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Monday, September 14, 2009
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- Roman brings Arianna a bagged breakfast, compliments of the department. He hopes her good night's sleep changed her mind about quitting. No. Boss Roman reminds her they are closing in
on the guy who runs the drug operation. That is no time to walk away from an undercover operation!  Besides, it is not that simple. Ari insists she can bring someone new in and brief them. Roman demands to know why she wants to walk now. "I fell in love,"
she admits. Roman is exasperated. Ari points out he is smart and could figure stuff out. He is Brady Black. Roman decides they
need to act fast, that is all. He promises she will be protected.
That is actually not what has her the most worried. "Brady cannot find out about my past!" Roman orders her to sit down so he can talk some sense into her. If Brady finds out about her past and cannot get over it, he is not worth it. Ari does not want to take the chance. Roman plays hardball. If she drops out of the program, he can guarantee that Brady WILL find out about her past! Ari's eyes are filled with dread. He continues. "You are not more important than the program." She retorts she hates him and he tells her to
join the club, adding she should be careful and they are almost there. Soon she and Brady will be able to walk off in the sunset together after she finishes what she started! Roman exits and then pauses at the door, assuring himself what he has just done was for her own good ...
- At the park, Brady smiles at Syd, who is with maid Mary. He crouches down to talk to her when along comes EJ, warning him
to keep his hands of his daughta! Master Elvis allows Mary to go home, promising he will look after Sydney. Brady stares him down and calls him a jerk. Elvis suggests he leave. Brady is concerned about Syd being raised by the likes of him. He dares him to make
a move and brings up the thugs who always do his dirty work. EJ smirks the idea of decking him is indeed hard to resist. He cannot comprehend why Nicole ever decided to take him back into her
life. Brady does not understand why she risked all of ... He stops himself from saying more, says goodbye to Syd, and walks away. Elvis considers. "Risk? What did she risk?"
- At Java Cafe, Rafe goes over what he already knows. He calls a contact to discuss something, but not over the phone. A meeting is arranged. Rafe is determined to get the goods on Nicole! Moments later, he sips his coffee and the nurse from Doc Baker's old clinic enters. She admits she is uncomfortable talking to him. Rafe has something to tell her. Dr. Baker is dead. He concludes "Nicole Walker killed him!" He needs to understand what happened and why. He suspects Baker knew the secret and was about to tell
him prior to his demise. She claims she has no idea what Baker
and Nicole were up to. He has a question about medicine. A baby born at the clinic died later. The nurse insists she knows nothing. He wonders if Nicole could have done something to make their baby get sick. She now realizes his baby was the one who died
and understands he is stressed. Rafe does not want Nicole to get away with it. The nurse informs him that too much time passed between the baby being born and getting sick for Nicole to have been involved. Meningitis progresses quickly. Rafe states Nicole was there the night Grace was born and she never does anything without a reason. He speaks of justice. The nurse sadly says she cannot speak with him anymore, but will pray for him, and departs. Rafe remains convinced they are all wrong in assuming Nicole was not somehow connected
- Sami has a visitor - nervous Nicole. She demands she call off Rafe, who is bothering her. Sami says he does not listen to her. Nicole complains he dragged her to the convent and tried to accuse her of trying to do something to hurt Sami and Grace and isn't that crazy? "Not really," retorts Sami. Nicole persists. Sami snaps Rafe is still grieving. Nicole pretends he needs professional help. He
must be delusional. Sami will hear none of it. Rafe helped her thru the most difficult time and she will never forget that. She laments about her endless grief. There are still hours she can hardly move. Nicole sadly says she can imagine. Sami doubts it and exclaims Rafe would have died for Grace and it is hard for him to accept
that he is alive and she is not. Nicole is sorry for upsetting her.
Sami is upset and angry now. She refuses to be turned against
Rafe even though they are no longer together and wipes away a tear. Nicole claims she did not mean she should turn against him. Sami brings up her mention of the restraining order. Nicole now complains that EJ is volatile and if she could get Rafe off her
back, it might avert another catastrophe. Sami understands but would rather be alone. Nicole hopes she will not stay upset with
her and leaves. Once alone, Sami glances at her watch, mutters damn it, grabs her purse, and heads out. Then she is off to the convent, where Sister Claire confirms Nicole's story about Rafe dragging her there. And he would not let up! Sami is worried and
so is the nun. Sami wonders what she should do. The nun fears there is nothing she can do other than give him time. Sami laments he will not open up. Sister Claire asks if there is anything they can do for her. Sami ponders. "Maybe there is.? Maybe she can help her get answers ...
- At the park, Nicole comes across Brady, and he mentions his
run-in with her keeper EJ! She wants him to be careful so nothing happens to him, as EJ does have a temper. Perhaps he ought to keep his distance. Brady suspects she only cares about her own self-interests and wishes him to keep the secret of who Sydney really is. Nicole insists she is their daughter regardless. Brady promises the secret is safe with him. She complains that Rafe's investigating and EJ's ability to put things together are making her nervous. He hugs her and repeats he will say nothing. Arianna happens by and freezes, listening and watching. Nicole tells Brady she does care about him, and will never forget what he has done
for her! They soon spy wide-eyed Ari, and Nicole departs. Brady reminds Ari they are supposed to ignore each other. Ari wants him to look at her. She is sorry. He asks if she is back with her ex. No, but he seems to be friendly with Nicole still. He drawls she does
not look like she has a friend in the world right now. She does not want him to worry about her. He wishes to know if they can stay friends. Ari sadly says she does not need anyone's support, but Brady doubts it. Ari talks Nicole. What exactly did he do for her?
- Chez Maggie, Nathan, Mel, and Dan have a hush hush meeting. Nathan bears the lab results from Kate's gloves. Dan anxiously listens, but it turns out that there is no match to the poison used
on Chloe. Dan is exasperated. Chloe might be as good as dead! Meanwhile, Kate departs from another eerie visit with sleeping Chloe. Still in Maggie's kitchen, Dan informs Nathan that Chloe needs another dose of the drug, and as he cannot get near her, Nathan should do it. Nathan is not sure. Dan insists she will die without it. Mel offers to do it. Nath disagrees. Mel disagrees with him. Dan asks them to keep it down. Ring ring! Tis legal eagle Justin. The DA has summoned them to a meeting - now. He will see him in front of the courthouse. "Oh, and look innocent!" Dan sighs. He must leave. Nathan agrees to give the drug and is
shocked to hear he needs to up the dose to a dangerous 80 milligrams. Daniel is grateful. And he will never forget what they have done for him. Exit Dr. Dan. Mel announces she will change into her scrubs, as she has no intention of letting Nath the intern
do it all on his own.
- At the pub, Stefano approaches Kate. "You look lovely this morning." She tells him to go away. He smiles they should get
past their differences, given their history together. She points out
he attempted to assassinate her son.He points out she did not have to bury her son the way he had to bury his. He is not impressed with her holier than thou judgment of him "after what you have done." He turns away and Kate stops him by snapping what the
hell does he think he is talking about. The phoenix turns back and grins knowingly. He then apologizes for making her almost jump out of her chair. He perceives she has problems. She admits she
is under strain. The phoenix takes a seat. Is her stress about the rumors of what might have really happened to Chloe? Kate is not interested in discussing and alludes to the fact that Victor's big driver is waiting outside. Stefano reminds her he has power  ...
Kate hisses she despises him. He chuckles he has always admired her passion and decides to let go any unkind things she has said to him this morning. And she can always come to him if need be.
"Not in a million years," says she. He has just one more thing to add before departing, a twinkle in his eye. "My driver is much bigger than Victor's!"
- At DiMera mansion, Elvis later returns to find Stefano at his elegant desk bearing good news. His diabetes is under control, so now Elvis can honeymoon with Nicole in Paris. Elvis has news of his own. He is not going! He has business matters. The phoenix reminds him he works for him, however. Elvis now asks what is going on. Is there something he is not telling him? His decision is final. Stefano wonders if Nicole is aware of his decision not to
go to Paris with her ...
- Rafe returns to the Brady pub and thinks of what he was told by the nurse. Enter Nicole. He is glad to see her, as he wants to talk. She gleefully whips out a restraining order and warns him he will end up in jail if he comes anywhere near her again!
- Dan and attorney Justin have their meeting with the DA, who wants to make a deal.The state would accept a plea of no contest from Dr. Jonas. The DA explains he would receive a lighter sentence and if Chloe died, he would not be charged. He suggests he accept it cos if Chloe dies, he is facing murder one! He adds
this is a one time offer. Daniel angrily retorts he would rather take his chances. The DA warns there will be consequences if Chloe Horton dies. Exit DA.  Dan says there will be consequences if she wakes up!
- At the hospital, Melanie shows up in scrubs and heads for the medicines. Nurse Maxine wants to know what she is doing. It is
not her shift. Mel fibs she switched her shift. Maxine is annoyed,
as such things are supposed to be run by her first, but wants Mel
to stay regardless, as they are understaffed. She walks off after warning the child she is on her last nerve! Moments later, Mel gingerly enters Chloe's room with the medicine, where Nathan awaits. Showtime! He injects the drug into her IV as Mel stands guard at the door and it slowly drips into the sleeping patient's system ...

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I'll have to find out on my own what he knows."
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