Days of Our Lives Summary November 17-21, 2008
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Friday November 21, 2008 
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At DiMera mansion, Nicole and EJ are in the living room. Is she ready for his surprise? She has one for him and hands him the newspaper. The headlines scream Nick Fallon is a murderer. They kiss, and kiss relieved she is off the hook. Nicole wants to know her surprise. He hands her a blue box. Inside is a note announcing her bags have been packed for romance. A romantic weekend. A cozy secluded luxurious cabin. She will be ready in 5 minutes and walks off. Stefano observes from the doorway. It does his heart good to see Elvis so happy. However, his presence is required elsewhere and the limo awaits. Nicole returns, all smiles. Stefano explains that urgent business must
be attended to and he needs his lawyer EJ. EJ pulls her aside. He is sorry about the delay. He hands her  the directions to the lodge. She should go ahead. He will be there soon, he promises. They kiss.
- At the witness protection apartment, Sami tells Rafe about the day's headline. Nick Fallon has been arrested. Rafe says she should be relieved Nicole is not a killer. Sami is still miffed to be in a hamster cage. Rafe wonders where she would go if she could not hide there anymore, given she wants to keep her baby a secret from the evil DiMeras. Sami snaps there is no fresh air. Can they not go outside? Rafe drinks his coffee and sighs. "Forget it." Sami yells she wants the drapes open, she feels like she is living in a tomb. Rafe's cell rings.
The lead they had went cold. Sami shouts she wants to see people
and her kids, too. She cries, as she is claustrophobic. Rafe points out they could be stuck there for a very long time if the killer is not found. She paces like a hen in a chicken coop. Rafe advises her to kick back, relax. Sami does not feel like she is on vacation and yells about his football watching habits. Rafe then starts to watch another football game. Sami turns off the television. She wants to watch other stuff. Rafe retreats to another corner of the room and puts on his earphones. Sami pushes them off. She just wants some sunshine and fresh air. And maybe the killer is not looking for her anymore. Rafe reminds her such people become more desperate and never give up. Hitman 101. Guns for hire are hired and then do not quit until they eliminate their target. The hitman will not be hirable until his only witness is offed! Sami now gets it and quiets down. Rafe is curious how she will keep hiding her baby from the DiMeras. She has no idea but could she have a glimpse of sunlight? Rafe relents, just for a minute. He opens the drapes a bit and lets her take a look. Sami is pleased to see the sun, blue sky, and the church and convent of the Holy Cross across the street. The nuns used to run an orphanage there when Rafe was a kid. A few of those nuns are still around, in fact ...
- In a back alley, a meeting of the coolest dudes in Salem gets underway. Steve informs John he has made a breakthrough. He is gonna meet someone who might be able to ID the killer.
- Later at Brady pub, Kayla asks Steve what he is working on with his computer. Sorry baby, he cannot show her that. It is for her own protection. Kayla has a bad feeling. Patch admits it is secret P.I. work. For whom, Kayla asks. Patch pauses. John Black has hired him to track down the mayor's killer. Kayla gets concerned about the risks. And they have no idea what Stefano did to him. Why, he was once a trained assassin and he is a loose canon. Patch reminds her they used to say that about him, too. John now wishes simply to help Sami and Marlena. Kayla relents. Patch admits he needs her by his side or it is
all meaningless. He promises if he finds the guy, he will bring in the cops for backup. Kayla still wants to know what is on his computer. He shows her the police sketch of the killer and then the database of killers on his computer. One face will be a match ...
- Meanwhile, the masked killer is in Marlena’s home, waiting for her! He speaks to his unseen contact on his cell phone, sneering that Marlena is not home yet. The call ends, the killer hides. Enter Blondie. John calls to update her on his bounty hunter's progress. She ought to be careful. Meanwhile, the masked killer quietly takes a fire poker and sneaks up. Marlena thanks John for his concern but she is more worried about Sami. The killer waits until she is off the phone, grabs her, and tells her not to make a sound. Marlena gasps. The killer continues, his tone threatening. He demands to know where her daughter is - or else!  Outta town, Marlena replies, and she does not know where. The killer talks tough. If she wants to ever see her daughter again, she is gonna have to do better than that. Marlena kicks him and makes for the phone. She calls John. "Yes, Blondie?" She
cries for help.The killer approaches her with a cord. Marlena drops
the phone and tries to reason with him. It doesn’t work. He calls her a dead end. He might as well kill her. "Not if I kill you first," John Black smoothly says, walking up, pointing a gun at the cornered assassin.
The killer grabs Marlena. "Step away," the pawn warns. No negotiations, the killer says. John looks deadly. Marlena gasps at him not to shoot ...
- Nicole arrives at her luxurious cabin and awaits EJ. She hands the bellhop a tip before he leaves. She then changes into a leopard nightie. Meanwhile, EJ tries to call her cell phone but gets no signal. He is impatient and wants to go to the cabin now. Stefano stops him. His priorities are screwed up. He needs to be a provider. Stefano admits
he may have made a mistake in promoting him. EJ now agrees to do
his job. Stefano will fill him in on their business deets on the plane. EJ
is surprised. Where are they going? To Argentina. EJ gets rude. What the hell is in Argentina? Stefano's hidden assets. The phoenix tells him not to be petulant and unprofessional. EJ agrees to go. Stefano waits
in the limo. EJ then calls Nicole and gets thru. She is in her nightie eating chocolates. Where is he? He has to go on a business trip with fatha to Argentina. It is urgent and he agreed to be his council. He
took the job so he could provide for them and Johnny and the baby. She understands. He will make it up to her. His phone battery dies. Stefano returns and ushers EJ to the limo. Alone at the cabin, Nicole laments she was going to tell EJ she loved him before his phone went dead. All of a sudden she gets a sharp pain. Moments later the pain returns. "Oh no, the baby!" she cries, clutching her stomach ...

Thursday November 20, 2008


At the motel from hell, Melanie starts to fall and grabs onto the ledge. Bo and Hope are on the balcony in an instant, pulling Nick back while Melanie screams. Bo grabs her arm and starts to pull her up. Hope has a gun on Nick and orders him to step back. Phil climbs the fire escape to get closer. Mel starts to slip. Nick tries to bail with his pills. Hope stops and arrests him. Phil is now under Mel and catches her. Bo returns inside. Sirens are heard approaching the scene.
- At the health club, exercising Nicole runs into Brady. He says it is good to see her happy. The baby kicks. Brady hopes he will see her again. He is planning to stay in Salem permanently. Nicole pretends
not to care. She does wish the best for him, though. They discuss John. Brady says there has been no breakthrough despite her efforts. The convo soon changes and Brady tells her she will make a great mom. If she ever needs anyone to talk to, however, she can count on him. Exit Brady.
- At DiMera mansion, the fireplace is going as suited Stefano informs EJ he wishes to do research on the future DiMera heir. He wants gender, names, and such. Uppity EJ states they have decided not to learn the gender in advance. Stefano retorts it is not acceptable, as he needs the name for his document. EJ has a look at said document and claims all this is none of Stefano's business. Stefano disagrees. Nicole
is not bad, but she has a reputation and EJ is not thinking with his head. EJ is mad that Stefano would try to have official visitation in the event of an estrangement. He refuses to sign. Stefano calls him an insolent fool. He is trying to protect his grandchild. "Grandparents do have rrrrrrrrights, you know!" EJ gets mad. Stefano is offended. EJ understands the phoenix is motivated by love. Stefano retorts EJ is motivated by anger. EJ does not want his child legally bound to a destructive relationship and neither does Nicole. Stefano suddenly decides to have the chef make a family feast tonight. He later gloats
he has had the chef prepare the dinner. EJ knows Stefano well and sees he is trying to win over Nicole. Stefano is pleased about his son having a deep connection with him. "I want you to take the reins of
the family business." He offers him the position of council for DiMera shipping. He will be Stefano's heir. EJ refuses. Stefano tells him then no more free ride in the lap of luxury! EJ now realizes there are strings attached to living at the grand mansion. He reluctantly agrees to join the family circle and they shake and hug on it, mafia style. Following dinner, Stefano, Nicole, and Elvis are in the living room when Stefano tells her his good news. Elvis is now part of the family business! EJ smoothes things over so Nicole accepts the situation. Stefano proposes a toast to EJ's future with DiMera enterprises and then gives the
couple some time alone. They kiss and decide to take it upstairs. EJ teases he has a surprise for her tomorrow.
- At the pub, Abe thanx the press for their continued support. Lexie is approached by Donna, a task force environmentalist who has four 
kids and is involved in an autism support group as well. Lexie never returned to the group after her first meeting. Donna asks why not. Lexie explains her schedule was too hectic. She feels increasingly inferior, especially when Abe starts to chat with and praise the over-
achiever. Enter Chelsea, there for takeout. She hands Lexie a copy of Redbook magazine, which has a good article on autism. Abe returns
to Lex. He is happy she attended his press conference. Lexie wonders how people like Donna do it. Her schedule feels like too much. They sit at a table. Abe reminds her she is an important doctor. Lexie is still bothered that she cannot calm Theo down like Chelsea does. Abe points out he acts up cos she is his mother and a terrific one at that. Chelsea gets a call from Steph, who is at the police station, and heads out. Meanwhile, Lexie starts to sniffle and sniffle. Abe asks what is wrong. She feels inferior to others who do much more than her.
Donna sidles up and invites her to join the environmental task force
as a doctor. Lexie agrees and she will also attend the next autism
group meeting! Abe is glad to see she is in better spirits. Moments
later, the new mayor gets a phone call. Trent Robbins' killer has been captured. Good news, says Lexie. Abe informs her the bad news is
it happens to be Nick Fallon ...
- At the police station, Nick calmly admits to Bo and Hope that he killed Trent but it was involuntary manslaughter. After what happened with Willow, he felt no one would understand him. But why did he torment Melanie? Nick says he wanted to keep her in town, near him. He believes she wanted to marry him. Bo berates him for letting her think she killed her father. Nick rationalizes that she went to the cemetery armed with a knife and might have killed Trent anyway had he not come along. He asks Hope to help him. Hope sadly shakes her head. She will help him, but justice has to be served. A tear trickles down Nick's cheek. He asks to make his phone call. Bo laments to Hope that this is his first arrest as police commissioner. He is truly sorry. Crying Maggie soon arrives. She was Nick's phone call. Will they convict him? He was not in his right mind, she argues. Bo still thinks Nick will have to go to prison.
- Outside, Phil consoles Steph. Max walks up with Chelsea and thanx Phil for saving his sister. Steph wonders what happened to poor Nick. Max retorts he has not been the same since the Willow fiasco. Chelsea blames herself. Enter a disheveled Melanie. She thanx Phil for saving her life. They hug. Max and Phil are sorry for what happened. Steph and Chelsea stare meanly at Mel. Steph blames her for the fact that Nick will probably spend the rest of his life in jail. Max gets mad at the two girls  while Mel points out she is the victim. Steph and Chelsea, however, blame her for obstructing justice and pushing Nick over the edge. Meanwhile, Nick is having his mugshots taken. He is then taken away but not before stopping by to tell Mel he loves her and did it all for her. He apologizes to Max for hurting her and is hauled away in handcuffs. Chelsea is harsh and calls Mel pathetic. Max gives his sobbing sis a reassuring embrace. Teary-eyed Stephanie and Chelsea watch as their pal Nick slowly disappears from view ...

Wednesday November 19, 2008


At the motel from hell, replay of Mel screaming will Nick kill her like he killed Trent?!
- At the pub, Chloe meets Lucas, who eagerly hands her their house plans. Five bedrooms, a pool, a double lot. Chloe is amazed. Lucas announces Chloe is important to Aly and who knows when Sami will return. Time to talk marriage. The house proves he is committed. Chloe smiles when he tries to sell himself as a great husband. Lucas sees she has something on her mind. Yes, she saw her ex, Brady today. He is in Salem and clean. Lucas wonders if she wishes to go back to him. Chloe says no. Lucas asks why she is telling him she
saw her ex. Cos now she realizes how lucky she is to have him! Without him she would have been pining after Brady. She, Lucas,
and Aly are a family now. She nods to his proposal and they kiss on it.
- At the hospital, Kate wakes up to Dan. She had been dreaming he saved her! He had a miracle cure of a little pill in her dream. Dan wishes that was how it was. He gets next to Kate in the bed. They have to see how the treatment is going. Within an hour there will be results. He leaves to check on them after Kate assures him she does not want him to feel pressure. She knows he will do everything to
save her but she is also prepared not to be saved. She has lived a full life. Once Dan is gone, enter Lucas and Chloe. Kate was listening to David Bowie. Lucas says she looks great. She feels good, her makeup looks good. She thanks Chloe for her help. Enter Dan with the results from round one. Did the chemo work? The tumor has shrunk, it is encouraging. There are happy faces all around. Dan says he will go over specifics later. He exits and sadly leans against the wall. Chloe gives Lucas and Kate a moment alone. Lucas is pleased to see that Chloe and Kate seem to be getting along. Kate admits she has helped her and her feelings toward Chloe have changed a bit. Lucas shows
her his dream house. He is gonna ask Chloe to marry him. Kate reacts with a start but then decides if Lucas is happy, she is happy for him. Love is what it is all about. Lucas thinks Kate will find love, too. He has a feeling. Meanwhile, Dan takes a walk outside. Chloe finds him and asks if he is okay. She sits on the bench next to him. Dr. Dan has become emotionally involved, which docs are not supposed to do. He should have learned by now that he is not a god. Chloe praises him for being passionate about what he does. He informs her his wife died and he still has not learned to distance himself. He feels anxious that while Kate seems to be improving, he cannot tell her she is completely cured just yet. He asks Chloe a favor, not to mention his worry to anyone. She understands and her lips are sealed.
- At the police station, Bo and unhappy Hope agree that Nick is the killer. Hope berates herself for not seeing the signs about poor Nick. He was suffering and she did nothing. Bo's phone rings. They may have a lead on where Mel and Nick are. At the Airway Motel, as Bo finds on his computer ...
- At Horton house, Phil listens to Steph's phone, which Nick’s cell has called. Meanwhile, Mel screams accusations at Nick. She remembers and knows the truth! Nick eerily responds she will never know how sorry he is! Phil listens and so does Steph, though it is not easy to hear the words thru Mel's yelling. Nick becomes quiet. He wants Melanie
to understand. He did it for them. Phil hears a plane fly by. Mel screams. Nick will not let her leave but he is very confused by her behavior. She shrieks she hates him. Phil and Steph leave. Phil has
an idea where they are. They race on over to the police station but
Bo and Hope already know where they are, having done a trace on Nick's credit card. They head out and advise the civilians not to interfere. Phil finds the motel address on Bo's computer after Steph shuts the door and makes sure no one is coming. They will check things out, too. The two sleuths arrive at the back entrance and Phil proceeds to try and pick the lock in the dark night ...
- Inside the motel from hell, Nick says he is sorry, though he has done it all for her. He never wanted to hurt her. He wanted to make her life better. Mel sniffs he can make it right by confessing to the cops. Nick gets mad and accuses her of playing him. He shoves her and then hugs her again. "It was such a strange feeling, the knife, when it actually went in," he laments. Nick is clearly upset. Mel wants to know what happened. Nick saw Trent knock Mel down and he looked crazed. Then he bent over her so Nick grabbed the knife and stabbed him.
He could tell Trent was not about to stop. He could not let Trent hurt her. He knows he should have called the cops. However, he left, because he loves her and a confession would have meant he would have to give her up. Nick slowly sits down and remembers Willow,
his teary eyes filled with torment. She died, too. Willow had been blackmailing him and then fell and hit her head when they were struggling over the evidence-laden hairbrush. Nick now believes he must have caused her death for Chelsea, as he caused Trent's death
for Melanie. He ruins everything he touches. Mel wants to leave. He cannot allow it. She makes a break for it and rushes to the balcony. Nick is behind her in an instant and grabs her to stop her from
jumping. Struggling Mel lets out a scream to wake the dead. Phil and Steph look up. Bo and Hope break down the door and race inside as Melanie starts to fall ...

Tuesday November 18, 2008


At Brady pub, suited Phil is checking out a menu when Steph hands him her resume. She would like him to read it before hiring her.
They sit at a table. Phil reads but her resume does not matter. She is already hired and will be judged on her performance. She admits she was just a tad nervous. He has a talent for picking out good workers. She realizes he is distracted due to his mom. He likes to keep busy
with other things when upset, she is the same.
- At DiMera mansion, John is not keen on Nicole's interference. The pawn becomes sarcastic. Nicole  intends to re-educate Brady about new John and points out John has few friends. He could get to know his son as a new person and vice versa. He disagrees. She insists he give it a try and adds Marlena would just looooooove it! Emotional manipulation, retorts John, though he will think about it.
- In Marlena's residence, Brady guesses EJ wishes to talk Nicole. EJ admits he is protective and Brady's visit seemed to get her agitated. Brady says he will keep his distance. EJ did not mean that, it is just that he dies not want Brady and his problems to look to Nicole for solutions. She needs stability. Brady brings up Sami. EJ doesn't blink. He adds he gets along with new John and could help if he ever needed it. Brady scoffs after he leaves. What a DiMera!  Later a knock is heard at the door. Brady opens it. It is John, there to see Marlena,
who is not around. Brady asks if they can try again. John commends him when he hears Brady later has an addicts support meeting. John states he does not know him and nothing will change that but Brady is hopeful. John leaves. Brady ponders. If his dad is sick, he will be sticking around ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ takes Nicole in his arms and gets her
on his red sheets. "You are so beautiful." They undress and make out.
- At Horton house, Maggie worries that Mel might have killed Trent. Bo is not sure. Max and Chelsea are summoned to the house and told that Nick and Mel are on the run. Max thinks Bo and Hope must now assume Mel is guilty. Any ideas where they might have gone? Max is perplexed. When he last saw Mel, he told her of Nick being in love with her and she got weirded out, so what is she now doing with him? Bo makes a call and learns Nick has just had his prescription refilled. Maggie starts to cry and then hands Bo the creepy note, which she has found! They all discuss. Maggie recognizes the stationary as hers,
while Chelsea recognizes the handwriting as that of Nick.
- Back at the pub, Steph gets a call from Maggie. No, she has not seen Nick or Melanie. Then Phil gets the same call. He discusses it with Steph. She is worried about Nick. They head for Maggie's to help ...
- At the Cheatin Heart, Max tends bar and talks Melanie with Chelsea. He admits she may have had a motive to off Trent, who screwed up her life. Detective Chelsea wonders why Nick would scare Mel with a threatening letter if he loved her. Max considers. What if running was not her idea? Chelsea decides to call her papa commissioner.
- At the police station, Bo and Hope confer. Hope shares Chelsea's insight. Bo understands. If Nick is obsessed with Mel, he would try to frighten and isolate her. Hope is petrified due to his pain killers and his mother's history. Bo has already put out an APB. And it gets worse. Hope is later horrified to see the autopsy report of Trent Robbins, which reveals he was likely stabbed to death by someone over six feet tall! Bo does the math.
- In the motel from hell, replay of Nick stabbing the ice. The flashback of Trent's murder is replayed, only this time it is Mel who remembers! Nick hands her a drink and remarks she looks like she has seen a ghost. She does not want her drink. Meanwhile,Nick downs some pills with his booze. Mel gets jittery. Nick says tomorrow they will fly out
to Vegas and get married. Mel walks to the door, quietly saying she would like to go for a walk but psycho Nick shuts it before she can
get it open! What if the cops recognize her, he asks. He has already hidden the car at a garage so no one will find them. He sits her back down and drinks up. Mel then says she will have a bath and gets her purse. Psycho Nick grabs her arm. First she must give him her phone! He will check her messages and then disable it. The cops could use it as a tracking device. He will get her a new phone in Vegas and a new home and a new life. He trashes Max and continues to slur. When he perceives Mel is afraid, he touches her face. She pushes his hand
away and gasps for him not to touch her. He slurs he will take care of her and sits down. Mel pretends to be worried about his shoulder. He needs a drink and a pill, she suggests. He slurs he loves her and kisses her. Is she still scared. he asks? Not now, she lies, her eyes filled with terror. Nick wants to come clean. He really wants to marry her just
cos he loves her and maybe in time she could love him too? Sure, she feebly replies. She will get ice for their drinks so they can toast. Mel stands up and reaches for the ice pick. She then goes back to Nick and hands him a glass. Nick starts to kiss her and then grabs the ice pick from under her clothes. What the hell? They stand up and she panics, hits his sore shoulder, breaks a glass over his head, and makes for the door. Nick grabs her in an instant. She has just made a big mistake!
- Back at Horton house, Maggie leaves another message on Nick's cell phone and then opens the door to Phil and Steph. They enter and she rushes off in tears. Just then Steph's cell phone rings. It is Nick. She takes the call ...
- Meanwhile,  Nick's cell phone lies on the floor of the motel from hell as Mel cries for him to let go of her. What is he going to do, kill her like he killed her father, she screams?!

Monday November 17, 2008


Shirtless EJ lies on a red sheet in his grand bed, awaiting Nicole, who
is downstairs with Brady. She is stunned that he is there to see her! May he come in? They sit in the living room across from Stefano's portrait. Brady gets it all off his chest. His post-rehab is that he must make amends with people in his past. He is not proud of how he was with her. She points out she was awful to him and Chloe. They stand up. He is there cos he wants to start over now. Nicole looks extremely uncomfortable. Brady thinks they can be friends. She does not wish
to discuss the past. He wonders why in the present she is living at DiMera mansion. She tells him her miracle baby news and the fact
that her honey EJ is the papa. Brady is dismayed. Is she crazy? EJ screwed up Sami’s life. Nicole defends him. He is nice to her. Brady eventually says he is glad she is happy. They hug. A male voice is heard, asking darling if she got lost. Enter EJ. Nicole stammers and introduces her past (Brady) to her present (EJ). Brady apologizes for the intrusion . EJ says he was just heading out and asks darling to
walk him to the door. She wonders if he is jealous. No, he knows he
is her present. They kiss. He reminds her they will have a lifetime of afternoons together. Nicole returns to her old friend. EJ asks maid Mary to keep an eye on the pair. Mary agrees after telling the master he missed a button on his shirt. The master does up the button on his black shirt, teases he did it on purpose to keep her entertained, and waltzes out the door ...
Brady's visit with Nicole continues. He tells her John gave him the brush off, as if he were a stranger. Nicole is sympathetic. Brady has heard from Chloe that Nicole is a pal of new John. Can she help him get thru to him? She can help him get to know new John, though she cannot change who he is now. Perhaps he might like new John? No, Brady replies. That is not about to happen. Nicole thinks Brady could help John. He has doubts. She notes they are from the same DNA, what with the stubborn streak! Brady gives her a kiss, says EJ is a lucky guy, and leaves. Nicole then places a call on her cell, asking someone to come see her ...
- Marlena sees John at the police station. She smiles and when he
says he is there to tell the cops he has hired a bounty hunter, Marlena is encouraging. She then brings up Brady and how his response to him was ... "Rude, insensitive, unfeeling," finishes John. "Dumb," Marlena quips. She was trying to get his attention. And it worked! Brady, she reminds John, is his son. John claims he has no feelings about it. Marlena understands. John fears he might just have an emotional response to him. Hence his dumb behavior of pushing him away.
John retorts he is not afraid, just detached. Marlena is still smiling.
She knows he is wrong and walks off.
John then enters Roman's office and informs him he has hired a P.I.
to find the mayor's killer. Roman thinks John is trying to score
brownie points with Blondie. She is smart and will see thru John's motives. John states she liked the idea to help get Samantha back. Roman retorts he will think about his own daughter, John should
think about his son! John implies he should mind his own business. Roman recalls that John and Brady used to have an incredible relationship. John becomes uneasy and departs, after reminding
Roman he must have better things to do, like finding an assassin.
- Marlena opens the door of her elegant home to EJ. He would like
to know if he should be worried about Brady's intentions with Nicole, who seems uncomfortable with her past. Marlena thinks EJ should have faith in her. He does, but Brady is another matter. Marlena perceives EJ is smitten! She suggests EJ ask Nicole how she feels about Brady. She brings up honesty, candor. EJ thanks her for her discretion as he gets ready to leave. Marlena opens the door to Brady! and then heads out, leaving the fellas alone to talk, Brady thanx him
for letting him spend time with Nicole. EJ is gracious, but there are some things he would like to get straight with him ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, John arrives to see Nicole. She fills him in on Brady's request. She thinks John could help Brady, who just came out of tough rehab. Maybe he can just try. John pours himself a drink. Why the hell does she care so much?
- Bo and Hope reel from the news that Nick has been ID-ed as being
at the cemetery the night of Trent’s murder. They walk away from
the witness to confer. What has Nick gotten himself into now? They are sure that Melanie has been playing Nick, who might have seen her kill Trent.
- Back at Horton house, Nick consoles crying Melanie, who is reeling from the news that she is a killer with no memory. She loved her father. Nick says Trent was evil and deserved to die.They must leave. No, Mel sniffs. She has to turn herself into the police! Nick needs a second. He says he is scared. He will be arrested, too! Hope already knows he is covering for her, which makes him an accomplice. He
finally convinces her to leave. They get their stuff … Bo and Hope later arrive at the house. Maggie answers the door. They are there to see Nick. Maggie says Nick and Mel are not home. Hope wants to know why she let Mel move in. Maggie answers it was Nick, who is worried about Mel all the time. Bo asks if he has been agitated of late. Maggie tells them about the pain killers he has been downing. Hope recalls how his mother was badly affected by such things. Maggie
says she was different, as she had a split personality. Maggie worries they have run away and Nick is on his meds, driving. Hope steps
away to use the washroom. Bo assures Maggie they will find Nick. Hope comes back and announces their stuff is gone. They have fled together!
Meanwhile, new Nick has taken Mel to a motel room. He drops a bomb Tomorrow they fly to Vegas to get married! Mel is shocked. Nick tells her Hope said she would come after them but if they are wed, he will not have to testify against her! He suggests Mel have a bath. He hugs her as she nervously glances at the queen size bed in
the center of the room. Nick later pours them both champagne and eerily stabs the ice in the ice bucket with a sharp ice pick as the
Trent stabbing is replayed. He then hands nervous Mel her glass of champagne. "To my wife ..."
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