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Thursday, September 3, 2009
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- Phil and Steph happily lie in her bed. There are candles and
they smile and talk about their relationship. Then they are all
over each other again. "I love you," he breathes. Afterwards, Phil complains her fridge is empty. He will run out and get some food.
- At the hospital, Lucas is at sleeping Chloe's bedside, elaborating on his hatred for her. All he ever did was love her and how she betrayed him over and over again! Enter Craig, in time to hear him add he will never forgive her! He repeats he hates her. Craig sternly warns him that if he is going to leave Chloe in his care, some things need to be clarified. They walk out into the hall. Dr. Craig must leave in the morning and he simply needs to trust Lucas! Lucas assures him he will do what is best for Chloe. Papa Craig sternly suggests he not say mean things to her as she sleeps. He must do what is right. Lucas, in contrast, is upset she spoke her lover's name. Craig reminds him his job at present is to protect Chloe.
He may judge her only later. He kisses Chloe goodnight and hopes things will get better for Lucas, who seems dismal about his own prospects. They shake hands and Lucas agrees to take good care
of Chloe. Once alone with her, he wonders how he can do that ..
- At the house of Kiriakis, Dan gingerly slips into Kate's room
and closes the door behind himself. "Where are those gloves?"
Not in the closet, where our hero suddenly hears the return of the Kate! She proceeds to remove her jewelry. The doc moves and knocks over a box. She freezes and looks in the direction of the closet. Dan presses his back up against the wall and sighs. Kate is soon in the closet, picking up the fallen shoebox. Dan is hiding in the clothing rack. Black widow Kate makes for the bathroom.
Dan looks through another drawer and finds what appear to be
the tainted gloves! He grins, rolls them in a towel, and tucks it in
the back of his pants. He now checks that the coast is clear and steps out of the closet. Before he can get to the bedroom door, however, Kate emerges from the bathroom in her sleepwear.
"What the hell are you doing here?" Our hero saunters over and pretends he had been looking for her. She doubts it. He claims he hoped they could talk. She smells the booze on his breath. He
announces he is sorry. He screwed up and people got hurt. He
talks Rebecca and how he used to work so he would not have to feel. He has time now and thinks even when he does not wish to think of what he has done and why. She wonders why. Daniel declares he did not get over her dumping him. She thinks he was already focused on Miss Lane. Dan claims Miss Lane was only revenge, like the way she now wishes revenge on him. He is sorry. "More than you'll ever know."
- At the park, psycho Officer Dean flicks his lighter incessantly
and remembers shooting his galpal. That reward money is his and he does not plan to wait for it! He marches off like a terminator.
- Bo and Hope are at home, having just put Ciara to bed. Hope hands Bo an herbal tea. She is worried about his concussion. He downplays it and focuses on getting things back to normal. Hope makes a face and turns away. He is sorry and notes she cannot forgive him. He will spend the night in the guestroom. She seconds the motion. She says again he risked their daughter's life. Hubby
Bo patiently explains that she is safe. Hope berates him for not negotiating with the kidnappers They are just lucky she is alive!
Bo reminds her all he was thinking of was their daughter's safety. All of a sudden, Ciara cries out so they race upstairs together.
Later, Bo opens the door to off duty Dean and invites him in.
Ciara is with Hope, as she had a bad dream. Hope is pleased to
see Dean and takes Ciara into the kitchen. Bo tells him that he is welcome there anytime. Dean tells Bo he has never killed anyone before. Bo can get him leave. Dean says he might use some of the reward money to get away for a while. Bo replies he is not eligible for said reward money! As per departmental rules, an officer on duty is not eligible for any compensation other than his salary.
Dean pretends to be understanding. Hope walks out and lectures
Bo for so talking about the reward. She then turns to Dean and
advises him call her lawyer. They can make it happen. Psycho Dean excuses himself and leaves. Hope starts to yell. Bo warns
her she cannot violate policy. Enter Ciara. "Why are you fighting?" Hope puts her to bed and then comes back down, lamenting to Bo that she prays Ciara will be able to have a good night's sleep. No more arguing in front of her, though Hope will not change her
mind about the reward money. Bo announces he needs air and walks out the front door. Hope mopes ....
- At the pub, Victor walks in as Justin is on his cell. "I need you to be especially discreet." Furthermore, no one can know about this, including his uncle or Kate. Victor wonders what that is about and he wants an answer. Justin grins it is not his business. The Greek tycoon points out he works for him, so he is entitled to know all aspects of Daniel's case. Justin grins again and the answer is still
a resounding no. Vic pries. What is he up to and also why did he mention Kate? Justin sarcastically brings up the fact that Victor
has invited Daniel to stay at the house, which would make the doc and Kate houseguests! Victor points out Daniel has been under pressure. Justin reminds him that Daniel accused Kate of poisoning Chloe. Vic wants him to drop it. Justin informs him that very soon Chloe will be able to tell all, given that she just came out of her coma and spoke! The Greek tycoon frowns. He realizes his legal eagle nephew is actually investigating Kate and tells him not to go there! He explains Kate has been thru enough. His job is only to defend Daniel. Justin points out he is a lawyer. Vic alludes to the fact that no one should dare defy him, adds it is good news about Ciara, and bids him goodnight. Justin considers. He senses Victor may be protecting Kate for another reason. Outside the pub, Phil and Vic appear tensely pleased to run into each other, but Vic reminds him he has given up his legacy. Phil insists he is in love
and nothing will change that. Vic smiles patiently, aware that his
son is painfully naive ...
- At Horton house, Melanie and Nathan have just returned. Mel
decides to have some cheerios, cos they are whole grain and healthy. Nathan offers to help her study. He would like to get
back in her good graces. He heads off to shower and promises to join her to chow down and study. As he walks out, Maggie walks in, and tells Mel she likes the way she looked at her grandson.
Mel smiles. Maggie suggests she wait for him to make the first move. It is old fashioned but always works out for the best. Mel
is surprised to hear such encouragement as she believes she is not good enough for Nathan. The big redhead gives the little redhead
a pep talk. She has changed. And if she got together with her grandson, she would be totally okay with it. Nathan walks in. "Totally okay with what?" Mel blushes. Maggie makes a joke
about him leaving towels on the bathroom floor and gives them
their privacy. Mel pours herself a coffee. The computer is open
on the kitchen table so Nath wants to head to his friend's website, where one can do practice exams. The mood is light. Nath praises her again for helping Dr. Jonas. He then glances at sports scores
for a moment. Maybe one day they can catch a ball game. She thinks they should get to the biology studies. The young doc grins. They eat cheerios and work together. The tired young intern later yawns. She tells him to go to bed and thanks him. They make a good team. Now it is goodnight and Nathan exits. Mel remains at the computer. Beep! Tis a pal from Marseilles! Her pal chats she still seems to be a party girl. She shows her a link and Mel clicks
on it, shocked to see full footage of herself and Phil nekid, rolling around under the sheets at the motel!
- Back at the Brady house, Justin stands outside on his cell. No,
he cannot come home now as he has professional responsibilities. Hope opens the door. Justin assures wife Adrianne (on the phone) that he is not running away, but she has already hung up. Hope
has summoned him. Bo has given her some space and she alludes to the fact that they too have been arguing. She is of the opinion that Dean should get the reward ... She covers her face with her hands and Justin puts a reassuring arm around her.
- Bo is at the Java Cafe, looking tormented. He stands up and
walks out into the night.
- Back at the hospital, Lucas leers to sleeping wife Chloe that forgiveness is officially off the table!
- Meanwhile, at the house of Kiriakis, mama Kate tells Daniel she
is sorry too if she hurt him and her eyes soften. Dan the man starts to touch her face and she steps back. He breathes that things could have been different. They could have had it all. Kate says she is exhausted, needs to go to bed alone,  and sees him to the door, her eyes filled with tears. The doc pauses. "I meant what I said. I am sorry." She shuts the door. Alone in the hall, Daniel pulls out the evidence he just found. "But not as sorry as you're gonna be ...!"

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