Days of Our Lives Spoilers and Buzz!
Updated August 11, 2011
Jack returns in the middle of September. In the middle of September exactly 5 years ago, Jack and Jennifer found themselves on an adventure together, where everything old
was new again. They were on the path of destiny, which
would soon show Jennifer that Jack was still the man she had always loved. Now that's some kinda karma!
Meanwhile, the curious references to Tony continue ...

Updated August 1, 2011
Will keeps trying to live la vida straight, but some things were
just not meant to be ...
told ya!

In other buzz, the Hollywood Know got the following response from
Mr. Robert Greenblatt, Chairman, NBC Entertainment, at the TV Critics Association (NBC panel) today, on the future of Days of Our Lives.
"We are happy with its performance. I think it will be on for a while."
(important ratings period starts in fall)

Updated July 7, 2011
Carrie and Austin are  returning to Salem. They  will be played
by Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon. A while back, both
Clark and Muldoon were at the studio, catching up with none other than Alison Sweeney, so this has been in the works for quite some time! Hmmm. What other secret Salem treats lie in store ...?

Updated June 28, 2011
Dario is soon gone.
Mel will have very emotional scenes prior to his departure ...
Fans are scratching their heads wondering why Days has mentioned
Tony twice on the show recently, as it would be simpler to just declare
his latest death null and void and have him back at the mansion. At
east that way, EJ and Stefanowould have more people to talk to than
each other! Speaking  of EJ, James Scott, Salem's resident bad boy
legal eagle, is good pals with Christian Leblanc, aka Michael Baldwin (Y&R), Genoa City's resident reformed bad boy legal eagle. Might EJ
too end up more reformed one day, like his real life pal's character ...?

Updated June 23, 2011
Jen thinks she should break up with Dan!
Carly winds up in rehab.
Nicholas Alamain reconnects with his mom.

Updated June 13, 2011
New Days writers promising SUPER SPOILERS this fall ...

Updated June 5, 2011
Saturday's Days charity event at the Hard Rock
Cafe in Hollywood was like a zoo. Plenty of excited fans
and accommodating stars, but some fans in wheelchairs
were not assisted in getting through the mobs and
had to sit helplessly. Charming Bren Foster rushed  to the
side of a fan in a wheelchair upon hearing from someone in
attendance that she had been unable to reach him. 
James Scott and Crystal Chappell fans who came an hour
early were all able to get some quality time with these
two huge names. But James had the right idea to leave
when things got chaotic. The organizers were simply not
well prepared ...

Updated May 30, 2011


Taylor realizes that EJ still has secrets.

Updated May 18, 2011
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Jack waltzes into town and explains no one knew
what was really going on with him ... This is
going to be BIG!

Updated May 17, 2011
Will Brady take the law into his own hands?!
Kinsey needs help ...

Updated May 12, 2011
Someone new for Will arrives
to shake up things on Days of Our Lives.
Dario Hernandez is not gay,
unlike a young Kiriakis, so they say ...!

Updated May 10, 2011
Brady plots to bring down EJ.
Rafe has an idea.
Chloe just can't resist.
A new Kiriakis comes to Salem!

Updated March 28, 2011
Viv wants to learn Stefano's secret and also neutralize
Kate. She hopes Nicole will help with the bringing
Kate down part, though Nicole's initial reaction is no.
Meanwhile, Kate learns more about "Rafe"'s bizarre
behavior from Sami.

Updated March 23, 2011
Victor helps someone who falls prey to Brady's
These two buzz items have been around for ages,
but recently resurfaced again ...
1. John Black could pay a visit to Salem.
2. A certain Salemite is gay.

Susan Lucci out of a job??? She will be if the
buzz about All My Children getting dropped by
ABC becomes a ruthless reality.

Updated March 2, 2011
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Imposter Rafe continues his evil run almost to summer.
As DaysCafe reported on twitter yesterday, Aussie Bren
Foster is Days' latest hire. His character, rugged businessman Quinn
airs in May and interacts with Chloe, conclude what you want! Bren is generating loads of BUZZ.   Btw, he  holds a sixth degree black belt in taekwondo and as one who is a first degree black belt, I can confirm
that Bren must be like Superman.

Updated February 16, 2011


Chloe wants to DIE.

Updated February 8, 2011
Bo romances the Hope!
Phillip rescues Chloe from the river!
Pssst! The casting department is seeking a series
regular to portray a thirty something hunky businessman
type ...
And as DaysCafe already tweeted last week, Fay
(Taylor and Nicole's pretty mom) shows up soon!

Updated February 3, 2011
Chloe's emotional state rapidly declines.
Nath reconsiders his options.
If you think you've seen that look before, it might be
because you have! Thaao Penghlis (Tony/Andre DiMera)
is graciously donating some of Tony's
Armani outfits
to Vietnam Veterans.
Meanwhile, rumors abound about a Jen/Dan/Carly
triangle that kinda just happens. Or does it? Stay tuned!

Updated February 1, 2011
Life as a civilian starts to bore Hope ...

Updated January 26, 2011
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Nicole is attracted to EJ, but her heart still
belongs to Brady!
Kate gets some ammunition against Chloe.
Brady argues that Victor will only be hoodwinked again
if permitted to regain his power at Titan!

Updated January 25, 2011
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Vivian wants to take Victor to the cleaners!
Stefano, EJ, and Marco aren't the only ones who
will know that Rafe is being held captive in the basement!
Nicole has no idea that her sister Taylor and EJ experienced
love at first sight the first time they saw each other ...

Updated January 19, 2011
Something horrifies Ben!
Brady steals Titan right from under Vivian's nose
and he will not be handing back the power to
Victor anytime soon, cos he is RUTHLESS!
Nicole has second thoughts abour marrying EJ.

Updated November 25 , 2010 
Johnny acts up.
Roman finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

John and Marlena returning for a visit is a "possibility,"
as opposed to the impossibility it was before. Now THAT
would be something to be thankful for!

Updated November 16 , 2010
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Jen finds herself in danger!
Nicole toys with the idea of moving
back to the DiMera mansion ...
Mel learns an inconvenient truth.

Updated November 8 , 2010

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Kate and Stefano's problems witll be temporary.
Ari Zucker (Nicole) thinks Nicole belongs with Brady!
Bo's old pal from the Merchant Marines comes
to Salem. Sounds adventurous!
As DaysCafe already tweeted on the weekend,
Days of Our Lives has been renewed through
Sept 2013. Great Days Ahead and that's a fact!

Updated November 3 , 2010 
The animosity between EJ and Sami grows. aye
Bo makes a shocking suggestion!

Updated November 2 , 2010 
status: confirmed

Bo and Hope end up in a cabin together.
The Hortons look after Ciara.
Johnny is hospitalized.
Kayla is back in Salem.

Updated September 21 , 2010 
status: confirmed
Nicole and Brady reconnect ...
Things will get very intense between
Chad, EJ, and Stefano!
Bo finds a way to help Hope.

Updated September 1 , 2010
status: confirmed
Unbeknownst to Sami, there was a

Updated August 10 , 2010 
status: confirmed
Kate remembers a convo concerning Chad's
biological father ...!
Jennifer remains in Salem sans (without) Jack.
Sami misunderstands something she sees.

Updated July 26 , 2010 
EJ convinces Sami that he could be just like the Bradys! yup

Updated July 9 , 2010
status: confirmed

One of the items on Hope's shopping
list said to be gasoline!
EJ panics and asks Sami
to leave town with him!
Bye bye Maddie ...

Updated June 16 , 2010

status: confirmed

Stephanie is soon tempted to do
something duplicitous again oh oh!
Bo learns that Hope has a mystery man!
Kayla is not keen on Carly

Updated April 26 , 2010
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status: confirmed

Rafe meets up with ISA Shane in his
South Ameriacn jail cell. Get ready for
Nicole sees a living Dr. Baker!

Updated April 22 , 2010

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Carly soon knows Chloe had a fling, but
little does she realize it was with her own
daughter's husband!
Anna meets up with Calliope down
in South America ...
Brady tells off Nicole once and for all!

Updated April 19 , 2010

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Hope's alter ego rumored responsible for
some shocking attacks.

Updated April 14 , 2010


Phillip and Chloe kiss!

Jennifer Horton is first seen on June 9
Rafe gets some help from the ISA!

March 18, 2010

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The following characters are believed to be returning
to Salem, in the remembering Alice storyline ...

Melissa Anderson, Carrie Brady, Kimberly Brady,
ISA Head Shane Donovan,  Jennifer Horton Deveraux,
Laura Horton, Lucas Horton, Mike Horton, Marie Horton,
Kayla Johnson. Awesomeness! Shane, by the way, will
likely also be involved in an ISA case that affects Salem.
In other buzz, EJ finally admits to himself
that he is in love with Sami ...

February 25, 2010

Status: Confirmed!

As was predicted by many, Elvis finally takes
Sydney home, telling a tall tale about how he
got her back. Sami is grateful and elated, but
some suspicious Salemites think the situation
needs further investigating. The plot thickens ...!

February 24, 2010

Status: Confirmed!

Anna tries to blackmail the governor to get Nicole
out of jail asap, cos she wants to save herself!

February 17, 2010


Mia schemes to make Chad her boyfriend, but his powerful
parents are determined to keep her out of the picture!

Alice gets ill and passes away come June. Vets are expected
to appear (see above) Her tribute is below.

February 3, 2010

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It is with great sadness that DaysCafe reports the passing of Frances
Reid, better known as Days matriarch Alice Horton, wife of Dr. Tom
Horton. She shall be missed. No official word yet on how her passing
is to be included in the show. As Alice has been mentioned recently by
Hope, Maggie, and Nathan (her grandson), these characters and others
would need to have a period of mourning as they remembered her, at
the very least. Though nothing has been decided as of yet, many fans
are hoping for a service, as well, that would see vets returning to pay
tribute to Alice. As Nadia Bjorlin so eloquently put it, "She was a great
lady ... the heart and soul of Days of Our Lives."
Frances Reid

January 5, 2010

New Lawrence flashbacks are shown!
Justin will have a new case.

December 30  2009

Vivian taunts Bo that Hope has moved on with another man!

December 23  2009

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Just a reminder that it was DaysCafe that broke the spoiler
of Hope seeing Bo and Carly kissing - revealed on the
page November 12.
In other buzz, someone plans to crash Phil and Mel's wedding!

December 17  2009

All Rights Reserved. Link Only
status: confirmed

A ceremony gets underway at the Kiriakis mansion ...!
Anna needed the cash, hence her sydnapping involvement!

December 15  2009

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status: confirmed

Rafe is increasingly suspicious of EJ.
Get ready for Anna's big fat lie!

December 10  2009

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CONFIRMED! Reported Here First!

Stefano did and does want to have Sydney, but Anna would
not be happy to join forces with him. Loveable but flaky
Anna could not pull off a plan of her own. She is looking after
snatched Sydney for someone who has an agenda. Someone who
wants REVENGE on the party he is setting up.
If the twist is a
twisted one
, then EJ has set this whole plan in motion, to destroy
Stefano, and HE is the mastermind ...
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Updated January 30, 2012
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Rumor has it John and Hope might have
gotten married once upon a time! Or was
that Gina and the pawn? And was there a child?!

Updated January 20, 2012
General Hospital has decided they are in no hurry to
have Kirsten Storms back, after she said she was
better and asked to report. Time for Days to
step up and make our Belle an offer she can't refuse!

Updated January 17, 2012
Brandon Beemer - who played Shawn Douglas Brady
on Days post-Jason Cook - was just reportedly dropped
from  contract status at Bold and Beautiful (at max his
character might recur). This is very interesting, as "Shawn D"
has been mentioned on Days lately! Just sayin ...

Updated January 3, 2012
Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle) will soon be making an announcement
regarding her job situation. Still GH or dare we hope?!
UPDATE: She said she willl be back as Maxie on GH.

Updated November 9, 2011
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Two people cheat and immediately regret their actions aye

Updated October 25, 2011
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Madison's past comes back to haunt her ... tick tock
John confides his worst fear to Marlena.

Updated October 17, 2011
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Chad soon has another love interest. aye
Did you know the new head writers are BOTH following
Lindsay Hartley - aka Arianna Hernandez - on Twitter ...

Updated September 28, 2011

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Abe's campaign proves to be an uphill battle. aye
Pssst! Wanna help support Days? Watch all the commercials druing the show. DaysCafe does. And that's a fact!

Updated September 22, 2011
The Horton bank account leads to an even bigger secret!

Updated August 15, 2011
- Will becomes increasingly disenchanted.
- There is more to the hooker attacks than meets the eye!
- Victor and Maggie try to make up for lost time.