WEEK OF JUNE 1, 2020

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2 Weeks +

- Heroic Steve has a sad secret.
- Sonny and Will discuss their next child.
- Brady and Sarah are just getting started!
- He is determined to destroy Titan and slick Vic.
- Gabi starts to get to 'Jake.'
- Claire's new bff is not so innocent!
- Ciara and Brady butt heads.
- Abe and Julie are elated about Eli and Lani
- but preggers Lani has concerns.
- John is sorry for Steve.
- Steve kisses Kayla in a dream.
- Jake makes a big reveal to Ben.
- Victor feels the wrath of Sarah 2.0
- Marlena suspects Sarah still loves Xander but his
- chances are really ruined after Brady blurts out he
- almost helped Kristen steal Sarah's embryo. Smack!
- John has a bad feeling about Brady.
- So do Eric and Ciara.
- Claire wants Marlena to know she is well
- enough for release but is she really?!
- Hope helps Rafe in his custody fight with Zoe.
- Jack tells Steve not to give up on his true love.
- Steve drowns his sorrows, starts talking by Kayla!
- Jake admits to Ben and Ciara that Gabi was snatched.
- He has a crazy ex in his colorful history.
- Ben is gonna try and track her.
- Bye bye Orpheus.
- Abe tries to train Kate the stylish one woman show.
- Someone behind the scenes wants DiMera!
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