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Wednesday, October 21, 2009
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- At Java Cafe, Chad listens to Sami, as she too had a kid at a
young age. She hopefully asks if he will let Nicole raise Sydney.
He will think it through. Sami points out Nicole and Sydney have bonded. Chad now brings up Sami's son. Is he screwed up? Sami explains he has worked thru things, but he has had a hard time of it. She again asks if he will let Syd stay with Nicole. He replies he will see and gets back to work. Enter Maggie, who starts to talk about
Sami's wonderful son Will. Sami casts an uncomfortable glance in Chad's direction as Maggie continues. Chad is now busy behind the counter. Maggie approaches and mentions Mia. Chad is surprised to hear Sami knows Mia. Of course she knows Mia, Maggie smiles, as she is a good friend of Will, who is Sami's son! When Maggie has gone, Chadman is not pleased and calls Sami a piece of work. If she assumes he will now let Sydney stay with Nicole, she should think again! After all, she never gave up her baby. Sami claims she does not want him to make the same mistakes she did. Chad gives her the brush off. Sami persists. As a teen mom, she fought with Will's pop and Will hated them both for it. He then moved to Europe for a
while cos he hated his parents. The same thing could happen to him! He points out he is not her. Sami points out Mia will not be with him so he will have to raise Sydney all alone. His mistakes could make Sydney grow up hating him. He disagrees. He will not lie to his child the way she lied to Will. He will not be like her and Will's alcoholic father. Sami calls that big talk. Chad has heard enough. And he now declares he will get custody of his daughter!
Later on, D.A. Woods, who is the dad of Chad, drops by to see his hard working son. The folks know he is hurting. They are trying to help him get thru this time. Chad bitterly says he knows what they want - for him to give up the baby. The D.A. wonders if he intends to fight for custody. Chadman has not yet decided. Papa Woods hands him the card of a shark attorney, in case he decides to do it. He advises him to think about it long and hard before he makes that call and departs.
- On the yacht, delirious Rafe gasps "Sami ... Sydney's your baby, not Nicole's!" Omar attends to the confused patient, who continues
to repeat that it is not Nicole's baby.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Brady is dumfounded. Nicole wants to
run away with him? She repeats that he is the one for her, it was a mistake marrying EJ. She knows he loves her and that comes with
no strings. Brady reminds her she really loves EJ, and he does not buy her sudden change of heart. She insists she and EJ are over, so now she can be with the only man who is perfect for her. Ominous music is heard. Brady thinks she would not even be there had EJ
not kicked her out. She continues to try and play Brady so they can run away together. Brady is concerned about her running away. She says she loves him. Brady admits he will probably always love her. She says they can run away with Sydney and trashes Chad. Why, even Mia wants her to keep the baby, though the adoption was not exactly legal. They can go to a country that has no extradition treaty with the U.S. and buy a house. Brady sternly informs her it will not happen! He believes she is simply scared and overly emotional. He sadly wonders if she wishes to run away with him for him or for his money. She insists love will make it all work. He talks family and friends. She says she has few. She adds she only wants them to be together. It is not about the money, but about the life they could have. He is not in favor of a life on the run, however. He kisses her hand and laments he does not wish to hurt her, though he cannot go with her. She begs him not to abandon her. He promises to stand by her, help her out. She fears not leaving will put her at risk of going
to prison. If he does not go, he does not love her. He says he does but this is not right. And he is involved with someone. He tries to
talk her out of leaving. Nicole exclaims her life is over and it is all his fault. Before Brady can stop her, she storms out ...
- At Stefano's bedside, Elvis talks biz as the phoenix sleeps on. He stops and tells him to get better and rest. At least he is away from
the madness. The loyal son grasps his hand. "Take my love, get betta." They are all rooting for him.  Then it is a kiss on the cheek,
a sigh, and EJ walks out. Stefano moves his hand.
- Replay of Carly pocketing the meds at the hospital and stopping when Maxine approaches Bo. Maxine eventually leaves, and Bo is hugged by Theo, who is with Lexie. Carly secretly takes it all in.
They talk about Ciara, and Stefano being stable. Later, Bo is on the phone as Carly watches. Lexie returns and Bo mentions needing to pick up Ciara, who is a foot taller than the last time he saw her!
Amid the chatter, a reference is made to Bo's position as the police commissioner. Carly is stunned! Once she manages to make her
great escape to the elevator, she passes by Maggie, who looks back as the elevator doors close.  The redhead approaches Lexie and Bo and asks Lexie who the lady doctors on duty are tonight. Just her. Maggie coulda sworn she saw a familiar looking lady doctor!
- Lexie returns to Stefano's quiet room and sits at father's bedside, imploring him not to leave them. All of a sudden, the machine beeps loudly!
- Maxine returns to Bo and Maggie in the hall, and announces there has been a theft. Drugs are missing - antibiotics, to be exact. Perhaps Commissioner Bo could start an investigation. Maggie thinks it is
a strange coincidence ...
- Carly returns to the yacht with the stolen meds. Omar updates her on the Salem patient muttering about a baby. Carly administers the antibiotics and hopes they will make him better. Then he can tell her who he is and why he is so upset about a baby. As they wait for the meds to take effect, Omar hopes that no one recognized her at the hospital. She seconds the motion but admits she saw someone from her past, something she will attend to once the patient has recovered, if indeed he does ...
- Vic saunters into the pub and makes a snide remark about ordering cocaine to Ari, then smirking it was in jest. He promises to keep his word about her secret, but does she keep her word? She replies yes. The Greek tycoon solemnly asks if she has kept her distance from Brady. She sidesteps by replying just that she would rather Brady
not know of her activities, as it would hurt him. He quips neither of them wish to see Brady hurt and bids her goodnight. Once outside, he places a call. "We need to talk. Your place or mine." Eerie music is heard. Inside, Ari makes an anxious call to ask about the head of operations ever showing up. She would also like to be informed
when the shipment comes in. She is in a hurry to meet the head of the operation and put this nightmare behind her. Enter Brady, who pretends they are not an item by ordering a coffee to go. The pair arrange to meet down at the pier in a few minutes. Later at the pier, Brady alludes to the fact that he had a rough day, but why did she look so unhappy at the pub? She suggests they ignore the outside world. They kiss on it.
- Elvis opens the elegant DiMera door to Victor, who assures him he is not there to gloat about Nicole. At least she did not try to murder him! He is there to talk biz that concerns the phoenix. Elvis lets him in, willing to listen. Victor would like to sell his half of an operation involving shipments. Dealers, no books. His side of the river - all of it. Elvis wants to know what the catch is. The Greek tycoon states there is no catch. He cannot pass that kind of illegal biz onto Brady or Phil when he retires. EJ chuckles at the notion of him retiring. Vic soberly points out that one is mortal, after all. The DiMeras have the know-how and the resources to make the most of such an offer, not to mention that EJ could probably use the distraction. He assures
him the biz is doing well. Elvis does not doubt it, though he would like to do a little research. "I'll let you know." Vic looks forward to hearing from him. He concludes his father would be proud and takes his leave. Elvis considers.
- Nicole meets Mary and Sydney outside the pub. Maid Mary feels badly about what happened. Nicole thanks her profusely for bringing her daughter to her. Exit Mary. Nicole holds Syd and sadly promises she will make sure they stay together, her eyes mirroring her sheer desperation. She leaves a frantic message for Chloe, crying that she needs her help as that idiot teenager is going to sue for custody of Sydney and he will win! Sami comes around the corner and tells Nicole that everything will be fine, as she will help her ... !

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"About having a baby. There could be a problem," Dan breathes
to Chloe.
Kate faces Steph. "You and Phillip belong together."
"You are the last person in the world who should be helping me!" crying Nicole exclaims to Sami.
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