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Friday October 31, 2008 
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Stephanie visits Phil outside at Kiriakis mansion. She needs a friend
to talk to. Dr. Phil asks how things are with her and Max. Not good,
he still feels she betrayed him. Phil says he would be a fool to let her go. She feels like her heart is breaking. Boohoohoo. Dr. Phil is sure Max is torn up and advises her to talk to him. Steph is unsure and regrets her anger. She is very worried because of Melanie. They can't be together as long as Mel is in town.  Phil thinks she is exaggerating. Steph retorts the little brat has him fooled too. Phil pours her a brandy and states Mel is harmless. Steph believes she is crafty and capable of anything. Phil calls Mel a spoiled young woman acting out. Steph says he seems to be into Melanie. Phil comes clean. He is interested ... Suddenly his cell rings. It is Victor with news. Phil soon gets off his
cell and fills Steph in. Mel is innocent. Nicole has now been arrested for Trent's murder. Steph is stunned.
- At Brady pub, Mel hangs around as Max tends bar. She takes a candy and tells her bro how Bo and Hope tried to set her up but the contents of that letter cleared her. Max congratulates her. She asks if Max got the box Trent left him. Bo has it now. Max explodes. He doesn't want it and wants to forget that past several months. Sister
Mel pouts. Does he also want to forget he met her? No, he is glad he found her, but she put him thru hell. He needs space. She is sorry
she hurt him. Max asks if she is moving back in. She plans to get a
job and save up to get a place of her own. Nick walks over and says she can stay with him. Max protests. Nick clarifies. She can move in
as a friend, at Mickey and Maggie's, where he also lives. Mel confers with Max as Nick pops a few pills.
- At the police station, Nicole tells Bo and Hope she is innocent and gets sarcastic. They await EJ. Bo doubts even a DiMera could get her out of this one. They have evidence and motive. Nicole suggests
Trent was trying to fame her. Enter EJ, who appears dismal. Bo and Hope give them some privacy. EJ has been on the phone with the D.A.'s office. They feel she has a disturbing history when it comes to the men in her life, given that she shot Collin Murphy and pesky rumors persist about her also having tried to bump off Victor. EJ now wants to know the unfiltered version of what happened. She repeats what she has already told Bo and Hope. The day before his death,
she argued with Trent and tore up the marriage certificate. The next night, she followed him to the cemetery but when she left, he was still alive. Nicole is dismayed and accuses EJ of not believing in her. Why should he trust her, he counters, for she did not even trust him enough to tell him about her confrontation with Trent. He is mad she did not think ahead and her decisions now also affect his child! He exits when his cell rings.
Bo and Hope later rejoice that the charges against Caroline have been dropped. He departs to tell ma the good news. Hope returns to Nicole. Nicole wants to know how women can be pregnant in prison. Is there
a maternity wing? No. Nicole gets upset.  Harsh Hope replies she should have thought of that before she killed a man in cold blood. Enter EJ. He wants her in a place where she will be comfortable.Hope points out a small cell can be just that. EJ follows Hope out the door and asks for an update on Sami. Hope will not divulge anything and walks away. EJ returns to Nicole, who now tells him off for being concerned about Sami instead of her. They bicker. He tells her to
grow up. Sami was almost killed and she is the mother of his child. And he will not allow his son or daughter to be born in prison! Exit EJ. Nicole whispers she did not kill Trent. It was someone else ...
- At Sami's apartment, Hilda snores up a storm. Sami looks for the remote. The doorbell rings. The man in the black jacket is outside. Flaky Sami assumes it is a trick or treater and rummages around for something to give. The doorknob is rattled. Sami now panics that it must be an assassin and tries to wake up Hilda. The man in the black jacket enters as Sami hides. He orders the occupant to come out slowly, with hands in the air. She does. The man in black identifies himself. Agent Rafe Fernandez, FBI. He recognizes Sami and lets her put her hands down. He tries to wake Hilda up, checks her eyes, and announces she has been drugged. Sami says she had alcohol but Rafe doesn't smell any. He checks out the mug and notes there is residue at the bottom. He tastes it, turns to Sami, and informs her she has got a lot of explaining to do! Sami  admits to drugging her guard. Agent Rafe lectures her about the danger she put herself in. Hilarious Hilda wakes up. She realizes she was drugged. Big Hilda is mad. Look out, Sami! Hilda decides the whole thing isn't worth it. She quits and storms off. Rafe is exasperated and prepares to call Roman. Sami asks him not to call her dad. Ok but he must still call command and tell them Hilda resigned. He also points out the next person they assign to her will be savvy. And he feels sorry for the poor shmo who is gonna have to babysit her anyway. Sami later watches a loud horror movie. Agent Rafe talks to his boss on the phone. As it turns out, he has been made the replacement! Sami is speechless. The horror movie on tv
screams ...
- Bo shows up at the pub and tells Mel and Max he has made an
arrest. Nick listens in. They have arrested Nicole. Mel says she still intends to file harassment charges against the Salem P.D. Max is against it. Bo reiterates they had lots of reasons to consider her a suspect. He advises Max to open his eyes. He would still be with
Steph if not for Mel's lies and manipulations. Later, Mel tells Max she is taking off with Nick. She is sorry for everything with Stephanie. If she could, she would fix it. Max thanks Nick for looking after his sis and goes back to tending bar. Nick and Mel are ready to go. Mel is baffled that Nicole killed Trent. Nick gets the car while Mel heads to the table to get her purse. She picks up a knife, looks at her reflection in the blade, and mutters that she is a lucky little girl ...!

Thursday October 30, 2008


Sami is handed a sheet of rules by Hilda. No loud talking, etc. Sami
is annoyed. Hilda is firm and crunches a carrot while watching Law and Order. She is also cooking sauerkraut. Later she is eating and
yells at the tv. She assures Sami she will not leave her alone. Sami decides to take a shower. Hilda tells het to keep the door open. When they get ready for bed, Sami is surprised to see she has earplugs. She will sleep on the sofa. The doorbell rings. Hilda pulls her gun and
heads to the door. Sami is ordered to hide. It is a masked trick or treater. She gives them raisins and points out trick or treaters are
not welcomed there. Sami and Hilda start talking about kids. Hilda shows her pics of her kids and starts babbling about working too
much. Sami is exasperated. She then quietly looks in Hilda's bag and finds sleeping pills. She puts a few in a mug of tea and offers it to Hilda. Hilda drinks it fast, sits down, and falls asleep.

At DiMera mansion, Nicole is indignant. EJ wants her to stop talking. Hope produces an evidence bag containing Trent's torn marriage certificate. Nicole says she has not touched it since they were wed. Hope points out the lab can distinguish between old and new prints.
EJ intervenes. That is enough. The cops want straight answers.
Nicole admits she argued with Trent and tore up the certificate. She tells them to leave. But they have more! EJ tells them to stop prattling and goes over the list of people who have already been accused. They just want an excuse to search DiMera mansion!  Hope reminds Elvis that Nicole also  tried to kill Victor and Collin Murphy. Bo reads Trent's letter, which claims that if he turns up dead or missing, they will know his wife has carried out all her threats. EJ retorts it proves nothing. Bo produces a search warrant. They proceed to search Nicole's wardrobe. Bo announces they are taking her to the station. They have found a dress with a missing bead that ended up on Trent. Nicole flashes back to arguing with Trent and tearing up their marriage certificate when he handed it to her. She admits they argued and she threatened him but she didn't kill him!

At the hospital, Kate paints her fingernails while in bed and getting chemo. Dr. Dan is there. She says she is tired. Dan must do his doc rounds but will be back. In the hall, he is approached by Lucas and Chloe. Lucas wants some straight answers about Kate. What are her odds? Dan cannot just throw out an opinion. There is no way to tell. Lucas is worried about the type of lung cancer she has. He gets impatient. How bad is it? He wants to know. Will she make it? Dan admits the odds aren't good. Kate knows what she is up against. She has elected aggressive treatment which will be her best chance to survive. She has much to live for. Lucas thanx Dr Dan for being up front. Dan heads off, Lucas can call him anytime. Chloe waits outside as Lucas enters Kate's room. She puts on a brave face. Lucas then asks Chloe to go in and give his mom a pep talk. He goes to the gift shop. Chloe enters and talks nicely to Kate, who tells her to get out. She soon apologizes. She is concerned her illness will be the hardest
on Lucas so she would like a temporary truce, even though she still
has not forgiven Chloe for breaking Phil's heart. Chloe agrees to the truce and exits. She is visibly upset outside the door. Is she ok, Dan asks? She tells him she once had leukemia. Dan had no idea she was
a cancer survivor. She confides in Dan that still takes anti-rejection drugs and feels she is on borrowed time. Enter Lucas. Chloe and
Lucas leave to get Aly ready for trick or treating. Lucas gives Dan some mags for Kate. Dan visits Kate and gives her the magazines.

Happy Lexie and Theo meet Abe at Java Cafe, ready for the Carver interview. The writer of their feature arrives. She tries to shake
Theo's hand. He hugs her. Abe sits him down with his video game. They discuss autism. Abe answers some mayoral questions. The interviewer then asks Lexie how she manages to do it all. Lexie admits she doesn't know if she can. It is sometimes overwhelming. The interviewer seems to be won over by the family. Theo sits quietly and suddenly exclaims when he achieves a high score on the video game. He is so happy that his parents let the interviewer ask him questions. When she asks his favourite food, he becomes upset and starts turning around. The interviewer leaves.

Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole is read her rights and remembers
how Trent grabbed her that fateful night. EJ reminds Bo that she is pregnant. Bo says it is a shame the baby will probably be born in
prison as they take her away ...

Meanwhile, a mysterious man dressed in black approaches Sami's apartment ...

Wednesday October 29, 2008


Chloe joins Phil at the Jave Cafe. He is preoccupied and shuts his computer. She wonders where Lucas is. Phil tells her they took Kate
to the hospital. It is hard for him to elaborate. She has lung cancer. Chloe is very sorry. Phil brings her up to date on the chemo, the fact that Kate does not like her sons to see her when she is not in control. Lucas had wanted to stay. Chloe points out that people beat cancer. Look at her. Phil is scared to death. Chloe says there is lots of stuff
on the internet - some scary, but some hopeful. Phil asks how Chloe
and Lucas are doing. He is glad Lucas has her to talk to. She replies
she will be there for both of them. Phil states he shouldn't be her problem anymore. Chloe teases him for being arrogant enough to
think she wouldn't be able to resist Phil. Phil says Lucas is lucky ...
Nicole meets with an interior designer at DiMera mansion. Enter EJ. Cynthia Savage of Savage Designs is introduced. Nicole wants her to redo the whole prenatal wing. EJ wants to talk to her. Once Cynthia
is gone, Nicole tries to smooth things over. She was not attempting to take over the place. EJ feels redecorating would be jumping the gun. He reminds her that they do have a lot of issues. But they should put first things first and discuss marriage. Nicole is hopeful. EJ wants to work out what will come after the baby is born. If they do not marry, they need to make a custody arrangement. They both want the baby
to be happy. EJ does not like when kids are moved back and forth,
like he has to do with Johnny. With this baby, he wants it to be different. Nicole wonders if this is his way of claiming ownership,
like Stefano. EJ likes that she puts the baby first. Motherhood truly becomes her. Nicole is sorry she brought up Stefano. He is nothing
like him.
- At her new apartment/prison, Sami is on the phone talking about a prenatal appointment. Enter Darrell. What the hell is she doing?!
He grabs the phone. Why did she call a clinic? Sami pretends she thinks she has food poisoning. Darrell doesn't buy it. She runs into
the bathroom with morning sickness, which conveniently corroborates her story. Her guard now believes her but cannot take her to the clinic. He would need permission. He reminds her of the dangers. But she is sick and what would her dad say? He steps out and says he will see what he can do. He comes back with ginger ale and a blindfolded doctor. The blindfold is removed. Sami is mad and rude. The doc shows her his license. The doc asks about her symptoms. Sami wants privacy. The doc tells Darrell to leave them alone. A medical exam is private. Darrell reluctantly walks out. Sami now comes clean. She is pregnant and needs to know her baby is ok.  She asks him to keep her secret. When they are done, Darrell comes back. The doc says she is under stress and requires a good diet, regular exercise and follow-up medical care. Darrell escorts the doc away. When he returns, Sami is hungry for pickles. Darrell says she is not sick and never was. He claims he is onto her. In a few minutes, he will be off her case, as he has asked to be reassigned. Exit Darrell. Enter the new guard, big Hilda, who calls herself Sami's worst nightmare!
- Replay of Mel at the station, when Bo tells her to fill them in on what's in the letter. What letter? Bo explains he is referring to the
letter the lawyer gave her which she shoved in her purse. Hope says the letter was meant for them. Bo adds the lawyer helped them set her up. The letter, he repeats, was meant for them. So, they have now proven that Mel is trying to impede the investigation. Melanie protests. Bo instructs her to hand over the letter so they can see what Trent
had to say. She hands it over. Bo reads and shows it to Hope. They make Mel leave. She will not see their evidence. Mel concludes that
the letter must not say anything bad about her. Or they would have arrested her. She smiles and slurs if they don't leave her alone, she
will press charges. Exit Mel. Bo and Hope are busy with more important matters. They will have Trent's letter sent to the lab. Bo
then finds another envelope with a note. The second envelope is of great interest to them ...
- At the cafe, Mel walks up to Phil and Chloe's table and slurs who is Phil hitting on now? Chloe says she is rude and leaves to track down Lucas, after advising Phil to ditch Mel. Mel smiles and accuses him
of trying to get her in trouble with Bo and Hope but they have nothing on her. She thinks the letter cleared her and they are likely arresting whoever killed Trent right now. Phil is doubtful. Dead letters from dead people prove nothing. And how can she be sure she didn't kill him? Mel gets miffed and leaves. Chloe returns. Lucas called her before she even got to her car They will meet up later. She is still not sure Phil is ok. She and Lucas will be there for him. She kisses him and leaves. Mel returns, her eyes moist. She has overheard about
Kate and she is sorry.
- Back at the mansion, EJ and Nicole are about to kiss. The doorbell rings. Nicole answers the door, with EJ behind her. It is cops Bo and Hope, looking solemn. They have evidence and want to ask her about Trent's homicide. They enter. EJ goes into lawyer mode. Bo wants to know what really happened the night of Trent's murder. Did Nicole give a true statement? EJ advises her not to answer. Hope now wants her to sign her original statement.She accuses her of impeding the investigation. Bo wants to give Nicole a chance to come clean, like maybe she ran into Robbins after she left the pub. The two cops seem to know she had an argument about all the money she lost. Bo then
announces they know she has lied - and they have proof ...!

Tuesday October 28, 2008


Chelsea approaches Dr. Dan at the hospital with a tough question. Is Kate gonna die? He cannot predict. Chelsea is upset. He understands. Chelsea regrets the mean things she said to Kate the other day. Dan is sure she will forgive her. Chelsea now claims that without her mom around, Kate is all she really has. She wants to take care of her. She adds what happened with him and Kate still felt like betrayal but now her health and life are far bigger than Chelsea's petty feelings. Dan is reassuring. Chelsea claims all she and Dan ever had was her crush on him anyway. She makes him promise to do all he can for Kate.
- At Kiriakis mansion, Lucas and Phil have arrived to have coffee on the terrace with Kate, who is wearing a cheerful face for her sons. They sit down. Kate needs her company to be in capable hands. She will be taking time off. The boys are worried. Kate announces she has lung cancer. Phil says they will fight it together. Lucas reminds her
they will be with her every step of the way. As she will have to leave her biz while in treatment, Kate asks Phil to release Lucas from his contract so Lucas can take over for her. Phil agrees. So does Lucas. Lucas wonders if Dan is the right doc. Phil says Kate should decide. Kate knows neither of them approve of her involvement with Daniel. Phil is good about it. Lucas is not! They need another opinion. He
will do research.  Kate reasons with him. She has already been online doing research. The team Dan has assembled for her is tops. She is starting her first round of chemo today. Billie and Austin already
know. Kate is packed, ready to go. Enter Dan, there to pick her up. Lucas wants a word with the doc. Phil praises Kate for her strength. Dan assures Lucas he will take care of Kate. Lucas tells him she is fragile. Dan is glad she has her two sons. Now it is time to go. Kate is surprised when they insist on accompanying her.
- Bo and Hope waltz into the pub, on business. Hope goes upstairs to get Melanie, who has been dreaming of finding several copies of the creepy note in her room. Hope knocks on the door to wake her up
and instructs her to get dressed and come downstairs for a chat. They will be waiting. Mel then gets a phone call. A muffled voice leers "I saw you in the cemetery. I know what happened." She is in a tizzy. What if Bo and Hope know, too? Max speaks downstairs with Bo. Maybe he made a mistake sticking up for Mel. He now thinks she is the one who killed Trent! Hope comes downstairs. Max is behind the bar, and they continue the discussion. Max feels his sister may have been pushed to the edge. He is still worried. She knows the walls are closing in. Bo and Hope spy Mel walking outside, taking on her cell, ordering a cab. Bo, Hope, and Max walk outside. Bo snatches the phone from her hand, cancels the cab, and asks where she is going. She smiles sarcastically and acts bizarre. They cannot prove anything. Bo informs her that her father left a will and an attorney is on the way. They soon head for a meeting with said lawyer. Bo, Hope, Max and Mel are there, Mel wants to know what daddy has left them. He left what he has to Melanie. All he had was some ownership in Nick's alternative fuel project and a pension. Max demands to know why he was invited to the will reading if he wasn't included (oink oink!) Trent has left him a box. Max claims he doesn't want it and storms off. Mel tries to get her hands on it. Bo stops her. He will give it to Max later. Exit Bo. The family lawyer now speaks to Mel alone. He hands her
an envelope which Trent wanted to be opened in the event of his death. He is telling her first as a courtsey but intends to give it to the detectives, Mel talks him into letting her have it first and then she will give it to the cops. He reluctantly agrees and exits. Mel starts to open the letter. Enter Bo and Hope. She hastily shoves the envelope in her bag. But Bo already knows about the letter and orders her to hand it over pronto!
- At the cafe, Lexie and Abe are with Theo and Evan. A spread on life with the Carvers has been set up for a major magazine. Lexie is not comfortable with the idea of exposing Theo to it. Abe does not understand why she is no longer exited about it. She says it is about
her little boy. Abe points out he is calm. Lexie thinks it won't last once they start shooting photos. He hadn't even wanted to come. Abe disagrees. He wants them to give it a chance. Lexie lets Theo play while she steps away with Abe. She does not believe he is up to performing. Abe thinks the photo shoot is no big deal. Lexie states anything can set him off. She has concerns about the media and any kind of interview. Evan comes back and says they are all set up. It
will be casual. Meanwhile, Theo heads to another table, breaks a mug, and screams loudly. Lexie gets in a argument with the woman whose coffee he spilled. The woman recognizes them. Is that the autistic kid? Lexie flies off the handle. Evan steps in and and takes the woman off to replace her coffee and get her cake. Lexie snaps and yells in the cafe, then proceeds to take Theo away from there. Before she leaves, Abe tells her he is proud she is Theo's mother. They have nothing to hide In good moments and in bad they stick together. Evan lets them know the photographer has been delayed by an hour. Lexie decides to stay. Family hug!
- Back at the hospital, Chelsea remembers how Kate visited her when she was there. She is determined to help Kate the way she helped her.
- Kate is now in her hospital room with her sons, about to start chemo. They try to cheer her up. She appreciates it but would rather be alone. Exit Phil. Lucas wants to stay, however. Kate asks him to go check
on Tony and Anna and the new ad campaign. She has to do this alone. Lucas does as she wishes and departs. Enter Chelsea, who hands her
a Saint Sophia medal which Vic had given her. It helped her so she hopes it will do the same for Kate. Exit Chelsea. Kate appears to be  moved ...

Monday October 27, 2008


Still in her room, Mel lights a match and starts to burn the note claiming to have seen her at the cemetery. Someone knocks on the door. She puts the matches in a drawer, throws out the note,& opens the door. It is unshaven Nick and he smells smoke. Mel acts innocent. Nick enters. He was worried about her after watching her last party
girl blog. He still smells smoke. She says she had a cigarette. He then spies her packed bags. Is she going somewhere? Yes, she is getting
the hell outta Salem. The town thinks she is guilty. He believes she
is innocent. She still has him. He wants to help her. She smiles. He repeats he cares about her. Does he want to get serious with her, she asks. They head to the cafe together. She is glad he is her friend and pleased to have him on her side. They should start their master plan. Nick is smart so she wants to make use of his brain power. Mel steps away from the table for a moment..
- Chelsea has also entered the cafe, where she has done an internet search of lung cancer. She cries and laments to the guy working at the cafe. Kate has cancer and she said mean things. She feels guilty. Once she sees Nick alone, she approaches. Does he have a moment? Nick gives her the brush off. Maybe she can come by tomorrow? Chels walks away, happens by Mel, and calls her a loser b*tch.  Nick steps in. Chelsea accuses her of murdering her father. Mel brings up Zack. Chelsea slaps her and sniffles she feels bad for Nick. Exit Chelsea.
Mel wants Nick to take her home. They sit down for a moment. He will get her some tea first. He gets up to get the tea but Melanie has other things on her mind. She whips out her cell phone, planning to take the morning flight out of Salem ...
- At the cabin, Sami insists Johnny is just babbling but EJ can see his son is trying to tell him something! Later on, after he is in bed, Sami says he just said some words. EJ wonders why he was touching Sami when he said it. Lucas watches. EJ accuses her of acting shifty. She states she was shot at by a hitman and who knows how long she will be away from her kids! Lucas tries to get her to relax, aware that high blood pressure would not be good for her pregnancy. Enter Chloe and Roman. Chloe is miffed and doesn't hide it. “I see you’re still here, milking it for what it's worth.” Sami calls her insensitive. EJ repeats
he would like to know what Johnny meant by saying baby. Sami covers up. And she wants Lucas and EJ to make sure the twins spend
lots of time together. The guys agree. Sami cries some more as she says bye to her twins. EJ kisses her on the head and lifts Johnny up. "Stay safe," he tells her as he walks out. Roman waits outside. Lucas then takes Aly and tells Sami to take care of herself. Sami sniffles and walks out. Roman escorts her. He promises they will catch the killer soon. He introduces her to Darrell, her police guard. Sami must do what he tells her and have no contact with family or friends, especially not the DiMeras. Shei agrees. They leave together.
Inside, Chloe is annoyed that Lucas looks sad. Sami is a pain in her ... Lucas understands. Chloe snaps he is heartbroken Sami is gone. She
is mad. Lucas tells her he agrees with her view of Sami, that she is a trouble maker. He thinks she will be gone for a longtime. Chloe then realizes she is using witness protection to keep her pregnancy from
EJ. After Lucas asks, Chloe agrees to keep her secret. Lucas recalls how she kept Will from him. Chloe is harsh. Such things are a pattern with Sami. Lucas agrees and later checks on Aly. Chloe says she loves his daughter. Lucas kisses her ...
- Nicole is lounging at DiMera mansion, reading about cramps and twinges. Could be her abdominal muscles expanding. She puts down the book and talks to Pookie. Where is EJ?
He soon returns. Nicole is eating and jokingly confronts him about going to see Sami. He was her protector and rescuer yet again! EJ retorts he just wanted to make sure his son was safe. Johnny is now upstairs, in bed. Nicole is sorry she was catty. He apologizes too, though he is distant. She wants to know what happened. Someone
tried to gun Samantha down. He excuses himself. He needs to go for
a walk. Will Johnny be ok? Of course, Nicole replies. Exit EJ.
Johnny starts to howl. Moments later, she tries to get him to stop.
He is wailing in his playpen. Nicole starts to sing. He cries louder.
She checks his diaper. He needs a change. She lifts him up and takes him off to change his diaper, not very happy to do so. After, Johnny cries some more and squirts milk in her face. Nicole walks away for
a moment and screams. When EJ later returns, Nicole is asleep with Johnny on her lap. Nicole soon opens her eyes with only Pookie. EJ has put his son back in bed. How was Johnny? An angel, she fibs.
He thanx her for holding down the fort and kisses her. Johnny starts
to make noise. Nicole wants to know when Sami is returning.
- Roman takes Sami and Darrell to her new apartment. He then departs. Sami asks Darrell if he is a gourmet chef. He is vegan. He does the shopping only when he leaves her with a backup and she cannot go anywhere. Sami complains she is stuck there with a vegan and cannot even go to the mall. Darrell wants to smoke. She does not want him to smoke inside. He steps out for a smoke. Sami looks annoyed and again complains she is stuck there. She sees an envelope in her bag and pulls it out. Pictures of the kids, left by EJ. After stepping back inside, Darrell learns the pics were from EJ DiMera
and searches her bag for a tracking device. They hear a noise in the
hall. He opens the door to investigate.
- Outside in the Salem night, the killer still lurks in the woods near Horton cabin. He places a call on his cell. His target has disappeared but he intends to find her!
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