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At Java Cafe, Lucas, acting like a man on a mission, finds Maggie. She tries to avoid him but he would like to continue their convo
about his mom and Chloe. She pretends she is as baffled as he is about them. He thinks that is not entirely true, however, and he is starting to remember the night he fell off the wagon. It is hazy, but
he recalls her saying she knew something. Maggie plays innocent. Lucas insists there is something she is not telling him. Enter Chloe, who wonders if she is interrupting. Maggie quips she was about to leave. Lucas says they were talking about that fateful night he
started drinking again, the night he fell off the wagon. There was something that Maggie had told him and those memories are slowly coming back. Chloe looks at Maggie nervously. Maggie suggests he let go and focus on the future. Chloe agrees.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Kate has returned home and walks in to find Dan. He is waiting for Victor, who is in the study on his phone. Kate realizes something is wrong. Dan admits Phil is in trouble. The police are after him, following the sting operation at the pier. Kate is not pleased she was not called. Victor now walks up and tells her the situation was under control until Brady screwed everything up. Kate asks what on earth Brady had to do with anything. Vic asks Daniel
to excuse them for a moment and the doc is glad to comply. Victor asks him to summon Lucas to the mansion. Dan uncomfortably agrees and strides out of the room. Kate now wants to know how things happened. Vic offers her a drink. Perhaps it is best she not know the whole story. Kate demands he tell her everything now.
Vic hands her the drink. They kidnapped Stefano in retaliation for
the attempts on Philip's life. The DiMeras then took Stephanie as a negotiating ploy. Kate is surprised to hear Philip and Steph had become engaged. Vic continues. They brokered an exchange and Stefano was freed, though the DiMeras' guy went rogue and kept Stephanie, who knows why. They do not know her current state. Kate asks where Philip is. Vic admits all hell broke loose after Brady went to Bo and the police interfered. Philip took off. And it was all because Brady had to be a hero! Kate thinks he did what he felt was right. She holds Victor responsible and calls him a maniac. She is upset Philip must deal with this and insists Vic do more. Vic asks her to promise not to repeat anything about the kidnapping, what he has told her. She advises him to find Philip and Stephanie and clean the mess up immediately Victor needs her to be discreet. She quips he does not even need to ask, as her discretion is a given.
- Back at Java Cafe, Chloe's cell rings. Tis Daniel. He is looking for Lucas. She hands Lucas the telephone. Dan. tells him it is about Philip, and Victor would like him to come to the mansion. Lucas announces he must go. Chloe agrees to meet him there in a little while. He informs Maggie they will talk later and walks out. Chloe thanks Maggie, but Maggie says she is speaking too soon. It seems
he is starting to remember. It is just a matter of time until he learns the truth - that she betrayed him with Daniel. Chloe states she will
not let that happen as she made her promise to God that she would stand by Lucas if he lived. Maggie understands she made a deal with God, though that does not change what happened before. She cheated on Lucas when they were engaged and if he finds out ... Chloe realizes it is only a matter of time until this blows up in her face. Not necessarily, says Maggie. She brings up the fact that Kate loves her son. She does not think Kate will be a problem as she knows that telling Lucas would only upset him. Chloe will pray that Lucas does not remember. Maggie says she should pray hard!
- At the morgue, the two deliveryman try to tell Owen's pop they simply must leave the body. But he is not on the list! Owen's father looks for other forms which might clear up the mistake. He then prepares to unzip the bag. Shirtless Phil braces himself. One of the deliveryman points out that if he does not accept the body and it gets returned, the client will find out. He will lose business. Owen's father is already nervous as times are tough. "Fine, you win!" he barks and signs the form. Exit the deliverymen. He decides to wait for Owen to return so he can handle this one. Phil is desperate to get out of the bag fast and find Stephanie. Owen's father later mutters that as per the paperwork, it seems this body is supposed to be cremated! Phil, still stuck in the bag, looks mortified. Owen's father yells that he
hates his glasses! They do not seem to serve him well enough with the paperwork. He is not sure if it is an inkblot or X filled in the box for cremation. The only solution is for him to wait for the family to verify. In the meantime, he will store the stiff in the drawer. He
opens up the drawer, slides the body bag in, and shuts it. Phil starts
to unzip his bag and discovers he is in a drawer close to Stephanie!
- Meanwhile, outside in the cemetery, Mel crouches by unconscious Brady and asks Owen why he did it. "Why do you think!" he says, menacingly pointing the gun at her. It dawns on Mel that he really does have Stephanie. He adds he will not let them mess it up for him. She asks him to relax and stop pointing the gun at them. She stands up but he refuses to lower the gun, and demands to know where Phillip is. She pretends she does not know. He says he is no idiot
and knows she is only involved because she wants to help Philip,
she could not care less about Stephanie. Mel bursts forth that she wants to help and she is not shallow or insensitive like some people say. And if Phil and Steph wish to be together, that is fine. She is trying to do the right thing. Owen says it is too late for her to help Stephanie now. She asks what he means. Owen explains it is over
for her and Brady. Mel becomes teary-eyed. Her attention is soon diverted when Brady starts to wake up. Brady wants to talk but Owen thinks he needs to get rid of the sleuthing pair before anyone sees them. He orders them to stand up. Smart Mel turns around and intentionally drops her hospital ID on the ground, leaving behind a vital clue! Owen ushers them off to a mausoleum, ordering them inside. Turns out to be the Kiriakis family crypt. Owen tells them to enjoy and leaves, locking the door. The mausoleum is well cared for, with flowers adorning the walls, but there is no way out! Mel fears they will die in there. Brady assures her they will be found because
of her. Her dropping the hospital badge out there was brilliant. She just hopes no one will think it is trash. Owen had told them no one comes down there. What now? Brady thinks she should not count
out Phil, as he is resourceful sometimes. Mel fears they might be permanently stuck there, however ...
- On the pier, Will and Mia are standing very close. Will is about to kiss her when someone is heard clearing their throat. Tis Mia's cousin. Will and Jamie are introduced to each other. Will excuses himself and leaves. Mia says he is really nice and cute and sweet. Cousin Jamie asks if she is out of her freaking mind. Mia retorts he
is only a friend. "Like the last guy," wonders her cuz. Mia insists
Will is different. She has heard enough. Jamie does not want her to get hurt. Mia says what happened the last time will not happen
again. Jamie agrees that will not happen again because she will not
be seeing Will again! Mia gets miffed and insists she is not the same girl she was a year ago. Jamie has news. The lease for her apartment is up and she and her boyfriend are leaving town as he cannot find a job in Salem. Either Mia needs to find a new place to live or she will have to move back in with her mother. Mia looks glum. She clearly does not want to live with her mother! Jamie tells her either she will have to do that or be on her own. Mia is disappointed that Jamie is not there for her, but Jamie complains she has money issues. Mia says that is okay, though she does not know what she will do. Her cousin is sorry, says she will see her later, and walks away. Mia sits on the bench, looking devastated. Maggie happens by and asks if she is alright. Mia confesses her cousin just hit her with bad news. She might have to leave Salem and quit school because of it. She does
not want to leave her new life there. Maggie is sorry. Mia wonders how she will tell Will. He has been so nice to her. If she leaves, she will never know what might have happened and he will forget about her. Maggie tells her no of course he won't.No one could forget Mia.
- Will heads for the Brady pub and meets his friend. Will tells his pal T that he is confused to hear he is hanging out with Kenzie. His pal asks if he is still with Mia, but Will says she is just a friend, though Mia is a nice person. His pal reminds him she has problems. Will insists she no longer has problems other than the fact that Kenzie talks trash behind her back. Will's pal says he is cool if he wants to
be with Mia so don't lump him with Kenzie. He has to leave now to go home and study and tells Will to say hi to Mia for him. Will
flashes back to their almost kiss. Next time he sees her, the setting must be right. He then gets an idea and rushes off.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Lucas greets Kate. She informs him Billie is expected to make a full recovery. It saddens her that all of her children are currently facing such terrible adversity. Lucas states he
is lucky, just like Austin. Kate's eyes cloud over with sympathy. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Chloe has arrived and Victor
opens the front door to her. "The invitation wasn't extended to include the village sl*t!" says he. Chloe is there for her husband Lucas. Lucas has heard her voice and appears. Chloe walks away
as she needs a minute alone. Lucas wants to know what Victor said to her. Victor grins he just told her she was always welcome in his home. Lucas doubts it and follows her. Worried Kate approaches Victor and laments she ever left Salem. He thinks her being with
Billie was the right thing to do regardless. "We have to find Philip," she states and then gives her ex-husband a hug. Later Victor pours himself a drink as Lucas and Chloe sit on the sofa, and Kate and
Dan are seated in elegant armchairs. He explains the reason he has assembled the family is to discuss the situation with Philip. He asks them to remain calm and stay out of it. The situation is now being handled internally, which means no police. Chloe wonders why
Brady is not present. "My grandson is dead to me," he declares. Lucas is baffled. Vic says he made an unfortunate decision and there is no more to say on the matter. Dan stands up and tries to talk some sense into him but Victor is not listening. Dan insists he only cares about the family as he is his godson. Vic has taken good care of him. The Greek tycoon gets sarcastic about how Dan has repaid him and says he sure does get around. Dan is sorry that he seems to be bitter. He hopes he will find Philip safe soon and walks out. Lucas quietly complains to Kate that Victor is never civil to Chloe. Kate thinks perhaps she provoked him. Lucas disagrees and he is sick of Victor's insults. He asks Kate to talk to him about it. Now enter Will. Victor says his father will fill him in on what is going on and starts to walk away. Will stops him. The reason he came by is to ask if he could invite some friends over to use the pool. Victor says that is fine, he just needs to check with Henderson to make sure he will be there. Will is excited. Chloe now returns from calling Caroline to check on Aly. Kate excuses herself. Chloe thinks she might try again and this time she mightl get hold of Caroline, so she walks out. Will asks
Lucas why everyone seems upset. "The usual drama," answers Lucas. Will tells him his news about having friends over to the pool. Lucas asks if it is anyone he knows. Must be someone he wants to impress. Like the girl at his baseball game, he teases. She was cute. Lucas continues to tease his embarrassed son, who tells him they
are just friends. Lucas asks why he is turning red. He thinks he has
a crush. Will gets further embarrassed and mumbles he must go call someone.
Chloe is arranging to pick up Aly in an hour, happily standing by the door, when Vic walks back inside. When Chloe has ended her call, Victor quips that the cards are really stacked against Aly, given that Chloe is now her stepmother. Chloe says she is a happy little girl, but Vic says he last saw her bawling. He adds she will cheer up once her father smartens up and drops the wicked stepmother. Chloe calls him mean, nasty, and crazy, and says Lucas agrees. Victor chuckles look at the source, he married her! Chloe insists she loves Lucas and they will spend the rest of their lives together Victor cackles there must have been 10 or 20 men she told the same thing. Chloe storms off.
Out on the terrace, Kate and Daniel talk. Kate thinks Vic was out
of line with the doc. She offers Daniel a drink. He says no thanks so
she walks off to fix her own. Chloe walks out to the terrace, crying that she cannot take it anymore and throws her arms around Dan, who gives her a reassuring hug. She clings onto him and laments that Victor is evil and unkind to her. Dan advises her not to let Victor get to her. She cries that everything is falling apart. Daniel gives her another hug. Just then Kate walks back, holding two glasses. Dan
and Chloe separate from their hug and Kate stares accusingly.
- Back at the morgue, Phil is having difficulty with the zipper. As he makes noise with it, Stephanie stirs in the next drawer and starts to moan. Phil hears her whimpering again and tells her he is there. Where exactly is she? 
In the funeral home area, Owen's father laments that Owen is not more like his brother. Enter Owen. Papa wants to know where he was. A corpse was just delivered there out of the blue. He notes Owen does not appear to be surprised and demands to know if he knew about it. Did someone give him instructions for that body ...?

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Lucas faces Chloe, as Kate and Dan watch. "Come on, what is
this, a joke? Tell me what's going on. What, are you guys keeping something from me?"
"You and I both know that if we die today, I'm going to hell,"
Mel tells Brady.

What are we going to do, they're gonna try to embalm you?
If I could just figure out a way to get out of this drawer!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


At the pub, Rafe coos to Grace and  tells her to focus on stuff like pizza and chile dogs. Sami comes up behind him, lovingly hits him
on the head, and tells Grace to concentrate on healthy things. She then returns to her seat. Aly is still with her grandma having fun and Lucas will be there to get her soon. Rafe brings up her grandma's reaction to the adoption thing and assures her they will win her over eventually. Sami says there is something else her grandmother said and it makes her think it might not be a good idea. It will be even harder to get the approval of her parents. Sami knows her dad will say they should get married. Rafe wonders if that is what she wants. She just wishes he were Grace's real father. Rafe is moved. "I am and soon I will be legally." He promises that one day she will have nothing to worry about. They kiss on it. He adds it was nice getting
to know her family. Sami laughs. Rafe understands where Caroline
is coming from. Sami is certain her new man will win her over ...
- At Java Cafe, Will gets a coffee and looks uncomfortable when the girl serving him asks him where his girlfriend is.
- On the pier, replay of Mia informing Nicole that Sami is set to
allow Rafe to adopt Grace. Nicole takes it all in. Mia thinks it is wonderful. Nicole thinks it is a great idea too! Mia doubts it. She suspects Nicole is just relieved that it will keep Sami away from her husband. She is tired of her and Dr. Baker's secrets and lies. Nicole repeats she should stay away from Will to avoid secrets and lies.
Mia flies off the handle. She does not have the right to run her life just because she has her baby. She needs to live her life and does
not need her breathing down her neck. Furthermore, if she does not stay away from her, she will be sorry! Mia now stalks off.
- Nicole makes for the pub, where she approaches Sami and Rafe, telling them they look like the picture of domestic bliss with Grace. Sami stands up and asks what she wants. Nicole smiles nothing, she just thought they were like such a nice family. Rafe announces they are and he is adopting Grace. Nicole looks happy. "Really?" Sami says that is none of her business and Rafe agrees, but she might as well go ahead and tell her husband EJ all about it. Sami has backup now and Grace has a dad, he warns. Nicole is surprised he is hostile about such lovely news. Sami doubts it. She senses she is up to something and she will find out what it is. Nicole calls her paranoid, while Sami calls her on her bogus happy routine. Nicole insists she is happy for them but she will not ruin their good mood. She tells Rafe congratulations as he has a beautiful daughter, smiles at Grace, and walks away. Sami accuses Rafe of just wanting EJ to find out. Rafe admits he did, but there is also another reason he advertised the adoption like that. Nicole will not be poking around anymore and will accept that Sami is not focused on EJ. Sami quips she knows how Nicole operates and she senses she is truly up to something.
- Nicole returns home to the mansion and chats to baby Sydney that Sami has been neutralized. Now she can focus on her baby and she will take care of her little girl. But first she must get daddy out of jail.
- Meanwhile, Mia returns to Java Cafe and Will. She thanks him for waiting. He asks if her cousin is okay. Yes and she finally told her to back off. Will looks surprised. Mia smiles it will probably work for
an hour or two. Will asks if that is the cousin she is living with. Mia then says yes that is the cousin she lives with and  her boyfriend
lives there too. It is a small one-bedroom place so she sleeps on the couch in the living room. She complains her cousin is mean and the boyfriend has a bad attitude towards her. Will asks if she can live somewhere else. He brings up her parents. Mia wants to change the subject. Will offers her a coffee. She thinks they have done the coffee thing to death and asks him to follow her so he does. They later return from ski ball, with Will wearing a funny hat that is part
of the bet that he lost to her. Will thinks next time they should go to the batting cage for fun. He will make her a baseball junkie. He then apologizes for his choice of words. He hopes he did not hurt her feelings, but she states he could not hurt her feelings if he tried. She
is ready for a ball game. The two kids later walk outside together and Will teases her for being a rookie. Mia apparently jumped out of the ball's way screaming. Will thinks she just needs to work on her coordination. Mia retorts she does certain  things better than him.
She now takes a few dance steps and instructs him to try. Will tries the moves and falls into her arms. They stare at each other.
- At the hospital, Brady paces the hall and leaves yet another cell message for Melanie. He asks the nurse if she is supposed to be working today. Turns out she is late and has not called in. She has never been this late. "Is something wrong?" asks the nurse. Brady replies indeed there is. The nurse calls around and no one has seen her. However, another nurse happens by and mentions that she just saw Melanie Layton 10 minutes ago up on the seventh floor. Brady takes off and the other nurse wonders what on earth she is doing up there.
Meanwhile, Mel and Phil head to one of the small rooms. She grins they need to find a way to make him dead. A noise is heard so they conceal themselves. A body is wheeled in and the orderlies exit. Phil breathes a sigh of relief. He notes the corpse seems to be about his height. The body bags are sometimes sent to funeral homes, Mel explains. She checks the corresponding paperwork. Phil wonders if they opened the last body bag at the morgue. Mel says they did not have time to do anything except maybe put the body in the drawer. Phil thinks that will be a good way for him to get into the morgue
and get Stephanie back. Mel then wheels in a new body bag and instructs Phil to get naked. He says he cannot be in the funeral home naked, but removes his shirt. Mel cannot help but notice his bullet wound. The body bag is opened. "Get in here, stud!" says she. Phil does just that and Mel starts to zip it up. Moments later, Mel has gotten rid of the original body that was wheeled in on a gurney and returns to Phil. His lower body is in the body bag and he is sitting on the gurney shirtless. She thinks it is an exciting mission and asks if he knows what he will do once he gets there. He will play it by ear. He will leave the body bag a little bit open so he can get out. She says she will wait in the cemetery for him and he can flash the light when it is safe. Phil disagrees with her being there at all. If anything happened to her like it happened to Steph, he could not live with himself. Besides, what is in it for her? She says she owes him, but
he feels that debt has been paid. Mel realizes they have no time to talk about it as time is of the essence. Phil lies down and Mel starts
to zip up the body bag. Enter Brady, who looks at them in disbelief. "What in the hell are you two doing!" Phil sheepishly sits up. Mel looks at Phil. They are both speechless. Brady bellows his question again as Mel hastily shuts the door. Phil explains they think they know who has Stephanie. Brady wonders why he is playing dead. They bring him up to speed on Owen and his father working for the funeral home. Brady realizes Phil wants to be the next client. But what if they see he is not breathing or want to embalm him? Why
not just tell Bo? Phil exclaims they still have Stephanie. He needs a way to get in there without being seen asap so Bo should not be involved. Brady realizes Phil will not change his mind on this. He agrees to play along on one condition. He will help him. Phil grins he no longer needs Mel to go as he has backup. Mel refuses to be left out. Brady promises to take care of her. Mel reminds the fellas that time is a wasting. She and Brady zip the body bag shut.
- Also at the hospital is the Salem patient Stefano, who grumbles at Lexie about wanting to get out of there. He is not feeling cheery but she has good news. He is doing much better. He angrily brings up the Kiriakises. Lexie will have none of that. He has been given another chance. Stefano wants her to get Elvis out of jail so he can talk to him. She wants him to focus on his health. He agrees, but first he needs a telephone. She points out she could not help if she wanted
to. The police gave orders, since he is a murder suspect. Stefano insists he is the victim here. Lexie explains she told the police officer he did not need to handcuff Stefano to the bed but that could change. Enter Mayor Abe.  Stefano demands his lawyer. Abe would rather have a little talk first and slams the door behind himself. Stefano raises his eyes to the heavens. He will not speak until his lawyer arrives. He reminds Abe he is not a cop and he will not be coerced
by him. Abe is mad that he screwed up and Lexie was caused grief because of him. He should probably spend his life in prison but maybe for Lexie's sake, he can broker a deal. Stefano tells him to leave. Abe is mad that Lexie means nothing and the life of Philip or poor Stephanie mean nothing to him, either. Lexie tries to calm him down. Exit angry Abe. He wants him kept alive until they find Stephanie. "After that I don't give a damn!" finishes the mayor. Stefano sighs. When Lexie steps out into the hall, Mayor Abe is raging on the phone that they have both the DiMeras in custody and an APB out on Philip. "Just do it!" he snaps and ends the call. He asks Lexie if Stefano is alright. Lexie says he has stabilized but she is not sure if things are alright. Abe explains he lost his temper because of what Stefano put her through. Lexie thinks Abe should let him talk to EJ, as it might end all this. Abe cannot do that, for he is the mayor and must go by the book. Lexie suggests that if he cannot tap the phone, she will listen in. He points out they cannot violate Stefano's civil rights. All of a sudden, a few aggressive reporters walk over
and start to question him on what went on at the pier. They want to know why EJ was arrested but not Philip Kiriakis, and is it even appropriate that the mayor is married to a DiMera? The nurse has called security. Abe informs the reporters that they must call his office in order to schedule an interview. They imply favoritism as security escort them away. "What has my family done!" laments Lexie.
- At the morgue, Steph eyes Owen's gun and insists Mel does not know she is there. He is suspicious that she lied to his father to gain access. He fears she might be outside awaiting him. Steph tells him not to hurt her if she is out there. Owen thinks they do not have a lot of options left. He picks up the duct tape and explains he has to do this. His father is upstairs. Steph lectures him that what he is doing is all wrong. The gardener nervously says he cannot change things and tells her to stop talking. She asks him to wait. There is something she needs to tell him about Melanie first. She fibs she had heard her grandmother was sick so that was true. She was probably shopping around for a funeral home. Steph does not want him to hurt her. Owen says there is one way to make that happen. They should leave for Canada right away. Steph notes she does not have much say in the matter. She states she appreciates his precautions though she knows there is nothing to worry about from Melanie. That one wants her out of the way as she is in love with Philip. She has always been after him. After she has told Owen the sordid details, he reasons it does not sound like Philip wanted her away from him all the time
and says if he had someone like her ... Steph starts to cough so he brings her water. He unties her hands and she gratefully accepts the water bottle, drinking. She now asks for a handkerchief and dabs at her eyes. She is sad about maybe not seeing her family again. He promises that when they get to Canada, she can call her folks. Steph smiles she needs him and he assures her everything will be alright. She thanks him for taking care of her and further humors him by giving him a kiss on the cheek and a hug, though her eyes focus on the gun which he has placed on the counter nearby. Owen helps her to her feet and she continues to sweet talk him. The gardener thinks she is beautiful and genuine and real. Steph fibs she thinks her mom would like him. If only she had met him first! Owen then gives her a big kiss on the mouth and she kisses him right back. Ominous music is heard. Steph reaches for the gun but Owen grabs it in an instant, upset that she could do that to him. Steph pretends she was afraid it would go off as guns make her nervous. Owen appears to fall for it and promises he will not hurt her. However, he will not let anyone else hurt her either and that is why he must go outside without her. Steph again asks him not to hurt Melanie. He vows to end all the hurting. Soon. He now pours something in a little cup and orders her to drink it. She refuses. He warns he might hurt her with the gun so Steph drinks up. It will help her sleep now and she should not worry because he drilled holes in the drawer so she can breathe. She will have a nice rest. She soon passes out and Owen carries her back to the drawer. The morgue becomes calm and quiet. Later Owen's father enters,  impatiently wondering where he is. He sees one of the drawers slightly open and walks towards it. Meanwhile, Phil lies in a body bag across town, being transported to his destination.
Owen's father is then distracted on his cell phone, complaining about a supplier, his arm resting on Steph's slightly open drawer. He ends the call and shuts the door, as Phil's body bag is wheeled in. The
two delivery men hand him the necessary paperwork. Owen's father announces he was not expecting a delivery and this one is not on the list. Therefore, they should take him back ...
- In the cemetery outside, Mel and Brady hide behind a tombstone and watch. Without any warning, Owen walks up behind Brady, pistol whips him unconscious, and points his gun at Mel ...!.

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"I've got to get out of here before Owen gets back. I've got to find Stephanie," Phil thinks from inside the body bag.
"If you and Brady are here, where's Philip!" Owen barks at Mel.
Kate warns Victor "You just need to find Stephanie, you need to
find Philip, and you need to clean this mess up!"

I have nothing to hide, Lucas.
You know something, there's something you're not telling me.
I can feel it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sami and Rafe are in bed together. Wow, says he. They get closer under the sheets. The phone rings. Rafe now wakes up as it was just a dream. Tis Sami calling. She was thinking about him. He was thinking about her too. She is on her way to the pub to see grandma and tell her that he is going to adopt Grace. He lets her know that he is there for backup if she needs him. She promises to contact him afterwards and let him know how it went. He thinks it is a nice day
so maybe they can take Grace out. He then gets another call and has to take it. Sami hangs up her phone and says "I love you." She gets Grace ready. Will asks her for $10 for breakfast at the Java Cafe. Sami thinks that sounds steep for one person. Are there two? Is he meeting Mia for breakfast? Will grumbles he does not know. Sami gives him the cash and he says thanks. Sami approves and looks forward to taking up Mia on her future offer of babysitting. She also likes Will's glow. He sighs and exits. Sami now smiles at Grace. It appears her big brother has a crush.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole is on her cell, nastily telling the lawyer to work harder to get her husband out. Her cell rings again as she
has a visitor at the front door. Nicole blows Sydney a kiss and opens the door to Brady. He demands to know where the hell they have Stephanie - or else! She is missing and they no longer know if she is alive. Nicole snaps at him that he seems to be threatening her. Brady says the DiMeras have had Stephanie kidnapped. Nicole claims EJ had nothing to do with it. Brady calls it a lie. Nicole claims she does not know where Stephanie is. Brady warns her to find out, in that case. Nicole says EJ would not have told her anything, so hurting
her and Sydney would not accomplish anything anyway. Mad Brady points out that EJ chose a scared young woman. That is the man Nicole also chose to be her little girl's father! Sydney watches them. Nicole insists she knows not where Stephanie is, but she would like Brady to stand by her side like usual. Brady reminds her he is not
the only one she should worry about. She should also worry about Mia. She was at an AA meeting, as she pretended to be an addict to cover that she had been pregnant. Brady brings up the fact that she
is covering because there is a teenage kid she likes, who happens to be Will. And they both know that his best friend is mama Sami! The strain shows on Nicole's face.
- Caroline storms into the house of Kiriakis and waves the morning newspaper in Victor's face. All the sordid details of yesterday's pier pandemonium are there. He had promised her Stephanie would be safe and yet he waged war with the DiMeras. She wants to speak with Stephanie now. Victor sighs. She is not there. Caroline asks where she is. Victor covers by stating that it is best if she not know where she is until things are resolved. Caroline gets madder. She is going to make sure Stephanie sees him and Philip for what they are!
- Phil and Mel are in the cemetery outside the funeral home. Phil thinks he spies Owen's father. Mel would like to approach him, but Phil does not have a good feeling about her going in alone. She reminds him he is wanted by the cops. He warns her to be careful. He also appreciates her help. Mel smiles about Steph's anticipated reaction when she discovers she owes her!
Inside the morgue, Owen finishes tying Stephanie's hands and tells her not to talk. She points out she would not run away as he has a gun. He assures her if he had to shoot someone, he would, though she does not believe he is capable of shooting anyone.
Owen then meets his father at the funeral home area and admits he got involved in something so he needs a favor. All of a sudden there is a knock on the door. Owen takes off to another room and asks his father to say he did not see him. Knock knock. Mel calling! 
Owen returns to the morgue and pulls open Steph's drawer after she gets the tape off her mouth and starts to make noise. He becomes increasingly impatient with her antics. Steph implores him not to shut the drawer again or she will die. Meanwhile, sitting with Owen's papa in the elegant funeral home area, Nancy Drew Mel pretends to cry about her grandma. She needs a funeral so they can say goodbye. She weeps they were very close. Owen's father agrees that family is everything. Mel thinks this could be the right place for her grandma's funeral and asks if it is a family business. Does he have kids too, she innocently asks.
- Outside, Phil gets call on his cell from Victor. Phil wants to be careful as phone lines could be listened to. Vic tells him it might be a good time for him to take a trip. Phil will not do that until he finds Steph. They both realize that he must be careful, as the one who has Stephanie might kill her if he realizes they are on to him. After the
call is over, Phil nervously waits and watches for Mel to return.
- At the pub, frazzled Caroline joins. Sami at her table. Sami notes she is unhappy. Caroline does not deny it. She has just spoken to Victor. "Such arrogance!" she complains. Sometimes she wishes she never told Bo that Victor was his father. Sami glances at Grace uncomfortably and wonders if she really means that. Caroline does, as he is a tyrant, but she does not wish to discuss that. So, what is Sami's news? Sami smiles it is good news indeed. "Rafe is gonna adopt Grace." Caroline says surely she cannot be serious! Sami's
face falls as that is not the reaction she had been hoping for. Caroline soon finds out she has not told her parents yet. She advises her to wake up and smell the coffee. She would be giving parental rights to
a man she barely knows who does not know anything about being a father and who also has no visible means of support. Rafe saunters
in and announces the last part of her sentence is not true, as he just got a job. Sami smiles proudly. She assumes he has joined the police force. Nope. And he is not going back to the FBI, either. He has a construction job and in a few months, he will qualify to take the
crane operators test. Rafe perceives both women are disappointed. Caroline wonders if a man who wants to be a cop would be happy doing construction. Rafe states he is now a family man. Caroline has heard, and she also heard that he has traveled all over the map and never settled down. Are either of them being realistic? Rafe explains he too has a protective grandmother, but in the long run,she accepted his cousin's spouse once she saw what a good, family oriented  person the spouse was. Caroline asks Rafe if he is hungry, and then invites him to sit down. She heads off to get the food. Sami grins it is a good sign that Caroline wants to feed him.
- At Java Cafe, Mia and Will study together and he gets her a coffee. She feels badly about him helping her, while she does nothing for him. She could only stay for part of his game as her cousin called
half way through and she had to leave. She agrees to go to another game and buy the pizza afterwards. Will talks about heredity, which they have been studying at school. Mia's cell rings. It is her cousin so she takes the call. Will walks up to the counter and runs into nasty Mackenzie, who quips he still seems to be hanging out with the druggie. Will defends Mia and says the way she is honest about her past problem is really cool. Mia overhears and smiles.
- At the morgue, voices are heard approaching, so Owen covers Steph's mouth with his hand and warns her if she makes noise, he will kill her. He pulls her into another room. Now Melanie enters
with Owen's papa. Steph overhears. Mel asks if he works with his son. She then looks on the floor and sees the earring. She flashes back to the same earring, which she had found. Mel notes it feels
cold in there. There is a knock at the door as there is about to be a delivery of someone who is dearly departed. Owen's papa ushers
Mel out. "They're gone," Owen whispers to his whimpering captive.
- Down at the pier, Brady runs into Arianna while he is leaving a message on his cell. He teases her for spilling coffee on him before heading off. Arianna laughingly calls him a jerk. He laughs he heard that!
- At Java Cafe, Mia thanks Will for standing up for her. All of a sudden, her cell rings. She sees it is a message from Nicole and flashes back to the new rules Nicole had imposed. She then excuses herself and departs. Mackenzie joins Will at his table and earnestly tells him that rehab does not always work for people. She had a friend who did rehab but still did drugs and stole from her. Does he really think he knows Mia? Will replies he knows all he needs to.
- Mia meets Nicole at a bench by the pier and informs her she does not appreciate being told what to do, referring to the fact that Nicole ordered her to meet her pronto. Nicole has heard she is pretending she is an addict and why. Does she not remember their agreement? Mia has had enough. Someone she really likes has just told her she is honest and she is not. Nicole wonders if that someone would be Will Horton. Mia gets miffed and wonders if Nicole has had her followed. Nicole warns her not to trust him. His mother is .... "Nice," finishes Mia, just like Will is. Nicole says if she believes Sami Brady is nice, she is dumber than she thought. Mia defiantly disagrees. She likes Will's mother. Nicole states Sami is a schemer. But Mia thinks she is a really nice person, given that she wants Rafe to adopt her daughter Grace. Nicole pauses, taking it all in.
- At the Brady pub, Arianna approaches Sami and Rafe's table and greets her future niece. Sami is unpleasantly surprised that Rafe already told her. Caroline had no idea she was Rafe's sister. Caroline and Arianna soon realize they both agree that it might not be the best idea for Rafe to adopt Grace. Arianna feels it is impulsive and she points out that things can go wrong. Sami assures her that she has seen Rafe in action when things go wrong and that is why she said yes to his suggestion of adopting Grace. When the two family members leave Rafe and Sami at their table, the new couple discuss how others do not seem to approve of their decision. Sami smiles
just the three of them think it is a good decision. Rafe wonders if Grace thinks it is a good idea. "Of course she does," smiles Sami.
"Us against the world." Rafe promises they will win.
- Outside the morgue, Mel runs back to Philip and says she saw the earring so she is sure Stephanie is there! She is ready to call for help but Philip stops her. How do they know she is still there? Owen
might have taken her elsewhere. In addition, if the cops arrest him,
he might stop talking and then they would never find her alive. Mel thinks they might give him immunity. Phil explains if the DiMeras know he betrayed them, then they will finish him off. Mel reluctantly agrees not to get the cops involved. It is up to them. Drop dead gorgeous Phil ponders whether he could somehow break into the morgue. Mel giggles he would not have to break in. It is like the
old joke that people are dying to get in there!
- Meanwhile, inside the funeral home area, Owen's papa tells his son he is worried about him after Owen thanks him for covering for him. He promises his dad he has everything under control.
- In the morgue, tied up Steph  manages to get on the floor and start to crawl. Owen soon returns and crouches down at her side. He pulls the duct tape from her mouth. She reminds him he promised to let her go. He says that changed because her friend came. Steph insists she does not suspect anything. Owen now pulls out his gun and adds he will have to make sure about that ...!

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"Know what, Nicole, you're gonna stay away from me or you're gonna be sorry!" mad Mia exclaims.
"Maybe this adoption isn't such a good idea," Sami whispers to Rafe.
Brady finds Mel with a shirtless Phil. "What in the hell are you two doing?"
"She's in love with Philip and more than anything in the world, she wants me out of the way," Steph assures Owen.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


At the hospital, concerned Nicole arrives. The still handcuffed
Elvis is a tad shell shocked, as he tells her that Fatha is ill and they know not if he will make it. Enter Lexie, who demands to know
what happened. She is miffed EJ did not tell her father was missing and does not approve of Elvis or father's methods. She advises him
to take care of their family and stop the insanity now. Lexie enters Stefano's room. Alone with Nicole in the hall, Elvis considers and agrees it should stop now. Nicole, however, says Lexie is dead wrong. She advises him to do something so the Kiriakises do not
win. EJ has had quite enough of the whole thing. He would rather
tell them what he knows about Stephanie's whereabouts because if
he points them in the direction of Owen, they will be able to find her. Nicole is against it. She also thinks it will be the end of them. He could go to prison for a long time and she needs him. He assures her he will not go to prison and gives her a kiss. She moans she and Syd cannot lose him.
- On the pier, Brady, Victor, and Bo face off. Vic warns Bo if he does not back off, he will get Stephanie and Philip killed! Vic also wants to shut Brady up, but Bo would like to know where Philip is. Brady admits he does not know. Vic snaps Bo should direct his useless questions to him. Bo informs Brady he will talk to him later
so Brady stalks off. The Commissioner then growls at Victor to let him handle it. Victor reminds him the DiMeras tried to murder his
son twice. Bo reminds him he must go by the book to make the charges against Stefano stick. "Forget the book, we need results!" exclaims the Greek tycoon, who calls the commis naive. Vic thinks his ego is getting in the way and his own family could be at risk.
He warns him about the dangers of his arrogance. Bo has no idea what he is talking about. Vic states he is referring to his niece and her safety. Bo now talks about finding and arresting Phil. Jail is the safest place for him. He will throw the book of both of them if that is the way he can prevent Victor from committing murder.Vic gets madder still and warns he will arrest Phil over his dead body! Bo asks why Victor did not trust him from the beginning. The great Victor Kiriakis tells him that trust must be earned. Bo wonders how one earns his trust. For starters, he would need to acknowledge that he is his father instead of being ashamed of him. He cut him out of his life. Victor accuses him of dismissive cruelty. Bo reminds him he is not the
father who raised him. Seeing how Phillip turned out, he considers himself lucky. "Get out of my sight!" snaps the Greek tycoon. Bo informs him that Philip in jail is certainly better than Philip dead and saunters off.
- At Kiriakis mansion, replay of Mel telling Phil she had seen the gardener at the time Steph's earring was lost. Meanwhile, Owen slowly comes down the stairs carrying Steph's belongings. He stops
in his tracks when he overhears the pair talking about him in the next room. Phil thinks that he would never lay a finger on Steph. Mel questions how well they really know him. "He's a good guy," says Phil. Mel notes he is the silent type and those are the ones you
should look out for. Nancy Drew Mel reiterates it must be an inside job. Phil reconsiders. He then stares at her and wonders if it was
her. Mel is flabbergasted. She advises him to use his head as Owen listens at the door. Phil notes she must have been at the crime scene as she had the earring and she has double-crossed him before. Mel gets sarcastic that she masterminded the whole thing, yup. She has heard quite enough and starts to leave. She then turns around to give Phil a piece of her mind. She is not a bad person! And if he does not take her word for it that she had nothing to do with Stephanie's disappearance, he will never forgive himself. Phil relents and asks
her to tell him what Owen was like that fateful night. He seemed distracted and Mel thought it was a little strange that he was working so late. He was putting leaves in a bin. Phil summons Henderson and asks him when was the last time he saw Owen. Several hours ago.
He was about to leave for vacation, but evidently he never cleared it with Philip. Henderson gave him a check in advance and he took off. Phil tells the servant to go. "It was Owen," he angrily concludes. Mel wonders if his motivation was ransom. Should she call the cops? No, says Phil. He will find him and if he is responsible, he intends to kill him with his bare hands! Seconds later, Owen silently steals out of the house, deciding there has just been a major change of plans. Moments later, Phil walks Melanie to the door, but she does not let him brush her off. She insists he needs her help, Mel style. "I'm all you got, baby!"
- Back at the morgue, Steph hyperventilates, cries like a baby, and wishes Phil would save her.
- In his hospital room, Stefano receives words of encouragement from Lexie. He is hooked up to an IV. She promises to do everything she can to take care of him and holds his hand. She exits the room to inform a very concerned Elvis that he is stabilizing. However, there could be permanent damage due to the prolonged lack of insulin.
Any organs could be affected. EJ wants a team of specialists. Lexie feels it would make no difference. Elvis would like to see papa now but Lexie informs him he is resting. Perhaps soon. She returns to the patient. Nicole is very sorry. "I am going to make this right," Elvis promises. Nicole the nag reminds him that they should make their decisions together, as they are married. EJ retorts this decision does not concern her. Nicole repeats she needs him and she begs him not to go to the police. She does not want him to be implicated in Stephanie's kidnapping. He must think of her and Sydney. EJ's cell rings so he takes the call. "Keep looking. I want Owen found." He  shuts his cell as Bo arrives on scene. Bo struts up to him and tells
him he is now under arrest. Nicole demands to know the charge. Assault on Philip Kiriakis. "What!" she says incredulously. Is he  arresting Phil too? When he finds him, yes.Nicole insists they do not have enough to take her husband to jail. Bo warns he could take him downtown for a lengthy stay unless he tells them how to find his niece. "A little cooperation will go a long way," clarifies the commis. Nicole looks nervous. EJ appears to consider. He agrees they have a deal. Bo gets sarcastic. EJ promises he will do what he can to help. Bo wants to take him downtown. Elvis would first like a few moments with Stefano. The tough talking commis gives him five minutes.
- Inside Stefano's room, Lexie implores Stefano to get better. She
has seen a special connection between him and Theo, and laments they never had such a connection. She is hopeful they will have a chance and cries, asking him not to leave her. She has just lost her brother and cannot lose him as well. "God, I love you," she sniffles. Stefano opens his eyes and squeezes his daughter's hand. She smiles.
- At the morgue, Owen is out of breath when he finally returns. He opens Steph's drawer. She is unconscious and not breathing so the crazy gardener panics. He performs CPR. Big Steph wakes up with
a start and smacks him away. "Get off of me!" Owen implies that was a bad move. She should have been more thankful that he tried
to save her life. He is about to close the drawer again but Steph cries she was just disoriented and she is sorry. Owen freaks out until she promises she will never hurt him again. She is sorry and sits up. He says it is too late now and no one can help him anymore. Owen then opens another drawer and pulls out a gun ...
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, Phil is dismayed to discover the only contact details they have for Owen are a cell number and P.O. box. Mel is optimistic that it is a start. Phil asks Henderson if he ever talked about his personal life. Negative. All of a sudden a noise is heard. Henderson goes to the door to investigate. Tis Brady. In the other room, Phil whispers to Mel that if Brady sees him, he will call the cops and they will never find Stephanie! When Henderson takes Brady into the room and Brady calls out for Philip, the room is empty. Victor soon enters and wonders what he is doing there. Brady explains he was looking for Philip. Victor quips he already told him
he is not around. Brady says according to Henderson, he was there. Victor summons Henderson and instructs him to throw Brady out
and never allow him to enter again. Brady holds his head high and states he will show himself out. Victor adds for Henderson to pack Brady's bags as well. Brady stares in disbelief. Victor picks up the mail to look at it and informs him the door is the other way. Brady has something to say before he leaves. Vic tells him to make it quick. Brady is sorry for the way things turned out tonight ... Vic tells him the apologies mean nothing anymore, just like he doesn't! Brady retorts that all that happens in that house is sordid. Vic believes he liked living in the lap of luxury, but Brady insists he only liked being there because he thought he was welcome. Now he sees there were strings attached. He was supposed to be power hungry and ruthless and bitter just like a Kiriakis should be. He wonders who grandfather will cut out of his life next. Vic points out he never disowned Philip and Bo was just doing his job. Brady, on the other hand, is no more than a "backstabbing bastard" and he no longer has any use for him. Brady exits as the Greek tycoon sits down with a drink in his hand.
- Philip and Melanie are on the run, literally, outside in the woods. Phil asks Mel if he can trust her to help him with Steph. He can. They keep running together. Once at Salem Place, they refer to their plan. She knows what to do and she will get it for him. They will meet in 30 minutes and she should text him if there is a problem.
She asks him to be careful. Phil nods and Nancy Drew Mel races
off in her mini. She ends up at an undisclosed location where there  are a lot of trees, an important paper in her hand. She wonders
where Philip is and hopes he is okay ...
- At the hospital, Lexie has good news. Father is awake. EJ and Nicole enter to see him. Bo wants to speak to him too. Dr. Lexie wonders when it will end but Bo informs her that he needs to speak to him to save Stephanie Johnson. Inside the Salem patient's room, the phoenix proudly tells Elvis he knew he would not let him down.
"I know you will do the right thing," he says and gives him a knowing look. Enter Bo, who is there to take EJ away. Elvis slowly places the phoenix ring in his father's hand, kisses him on each cheek, and elegantly stands up. Nicole would like to come with him but he tells her to stay put. Bo informs them he will not be allowed visitors before the arraignment. Elvis smiles at Nicole, asks her to tell Sydney he will see her soon, kisses her, and walks off. Nicole calls out after them that she will contact lawyer Mickey. Stefano has put on his
ring. He is now alone with Nicole. He believes what happened was because of the ring, the phoenix ring. Nicole is confused but he asks her to stay with him for a while. He feels like talking. He brings up the Mediterranean. The real Mediterranean, places like Marsala.
The names of such places are the soul of their civilization. History burned there just as the phoenix burned and rose from the ashes. He talks history, as it is important that she know. The phoenix ring has been handed down to him and it is the reason he is indestructible, the reason that Elvis saved him. Ominous music is heard. He asks Nicole if she understands. She thinks so. No matter what EJ did, the ring would ... Stefano's eyes now close.
- In the hall, Bo warns Elvis that if he does not help him bring Stephanie home safe and sound, he will prove that he kidnapped her and put him away forever. He then hauls him down to the station.
- Outside in the night, Phil finally meets up with Mel, who has obtained vital information. They now have the name of the place where Owen's father works. A mortuary. They are on their way!
- Meanwhile, at said morgue, Owen laments to Steph that now they cannot go anywhere. He tells her he is sorry, as her gaze nervously rests on the gun in his hand ...!

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"Rafe is gonna adopt Grace," Sami gleefully tells Caroline, who retorts "You can't be serious!"
"Stephanie's missing and you're my best shot at finding out where
she is," Brady says to Nicole.
"Whoever has Steph can't know that we're looking for him," Phil whispers to Vic on his cell. "If he knew that," begins the Greek tycoon, "He'd kill her," Phil finishes.
Steph begs Owen not to put her back in the morgue drawer or
she will die!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lucas and Chloe are in bed together and he cannot believe how
much he loves her. Chloe says she loves him, but she is not in love with him. All of a sudden Lucas wakes up. T'was just a dream. Nevertheless, he looks worried. Chloe is asleep by his side and
wakes up to find him staring at her. What is wrong? He admits he cannot sleep. She asks what is bothering him. Lucas looks at her suspiciously. Chloe points out things have not been great since his mother started acting strange. Lucas recalls how she fired him. He wonders if it bothered Chloe. Not really. She states that sometimes Kate is just Kate and this has given them a problem they do not
need. When she called him today from London, did she tell him something about his sister that upset him? Nope. Lucas now comes clean. "I had a dream about you not loving me." She thinks that is silly and assures him she loves him. Lucas is still a bit testy. He
wants them to be together forever. Chloe claims she loves him with all her heart. He thinks his dream might be connected to how he felt after talking to his mother from London, after all. He decides to go take the drive to clear his head and gets out of bed. Chloe would like to go with him. However, he would rather go alone.
- Meanwhile Dr. Dan is in bed, dreaming of his passion with Chloe. All of a sudden he wakes up with a gasp, perspiring. He then sighs and remembers Chloe telling him she loved him. Dan tosses his
pillow aside and stands up. The tormented doc heads to the hospital, where the nurse hands him a paper and tells him he is a very popular doctor, so a lot of people would ... she gets paged away and leaves him standing alone with the leave of absence form.
- At the Java Cafe, Brady tells Bo that Steph has disappeared and Phil now acts like nothing is wrong. Plus he overheard grandfather and Philip discussing how something would go down tonight, though they refused to divulge more. "Damn it," says Bo. "I knew Victor
was up to something!" He then gets on the phone and arranges a
bust. Bo tells Brady he had intel that made no sense until he learned about Stephanie. He commends Brady for saving her life, but then blows him off when Brady tries to say he will come too. Bo insists
he will handle it and departs. Brady shakes his head and paces. Frustrated, he bangs on the table, which causes a cup of coffee to
fall over. Just then Mel enters and wonders what is the problem. She giggles he might try switching to decaf. Brady is serious and asks
why she is up so late. "Nighttime is my time," Mel quips and she is glad she ran into him. She lets him know he gave her bad advice.
She could have made hundreds from Steph's earring that she found. Brady suddenly wants to see it. He demands she show it to him. Steph needs their help!
Dan arrives at the Java Cafe and orders a double espresso. He is leaving in the morning, says he. Enter Chloe, who then turns around and walks out when she sees he is there.
- Lucas has dropped by to see Maggie, who is baking a cake. She missed him at the 12 step meeting tonight. He had work to do. He went to the morning meeting at Trinity. No more slips, he promises. He is not there because of drinking. That is not the problem. Maggie asks what the problem is. Lucas looks serious. Kate no longer likes Chloe. Maggie's eyes flicker as she realizes why, though instead of telling Lucas the truth, she reminds him that Kate has never been
able to handle seeing him with anyone. Lucas feels this time it is not the same. Something is different. He feels that Kate and Chloe are keeping something from him. And it is something big. Maggie looks uncomfortable and continues to stir her cake batter. Lucas is also perplexed that Chloe acted like Kate firing her did not matter. Maggie says maybe it is because she did not wish to come between him and Kate. Lucas goes on to complain his mother was short with him
about the whole thing. Maggie suggests he focus on his sobriety and not obsess over what he cannot control. She offers to make him a tea. Lucas notes she is doing the same thing they do and he wants to know why! Maggie suggests they talk it over in a couple of days. They both could use a good night's sleep. Lucas agrees and starts to leave. Before he departs, he wonders why Chloe and Kate would be hiding something together if they despised each other. Maggie pretends she has no idea and bids him goodnight. Lucas walks out
the door. All of a sudden, he has a flashback to the night he was drunk, when Maggie told him she would not lie to him about something ...!.
- Victor is on his cell with Phil, who is presently at the pier. Phil believes Steph will be home soon. Stefano is already ready, though
he looked cadaverous. Vic asks him to contact him when they have Stephanie. "Will do," says Phil and glances at his watch.
- At the morgue, Steph in the dark drawer overhears Owen informing EJ on his phone that there has been a change of plans. EJ notes he sounds strange. He curses at him to bring him Stephanie now. He wants to know when he will bring her. "Never," retorts the gardener mole. Elvis reminds him that has been their arrangement all along. Owen repeats there has been a change of plans. He is sorry but he is just not comfortable doing something like this. Steph is dear to him and he does not want anything bad to happen to her. Elvis angrily reminds him the DiMeras paid him to do a job and they expect him
to do it! Owen flies off the handle and yells he will no longer take orders from him and he will not let him take Stephanie. "I am not going to let youuuuuuuu!" he yells like a madman and ends the call. He then opens Steph's drawer and she asks him to untie her. Her other earring has come off. Owen is proud he said no to Master DiMera. Steph now asks what he is going to do with her. "I'm going to save you," he smiles. He starts to untie her hands and she looks appreciative. Owen thinks she is too sweet and kind. Sometimes a good soldier must look his commanding officer in the face and say no. He wants to see her happy, far away from here. Steph asks if
she is free to go. He says she is. He believes what happened is fate. Steph assures him she will not tell anyone anything. Can she leave now? Owen says yes, soon they will take off. "We?" she says uncertainly. "Where are we going?" Owen smiles they must decide, but wherever they go, they will have a happy life together. Steph stares at him in disbelief.
- Stefano sleeps in a van and Victor's thug comments that he does
not have much longer.
- EJ's cell phone rings again. Tis Philip, informing him he is late. What is going on? He informs him Stefano is not looking so well. Elvis promises he will be there shortly with Stephanie. Phil suggests he make haste. EJ states he is minutes away and ends the call. He then turns to thug Marco and tells him they are leaving. Marco
points out the Kiriakises will see they do not have the girl. The odds of winning are not good. Elvis insists they are going to go to the pier and get his father. Time is of the essence and they need to get his father now!
- Still at the pier, Phil talks to Vic on his cell and informs him the switch has not gone down as no one is there. He wonders why EJ was stalling and senses something was wrong. Victor advises him to remember what to do in case they try something. Phil agrees and
then gets off the phone when footsteps are heard approaching. EJ arrives with Marco at the pier. Philip faces him, flanked by his own bodyguards. He wants to know where Stephanie is. Elvis notes he seems a tad jumpy. Phil snaps he asked him a question and adds
"No Stephanie, no deal." He warns him he is not playing. "Neither
am I," retorts Elvis. Phil offers to walk Stefano out as Stephanie walks to him. Elvis wants his father now. Phil realizes he does not have Stephanie and lunges in a fit of rage. The two guys wrestle as their thugs point their guns at them. They fall to the ground. All of a sudden lights are shone on everybody in the police warn them to put their weapons on the ground. As the cops move in, Phil takes off.
Bo grabs EJ, who yells at him to let him go because he needs to get
to his father. The cops also find sleeping Stefano in the van nearby. Bo warns Elvis that if anything happens to Stephanie, he will personally put him in a pine box. He orders a cop to take him to the hospital to have the scrape on his face looked at. He will book him later. And Stefano has been transported to hospital. Bo instructs the rest of his men to look for the guy who made a run for it. He now places a call on his cell. "Get your ass down here. You know damn well where I am!"
- Back at the Java Cafe, Brady receives a phone call from the cops. He thinks they found Stephanie. Mel wonders what he is talking about. Brady explains she was kidnapped and now he must leave. Mel tries to follow him, but he is too fast. She takes out the earring,
a look of worry on her face.
- Meanwhile, Owen hands Stephanie her remaining earring at the morgue, so she can put it back on. He has money saved up and they can go anywhere. How about India? Stephanie pretends she is not sure about India. He tries to grab her by the wrist and she flinches. He tells her not to be afraid. Stephanie forces a smile but he feels
she does not want to go with him and the smile fades from his face. Steph now pretends she thinks it sounds like a perfect idea, she just did not think it was real. Besides, she cannot go anywhere in what she is wearing now. Owen agrees and then decides they will need to get her some new clothes. She does not think they should waste their money and now the stores are closed anyway. Owen remembers she left clothes at the Kiriakis mansion. He will go alone to pick them up. Steph says she will wait until he returns and sits on the drawer.
Owen suddenly shoves her down in the drawer and closes the door, as a precaution. "Owen pleaaaase!" she screams.
- Dan is now at Brady pub, where he hesitates to fill out the form
for his leave of absence, remembering his and Chloe's passion. He scrunches the paper and is about to throw it out when Chloe enters. Their eyes lock. Chloe approaches. She asks what the paper is. An immediate leave of absence from the hospital. Is he going? No. Leaving would not change anything. It would not change the fact
that he cannot sleep at night. He does not want to make her feel
guilty as he has accepted that she is happy. He only wants her to be happy, but this is maddening. Chloe finally confesses she is not happy, not at all! Nevertheless, she stands by her decision to stay with Lucas. She still has feelings for Dan but believes she did the
right thing. Dan knows she did this to make Lucas happy. Chloe
sighs that Kate has been so horrible lately. She fears Lucas is now trying to regain all the memories he lost about the night of the explosion and will not stop until he can remember.
- At the hospital, the nurse tells Elvis his injuries are minor. He
wants to see fatha. A cop escorts him. Elvis is indignant. He then
sees father being wheeled in. Stefano opens his eyes. EJ kisses him and promises him he will be fine. He joins him in his room at his bedside, and he believes the important thing is that they have him back. Stefano is conscious enough to know he is at the hospital. All
of a sudden his machine goes crazy and the nurse enters, as he needs to be stabilized. Elvis had assumed that giving him insulin would stabilize him. Is he not stabilizing? He demands an answer!
- Down at the pier, Victor arrives as ordered. Bo wants to know
where Philip and Stephanie are. Victor is surprised he does not have Stephanie. Bo now asks about Philip. Victor lies he sent him to New York on business. Bo berates him for one count of lying to the police and one count of impeding an investigation. He demands to know where the prodigal son is. At that very moment, Phil hides in the bushes, lamenting he needs to find Steph. Bo growls that when he arrived with his men, Phillip and EJ were fighting and Phil took off. Where the hell did he go and what is going on with Stephanie? Brady now arrives on scene, telling Bo he got a phone call. "You disloyal bastard," seethes the Greek tycoon. He blames him for ruining everything. He is not loyal, he is a traitor. Bo defends him. Because of him, Stefano is alive. Brady frowns. He had thought the cop who called him was talking about Stephanie. So where is she? Bo wants
to know where Phil is. Vic repeats he sent Phil to New York. "The hell you did!" says Brady
- At the house of Kiriakis, Owen quietly enters and steals up the stairs. Seconds later, Phil arrives. He picks up a picture up Steph
and promises to find her. Now enter Mel, who asks where Steph is. Did they find her? She has a clue and holds up the earring! Phil
takes it. Mel explains how she found it. Phil considers. Did she see anyone else around at the time she found the earring outdoors? The gardener, Owen. Just then, in the hall nearby, Owen starts to come down the stairs, carrying a bag of Stephanie's belongings.
- Still in the drawer at the morgue, Stephanie starts to hyperventilate and realizes she is running out of air. She is convinced she is going
to die ...!

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"I'm gonna find that son of a bitch and I swear to God, if he's responsible, I'm gonna kill him," Phil mutters as Mel looks on.
"You can do what you want with me. You try and arrest Philip and you'll do it over my dead body!" Vic warns Bo.
Nicole pleads with EJ. "I am begging you to not go to the police. Please don't do it."
"Come on breathe, breathe!" Owen tells Steph as he tries to revive her.
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