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Friday, October 30, 2009
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- Sami tells EJ to hold his thought and opens the door to Mia.
The teen hugs her tightly. Once she is in, Sami offers her kleenex.
EJ solemnly observes. Mia is sorry she keeps losing it. She asks
Mr. DiMera if he has thought ...He cuts her off that he made his decision. As Syd is not legally his, he will stay out of the matter. He excuses himself to attend to some business. Mia moans that Syd's future is at stake and all he can think about is business! Exit EJ.
Mia cries can Sami do something to keep Chad from taking Sydney? Sami patiently explains Chad as the bio-dad has rights, but she will think of something. She walks to the other room for a moment to make a call and check on the twins' play date ...
- Rafe bangs on a door and Ari opens it. Tis her place and our hero stumbles in. She exclaims where has he been! Then she gets him onto the bed and wants to call 911. "No calls," he gasps. Everything depends on keeping a secret. She asks what secret and gets him a glass of water. She notes he looks beaten up. What happened? "Meredith," he says weakly. He tells her of the attack and how he wound up a prisoner in her basement. She then dumped him in the river. Ari is amazed. How did he survive? He is not sure and now says he thinks Stefano was involved in the Meredith fiasco, so no police. Can she tell Sami? No. And no hospital, no police. He brings up Sydney, then falls asleep. He soon wakes up with more energy. He feels much better thanks to the woman on the boat, who likely saved his life. He knows not who she was. When he left the boat,
no one was there and he was not sure if they had gone to the police. Ari insists the cops could help. Not if Stefano is involved, says he. She wants to contact Sami. He protests. "Sami and Sydney are the reasons that no one can know." Ari brings him something warm to eat and he tells her to check her blinking phone in case he was followed. She explains it was Brady and admits they are together. Rafe hopes he realizes how lucky he is. Ari would rather hear about what Rafe knows. He mentions Nicole and the truth about Sydney, Ari updates him on the town news."Everyone knows the truth about Sydney. Everyone knows that the baby isn't Nicole's." Rafe stops eating and takes it all in.
- Elvis returns home to the empty mansion and wistfully flashes
back to holding his baby daughta. He sighs and sits at the desk, then places a call. "This is EJ DiMera. I want to see you. Now!" Troy
the sleaze soon arrives. Elvis pours himself a drink and drawls as
far as he is concerned, they have never met. In addition, he reports only to him, no one else, and that includes his father. "Yes, sir!" EJ now wants a list of all his dealers on the north side, so he promptly hands it over. Elvis skims said list and comes across a name of interest. Why, tis Arianna! Troy adds she is the best.
- Chez Bo, the commiss assures Carly she will make it. She sobs she killed her husband. And due to the fact that he was a powerful man, there will be repurcussions! Bo points out that as the commissioner, he is in a good position to protect her. Carly is not sure. Bo thinks short term she is fine, as no one knows she is there and as for long term - they will deal with Lawrence's death. Now that he is aware
of the full story, he understands why she did what she did. They will get thru it. Carly is appreciative, yet less optimistic. "They're coming for me, Bo." And they will want her life in return! Bo wants her to trust him as a friend. She does indeed. They will not get to her, he promises. The pair discuss how she had to defend herself, as maniac Lawrence was going to kill her. She blames herself for not leaving when things were bad. Bo assures her she is not alone. He takes her hand in his. She will move past this and no one will hurt her!
- In a room filed with candles, the unseen MADAME is handed an urn containing the last of Lawrence's ashes. She shuts her book and places her well manicured hands around the urn, as if embracing a loved one for the very last time. Madame puts the urn gingerly on
a table next to more candles. There is also a Middle Eastern box.
Her hands gracefully open the box and remove a photograph of Lawrence and Carly, as well as a photo of Carly. She sits down and proceeds to tear up Carly's image. She then rings for the manservant and holds up the remaining photo. "This woman, Carly Manning Alamain. I want you to find her." We now see the full figure  of the woman, the pearls around her throat, the unmistakable face of none other than Vivian, wearing a hat. "And then I'll deal with her personally!"
- Outside, T-man dooes not believe what Chadman has just told
him about Mia. Along comes Will. T-man makes fun of Chad's
story that Mia was not in rehab, she had his baby. Will states it is true. Chad boasts he has a lawyer and is getting a paternity test
done, so he will get custody of his kid. Will considers. He makes a comment about Chad giving things his own spin. Chad accuses both Will & Mia of lying about everything. Will feels Chad does not even
deserve to have a kid and Mia is better off without him! He could
not care less what Chad does. He can text the whole school what he wants, but Will is still going to have Mia.
- In Stefano’s hospital room, Nicole is confused. He repeats he will take care of everything. She laments Chad wants a DNA test and it will show he is not the father. The phoenix is elated. "And we will have won, don't you see!" Only they can know Sami is the mother. Nicole fears his plan will go up in smoke once Chad discovers he is not the father. "Nonsense," retorts the phoenix. He will simply go away. Nicole thinks Mia will still be a problem, as she has only ever been with Chad. And she will know if the test shows Chad is not the father, then she cannot be the mother. Stefano has a plan, which she must follow to the letter! Nicole later calls Mia and summons her to the hospital, with the promise of making everything right. In the hall, Nicole laments she cannot fix anything - but Mia can. Mia looks baffled. Moments later, she is taken into Stefano's room. He thanks her for coming and coos he has grown to love Sydney as if she were his own flesh and blood. She will always be part of the family and he will handle his son! Nicole suggests he tone it down so as not to overwhelm the girl. The phoenix now talks her ex-paramour. Chad must never have Sydney and he can arrange it, though for him to do his part, she must do hers. LIE. To everyone! Can she do it? And if she says yes, she can never turn back. Nicole and Stefano remind
her he can fix test results. He can make it appear that Chad is not Sydney's father. Mia, however, will have to tell people that she has had multiple partners. Mia is aghast. They also tell her to pretend
she did not know all of the boys' names. Mia does not want to. Nicole guilts her into agreeing for Sydney's sake.  Mia now calls up Chad and arranges to meet, to tell him something. She will be at pier 40 in 5 minutes. Stefano praises her for the wise decision and Nicole promises she will not regret it. She thanks and hugs her.
- At Java Cafe, Brady leaves an anxious  phone message for Ari.
He had dropped by the pub but she was not working so he is just wondering what she is doing. He hopes she will call him back when
it is safe.  Enter Sami, looking for Mia. Brady wonders what is wrong. Sami declares she has something to say. Nicole needed him most lately and he let her down! Why did he not give her money? Brady calls what she wanted to do kidnapping. The one thing he will not do is turn her into a fugitive. Sami whispers she gave her money, but she is still in Salem. Brady thinks that is a good thing, for she must accept there is no way out of this situation and she will have to let go. Sami gets it, but losing the baby would break Nicole's heart. Brady finds it strange to see Sami so supportive about Nicole. Sami explains she has been a very good friend, helping her see Johnny, listening about Rafe. She is her friend and thinks she always will be. Brady now talks Rafe. His people have thus far not found anything, not for lack of trying. Sami claims she is only interested for Ari, as
he made it clear he had given up on the two of them as a couple. Brady smoothly replies perhaps he has not given up. Perhaps he is
on his way home ...
- Mia meets Chad down at the pier. She warns he will make a fool
of himself with tomorrow's paternity test. "I don't think you're the father." He thinks she is lying. She elaborates. She was depressed after Chad left, and went to Chicago with her cuz, where she partied and went from guy to guy anonymously. She believes that is when she conceived. Chad doubts it. Mia says he will find out tomorrow. He wants to know why she never told him before. She explains she did not want him to tell Will she was the town tramp. Along comes Will. Chad bitterly states Mia can tell him that herself! He walks away.
- Back at the hospital, Nicole nervously awaits and feels badly about making Mia lie that she is a trollop. The phoenix however, has perceived that Mia is no different than they are. Lying must be in
her genes. Nicole is more optimistic about keeping Sydney, yet there is still EJ. Stefano replies he will tell her how to get Elvis back in her bed, too!
- Alone with his list. EJ repeats Arianna Hernandez's name, musing she is the top drug dealer on the north side. "Wonder if Rafe Hernandez has any idea ..." Hmmm. FBI. So many possibilities!
- Meanwhile, Ari updates Rafe on what the whole town knows. Nicole got her baby from Mia. Nicole admitted it and EJ threw them out. Rafe starts to smile like a man who has found the final piece of
a puzzle ...

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"The one and only man that Sydney needs and wants in her life is you," Nicole moans to EJ.
"I don't know who the father is," Mia meekly tells Will and Chad.
"And how are you gonna prove this? How are you gonna prove Nicole switched babies?" Ari asks Rafe.
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