SOAP SINS: Chapter 77
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Soap Sins

June 4, 2016



The story now continues ...

- Dakota was on the French Riviera wearing a very big hat, reflecting on the past. In the last six months so much had happened to the sultry brunette. For starters, the Hollywood blogger had been spot on about someone wanting her dead. The network! They wanted her written off the show because they had plans for another show that all but mirrored her soapy life. However, there was only one Dakota Diamonelle in the world and the fans knew it. They followed her to another network and even Chip the executive producer was on board. It was soap business as usual. The 100 year deal was broken just like that and the other wannabe sudser slipped into oblivion.
- Dakota's show was presently filming on location in southern France, where her character was about to marry European royalty. Tres chic.
- The skinny interviewer sitting poolside across from her famous face leaned forward. Unlike the previous interviewer, he evidently was not interested in her wedding gown.
- His accent made every word he spoke sound positively exotic. "Eh bien ... While so many soap operas are vanishing you remain victorious. What is your secret?"
- Dakota didn't miss a beat. Her Hollywood red lips smiled. "I am a survivor who surrounds herself with smart people. But ... well it helps that the public is interested in my soapy life so they watch the show."
- The interviewer peered at her and pursed his lips in a fashionably French way."Hmmm. I did my research and have to agree. Dakota Diamonelle has had the most scandalous life."
- She observed him, her cat eyes sensing something, and waited for him to continue. He did.
- "Of course the papers and magazines have already printed accounts of your history as a spy, your undercover work against the mafia though there are rumors as well ... that you are in fact half witch with a brother who is half vampire."
- She let out a laugh. "Darling the best soap stars are called witches! As for my brother, he just happens to be cut throat in his biz dealings which must be where the vampire comment comes from." She took another graceful sip of Cristal champagne.
- "Madame, I was serious. There was a source from the Transylvanian mountains."
- Dakota set the empty glass down and glared at the impertinent interviewer. How dare he dig into her Transylvanian and magical side of the family! In her mind she wanted to squash the bug - and that is when the strangest thing happened. The sky suddenly grew dark like it was the end of the world. In the blink of an eye, the interviewer morphed into a tiny fruitfly, only to be swept away by the wicked wind. The dark cloud passed and she found herself sitting alone.
- Dakota gasped in horror. She took out her compact and looked at the woman in the mirror. Her dark side smiled and purred she was just getting started ...!

* Soap Sins began in September 2011 *
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