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Wednesday, September 2, 2009
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- Brady saunters onto the Kiriakis terrace and flashes back to
kissing Arianna. Ring ring! Tis Ari, checking he is not mad she
had to leave. He understands and flirts it must have been cos
she was overcome from his amazing kissing technique. She asks
if they can reconnect in an hour, maybe at the park. He is in!
- Ari gets serious and is en route to Pier 6. Meanwhile, Victor embraces his contact, yet he is surprised they want him to meet
a lowly dealer. Troy says she is fast and good. Vic frowns upon hearing her name. Arianna Hernandez! The Greek tycoon barks they must get rid of her and hides behind the wall. Ari enters and
is introduced to Mr. Constantine as the boss. Ari still thinks she has not met the big boss, however. She warns that she will take her biz elsewhere if the big boss does not want to meet with her and walks away. Vic steps out and remarks she is too smart. They can keep using her for profit until he has decided just what to do with her. "Man, Brady, you sure can pick 'em!" he scowls.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Steph beats Phil at pool and they smooch. The sleazy hotel manager is there too and places a call about the Kiriakis rich boy, who seems to have traded in the redhead for a brunette! He lurks at the bar as the young couple continue their happy date. They drink beer, await nachos, and talk about their relationship. Phil jokes he is a tad uncomfortable about the honesty clause. There is something he should tell her. He whips out her engagement ring and wants her to put it back on. She admits she would like to and smiles. He takes her hand and promises to love her and make her happy.
- In the park, Dan begs Chloe to fight. He looks possessed and
tells Mel he could have sworn he heard something ...
- At the hospital, Dr. Craig agrees that cutting off her life support should be stopped on account of Chloe's vitals improving. Kate disagrees. Meanwhile, in her room, Chloe says Daniel's name.
Lexie and Kate and Craig rush in. "She woke up," says Lucas, as she stares at Kate! Lucas later discusses in the hall with Kate and Craig, and says that Chloe spoke Daniel's name.
Nath calls Mel to talk to Daniel. He has news. "She woke up. The first thing out of her mouth was your name!" Dan is overcome and hands Mel the phone. He sits down, looks to the heavens, and says thank you. "You saved her!" giggles Mel as Maggie approaches.
She is ecstatic to hear the wonderful news. Smiles all around. Daniel suddenly announces there is something he needs to do and departs. Maggie thinks of Lucas and makes for the hospital.
- At the hospital, Kate nervously watches from the doorway as Chloe tries to say more to Lexie, but the words are not coming easily. Kate walks up to Lucas in the hall and suggests he stick
with his decision. Lexie comes out and informs them Chloe has slipped back into the coma. This temporary wake up was a good sign. Lexie stares at Kate. "She also spoke to me." Kate innocently wonders what she said.  Lexie replies she could not really make it out. Lucas repeats she said Daniel's name clearly. Kate asks how that could happen when she was almost dead. Lexie wonders if she has a problem with her getting better. Kate says no. Craig is very pleased to hear Lexie override the order to pull the plug and goes
to call Nancy that their little girl is getting better. Nathan and now also Mel listen nearby.
- Dan returns to the house of Kiriakis to update Brady on Chloe.
He worries Kate is about to become even more dangerous. And where is Justin? Running late. Brady suggests his friend stay cool, promises he will call him from the hospital, and leaves. Dan sighs and paces, vowing he will make Kate pay!
- At the hospital, Brady soon joins Nathan and Mel, who update him on Kate's strange behavior. Chloe's dad is with her now.
Brady is glad to hear it and joins him. Mel is about to leave. Nath smiles and invites her to the Cheatin Heart for "a mutual dining situation." When they arrive at the Cheatin Heart, they spy Phil
and Steph holding hands. The sleazy motel manager's eyes almost pop out of his head when he sees Mel, the girl from the motel love fest! Mel observes Phil and Steph kissing and hugging and puts on
a brave face through her teary eyes. Mel and Nath congratulate them on their re-engagement. Phil apologizes for punching Nath earlier. Mel quips it is like that night never happened. She goes to the bar to order champagne and Phil implores her not to cry. She accuses him of just not wanting Steph to see! Phil confesses he thought about telling her, but did not wish to hurt her. Mel says his secret is safe with her. Nathan sits with Steph. She insists she is happy. "He is one lucky dude," says Nath. Steph thinks she is
lucky and boasts Phil changed for her. He is someone she can trust. Phil and Mel rejoin them. The sleazy motel manager has walked
out and glances at the group thru the window. After a while, Mel and Nathan have had enough and prepare to leave. Nath gives her some advice. She should not let Phil take away her happy mood
for helping Chloe. She forces a smile and they leave. Steph and
Phil kiss and decide to leave as well. Outside, the sleazy manager is on his cell, gloating about the video he just sent his contact. "We
are gonna make a killing!"
- Brady calls Dan from the hospital. Craig is in with Chloe. They discuss Kate. Daniel is determined to get the goods on her before she can inflict any more damage!
Meanwhile, Kate again hounds Lucas about doing right by Chloe and making sure they cut off her life support pronto. He should do what is right himself, if he has to. Lucas stares at Chloe thru the window. When she opened her eyes, it was like the sun came out. "And then you asked for him!" he adds bitterly. Maggie arrives and asks why he seems unhappy. Lucas bitterly states she said Daniel's name. And he is done with playing the victim! He will handle this on his own. Maggie does not understand. Lucas declares that her waking up might not mean much, though he is glad it happened,
as now he knows what she is thinking. He watches her darkly thru the window. Lucas later enters Chloe's room and tells Craig he can take a break. He imagines Chloe waking up and telling him that she loves Daniel. Lucas then bends over her and coldly murmurs "You love him and I hate you!"
- Back at the Kiriakis terrace, Justin thinks he can clear Daniel but there is nothing he can do about Kate, as she does not appear to have done anything illegal. There is no evidence against her. Daniel flashes back to seeing her on the terrace once upon a time, wearing gloves. What if there were evidence! She was wearing gardening gloves and then panicked when he wanted to touch an appetizer.
He deduces she had been handling the poison with those gloves
and it would still be on them! He intends to find out if she still has them in her possession. Once they go inside, Henderson tells Dan that Vic has invited him for the evening. Kate will not be back for quite some time. Justin steps away to take a phone call. Daniel is soon left to his own devices ...
- In the park, Brady runs into Troy and offers to help him, assuming he is trying to kick the habit. What does he need? Ari happens along and appears worried. Brady brings up rehab. Troy gets it and plays along.  He then departs. Arianna is visibly relieved. Brady thinks she should not trust that guy right now, regardless.
Ari talks about the romantic moon. They start to kiss. Victor now emerges and quips is that all they ever do! He announces that he has something important to say to both of them. He is sorry for his previous bad manners, invites Arianna to dine with them soon so he can get to know her, and grins eerily like a Cheshire cat ...
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, Daniel steels his nerves with a stiff drink and boldly walks upstairs to look for the incriminating gloves he believes may be hidden in Kate's room. Moments later, black widow Kate unexpectedly returns home. Henderson offers to bring her a tray, but she is exhausted and slowly climbs the stairs to go
straight to bed ...!

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