Days of Our Lives Update November 3, 2009
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009
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- Bo shows Carly to his bedroom, where she will not be seen. He
will be on the couch downstairs, as a kinda lookout. Carly thinks
there is some else who could help as well. She later elaborates.
Justin, international lawyer. Bo is against it, as he lives with Victor, who will be all over her 2 minutes after she says hello! The commiss is upset about the whole scenario of Hope staying at the house of Kiriakis. Carly would still like to speak with Justin. Bo reluctantly agrees to make the initial contact. She agrees to get some badly needed sleep. He reminds her to lie low, cos if those Alamains find her, it is over!
- At Brady pub, Justin meets Hope. She is down, as Ciara, seated nearby working on a project, is mad at her. She took her from her home, her daddy. Justin soon plays with Ciara, and helps her take a funny pic of Hope. Ciara now wants to include Hope in her collage project. Hope smiles a beautiful smile and hugs her. She thanks
Justin for everything and soon leaves with Ciara, the content pair racing each other to the car. Ring ring! Justin has a call. Tis Bo,
who must see him right away. He eventually joins him at the pub
and uncomfortably announces he has a friend who requires legal advice. He asks him to be discreet. Justin promises to do just that.
Bo suddenly sees Justin has a pic of Hope on his phone (courtesy
of Ciara moments earlier) and wonders what that is all about! Justin updates him on Ciara's collage. Bo regains his composure and lets him know the person he needs legal advice for is actually a woman. Justin asks who. Bo the straight shooter now drops a bomb. "Carly Manning."
- Replay of Victor telling Brady that Ari is a drug dealer. "Son of a b*tch!" exclaims Brady. She would never do such a thing! It' s not true! He is smearing her name to break them up. Vic insists. He tells his grandson to use his head. Did he never see anything related to drugs when he was around that woman? Brady recalls finding drugs on the pub floor. He now grabs his jacket, warns Vic to stay out of his life, and rushes out. Hope soon arrives, looking for a picture of Ciara and Chelsea. Perhaps it is at the house and she should pick it up. Victor thinks she should indeed go to the house and see Bo! She smiles and flounces off.
- Once at the house she shares with Bo, Hope turns on the light  and finds the picture in a photo album. She assumes Bo has gone to bed early and goes upstairs, where unbeknownst to her, Carly slumbers peacefully. Hope enters the bedroom and stares at the bed in the
darkness ....
- At DiMera mansion, EJ admits to Stefano he loves Nicole, but he
is not Sydney's father. Stefano exclaims but he is! Elvis believes he
is thinking of Tony, who was a son to Stefano, though not a blood relative. Elvis fears Mia could be lying and covering for yet another boy who could show up. Enough of all the possible fathers who
could continue to appear. He is out! He hates the idea of not seeing Sydney again, but from now on he is calling the shots. No more Nicole or Sydney drama, he already gets enough drama from Sami! He knows what it is to grow up with confusion surrounding one's biological father, and he managed just fine. Sydney too will be fine. Stefano presses him to accept her . EJ wonders why this is so important to him. The phoenix claims it is only because his son is important to him and he was ever so happy with Nicole and Sydney. EJ bellows the whole relationship was a lie! Stefano points our Sami also lied to him. He made big mistakes with her, and he only hopes he will not make a bigger mistake with Nicole. Elvis is not interested. Nicole is out of his life. Stefano thinks what he is about to say will change his mind. The heir apparent doubts it. Stefano wonders what if Sydney were his biological child? EJ admits in such a case, he would want her back in his life, but not Nicole! Then he would have the same arrangement with her that he curently has with Samantha and Johnny. The phoenix becomes exasperated. "Always that damn Samantha!" Elvis coolly walks out, to attend to some business ...
- Chez Ari, Rafe repeats he knows how this will play out - he will
get what he needs! After dark, he will go to Sami's. Ari asks if he
has changed his mind and will let her see him. He wants it to be a stealth operation, in the off chance that he is wrong. He will collect Sami's DNA at her place, but has not yet figured out how to get Syd's.
- Replay of the pier convo between Nicole and Mia. Sami presents herself and asks what exactly Nicole was referring to. What did Mia do the right thing about! Nicole is curious how long she has been there. Sami tells Mia to look at her and tell her the truth. Might she not know the real identity of her baby's father? Nicole looks smug and pretends she only just learned of her partying ways. She meant that the right thing to do was come out into the open.Sami disagrees, as so many have been hurt. Chad, Will. She does not even know who her baby's father is! Sami angrily asks why she did not tell the truth in the first place! What on earth was she thinking? She accuses the teen of fake tears. Nicole intervenes and mentions they too have made mistakes. Mia should be given a chance too. Sydney cries and Nicole complains the tension is not good for the baby. Sami admits she may have overreacted.Nicole may leave and take Sydney home. Nicole gives Mia a knowing look and tells her what she did was brave. Exit Nicole and Syd. Sami brings up tomorrow's paternity
test. Mia is sure Chad is not the father. Sami wonders how she can be so sure! She now realizes Mia is just hopeful, as she wants Nicole to raise Sydney. Sami could never do such a thing, even if it had meant her kids would have a better life. Mia praises her as a mom and talks Will. She hated seeing his face when she told him those things. She still loves him. She wonders if he could forgive her.
Ring ring! Sami gets a call from Ari, who would like to see her about something important. She pats Mia, says she can call her anytime, and departs.
- Chez Ari, Sami arrives and is surprised there does not seem to
have been anything urgent. She now spies Rafe's Cubs hat and excitedly asks if he is back in town! Ari hastily fibs that she found it while cleaning. He must have left it there. Sami is disappointed. Ari assures her he will call when he is ready. Sami laments he would not call her and then asks what she wished to discuss. Ari says she is concerned Caroline may be working too hard at night, looking over the books, etc. Sami doubts she would ever retire. Was that all she wanted to discuss? Angry knocking is heard at the door so Ari opens it. Tis raging Brady, who growls they need to talk right now! Ominous music is heard. Sami takes it all in. She has seen that look before and therefore leaves, cos it appears they have heavy stuff to discuss. Brady demands Ari tell him what is going on, what she has been hiding from him! He proceeds to rummage thru drawers and under the bed. She has no idea what he wants to find. "The cocaine that you've been dealing," says he. Ari freezes.
- Lucas calls Will, who is at Jave Cafe, and Will laments Mia is a
liar as well as a sl*t! Later, Mia cautiously enters the cafe and approaches Will. She loves him. "Is there any chance at all that you can forgive me?" Will pauses. She realizes she has lied and probably does not deserve to be forgiven. Will retorts she is right. She does
not deserve to be forgiven, "So live with it," the teen concludes. He then stands up and walks away.
- Rafe finds the hidden key above Sami's door, unlocks it, and slips into the dark home. He soon learns that Nicole is staying there while hiding Sami's baby from her. Now he will get more DNA. He picks up Sydney's teething ring. Exhibit A! All of a sudden, Nicole returns with Syd. Rafe hides behind an armchair. Nicole searches for the teething ring, which happens to be in Rafe's hand! She searches high and low, without success. Her phone rings. Tis Stefano. She asks if he has news. She did what she could when she talked to EJ, though he was not exactly encouraging. Stefano summons her to the mansion. She leaves with Syd, murmuring she hopes he will make things right for them, as they need his help. Alone again, Rafe stands up and deduces Stefano is on her side. He cannot believe it. "What the hell?!"
- At the mansion, Stefano later admits it may be impossible to get his son to take both Nicole and Sydney back. The phoenix considers the baby his top priority. Nicole moans he promised her! He explains he will continue to work on his son. They might still win as planned. After all, time is on their side ...
- Meanwhile, Rafe is at Sami's place, on a DNA hunt. He places her toothbrush in a bag, then stuffs it in his pocket. He now saunters out the door, locks it, places the key back in its place, and starts to walk down the hall, only to come face to face with Sami! Rafe looks a
tad sheepish, Sami's blue eyes are filled with amazement ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
"You're not gonna tell Hope that Carly's back in your life?" Justin asks Bo.
Rafe puts his arms around Sami. "I will tell you everything."
Carly sits up in bed. "Oh my God. What are you doing here!"
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