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Thursday, October 22, 2009
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- Replay of desperate Nicole crying as Sami arrives and declares
she will help her. Nicole says she cannot do that! Sami says she can. And she understands Nicole is stressed as she might lose her baby to Chad in court. Together they can make sure that does not happen! Sydney appears to reach up to Sami  ... Nicole tells Sami she cannot give her the help she needs, but agrees to go to her place and talk.
- At the cemetery, Mel and Nathan fold the blanket they were sitting on while watching an outdoor horror movie. Phil saunters over to the pair. Mel is surprised he is there alone. Titan sponsored the event, so corporate Phil is actually there to cut a check to the Cleaner Parks Foundation. Nath must step away to find his cell, leaving Phil and Mel alone for a spell. Phil teases Mel does she think he was stalking her. No, and she smiles there must be hoards of girls present who would like to be with him. He admits the girl he is interested in is not available! He wishes Mel a good night and leaves. Nath comes back and they are ready to finish their date. They would like to be alone.
- At Java Cafe, Kate is pleased to see Stephanie, as she wishes to have a word about her son. She would like her to know that she loves and wants the prodigal son to be happy. "You and Philip
belong together." Steph, who is looking over work papers, is blunt. She and Phil are not getting back together. Things did not work out between them as she wanted to change him. Kate points out one cannot set up rules to live by. She and Phil love each other ... Phil, who is now at the cafe, hears, and curtly tells Kate to shut up! Steph uncomfortably excuses herself. Phil advises mommy dearest to stay out of his life! Kate implores him to face the sad truth - he is doing everything wrong. All of his relationships ended in disaster, except Stephanie, the only bright light. Phil quips Kate should worry about her murderous new family instead and bore them with her phony concern. She should go to them now! She will, but first advises him to think of what he sees in Melanie Layton, cos he is just headed for disaster again with that one! Exit Kate.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ finishes a business call and receives word from Lexie that father is waking up!
- In his hospital room, Stefano stirs. "Nicole .."
Elvis sweeps into the hospital waiting area and Lexie informs him he is indeed waking up, though he might not be quite himself. There are no guarantees. They enter and the phoenix makes a few rumbling noises, opening his eyes. The concerned kids talk down to him. The phoenix grins and soon puts their minds to rest."Of course I'm back. What did you expect?" Lexie now expects a full recovery. He learns he was out for a few days and asks after his lovely wife. She had nothing to do with what happened and he intends to stick to his diet in future. EJ agrees to summon Kate. Stefano now asks if it is too late to see the grandchildren. He asks after Sydney, Giovanni, but especially Nicole. He asks Elvis to tell Nicole he wishes to see her asap. EJ gets uncomfortable. Stefano notices. "Where is your wife? Where is Nicole?" Pause.
- Elsewhere, Daniel reads a file and quietly curses. He then calls an expert, to get an outside opinion on his conclusions, as he himself is personally involved with the patient in question.
- Chez Dan and Chloe, smoke fills the kitchen, for Chloe has burnt dinner. Maggie is at the door with an I'm Sorry cake. The redhead wants to put things right, after what Kate did. How is she? Chloe smiles prettily. She has never been happier in her whole life and tells Maggie not to feel bad. Maggie admits Kate fooled many. Chloe sees there is a message on her answering machine and plays it. They now hear Nicole's sad message. Chloe updates Maggie on Nicole's baby deception. She does not believe she could survive someone taking away her adopted baby. Maggie says she will not have to. Chloe announces she will be pregnant soon, she hopes. Dan later returns home to his beloved with flowers.She is wearing her little back dress and he thinks she is hot! The lovebirds exchange compliments and kiss. They are later without clothes, eating yummy cake in bed. Chloe mentions needing healthy food for kids and wonders why
Dan suddenly appears so grim. Daniel has something serious to say.  "Look, honey, about having a baby. There could be a problem." He wants more tests run. Chloe accuses him of changing his mind about having kids. Daniel calms her down. It is not just about her health, there could be another problem. He has gone over her records, and due to the treatment she received, it is likely that she may never be able to conceive. Chloe blinks. 
- Back at Maggie's, Mel and Nath proceed to neck like teenagers. Enter the redhead, who gives them the evil eye. Busted! She no longer believes she can trust Melanie. Nathan promises they will not break the house rules again. Maggie decides the two of them cannot stay there together anymore. Mel offers to pack her things. Nath gallantly stops her. He will move out!
- Chez Sami, she informs nervous Nicole she spoke to Chad and EJ. But as far as she is concerned, mama Mia carries the most weight and she wants Nicole to raise baby Sydney. Nicole is moved. Sami earnestly exclaims a mother must do whatever it takes to protect her child. She remembers Grace. Nicole realizes she is thinking of the decision she made to keep Grace from EJ. She wonders whether
she would feel the same way had she not lost Grace. Would she still desire to help her? Sami insists she will help her. Nicole makes her promise not to tell anyone, but has decided to leave the country, permanently! Preferably to a country with no extradition treaty to
the U.S. Only trouble is she has a cash flow problem, since EJ froze her DiMera related assets. Sami points out that Nicole is Sydney's mother and no one will be able to take her place, hence her being on her side. Nicole is overwhelmed. "I am so so sorry ..." She cries she is unfit. Sami is baffled and repeats they can work together. Nicole laments that Sami is actually the last person in the whole world who should be helping her! Sami assumes she is stressed. Nicole prepares to unburden her soul. "What you need to know is ..."Sydney gurgles. Nicole changes her tune. What Sami needs to know is she could get in trouble if she helped her, and she is a mother. Sami suggests in
that case, she not tell her where she is going. Nicole complains she would need $50,000 and will never be able to get it. Sami tells her to sit tight and walks out with purposeful steps, to get the money.Alone with Syd, Nicole tells her she will not be able to see family ever again, but she is all she has, so she is not giving her up. "You’re my life," she whispers. Sami now returns with an envelope of $50,000. John had given it to her after witness protection. Sami jokes she hasn't been just living off her looks - and Sydney giggles. Nicole is moved by the cash grab and stands up. Sami would like to say goodbye to Syd and smiles at the baby. "You are an amazing girl." She will miss having her in her life. "I will never forget you." Nicole sheepishly thanks her. "You have no idea how much you’ve given me!" Sami is gracious. She then sees them to the door and watches, teary-eyed, as Nicole walks away with the money, and unbeknownst to her, the baby girl SHE gave birth to ...!

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Chad flies off the handle at Will. "How the hell is this any of your business! "

She’s not my daughta.

She is!

"I will trample anyone who gets in the way and that includes you, you hateful bitch!" Nicole threatens Kate.
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