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Thursday, October 8, 2009
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- At DiMera mansion, Sami is with Syd and promises the pink princess she will find her mommy and daddy. They are cute
together! Sami knows she loves and misses her mommy, and her mommy loves and misses her too, just like she misses her little
girl every day. She speaks of Grace, her half sister, as Sydney gurgles. She now sadly refers to Rafe, Grace's daddy, mourning
and needing time alone. Sydney starts to cry. Sami rings for the butler, who approaches in his pajamas. Syd is hungry and Sami
does not want to rummage thru the DiMera fridge. The butler
points out that meals are maid Mary's job. Sami knows maid
Mary is not there and warns if he does not help feed Master EJ's daughter, he will toss him out! The butler becomes more obliging. But Syd's crying gets louder, even after the feeding. Sami asks
about her routine. The butler mentions hearing a song about a tree
or muffins or horses. Sami thanks and excuses him. She then calls her gran to give her an update. Now she is off to find the more tranquil Sydney's parents ...
- At the hospital, Elvis has difficulty telling Lexie about Nicole's deception, that Sydney is not his child. She understands it must be painful but he will recover. Hr doubts it. He feels he brought some
of this upon himself. Perhaps he is just drawn to lying, deceitful women, to punish himself for something. She disagrees. Maybe it
is because these women - Sami and Nicole - know how driven and ruthless he is. He is intimidating.Maybe Nicole loves him so much, she did not want to disappoint him. He laments she did not think
he was caring enough to know of her miscarriage. Lexie asks if he would have stuck with her. He says only that he would have liked
the chance to decide. He adds he has kicked out both Nicole and Sydney. Lexie is exasperated. He is the only father Sydney has
ever known! EJ explains he did not have any adoption papers. She suggests he have papers drawn up. But Elvis thinks it is easier to
let go now. Lexie calls him an idiot. Why make Sydney suffer?
Elvis admits he loves her more every day and feels she is part of
him. He cannot imagine living his life without her, which is why he must do this. He holds back the tears. Lexie tries to comfort him.
- Dr. Dan is in Stefano's room. Enter Nicole. Dan cannot say if he
will make it. Nicole would like a few minutes alone with the Salem patient. Exit Dan. Nicole sits at the bedside of her friend & father-
in-law. She laments to him she must make a choice. Either tell EJ that Sydney belongs to him and Sami - or keep her herself. Either way, he will hate her. She announces she must do what is right for her little girl. She knew this day would come and flashes back to a chapel discussion with Stefano. Now she has to make a choice.
She cries she loves EJ so much. What would she do without him? The phoenix continues to sleep. Nicole knows if Stefano were
awake, he would be on her side. But he cannot help her, not now, not ever maybe. She suddenly decides to stay in town and fight for her family! And then Stefano will recover, she is sure. She adds
she will never give up on her baby. "They'll have to kill me first!"
As she exits the room, EJ walks up and demands to know what she
is doing there. Enter Sami with Syd, relieved to finally have found them. Nicole looks annoyed she has Sydney. Sami explains what happened with Chloe. What is going on? EJ states his fatha had a heart attack and is critical. Sympathetic Sami asks him if he would like to hold his daughter. He pauses ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Phil declares Mel likes him for who he
is. Vic agrees that is refreshing. Phil goes on. She never feels sorry for herself. Did he sell her? Vic smiles he will take two. Ring ring. The Greek tycoon takes the call and then cackles Stefano is at death's door! Phil appears worried about Kate and takes off ...
- At the hospital, Dan is on the phone with Chloe, who is on her
way, and mentions Stefano's tests.Mel walks in and wonders what
is wrong. A heart attack. Mel is sure that with Dan as his doctor, Stefano is in good hands. Exit Dan. Black widow Kate approaches and refers to Melanie helping Dan help Chloe. She accuses her of wanting to seduce the doc, the way she seduced her son! Mel
cannot keep a straight face. "What are you accusing me of, lady?" Kate calls her a tart. Mel calls her crazy. Kate brings up the sex
tape and hisses on. Enter Phil, who tells her to shut up and leave
Mel alone! Kate reminds him he is rich and his new girlfriend is
not. She then walks away. Phil advises Mel not to take anything mommy dearest says to heart. "She's out of her mind." Mel thanks him for defending her honor. He is about to tell her something and then gets a biz call about the market. When he turns back around, Mel is gone. He sees Dan and asks if he saw her. Dan had heard
her mention the Cheatin Heart. Phil grins and follows ...
- Nathan opens the door to Steph, who is there to see Mag about
a hospital fundraiser. Steph smells something burning. He admits it was Mel's meatloaf and hands Steph an envelope. He is impressed with Steph's fundraising. She asks where Mel is. Not there. On her way out, Steph spies a hot air balloon ride flyer and asks him if he wants to go - tonight! He cannot. She nervously babbles and then finds out he is busy. He is dining with Melanie. Steph has assumed they were done after the Phil fiasco. Nath points out that she has nothing to do with Phil. Steph puts on a brave face and walks out.
- Steph now goes by the hospital, with the fundraiser on her mind, and runs into Dan. He notes she is subdued. She admits she had thought a guy who was a doctor was interested, though she was mistaken. He is dating Mel, it seems. Dan is sorry and realizes it
is Nathan. He had assumed Stephanie and Nath had a connection. "Onward and upward," says Steph. Dan the man grins and agrees.
- At Chez Rouge, Steph is later all business about the fundraiser
with Maggie. Maggie boasts of Nathan's previous involvement in such fundraisers. She should talk to him about it. Steph gets quiet. Maggie asks what happened between them. Steph admits she
thought he was interested until she heard he was going out with Melanie!
- At the Cheatin Heart, Phil approaches Mel. He wanted to ask
her something ... Nathan saunters to the table with their drinks.
Phil realizes they are on a date. He had no idea. Melanie asks
what he wanted to talk to her about, but then spies Brady and
feels she must speak with him first. Brady has just left another anxious message for Nicole on her phone and flashes back to EJ kicking him out upon hearing the bogus using story. Mel informs Brady he should try the hospital if he is looking for Nicole. Brady snaps what did EJ do to her! Mel elaborates. Stefano had a heart attack. But why would Brady think EJ did something to Nicole? Meanwhile, Phil pokes fun at Nath's common choice of date atmosphere. The guys face off as Phil discovers he has serious competition for the fair Melanie!
- Kate is alone at DiMera mansion. Ding dong! Victor calling!
He cackles she got the dosage wrong again and helps himself to
a drink. Kate gloats that if Stefano cannot navigate the shop, she
will get his proxy so Vic will have to deal with her in biz!
- Back at the hospital, Elvis tells Sami that under the circumstances
it would be best for Sydney to be with Nicole. Nicole remembers
her monologue with Stefano, to do what is right by her little girl.
She stares in torment at Sami holding the baby. Sami asks why
she is looking at her like that, as ominous music is heard ...

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"I don't think we can be friends, Stephanie," drawls Phil.
Nathan tenderly kisses Mel ...
"Admit it! Admit that you wanted this to happen!" Nicole
yells at Brady.
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