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- Justin & Adrienne celebrate their love.
- Things take a heated turn between Brady & Eve!
- Victor wants the wicked woman gone for good.
- Andre has Kate exactly where he wonts her!
- Marlena is one step closer to helping Will.
- Hope and Rafe are over.
- Rafe and Sami oh la la!
- He is convinced he could not measure up to Bo.
- Maggie wants in on Brady and Vic's Deimos secret!
- Theo to leave Salem for phsyical therapy ...
- Sami goes after Susan.
- Marlena and John beg the loon to stop lying.
- Roger reveals a secret to John.
- Someone unexpected!
- Dr. Rolf’s mind control is remembered.
- Sami kidnaps Ben to get to the truth!
- He hisses Will will hate her forever
- after he is carted off again.
- Lani leans on Eli.
- Sonny sticks up for Paul.
- Arianna gets to see papa Will!
- Tripp and Claire connect.
- JJ wants a last word with Theo
- and goes against the rules again.
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
NOVEMBER 20 - 24, 2017
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