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WEEK OF MARCH 30, 2019

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- Nicole hears from Dan the medicine man in dream world.
- Eric finds out from Brady that Nicole isn't in NYC for biz.
- Nicole corners Raynor, who confirms everything.
- Anna saves Tony from the wrath of Stefano Steve.
- Sweet Jen suggests Kayla just listen to her heart.
- Justin and Kayla talk turkey. What next?
- Hattie leaves town.
- Evan gets his chance to explain.
- Abigail attempts to bring the real Chad back!
- Ben and Ciara are ready for the next stage
- of their love story but Clyde is on the loose!
- John beats Rolf at his own game.
- Eric the hoodwinked hero has questions.
- Leo the loon is back for April Fools but
- the joke's on someone else.
- He suggests a bold brazen deal with Will and Sonny.
- Stefano tries to make Marlena off John for him!
- The DiMeras take action against one
- of their own. Mutiny alert!
- Anna's shoe is a lethal weapon. Look out Stefano!
- Brady takes a bullet for Kristen!
- Chad makes up and makes out with Abigail.
- Lani and Eli are offered their old jobs back.
- Sheila is in Salem on April Fools to stun Eli!
- Brady sees Mickey's heart shaped birthmark!
- Power hungry Gabi clashes with Eli and Lani.
- Xander and Sarah prematurely wedding plan ...
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