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Monday, August 31, 2009
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We begin in the dark park. After Arianna's contact has done a disappearing act, she insists to Brady the guy was harmless. She thinks he is overreacting. Brady continues to overreact, macho
John Black style. Ari claims that he already apologized before, for hounding her while high. And now he is trying to get clean. Brady solemnly listens. She is very forgiving. He is sorry he gave her a hard time and hugs her. They kiss and Brady wants some privacy!
He, however, has just been summoned back to the mansion by
Vic. She offers to go with him, given all the rooms in the place. They kiss again and race to the mansion.
- Kate takes a call from Dr. Dan. "Kate," he breathes. About what happened between them at the pier ... He does not want things to end the way they did and hopes she feels the same. She states they should not be talking as she is a witness against him. He thinks their story does not have to end. There could be dark twists and turns. She wonders what he means. He drawls he does not want it to end. Kate accuses him of recording their convo. Dan wants to talk but feels she needs to see him and look into his eyes. She hangs up and wonders if he is playing her. Ring ring! Tis Lucas, who needs her
to help him decide what to do about Chloe. Meanwhile, Dan vows that Kate will soon know what it is like to be played! Mel now approaches with Nathan, to talk about his wish to help Chloe. Nathan needs convincing. Dan insists he wants to save her life. Nath is not sure. Dan points out he is never careless in medicine. He announces he will find a way to save her with or without his help! Nath considers. "I'm in." Then he is off to get the medical files. Mel and Dan are elated. She calls him a great doctor and a good man. She is surprised Dan has not heard that Lucas plans to pull the plug tonight! Dan becomes even more desperate. Nathan returns with Chloe's file. Dan insists he must enter to give Chloe
the drug now. Nathan has an idea.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Lucas meets with mama Kate. He has Chloe's living will and tells her it might be time to take her off life support. "You just made me so happy," replies Kate, much to his disgust. She explains. She is only relieved that he will no longer have to suffer in limbo. Lucas informs her that Craig also believes she would not want to live in such a state. But there is one other consideration. If Chloe dies, Daniel will be facing murder one! "Maybe," considers Kate. "Maybe not." His attorney will mount a vigorous defense so there is no guarantee Daniel will get what he deserves. They recall how he pretended to want what was best
for Lucas and Chloe, when nothing could have been further from the truth. Kate now suggests Lucas bring this painful chapter with Chloe to a close - tonight!
- At the hospital, Melanie starts to flirt with the guard as Nathan slips into Chloe's room and leaves the necessary drug. When he exits, Mel walks away. Dan now emerges from another adjoining room and comes to the bedside of his beloved. He touches her sleeping face, his eyes filled with tears. Then he gets to work. He hastily places the syringe in the bottle and draws the drug he knows will save her life.
Just then, Lucas arrives at the hospital with Kate. He is having second thoughts. She pushes him to ask the nurses to start the process. He heads off to do just that as Kate says she will go
see Chloe.
Nathan and Mel are stunned to met up with Lucas at the hospital. There are a lot of forms and he will be in Chloe's room if anyone has any questions. He adds his mom is in there now ...
Back in Chloe's room, Dan injects Chloe with the drug and tells
her he loves her. Outside, Kate starts to turn the door handle!
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Ari examines an old Greek vase. She admits to Brady she did not realize how valuable it was. He grew
up around this stuff, while she has always had to struggle. Their difference in upbringing could make for problems, but he thinks it will make things interesting and kisses her again. How about going for another swim? She does not have a suit. Neither does he! They kiss yet again. Soon they come out of the water, wrapped together in a big towel, and continue kissing. She assures him she does not want to stop. They lie down.
- At DiMera mansion, replay of Elvis asking Nicole why she is so desperate to reach fatha. Nicole pretends it concerns new pictures of Sydney. Elvis doubts it and wants to know what she is hiding. Nothing, says she. He does not want to be played for a fool and
has had quite enough! She begs him not to look for problems. He loses his cool. She plays the I love you card. He and Syd are her world. He wants proof. "You tell me what you were going to talk
to my father about!" Enter Stefano, who smoothly agrees she should tell him. Actually, he will explain, seeing as it is all his fault. Nicole plays along and forces a smile. The phoenix fibs they have been planning a surprise birthday party for him, just before the honeymoon. "I feel terrible," sighs Elvis, and apologizes for ruining the surprise. Syd cries and he goes off to attend to her. Stefano is bemused. Nicole is losing her touch. She nervously exclaims that Baker called Sami. Stefano informs her that Baker is not a problem of hers anymore! She is curious. Did he pay him off again? Stefano smirks. "Not exactly." Time to stop worrying. It is not likely he will be contacting Samantha again. Nicole reminds him that Rafe has
her cell and must be tracking Baker. Stefano points out that he is tracking Hernandez. And perhaps they can kill two birds with one stone! Nicole wants him to stop talking in riddles. Elvis returns so Stefano exits. EJ admits he has been paranoid of late, yet he is convinced she and Sydney will make this his best birthday ever! Stefano now comes back and lets EJ know there is a business call awaiting him. Once they are alone again, he drops a bomb on Nicole, having had enough of her worrying. "Baker is dead!"
D-E-A-D. It is over! She moans it will never be over. He wrote
an incriminating letter and his lawyer has it! Stefano's face darkens.
- In tropical paradise, Rafe gingerly enters Dr. Baker's hotel suite. The doc is slumped on a chair, DEAD AS A DOORKNOB! 
There is a rope around his neck, with red marks on his skin. Rafe stares in horror and gets a closer look. All of a sudden, a couple of masked thugs jump out of the shadows and proceed to pound on our hero! POW! BAM! BANG! OUCH! He is left unconscious
and they place the incriminating rope in his hand. Along comes Sami, who opens the door. Her mouth drops when she sees Rafe on the floor, rope in hand! She revives him and each wonders
what the other is doing there. Sami starts to scream upon seeing Baker's body, but Rafe covers her mouth with his hand. He removes it and tries to calm her down. Why is she there? Baker called her. Rafe swears he did not kill the doc and she needs to
trust him. Can she do that? Sami looks him in the eye. She gasps she knows he did not kill him. Knock knock knock! "Oh my God!" panics Sami as they both stare at the door. "Housekeeping!" Rafe replies no thanks and the knocking stops. He wants them to get out safely. Sami looks at Baker. Is he dead? Rafe drawls it is pretty obvious. About to check the doc's vitals, he hands Sami Baker's wallet in a hankie. She opens it and pulls out the business card of his lawyer. All of a sudden, the police knock on the door, so Sami and Rafe hastily climb out the window leaving the wallet and
Baker behind. The doc's finger appears to move very slightly ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives

"Forget about it. All your lies, everything that you have done is
not going to become public knowledge!" Stefano rages at Nicole.
Nekid Brady and Ari kiss and she smiles. "Ahhh."
"I have made my decision. We are doing this. We're doing it
now!" Lucas tells Nathan.
"It's time to say goodbye, Chloe," hisses Kate.