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Thursday, October 29, 2009
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Triangles and Quadrangles

- Chez Bo, Carly is in the living room looking at a family photo.
Bo disapproves of her standing where she can be easily seen. She would rather return to the boat. Bo is against it. She would at least like to go back there to take care of something. She claims she has
to say goodbye to friends. Bo offers her a ride but she would rather walk. He gets sarcastic about walking thru the streets in that Agent
99 disguise and steps in the kitchen to make coffee. Carly walks out the front door. Moments later, Bo realizes she is gone and follows with his gun!
- On the yacht sleeping Rafe dreams of Sami caressing his face and kissing him. He then wakes up to Omar, who explains they are docked in Salem. Rafe quietly considers. Carly soon arrives, only
to find Rafe gone. Bo gives her a start when he shows up and
wants to know why she is there. She replies someone they found
in the river needed her help. Bo deduces she was nursing him back
to health. He could have helped identify him. Where is the patient now? "Good question," says Carly. She soon introduces pal Bo to Omar, who has heard good things about him. Bo decides to check with the station to see if he can find info on anyone fitting their patient's description. Carly thanks Omar for giving her safe passage to Salem and he charmingly lets her know he would do anything for his friend. Bo and Carly now must leave. Once back at Bo's house, Carly is sorry she could not do more for the patient. She sensed he was a good guy. Later she remembers Lawrence of the past, who was her prince charming, then the monster he became, leading her
to stab him in self-defense. She breaks down sobbing. Bo watches her with great sympathy.
- In the hospital room of the phoenix, Stefano repeats that "Sydney should be with her mother. Her real mother." He is interrupted by a phone call and concludes "Get it done." Outside, EJ asks Lexie how fatha is. Sleeping. He decides to wait a while.
In his room, Stefano gets back to Sami, who shouts that she has no interest in what he has to say. EJ kicked Syd out so she is nothing
to them now. Stefano insist she is wrong. "I am her grandfather."
She goes on a mad monolgue. Nicole is the real mother as far as she is concerned. He wants her to listen. Sami shouts in defense of her best friend. And Mia also wants Nicole to raise her baby!! Stefano dismisses Mia as an irrelevant imp. Sami yells on.The phoenix raises his eyes to the heavens.He eventually gets a chance to put in a word edgewise and adds the child should also be raised by the father. But Sami is out of control and continues her verbal assault. Stefano says she has her mother's spunk and fire, though certainly not her class. Sami blames him for starting everything bad that has happened and she shudders to think what it will mean to Johnny being a DiMera. She rages that Sydney is probably better off not even knowing the
DiMeras and brings up the fact that so many of Stefano's offspring ended up dead. "Enough!" bellows the phoenix. Enter EJ, wondering what the devil is going on. Fatha’s condition is precarious. Sami says not precarious enough! EJ thinks she should leave, but the phoenix stops her. He talks of her empty crib at home and the fact that she had so many fathers for her children. Sami flies at him. EJ stops her. Stefano's heart rate climbs. When Sami has been ushered out, EJ chides fatha for letting her get to him. He needs to exercise some restraint. Stefano glares at the heir apparent. "Between Samantha's stupid behavior and your foolish love for her, it changes everything.
I nearly made a hideous, costly mistake!" Elvis would like him to elaborate - and what exactly did he want to tell him? Stefano takes his medicine and declares it can wait. EJ sighs and leaves him to his rest. He then complains to Lexie that fatha said he wanted to tell
him something and now wants to take a nap!
- Elsewhere in this hospital, Stephanie would like to give Nathan a Halloween cupcake. She feels badly about outing him and Mel. And she has not been a good friend,. She confesses she is jealous. Now Melanie has both Nath and Phil interested in her! Steph thinks
maybe she should just improve herself. Nathan, however, thinks
she does not need to.
- At the pier, Chad hands Nicole the court order to have DNA
testing done as part of his paterntity claim. He is surprised Nicole does not fight him on it. There is nothing left for her to do. Chad appears pleased she is facing reality and crouches down to talk to Syd. The baby bursts out crying. Nicole attends to Sydney and then decides to hand her to Chad She starts to wail again. Nicole points out she will not be there if he has custody, and accepts the baby back. If he takes Syd out of the only home she has ever known,
she will cry loudly. Is he ready to be a fulltime father?
- Meanwhile, Rafe has slowly but surely made his way to the pier. He leans against a wall, concealed, as Nicole and Chad exchange words. Nicole exclaims he is not Sydney's father. Chad is not sure what she means. Nicole tells him that until he has proof, Sydney is her child, so stay away! She storms off with her baby. Rafe now daydreams of going home to Sami and kissing her. He stands up
and starts the slow stagger home ...
- Stefano calls Nicole and summons her back with Sydney, warning that his henchman Marco is watching her every move.
- Nicole returns to Stefano's bedside. She starts to talk but he cuts her off. "I did not tell Elvis about Sydney, nor did I tell Samantha." In fact, he has made the decision to keep Syd's parentage a secret - forever! In his view, Nicole is the lesser of two evils. And he knows that his son still cares for Sami, so he would run to her and tell her the truth if he knew. Nicole laments EJ will still not take her back. When Chad gets the DNA results, everyone will learn he is not the father and the secret will spill out. The phoenix assures her he will take care of everything.
- Chez Maggie, Mel calls Phil arrogant. He must think he is better than Nathan? He smoothly says they (meaning Mel and himself)
are perfect for each other. Mel slaps him. He admits he was a fool. Spitfire Mel is mad and throws cranberry muffins at him. He was nowhere when she needed him! Phil insists he has feelings for her. Mel sadly looks into his eyes and asks him not to tell her that. She now groans. He teases she would make a great pitcher. He realizes
he must have hit a nerve, but denies he is playing mind games. He explains she understands and appreciates him and he feels the same way about her. The prodigal son talks about sparks and wants her
to admit she feels the chemistry, too. She pauses and stares into his eyes, momentarily mesmerized. Mel now backs away from him and alludes to the fact that not playing it safe gets one hurt. He tries to kiss her. She pulls away, exclaiming she wishes to be treated right
for once and asks him to leave. He does.
- Mel now heads for the hospital and runs into Dr. Nathan. He will
be free in an hour. She laments they no longer have enough time
together. She wants to show him how she feels about him.  Nath wonders where that is coming from, but is quite pleased. Mel later grabs him in a passionate kiss.
- Phil now heads for the Java Cafe and runs into Steph. He had not realized Mel and Nath were together, but as he learned from their past, things change! Steph advises him to back off and leave them alone but Phil has no intention of doing that. Furthermore, he had noticed how Steph was all over Nathan ...
- Sami arrives home, looks at a  photo of Grace, and tears up. Enter EJ, who proceeds to lecture her for bothering fatha. Outside, Rafe has managed to drag himself to the door and knocks. Sami walks toward the door to open it ...

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"You and Mia lied to everyone about everything!"
Chad confronts Will.
"No one outside of this room must ever know the real truth,"
Stefano informs Nicole and Mia.
"I took a life. They;re going to want mine in return,"
Carly sadly tells Bo.
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