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December 4, 2016



Previously ...

- Dakota set the empty glass down and glared at the impertinent interviewer. How dare he dig into her Transylvanian and magical side of the family! In her mind she wanted to squash the bug - and that is when the strangest thing happened. The sky suddenly grew dark like it was the end of the world. In the blink of an eye, the interviewer morphed into a tiny fruitfly, only to be swept away by the wicked wind. The dark cloud passed and she found herself sitting alone.
- Dakota gasped in horror. She took out her compact and looked at the woman in the mirror. Her dark side smiled and purred she was just getting started ...!

The story now continues ...

- The soap star dropped her compact and it shattered. She then got an idea and ground her Prada spike heel into the remnants, hoping the wicked apparition of her dark side had been just that - an apparition. She wondered what had become of the interviewer-turned-fly.
- "I'm baaaack!" Nick the Hollywood hubby took off his Tom Ford sunglasses with a tanned hand. "What happened with your interview?"
- "He flew away. I mean ... he had a flight to catch."
- "Well ain't that a kick in the head! I could have stayed in the pool longer." He winked roguishly. "How about a dip with my favorite brunette? Hearing all this French is making me feel frisky."
- Dakota's red lips smiled. "Give me one good reason I should take a dip with you now ..."
- "I promise p. c."
- Dakota looked decidedly bored. "Political correctness?"
- "Pool cake!"
- Within seconds they were laughing and splashing in the water together as the warm Riviera breeze blew the scent of jasmine all around them. The chocolate rosette cake was placed on the marble pool deck and they swam toward it like bees to honey. Then they fed one another like spoiled celebrities using the same gold fork. It was cake heaven blended with decadent desire ...
- After the lovin, Nick took a call from his agent about a play he wanted to turn into a movie of the week while Dakota slowly did backstroke the length of the pool. The whoosh of the water passing her ears let her relax enough to forget about the interviewer who had been turned into a fly. She convinced herself everything was back to normal. However nothing was or ever would be normal about Dakota Diamonelle's existence ... When she paused at the deep end of the pool, propped up on her elbows for a rest, she noticed the compact rolling toward her. It stopped and she opened it. The mirror was no longer shattered and it revealed her spitting image, except the mouth was curved into a wicked grin with fangs instead of veneers. Her dark side again!
- Nick was standing under a palm tree as he continued his long distance conversation with Hollywood. Dakota got out of the water and walked toward him, but before she reached him her dark side invaded her thoughts. It was the secret sinister aspect of her personality. If baby Marilyn has been with her it might not have happened but it did. Evil thoughts invaded her mind as all the terrible things that had transpired in her universe flashed before her eyes. First there was the wardrobe malfunction backstage at the Daytime Emmys, then the last minute script changes that led to long work days, the lack of spray tan when you were tired and needed it most, the creepy co-star years back who did his love scenes like an octopus on steroids, the endless interviews where you were supposed to say something but nothing, the lack of interesting lines for her soap character, the outdoor rainy or snowy scenes when it was sweeps, and the repeated repeated dialogue that drove her nuts. They all led to one man. CHIP THE PRODUCER. He was pure evil!
- Dakota's dark side walked past her unsuspecting husband and calmly made a long distance call to Hollywood USA. "Hello, Arthur, it's me. I need a flight back to L.A. today. Well make it happen, you're my assistant and that is what assistants do. They make things happen .. Okay but as soon as soon as you and Pierre are finished your pedicures, find me a flight. And make me an early appointment to see Chip so I can abduct him. Of course I'm serious, dahling. Itís PAYBACK TIME!

To be continued ...

* Soap Sins began in September 2011 *
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