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Days of Our Lives Spoilers 2 Weeks +

- The Hortons plan a Christmas to remember!
- Ciara confides in Hope.
- Crestfallen JJ remembers Jack!
- Eve eavesdrops on Victor and Brady!
- Steve socks it to Kate.
- Unexpected fallout for Kate from Chad!
- John follows up with the woman he loves.
- Brady is out for Eve's blood!
- Eve begs Justin to intervene.
- Will really is the new Sami!
- Kate and Eve have a corporate clash.
- THIS is the week of the Claire/Ciara
- Christmas catfight!
- Will reaches out to Paul. Oooo
- Can they ever be friends?!
- Doug and Julie are there for old friend Abe.
- Jen begs him to forgive JJ.
- Chad sweeps Abigail off her feet.
- Sonny is asked to tell Will the whole story.
- Lani leans on Eli but Val tells her to help JJ!
- Brady braces for the first phase.
- A Christmas miracle is in the making ...
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December 18 - 22, 2017
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