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Tuesday, September 1, 2009
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On board a flight bound for Salem, U.S.A., Sami and Rafe are sitting together. She asks what he was doing in the Dominican Republic in the first place. He asks the same question of her!
She explains she came down on account of him as well as Nicole.
Baker had called her from the Dominican Republic to tell her something important about Grace, only to backtrack when she told him Grace was dead. She also found out that was where Rafe was headed. She remains suspicious of Baker's motives for calling her. What if he knew something about what happened to Grace and
why she got the virus that claimed her life? Nicole had suggested she stay away from him. Does he, by any chance, have evidence against the doc? Rafe admits that he too kinda received a call from Baker. Sami wonders who might have killed him. He was likely murdered by the bookies or loan sharks he owed money and they wanted to frame Rafe for it, to cover their tracks. Sami feels there is more to it that Rafe is not divulging. Is there another person involved? He sidesteps and drawls he still just wants to be a hero, hence his impulsive trip to the DR. Sami whips out the card she lifted from Baker's wallet and ponders. Perhaps William Hynes knows something. Once Sami steps away, Rafe leaves voice mail messages for both William Hynes and Arianna. He pretends someone recommended lawyer Hynes to him and updates Ari,
in his message to her, that Sami joined him, so mum's the word about what they discussed. Mr. FBI would rather she not know about Nicole's tainted involvement just yet. Sami comes back and brings up Hynes again. Rafe shrugs it off and pretends he thinks
he is no one important. The dynamic duo soon land and he escorts Sami home. He thinks had it not been for her, he would likely
have ended up in jail. She smiles it was her turn to rescue him. Their eyes lock as they stand in the doorway and they get closer and closer ... Sami gets a text message from Doug and Julie about scheduling a call with the kids, which interrupts the moment. She tells Rafe to stay safe and wistfully watches him saunter away ...
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano blasts Nicole for not informing him of the existence of Baker's very detailed, very damning letter. She implores him to stop the release of that letter before it is too late. How to do it? The phoenix makes a call and then has news. Turns out Rafe Hernandez was in the Dominican Republic but has now left, which is not good, as he had arranged for evidence to be planted implicating Rafe in the doc's death. Now who knows what evidence Hernandez found on Baker that will lead to Nicole! She talks about her recent nightmares. He laments Elvis will not be pleased that he helped her. Nicole moans about losing her little family. Stefano is not interested in her pity party and demands the name of Baker's lawyer. Dizzy dame Nicole has no idea. He sighs. All it takes is a few phone calls on the part of the resourceful phoenix and the lawyer in question, William Hynes, is summoned
to the mansion! After being thoroughly searched for any listening devices, he is asked where the letter from Baker is. The lawyer states it was to be given to the police upon his death. And there is confidentiality to consider. Desperate Nicole talks bribes. Stefano
is more to the point. "My family has a reputation that is deserved and we do not take no for an answer."  The lawyer becomes nervous. The phoenix menacingly repeats. "Where is the letter!" The lawyer reluctantly opens his briefcase and produces said letter. Nicole greedily snatches it. Ring ring! Stefano takes a mysterious call and mutters "Very interesting."  He now informs Hynes they have one more item of business and stares at him darkly.  He knows Hynes recently received a message from Rafe on his cell phone, which was left with one of Stefano's men when he entered. The lawyer insists he knows no one by that name. Stefano advises him to keep him that way and then declares he will pay him off to leave town permanently. He will send him a fat check within the hour. The lawyer nervously agrees. Nicole will show him to the door. Once they are alone, Hynes drops a bomb. There were two other letters and he has already mailed them both - one to Mia,
the other destined for one Samantha Brady! Nicole's face falls.
- At the Kiriakis poolside, Brady and Arianna are all over each
other like the wet towel they are sharing. Out comes Vic himself. "What's going on here? You have a room, Brady. Try using it!" The pair are later dressed and Brady seconds the motion, inviting Ari up to his room and privacy. In his grand bed, he says she is beautiful. She says it has been a while and admits she has wanted him since they first met. Brady is pleasantly surprised, as he had assumed she despised him. She always thought he was cute! After their lovefest, Ari gets an unexpected call on her cell from Troy. The big boss has requested a meeting at the pier  - in 10 minutes! Brady returns from the bathroom, somewhat disappointed that his new playmate must take her leave so soon.  She kisses him and is then off to meet the big boss, who awaits her at Pier 6 with none other than the mega-boss, Victor Kiriakis ...!
- At the hospital, Melanie stops Lucas from heading to Chloe's room as Nathan makes a run for it. Mel pretends she was thinking of a book when she just said no. Lucas' eyes narrow and he clearly sees something is not right. Why the rush? She pretends Nathan
has work and she has a class soon. Mel wonders what he decided about Chloe's life support. He retorts it is not her business and walks off.
Just outside the room, replay of Kate slowly opening the door handle, while inside Dr. Daniel finishes giving Chloe the drug and breathes that he will always love her. He holds her hand.
Nathan shows up and prevents Kate form entering by stating he must do an examination of the patient. Kate and Lucas must wait outside. When he does enter, the passionate doc is gone. Nathan is visible relieved.
Meanwhile, Melanie helps Dan sneak out of the hospital via the back stairs and promises to meet him shortly at the park. She later meets with the doc outside and updates him. There does not seem to have been a change in the Salem patient's condition. Dr. Dan
the Medicine Man is confident that once the drug takes effect, his beloved will indeed recover. Mel texts Nathan, so there will be no contact linking the two that could cost Nath has internship.
Nathan, as it turns out, is with Lucas inside the hospital, and he
is adamant that he wants Chloe taken off life support right now! They head for her room, where black widow Kate already lurks, hissing her usual taunts. The machines make noises beep beep
beep and Lucas and Nathan enter. Nathan has a look and declares she is improving. It could be a miracle. Lucas looks happy. Kate makes a face and wonders what she might remember.
Medicine Man Dan paces outside as Mel continues to chatter.
Ring ring! Tis Nathan, who wishes to speak with Dan. He tells
the medicine man that Chloe appears to be improving.
There is hope. Nath later thanks Mel for her help ...
Nathan returns to Lucas and Kate outside Chloe's room and announces he has summoned Lexie. Taking her off life support
has been put on hold. Kate waits and hopes for the worst.
Medicine Man Dan quietly begs his beloved to come back to him.
Meanwhile, in her room, after Lucas enters to watch over her, Chloe suddenly opens her eyes for a moment and whispers her
first word in months. "Daniel ...!"

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