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Monday, November 2, 2009
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- At the hospital, Nicole points out EJ hates her. Stefano counsels
her to go to EJ and tell him Chad is not Sydney's father - and the papa is unknown! She is dismal. What if Mia does not lie? Stefano
is not fussed about it. The bacteria that is gossip will spread like the truth, once Nicole tells EJ about Mia's multiple partners. Nicole approves. When she leaves the room, she runs into Kate, tells her
not to upset the phoenix, and takes her leave. Kate enters the room and the phoenix is pleased. "Ahh, Katherine. My day is complete!" She wants to know what Nicole was doing there. Stefano announces he will be released once the paper work is complete. She repeats her question. He informs her Nicole and Syd may be moving in again, but thus far, it is a secret. Kate agrees to keep the secret, but he will owe her! She leans over and they start to kiss. Enter Victor, who forces a smile. He cackles Kate must be thrilled to hear Stefano is about to be released! Kate purrs for the first time in ages, she feels secure and loved.
- At the pier, replay of Chad telling Mia she can update Will herself. Will assumes Chad has been bothering her. Mia says she cannot tell him. She has no choice, however, and soon uncomfortably tells her partying tale. Chad looks devastated. Will cannot believe what he is hearing. Mia repeats that she cannot guarantee Syd is Chad's baby.
"I don't know who the father is." Chad unhappily leaves. Mia begs Will not to hate her. Genius Will has seen through the ploy. He knows that she is just trying to prevent Chad from getting custody.
She insists what she told him was true. She did sleep around like she said. He now wonders if when she said she loved him that too was
a lie, then decides he never wants to see her again, and storms off.
- At the Java Cafe, Sami cannot get thru to Mia via the phone and Brady cannot get thru to Ari. Sami has a bad feeling. Brady tells her not to worry. But she is worried. Mia's ex is being difficult, trying to get custody of Sydney. Brady is baffled she turned to Sami for help. Sam replies she actually turned to Will first.
- At the mansion, EJ is on the phone, happily about to fax over Arianna's picture. He would like his creepy contact to let him know
if FBI Rafe is aware of the fact that his sister is dealing drugs. He continues to work, until he hears a baby make a sound. He walks
into the grand front entrance, only to find Nicole and Sydney. What are they doing there? "Giving you your life back," says Nicole. She
is there to enlighten him. Mia has confessed she slept around so
Chad does not seem to be Sydney's father. Matter of fact, Sydney already has a father, who loves her and whom she deserves. Him! Elvis remarks this is about her wanting him to accept both of them back into his life. She insists she loves him. "Words," he scoffs.
She realizes she hurt him, but love does not die and she knows he
still cares. Nicole slowly closes the distance between them. They share a kiss and afterwards he admits he was so happy to have her
in his life. "But my life is over now, thanks to your lies!" Nicole understands his anger, yet Sydney is innocent. She implores him to reconsider.
- Recovering at his sister's place, Rafe continues their convo about Nicole. He digests the Mia connection he has just learned of - the
fact that Nicole claimed she got the baby from Mia. "That's it! You just gave me the last piece of the puzzle that I need!" He reminds
Ari he had been trying to find out Nicole's big secret. And it began with Dr. Baker. Now he knows his theory sounds like fact. "The baby that Sami carried for 9 months wasn't Grace. It was Sydney. Nicole switched Sydney and Grace the night they were born!" He elaborates. Nicole feared Sami would get back EJ with her baby,
so she hooked up with baby broker Baker and switched babies. He will prove it. Ari wonders how. It will be tricky. Perhaps he should start by having a talk with Mia. He discusses with Ari. Then again, perhaps Mia will report it to Nicole, who will cover her tracks. Rafe decides to mull things over in the shower. He asks his sis to pick up some clothes, cash, and a spare phone from his place. She agrees
and heads out to do just that. Rafe soon makes a mysterious phone call. "Listen, man, I need your help ..." When Ari returns with his stuff, freshly showered, towel clad Rafe has news. He got some info from a buddy at the bureau. Apparently madwoman Meredith is in a psych ward in Florida, and has completely flipped out. No word on
if or when she will ever be released. He still feels badly about what happened to her sister. After he has gotten dressed, he puts on his black leather jacket, having decided to head to Sami's to pick up a sample of her DNA, as had been the original plan. Ari warns him
that Nicole already tried to flee the country with Sydney once. She might freak out again and leave for good if she finds out what Rafe
is up to. He will wait until dark. He will not let Sami know anything until he has his proof, and he is sure he will get it ...!
- At home, Sami leaves a frantic message for Will on his phone. Knock knock! Tis Chad. The lad is emotionally needy and admits
he just saw Mia. He updates her on Mia's affairs. He might not be the father. Sami is flabbergasted. Chad is a wreck and admits he
still loves Mia. "She was my everything." Once Sami learns that Will knows about Mia'a past partying ways as well, she is very worried about how upset he will be. She leaves, desperate to find him. Chad also departs.
- Back at the mansion, Stefano officially returns. Loyal son Elvis welcomes him back with a hearty embrace. Wifey Kate heads to the kitchen, to remind the staff to keep her hubby on his diet. Stefano brings up EJ's happiness. Elvis tells fatha that Nicole came by and updated him on Mia's past sexcapades. Turns out the father is not Chad. Stefano feigns surprise. Elvis adds that Nicole wants him to take both her and Sydney back. He reveals when he saw baby Syd,
"I couldn't take my eyes off her." Stefano encourages him to accept Sydney as his daughter. The heir apparent, however, refuses.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Vic comes across Brady, who comes
clean about seeing Arianna again. The Greek tycoon retorts he is indeed sorry to hear it. He has info he would like to pass onto his grandson - info from credible, but sordid sources. Brady has no idea what he is getting at. The Greek tycoon cuts to the chase. "She's a drug dealer!"
- At the Java Cafe, Chad is seated at a computer, mumbling that he will still go through with that DNA test, to find out if Syd is his ...
- Meanwhile, Mia is curled up, crying all alone at the pier. Along comes Nicole, who attempts to console the girl. Mia is devastated over being dumped by Will after lying to Chad. Nicole assures her
he will be back if she gives him time. They will both have their
happy endings. Mia doubts it. She cries about lying so Chad would back off from the paternity test. Now she has lost Will! Sami comes across the pair and frowns as she hears Nicole tell the teen "You did the right thing ..."

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"The Alamains are after you. If they find you, it's over," Bo
warns Carly.
"Enough of Mia's lies, enough of Nicole's lies. I am out!" EJ
exclaims to Stefano.
"Tell me the truth," Sami says to Mia, as Nicole smugly watches.
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