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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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- At the hospital, Lucas repeats to Lexie he sure knows who gave Chloe the toxin or poison. He glances angrily at Nath and Mel. "And I'm looking right at them." Mel steps forward and states Nathan had nothing to do with it, but she did! She babbles about learning of toxins in pharmacology class at nursing school. Nathan interrupts and admits he was the one who injected Chloe. Lexie chews him out and realizes Daniel must have put him up to it. She now calls the cops. Later in Chloe's room, she assures Lucas that this is not necessarily the end.  Lucas sighs he had wanted her to recover, though now ...
In the hall, Nath chuckles what Mel had said about pharmacology, since nurses only study that in fourth year. They make a good team. Mel is just sorry Chloe has not recovered. She now worries. What if Jonas intended to kill her and used them to finish the job? Up walks Roman. "Is that a confession?" He wants answers. Nath insists Mel was not involved. Roman doubts it and places them
both under arrest. Lucas would like a moment with his cuz. How could he do that! Nath insists he was trying to help her. And folks believe in Dr. Jonas. Lucas disagrees. The nurse suddenly rushes out of Chloe's room and announces she needs Dr. Carver right away! The gang follow her in and bear witness to Chloe moaning
as she starts to wake up ...
- At the motel, Dan toys with the pen which has just recorded Kate's kinda confession and presses play so she can hear her
words from the James Bond gadget. "Finally, you are busted!" taunts the doc. Kate shrieks and rushes him. "Give it to me!"
They struggle. Dan pushes her away and taunts it is evidence. She calls him names. He calls himself a truth seeker. She lunges again and he tosses her on the bed. "Your ass is going down!" He turns and starts to walk away. She stops him and suggests they work
out a deal. She reminds him Chloe betrayed Lucas, and Daniel reminds her she had pretended all was forgiven a long time ago.
She admits she was mad she saw them together. He calls her a black widow weaving her web and goes over her misdeeds. She
set him up with bogus evidence, pushed them to do the TV show, and then watched Chloe fighting for her life. She admits she is sometimes out of control yet she is sorry she implicated him. Dan
is only interested in saving Chloe's life. Besides, she is likely recovering as they speak. He gave her something to counteract
the poison. And then a larger dose. Kate sneers she must be dead by now. He angrily calls her a liar. He knows Chloe is alive and
will make it. He accuses Kate of almost drooling. "You are one
evil woman." She will rot in prison as well as hell. Kate turns her back and says she thought they were building to a new future. He says he was simply manipulating her. "You repulse me. You are a mentally ill homicidally maniac!" They are done. Kate now faces him, her eyes filled with angry and hurt tears. She had hoped there were still some feelings there. He feels only hate, hate, hate! He turns to go to the police. Kate makes for the bureau, grabs a small dish, and whacks him over the head with it hard, knocking him out cold! He is not dead. What to do now? Perhaps she should flee to Brazil, which has no extradition treaty with the U.S. No, because
he would talk anyway and make her children hate her.  Kate cries he will not enjoy the good life while she suffers. There is but one thing left to do. The black widow later picks up the pen recording device and presses play. She then drops it and smashes it with her heel. She never intended for this to happen, but Daniel has left her no choice. She cannot allow him to tell people that she poisoned Chloe. Later, Daniel has been bound and gagged on the bed. Kate continues to ponder her options ...
- Chez Maggie, Will takes in what Mia has just said and repeats "Where is the baby now?" She replies it is difficult to discuss, as
she gave her up for adoption - to a good home, with loving parents. Where? Mia pretends she does not know because it was a closed adoption but it was a girl. Will now understands why she felt close to Grace, the adopted baby girl. She cries she is sorry she lied. "I was scared." He asks if she lied about anything else and perceives she did when she continues to cry. She stops him from leaving and asks if he can forgive her. He admits he needs to think and walks out, leaving Mia in tears.
- At DiMera mansion, pajama-clad Elvis laments to baby Syd that mummy must have left the house again because he had hurt her feelings earlier. He decides to call her to say sorry again. Voice mail. He wonders where she might have gone, then recalls that at times when she cannot sleep, she takes walks in the park. Perhaps she is there. Elvis decides to go and have a look with baby Syd.
- EJ eventually heads to Java Cafe with Syd, as he was unable to find Nicole at the park. He is about to go home when he runs into Will and notes he looks troubled. Will states he and Mia broke up due to her lies. Elvis asks what she was lying about. Baby Syd watches. Will admits that he cannot share and sits down. Elvis approaches and points out that lies from the ones we care about
are different than lies of a malicious nature. Will wonders if he would still love Nicole, if she had lied to him about something big. EJ remarks it really seems to trouble him that Mia has lied to him. What was it about?
- In a secluded spot at the park, Brady lowers his voice to Nicole, while Rafe lurks unseen in the bushes nearby. He ominously warns that everything is about to blow wide open, and elaborates. The lies she thought were buried about Sydney and Mia are all coming out tonight. Rafe strains to hear, but Brady is quiet as he tells Nicole that Mia has decided to tell the truth to Will. Nicole is dismayed. They had a deal. Will she also tell Will she gave Syd to her? Rafe makes a noise in the bushes so Nicole turns around. Brady walks over to check it out. He sees nothing and concludes it must have been an animal. Rafe still lurks and cannot hear enough! Nicole decides to go to Maggie's to speak with Mia. She thanks Brady
and then says the one thing Rafe is able to hear. EJ can never find out that she had a miscarriage. They leave and Rafe emerges, considering. "Miscarriage." When did it happen and why does she not want EJ to know about it?
- Back at Mia's, there is a knock at the door. Tis Chadman, who cannot stop thinking about her. He spies the open computer and asks what she is writing, leaning forward to have a look. She shuts it and quips it is none of his business. He hopes she is okay. She seemed upset earlier. Mia says she is fine. It is her fault she and Will broke up. Chad pries. "I hate seeing you like this." He wishes she could talk to him, but she claims she cannot talk to anyone.
He repeats he is there if she needs him - anytime. Chad departs after Mia asks him to. Once alone, she writes in her journal that if anyone ever saw it, they would know everything. Perhaps that would not be a bad thing and she should just send it to everyone,
to let them know! She reconsiders, and is about to delete the sentences when there is a knock at the door. "Tell me you did not say a word!" snaps Nicole. She warns she can never tell anyone. Mia confesses she already told Will. Nicole is stunned. "If he tells Sami, it will all be over!" The teen points out he agreed not to tell anyone. Besides, she did not tell him that Sydney was her baby. Nicole sighs and places her hands on her hips. She then glances at the open computer. "But you're thinking about it, aren't you!" She reads her final sentences and warns there would be consequences. Not only for Nicole, but also Mia and Syd, who would end up in foster care. Is that what she wants? No. Mia says she was about
to delete that part and now she does just that. Nicole worries she will write it again. The truth can never come out. She warns of the pain it would cause. Mia promises no one will know. People saw Nicole when pregnant before she gave birth, so how would anyone be able to connect Sydney to Mia anyway?
- At the pub, Rafe has convinced Baker's former nurse to meet
with him one more time. He wants to talk about the two women who gave birth the same night at the clinic. He holds up Nicole's pic. She is the one who had a miscarriage. The nurse does not recognize her again. But she soon admits that Baker's clinic was certainly the kind of place where someone could do something shady. FBI Rafe cuts to the chase. "What do you know?" She cuts the convo short. He warns her it is not a game and asks her to tell him everything she knows or he will contact the cops. She might lose her nursing license. "I wasn't a part of it!" she blurts out. Rafe is all ears. A part of what? She suddenly declares she must leave. Rafe deduces he must figure out this mystery on his own. And he knows just who to talk to ...!

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