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Friday, October 23, 2009
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- Chez Bo and Hope, she has packed her bags. Knock knock! Tis Victor, who welcomes her home. Ciara is with Doug and Julie. Vic wonders if she going somewhere. Hope wistfully informs him that she and Ciara are moving out. The Greek tycoon considers. They
sit and discuss. Victor admits that he has always admired Hope and acknowledges she has been thru tough times. He refers also to Zack. He himself has lost a child and understands the endless pain. Hope echoes the sentiment. Vic wonders if she wants to leave behind the place which contains all her memories of Zack. He also alludes to
the fact that she ought to give Bo the courtesy of an explanation. How about a face to face farewell? She fears unless she does it this way, she will be unable to look him in the eye and depart. Victor believes she doe not really wish to leave. She does not, but what
else can she do? Vic offers her an alternative. She can come and
stay at the house of Kiriakis with Ciara. There is no more DiMera-Kiriakis feud. She will have all she needs and perhaps that will give her the time she requires to reconcile with Bo. Hope agrees to give
it a whirl.
- In her bedroom, clad in a slip, pretty Arianna hides some cash,
takes out a gun, and says on the phone she does not wish to be pressured about Brady. She ends the call and her grip on the gun tightens when she hears a noise. Brady now comes through the window, John Black cat burglar style! She shoves her gun under
the bed and is upset he entered that way. He notes she is shaking,
but all he did was decide to bring the date to her! She is terrified someone might find out they are together and now is not sure it
was such a great idea to reconcile. Does she want him to go? No. They start to kiss passionately and he murmurs does she still think this is a bad idea? More kissing. Now comes the picnic on a red blanket as jazz music lazily plays in the background, which leads
to the bed ...
- Replay of Stefano asking Elvis to summon Nicole. What is going on? EJ sighs. He knows not where she is and couldn't give a damn! The phoenix becomes testy. What is going on?! Elvis admits it is
hard to hear, but Nicole has committed a terrible lie. She actually
had a miscarriage and lost their baby, only to fake her pregnancy
and adopt a child from Dr. Baker. Stefano asks how it all came to light. EJ replies she confessed to everything so he kicked her to the curb. Stefano wants to know where Sydney is. When EJ says she is with her mother, he becomes exasperated. "She is with Sami?!" He now realizes they do not know Sami is the mother and covers up.
"I must have mixed up the interchangeable bleached blonde liars that you have sired children with!" Elvis chuckles he is back to his usual self. Lexie assumes the confusion was due to the fact that he just woke up. Stefano gruffly orders Elvis to find his wife and child and bring them home where they belong. EJ attempts to calm him down. The phoenix insists he must find Sydney and bring her home. Elvis refuses. Nicole broke his heart. Stefano is upset he would cast away Sydney in such a callous manner and coughs. Elvis exclaims he will not have her living in his house, to continue the lie. "She is your daughter, you fool!" declares papa Stefano. Elvis points out the baby has biological parents and their rights must be respected. Lexie is worried about Stefano's stress level. He gasps he has something to say and EJ will hear this ... All of a sudden, he seems to code blue and Lexie races out for help. Moments later, he has been stabilized. Lexie tells EJ it was a close call. She cannot guarantee Stefano will ever be able to say what he intended to EJ. Elvis did not expect him to be so upset. Might he have already known about Nicole? Lexie doubts it.
- Nicole quietly enters the DiMera mansion with Sydney, to get passport, etc. Black widow Kate emerges, indignant, and orders her out! She is there for papers. Kate leers she had better hurry as this is no longer her home. She grabs the keys from her. Nicole proceeds to get Sydney's passport. Kate does the math and asks how EJ will feel about her sneaking away with the baby. Nicole retorts that he kicked them out and wants nothing to do with Sydney. Kate smirks, picking up the phone. "Let's see about that." Nicole snaps at her to put the phone down. If she tries to stop her form leaving, perhaps she will seduce one of her sons! Kate tells her to get lost. She is not against Nicole leaving, yet Stefano adores Sydney and would be dreadfully unhappy if she were to disappear from his life. Nicole doubts she cares. Kate quips family comes first with the DiMera clan and she is Stefano's wife! Nicole retorts she is Sydney's mother and threatens she will trample anyone who gets in the way, "including you, you hateful b*tch!" Kate questions the wisdom of threatening her. Nicole retracts and pretends she did not mean it. Stress talking, she claims. She begs Kate not to inform EJ they are leaving. Kate agrees to
allow them to leave town, as it would benefit Will, who is too deeply involved in Mia's custody suit. She now decides she wants Nicole and her baby gone for good! Nicole soon gathers what she needs. Kate suspects she does not really want to leave. Nicole takes a last look around and departs with Sydney.
- Will and Mia are at a law office, awaiting lawyer Justin, arranged
by Uncle Mickey. Mia is nervous and cringing. Will reassures her. Justin comes out with Chad, who states he is hired! Where should
he sign? Will grimaces. Justin sits the kids down in the conference room, so they can talk things through. Will is annoyed, as he had assumed Justin would help his beloved Mia. Chad explodes how is
it any of his business anyway. Justin orders the teens to sit back down. Chad wants Will to leave, but Mia wants him to stay. Chad and Will continue to butt heads. Tempers flare. Chad rushes him
and they struggle. Justin intervenes. He pulls the fellas apart and warns Chad assault charges will not help him win custody. They all sit back down. Justin advises them that mediation would be the best course of action. Perhaps Chad and Mia can come to a custody agreement. "No way," says Chad. "Winner take all." Mia is miffed that he wants to take Sydney away from the only parents she has ever known. Chad is miffed she gave their child to an old porn star. Mia exclaims it was better than giving the baby to him! Chad has heard quite enough. No deal, he wants full custody. Justin decides not to take the case, as Chad was not up front, and Justin's family has bad blood with the DiMeras. Will asks if he can still represent them. Justin is sorry to say that he cannot, as he has privileged info from both sides already. That would be an ethics issue. Exit mad Chad. Will asks for unofficial advice. Justin plays devil's advocate. He points out that Mia basically sold her baby and in most cases, juries will favor the biological parent. If Mia gave up her rights, that would mean Chad. Mia is in tears.
- Will and Mia head for Java Cafe, to regroup. Mia laments Chad would not know how to take care of Sydney and his parents would surely not help him. Enter Chadman. "Actually, they already have." They do not do custody work, but have hired another attorney to represent him. He will get their daughter and Mia will not see her again! When he has gone, Will assures her he is just talking. Mia mutters what if it is true. Will is certain Nicole will keep Sydney protected. Mia hopes so. They hug.
- Vic is at the pub, angry he cannot reach Brady on his phone. "Damn!" He now overhears an employee say that Ari has the night off. Victor realizes what that means ...
Meanwhile, lovebirds Ari and Brady happily lie under the sheets together at her place.
- Back at the hospital, Elvis implores fatha to open his eyes. He cannot lose him! Stefano's eyes open. "Sydney. I want to see her." His son nods. He will get her, if it makes him feel better, yet he would like to know what he wanted to tell him earlier ... The eyes close again. Lexie suggests they let him rest. EJ gives him a kiss and walks out. Ominous music is heard as the phoenix re-opens his eyes, fully alert!
- Back at the mansion, somber EJ enters and Kate asks what is wrong. She is annoyed when she discovers that EJ did not tell her Stefano woke up. He points out his situation is precarious and he might not get betta, then lashing out is this not what she wanted!
Kate appears remorseful.
- Justin drops by to see Bo about a client related police matter. Bo is not home. Hope realizes he is staying in town and he admits he and Adrienne could use the break. She tells him she is moving into the Kiriakis mansion with Ciara. Justin is surprised. He will do his best
to make them feel at home and helps her carry out her bags ...
- Nicole and Sydney are now seated on a plane about to take off for Rio. All of a sudden, her cell rings. It is Sami. She thanks her for her help, but it is best if they not keep in touch. She wishes her a great life and ends the call. Nicole now tells Syd she feels sad for Sami, though she is her mommy! Onward and upward. "Goodbye, EJ,"
she whispers. "I'll always love you."
- Stefano is sitting up in his bed, recalling past convos with Nicole, and now makes a call. Nicole is about to turn off her phone for takeoff, but then picks up for the phoenix. He does not mince words and commands "You come to me with my granddaughter - now!"

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"Bo, here I come!" says Carly.
"Nicole loved you, now she's gone," Sami whispers to EJ.
"Sorry Stefano, I am finally out of your jurisdiction," Nicole
tells the bemused phoenix over the phone.
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