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Thursday, September 24, 2009
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- Outside, Mel is on her cell and signs off when she sees Phil.
She plans to sue the Salem Police for mistreating her. She notes
his foul mood. Is it cos of his mom? Indeed. She plans to marry one Stefano DiMera! Mel giggles, imagining Christmas mornings. Phil is upset. Stefano is making her do it! Mel asks how. Phil informs her they think she did what Daniel accused her of, and DiMera destroyed the evidence against her. He says he warned Kate he would not be her son if she wed the evil one. Mel assures him it is not the end. She gives him a pep talk. He complains he already tried to talk Kate out of it. Mel grins it is time to do something!
- Kate arrives at Chez Rouge and has a tense moment with
Maggie, who is mad she used her to frame Daniel and cares not about her sons! Stefano approaches and reminds her she is the
help. Magie retorts it is bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony and turns away. Kate is displeased to see Stefano's guests. She is not happy to be humiliated in public. Along comes Vic, who calls her a trophy! He gets sarcastic about Phil. Stefano points out he is a guest and should behave. Vic has a great idea. Why, he should give her away. There is nothing he would rather
do more than hand her over to him! Stefano grins.
- Meanwhile, Lexie complains to Abe and Maggie that Kate
should be in jail, while Abe mutters she is not really free now.
Kate implores Stefano to end this soon.. He walks off to do one more thing. He wants Lexie and Abe to participate. So does Theo, which means Lexie agrees to stand up. Stefano now takes Theo
off, to give him a task as well. Abe fumes. He would like to bring down both Mr. and Mrs. DiMera!
- Vic makes fun of Kate and then tells her to think. Does she really plan to choose that family over her own? The judge arrives. Vic toasts to the sentence Kate deserves!
- The wedding gets underway, with Victor giving away Kate. Stefano quips to the judge they know exactly what they are doing! When it gets to the "Speak now or forever hold your peace" part, Phil appears. Stefano invites him to sit down. He remains standing. The phoenix gets the rings from Theo. Eerie music is heard. Phil and Kate stare at each other. She then turns for the final vows. Tears are streaming down her face as she takes him as her
wedded husband and places the ring on his finger. "Till death do
us part," she cries. The phoenix calmly takes her to be his wedded wife, his eyes dark. "Till death do us part." He looks like he means it. They are now pronounced man and wife. Phil is beside Vic and they watch their worst enemy kiss his bride. Victor applauds as
Mr. and Mrs. Stefano DiMera are officially presented. At the reception, Vic informs Kate he almost feels sorry for her Almost! The guests all have champagne. Theo acts up and spills Kate's champagne on her dress. Kate is nice to Theo, who says he is sorry. She explains such things do not matter between friends and she would like them to be friends. She suggests they go off to eat. Theo agrees and they walk away together. Stefano coos they are one big happy family. Lexie doubts it.
- Will is embarrassed about Lucas' condition and wants to take off. The teens disagree. He could be sick. Mia is worried.Will considers calling family. Lucas wakes up. He is helped to his feet and slurs Will's grandma is getting married. Will tells him to lie down. Lucas calls Mia party girl. Will has heard enough. Lucas loudly suggests a toast and looks for Maggie's stash. There is none. Lucas wants to go to the convenience store. Chad and T-man sit him down and suggest Will call his aunt Maggie. He does. Meanwhile, Lucas demands his keys, stands up, and starts to sway. Chad tells Will
to call 911.
- Will later meets Maggie at the hospital, where Lucas is having his stomach pumped. Alcohol poisoning. Will is mad. Maggie explains he has a disease. Will enters sleeping Lucas' room and covers his hand with his own, to show pop his support.
- Back at Maggie's, Mia thanks Chad for helping. She wonders if she should go to the hospital. Chad thinks it was tough for Will to have them see his dad like that. He also brings up how Lucas
spoke to her. Mia sidesteps. Chad adds she would know about
that from when she was abusing. Or not! He now calls her a liar. Perhaps one day she will trust him enough to tell him what really happened. Mia nervously considers.
- Outside the pub, Ari is on her cell, mad at Troy that the big boss does not wish to meet her. She advises Troy to get back to her and then gasps when she runs into Brady. He assures her he did not overhear her convo and enters. Ari is a bundle of nerves. Brady states he is not there for her, but to meet one of his grandfather's clients. Afterwards, she says it was on the house. Brady laments she must think he is boring compared to her ex. She admits he is not coming to Salem. Brady thinks he was imaginary anyway. Maybe they can work things out if she is truthful, Ari snaps about his ex Nicole. He states she is a friend. Ari wants to know what he is covering up for her. Brady gets defensive. Ari recalls Rafe mentioning the miscarriage, though she holds her tongue. Ring
ring! She walks off to take the call. Brady wonders who keeps calling her.
- Meredith is in Sami's place, having partially covered unconscious Rafe with the rug. Sami is outside the door, loudly looking for her keys. Sister Claire calls on her cell. She she says she will talk to Rafe as she has worked things out in her mind. She thanks the nun for praying for them, then unlocks the door and enters. She tries to
call Rafe, unaware Meredith has dragged him into the next room. She leaves a message as he topples into her room! Sami doesn't notice, however, and Meredith drags him back. Sami takes her leave.
- Meredith later chains Rafe to a chair in a basement somewhere and leers "Welcome to your new home!" She has his cell phone, too.
- Sami heads for the pub to find Ari. Brady explains she just left. Sami is looking for Rafe and admits she is worried. She has a bad feeling. Brady listens. She tells him of her stay at the convent and wishes she knew where he was. Brady remembers how solid they once were. Perhaps they just need time. She hopes so and hopes
he does want to see her. But maybe he doesn't. Brady advises her to wait until she talks to Rafe. She says she did and then he called back with an important message. Now he is not returning her calls. Brady cannot begin to imagine what they went thru. His pal who recently went thru a miscarriage had similar pain, but theirs was greater. Perhaps she should just cut Rafe some slack. He is certain that he loves her! Sami is glad she came across Brady. He now encourages her to call Rafe again. She does ...
- Alone with tied up, unconscious Rafe, Meredith has a monologue about her sister loving him and thinking she loved him as well, but he really didn't! "You don't kill someone you love," finishes the madwoman. Ring ring! She lifts the phone and vows Sami will never talk to him again!
- Stefano returns to DiMera mansion with his new, not so blushing bride. More champagne flows. Kate thanks him for not making this any more than a deal. He calls it a profitable situation. She suggests he put another bottle on ice so she can live up to her end of the bargain. The phoenix chuckles about her past life. He promises
they will be a glorious couple and hands her a glass. He knows she was lonely and sad. He wants her to be happy. Her eyes fill with tears as they clink glasses.
- Sami laments to Brady she got Rafe's voicemail again. Maybe he left town, like he once said he would. Perhaps she should move
on too.
- Meanwhile, madwoman Meredith leers that Mr. Hernandez is no longer taking calls. She gets close to him and gives him a diabolical look. "No one can help you. Now now. Not ever!" Rafe sleeps
on ...

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