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Friday, September 4, 2009
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- It  is morning in Salem, as Phil and Steph wake up to a brand
new day. She cannot wait to marry him and gives him an early wedding day gift - shamrock cufflinks for the luck of the Irish. They kiss. They soon have breakfast in bed and Phil speaks of a job prospect he has in Chicago. She states they do have hospitals where she could apply in Chicago. She wishes only to be with him!
- Mel is in the Horton kitchen, staring in disbelief at the link to her and Phil's love fest and covers her eyes with her hands. "Make it please go away!" Enter Nathan, so she shuts the computer and stands up, acting nervous. He hands her some food for brain
power and she prepares to take off. Nathan wants her to know something. "I saw it." Mel looks mortified! He elaborates. He saw the practice test and she got number 7 wrong. Mel babbles in relief and starts to leave. The mailman appears at the door with a letter for Mia. Mel signs for it, drops it on the table, and departs.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole walks around with Sydney, blows bubbles, and mutters that Stefano would kill her if he found out Baker had sent a letter to Sami and Mia! She later calls the post office, pretending to be Sami, and asks that the letter be held for pickup, but it is already on its way!
- Chez Sami, she unpacks school supplies she got for Will, who points out papa Lucas already took care of that. Will thinks she should be saving money and should return the items. Sami offers
to take him for breakfast at Java Cafe. Will is busy as Mia is coming over. He deduces she misses Johnny and Aly and now
Rafe is gone, but she needs to stop sitting around feeling sad. She denies it. Will alludes to the fact that she ought to get a life. Mia eventually arrives and Sami is glad to see her. Mia is hoping to make the cheerleading squad. Ring ring! Tis overly friendly Nicole calling, who wants to meet Mia with Syd. Mia cannot spare the time, however, and ends the call. 
- Nicole prepares to head for Sami's place, only to find out maid Mary is not available to look after Syd, so she will have to take
her along on her little adventure ...
- Back at Sami's place, exit Will and Mia. Sami sits down and
sadly covers her face with her hands. Knock knock knock! Tis Nicole, with Syd, pretending to drop by for a friendly visit. Sami wipes away her tears and looks at Sydney in her stroller. Nicole worms her way inside. She "accidentally" knocks over stuff on the coffee table and tries to talk about mail. It does not seem to have been delivered yet. She now mentions Baker. Sami updates her
that he was murdered and someone tried to frame Rafe for it!! Nicole feigns shock and hopes Rafe did not have anything to do with it. No, of course not. He just happened to be the one who discovered the body. Nicole talks Emily and the mysterious death she also experienced after getting close to him.
- At the pub, Ari gets a call from Brady, who seductively wishes
her a good morning. He hopes her errands can wait a while, since the house is empty and he haaates to swim alone. "I'll be right there!" she smiles. Enter Rafe, looking glum. His investigation in
the DR did not yield proof, though he feels more than ever that Nicole was connected to Grace. He adds that Sami believes Nicole is a better friend than him - and she is probably right! He cannot take that away from her and hurt her again.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Ari later joins Brady. She thinks she should change into her swimsuit. Brady says they are alone and
free to be as indiscreet as they want, since Henderson will not bother them. They kiss passionately and fall on the sofa. In barges Mel, who implores him to help her and Philip. "There's this video, the sex kind ...!" She wanted to warn Phil but his phone is turned off. Their footage is on the internet now! Mel is desperate! Good old dependable Brady promises to take care of the matter ...
- At the hospital, Dr. Lexie is with papa Stefano and brotha EJ when Abe calls to inform her of Baker's murder in the Caribbean. She breaks the news to the two fellas. Turns out the authorities down there think the killer might be from Salem. Stefano takes it
all in, his face dark. He gets testy and implies Abe is blaming the DiMeras yet again! Lexie explains that he only asked to have the hospital file of Baker pulled. Why would father assume Abe was blaming the DiMeras at all? Lexie and Elvis walk out into the hall and she wonders what is making Stefano's blood sugar so high. Something is going on with him. Stress. Elvis points out he has nothing to worry about. Lexie wonders if it could be something other than work that is stressing him out. She reminds Elvis that their father sometimes does things to protect family members, but winds up doing the exact opposite! Elvis ponders. Meanwhile, the phoenix calls and berates his man for failing at his mission! Rafe should be in a prison in the Caribbean, not running around, asking questions. And if he finds anything out, then Baker will not be the only one to pay with his life! Elvis now returns and informs fatha he is free to go home. He asks what is causing him such stress.
The phoenix states he is indeed planning to hand over the whole family business to Elvis, hard as it is. Still, there are first a few loose ends requiring his attention "for posterity" and only then can he hand over all to his beloved son.
- Elsewhere at the hospital, Phil kisses Steph goodbye, on his way to the Chicago interview. She watches him walk away and smiles. Nurse Maxine admires her taste in diamonds and fiancees. A
couple of the candy striper gals are staring at Steph and one quips her engagement ring looks somewhat tarnished now! Steph has no idea why they are acting strangely towards her. Along comes Nathan with info on the Horton Foundation and volunteering.
Steph announces she might have to start telecommuting from Chicago. Mel soon flounces in and Nath wishes her luck on her nursing test. Later, the candy striper gals gather round the
computer watching something intently. Nath and Steph approach.
- Rafe saunters into the office of one William Hynes, who is in the midst of packing. He has not returned his calls. He is going on hiatus. Rafe brings up Baker getting murdered. He holds up the card he just happened to find on the dead doctor, which is the business card of William Hynes. Time to start talking! He also mentions the DiMeras. Was he told to leave town by EJ? Hynes has no idea who EJ is. Rafe talks Stefano. Hynes admits Baker
was his client and reminds him of lawyer/client confidentiality.
Rafe produces a pistol, though he does not point it at him, and implies he could end up with a gun to his head unless he talks! Hynes pauses and eventually agrees to talk. The doc engaged his services for estate planning and then there is that matter of a secret letter that was sealed and to be mailed in the event of his death. Rafe realizes it was to be sent to Sami and it is already on its way!
- Walking thru the park, Mia mulls over working less at the cafe
so she can become a cheerleader. Will suggests she ask her mom for financial help. Mia refuses to discuss her mother with anyone! Will laments he does not know everything about Mia, and she prevents him from going any further by pointing out that they are not an official couple. Will is exasperated and compares them to Rafe and his mom. His mom was never the same after her diary was stolen by Stefano DiMera ...
- Kinsey enters and joins Chadman at the Java Cafe, complaining that she was booted from the cheerleading squad for the DUI.
And that obnoxious Mia might be replacing her! She goes on to trash her for boasting about Will, too. Chadman listens. He now brings up Mia's diary, which he is sure would contain many words proving that he was the one she really wanted. Will and Mia enter the Java Cafe. While Will is getting them coffee, Kinsey gets catty about Mia's cheerleading trial. She purposely drops her purse and declares she needs help as she cannot move her head. Mia puts down her bag and keys and bends over to retrieve the contents. Meanwhile, Chadman quietly picks up the house keys and keeps
on walking ...! Sitting with Will, who would rather talk about their relationship, Mia realizes her keys are missing.
- At the sleazy Valentine Motel, Brady and Ari have the manager show them to the same room Phil and Mel shared. Brady shuts the door and talks tough. The manager plays innocent when shown the footage of the sexcapade. Brady solemnly points to where the hidden cameras are. The manager wonders if Brady is a cop. Worse. He is one of those Kiriakis people! He advises the sleaze
to do exactly as he tells him ...!
- Chadman sneaks into Maggie's kitchen, on a quest to find Mia's diary. First, however, he spies a letter addressed to her, on the table. He picks it up to have a closer look ...
- Chez Sami, she is out of coffee, which Nicole claims she needs. The result? Sami cheerfully departs with Sydney to pick some up from the store. She stops by the park and tells Syd how wonderful autumn is. She is then compelled to lift her up in her arms and smiles joyfully. 
- Meanwhile, alone at last, Nicole proceeds to look through Sami's mail. No luck. Knock knock! Tis the mailman, who needs a signature for a letter addressed to one Samantha Brady. Nicole hastily signs for it and shuts the door, breathing a sigh of relief.
She reads the thing and it states Sami's bio baby is being raised as Sydney DiMera! Knock knock knock. Nicole shoves the damning letter in her purse. The door opens. Enter Rafe ...!

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