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- John and Steve are after the source
- of Anna's stange letter ...
- Abigail attempts to put together the pieces
- of the puzzle.
- Lani tells Gabi too much.
- Did Gabi go back to her dark side?!
- Val informs Lani she knows her truth
- and Eli is no fool!
- Steve's story takes an unexpected turn.
- He bears bad news for Kayla ...
- Sonny gets closer to Uncle Victor
- but in another matter he starts to snap!
- Eve tempts the fates.
- Will fears for Kate.
- Paul and Will wonder what is wrong with John.
- They decide to do some digging.
- More evidence emerges on the security footage.
- as Eli and Rafe investigate.
- Rafe scrutinizes Stefan's security footage.
- Paul is stunned by something John says.
- Will asks Hope for a favor.
- Carrie comes home to rep Roman and Anna!
- Anna and Roman add anotha name to the suspects list.
- Rafe's secret could be used against him!
- Someone crashes Andre's funeral ...
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January 29 - February 2, 2018
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