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Thursday, September 17, 2009
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- At the hospital, Chloe slowly wakes up. She blinks. "What's
going on?" Lucas is amazed she is awake but she wonders why
she is in the hospital. Once they are alone, she notes Lucas seems different. Has something happened? He replies it has and trashes her for lying to him and sleeping with Daniel. Enter Lexie, who
gets him to stop. Chloe asks where Daniel is. Lucas exclaims who gives a damn!
In the hall, Roman tells Mel and Nath they are to be taken to a holding cell. But first he has questions for Chloe, who is surprised
it is already the middle of September. He announces Daniel was arrested for poisoning her. She insists that they are in love and he would never hurt her! She is ashamed she kept secrets from Lucas, though she and Daniel were happy, in love, and ready to leave town. She suggests to Roman that she must have been poisoned
by someone else! Roman listens and promises to tell Daniel the news that she is awake when he locates him. Enter Lucas. Chloe feebly tries to get out of bed. Lucas wants an answer  now. Does she love Daniel after all that happened? "Yes," she says softly and asks where he is ...
- At the motel from hell, Daniel wakes up, bound and gagged on
the bed. Kate fills the syringe with liquid. Dan makes a muffled sound. She sits on the bed beside him, trashes him for running around with Chloe the sl*t, and declares he has left her no choice. He makes a muffled sound. As they are far removed from all, she removes the gag. He calls her a b*tch so she puts it back, her attention returning to the needle she still holds in her hand. She prepares to inject him in the neck. Ring ring! Tis Lucas with news of what he calls a nightmare. "Chloe woke up and she says she's
in love with Daniel!" Kate advises him to remain calm. She will be there shortly. The black widow now tells Dan the news of Chloe's miraculous recovery and he raises his eyes to the heavens. She wearily sits back down and removes his gag. He gasps it is over. Chloe will tell the truth regardless of what she does now. Kate
cries for him to shut up. Dan offers to help her if she goes to the police and confesses. She cries he is a kind man, but then puts the gag back on him and hastily departs. Dan struggles unsuccessfully. Meanwhile, Kate has gone somewhere else and states to the one she faces that she needs help ...!
- At Java Cafe, Will says that the lie Mia told was complicated, as EJ listens.
- Chez Maggie, Mia reassures Nicole no one will think Syd is hers. Ring ring! Tis EJ, calling sweethot. He is presently having a chat with Samantha's son Will at Java Cafe and asks her to join them. Nicole nervously wants to know what they are talking about. He will tell her when she arrives. Click! Nicole and Mia are both anxious. Nicole points out that an hour ago, she told Will about having a baby. Mia thinks Will is going to keep her secret. Nicole
is a wreck that everything might come out. And if Will calls, she should admit nothing until they talk! Mia is sorry. Nicole cries she trusted her. All she wanted was to have a good life with her hubby and family. She vows not to let anyone destroy what she has built and walks out to do damage control. Maggie soon returns from
the store and sees Mia crying. She asks her to be honest. Has she had a slip? Mia unburdens her soul again. She has lied. "I had a baby." There was no rehab. She disappeared to have the baby and gave it up for adoption. She has also told Will and does not think
he will ever forgive her. In addition, she fears he might break his promise not to tell anyone. Understanding Maggie hands the teen
a Kleenex and tries to reassure her. Ring ring! Maggie answers and appears emotional. Melanie and Nathan have been arrested, so she scurries out the door leaving Mia alone ...
- At the police station, Nath and Mel wait for their holding cell to
be prepared and pat themselves on the back. Mel is amazed he risked his career for someone. He seems amazed that she goes to bat for people despite how she acts! It means a lot to him that she stood up for him, too. She is all smiles but then stops smiling. She will never be as sweet as he thinks and he will only end up being disappointed. He is not sure and they get closer and closer. Enter Maggie, surprised when Nath announces what they did was a
great thing!
- Nicole heads for the Java Cafe. When she arrives, Will excuses himself. Elvis fills her in on Mia being dishonest with him. He feels sorry for the lad about being lied to. Nicole wonders what Mia was lying about. Elvis wonders why she wants to know. She pretends she just thinks Will and Mia should be as happy as they are.Master Elvis points out he would do anything to make her happy. Nicole suddenly announces she wants them to leave town and never
come back!
- Chez Maggie, Will drops by to see Mia. He  promises he did not tell anyone her secret, and apologizes. Perhaps one day she will be able to tell him all. Until then, he still does care about her. They
kiss on it and he promises not to tell Chad anything ...
- At the convent, sleeping Sami dreams once more of kissing Rafe and smiling. "You're here, you're back." He replies he never really left. Sami now wakes up, disappointed, and looks at the Madonna at the foot of the bed.
- At the pub, Rafe informs Ari he knows a secret Nicole is keeping from hubby and the whole world! "Nicole had a miscarriage." He knows not when it happened, though. They discuss. What is she
up to? Rafe is not sure when she lost the baby. And maybe it was Brady's. Ari disagrees. Rafe returns to his original theory of Nicole having done something to Grace. Ring ring! Tis Sami. She admits she had a dream about him. Ari walks off to do inventory. Sami informs Rafe she is presently at the convent. She has been thinking about him as well as Grace. She is lucky to have known him. They both remember Grace's smile. Sami wishes Rafe had been there during the delivery. She now recalls how they took Grace away
just after she was born. Rafe is energized. Who took her? Dr. Baker, as she was having trouble breathing. Rafe wants to know more. Sami replies the doc took her to another room and when he brought her back, she was fine. At least then she was fine. Rafe morphs into FBI mode and asks how long Baker was gone, but Sami now regrets having called and signs off.
- At the convent, Sami laments to Sister Claire she seems to have made things worse by calling Rafe. She is clearly torn and brings
up her dream, which she appears to hope will come true. Claire reminds her that miracles sometimes do happen ...
- At the park, Rafe calls Baker's nurse on his cell and finally gets her to tell him the dastardly doc's secret. Baker was buying and selling babies illegally! He goes over the facts in his mind about Nicole and Sami giving birth at the clinic the same day, where Baker bought and sold babies. And Nicole had a miscarriage. Mr. FBI stops in his tracks. She must have faked her pregnancy, but she needed a baby so she went to her baby broker doctor, which explains why the nurse never saw her. Why, however, did she
send Sami to the clinic and get her baby the same night Sami gave birth? Pause. He now deduces it was because she already knew Sami was having EJ's baby. Nicole had Baker switch babies so Sami's baby is still alive! "Sami's baby is Sydney ...!" he says incredulously.

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Sister Claire tells Rafe on the phone that Sami is in seclusion.
"Will you just tell her that Rafe called and it's very important,"
says he.
The nun then tells Sami "I think he really needs to speak
with you."

I know how much I've hurt you.

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