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Wednesday, October 7, 2009
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- At DiMera mansion, Elvis berates Nicole for not letting him
know he had no biological connection to that child. "You are Sydney's real father," says she. He could not love her more. He snaps at her. She states he would believe her if Stefano were there cos Sydney, "she really and truly is yours! She is your child. EJ." He shakes his head and makes a frustrated sound. Nicole sadly
says when she miscarried, she knew she could never get pregnant again. Then a miracle happened ... He yells at her to spit it out. "Sydney, our beautiful Sydney," she dramatically begins. Enter Chloe, with news of Stefano being hospitalized. Elvis leaves and barks at Nicole to stay home. Chloe wonders what is going on. Nicole cries he now knows Sydney is not hers. Chloe does not understand. She would like her friend to be straight with her.
Nicole tells her the tale of the nightmarish miscarriage in her
second trimester. She could not accept the loss of her baby girl
and started to pad herself, make excuses why EJ could not get
near her. She found a pregnant woman when the time was close
to giving birth and she agreed to give her the baby. Chloe wonders how she thought she could get away with it. Nicole cries she did until now. She only lied as she loves EJ and their baby. She insists she needs to be with him so she can explain to him she did it for
her family. Chloe disagrees. She needs to take a step back! Nicole moans she will fall off a damn cliff! Chloe points out she should
give her husband time. Nicole fears he will throw her out and take away all she holds dear. She now asks after Stefano. What if he dies? She is determined to be with EJ, leaves Chloe to watch over Syd, and heads for the hospital.
- On the plane, Carly decides to call Justin. Meanwhile, at the pub, Bo wonders if Hope might have taken a trip. Justin's cell rings.
Tis an in-flight phone calling! He ponders answering it. Carly's plane gets more turbulence. So much for that! She flashes back to trying to leave Lawrence and how he grabbed her and declared he owned her. She called him a monster. Then the slap, followed by the stabbing. The passenger next to Carly sees the tears in her
eyes, the faraway look, and asks if she is alright. She explains she has a lot on her mind. The turbulence gets extreme. The passenger suggests they pray.
Back on land, Bo gets a call from Ciara. She and mommy did not take a trip and Hope is with her. She just called to tell him she
loves him Afterwards, Justin and Bo wonder who called before. Must be someone who wants to reach Bo.
- In the East, Lawrence's man instructs the others to "Find the wife!" He knows that she is responsible.
- Meanwhile, on the plane, Carly hallucinates that Lawrence is sitting beside her and menacingly grabs her hand with evil intent.
- At the hospital, Dan orders the staff to screen for every known poison as Stefano sleeps in his bed. In the hall, Maggie tries to
keep Kate away from Stefano and calls her a homicidal maniac. Kate talks diabetes and how Stefano was over-indulging. Maggie announces she saw what she did to him at the restaurant! She saw her sprinkling Stefano's food! Kate hastily heads for the door of
her husband's room, just as Dr. Dan emerges, a knowing look on
his face. Elvis rushes up and Dan explains papa Stefano suffered
a heart attack. He is stable but cannot yet have visitors. They are getting lab results now, and will soon have a toxicology report.
Elvis shakes his head at Kate. What did she do to his fatha? Kate insists she is innocent of any wrongdoing. He will either vindicate her - or if he does not survive, the prenup does not apply! Kate clarifies. As Stefano's widow, she would be left with controlling interest in DiMera Enterprises. She leaves a stunned EJ to ask
Dan for an update on her husband. The doc sarcastically agrees to fill her in. The test results show what gave Stefano a heart attack. He almost died. Kate plays innocent. She did nothing. Dr. Dan disagrees. The heart attack was diabetic related. He accuses her
of marrying Stefano for helping cover her tracks, after which she sneakily encouraged him to neglect his health. "You want him to die!" She denies it. He stood by her. Dan reminds her that he tried to kill her son. Dr. Dan then informs the black widow she will not be allowed to visit Stefano in his room! He warns her to stay away from the phoenix and walks off to attend to his doctoring duties.
- Elvis soon sees Nicole at the hospital, tells her she means nothing to him, and orders her to leave before he has her thrown out. He adds she must go home,get the child she passed off as his daughta, and get out of his house, for he never wishes to see her again!
Nicole cannot believe what she is hearing. Elvis is cold as ice and tells Nicole to shut up when she tries once more to tell him that Sydney is his daughter, convinced she is lying. She wants to tell
him everything, no lies. He has heard enough and calls her a b*tch, wondering how he could have been foolish enough to be deluded
by her. She and her lies destroyed everything, he concludes, as he walks away.
Meanwhile, Stefano sleeps on. Elvis enters his private room and asks Lexie how he is doing. "No change," She wonders where Nicole is. He solemnly admits she is no longer a part of his life.
- At home, Sami plays with Johnny, who races in the other room
to get his penguin from Aly. Will is surprised to hear that EJ gets Johnny tonight. Short honeymoon! Sami is surprised EJ has not contacted her about having Johnny yet. Will deduces he must be busy so maybe they can have Johnny for the night.
- Sami later heads to the mansion with Johnny. Chloe explains EJ
is busy as Stefano had a crisis. She hands Sami baby Syd, as she too must go to the hospital. Sami leaves Nicole a message on her cell, explaining she is watching Sydney She then leaves a message for EJ.
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Vic overhears Phil planning a hot air balloon trip. Phil admits it is not about biz so Vic assumes there is
a woman involved. Not Steph, he hopes. All she did was depress the prodigal son. Where did he meet this new gal? Phil says he has known her for a while. Vic is relieved it is not Chloe. Phil says she is smart and beautiful and unique, not to mention that she makes him laugh. "Good God!" snaps the Greek tycoon. "It's Melanie Layton, isn't it!" He had thought the sex tape would be enough
and alludes to the fact he made a fool of himself because of it.
Phil declares Mel has changed. Vic refers to her as a conniving b*tch. He then trashes Stephanie for not caring about the real Phil. The prodigal son would rather have his support. Vic relents. He suggests he sell Melanie to him. Why should he approve?
- At home, Mel has just burned meatloaf as Nathan saunters into the kitchen. He asks her out for dinner, though it need not be a
date ... unless she would like it to be a date. Mel smiles like a Georgia peach. He decides he wants to take her on her ideal date. She is not sure what that would be. He suggests Paris. Been there, done that. How about Rome, Madrid? No, jetlag. How about somewhere around Salem? Mel giggles and suggests a place with a jukebox, darts, dancing. They agree to meet at the Cheatin Heart
in an hour for their first official date, after she steps out to pick up her schedule at the hospital.
- Back at said hospital, Nicole is about to leave but then decides there is something she must do first ...!

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