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Friday, September 11, 2009
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- Chez Hope, replay of the Justin/Dean fight. Bang! Dean rolls Justin off him, much to Hope's dismay. "Oh God!" she gasps.
Dean holds the gun on her and she yells at him for killing an innocent man as Ciara hides behind her. Dean blames Hope for all the deaths, since things would have been different had her husband paid the ransom! Hope reminds him the money was just wired into his account. He could leave them and make a clean break now. Desperate Dean, however, fears he will be caught and finished off in prison, given that he is a cop. There is only one solution ..
Hope tries to wrestle the gun from him and cries for Ciara to run! The little girl stands paralyzed in fear by the door as the pair struggle. Soon Ciara opens the door and he holds the gun on her. She runs into Hope's arms and Dean has the gun on them both, though Hope vows that if he so much as touches her daughter,
she will kill him herself! He wants rope and duct tape and bleach. He needs to get rid of the body. Hope agrees to show him where things are - at the garage. Meanwhile, Justin presses a button on
his cell. Dean is suspicious of Hope taking him to the garage. She begs for him to leave Ciara.
- Ari walks at the park, having left a message for someone on her cell. Along comes Victor, who has heard she ended things with Brady, and assures her she made the right decision. Ari is mad.
Vic points out he gave her options and anyway, they are alike on some level, as they go after things without letting emotion get in
the way. He sarcastically quips she should not stay out alone at
the dangerous park in the night, and saunters off ...
- At Maggie's place, after Phil and Mel hug, he is about to kiss
her. Enter Brady, who drawls is he interrupting something! Mel explains. Phil was there to apologize for thinking she put the video online. Brady now blasts Phil for going on to his next conquest. What the hell is he thinking! Mel defends him for trying to make her feel better. Brady will not let up and trashes Phil for taking advantage of Mel when he was on the rebound. It is all his fault! Mel insists she knows what she is getting into. Phil admits he hurt two women he cared about, though he never used Melanie and
has no regrets about their night together. Mel thinks he ought to leave now, so he obliges and promises to touch base with her later. Brady perceives she still loves Phil. Mel acts blase. They are just friends. Brady asks if she is hoping he might fall in love with her now that he and Steph are thru. No. Brady is still worried about
his friend. She changes the subject to Ari. Brady gets morose.
Mel pries. He admits she broke things off. Mel is shocked. Knock knock! Tis Arianna herself! She wanted to check up on Mel.
Brady excuses himself in a huff. Mel asks if it is true. Yes, she broke up with him. "Have you lost your mind?" says Mel. She
was sure things were going well for them. Ari tries to be flippant and then adds she did what she had to. Mel does not understand. Ari states she is not good enough for him. Brady returns. He asks Mel where the 12 step brochures are. Ari decides to leave and
asks Brady in the future, to pretend he does not see her. Brady agrees. Ari soon walks alone in the night, angrily talking on her
cell. Well, if the big boss does not want to meet her, then she will take her business elsewhere!
Back at Maggie's, Mel implies that Ari still loves Brady, and if she says otherwise, she is not telling the truth! At that very moment,
Ari is crying to her unseen superior that she just lost someone dear to hear and does not want to continue. The superior hands her a kleenex and he is none other than ROMAN!
- At Java Cafe, Mia sits in full view with her laptop, writing of
Chad and the baby and her feelings for him. Will is nearby. Mia spills her water and goes to get napkins. Will stands before the computer and has a peek. Mia gets mad. How much has he seen? Will admits he saw she wrote that she and Chad have a bond that cannot be broken. What does that mean? Mia is still displeased he read that and claims she was referring to the fact that he was her first. She is over him. Will has his doubts and starts to accuse. She tells him she also wrote about him in her journal. Will blasts her
for having kept from him that she dated Chad in the first place.
He angrily decides they are over because of her lies, and starts to walk away. Mia stops him. He demands to know the secret she is keeping. Mia pauses, so Will does walk away.
- At the pub, Roman comes across Bo looking at a family pic of himself and Hope and Ciara. Roman asks after Ciara. She is doing good, as she is tough like her mom. They talk the case. Bo thinks Brenda and Kyle may have acted alone. Roman drawls now he
can put this behind him. Bo laments about saving his marriage. Roman thinks he was right to go with his cop instincts when he
did not give the kidnappers the ransom. Hope, according to Bo, is still mad over it. He adds his visions have not been back ever since was hit on the head again. No help there. Roman assures him that Hope loves him. Bo complains that Justin has inserted himself in the picture. He wishes he would stay away from them. Roman suggests he take a holiday with Hope. Ring ring! Bo is none too happy to see he has an incoming call from Justin, the last person
he wants to hear from! "Hello?" Bo now hears Hope pleading with Dean to leave her daughter alone and bolts from the pub!
- Outside the pub, Maggie runs into Chad. She knows Mia lied for him and since he brought trouble into her home, they need to have a chat! They sit at the pub and do just that. Maggie wonders if he
is dangerous. No, but Mia has a secret, and he needs to find out what it is! Maggie is not sure why that concerns him. He still cares about her. Maggie advises him to respect her privacy. Chadman is sure she is keeping something from him. He does not believe Mia ever used drugs or alcohol or was in rehab. Maggie tells him it is Mia's business and besides, he should get over Mia. She is dating Will now. Chad refuses to get over her. "I can't." He later heads
for Java Cafe and sits at Mia's table. She is wistful Will broke up with her. Chad thinks that might be for the best. Mia explodes. After what happened, there is no chance for them! He is baffled about her grudge. They were in love. She snaps nothing turned
out the way she expected. He ruined everything and should leave her alone! Exit Mia. Chad stares after her.
Meanwhile, Maggie runs into Will outside he pub and he says he
is not in a great mood, having ended things with Mia. Maggie is all ears. Will sighs she was not being honest and he suspects it has to do with Chad. Maggie is sorry.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Phil is there to pick up some things. He is expecting the Greek tycoon to be mad about the tape but all he has to say is BRAVO! It was a poetic way to show Stephanie who was the boss! Phil disagrees. Vic brings up the fact that she made him leave his family. He wants Phil to live at the mansion. The prodigal son does not wish to be drawn back into the business. Victor declares he can come back on his own terms this time. He wants his family close by, especially now that he is getting older.
He worries about Phil. "I love you very much and I want you to have a good life." Phil gets misty eyed. He grins he will try again. Vic promises to work on his tendency to hover. Phil promises to
try and control his temper. He is glad he was wanted here. Victor wishes him goodnight with a smile.
- Chez Hope, she does not understand why Dean hates her. He trashes her for stealing his promotion when he did all the work for her. She agrees he is right and implores him to leave Ciara behind, since she has nothing to do with it. Nope. Dean will not tell her where he is taking them both and demands to see the supplies. Hope walks upstairs carrying Ciara. Meanwhile, Bo is running like the dickens to reach his endangered family!
Dean orders Hope to tie up Ciara with a scarf once they come
back downstairs. Hope hesitates. Justin groans. Dean is about to shoot him and finish him off this time when Bo suddenly bursts through the door, Mod Squad style! He attacks the dirty cop with his angry fists. He beats the guy to the ground until backup arrives and peels him off the felon. Bo hugs his daughter, Hope rushes to Justin's side and shouts for an ambulance! Bo seconds the motion. Dean gasps that Bo always has to play the hero huh! He repeats he should have paid the ransom. People are dead and his daughter will have nightmares for the rest of her life. The cops cart him off and Hope gives Bo an accusing look as he holds Ciara tight ...

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