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Days of Our Lives Spoilers This Week!

- Brady is bewitched by the unfinished business
- of Dan's heart that brings him to the beach!
- Ed is suspicious of Deimos' interest in Kate.
- John drops a bombshell about Deimos
- on Phillip.
- Andre has Chase exactly where he wants him.
- Ava is back and Steve is anxious.
- Jen's strange mood is seen at the workplace.
- Hope and Rafe try to turn the tables on Andre.
- Victor gives Phillip a task.
- Tis about redemption.
- JJ disagrees with Abigail.
- Chad all but accuses Andre of murder!
- Eric has more woes.
- Tormented Eric turns to Jen. Oooo
- Brady bumps into Dario in California.
- Brady's Dan story gets more mysterious.
- Dario holds a key clue.
- Belle makes a decision.
- Upset Shawn arranges to date another woman.
- Claire uncovers Belle's big secret.
- Rafe cannot let go ...
- but neither can Andre.
- Andre is now out for blood!
- Ava contacts Kayla to cause trouble.
- Theresa and Nicole both go after Brady
- but who will get there first?!
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February 15-19, 2016
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