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Tuesday, October 20, 2009
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Note: Felonista is a word I invented a while back. It is
a fashionable - fashionista - felon!

- Sami asks little Johnny to be nicer to the babysitter and then
sends him in the next room to have fun, after promising to take
him shopping if he is a good boy. Now it is time to find a teenage boy. She calls and leaves a message for Nicole, whom she thinks
will not believe what she is about to do. Any idea where she can
find Chad? Brady soon shows up to talk about Rafe. Sami admits
she has not heard from him. He has offered to assist Arianna in the search for her missing brother. He admits they are back together
and solemnly says she can tell no one! He has a good reason as she has a secret, though he knows not what it is. Sami remarks if she disappears like Rafe did, they will have something in common. She does not feel Ari's mysterious secret is connected to Rafe, though. Brady appears relieved, but Sami is worried that Rafe has not contacted his sister despite her many messages.
- On the pier, replay of Nicole offering her talents to Chad. Is she trying to seduce him? Nicole breathes would he not like her to? Her plan is to get him to kiss and maul her so she can call for help and have him arrested! She smiles an eerie smile at the unsuspecting
teen. She starts to seduce him. Chad pulls away. Nicole now says he might be too much man for her. He has heard that line before and realizes she is that porn star Misty Circle! She insists that was the past. Chadman calls her a hot old nympho and he is not going to do anything that might jeopardize his chances of getting back his child. Furthermore, he does not want his baby raised by an old porn star. Nicole hopes he will not shove the baby in his locker and tells him
the last 9 months for her have been a joy. If he wants the baby, every second is precious. She suspects he does not really want Syd and is not a giving person. Chad retorts"I would do anything to keep my daughter away from a psycho like you. Anything." Nicole claims her bad past life made her strong and determined to give her little daughter everything. Chad gets testy and exclaims he is part of the picture as he is the father. Nicole now warns him that EJ loves his daughter and will come around. EJ is a dangerous DiMera. Chad stands his ground. His parents are powerful attorneys. He will see
her in court!
- Later at Java Cafe, Sami approaches Chad, explaining she knows Sydney and would like to talk to him about her. They sit at a table and discuss. She says she knows what he is signing up for as she has been there, and he may want to rethink the whole thing. She kept
her son as a young parent and there was payback involved. Chad asks if her son paid for her mistakes. Sami loves her son, but when she was young it was hard. She was selfish and put herself first.
"And they know it. They can sense it." Chad wonders how that has affected her son. Sami admits he is insecure because she was not there 100%. She points out Chad was sent to boarding school for smoking dope. What if he makes other mistakes or wants to go to college or travel? He insists he will not, as he is a father now. He would even take Sydney on his dates and his honeymoon. Sami explains that would stop him from having the life he dreamed of
and the baby will sense his resentment. She cannot change the past, yet he can do right by his daughter. The teen takes it all in. Maybe she is right about his leaving the baby with someone else ...
- At the pub, nervous Ari meets with Roman. She hopes he will not get mad. Brady will be looking for Rafe. Roman has no prob with that, but deduces they are back together again. She confirms it.
A helluva mistake, says the seasoned cop. He calls it stupid and dangerous and gets sarcastic while sipping his coffee. He is inded
her superior officer, yet wonders why she wanted to tell him. Ari states the prob is that Victor thinks she is a drug dealer and if she does not keep away from Brady, he will tell him. What should she do? "Nothing," replies Roman. If Vic is behind everything, let him assume she is a bona fide dealer. Ari, however, does not want to
risk losing Brady. "I quit." Just then lovestruck Brady texts her that he is thinking of her. Roman jokes he is not exactly Lord Byron,
the romantic poet. He goes on to inform Ari she cannot quit. The department would not risk all this undercover work. And if she pulls out, the department will make it look like she is a dealer! Ari laments they will send her back to prison if she pulls out now. He points out she knew the terms of the job. She is terrified of Brady finding out she was in prison. He would never forgive her! Roman thinks down the line, she ought to tell him. Felonista Ari becomes hopeful. After all, he did stand by Nicole ...
- On the yacht,  Dr. Carly sponges Rafe's face. His fever is burning up and he needs antibiotics. Omar announces they are now entering Salem Harbor. Carly wants them to do something. Omar suggests 911. After all, her husband's men are trying to find and kill her. She should let the delirious mystery man go. She refuses and intends to get help from a friend. She asks Omar to drop anchor so she can head out for a spell. She also will need a flashlight. Her destination - Salem Uni Hospital! He asks her to be careful. If she cannot return
to the boat, he will look after the Salem patient. Carly pulls her hood over her head and departs.
- At the hospital, Bo comes to see flustered Dr. Lexie about the Salem P.D. volunteer program. They both mention having family problems and Bo sighs things would have to be better even to get
bad between him and Hope. This time for once, there is no third
party involved, just problems between the two of them. He jokes
he is right and Hope is wrong. They now talk shop. The Salem P.D. cannot afford to pay someone to be director of the volunteers. Lexie suggests he ask Hope to underwrite the program. Bo grimaces. He does not wish to ask her for money. The kidnapping brought the issue of money to the forefront. Lexie is now shocked to hear that Hope has moved out with Ciara. She is sorry. She will get over the trauma of the kidnapping. Bo explains that Hope has told him the kidnapping merely brought up old issues. He pours himself more coffee and laments she brought up Patrick Lockhart and also Zack. Bo wishes he could erase those memories for Hope. He too would forget if only she stopped dredging things up. He wonders if she is just looking for an excuse, a way out. Lexie perceives he must be mad. He admits he has never been this mad! When little Ciara was
taken, he made a deal with God to bring his daughter back and he would never ask for anything else. He did not realize at the time
that he would lose everything.
- Outside in the night, Carly walks with determined steps, knowing what she must do. She enters the hospital and walks behind Bo and Lexie, wearing a lab coat. Lexie is paged away. Bo ponders what might come next ... Carly has slipped into a supply room and takes the meds she needs. She is about to walk out, but stops when she spies nurse Maxine approach BO!
- Desperate felonista Nicole visits Brady at Kiriakis mansion and
hugs him, moaning she needs him so much! She was wrong about EJ. He was the one who really loved her. He asks what she is
getting at. "I want to go away Brady. The two of us, forever!"
Brady stares at her in disbelief ...!

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What can I get you?
How about some cocaine!

Nicole whispers to Brady "And we can start a wonderful life together!"

"I will never make the same mistakes you did when I'm raising
my kid," Chad declares to Sami.
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