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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks

- Paul senses his mom is avoiding someone.
- Jordan says her goodbyes to family and friends.
- Clyde is issued a threat!
- Rafe gets Victor's game and enlightens Kate.
- Lucas and Will want to dig up dirt.
- Will blackmails Tori with her old photo!
- Justin and Lucas fight over Adrienne!
- Chad wants to be Abi's hero ...
- Brady and Mel are caught off guard.
- Mel lays down the law.
- Paul's history is complicated.
- He just doesn't know it yet ...
- John suggests Paul stick around Salem!
- Brady and Theresa have a common problem.
- Nicole asks Aiden for his help.
- Serena feels the net closing in ...
- Stefano is up to his old tricks.
- Kate chooses the lesser of two evils.
- Kate suffers a corporate setback!
- King Stefano is baaaaaack!
- Theresa has a rowdy run-in with JJ.

- Many viewers are hoping for Paul to be John's son.
(as first reported by DaysCafe)
- But there is another contender too ...
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
March 9-13, 2015
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