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Day Ahead for Thursday, September 10, 2009
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- At DiMera mansion, replay of Rafe threatening to call Sami
and EJ unless Nicole accompanies him to the convent pronto! She grabs back her phone. The last thing EJ needs is to be bothered by his crazy theories. Nicole now agrees to go see the nun, to set her straight. Rafe thanks her for humoring him. Nicole turns and starts to place a call on her cell. Rafe snatches it away. He will give it back after Sister Theresa clarifies things. He knows it is more than a coincidence that Nicole showed up at the clinic the same night Sami gave birth. They make for the convent. Sister Claire is there and goes off to fetch Sister Theresa. Rafe demands answers from Nicole. She is nervous. The door soon re-opens with Sister Claire, who lets them know Sister Theresa has been called away on an emergency. Nicole is pleased as punch, takes back her cell phone, questions Rafe's sanity, and flounces off.
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Vic comes upon glum, working Brady, who declines his offer of lunch at the pub, and laments he and Ari broke up. Vic is sorry but Brady doubts it! He senses something. The Greek tycoon claims he had been looking forward to taking them both out to dinner later in the week. But perhaps this is for
the best. Exit dismal Brady.
- At the park, Sami runs into EJ strolling with Syd. Did he get her photos of Johnny in Switzerland? Yes, he did, he curtly replies. Sydney cries. Sami starts to approach her to console her, but Elvis coolly stops her. He would rather she have nothing to do with his daughta. Sami points out they are already close. She recently babysat her. Elvis grimaces. Sami explains. She looked after her when Nicole was tired at her place. And when she got back, Rafe was there. EJ looks annoyed. Sami admits Nicole and Rafe were arguing. They cannot stand each other. EJ understands why. Rafe once spied on them at the house and Nicole sees him for what he is! Sami calls him the best man she knows. EJ wonders why she
is not with him, in that case! He grins she does not appear to be
that impressed with Rafe's moral character. He also cannot believe she wanted that jackass to be Grace's father. Sami reminds him to honor her memory. She thinks his anger is consuming him. Elvis would like her to understand from his perspective. His child was taken away from him. How would she feel? Imagine she had a
child that was stolen from her so she could never get to know it. Sami cries she cannot bear to think about such a thing. Brady arrives and sees Sami in tears. What is going on? Elvis departs. Sami is glad Brady came when he did. They head for the Java
Cafe and Brady tells his tale of losing Arianna. Sami is stunned. Brady thinks it does not add up. There must be more to it. He
now talks Rafe and tells Sami he is sorry about their breakup.
She appears to be sorry about it, too ...
- Ari summons big brother Rafe to the park and says she felt
lonely. He perceives she is very upset. What is the matter? She would rather talk about him, to get her mind off her own woes.
Any progress with Nicole? He admits she slipped thru his fingers - yet again! However, he is certain Sister Theresa will be back eventually and ID her in person. He goes over all the facts in his mind. She suggests Sami might be able to help. No, says he. Not until he has proof and he will work until he finds it, as he suspects the answer he seeks will give Sami peace ...
- Nicole returns home and the phoenix slowly descends the grand staircase, flashing back to seeing her ushered out with menacing FBI Rafe. Soon in the living room, Nicole kisses up a storm with hubby EJ, who notes she is rattled. She brings up wanting to get away and their honeymoon to Paris. He suspects she is trying to run away form someone, like perhaps Rafe Hernandez! Samantha told him that she had a run-in with him, not to mention that she befriended Samantha. He does not approve, so she agrees to end the friendship. Elvis still wants to know what she and Rafe were fighting about. She claims she did not like the way Rafe was treating Sami. Ring ring! Elvis walks out to take the call, though
he sternly tells her they will indeed continue this discussion later. Enter Stefano, who cheerfully points out he arranged for Sister Theresa to be sent away, and the nun will not be back in the foreseeable future! Nicole smiles as the phoenix grins. "La vita e bella! Life is beautiful." Only they know her secret now!
- Mel opens the door to Phil, who has come to say he is sorry.
She wonders if he is sorry for her pain or for his own loss of Stephanie. He is sorry because he doubted her. At first he had believed she posted the video online, then Bo set him straight. He regrets thinking she would have done it and recalls how sweet she was after that night they spent together. Will she forgive him? Mel quietly nods. He thanks her for being the one person he can trust. He calls them kindred spirits. Mel wistfully agrees. He goes on to say she can see inside his soul and vice versa! They both feel it is scary at times. Phil calls her a great friend and hugs her, though Mel's eyes are filled with love and sadness.
- At the pub, Bo is on his cell. The witness is being questioned
now about the man Brenda was seen with. Bo ends the call and vows to protect Ciara from the third man! Enter Justin. Bo wants
to know if he went ahead with that wire transfer from Hope to Dean. The commissioner points out he did not agree to it at all
and accuses Justin of being at Hope's beck and call. He should
have left it alone. Justin snaps he felt Hope could use the support. Bo gets hot under the collar. Justin says he screwed up. Bo points out his daughter came home. Justin blasts him for what he pulled with the ransom money. Bo shouts that the police do not repeat
not pay ransom money cos usually a kid dies! Vic appears and asks what is going on. Justin storms off. Vic agrees Justin should have stayed out of it. Bo just wishes Hope would have the perspective
of a cop, not an angry wife and mother. Vic points out she is not herself. Bo complains she decided unilaterally to go against police policy and give Dean his reward. That could get Commissioner Bo fired! Vic quips that is better than losing his marriage. He suggests he talk to his wife. Bo is later on his cell and complains the witness in Chicago's story did not pan out. Vic takes his leave and repeats he should talk to Hope and be humble ...
- Chez Hope, Dean flicks his lighter with a vengeance as Cara cries out and runs to her mommy. Hope lifts her up. What is upsetting her? "It's him," she whispers. Hope cautiously puts her down, Dean glances at his lighter and appears to realize what is going on. He asks what Hope is looking at, She nervously says she should go to the bank to attend to his money and drop off Ciara along the way. Bo leaves a message on the answering machine, explaining he will be working late. Not only does Dean prevent Hope from taking the call, but then he blocks her passage to the front door, asking what the hurry is! He is calling the shots. Ciara hides behind her mother. Hope calmly says her daughter is scared ... Demento Dean warns that if Hope does not do as he orders, she will be dead! He wants the money, but now because of her husband, that is out! Hope promises she and Ciara will tell no one if he just leaves. Dean puts
a silencer on his gun and Hope begs him. "Please," she whispers. Knock knock! Tis Justin. Dean pulls Ciara aside and warns she is dead unless Hope gets rid of him. Hope opens the door slightly
and Justin tells her the good news about the wire transfer. Hope pretends she is busy, with something on the stove. Twice. Justin considers. He pretends to leave and the door is shut. Ciara runs to Hope. Dean points his gun at them. They must take a ride with
him or else he will kill them right here right now! All of a sudden, Justin bursts in and tackles Dean to the sofa. They fight and Hope grabs her own gun out of her purse. Dean gives her a shove and
she hits her head on the mantelpiece, falling to the floor in a heap
as Ciara watches terrified from the stairs. Hope soon comes to as the two men struggle on the floor. All of a sudden, a shot is heard. Neither man moves ...

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