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WEEK OF APRIL 20, 2015

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- Lucas' life takes a turn ...
- Kate is back to her wicked ways!
- But karma is not kind to Kate.
- Victor makes Adrienne admit her affair to family!
- Abigail is very bothered by Ben's history!
- Stefano wants to slander a certain Salemite.
- Chad gets his Sonix instructions.
- Will is going to be used.
- Hope and Aiden hit a professional problem.
- John follows his new son to San Francisco!
- Creepy Clint dupes Theresa again.
- Jen takes a page book from a shrink.
- Jen calls out Eve on her JJ obsession.
- Kristen attempts to manipulate Brady.
- But Brady is just like John Black!
- Mel makes a bold move by showing up at the castle!
- Kristen drops a bombshell.
- Brady and Mel are treated like prisoners!
- Justin is back in Adrienne's world.
- Poor Adrienne is torn between two lovers.
- Serena tries to steal back the stolen diamonds.
- Nicole confronts Serena!
- Will wants Marlena on his side ...

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April 20 - 24, 2015
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