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Friday November 28, 2008 
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In the alley, Bob threatens he will teach Melanie a lesson, even after she gives him his wallet. She tries unsuccessfully to get out of his grasp. He is hurting her! He gets fresh. Then it's macho Phil to the rescue! Bob sputters the bimbo isn't worth defending. Phil double-checks the guy now has his money back and gets rid of him. He then demands to know why Mel robbed him. She gets sarcastic and calls Phil Superman. Phil wants answers. Is she crazy?! Mel says she was desperate for the money and complains about being unfairly judged
in Salem. And no one in this town will help her. "This is America,"
rich boy retorts. "It might be short of a few stock brokers right now, but it's still the land of opportunity."  Frazzled Melanie returns to Horton house, where Maggie is in no mood to get warm and fuzzy, though she can still stay. The redhead goes out for groceries and later returns with food. She also hands Mel an old phone message from Phil, who has decided to offer her the Titan job after all. Mel's
chance to turn over a new leaf, it seems ...
- At the pub, Kate and Dan her escort meet Lucas and glam Chloe. Change of plans, says Lucas. They have 20 minutes. Diva Kate is perplexed. The gang then announce they all need to head to the Kiriakis mansion, where a surprise party is planned for her, in honor
of her miraculous recovery. Kate is touched. She turns to Dr. Dan. "I'm glad you're in my life."
- Outside  Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Victor have a happy reunion. Brady does not tell him about taking Nicole to the hospital, her miscarriage, etc. Vic commends him on his recovery and points out there will be a party at the mansion for Kate so he might not want to run into Chloe ... Brady announces he is now fine with Chloe and also mentions Nicole. The Greek tycoon snaps that he ought to stay away from those two women as they almost destroyed his life! Brady wonders if that is an order. Vic gruffly retorts that Chloe is a train wreck and Nicole is a liar. Why, they were never even legally married! She was stealing from him the whole time! Brady had no idea. Enter Chelsea. She confides in grandpa Vic how she blamed herself for the Nick/Trent scenario, but now she knows it was all Melanie's fault. Then the guests waltz in. Kate and Chelsea discuss her strange visit with Nick. Chloe tries to make nice with Victor, who advises her to make herself scarce. And he's got his eye on her! Brady and Dan exchange a few niceties and Brady then goes off to call Nicole. Meanwhile, Dan tries to remind mad Vic that this party is about Kate, whom Chloe has helped so much. Dr. Dan is interrupted by a call
and has to step away. Kate notices Brady seems preoccupied. Chloe complains to Lucas that Victor has been rude. Lucas replies he loves her and nothing else matters.
At the hospital, Dan is shaken up by the contents of an envelope he has been given. He asks the nurse if she is certain there has been no mix-up. He later returns to the party, only to be given an expensive watch by Phil. He says he cannot accept it and becomes morose
while the party goers continue to make merry. Prodigal son Phillip proposes a toast to Kate. "She is the heart of our family." There are smiles all around. Except for Dr. Dan, that is, and Kate now sadly senses something is not right ...
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole is still on the bed. EJ leaves for a brief moment and then later returns by himself. Nicole mutters something about the baby and then reminds him it is Johnny's bed time. EJ
leaves to tuck in cute little Johnny. Nicole can hear him singing to Johnny and sobs. When he returns, Nicole is just ending her brief call from Brady, whom she has told she cannot talk. EJ wants to know who it was. When Nicole sidesteps, EJ states he knows what she did. She was at the lodge with a man! Nicole replies her reason for not being there alone was more important. EJ is worried about the baby. "Dahling please, talk to me." Nicole explains she felt a twinge in the parking lot and had to ask a guy there to take her to the hospital. She had a small hemorrhage and saw Dr. Baker  but is now better. She adds she needs to be careful for the next few days and prevents EJ from hugging her. EJ calls their baby precious and leaves her so that she can rest. Alone, Nicole promises herself that she will somehow
find a way to give him a baby. Meanwhile, EJ saunters downstairs
and places a call to Dr. Baker. He is EJ DiMera, the child's father,
and he would like to know all ... 

Next on Days of Our Lives

Standing outside, Lucas asks a smiling Chloe to pretend it is
Christmas ...
At the pub, John sarcastically asks Marlena if she is going to
broadcast deets of his life to the rest of the family, including old
man Stefano. Brady looks surprised. "What are you talking about,
old man Stefano ...?"
Nicole tells her doc she needs him to give her something no one
else can. "My life depends on it!"

Thursday November 27, 2008
U.S. Thanksgiving so no show.

Wednesday November 26, 2008


At the pub, the two gals shove and scream. Mel calls Chelsea a clone of Bo and lashes out. Chelsea became a b*tch after she found out she was a Brady! When she brings up Zack, Chelsea advances. Phil sees the action thru the window, cuts his cell phone call short, and rushes inside, pulling Mel away. "Break it up!" The girls are out of breath.
- At the witness protection apartment, Rafe opens the door to Big Hilda, who has allergies, but is there to help out. Sami is asleep on the bed. Rafe has to take off. "Not so fast, sweet meat." Where is he going? He is vague about getting facts and heads out. Hilda glances at Sami, whose stomach is bigger and wonders what Rafe has been feeding her! Hilda downs some night time formula. How sleepy can it make her anyway? "Here's to you, you big beautiful blonde." She plops down in front of the tv to watch a game. Then she is out like a light and starts to snore. Sami wakes up. "Hilda? Hilda the Hun?!"
She stands up and looks out the window. Time for some fresh air!
She picks up her bag and departs.
- At the hospital, Nicole sees on her cell it is EJ calling. Brady wants her to answer. She gasps she cannot and swears Brady to secrecy.
She explains she would rather tell EJ in person. She cries and then
asks Brady to get her out of there. He patiently complies.
- At DiMera mansion, the maid informs EJ he has a message from Roman. The mayor's killer attacked Marlena. She tells him Johnny is at the park with Hope and Ciara. EJ rushes off ...
- At the park, diva Julie joins Hope. Hope tells her she looks beautiful and she does! She and Doug have done 5 continents in 4 months! They happily watch the kids. Julie sighs when she hears the boy is Johnny DiMera. They discuss the killer attacking Marlena and what happened to Nick. Julie blames Mel for Nick's problems. "The first time I laid eyes on that girl, I knew she was trouble!"
- Back at the pub, Chelsea leaves and Phil holds Mel back. He starts
to chide her but she cuts him off by sputtering he is not her boss and storms off. Phil goes outside and runs into tough talking Steph, who says she would have plummeted the chit! Phil laughs. Steph then admits she was curious to see who he was meeting for the admin assistant job and is dismayed to hear it was Melanie, whom Phil
admits would be qualified indeed to work at Titan. They sit on a bench. Phil says what blew the job for her was she is a trouble maker. Inside, Mel orders a glass of water. A drunk businessman with silver hair calls her a spitfire. He is Bob. He starts to chat her up. She talks
a bit, gives him the brush off, and leaves. She strides past Phil and Steph and tells Phil he can take his job and ...Mel then flounces off to an alley and starts to count the money she has just taken out of Bob's lifted wallet but he is right behind her, grabs her, and slurs she is not gonna get away with ripping him off!
- At the Cheatin Heart, Max had been looking at the inscription Trent wrote in his book about inspiring people. Max scoffed bitterly. Trent ruined lives, he did not inspire them! Enter Chelsea. Max has heard about her fight with Mel. Chelsea still blames herself  for making Nick snap. Mel was right. Max insists she is wrong. Chelsea blames herself for breaking Nick's heart with her Danfatuation. Everything she touches is destroyed. Max will have none of that kind of talk! He praises her for her amazing work at the hospital. She is a great person. Chelsea feels she has to somehow make amends with Nick. Max blames Nick for his drinking, etc. And his mother was unstable, too. Chelsea should accept the fact that she was not responsible and move on. Chelsea thanx him for being a friend and departs to go to Kate's official welcome home bash ...
- At the park, EJ walks up to Hope and Julie. Julie goes to play with the kids. Rafe listens from behind the trees. EJ and Hope discuss the latest developments. EJ offers his help if she needs it. Hope says there is something, as a matter of fact. Hope wants to know if Stefano is responsible for the mayor's murder. No, insists EJ. Hope asks him to think of Aly and Johnny. Does he really want to put their lives at risk? Rafe continues to listen. EJ states he always thinks of his children and then goes off to take Johnny. Julie returns. She figures EJ claimed his treasured papa was innocent, though he must be behind it. And as usual, Hope adds, Sami is caught in the middle. Julie laments that the DiMeras might make a real DiMera out of Johnny one day. They know that EJ DiMera will never let Sami stand between him and his son Johnny ...
- Sami walks into the church across the street from the safe house and has a seat. A sister walks up and asks what is wrong. She notes Sami
is expecting. She is Sister Theresa. How can she help her? They sit in a pew. Sami brings up the old orphanage that was at the convent. Theresa recalls it was a lively place. Sami wonders if they still take children? Every now and then. Theresa asks her name.Colleen Brady. The sister asks why she came there, is the father of her baby still in
the picture? They would be very happy to help her. Sister Theresa gives Sami a St. Anne's medal for strength. Sami thanks her. She has
a feeling she will be back ...
- At DiMera mansion, Brady brings Nicole inside. She is walking slowly and sits down. She wants something strong to drink. Brady
gets her water instead. She appreciates Brady helping her but what
will she tell EJ? She cries she is glad he is not there. Brady thinks she should call EJ. No, she needs to get some rest. He offers to stay and sleep on the floor. "I just want to be alone," she replies , cries some more, and blames herself. She should have known she could not turn her life around! She hobbles up the stairs,as concerned Brady watches her disappear from view. Nicole goes upstairs, sits on the bed, and screams at the passing maid to get out. Then she breaks down again. Downstairs, EJ returns with Johnny and learns Nicole is back. He knocks on her bedroom door and enters with Johnny. Is she alright? No, she cries, still lying on the bed, she is not ...

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Victor angrily tells Brady he should stay away from both of those women!
Dan is at the hospital, looking at a file. His voice desperate, he asks
if they are sure there has been no mix-up!
Stony-faced EJ informs Nicole "I know all about it. I know what
you did!"

Tuesday November 25, 2008


At the hospital, replay of Nicole passing out after she shows Brady
her locket. The doc is there in a flash. She needs to be stabilized. If they cannot stop the contractions, the baby will be lost. The doc asks Brady to wait outside and suggests he call the father. Nicole later wakes up. They have stopped the premature labor until another contraction suddenly starts and Nicole cries out. "I can't stop it!"
She wants to speak with EJ. Brady does not have his number and suggests the nurse get Nicole's cell phone, as it would have EJ's number. Brady stands in the doorway and watches in horror as
Nicole yells and gasps she cannot stop the contractions.
- On the DiMera flight, EJ is pleased that the plane is now Salem bound, as the Argentina business meeting is off. He chats with the flight attendant and is looking forward to going home. He later waltzes into the DiMera mansion with flowers, looking for Nicole, who is not there. He tries unsuccessfully to reach her by phone and gets worried when he learns she left the cabin with a young man hours ago ...
- Still at the hospital, Nicole dreams she is holding her perfect baby
girl. Outside, the doc informs Brady that the baby didn't make it. Nicole is half-conscious now and thanks the nurse for saving her
baby. Outside, the doc asks Brady to tell her the sad news as he is close to her. Brady enters when Nicole is awake. He informs her the baby didn't make it. She cries. They hug. It was a girl. She could not stop the contractions, she cries. Brady is sorry. Enter the nurse, who tells her there is no permanent damage so it shouldn't be a problem
for her to get pregnant again. When the nurse leaves, Nicole cries that this was a miracle baby and miracles are not likely to happen twice. Her cell phone rings and she looks at it nervously. It is EJ calling ...
- At the pub, Phil reads the newspaper about Nick. The server calls him a hero but Phil is rather glum about he whole scenario. He only got it right in the last minute.
- At the police station, Nick has an unexpected visitor in the form of Chelsea. The disheveled genius has a headache. She is sorry. She knows he is not the kind of person he has acted like lately. Nick disagrees. He recalls how she did not want him and neither did
Melanie, for that matter. He laments it works better with girls before they get to know him. He feels bad about scaring Mel with the note. He just wanted her to need him so he could take care of her. He adds he will go away where he will hurt no one. It is a good thing. He is tired. Mel no longer wants to talk to him and he still loves her.Chelsea sees that is why he is giving up. Enter Maggie. Nick asks a favor of
the crying redhead. Melanie has no one to look after her and she cannot trust Max. Chelsea disagrees. Nick is focused. He wants Maggie to let Mel stay with her. Maggie is later gone and Chelsea spends more time with teary Nick, who is crushed that he loves Mel and it is not returned. He would rather be in prison than know what Mel really thinks of him and tells Chelsea he is a lost cause. Nothing will fix him. He asks her to leave.
- At her hotel room, Mel gets a phone call from the management. She is out in 30 minutes! She goes online to find a place to live. First she needs a job. She comes across an ad for an administrative assistant at Titan ...
- Still in Marlena's elegant home, John accuses Blondie of blackmail. He just prevented her from getting killed. Marlena brings up Brady. And she worries she has made a classic therapist mistake in thinking she could help him. She throws jargon around. She repeats he needs help. Without it, he is outta her life! Dr. Taylor, one of her thesis advisors, is an expert in abnormal brain patterns. John gets sarcastic. Blondie has sent Doc Taylor his file and wants John to make an
appointment. She hands him the doc's card. John retorts she has been unethical by sharing his file. There is a knock at the door. John opens it to Maggie, who begs Marlena to help Nick. John gives them some privacy. Maggie fears Nick will hurt himself. Marlena promises to give Mickey some therapist names and perhaps Maggie should also get some help. Maggie tells her Nick's request about letting Mel stay with her. She does not like the girl. Marlena suggests she let her stay temporarily. Maggie is grateful for the advice. "You are so clear headed," she praises her friend. Maggie departs. John walks back in and Marlena finally gets thru to him. He will see the doc, but not at a hospital and he will only agree to one time. "Then," he says casually,
"we'll take it from there ..."
- At the pub, Mel arrives to meet the Titan boss, only to discover it is none other than Phillip! She knew he was the Titan owner, but hadn't realized he worked, too. Phil hopes things will get better for her, though he cannot hire her. They do not get along. However, perhaps he can still help her ... Mel lashes out at him. Enter Maggie. She announces that Mel can stay with her and Mickey for now, but there
is one condition. It is temporary. Mel accuses her of blaming her for Nick. Maggie now has another condition She must stay away from Nick. She hands her the spare key. Melanie thanks her. Maggie departs. Enter Chelsea.  She wants to talk Nick. He might do something to himself and he is worried what Mel thinks of him. Mel does not give a damn, after what he put her through. She says he is crazy. Chelsea reminds her Nick took a bullet for her. Mel says Chelsea makes her sick. Her papa Bo threatened her, not to mention that Chelsea killed her brother. Chelsea retorts Steph was right about her. All she thinks of is herself. Melanie gets madder and pushes Chelsea, who then pushes her back ...
This is more kitten fight than cat fight!

Monday November 24, 2008 


Marlena implores John not to shoot the assassin. Blondie then takes matters into her own hands when she goes for the gun. The ensuing chaos is that the gun gets fired, Marlena ends up on the floor, but okay, and the assassin races off. Bo and Hope show up. Bo is not keen on John's involvement. Marlena is not keen on the fact that
John seemed to be aiming for the assassin's head. Neither is Bo. A dead perp would not have been able to tell them the name of his boss, after all. John and Bo seem to disapprove of each other's methods.
Bo says he will place a cop guard outside Marlena's door. John is not impressed and retorts he will have to protect her. Bo leaves and Marlena lectures macho John. He needs help and he had darn better get it or by golly, he will find he no longer has any place in her life!
Meanwhile, Hope thinks Bo is working too hard. He has been going 24/7. She insists on taking him home for a healthy lunch.
- EJ and Stefano are on the plane bound for Argentina, with EJ  reviewing documents. Stefano is pleased to share with him knowledge of his hidden assets. EJ is pleased to know about it, provided nothing
is unsavory. Stefano wonders if EJ  has really gotten over Samantha. EJ sidesteps. Samantha is his past, Nicole is his future. Stefano has a drink. He is keen on the new beginning with a new grandchild. EJ has no idea that at that very moment, poor Nicole has been trying to reach him by telephone, then dialing Brady ...
- At the pub, Maggie earlier lamented that she did not do more for Nick, after promising Jessica she would take good care of her boy. Chelsea had hoped he would be able to plead temporary insanity or self-defense and thus get off. Bo had told Chels now was not a good
time for her to visit Nick. Chelsea feels somehow responsible as she
broke his heart. Maggie hopes Uncle Mickey will somehow come through for the lad.
- Also at the pub, Brady runs into Chloe and Lucas. Lucas informs Brady he already knew he was in town as main squeeze Chloe filled him in. He also boasts that he has bought a house for himself, Chloe and Aly to share. Brady gets interrupted by Nicole's desperate call and hastily departs. Lucas comes clean to Chloe that he is a tad jealous. Chloe insists Brady is her past, while Lucas is her future.
- At the hospital, Kate wants to leave. Dan retorts he is reluctant to let that happen, given how hectic her life is. She needs to take it easy to beat the cancer, and should change her lifestyle. She wants to live life
to the fullest. Dan kisses her. Then it's off to the pub for Kate, to celebrate the success of round one of her chemo. She celebrates with Dan, Chloe, Lucas, and Chelsea. Phil is on his way back from Chicago. Kate admits to Lucas she is anxious to get back to work
asap. Chelsea laments to Dan about the irony of her breaking Nick's heart, only to have Dan do the same to her. Chloe later tells Dan not
to pay attention to Chelsea the drama queen. He smiles. They joke a bit and their eyes lock. Back at the table, Chelsea praises Kate and adds how sorry she is for her reaction to her Dan affair. Kate reminds her that life is too short to cry over spilled milk. Dan watches Chloe with Lucas. He is clearly intrigued by the opera diva!
- Brady heroically rushes in to Nicole's cabin and carries her off for medical help. He gets her to the hospital but the nurse doesn't appear to be optimistic, and neither do the machines. The doc bears bad
news. It appears to be a case of pre-term labour. Brady attempts to calm Nicole down. She sadly shows him a locket where she had intended to put her baby's picture and suddenly loses consciousness.

By the way James Scott (EJ) had very high praise of Arianne's (Nicole) dramatic performance concerning this most difficult scene ...
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