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Thursday, October 15, 2009
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- At the Brady house, Bo is looking thru a family photo album, a smile on his face. In rushes Ciara. Big hugs. Here comes Hope. She looks pained as Bo welcomes her home. He is surprised to hear
Ciara call this a VISIT. Hope sends her upstairs to play. She is sorry she did not clarify on the phone. She is back in Salem with Ciara, though she is not ready for them all to live under the same roof yet. Bo disagrees. He has been looking over pics of their past. It has
been a reminder of what they have together. She does not wish to
see the pics. He accuses her of dwelling on the bad. She states she remembers the good times as well as the bad, which led to issues
that come back to haunt them. She feels they had an accumulation
of unresolved resentments, like Patrick Lockhart. She simply cannot forgive herself for being duped by him. Bo does not blame her. She now brings up how Bo lied for Chelsea when little Zack died. He patiently points out they already got over that. She claims the way
he handled Ciara's ransom brought back old trust issues she had.
Bo insists they have moved on. He speaks of focusing on their love instead of dwelling on that which cannot be changed. Hope looks depressed. He informs her he loves and misses her. "You got my heart. You always have, you always will." What more is there?
Hope becomes teary-eyed. She loves him, but they cannot ignore their problems. He disagrees. She thinks he cannot accept that she sees things differently than him. She says he can spend some time with Ciara before they talk visitation. Ciara comes downstairs. Hope tells her to have a nice visit with her dad and mournfully departs.
- At the yacht, the bad guy with a gun on Carly leers "The tides have turned!" Elements in Lawrence's seedy circle have offered him one hundred grand to help get justice. Nothing personal. Time to be reunited with her dearly departed husband! He prepares to fire. She begs him not to. He stands next to Rafe on the sofa. Mr. FBI rolls to the side and knocks the gun out of his hand. Carly grabs it and in an instant the hunter has become the hunted. "Stay down!" she warns the bad guy, who does just that. Carly asks Rafe where he got the energy to do that. He passes out again. Later, Omar assures Carly
the bad guy will no longer be a problem and he is now tied up. Carly smiles and tries to wake up Rafe. He saved her life so now she finds herself even motivated to save his! "Who are you?"  whispers the Salem patient. She agrees to tell him if he tells her who Sam is. He shuts his eyes and is out again. The fever is back. He really needs a hospital. However,  now that she knows Lawrence's circle is after her, things have changed. They have to take him. Omar leaves to prepare the dingy. Meanwhile, Rafe opens his eyes and gasps he must "tell her about the baby!"  Carly listens.
- At the Salem pier, Sami asks Brady about his unbradylike lying. Brady explains he was the one who had to tell Nicole about the miscarriage. The baby had represented a new life for her. Sami concludes she must have been desperate. "You have no idea," says Brady. Sami deduces he still loves Nicole and realizes it must have been tough for him to bear witness to her self-destructing. Brady
gets miffed she brought that up and starts to leave. Sami stops him and apologizes for saying he is in love with Nicole. He quips she is doing it again! She explains she is empathetic as she understands
how it feels to love someone who does not wish to be with you. She hopes he will forgive her. "Of course," sighs Brady. Sami now states she feels sorry for Nicole, since she was like a friend when she sided with Sami against EJ's dastardly attempt to take Johnny. She wishes there were some way she could repay her.
- Chez Dan and Chloe, Nicole is practically hyperventilating that she needs her daughter now!  She then smiles and picks her up. Chloe wonders what happened. Nicole gasps her plan has backfired! She rants about the stupid bastard. Dan gives the gals a moment. Chloe thinks she means EJ. Nicole states EJ is not the problem. It is very complicated. She does not wish to say more ...
- Will drops by to see Mia, as he wishes to speak with her.He misses her. She misses him too and throws herself in his arms. He wants to know what Chad did to make her cry. Mia decides to tell the truth about her little girl. She knows where she is. Sydney is her baby.
Will takes it all in. Mia remains convinced she is the best person to raise her. Better than Chad. Mia complains she does not know what he will do now, despite their deal. Will is surprised to hear that she was only with Chad to make sure he gave up the search for their baby. He peers at her, realizing Chad made her give him up. Mia admits she was not mad, she only used it as an excuse to break up with him so Chad would not look for their baby. She did it all for Sydney There is no real relationship with Chad. She cares only for Will.
- At the DiMera mansion, Elvis coolly asks Chad what was that he said. Chadman repeats he is Sydney's father and he wants to see her now! Elvis nods tensely and asks for his name. "Chad Peterson Woods. And you are EJ DiMera!"  Elvis considers. What makes him feel he is Sydney's father? Mia let it slip. He did not even know she was pregnant. EJ says his wife legally adopted Syd but Chad informs him that he was not made aware of any pregnancy and never signed away his rights!  EJ's eyes indicate he knows the lad is right. He cordially invites him in. Chad saunters in and insists he know his rights cos his parents are both lawyers. EJ points out so is he. Chad wonders if he was even a part of the adoption. Elvis asks him to tell him everything he knows. Chad agrees but must see his baby first.
- Back at Chloe's, Nicole gets a call from EJ, who asks her to come home with Sydney. She smiles hopefully. Once she is gone, Dan
and Chloe enjoy a glass of wine before dinner. She talks Sydney.
He wants her to take things one step at a time.They have been good in giving her time to recover, as they have not even made love since she was released from the hospital. "I know," she laments and grabs him in a kiss. The passionate doc is unable to resist. She insists she wants him right now. They lie down on the sofa and the clothes start to come off. Knock knock knock! More knocking! Chloe assumes Nicole forgot something and hastily opens the door to none other than Victor, who makes a snide remark about her looking the way she always does. Dan is disheveled as well. The Greek tycoon points out her bra is showing. Dan warns him to take it easy. The Greek tycoon claims he has come to make amends and he is bearing a gift! He felt badly about calling Chloe a wh*re, though he does not really appear to mean it! He hands Daniel a pocket watch Dan's papa gave him on the day of his christening. It has a guardian angel on it and
he hopes Dan will accept it as a symbol of his godfather's intention
to do better. And that includes accepting his devotion to Chloe. Dan now informs him that Chloe has moved in with him until they are married and they will be living together for all the days of their lives. "How convenient," retorts the godfather. Dan steps away to take a call. Chloe notes Vic is unhappy about it. Vic admits he is trying to keep an open mind but alludes to the fact that Chloe is a man eater! However, he must give her a chance for the sake of his godson. He hopes she will prove him wrong and takes his leave. Chloe ponders. Maybe he will come around. Out in the hall, Vic cackles "That b*tch is gonna self-destruct and I'm gonna have a front row seat!" He heads for the pier and meets Brady, declaring that he will not let Chloe ruin his godson's life the way she ruined Phil's, Lucas', and Brady's!
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole gleefully walks in with Sydney, only
to come face to face with glaring EJ and Chad. Her eyes are filled with dread. What is that boy doing here? Elvis snaps she knows damn well what he is doing here! Nicole wants to flee but Chad
yells STOP. Nicole warns him not to touch her baby. "She is not your baby!" retorts the teen. Elvis intervenes and advises her to put the baby down. She is not going anywhere! Nicole reluctantly places Syd in her playpen. Elvis informs Nicole the lad has every right to
see her. Chad crouches down. She is perfect. EJ asks him to give them a moment alone. He does, after admitting he never knew he could feel this way. Elvis can relate. Exit Chad. Nicole berates EJ
for tricking her. He demands she tell him the whole truth right now!  "You told me she was legally adopted!"  He soon realizes she is not. Nicole nervously admits she lacks the paperwork, though Mia did want her to have her baby. He reminds her the father too has a say. She cries she cannot lose Sydney. Boohoohoo. Chad knocks on the door so Elvis lets him back in. He calmly tells him to say goodbye to Sydney. Chad wants to take her with him. EJ elaborates. He has lawyer parents and must understand that one side of the story is not sufficient to take a baby from its home. Elvis adds he has treated Chad with respect and hopes he will afford him the same courtesy. Chad agrees to go "But this isn't over." He looks back at Nicole and Syd before seeing himself out. Nicole assumes EJ is now going to help her and Sydney.
- Chad returns to see Mia and demands to know what Will is doing there. Mia would rather know what HE has done!
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ angrily informs Nicole he did not say he would help her. She insists he has to help her, as she has been a good mother to Sydney, Enter Sami, whom Nicole does not see.
She ignores EJ's warning to keep her voice down and shouts "I will die before I let that jerk take my baby!" Sami's eyes widen with
concern.. "Somebody's gonna take your baby?" Nicole now turns around ...

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"Why are you always so anxious to get away from me?"
Brady asks Ari.
"You ruined everything. Now Nicole's never gonna be able to keep Sydney!" Mia flies at Chad,
Sami advises Nicole never to let them take her little girl away from her.
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