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Wednesday, October 28, 2009
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- Chez Bo, Carly has just finished telling him her story and it took
the entire night! Complicated. He thinks she was not wrong to come to him. Carly calls Omar and decides she should return to the boat. Bo stops her, and puts a blanket around her, as she is cold. He flashes back to placing the same blanket around Hope in happier times. It is too dangerous for his guest to return to the boat. She disagrees. Knock knock! Bo sends Carly to the other room. Tis Maggie, looking for Hope. She is not there. Maggie thought she
saw her thru the window. Bo replies he has a friend visiting, that's
all. Exit Maggie, satisfied with the explanation.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Justin pours Hope coffee from a silver
pot. Phil is surprised to see her and sorry to hear she and Bo are taking a beak. He jokes the mansion has become a singles only
crash pad. He sees the glum faces and apologizes for the clumsy remark. Hope heads out with errands to run. Phil quips that Bo and Hope having problems ... gee, is there hope for any of them? Justin replies life moves fast. The prodigal son appears to get an idea and bolts.
- At the hospital, Steph asks nurse Maxine why Mel and Nath are acting like strangers when they are really ... Maxine now asks the
pair if it is true and gives them the evil eye. Are they an item? Mel denies it. Nath calls it gossip. Maxine asks him to follow her and
sign some release forms. Mel now accuses Steph of not thinking
she is good enough for Nathan, hence her comment to Maxine.
Steph righteously replies she does not tell people who they should
be involved with. Mel's blue eyes narrow like a cat. Steph wonders
if someone has said they disapprove of them as a couple. Melanie pauses. Maggie does not approve ... Later, Steph approaches Nath
as she would like a word. Enter Phil, who suavely hands him a citation for heroism from the hospital board. Phil appears intrigued
to hear Nathan has moved out of Maggie's and eagerly departs to give the fair Mel her citation.
- Phil arrives at Mag's to present Mel with her citation for heroism, given by Salem University Hospital. He mentions her and Nath being thru, but she says the reason he moved out is cos they are actually involved. Phil tells her he only wants her to be happy and looks down. He suddenly amends what he said before. "I think you'd be happier with me!" Mel is flabbergasted.
- Stefano calls Elvis at the mansion, with an aggressive order to visit him pronto before another nurse gives him something to render him useless! Just as EJ tries to leave, Chadman storms in, Where is his daughter! He has no idea. Chad rages and shouts for Nicole, the crazy b*tch. Elvis warns him not to talk like that in his house. Chad exclaims he has a lawyer and continues to rage. Will he fight him for Sydney?
- Nicole puts on a brave face and tells baby Sydney that Stefano is going to tell Sami she gave birth to her, but she is her real mommy, though she cannot fight anymore. "It's time to let go." She knocks at Sami's door. Sami answers, unable to conceal her surprise that she
is not halfway around the world. What made her come back? Nicole soon realizes no one has spoken to Sami yet and starts to say she should be the one... Sami offers to take Sydney so she can sit down. Nicole sadly hands her over, her eyes filled with tears. Once Syd is put down in the other room, the gals sit on the sofa. Nicole wants to give Sami the money back, but Sami insists she use it to fight for
her daughter! Nicole weeps she cannot fight. She has no choice.
Sami asks what happened. Nicole sighs. "Stefano happened." Sami asks her to elaborate. Nicole laments he recovered from his coma
and had her plane turned around, only to have her dragged off and escorted back to Salem. Sami is livid. She wants to give Stefano a piece of her mind. Nicole does not want her to. She must step away to attend to crying Syd. Sami agrees not to confront Stefano, yet when Nicole comes back, she is horrified to see she is gone. She went to Stefano and now the whole sordid secret will come out! Nicole sobs uncontrollably. What will she do if she is thrown in prison and loses Syd forever? "How will I go on?"
- At Java Cafe, Mia rushes in and asks Will if he has seen Chad.
She wants to find him before he finds Nicole. She gave her baby to Nicole forever and she does love her baby. She knows just what it means to lose one's mother and she does not wish that for her little girl. Will declares he has an idea on how they can get Chad to back off. The teens depart together ... Later at the cafe, Maggie runs into Hope. She had wanted to find her to discuss a scholarship and mentions the houseguest who was with Bo, though she did not meet her. Hope considers, then explains "I moved out." She has taken Ciara to Victor's. Did the woman she saw thru the window with Bo look familiar? Maggie states she only saw her from the back and she was wrapped in a blanket. Hope excuses herself.
- Back at Bo's house, Carly believes she should leave. He stops her. She worries that someone will see her. There is no more chance to discuss, as stylish Hope arrives on scene. Carly goes to the other room seconds before she enters. Hope pretends she is there only to pick up Ciara's Halloween activity book, but then asks about Bo's houseguest. "Where is she?" Carly cringes. Hope points out Maggie told her about the mystery woman. Bo fibs she is an old friend who is now gone. Hope makes a snide remark about the woman hanging around in her blanket and storms off. Carly emerges. She is sorry
and perceives Bo is lost without Hope. He does not deny it. She thinks she should leave. There have already been two close calls.
Bo insists she remain, He will protect her for as long as it takes!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Elvis claims he knows not where Nicole and Syd are. He clarifies on his attitude, as well. He does not care because if he lets himself care, he will want Sydney back to see her grow up. He now implies he would like to strangle Chad every time he comes over, repeating he wants his daughter. EJ be tormented! Ding dong. Enter Mia and Will. Mia implores EJ to prevent Chad from taking her baby. Elvis quietly says not a moment goes by that he does not feel Sydney is missing from his life. He is distressed but will not keep a father from his child. He warns Chad that he will be keeping an eye on him. Chad thanks him, swears he wants what is best for his child, and then leaves, casting Mia a triumphant glance. Will cannot believe EJ would do such a thing as to give away the baby. Elvis claims it is on Samantha's head that he did it. She kept Grace from him and he knows how it feels. In fact, he rather feels
a kinship with Chad. Mia and Will leave. Elvis places a call to Lexie, to check up on fatha. He is about to go to the hospital, to find out what he is so anxious to tell him. Outside, Mia laments to Will she will not let this Chad scenario happen ...
- Nicole takes Syd down to the pier and sees she is being followed
by one of Stefano's men. Every moment is precious. She is not sure when exactly her baby will be taken away from her. Now, says Chad, who saunters up and announces she is being served!
- At the hospital, nurse Maxine notes Stefano's heart rate is racing. He explodes he needs time to himself. He then sarcastically plays
with the call button, to show the only way to be left alone is to need
a nurse! Exit Maxine. Stefano imagines telling EJ that Sydney is his, then Nicole telling him of their conspiracy. EJ does not believe her. Stefano has her hauled off to jail. All is well in the fantasy of the phoenix!  Moments later, raging Samantha enters, hurling insults.
She has something to say to him! Stefano grins, enjoying the game.
"I have a few things I want to say to you, too!" Sami yells that she knows about him dragging Nicole back. Has her pal not suffered enough? No, says the phoenix, because of what she has done to the DiMeras AND Sami, as well! Sami angrily says he will not turn her against bff Nicole. And she gave her the money to leave, so there! Besides, Sydney does not need a family like the DiMeras, to whom she is not even related. The phoenix sighs if only Sami would shut her mouth, he would be able to tell her something ... If only she knew! Sydney is part of the family. Sami is not listening. She rages about Chad. And no matter what, a child deserves to be with its mother! "I could not agree with you more," drawls the phoenix.
He then declares "Sydney should be with her mother. Her REAL mother ...!"

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Bo snaps at Carly "What the hell do you think you're doing!"
Phil gets close to Mel. "We're perfect for each other." Mel
grimaces, then hauls off and slaps him across the face!
"My baby will never forget about me. NEVER!" Nicole leers
at Chad.
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