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Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Chez Bo, Carly laments she is causing problems for him. Bo insists his trouble with Hope is not due to her. And today he will deal with
it head on ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Justin is looking slick and on his way to meet with Carly. Hope tells him he is doing the right thing. When he departs, she looks glum.
- At DMera mansion, Nicole angrily asks Harold the butler where everyone is. He knows not! Sydney is nowhere to be seen. Nicole looks worried. Harold concludes Miss Sydney is not there. Nicole wants maid Mary's number. The butler points out she left the child with the other Mrs. DiMera. Nicole demands to know where the
hell Kate is! Harold implies he will tell her if she promises not to
come back ...
- At the busy police station, Roman has EJ in his office and he wants to know what is going on between him and Stefano. EJ suggests he ask HIM. Roman hopes this evident discord between them is a sign that EJ does not want to follow Stefano on his path to hell. Elvis drawls Roman is an optimistic man. Now wifey Kate is brought in
for questioning, complaining she was intimidated and manhandled. She says she has no idea where Stefano is. Roman suggests she is
an accessory to attempted murder. Kate quips she was with him all night so how can anyone accuse him of attempted murder? Roman grins she is digging herself into a deep hole. As Elvis listens, Roman points out she is now all alone and might not be as lucky as the time she tried to poison Chloe. Kate coolly states the phoenix does not check in with her. Elvis seconds the motion. Roman must now take
a call from the D.A. and saunters off. EJ demands Kate tell him where daddy is. In storms Nicole, who wants to know what Kate
has done with Sydney! Kate starts to explain and then gets hauled
off by Roman for questioning. Nicole now asks why EJ is at the police station. He replies there was a shooting incident down at the pier involving Rafe. Nicole starts to hug him, grateful he is fine. He steps back. He is fine, he says coldly. Nicole appears annoyed when she hears he saved Rafe. "Why?!" EJ wonders if she wants Rafe dead. Nicole denies it. She pretends she has no idea whether or not Stefano put out a hit on Rafe. Where is Stefano? Nicole has no idea but now fears he may have taken Sydney. Elvis asks why she would think such a thing! She catches herself and plays innocent. Perhaps he still feels like her grandfather. Elvis starts to says if she ever
loved him and she knows ... Kate now returns and admits she gave Syd to Chloe. Exit Nicole. Roman allows EJ and Kate to leave after they have signed their statements. They talk Stefano. Neither knows where he went. Kate tells Elvis he was livid - as he interrupted an activity. He should not have been involved. Elvis smoothly states he will remain involved ...!
- Replay of Rafe telling Sami he has BIG news. She listens. "Your baby is still alive." The baby she gave birth to did not die and he
can prove it. Sami stares in is disbelief and gets upset. Why would
he say such a thing? She advises him not to say it again. He explains he means Sydney, who does not belong to Nicole or Mia. Truth is, biologically Sydney is her baby! He has the DNA tests to prove the babies were switched. Grace was never her daughter. Sami angrily cries she was her baby and no one will ever replace her! He knows, yet this is about the truth. Sami insists it cannot be true. How could she have been switched? Rafe explains it would have been after the birth, when Baker took Grace out of the room. And he suspects it was done on purpose. "Why are you doing this!" she exclaims. Rafe continues and reminds her of Nicole's miscarriage, Mia’s agreement to give Nicole her baby, and then Sami and Nicole both giving birth on the same day. Nicole had Baker take EJ's baby and take back another baby to Sami - and that baby was Mia's. Sami's eyes flicker as she takes it all in. He could be wrong, like the time he thought Nicole made Grace sick. Nope. This time he has more facts. Nicole was aware that Sami was pregnant and where Sami was hiding.That was why she pretended to be a woman called Mary and went to visit Sister Theresa, to tell her about Baker, the man who had helped Nicole at the time she miscarried. Sami is stunned. Rafe goes on. Later Baker knew too much and got killed by a hitman. Sami doubts Nicole could have done such a thing. Rafe now adds that Nicole's partner in crime has been Stefano DiMera. He takes out the DNA test results, which were done by the FBI. Sami is confused and cries she knows Grace was her little girl. Rafe agrees that she opened her heart to Grace and he will always love her too, but Sydney is hers. "It's time to take her back." Overwhelmed, Sami sobs. She should have known! Rafe reminds her she could never keep her eyes off Sydney. On some level,she felt it. Sami nods. Rafe accuses Nicole
of taking away Sami's chance to be a mother to Syd and embraces his beloved, who continues to cry. She laments it seems so strange. Rafe reminds her she used to say what a b*tch Nicole was. Sami finds it all so complicated. Rafe understands. However, Nicole was desperate to hold onto EJ. Sami suddenly smiles. "Sydney's really my little girl!" Now we see tears of joy as she throws her arms around Rafe!
- Chez Bo, Justin warns Carly that the extradition will still eventually happen.His legal maneuvering just bought her time. She realizes she could be extradited but she cannot leave Salem until ... She stops.
He asks until what. She will not divulge more than that. Can he do anything to help? She wishes he could! He must soon leave to finish up his legal brief, tells her to take care, and departs. Carly does an internet search, writes something down, and takes off.
- Meanwhile, at Kiriakis mansion, Bo drops by with something for Ciara. He asks Hope if he can come in. They are both sorry for their recent misunderstanding. Bo realizes Hope never turned in Carly,
but why was Hope asking Victor about her. "She replaced me, Bo, when I was gone, in your heart and your life." Will she do it again? Bo insists no one will ever replace her. Hope thinks they need to rebuild their trust. But how? Bo asks what she would like to do. "I want to come home," says she. Bo is thrilled. What brought this on? Does she long to get back together or just keep an eye on Carly?
- Chloe falls asleep at home with Sydney. Dr. Dan comes home and takes the baby in his arms. Time passes. Chloe's phone rings. Tis Nicole. Chloe looks at the bed. "Oh my God, she's gone!" Nicole later arrives and Chloe explains Daniel took her for a walk and left
a note. Desperate Nicole insists she call him. "I want my baby!"
- At Java Cafe, Mia is down on herself. Maggie assures her she has done something very right. Maggie herself has adopted and knows that Mia gave someone the most precious gift. How about she focus on that? Perhaps she should consider contacting her family. Mia retorts her mom has problems and does not wish to speak to her.
Her dream had been to work in a dance troupe in Japan. It did not work out, so she faced reality and came home. She was then a
failure in her relationships, though she at least gave her daughter a chance at a good life.
- Later, Carly walks along the pier and comes across Mia. "You look like you need a friend," she tells the teen, who is sitting all alone, huddled and despondent.
- Dan sits outside the pub with giggly baby Syd, having taken her for a walk. He later takes her inside. In storms Nicole, who is mad as heck, calls him names,  and demands he give her the child pronto. Dan refuses. "You're not touching that baby ...!"
- Chez Sami, Rafe assures Sami the baby is hers. He asks if she is ready and Sami nods through her excited tears and uneven breaths. "Let's go bring Sydney home!"

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"That's not completely accurate. It's Carly I don't trust,"
Hope informs Bo.
"We need to figure out a plan very carefully,"Rafe quietly tells Sami.
Teary-eyed Nicole is holding Syd as she faces Chloe. "I'm in trouble," she whispers. "Big trouble."
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