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Friday November 7, 2008 
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In the Horton kitchen, mad Mel tosses off her apron and tells Phil
he is acting like her father. He throws around his power perhaps, but Nick is the one with the brains. His alternative fuel project could save the world. She is miffed at Phil and assures him she knows how to handle men like him. She departs. Phil watches her leave.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Max sits with Nick and tries to make him see reason. Mel is trouble. She makes people's lives train wrecks. Nick thinks Max does not believe he can make her happy. Max is trying to protect Mel, who needs to get her life straightened out first. Nick disagrees. Max's cell rings. It is Trent's lawyer, who wants to tell him something.
- From her jail cell, Nicole marvels that EJ gives a darn about her as well. He asks how she ended up in the hospital ward. She admits she exaggerated her cramping to get out of the wretched cell. EJ smiles.
He admires her tenacity and her incredible maternal instincts. She is disappointed he has not been able to get her and baby out of there.
She is  nervous about what kind of mother she will be. "Wonderful," EJ states. Nicole knows she would do anything for the baby. EJ gets
a strange look. Would that include telling he father the truth? She
cries he thinks she is a liar. He just wants the truth, he gently insists.
- At the witness protection apartment, Sami and Rafe have a stare-off while sitting on the sofa. Neither blinks. He is gonna keep her there, even though she is a tougher case than the dangerous cartels he has dealt with. Sami says it is not very grownup. He retorts she is no grownup! Sami stares on. She is not conceding but she does need a bathroom break. Rafe wants her to leave the door open wide. She changes her mind. He tells her he once had a 48 hour stake out and keeps staring. Sami freaks out. She wants to go home, she does not care if she risks being killed. Rafe produces his cell phone. She may call her father, if that is what she wants. She does and finds out about Nicole. Sami has a fit on the phone and it is clear she is not on the phone with her father. Rafe takes the phone away and hangs up. She confesses she was talking to her ex, Lucas. What if Johnny ends up living with Nicole the murderer, she complains! Rafe's cell rings. It is his partner. The truck stop slasher has been arrested. Rafe led the groundwork for 2 years and missed the arrest all cos he is stuck babysitting her! He then chides Sami for not considering the safety of her kids and points out if she gets hurt, he will have to live with that forever. Sami apologizes for being a pain and offers to make him dinner. How about a BLT? Ok. He asks about her kids. She tells him of Will in Switzerland and the toddler twins with different fathers.
The pan starts smoking. Sami cries fire and rushes to the door but
Rafe grabs her before she can open it! He then cleans up and tells her he will stop pushing. She agrees to the ceasefire. She will go take a shower. He stops her and takes back his pick pocketed cell. Sami flounces off to take her shower. While she is in the shower, Rafe sneaks in and steals her clothes and towel ...
- In his office at the station, Bo and Hope toast to his appointment as police commissioner and kiss. He will need Hope as his partner to
help him clean up Salem. His cell rings. It is EJ. Nicole is ready to
talk. They head off to see for themselves. Hope brings the tape recorder. When they arrive at Nicole's cell, she is there with EJ. She
is ready to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
She admits that she had a gun when she went to the cemetery and went there with the intent of killing Trent, though she could not go through with it. Bo wants to know if there was a witness. Nicole suddenly remembers seeing someone in the shadows at the entrance
of the graveyard. A tall man who was looking down as if he was reading the gravestones. The caretaker? EJ tells the two cops to get
on it tonight so he can take Nicole home. They will be in touch, Hope coolly says. Nicole asks why they took so long to arrest her. Bo states CSI only found the dress bead after their second sweep. Bo and Hope take their leave. They now believe Nicole. Bo explains there was no caretaker on duty that night, so she she mightl have seen the killer!
Back in her cell, Nicole tries to remember details about the tall man.
All of a sudden something occurs to her. Stefano must have set her
up! EJ wonders why he would want to do that. Nicole then accuses
EJ of being in on it. They plan to take her baby away from her!
- At the health club, Phil takes out his frustration on a punching bag. Steph sidles up and wonders what is going on with him. He is simply exasperated about Melanie. They then discuss Steph's drinking the night before. She will never do that again. From now on, she is studying hard and will get her degree and make something of herself. Phil asks her major again. Advertising. She is thinking of working for
a non-profit. He suggests an internship at Titan. She teases he might
be a tough, arrogant boss, but she does like him. Phil thinks he should re-evaluate things in his life. Steph announces she is now out of the relationship business. Phil decides he will do the same and toasts to
the single life, with his bottled water.
- Mel waltzes into the Cheatin' Heart. Max tells her Happy Birthday but doesn't let her have an alcoholic drink. He just learned it was her birthday. Mel does not appear to care. Nick lurks nearby and
overhears her say she plans to move back to France. Moments later, her cell rings. It is a muffled man's voice telling her she can run but
she can't hide! Nick now looks in the window from outside ...
- Mel goes back to the Horton house, where Nick has also returned. She wants to leave town and blames herself for everything. Nick asks what has her freaked out. "I got a weird phone call," she whimpers. Nick asks if she recognized the voice. No, it was electronically altered. He promises to take care of her and get to the bottom of it. He talks her out of leaving town. They hug. Mel does not know what she
would do without him ...

Thursday November 6, 2008


Replay of Phil announcing that Nick's invention will never see the
light of day. Phil is there to tell him the foundation is rescinding the approval. Shrill Mel remarks that Titan oversees the foundation. Phil took a look at Nick's proposal and it does show promise. However,
he feels more tests need to be run, and there are flaws which should
be re-examined. Nick does not understand. Mel blames Chelsea. Phil denies she had a hand in it. Mel is seething. Phil will give Nick a second chance to come up with the new data. Exit Phil. Mel is mad, Nick is sorry. Mel claims she cares about Nick. He assures her he will figure it out, she need not worry. He will head over to the office. First does Mel wish to join him at the pub? Nope. Exit Nick. Phil returns. She does not want to see him, but he comes in anyway. He does not fall for her routine. She calls him a jerk. He notes Chelsea feels she is after Nick's money. Mel uses the B word. Phil has given Nick a
second chance. He hopes Nick wises up to her and if she is looking
for some quick cash, she ought to look elsewhere! Mel pouts. Why does he hate her? Phil admits he sees a bit of himself in her. Mel
prods. He elaborates. Her qualities are good in biz but not in personal life. In personal lives, it comes off as abrasive. She is wrong for Nick. Nick is too nice a guy to handle a girl like her ...
Meanwhile, Nick pays a visit to Max at the Cheatin' Heart and tells
him the latest. He asks Max for his assistance and gives him credit for correcting his calculations before. Max agrees to help. Nick is grateful and brings up him and Mel getting some of the profit. Max is stunned. He thinks Trent's daughter should not receive any of the funds and perceives she is after the money. Nick confesses he is in love with
her. Max cannot believe his ears. Even he knows that girl is trouble!
- Outside Brady pub, EJ is angry on his cell. Where the hell is Nicole?
In the pub, everyone congratulates Mr. Mayor, Abe Carver! The new mayor and first lady step away to have their photo taken for the Salem Chronicle. Tony notes Roman does not appear pleased and wants to
be honest. There is a possibility Fatha is complicit in the murder of Marino. He notes Abe does not look overjoyed. Roman wonders if
he will turn the job down. Evan asks the mayor for a few words. Abe thanks them all for their hard work, especially Lexie. But he wants to share something his constituents have a right to know. He is totally committed to making Salem a better place and humbly accepts the position. He later tells Roman he is conflicted, yet will do his best to
get scum off the streets. He admits he will choose Bo as the new commissioner. Roman seems to approve. They then discuss getting
the hitman who offed Marino, and if he is one of Stefano's men, they will put the phoenix behind bars once and for all! Roman thinks he should be the one to do the dirty work.
EJ runs into Bo and asks for his help. Nicole is missing. Bo learns she has been moved to the hospital maternity ward. EJ rushes off to the rescue. Bo heads back inside and tells Hope Nicole ended up in the hospital ward. Hope hopes the baby is ok. Soon Abe officially asks Bo to be the new police commissioner. Bo is honored and accepts. They shake on it. Hope is proud. Commissioner Bo and Mayor Abe pose
for a picture. Tony offers his congrats. The new commissioner and mayor are pumped and ready to solve Salem's two murders ...
- At the maternity ward, Nicole is wheeled in, pretending to be in pain. She is annoyed to be there with the other inmates and wants to see
her doc at University Hospital. The guard and nurse in charge are not amused. Nicole is wheeled to a bed and left there. She meets Candy,
a tough inmate with a scarred forehead. Then another inmate walks
up and drinks some rubbing alcohol. Big nurse returns. Who took her cigarettes? Nicole glances at Candy. Big nurse finds them under Candy's pillow. Nicole wants a transfer or a screen for privacy. Big nurse laughs and leaves. Candy is now mad! She sits on Nicole's leg and accuses her of being sassy. Enter Big Nurse with Candy's medicine. If she has another altercation, that will mean a week in solitary. Nervous Nicole announces she feels better. The nurse wants her to wait for the doc and and exits. A blonde who looks kinda like Sami but talks like a man decides she and Candy should teach Nicole
a lesson. The big blonde grabs her. Nicole screams. EJ is outside the door, where the nurse tells him he cannot enter. He walks away in a huff. This is far from over! Nicole then screams very loudly so the nurse and guard race inside.  Moments later, the tough girls are handcuffed to their beds, Nicole is ok in her bed. EJ enters with a
court order to get her out. He has her wheeled out of there. Nicole is then back in her cell, with EJ visiting from the other side of the bars. He is worried about the baby. She assures him they are fine. He tells her how concerned he has been. This baby means the world to him. Nicole feels he still thinks she is guilty. EJ informs her he is there to save the both of them ...

Wednesday November 5, 2008


It is election day in Salem, where citizens are choosing a new mayor.

At the health club, Dan runs into Chloe and helps her with her stance when doing weights. They make small talk. Chloe says Kate is lucky
to have him as her doc. Phil walks up and barks maybe not! Why is
Dr. Dan not attending to Kate? Phil is clearly upset. Dan says the
chemo needs time. He is on a brief break while she is with another doctor. Phil is mad. His mother's life is at stake and the specialist has not returned his calls. Phil orders Dr. Dan not to abandon her again. Chloe pulls Phil aside and advises him not to be a jerk. She reminds
him that Kate trusts her doc. He then admits he overreacted. Phil
tells Dan he is sorry. He then walks away to answer a call on his cell. Dan tells Chloe he understands Phil taking out his anger on him. He
has a moment of quiet torment and Chloe realizes that he really loves Kate. After they finish working out, Dan admits his relationship with Kate is complicated. He asks about Chloe and Lucas. She says they
are doing well. Life is good. "But not great," Dan notes. Chloe recalls her exciting life in Europe. She misses being an opera singer. He
misses surfing, but there are things to keep him in Salem. They talk relationships and friendships. He asks how her pal Nicole is. Chloe knows she is innocent. Chloe complains she herself is not popular in Salem either. Dan teases she must be an acquired taste.
- At DiMera mansion, chipper Stefano runs into sarcastic Tony and
tells him he has voted. Tony is suspicious. Perhaps Stefano killed the mayor and has voted for Abe, to get into Lexie's good graces. Nothing would surprise him. Stefano admits he would take pride in her being Salem's new first lady. Cynical Tony wonders if he hired someone to bump off the mayor. Stefano pokes fun. Tony states that if he has
tried to help Lexie, he has most certainly put Abe's entire political
career at risk.
- At the pub, Abe is uncomfortable with all the mayoral decorations.
He feels it is too much as Marino was murdered. Lexie reminds him they must celebrate when he wins. Abe confesses he is haunted by
the previous mayor's death. Lexie decides to come clean. She rehashes
what happened when she went to see the mayor and then complained
to Stefano about his campaign tactics with Theo. That very day the mayor was found shot to death on papa Stefano's doorstep! She has
no proof. Stefano has denied it, but she fears she is responsible for Marino's death. Abe  points out they do not know what happened. Roman saunters up. Abe fills him in. They depart to get to the bottom
of Stefano's involvement.
- At Horton house, Mel tosses and turns in bed while muttering of a previous argument with Trent. Stony-faced Nick watches. She wakes
up with a yell. Is someone there? Now Nick is sitting outside the door. He looks almost possessed. When she wakes up and goes downstairs, Nick, who has been popping pills, pretends he was on the computer. Mel is grateful that Nick will keep the note a secret. Nick receives an email. The foundation is interested in licensing his prototype and he
has been approved. They are rich! Mel is enthralled and appreciates
him letting her inherit her father's part. They have to celebrate! She bakes a chocolate cake and feeds him some frosting. Phil arrives. He sees Mel flirting with Nick and realizes Chelsea was right. Nick needs rescuing. He announces he is there to talk to Nick about his project.
His invention will never see the light of day!
- At the police station, Bo and Hope discuss Marino and then the Robbins case. Bo does not feel they have an air tight case against Nicole. They drink hot chocolate. Hope believes if Abe wins, he will
ask Bo to be commissioner. They will clean up the department. Hope later reminds Bo they have to attend Abe's mayoral party.
- Back at the pub, dapper Tony arrives and notes Lexie does not look very cheerful. She admits she may have made a mistake in telling Stefano. Tony thought she was going to let it go. Fatha will not be forthright with a couple of cops. Lexie needs to stop torturing herself. Lexie now worries that if anyone finds out, Abe will be destroyed.
- At DiMera mansion, Abe and Roman pay Stefano a visit. Stefano
tells of pulling his support to Marino, the nuisance. They imply he had him killed. Stefano denies it. But if he had, maybe it was to please Lexie. Abe is enraged. Stefano goes on. If the public thought Lexie requested he get rid of the mayor so Abe could fill his shoes, the
public would see only Abe as the monster! They are disgusted that he would sell out his own daughter. Abe wants him to be direct. Did he
put out a hit on the mayor? Stefano feels Abe does not really want
him to answer that question. Roman warns him they will find the
hitman and bring him down. Before they take their leave, Stefano
taunts Roman by telling him to give Samantha his best ...
- At the pub, Bo and Hope arrive in their fancy clothes. Roman and
Abe are back. Abe tells upset Lexie he is to blame for what Stefano
did. Bo has news. The election results are in. Abe has won. But it is only official after Evan steps up and says Abe is the new mayor!

Meanwhile, Stefano quietly toasts Abe. He has backed the right man.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


At DiMera mansion, crime family head Stefano barks at EJ for
letting his heir (with pregnant Nicole)  stay in jail. He is livid about
the turncoat judge and Detective Bo Brady. EJ says there is nothing they can do. Stefano shouts they are DiMeras, of course there is something they can do! EJ gets sarcastic. Kidnapping? Stefano does not appreciate his sarcasm. He will make sure that justice is done. They sit at Stefano's chess set. EJ is having a drink, his face morose. Stefano suddenly realizes EJ is acting like he thinks Nicole really did kill Robbins. He demands an answer. EJ explodes. "I don't know!" Stefano suggests perhaps her passion simply got the better of her.
He knows EJ would not have had her move in unless he had feelings for her. And, more importantly she is carrying his heir, the end game. Stefano analyses EJ's conflict. Perhaps he feels that with Nicole, he
is betraying Samantha in some way? EJ does not wish to discuss Stefano's fanatical obsession with having heirs. He accuses him of being destructive. Stefano reminds his son that he loves him. He wonders if he loves Nicole. EJ will only answer that Nicole is
important to him.
- In jail, Nicole prepares for the first step of her plan and pretends to
be in pain. She makes noise until a guard comes and moans she is losing her baby. The creepy guard recognizes her from her old movie. Nicole throws the DiMera name around until a doc is summoned. She is unable to fool the doctor that she is not well. He departs. The guard tells her to pipe down and go to sleep. She tries but then starts to scream when she sees roaches. She will do what it takes to get into
the hospital, which would be a better place than her jail cell. She yells she is in pain. EJ later waltzes into the jail and insists the guard escort him to her cell even though visiting hours are over. Nicole's cell is empty. EJ demands to know where she is. She has been taken to a hospital, perhaps University hospital. EJ places a call on his cell. She
is not there. He angrily demands the guard explain where she is!
- Stephanie walks into the Cheatin' Heart, where she encounters Max tending bar. Steph is there to meet some advertising interns. She is annoyed that Max assumes she is there to drink flirtinis. And why doesn't he go back to school anyway? Stephanie sits down and drinks up. Max tells her he belongs tending bar. Steph remarks he is trying
to prove he is more like pop Shawn than Trent. She brings up Nick. Max drops a bomb. Nick is now living with her enemy Mel! He wants her to admit she was wrong about his sis once and for all. Still
drinking, Steph slurs she may not be a murderer, but she is still a liar and a b*tch. Max gets mad. So does Steph.
Chelsea and Phil are also at the Cheatin' Heart, sitting together. Chels informs him how gold digging Mel is playing Nick. Phil points out people used to be critical of Chelsea, as well. She becomes irate. Phil wonders if she just doesn't want anyone else to have Nick. He brings up her failed relationship with Dan. Chelsea snaps that subject is off limits. She then apologizes for being insensitive, seeing as Kate is unwell. She asks how Phil is doing. Chelsea later gets back to the subject of Melanie. Phil reminds her Mel was cleared of murder, Nicole is in jail for that crime. Moments later, Stephanie stands up
and bumps into Phil. She is now drunk. Her friends were a no-show. Phil invites her to join him and Chelsea. Chelsea wants to discuss
Mel. Steph does not wish to hear that name anymore and asks for another drink. Chelsea marches to the bar and informs Max his ex-girlfriend is wasted.  Back at the table, Steph slurs she hopes Phil is doing ok. She stands up and staggers. Phil insists on taking her home. Chelsea is glad someone s watching out for Steph and wants to know
if Max will do something for Nick ...
Abe and Lexie are at their own table at the Cheatin' Heart, discussing his mayoral election. This could be their last night as ordinary citizens. Lexie wants him to be mayor. Abe is pleased, as her support means everything to him. She is convinced that Salem needs a mayor like
him to turn things around. Abe is looking forward to getting things done. Lexie's cell rings. It is Stefano, her criminal father. He lays on the charm and wants to know about the new cop commissioner. He does not want Abe to select Roman Brady. Lexie cuts the call short and then admits to Abe that he was worried about who would be the new commissioner. Abe states he will not be influenced by anyone...
- In her room at the Horton home, Mel unpacks her suitcase. She becomes upset when she realizes she no longer has the creepy note. Downstairs in the kitchen, Nick reads the note again, gets another paper out, and pauses, his expression strange. Not now, he decides.
He folds the old note and places it in his pocket. Then he sits down
at the kitchen table, stares at a tube of lipstick and smells a tiny bottle.
Enter Mel, who is not sure what he is doing with her stuff. He plays innocent and claims to be distracted with thoughts of the scientific project. She smiles when she discovers the amount of  money that
will be involved. They daydream of what they would do with lots of money. Nick would be happy with a house. Mel would love to wear designer clothes and travel the world. She thanks him for giving her something to dream about and heads off to bed. Once alone, Nick's face turns ominous. Later Mel is in her room looking at real estate classifieds. There is a knock on the door. It is Nick, with a tray for
her. He sets it down and walks out, though he lingers outside the
door. Melanie opens it. Why is he hovering? Nick was considering saying something ... He shows her the note. He found it in her stuff,
he slowly says. Does she have any idea who sent it? Mel admits she does not. Nick claims he feels protective of her. He knows she does
not recall what happened that night at the cemetery, as she blacked
out after struggling with Trent. Mel is surprised he knows. He claims Max told him. Eerie music is heard. Nick soon leaves so she can
sleep. Downstairs, Nick drinks a glass of milk and daydreams of
being married to Mel. Meanwhile, Mel is asleep in her bed, tossing
and turning from nightmares of the threatening note, unaware that
the person with whom she is staying is the very one who wrote it ...

Monday November 3, 2008


As the sun goes down on Salem,

Phil daydreams about Melanie and wakes up with a start. He had
fallen asleep in a chair at the hospital. Dr. Dan happens by and notes he looks frazzled. Phil pretends he has had a nightmare. Dan looks doubtful. Phil wishes to see Kate. Dr. Dan is sure she would love to see him. Phil enters Kate's room. She wakes up when he sits at her bedside. Kate reminisces. She is impressed Phil is now a big mogul. Phil admits he used to think she was invincible. Kate is not certain
how much more time she has and he has to accept the possibility ...
Phil cuts her off. He won't let her leave them. Kate falls asleep as the chemo continues. Exit Phil. She wakes up again when Dr. Dan comes in. She is responding well to the treatment but they need to monitor
her carefully as it is a very high dose of chemo. Kate says no matter what happens, she will know he did everything he could to save her, though he will never know how much it means to her. Phil listens at the semi-open door. He later talks to Dan about how good it is that
he is giving his mother hope. Whatever happens between them, he
has decided he will not get involved. "Just save her," the prodigal son implores. Dan returns to Kate's bedside and begs her to fight. They
all need her - her family as well as him ...
- Nick and Melanie enter the Horton house. He informs her Mickey and Maggie are away at a Green restaurant convention for a few days. She notes they will be alone. He asks if she is ok with that. She says
he is her only friend left in Salem. Nick understands. Her staying with him means they are friends, that's all. Nick looks disappointed but agrees. Enter Chelsea, who is less than pleased to see Melanie in the kitchen. What is she doing there? Mel replies she now lives there.
Chelsea is perplexed that Nick has invited her to stay. Nick chides
her for walking in without knocking. They do not live in those times anymore. He wonders why she came by. To talk to him about her grandmother. But he seems busy so she hands him the mail and starts to leave. Nick opens a letter and exclaims. His project has attracted the interest of an important group. That could mean major funding. Mel wants to celebrate. Nick points out Trent helped with the project and now it will be beneficial. Mel wants Chelsea to leave her alone with Nick. Melanie says he is the best and gives him a hug. Chelsea unhappily listens as manipulative Mel pretends she does not want any of the profits even if she is entitled. Nick disagrees and insists he will share with her. Mel then claims she wants to be more than friends. Maybe they have a karmic bond. Nick starts to kiss her, until Chelsea interrupts. She now wants a sec alone with Nick. Exit smiling Mel. Chelsea claims he is making a mistake. He is a fool. Nick is mad. Chelsea warns him manipulative Mel is after his new money. Nick
has an angry outburst and kicks her out. Smug Mel returns. Chelsea leaves. Nick cares not what Chelsea thinks. Mel coyly claims she is tired and goes to her room ...
- At the police station, Nicole damns EJ in her mind for leaving her there. Hope and Bo bring her the attire of a jailbird. She yells and complains after getting in the orange jumpsuit. Enter EJ. Nicole wants to know where he has been. Getting a court order. Her bail hearing is imminent. The cops give them privacy. EJ solemnly whispers he
wants her to tell him the truth. Did she kill Trent? Pause. Bo and
Hope return. Hope takes Nicole away.
Later, it is Nicole's bail hearing. EJ reminds her they are defending
her life. He believes they will be out of there by sunset. Enter Judge Fitzpatrick. EJ announces Nicole's plea. Not guilty. He argues for an immediate release due to the fact that she is expecting. But wait! Detective Bo Brady wishes to testify why she should not be released. Bo tells the court they have evidence - a bead from her dress, not to mention that she has a history of deceitfulness and  violence. EJ objects. Overruled. Bo continues. He believes the defendant is an extreme flight risk. She should remain in the custody of the state
until her court hearing. The judge speaks. Bail is denied. Nicole must now go to jail.
Bo later confesses to Hope he is not 100 percent sure she is guilty.
Meanwhile, EJ visits angry Nicole in her cell. He had no idea that
judge would not be loyal to the DiMeras anymore. He will get his
child out! Nicole reminds him that she is part of the package and what about her? He cannot give an answer. He is not sure what to think. Nicole cries. She is innocent. The visit is cut short. EJ departs. Nicole gets a cramp, which subsides in a few seconds. She suddenly gets an idea ...
- In the witness protection apartment where Sami is hidden,  Rafe growls he sure as hell isn't gonna be her guard. He works for the feds. Sarcastic Sami calls him a hotshot. He contacts his superior on his cell and requests a transfer. No babysitting for him, he does high profile stuff! His boss does not back down. Rafe gets off the phone. Sami remarks he is stuck with her. "Well, princess, you're stuck with me!" he points out. Sami now wants to turn in for the night. Rafe has something else in mind. Looking at mug shots to find the guy that wants to kill her. They do just that. Sami later protests. He insists she keep looking. Sami turns green. He remarks something is going on. Sami denies it and claims it is just stress. But Rafe knows something else is up. Sami fibs she is just worn out. He notes she is not green anymore. They can get back to work now. Sami will do it in the morning, please let her go to sleep now. He agrees and heads in the other room to get ready for bed. He turns back, catches Sami with his cell phone, takes it back, and goes off to get ready. A few moments later, Sami  storms toward the door, as she plans to find a payphone
to call her father to get her out of there. But Rafe rushes out of the shower in time to stop her ..!
- Chelsea meets with Phil and asks him to save the Nickster from Melanie.
- Meanwhile, back in the Horton kitchen, Nick spies a paper sticking out of Mel's purse. It is the note that someone had slipped under her door, claiming to have seen her at the cemetery the night Trent was killed. Nick pulls it out and remembers writing it! His expression is unusually ominous as eerie music is heard in the background ...
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