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Friday, October 16, 2009
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(and Chad the Dad)

- At Kiriakis mansion, Ari stops by to see Brady, and she appears uncomfortable. He invites her in. She asks his forgiveness for the terrible thing she has done. She is sorry about the Nicole fiasco. He quips he absolves her. Ari thinks he is acting strangely. He bitterly asks why she cares. He now realizes she fears he might be using drugs again. He is fine. He may be hurting, though he will not allow anyone to drag him down into the destructive hell of addiction again. "Not even Nicole?" says she. Brady gets closer and asks if she feels threatened by Nicole She decides to leave and he wants to know
why she is always so anxious to get away from him. She says he is
a great guy. He does not get what she is trying to tell him. Ari sadly states she was confused and would like to say he is ... so amazing, smart, strong and everyone loves him and ... "And what?" he asks. She stammers. Brady has figured it out and closes the distance between them, giving her a kiss. She kisses him back!
- Chad snaps at Mia he has seen his little girl. He saw their baby at the mansion. He met with EJ DiMera and also told him he was her father. Mia blames him for ruining everything. Now Nicole will
never be able to keep her! Chad cares not. He wants his daughter back. Will stares at him in disbelief. Mia implores him not to take Sydney. Chad blasts Mia for playing him and making a sucker of him. She says she was protecting the baby. Chad gets harsh and
calls her a wh*re. Will lunges but Mia keeps the guys apart. She admits maybe she did wh*re herself out to keep him away from Sydney, but that should tell him something about how much she loves their baby. She asks Will to give them a minute. He does.
Chad wonders what Mia will try now to keep him from his baby daughter. She is sorry and says she never meant to hurt him. She thinks he is a good and smart person, though she does not presently care for him the way he would like. Chad complains she made an idiot of him. She chides him this is really about what is best for
their child. Chad snaps what is best for her is NOT her lying mother or that b*tch Nicole. He cared so much for Mia, but now hates her. Mia begs him to think of Syd. "I am," retorts the teen. He intends
to get custody of his daughter and no one will stop him! Exit Chad. Will comes back and gives sad Mia a reassuring hug. What did Chad say to her? Mia replies it matters not, as long as she has Will. He
tells her he is right there and gives her a kiss. He says he loves her and she says she loves him too. Will promises they will find a way
to get thru it. Mia laments there must be someone who could help
them ...
- At DiMera mansion, Sami wonders what in the world is going on. Silence. Sami advises Nicole NOT to let anyone take her daughter from her, regardless of the fact that she was adopted cos she is hers. Nicole cringes. Elvis points out this is between the two of them and ushers her out. Outside the door, earth mother Sami resolves to do something for Nicole. "I have to help her!"
- Sami later weeps at Grace's grave and runs into Maggie, who gives her a reassuring hug. She saw her as she was driving by and decided to stop. The redhead understands it must be tough not having her mom around. Sami admits it is. Sometimes the grief just comes back. And now she is upset that her friend might lose her baby. Someone might take the baby away form her friend and that breaks her heart. She would do anything to keep another mother from experiencing such pain. Maggie wonders what she can do. Sami replies once she knows for certain who is the real threat to her friend, she will know what to do. Maggie requests that she take care and be safe. Sami graciously thanks her and departs.
- Inside the mansion, Elvis pours himself a drink and suggests Nicole face reality. Nicole gets him to admit he does love Sydney. He now drops a bomb. He would want Sydney back in his life, but definitely not Nicole! Nicole starts to say she did it for love. Elvis exclaims it was not for love and it was cruel and selfish! He will not be a party
to this anymore, keeping a fatha from his child! Nicole calls Chad a spoiled kid. Elvis reminds her that being a father changes a man.
And he should know. Nicole asks him not to distance himself from Sydney. Elvis rages that she is not his and he knows her biological parents could get her back. The father was just here! Nicole moans they must fight it together. She believes he still loves her as much as he loves Sydney. He has heard quite enough. "Go," says he. "Get
out of my life, get out of my house!" He drinks and then slams the glass down. Nicole picks up Sydney, her bag, and starts to walk out. Elvis stands at his desk, not looking in her direction. Exit Nicole. Outside the house, she runs into Sami. Sami offers to help. Nicole cries no one can do anything and rushes off in tears. Sami storms inside and calls EJ a BASTARD! Elvis says she simply does not understand. Sami thinks she does and blasts him for taking things
out on an innocent baby. EJ explains he just met Syd's real father.
He continues to drink. Sami is stunned. He goes on to say that the boy's parents are lawyers and he wants his daughta back. Sami is baffled as it was a closed adoption. Elvis bitterly states that was another one of Nicole's lies. Sami now hears that Chad, Mia's ex-boyfriend is the father, and realizes that Mia is the mother. Elvis
adds that Samantha does not seem quite so quick to defend Nicole now! "Speechless. Imagine that," he drawls. Sami whispers is he sure? Yes, she admitted it. She had a miscarriage, lost the baby, and pretended she hadn't. Then she found Mia and got her to agree to
the monstrous plan. He notes Samantha did almost the same thing
to him with Grace! Sami admits it may be the same and if she had
to do it all again, she would ... He yells at her to stop! She points
out he is surrounded by violence. Perhaps she cannot protect son Johnny from him but she will protect her other children from his world! And she would do anything for her kids! He says all parents would do anything for their kids, so she is not so special. Sami gets back to Sydney. She reminds him he loves her so he should do what
is right by the child and help Nicole keep her.
- Chez Dan and Chloe, she arrives home with flowers and shopping bags. Dan the man, clad only in a towel, emerges. Chloe starts to unpack her bags. Dan's towel drops. Chloe stares. They struggle to resist temptation. He puts the towel back on and offers to help her unpack. The tension in the air is thick as they try to keep their distance ... they suddenly grab each other and kiss with mad, wild passion! Then they stop, as they know they should not. Ring ring. Tis Father Matt. Dan saunters off to take a cold shower. Chloe realizes Matt is calling about the annulment. Dan eventually returns, buttoning up his shirt. Chloe quietly says the annulment is final. "Why are you so unhappy?" he whispers. She feels badly for Lucas. The doc breathes she is a compassionate, sensitive woman. He understands how she is feeling. She calls him patient. "I have waited my whole life for you." He breathes there is no more waiting and they slowly kiss ... Oh la la! Pan to sloooow bedroom scene of Love in the Afternoon!  "I love you," he whispers. She smiles he makes her so happy ...
- Nicole visits Stefano's hospital bedside with Syd. As the phoenix sleeps, she tells him the story of Chad the dad. He wants a paternity test, which will not match, which will lead to more questions. EJ will have his people get to work on it until the truth is found and then the whole world will know that Sydney belongs to EJ and Sami. Nicole will be put in prison and never see her baby again! She cries that Stefano can no longer take care of things. It is over for her! Pause. Perhaps she should help herself. What would Stefano do? Make the kid disappear? But she is not Stefano. She does not have enough money to pay the kid off. Blackmail? No. She suddenly gets another idea and decides that might work. She places a call to Chad, to talk about his daughter. He is not in the mood to talk. Nicole insists.
They both want what is best for Sydney. And she is sure they can work something out ...

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"I know I can trust you. You can't trust me," Ari tells Brady.
"What about how you met Nicole? Was that fate?" Sami asks Mia.
Chad meets Nicole at the pier. "Where's my kid!"
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