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Wednesday, September 9, 2009
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- At the pub, Hope gets off her cell. Enter Officer Dean. She says something has come up about Brenda, who died in the shootout. Dangerous Dean flashes back to killing his gal pal. Hope explains she was connected to someone in Salem! She was spotted kissing an unidentified man a few weeks prior to the kidnapping. The police will follow up, says she. Dean wants to be put in charge. Hope agrees to it and promises he will also get that reward money. He pretends he really did not expect it. Hope praises him again for rescuing her daughter. He wishes he could so something for Hope, as she wants to give him that big reward. She smiles there actually is something he can do.
- Phil drops by to see Bo at home, hoping for his help. Bo lets him know they arrested the manager, the scum who made the tape. He was known to police. Phil assumes Mel put him up to it. Nope. He had another partner. And according to Brady, Mel helped find the manager and was as much a victim as him. Phil quips at least she had nothing to lose. Knock knock! Tis flustered Steph, who asks Bo if he can help her reach her parents. She spies Phil so her face falls. Bo shows her in and goes upstairs so the pair can talk. Steph throws her engagement ring to the floor. Phil picks it up and points out he gave everything up for her. She quips he did so for himself. He repeats he loves her, says goodbye, and exits. Steph sobs and sniffles to Bo when he comes back down that she will never love anyone as much as she loved the prodigal son. Now enter Hope
and Dean. Hope lets Bo know the reward money is being wired to Dean. Bo is displeased. Steph thanks Dean for saving Ciara and departs. Bo also leaves. Dean tells Hope he is sorry for causing such tension. Hope decides to go get Ciara to see him again, as he was the one who saved her. She is remembering more and more details about her ordeal. Dean awaits and starts to flick his lighter. Moments later, little Ciara walks downstairs with Hope as Dean continues to loudly flick the lighter. She remembers that sound
and realizes who he is. "Mommy!" she cries in terror!
- At the hospital, Brady comforts Melanie and promises to help
her get thru it. Mel thinks he is the greatest guy in the whole world.
- Ari enters the house of Kiriakis with Victor, who catches her off guard by stating he had her researched and he understands many things were out of her reach. He brings up her lucrative job. The one his poor, unsuspecting grandson is unaware of. If only he knew about it, she would be long gone! She is a drug dealer! She denies it.The Greek tycoon threatens to have her arrested if she continues lying. He points out he has no intention of interfering in her lowlife criminal activities. However, Brady is on his way and when he walks thru the door, she will have to greet him for the last time!
Vic walks away. Ari is about to leave, but Brady has arrived. She asks about Mel. He updates her. Devastated Ari sadly listens, looking distracted. She then picks a fight about other women he concerns himself with. Mel and Chloe and Nicole. Brady points
out he is not with any of them. Ari snaps that she does not need rescuing and accuses him of wanting to be with women who are overly dependent. "We need to take a break." He does not buy it. Everything was fine before and now this? He senses something
has happened. She now pretends her ex might be coming to Salem. She has just realized she has feelings for him still. Brady is totally flabbergasted, as the guy was an addict. Ari claims to have had enough of his holier than thou attitude. He asks about the other night. She admits it was great but sometimes once is enough. So
she is done with him? Teary-eyed Ari says yes. Brady asks her to leave. She sadly starts to say he is a good person but he has heard enough "Get out now!" She does and pauses outside the grand
front door, crying.
- At the convent, Rafe visits with Sister Theresa. How can she help him? It is about Sami's baby, Grace. The nun thinks of her often. Rafe says they need to find out what really happened. She is his only hope. What can she recall about the night Grace was born? Rafe whips out his cell and shows the nun Nicole's image. Theresa drops a bombshell. That is Mary,  the woman responsible for them having found the clinic! Mr. FBI takes it all in. The nun elaborates. Mary was pregnant and seeking guidance and also recommended the clinic. She then returned to the convent not long after she had her baby, to thank Theresa for giving her comfort. And that's not all. She also came to see Grace! Rafe almost cannot believe what he is hearing! He asks the nun if she will be around for a few
hours. Yes. He will be back soon, in that case, and suspects that within the next few hours, he will have ALL the answers he seeks.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole looks over Mia's letter and gleefully puts it in the fireplace. Ding dong! Tis Sami, who is there to return Syd's stuffed toy horse. Sami also wants to know what is up with her and Rafe. Nicole admits they do not like each other and adds
he is shifty. She suggests she get a restraining order because he is dishonest and dangerous. Sami disagrees and has heard enough. Nicole will not let up. Sami leaves in irritation. Nicole looks at
Syd's picture and mutters she did what she felt she had to. Ding dong! Rafe calling and he knows all about her! Nicole calls him a troubled soul. He sarcastically suggests they pray together at the convent, where he just spoke with someone she knows - Sister Theresa! She feigns ignorance. He lets her know she may have been clever getting Baker's letter, but not on this score! He was connected to the convent and knows her alias was Mary, the same woman who arranged for Sami to deliver her baby at Doc Baker's clinic. He concludes she knew Sami was carrying EJ's baby the whole time, waiting for her moment to swoop in like a vulture.
And now he wants to know why she did what she did. Nicole claims she never met Sis Theresa, has never been to the convent, and only found out Sami had EJ's baby after the fact. She calls Rafe twisted, He must have convinced the nun to lie. Rafe doubts it. Nicole threatens to call the police. He suggests that she call EJ instead and he will call Sami, to tell them all about it. Nicole says no. He has no proof!
- Mel returns to Maggie's place and runs into Nathan. They both look uncomfortable. She wonders if he hates her. No, he does not, but she was not honest with him. Mel cries she was sure they were bonding. He states he feels sorry for her as she does not even seem to know herself and walks off. Mel sits down in tears and tries to reassure herself things will improve. Knock knock knock! Tis Phil.
- Chez Sami, she has summoned Roman and tells him of Nicole trying to convince her that Rafe is a nut job. She still loves him,
but what is Roman's take? He believes what is important is what she thinks ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Rafe announces the only way to end the mystery is for Nicole to accompany him to the convent and Sister Theresa. She refuses. He will call Sami and EJ if she does not, so either way, this will end. "What's it gonna be, Nicole ...?"

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