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- Saving Mickey and a tangled test
- before the truth gets out!
- Sonny keeps trusting sneaky Evan
- but he really shouldn't.
- Xander cannot hide his baby switch secret
- foreva but he is going to bloody well try!
- Ciara and Will discuss how to deal
- with her news.
- Eric is bothered about Nicole and Brady
- and feels fooled again.
- Eli's mind is trying to tell him something
- about his girl Gabi.
- Shawn is here to help Rafe and gets a clue.
- He puts Hope to a telling test!
- Evan knows something significant.
- Kate goes against Gina.
- Eric leans on someone unexpected.
- Brady and Kristen are there for one another.
- Brady is baffled by Xander’s very bizarre
- demand.
- Lani wants to stop Eli and Gabi’s wedding.
- ‘Steve’ makes a slip and verbally attacks Anna.
- No one saw it coming.
- Tony and John wonder about his state of mind.
- Kate confesses but is it too little too late?!
- Steve lies to Marlena that John is not alive.
- Chad and Abigail do the math.
- MIA.
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January 27 - January 31, 2020
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