Days of Our Lives Phillip Melanie Wedding Spoilers!
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Phillip and Melanie Wedding Spoilers !
Updated February 2
(started January 21)

You are cordially invited to celebrate the marriage of
Phillip Kiriakis and Melanie Layton, to take place at the
grand Kiriakis mansion in February 2010. Following the ceremony and elegant reception, the bride and groom shall
take an extended cruise aboard the Kiriakis yacht ...

But wait! This Days of Our Lives wedding is scheduled for
February sweeps, amid a swirl of secrets and scandals that prove
to be more delicious than any hors d'oeuvre! To start with, Mel
is all but won over by groom Phillip's test tube mother Madame Vivian, who plans to provide her wedding gown, as well as an heirloom necklace. Then Vivian finds out Melanie is the daughter
of Carly Manning, the woman she wants to destroy for taking nephew Lawrence from her! What a shame, as she likes her! She agrees with Victor that they simply cannot harm the girl. Viv is soon confronted by an apparition of evil Lawrence, who demands she exact revenge for his death, so she flip flops between leaving Mel alone and having her offed, meeting with a mysterious Mr. Lee ...
She becomes obsessed with the notion of killing the girl on her Valentine wedding day, in full view of Carly! Mama Carly, who
fears Vivian might try  to kill Melanie, has yet to tell her daughter who she is. She heard Vivian and Victor plan  to join Mel and Phil
on their honeymoon. Phillip, who has a bad feeling about Viv's interest in his beloved, asks Victor to cancel their trip with the couple. Carly is determined to protect her daughter. Kate is suspicious.
Vivian wants to give Mel a lethal gift ... Meanwhile, the bride-to-be writes a mysterious letter to former beau Nathan, but Steph makes sure Nath does not see it! Time for the ceremony. Victor know what Viv is up to and will not let her succeed! Here comes the bride and the crazy chaos the guests encounter, which includes unexpected violence. Nevertheless, the couple do get married and, as Phillip has said, plan to start a family. In the end, being a part of the Kiriakis clan, under Victor's watchful eye, could prove more frightening than Vivian's crazy vendetta, cos Melanie now finds herself
married to the mob ...!
Days of Our Lives Wedding Spoilers
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