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Tuesday, September 8, 2009
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- At the pier, Phil buys a bouquet of flowers and heads off to
meet his beloved, unaware that he will never have the chance to give her said flowers ...
- At the seedy motel, Brady orders the manager to make the video disappear NOW! Easier said than done. It cannot be removed off line and continues to get hits. Brady threatens to break his neck!
Ari watches. The sleaze insists the system froze and it was his partner who put it on the web anyway. Brady shoves him aside
and gets to work. Soon he deletes the sex show. The manager tells him to leave. Brady glares. They have some unfinished business!
He calls him an amateur pornographer who ruins lives. He shoves him up against the wall. Knock knock! The cops, having been summoned by Brady earlier, cuff the sleaze and cart him off.
- Vic walks in the park and talks on his cell. He wants to get the
goods on one Arianna Hernandez. All the dirt his man can find!
- At the hospital, the catty candy stripers smile and turn the computer around, revealing the Phil and Mel sex show. Steph is stunned! Nath is speechless. Enter Mel. Steph calls her disgusting. Nath gets rid of the candy stripers and starts to leave, but Mel
stops him. She wishes him to hear her out, too. She cries it is a fake. Nath cuts her off and excuses himself. Steph is in tears.
"I am such a fool!" She thought she was her friend! How long has this been going on? Mel insists it was just one time, after Steph
had rejected Philip. He insisted they were no longer together.
Steph bitterly accuses Mel of making the video and posting it on
the web! Mel says it ain't so! Steph calls her that party girl. Enter suited, unsuspecting Phil, who wonders what is going on. Steph kicks Mel out and shows him the evidence. The prodigal son sighs uncomfortably. He is sorry. It only happened after she had ended things with him. "I was lost, depressed." She moans she thought
he had changed and woefully puts her hand on her forehead. He slept with another girl and lied to her after! He fesses up he was a coward and feared she would not forgive him if she knew of the affair. She quips she might have if he had been honest. But Phil disagrees. She would not have forgiven him. Besides, him and
Mel were just one time. He knows he was wrong for not telling
her but that does not change his love for her. And he nailed that interview in Chicago, so they can have their second chance. Steph has heard enough, makes a face, and walks away.
In the hall, Nathan uncomfortably avoids Melanie. Brady soon approaches and tells her the video is gone. She sobs uncontrollably on his shoulder that Phil and Steph have already seen it!
- At the pub, where she has stopped by with Syd, Sami is about to leave when a woman remarks she looks just like her!
- Back at Sami's place, replay of Nicole reading and shoving the letter in her bag seconds before Rafe enters. "Oh, you," says she.
Is Sami here, asks he. She is out. Then why is she there and does Sami know about it? Nicole forces a smile. Of course, Sami knows she is there. She is there to visit. Sami took Syd to pick up some lattes. Rafe doubts it. Nicole reminds him he acted happy earlier that Sami had her as a friend. Was he being disingenuous? Oh no, he meant it! Nicole says he seems to have broken in. He points
out Sami knows he still has a key. Nicole wonders what he is really up to. He drawls it is not her business and then claims he is there
to pick up his mail. Nicole reaches for her bag as Rafe looks at the mail. Enter Sami. What is going on? Nicole pretends to be feeling queasy from the pub clam chowder and makes for the bathroom, still carrying her purse with the letter inside.
Sami is curious why Rafe is there. To get his mail ... He suddenly realizes something is off. He follows Nicole to the bathroom, knocking on the door as she rips the letter up and flushes it down the toilet! Knock knock knock! At his request, she opens the door, plays innocent, and walks out, commenting on his bladder. Our hero wonders what she was up to. Sami plays with Syd. Nicole walks back and complains Rafe followed her to the loo. Rafe accuses her of knowing why he was there. Sami asks him to stop being so darn cryptic. He pauses. Nicole says he must be jealous
of their friendship and is a control freak. Rafe is only out to hurt her. Rafe drawls he does not care for Nicole. Sami gets testy about him insulting her new BFF (best friend forever). Exit Nicole, who thanks her for sticking up for her. Rafe gets sarcastic. Sami asks again why he is acting so strange. Rafe backtracks and explains he just cannot trust Nicole. Sami wonders if he is the one she should not trust. She wants her keys back. Rafe hands them over and walks out.
- Chez Maggie, replay of Chadman looking at the envelope addressed to Mia. Enter Maggie. "Who are you!" demands the redhead. She takes her phone to call the cops! He stops her. He
is Chad, a friend of Mia who also works at Java Cafe. Maggie wonders why Mia has never mentioned him. He replies she does not share everything. Maggie considers. Well, what is he doing
with her mail?  That is an invasion of privacy. Chad claims he just picked it up and planned to give it to her. Maggie asks for him to hand it over and adds he certainly takes liberties. Enter Mia, who uncomfortably admits he is a friend from high school. Maggie asks if it is true she arranged to meet him there? Mia and Chad's eyes lock. Mia covers for him and says it is true. Maggie is displeased she gave him the key. Mia stares. It will not happen again. Maggie will give them privacy. Mia retorts he is not staying anyway! She takes him outside and wants answers. Chad says he just came by
to drop off her keys. He notes Mia fibbed in there to protect him cos she must still love him! She retorts he seems to be stalking
her! Why did he break in? He admits he was desperate. He cannot stop thinking about her and he thinks she feels the same way. She starts to get upset and suggests he scram.
Meanwhile, Nicole has gotten into the house with an old key from Lucas. She goes into the kitchen and snatches the letter. Just then Mia walks back inside. "What are you doing?" She takes the letter back. Nicole explains it is actually from her lawyer and claims that is why she is there. She has done a terrible thing. She asked her lawyer to file a restraining order against her when she was stressed out once. Mia replies she told no one anything about the baby she gave her! She has kept her silence! Nicole states she now regrets it and she will have her lawyer rip the letter up. She asks Mia to hand it over. The confused teen hesitates.
- At the pub, Rafe is sitting and thinking. Enter Ari, who asks about the status of the Baker/Nicole connection. He laments that he feels Nicole got Baker's letter first and destroyed it. However, he cannot tell Sami without proof. Perhaps he should let her live in peace.
- Outside the pub, Vic is on his cell again. He has information and will soon have the results of a more comprehensive background check on Miss Hernandez. He enters the pub and informs the now working Arianna they need to talk - alone!
- Chez Sami, she looks through the mail and then realizes Syd's stuffed animal was left behind. She wistfully hopes baby Sydney's mom appreciates how lucky she is to have her ...
- Meanwhile, Nicole convinces Mia to hand over the unopened letter. Mia smiles thru her tears. She wants Sydney to be happy. Nicole assures her she made the right decision, tells her to take care, and departs through the back door. Mia sighs. Outside,
Nicole clutches the letter. "It's over. It's finally over ..."
- Rafe is walking outside. Ring ring! Tis Sister Theresa, returning his call, as she had heard he wished to talk to her. "I do," says
Mr. FBI ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Steph tosses Phil's engagement ring onto the floor. "I need to
give you back this."
"Lie to me once more and by God, I'll have you arrested here
and now!" Vic threatens Ari.
Rafe shows a digital image of Nicole and asks if Sister Theresa knows her. "I do!" says the nun.
Sami faces Nicole. "What is going on between you and Rafe?"