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- Ava Vitali is just getting started.
- The murderous mafia princess is most peeved ...
- Bo's service is held.
- Steve makes the most of the moment while
- locked in the closet with Kayla. Ooooo
- Hope is after justice for Bo.
- Caroline has an intense vision connected to Victor,
- who is NOT immortal!
- Pssst.Vic has a huge killer of a secret from the old days!
- Steve is there for Hope.
- Dan is jealous of Fynn's attraction for Nicole.
- Shawn and Belle are torn.
- Shawn decides he is done with Belle!
- Ben turns on Abigail.
- Chad, however, wants to be her HERO!
- Chad braves a snowstorm to get to the cabin!
- But Ben goes crazier than ever ...
- Ben has double murder on his mind.
- Gabi and Paul have a hot prospect.
- Hope catches up with a dastardly doctor.
- Rafe is Hope's emotional rescue!
- Belle gets involved in the Sami melodrama.
- The cops are closing in on Ben ...
- Victor pressures Brady sooooooo
- Brady the love addict chooses Theresa over Titan!
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November 30-December 4, 2015
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