Days of Our Lives Summary September 15, 2009
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009
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- At the park, Brady gets annoyed and tells Ari she does not have
the right to grill him about his old pal. She insists she knows he is keeping secrets for her, so she worries her enemies will become
his enemies. He suspects she just wants to report back to big bro, and defends Nicole. Ari complains he is always looking out for the damsel in distress. Brady becomes bitter and walks away.
- At the pub, Rafe makes fun of Nicole's restraining order. He is
not after her, just the truth, and will not stop until he gets it. He warns he will find out what she is covering up. She warns him
right back that EJ could cause trouble for him. Rafe lowers his voice and points out she is likely keeping the secret from EJ, so
HE is the one she is really scared of! She asks him to let it go, suggests he will only hurt Sami more, and departs. Rafe crumples the restraining order and tosses it aside. Ari enters and notes Rafe looks glum. He updates her on the nurse he met, who claimed Nicole could not have been responsible for the baby's meningitis. Still, there are too many coincidences. Ari tells him she overheard Nicole thanking Brady for what he has done for her. Rafe is now energized. He asks her to find out more. Ari des not think she can, as they broke up and Brady sees Nicole as a victim. Rafe declares he will find out on his own. She suggests he tell Sami. He will not until he has proof, but admits he just got an idea, and walks out of the pub ...
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole enters as EJ works and takes a drink. She attempts to speak French. "Your French is hideous," drawls Master Elvis.  He adds there is no need for her to even try, as they will not be going to Paris after all. They are going nowhere. He notes it is interesting that both Stefano and Nicole seem anxious to get him out of the country. He also heard from Judge Fitzpatrick that she issued a restraining order. Nicole plays the innocent victim. He states he knows she is lying and later wants his answer. She should have come to him! What does Rafe have on her that she
does not want him to know. Nicole pretends she has had enough
of his suspicions and will therefore tell him everything. She moans Rafe has all but accused her of having something to do with
Grace's death. And she was worried EJ might believe it. He thinks that is preposterous. She would never harm a child. Nicole tells
him she is tired of feeling bad. He is sorry and kisses her. "I love you." They hug.
- At Java Cafe, Mia writes in her journal and mulls over telling
Will the truth. She then makes a call on her phone.
- At the convent, Sami has decided to stay for a while. She is concerned about Rafe and feels lost. He is treating losing Grace
like another FBI case. Sister Claire is sympathetic. Sami thinks the answers could be right there in the convent.She calls Will at home, to let him know she will be away for a couple of days. He tells her to take care of herself, sees a call from Mia, and takes that call.
The teen announces she has something important to tell him.
- Back at Java Cafe, Mia arranges to meet Will at Maggie's in a
half hour. Brady overhears. He approaches Mia and insists she cannot tell Will that Sydney is her baby! He alludes to the fact that DiMeras are dangerous. Mia swears she will not say who or where Syd is, only that she had a baby she gave up. Brady insists she not tell more, but Mia gets annoyed, says it is her life, and leaves. Brady takes out his phone ...
- Nicole is asleep next to EJ when a text message wakes her up. "No," she whispers upon reading it. "No." She then slips out of
the mansion in a hurry, unaware that Rafe is tailing her! Moments later. EJ wakes up to the crying baby, surprised Nicole is nowhere to be seen.
- Meanwhile, Chez Maggie, Mia drops a bomb on Will. She was never in rehab. He wonders why she let people think that about
her. She explains she left school when her mom kicked her out "because I was pregnant." Will is stunned. She admits she had the baby and Chad was the father. He does not know, however, and she asks Will not to tell him. Will asks where the baby is now.
- Back at the convent, Sami realizes she and Rafe have not been good for each other lately. Perhaps they ought to steer clear of
each other for a while. Sami and the sister drink tea. The nun knows she has not been sleeping well. Maybe in time things will
be fine between her and Rafe. He certainly looks at her like he loves her. Sami thinks he loved Grace, that is all. She later sleeps and dreams of Rafe kissing her, telling her he loves her, and that
he will not lose her again.
- Dan calls Kate and plays her big time, claiming the DA offered him a deal - a reduced sentence and the terms involve her! "You want to talk to me!" he drawls. They meet in a motel room and
she orders him to remove his shirt so she can see he has no wire. He complies. She reminds him she does not trust him. He reminds her he told her already he was sorry. The DA is willing to let him plead no contest, with a bit of jail time. He thinks they are trying to save face as they have lost faith in their case against him. The DA is starting to believe him! He adds there is enough evidence to convict two people. He feels she went too far with the prescription. He would not have left such an obvious paper trail. Kate starts to leave. Dan declares Victor knows what she did to Chloe and how she set him up. That was why he brought Justin in. He repeats Victor's name. "Are you really sure you can trust him?" He states he overheard the DA's office talking about gardening gloves. Kate smiles he was with her when she wore those gloves. Dan drawls Victor told Justin he will not let Dan go to prison, and those incriminating gloves could be in her room. Perhaps the police are looking for them at that very moment. She asks if he hates her,
but he now pretends he feels he drove her to this. "I know this is my fault." The doc breathes he cannot help Chloe, though maybe he can help her. They argue and then kiss passionately. He pulls away and tells her she is going down! Kate gets mad and yells Chloe deserved it, so did he, and he cannot prove a thing! Dan drawls now SHE will get what she deserves. She points out the gloves are tainted evidence. He points out he wanted a confession. What she said about Chloe deserving it is on tape. He whips out a pen that was secretly taping and lets her know it is OVER!
- At the hospital, Nath finishes injecting Chloe's IV when Lucas opens the door and asks the doc and Mel what the hell they are doing there! They explain. Mel is a nursing student and Nath was checking her vitals. Lucas is suspicious of Melanie, who slips the syringe in her pocket. Lucas trashes Mel for her past misdeeds and warns Nath she will chew him up and spit him out!Suddenly Chloe code blues! Mel races out for help. Nathan attends to the patient. Lucas is ushered out of the room. Lexie is summoned. She soon has news. She revived her, though she does not understand why her heart rate increased before the episode. Nathan and Mel are worried. Lexie informs Lucas she believes Chloe was just given another dose of the toxin. Lucas announces he knows who gave
it to her!
- At the park, Nicole approaches Brady and demands to know why he wished to see her. Unbeknownst to them both, Rafe lurks in the bushes, listening to every word ...!

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"You are a homicidal maniac!" Dan tells Kate.
Mel laments "What if Dr. Jonas was trying to kill her, Nathan,
and we just helped him finish the job!"
Nicole faces Brady as Rafe listens. "I cannot let this get away
from me. No one can find out about Sydney."