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Days of Our Lives Spoilers in 2 Weeks

- Will reacts to Sonny getting him the writing gig.
- Wlll and Sonny have a spat but all is not lost!
- Victor admits his involvement to Maggie.
- Sami gets bitch slapped!
- Vengeful Abi tries to turn the tables on Sami!
- Kristen begs Brady to take her back.
- Can Kristen really make things right?!
- Brady wants Kristen in his past but feels a pull!
- Brady keeps his conversation with Kristen a secret ...
- Sami softens toward EJ.
- JJ and Paige are caught in the act!
- Theresa is overly confident.
- Clyde makes a move on Kate!
- Jordan needs Rafe's help.
- Lucas accuses EJ of taking advantage.
- Aiden has a heartfelt moment with Hope.
- Dan catches Kristen at John's bedside!
- Dan decides to keep an eye on Kristen.
- Ben and Abigail make the most of their privacy.
- Ben and Abigail are trapped together!
- EJ must face the wrath of the Julie!
- Eve makes a discovery.
- Brace youserlves. Stefano is storming back to Salem ...
- Kate needs an ally!
Days of Our Lives Spoilers
August 25 -  29, 2014
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