Days of Our Lives Summary September 23, 2009
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
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- At Chez Rouge, Maggie is surprised the place is all decorated.
Enter Stefano and she asks what he is doing there. He is there
to see if the orchids from Mexico arrived. They did and Maggie sneezes. Stefano declares he is getting married there! Lexie, Abe, and Theo arrive. Stefano takes Theo off to show him the cake.
Abe admits to Maggie that he is baffled about the two evil doers getting hitched. Maggie jokes they will honeymoon in North
Korea! When Roman shows up, he laments to Mayor Abe that Stefano managed to wipe the slate clean for Kate at the motel.
The phoenix now approaches and would like Roman to leave,
as his presence might upset his bride. Roman declares he is there
on police business and it has nothing to do with him.
- Outside, Phil freaks out at Lucas that Kate is marrying the man who tried to kill him. Lucas thinks she is just desperate. Philip is angry and upset. If she does it, she is no longer his mother! Lucas states she is claiming Stefano convinced her he had nothing to do with shooting him, but maybe Phil can talk some sense into her. Lucas suspects the phoenix is keeping her out of the big house -
and she is marrying him in return. Phil considers. Lucas wonders
if this is cosmic payback for what she has done, though Phil might be able to change her mind. Marrying Stefano would be far worse
than prison.
- Lucas heads for the Cheatin Heart and sees a couple who look like Dan and Chloe, smooching in the corner. He blinks. Then he imagines Dan and Chloe laughing at him and orders a scotch. And another and another, until the bartender replies he has had enough. Time to call a cab. Lucas imagines Maggie and Chloe and Dan laughing at him by the pool table. He yells at them to shut up but there is no one there.
- At Kiriakis house, Victor rages at Kate for what she did to Dan. She snaps he deserved it. Vic orders her to shut up and get out,
due to what she did to his godson. She puts on perfume and suggests he offer his congrats. "I'm getting married." He assumes she means in prison. She smugly says there is no proof against her. Vic asks if she has been online dating. He becomes sarcastic. Does her fiance know she tries to murder people who get on her bad side? Kate replies she is marrying Stefano. Victor breaks into a fit of the giggles. If she does, Philip will have nothing to do with her,
and he will exact revenge! Kate now blames Victor, but he reminds her he was straight with how much he would help her right from
the beginning. She moans she cannot go to jail. Vic informs her their son would have visited her in prison, though all bets are off with the likes of DiMera! She thinks she can make him understand and insists Stefano had nothing to do with Phil's shooting. She
asks Vic to let her get ready. Before he takes his leave, his parting shot is that their son will finally see her for who she really is!
- At Chez Rouge, Victor later arrives and congratulates Stefano.
He grins he would not miss this for the world! Stefano decides to
let him stay and watch. No Kiriakis is going to spoil this evening
for him! Vic smugly suspects Kate is late, as he saw Phil pull up
to the house as he was leaving. The phoenix appears concerned
and prepares to place a call on his cell ...
- Meanwhile Kate has changed again, into a blood red dress. She leaves a message for Lucas on his cell, hoping he will attend. Enter Philip, looking intense. No messages for him? Kate admits Stefano is calling all the shots and she had no choice. He growls that she is
going to bed a man who wanted him dead! She cares about no
one! Kate cries she is in this mess because she tried to help Lucas. And she would never hurt Phil, so if there was any other way ... The prodigal son interrupts there is. Come clean. Justin can help her. She cries she would be found guilty unfairly. He suggests she plead not guilty by reason of insanity. They can do this and he will help. She sobs there are crazy people in an asylum. Phil warns if she marries Stefano DiMera, she will no longer be his mother! She accuses him of turning his back on her. Kate calls him a spoiled, naive child. He advises her to think it thru cos with Stefano, this is just the beginning of hell and it is all about his revenge against Phil and Victor, due to what happened to Tony. She should take a day to think it over. Her mind is made up. She cannot go to prison. He implores her to find a way and repeats he will no longer be her son if she marries him. Ring ring! Stefano calling!
- Chloe sits dressed on her hospital bed. Dan comes in and tells her she is well and good to go. The nightmare is over. She admits she does not know where she can go. He smiles she will come home with him and they will be ever so happy! She smiles back. They
are later together at his place and she feels guilty about Lucas. He does not think she should. Chloe points out her wedding vows to Lucas are still in place, hence her concern for him. Dan whispers
he is willing to wait. They will play it by the book so then there
will be only two people in their heads - Chloe and Daniel. They
kiss and cuddle and say "I love you." Things get hot and heavy
on the bed, so the still weak Chloe suggests he move to the couch.
Dan grins and agrees.
- Will is with Mia in the kitchen at Maggie's place. She says her family never had as many relatives as does he. He assures her her baby is with a family who loves her. She is glad to be able to discuss her baby with him. He states she can tell him anything. They kiss. Chadman stands at the semi-open door and watches.
T-man and Chad walk in and the guys joke Chad is replacing Tiffany for their project. He has to carry around an egg for one
week to learn about parenting. Mia looks uncomfortable. Chad opens the instructions and tells the group they need to choose the parents. T-man decides Mia should be the mother, and who will
she choose as the daddy? Will has his arm around Mia as the
group discuss. Chad makes a crack about babies screaming at
night. Will advises him to cut it out. He will look after the egg
with Mia. It rolls off the table near careless Chad and falls to the floor, breaking. T-man says they will get another egg. Chad offers to be the baby daddy. "No!" exclaims Mia. Chad is confused by
the negative energy. All of a sudden, enter staggering drunk Lucas,
who passes out on the floor. Mortified Will introduces the gang to
his dad!
- On his cell, Stefano assures Kate that all the evidence is under lock and key and only HE knows the location. Realizing she is
truly cornered, Kate promises she will be right there. For their wedding. Phil takes it all in. "I tried," laments the prodigal son, adding "Go to hell" as he walks away from mommy dearest ...

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