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Monday, October 19, 2009
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- At the house of Kiriakis, Ari pulls away from Brady. They cannot do this! He wants to know what is wrong. She gets flustered. He does not understand what the hell is going on (classic Brady line!) She is sorry. Brady is exasperated she will not tell him her reason
for pulling away. He perceives she cannot look him in the eye and answer such a simple question. Is there a deep, dark secret from her past? Ari quips he does not get it and glances at a photo of Victor, flashing back to the time he blackmailed her to ditch Brady. She starts to leave, but Brady stops her, having seen the glance. He assumes she has concerns about his working for grandfather in the family business. She says no. He insists he works in a legit area of the family biz, so she can trust him. Ari sadly says she knows she
can trust him. However, he cannot trust her! Brady wonders why
she just does not open up to him. She laments she cannot. Brady decides he can live with something she does not wish him to know. She quips that is part of it only. If they proceed with a romance,
it will need to be private. No one can know about them. Brady is intrigued and agrees.
- Nicole begs Chad to meet her and talk. He replies he will see her
in court. She speaks of him seeing Sydney and adds she has an
offer. She also would like to know what he wants. She can meet
him in 5 minutes. He replies he is at pier 5. She is on her way!
- Mia and Will talk. She makes it clear she approves of Nicole, as
she is the only mother Sydney has ever known. Will announces he
knows who can help them.
- At DiMera mansion, Sami argues her case for Nicole with EJ. She brings up a mother's instinct to protect one's child. Elvis points out Sydney is in fact not Nicole's child. She calls him pigheaded and suspects he loves Sydney as though she were his own. All he cares about now is his hurt feelings. He wants her to leave but she wants him to admit he loves Syd. Is he man enough to do it and help
Nicole - cos it would mean helping Sydney? He retorts this is not
her business. Sami accuses him of screwing up. He cannot believe
it. "WOT! I screwed ...?!" He was manipulated and used ... "But
not by Sydney," insists Sami. And that baby needs Nicole. He flat
out refuses to change his mind and takes a drink. Sami laments it seems that their beautiful son Johnny has a father who knows not how to love. Elvis angrily admits how hellish the last few months would have been had he not known how to love. Sami yells his love is a twisted version and berates him for trying to take Johnny, then throwing Syd and Nicole out. She is of the opinion that he lets his anger control everything. "Get out of my house!" now says he.
Sami declares all he cares about is revenge. He repeats for her to leave! She warns one day he will find himself all alone.
- At the hospital, Mel and Nath try to play it cool, though they know some folks already sense they might be involved. Nath knows it is professional suicide for them to be together and pretends to talk
shop. Here comes nurse Maxine, who had heard some gossip she would like cleared up. Why did Mel volunteer for two extra shifts? Dr. Nathan jumps in to defend Mel and wonders why Maxine is always so suspicious of her! Mel quickly cuts him off and explains
it was so the gal she was covering for could have more family time. Maxine appears satisfied with the answer and walks away. Mel
smiles that Nath makes it too obvious when he defends her. They cutely talk about their next date. Chez Rouge? He thinks Maggie should not see them ...
Meanwhile, Nicole runs into Lexie, who is surprised she was visiting with father. Nicole misses talking to him, among other things. She thinks she knows what Lexie must think of her. Lexie smiles at Syd and then tells Nicole she does not judge, for she knows what lengths a woman will go to protect her child. She wishes she could have helped. Nicole says she can now ... Lexie later tells Maxine that
Theo is happily watching over Sydney at daycare. Maxine suggests Lexie check on her father. Lexie races into Stefano's room, only to find Victor Kiriakis in the room! She demands to know what the hell he is doing there! The Greek tycoon claims he is visiting a "friend." She accuses him of having once kidnapped and threatened to kill
him. Vic cracks jokes. Lexie says it is not funny. Vic sagely agrees.
He thinks it is scary. He would prefer to think of his old enemy as invincible. "The myth of the phoenix gives us all hope ..." Both
himself and Stefano were given strong, beautiful, good daughters.
He is lucky to still have her. Lexie has heard enough and kicks him out. Vic hopes he recovers and opens the door, turning back to add "No way Kate should get off the hook this easily. B*tch!" Lexie considers.
Lexie later coos to Sydney in the hospital hall. Along comes Elvis, who wonders what she is doing. Lexie insists this is her niece despite the fact that he acted like an idiot. He asks why she is here and what exactly Nicole is doing ... Lexie tries to call Nicole, but it goes over
to voice mail. Elvis has Mary watching Sydney now. Lexie chides him as she understands the pain Nicole must presently be feeling.
EJ insists she brought this on herself. He confesses it is killing him.
- Chez Sami, she arrives home just after Will tells Mia his mom sure could help them! Will says they were talking about her as Mia needs help. Sami already realizes what it is about, having just spoken with EJ. Mia asks her to please not let Chad take her baby. Sami consoles Mia, who wonders if she thinks she should have kept her baby the way she kept hers. Sami understands why she did what she did, and says it does not sound like Chad is putting Sydney first, the way she is. She asks the teen how she met Nicole. Mia uncomfortably admits her doctor introduced them. She was poor, alone, and pregnant. Nicole was mostly nice. She could see she loved Syd right from the beginning. Will listens, making a few snide remarks about Nicole. Sami now asks her - is she sure she would rather have Nicole raise her baby in lieu of raising Sydney herself? Mia is certain Nicole is what is best for Sydney. She just wishes she could convince Chad. Sami points out guys have big egos. Mia thinks the only reason
Chad is trying to take Sydney is because he is angry at her. Sami is on her side. It's official! She agrees to help her.
- Back at Maggie's, smiling Mel is ironing when Maggie enters. She finds out Mel will be going out with Nathan. She still likes Mel but worries Nathan will get hurt. He is not Phillip and his career is at a crucial stage. Nathan enters. She does not mean to rain on their parade. However, Mia is staying there now and she is at a vulnerable place. Maggie cries she will try to butt out and leaves. Nath is sorry. Mel laments she might be right and she might hurt him. Nathan disagrees and wants to give her a kiss. She has an idea which she whispers it in his ear. "Let's do it!" he grins.
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, Brady and Ari are smooching up a storm. Victor sees them. They are back on track. Brady murmurs they should stick to such non-verbal communication. Ari says she needs to get back to work. Before she leaves, Brady declares he
will help track Rafe down. Once she is gone, Victor joins Brady and pours himself a drink, stating he just got back from visiting Stefano
at the hospital. How are things? "Never better," drawls grandson Brady, sauntering out of the room. "So you think!" mutters Vic.
- Chad meets Nicole at the pier, annoyed that she had claimed he would be able to see Sydney, but did not bring her. Nicole assures him he does not want her there now. He takes a step forward. "Are you threatening me?" She replies no. She realizes men like him do not like to be pushed around. However, she thinks this is about Mia. He loved her and probably still does. Nicole points out Mia did what was right. Chadman reminds Nicole she lied to him that he could see his kid. He accuses her of playing him the way Mia did, calls her a b*tch, and says he will see her in court. Nicole becomes desperate and implies there was a reason she wanted to see him alone. He makes a comment about bribery and then refers to the fact that she
is no longer a DiMera with money anyway. She is just down and out and still thinks she should have his kid! Nicole insists she is a great mom and to separate her and Syd would break Syd's heart. If he loves the baby, he should do what Mia did. "Let her go." She promises to give him visitation rights. She will keep her safe. Chad doubts it, since she is a criminal with no job and no home. In court, he would win hands down! There is nothing she could say or do to change his mind about believing Sydney would be better off with her father. Nicole looks peeved and changes her approach. What about his needs? She has certain talents. Maybe they could come up with something beneficial to both of them. She puts his arms around her waist and comes closer. "Mrs. DiMera," the lad smirks. "Are you trying to seduce me?"
- At the hospital, EJ and Lexie sadly watch their father thru the window. There has been no change. He cannot help the phoenix,
but Lexie states he could help Nicole and his daughter. She advises him to grab his chance at happiness. Master Elvis soon visits fatha
in his hospital room, frustrated he cannot talk to him. He simply cannot be a father to Sydney. He has no choice but to let her go,
as he knows the truth. All of a sudden, Stefano's hand moves ...!

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"Go find yourself a new stooge," Ari tells Roman. "I quit!"
"You can't tell anyone. No one," Brady quietly informs Sami.
"My daughter's being raised by a porn star," says Chad to a
surprised Nicole.
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