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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Down at the pier, replay of Rafe reading the DNA test results and muttering he was right. Sami is the mother of Sydney. Stefano's
gun for hire gets the go ahead and aims his weapon. Rafe looks up and says now comes the tough part - how to tell Sami? He stands up as the assassin proceeds to pull the trigger, but EJ has gotten there first and shoves the hitman, who misses his mark! Rafe goes down amid the commotion. EJ heroically overpowers the assassin. He rushes to Rafe, who still has a pulse, and lifts the envelope. Rafe jumps up and grabs it back. EJ points out the guy on the ground
was his problem, not him. Rafe glances at Stefano's unconscious henchman as Elvis wonders if that paper he is holding might be something someone would kill for! Roman and the Salem P.D.
soon arrive on scene. EJ says he just happened to be passing by when he came upon the scene. The hitman is now conscious and under arrest. Roman asks Elvis if the guy works for the DiMeras.
EJ sidesteps. Roman asks the hitman who he works for. The mad assassin says he just got in the middle of a family fight and he will
not take the fall for this! "Who hired you?" repeats Roman. The
thug doesn't miss a beat. "Stefano DiMera."
- Meanwhile, Stefano has been holding on the phone, waiting for his man to tell him the deed is done. Enter diva Kate. He hangs up and helps her with her necklace. She asks who he was talking to. He reminds her she cannot ask questions about his biz. Will that be a problem for her? Yes, says she! He points out she accepted their arrangement, "so no questions!" Katherine informs him she cares only about his health, the fact that something is stressing him out at present. The phoenix is pleased to hear his wife is worried about
him. She suggests he slow down. He replies he can handle it. "Trust me." EJ quietly calls Stefano and advises him to leave town while he cleans the mess up. The phoenix realizes what his son has done. "You betrayed me!" Elvis seethes that HE betrayed him! Stefano is enraged. Now that Hernandez has been left in one piece, he will
soon tell what he knows, and then God help them all!
- Meanwhile, Roman asks Rafe if he has any idea why Stefano
might wish to off him. Rafe plays it cool.
- Back at the mansion, Stefano hastily packs. The car is out back.
He promises to contact Kate as soon as possible. While he is gone,
he would like Kate to be in charge of the house, as EJ has not been as reliable as he had been hoping. He kisses his wife. "Be well, be safe," and walks out, making his getaway. Moments later, maid
Mary hands Kate baby Sydney, as she has a family emergency.
Kate is left alone with the baby and sighs. "Wonderful."
- At the hospital, Nathan sweetly gives sweet Stephanie flowers that were sent to him by the woman whose life he saved. Up walks Mel, giggling she aced her mid-term. They hug as Steph watches and then congratulates her. Mel is very surprised,as things have been scratchy between them. Steph thinks they should deal with that so how about now? The two gals make light of things. Steph thinks they should work on getting their friendship back and offers to buy them both dinner. Nath is busy, but Mel is free and happily accepts. The pals flounce off together.
- In Ari's room, Brady smoothly assures her HE will help her find
the bad drug lord and she will get of the hook. She wonders if that means he believes her. Affirmative. She appears moved he believes her and smiles a beautiful smile. She loves him. He replies the reason he believes her is cos he really loves her too! They kiss and take
their passion to the bed. Afterwards, Brady lets her know he would like to start helping her today. She thinks it is too dangerous. He insists on helping - and she is appreciative of how protective he is. They kiss again. She later realizes she has to finish packing. He feels badly about making her quit. She understands but points out she did not deal at the pub, just at parks and the pier. Troy thinks she is his best dealer. Brady is concerned it is dangerous. Ari admits that she knows and therefore needs to find the name of the head of the operation, to end her part in this undercover operation. Brady now decides to go downstairs and tell Caroline that Ari has changed her mind about quitting. When he brings up his grandfather, she warns him that no one can learn the truth - that she is undercover. Brady agrees to gather intel without compromising her.They kiss yet again.
- At the pub, Sami presses Nicole to tell her what is going on. Nicole claims she knows nothing, despite what Rafe might be saying. Sami lets her know Rafe said it was about Sydney. What is she keeping from her? Nicole now starts to spin a yarn about Rafe not wanting them to be pals, hence his attempt to imply she is involved in some deep, dark mystery. She adds he is emotionally unstable. "Totally bizarre, and that's putting it lightly." Sami listens as she tells her she
is buying into his fabrications. Sami disagrees. Rafe is a man of integrity who implied something would make Sami happy, and
Nicole was involved. "Come on, Nicole, just tell me what it is," she implores. Nicole sighs. Sami would like to know now. Why the secrets? Nicole states she knows not the secret, though Rafe will come up with a story IF he gets back. She covers by pointing out
he walked out of her life before and so he could pull yet another disappearing act. Sami states he left that time because of her. She blames herself. If he leaves again, it is her fault. Guilt-ridden Nicole says Sami is the victim this time and rushes out of the pub. Sami follows. Outside, she apologizes for upsetting her pal. Nicole laments "I am not your friend, Sami. I'm not." They cannot be friends because she knows Sami will be very sad soon. Sami's phone rings. Tis Rafe, who needs her to come home pronto! Stefano tried to
have him killed as he has the proof he needs. When Sami turns
back around, Nicole has vanished!
- At Java Cafe, Phil calls Melanie and leaves a message. Has she thought about what they discussed? The way he sees it, every
minute she spends thinking of how she feels is a minute she could
be spending wth him! Later on, enter smiling Mel and Steph. Mel spies Phil and thinks they should go to the pub instead. Phil walks
up and remarks someone is running away from him! Mel wonders if he is following them. Nope. How would he know where they were since she never returns his calls? The gals say they are celebrating Mel's success and she adds Nathan helped her study. They are headed for the pub. Phil would like to join them but Mel says he cannot as they have some stuff to discuss privately. Phil smiles a charming smile and departs. Mel now says they can stay there.
Steph asks what is up with her and Phil. She explains she is over Phillip and notes that Phil and Mel have a certain spark. Melanie appears relieved to see Steph does not mind. She admits she likes Phillip AND Nathan and knows not what to do now ...!
- Ding dong! Kate opens the DiMera door to Chloe, who was summoned by Nicole. Nicole is not there, though Kate says she should take Sydney and go. She will tell Nicole.
- At the police station. Rafe quietly notes EJ hung his old man out to dry, but why? EJ plays it cool.Rafe thinks he should watch his back. Roman now has EJ taken off for questioning. Rafe informs Roman he is in a hurry as he needs to take care of something that involves Roman's daughter. Roman agrees to let him come back tomorrow. After witness EJ has given a statement, Roman says he has just
heard that Stefano gave them the slip. EJ denies forewarning him. Roman is perplexed. "Whose side are you on?"
- Down at the pier, Phillip leaves another message for Mel. After seeing her, he has decided more than ever that they belong together and he will not stop chasing her! Nathan, who was nearby, has overheard. "We'll see about that!" he drawls to himself.
- Chloe plays with Sydney and wonders where her mommy is .. .
- Meanwhile, Nicole sneaks into DiMera mansion. Where is Syd? Harold the butler does not know.
- Sami rushes in to her place and cannot believe what Stefano did! Rafe, however, has something more important on his mind. "Sami, your baby is alive ...!"

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"Can I come in? You want to say I'm sorry," Bo tells Hope.

Grace was never your child.
How dare you!

Nicole glares at Kate as Elvis watches. "Where is Sydney? What
did you do with her!"
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