Days of Our Lives September 10, 2012
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Up by early afternoon  September 7


- Replay of the Rafe and Sami moment at her apartment. She wistfully wonders how he feels about her. He keeps staring into her eyes, then
grins she asks the damnedest questions. Knock knock! Tis EJ, who announces he has a surprise Sami smiles at him while holding open the door. Rafe drawls he looooves surprises. He sarcastically tells him not to keep them in suspense. EJ elegantly enters and casts Samantha a puzzled glance. She explains he was there to discuss Gabi. EJ suddenly smiles he just saw the very pregnant Nicole and asks how things are going.
- Dan lectures the employee who was backstabbing Jen. Jealous Nicole overhears. The employee leaves in a huff. Nicole approaches Dan. He smiles and inquires how her checkup was. Fine. She now would like to know if Jen is really returning to work with him. He is not sure. Nicole could not help but notice how he defended her. Dan complains that the employee said she only got the chance to come back as she was a
Horton. How utterly unfair and absurd! Nicole gets serious. Is Jennifer working here really a good idea? She does not think Jen the good will
ever get over losing Jack, the love of her life. Dan mutters he needs to
get back to work, but first she wants a word in private.
- At the town square, Kayla disagrees with Jen that Dan is mad at her.
He is sensitive and overworked, plus he has issues. Jen knows only too well his biggest issue. And her name is Nicole! Kayla agrees she is not trustworthy but Jen points out she is pregnant and Daniel is helping her. Kayla is disgusted to hear she also implied they were more than just friends. Kayla notes Rafe is the father of the baby. Jen cares not. She is just worried she will break Danielís noble heart! Kayla has a question. What is it to her? Jen claims she cares as Daniel saved her life. Kayla starts to worry that Nicole will come after her if she senses she is a threat but Jen refuses to step aside. Kay thinks she should warn Daniel about Nicole having designs on him. Jen is hoping Victor might say something. Kayla, however, is convinced he would listen more to her. Jen laments he is too distant and it pains her to see Nicole weaving her web around him. Kayla now suggests there is nothing she can do if he has moved on. The widow Jen is further upset.
- Abigail demurely opens the door to Cam, as she wants to make last
night up to him. They have the house to themselves again. She is sorry
for the other night. He understands if she wishes to take it slow. She kisses him and starts to unbutton his shirt. He stops and asks if she is
sure. She claims she is and they start to make out on the couch.
- Chad repeats he wants Mel to marry him. She is caught unawares but
he insists that he loves her and wants her to be his wife. Mel woefully wonders whether this is really just about Nick. Chad reasons that all the madness made him realize he did not want to be without her. She sniffles it came out of left field and reminds him she already failed at marriage. She could not go through that again. Chad emotionally implores her to consider they are in love and still together. That should say something. She smiles it does. He gets down and repeats the question. "Melanie Jonas, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He jokes he
is only down on his knees as he is taller than her. He is no Mr. Darcy.
She thinks this is a big decision. He starts to worry she will say no but
will not put any pressure. He is ready for this step only if she is as well. Tormented Mel tearfully states she must give careful consideration to his proposal and promises not to leave him hanging. He agrees to let her do what she needs. She cries thank you for understanding and the young couple share a kiss.
- Hope arrives at the Kiriakis mansion with Nick and gets straight to the point with the lady of the house, aka Maggie. Nick needs a place to live. Can he stay here? Six months. He is supposed to live with family within the jurisdiction. The Brady house is out as Bo was his arresting officer, Jen has issues to deal with, and Doug and Julie are traveling the world. The redhead appears to hesitate. Nick is sorry for the inconvenience. Maggie thinks he need not apologize. Melanie will be fine and of course
he may stay. He thanks her profusely. Hope is visibly relieved. She gets a text from Bo, tells Nick to make them proud, and exits. Maggie cheerfully shows the new house guest to what will be his room.
- Hot and bothered Abigail proceeds to undress Cam but he stops her.
She is in her undergarments and asks him not to say anything. She pulls her dress back on and he explains she is not ready. She is extremely embarrassed. He gently assures her he is there should she decide to talk. Abigail is in tears as he leaves, not sure what to do.
- Rafe reminds EJ that he was with Nicole when they saw him and he already knows she is fine. His memory seems to be failing him! EJ claims he was concerned the baby might have been affected by the explosion. Rafe assures him she is fine. Sami now becomes distant and suggests he let Gabi know she will be in touch. Rafe chuckles he must have misread the situation and bitterly departs. Sami now explains to EJ that Rafe had just told her off about Gabi ... EJ places his hand on his heart and smiles
it is not necessary to explain. She wonders about his surprise. He drawls he cleared his schedule and would like to have lunch with her at the
Green Mountain Lodge. Right now! Mary is picking up the children later and will entertain them at the mansion. Sami is surprised. He charmingly smiles he was hoping to pick things up from where they left them and
had hoped she did too. Sami looks at him uncertainly. They sit on the couch and she stammers about them being in a better place, with all the cards on the table. EJ coos it meant much to him she ran away with him. He squeezes her hand and informs her that she and the children mean the world to him. He would like the opportunity to prove it to her. He leans forward for a kiss ...
- Nicole announces to Dan that her baby is a boy, a little dude.He heartily congratulates her. Nicole gets emotional about the pregnancy being on schedule. She is having a son! He is happy for her. She sighs EJ would take him away faster than you could say unfit mother if he knew. Dan promises he will never find out.Nicole suddenly asks him to be her baby's godfather. Dan gets a strange look in his eye.
- Rafe is alone at the pub and curses himself for having Sami on the brain. Someone unexpected soon joins him at his table ...
- Sami stops EJ and teases they must make a pact. No cheating, lying, kidnapping, cloning. EJ laughs they are dull now. She laughs too. He shakes on the condition and starts to kiss her. They kiss passionately
until loud knocking at the door interrupts the moment. He wishes she would ignore it but Sami thinks it could be something exciting. She jumps up and opens the door to Hope, who bears news. The good news is all
the charges against both of them have been dropped. EJ wonders about the bad news. Hope notes the governor has requested a meeting with him. He suspects he wants him to resign and offers to call him. Hope points
out he is in town and wants to meet him as soon as possible. EJ frowns.
This does not look good ...!

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