.
- Kristen puts the squeeze on Sami!
- Ben confides in Claire.
- Chad and Abigail have a dramatic disagreement.
- Steve and Kayla are surprised by Tripp's new name.
- Gwen plays up her preggers predicament
- but not everyone buys it.
- An unexpected romance!
- Sami tells Lucas to take Chloe to bed!
- Ben despairs. Ciara has decided to depart with Theo.
- Xander & Chanel plot against Paulina.
- Abe has become Paulina's confidant and ally
- and tries to help with the Xander mess. Lani too.
- Brady reveals his real feelings for Chloe.
- Abigail falls apart. Kayla tries to help.
- Tripp and Allie get intense.
- "Susan" takes action against stylish Kate.
- Lucas fakes the feeling.
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