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WEEK OF JULY 23, 2018

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- Is Kate playing Ted or is Ted playing Kate or both?!
- News spreads of Abigail's secret.
- Will's nightmare is just beginning!
- More Salemites speak out against Ben.
- JJ gives Gabi advice.
- Ciara wants to get Ben a lawyer but Eve wants him dead!
- John and Marlena make a request of Eric and Brady.
- Jen gets a clue!
- JJ is off the hook.
- Gabi goes crazy with revenge!
- Ciara sides with Ben against Hope and Rafe.
- Sonny reads the “I know what you did” letter Will got.
- Abigail announces to Chad she is pregnant from Stefan.
- Chad takes it like a DiMera man.
- Stefan begs Abigail not to abort his baby.
- Steve’s bandages are finally off.
- Kayla and Steve celebrate.
- Kate tells off Ted for being Ben’s lawyer.
- Ted accuses Sonny of doing something sinister to Leo.
- Victor forewarns Eve that Jen could pose a problem.
- Jen reveals the truth to Brady!
- Tripp realizes Ciara has replaced him with Ben.
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