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Sami assures Will there is no evil plot. Will is baffled that they are
not married and Rafe is adopting Grace. There must be scheming going on. Sami denies it. He accuses her of lying. She is upset by
his accusation. Will now apologizes. Sami promises him she did not manipulate Rafe and adopting Grace was his wonderful idea. Will presses. There is no secret plan? Sami flashes back to telling Rafe
EJ will never find out about the baby. "No," she fibs. "No schemes, no lies." Will pretends to accept her at face value. Sami is later in
her sweats and announces she is going out, so Will can look after Grace. She is cagey when he asks where she is going. Once she is gone, Mia drops by. She thinks Will seems rather down. He admits he had a fight with his mom. Mia asks what happened. He called her on his belief that she was lying. Mia is sorry. Will believes that Sami is still lying, in spite of her protests to the contrary. He has difficulty getting Grace to take the bottle, so Mia takes the baby in her arms. Will admits they were fighting about Grace, as his mom's boyfriend wants to adopt her. Mia wonders why that is not a good thing. Will thinks he is cool since he used to be an FBI agent. Mia asks what is
so wrong about the adoption. Will says they are not even married
but it is not that. It is just that it makes no sense for a boyfriend she has known for so short a time to take such responsibility. Mia is not surprised as it is Grace they are talking about. Will laments his mom has been lying to him since he was little. If one of his friends lied like that to him, he would never forgive them. Mia looks uncomfortable. She easily feeds Grace the bottle. Will hopes that he is wrong and his mom was telling the truth. She is not a bad person. Mia states of course she is not. Look what she did for Grace. Mia now asks about the mother who gave birth to her. One wonders if she ever thinks about her late at night, this baby she gave up, whom she misses so much ...
- At Brady pub, Arianna insists to Rafe that Sami is not good for
him. When she says it is all happening again, Rafe turns around.
Max walks up and wonders what is happening again. Is everything okay? Arianna jokes that her brother never listens so it is pointless
to argue with him. Max happily introduces himself to Rafe, whom
he had not realized was Arianna's brother. He knows that he is the former FBI guy who is now Sami's boyfriend. Arianna makes a comment. Rafe excuses himself to make a phone call. Arianna assures Max all is well. He thought it sounded ominous when she
said it's all happening again. She downplays it and asks him to forget he heard anything. Rafe is private, she explains. Max understands.
He has siblings too. He now brings up Chelsea, as he would like to touch base with her on the Internet and it is late. Max happily exits. Rafe walks back and Arianna tells him that Max said he would forget what he heard. Rafe pours himself a coffee and forces a smile. He reminds her his life is private. She smiles that sisters have a right to
be concerned about their brothers. Rafe is defensive and accuses her of spouting off about things she does not understand. He will not have her criticizing Sami. She warns him that woman could destroy his life, especially after what happened before. It turns out Sami is already at the pub and overhears. She smiles sarcastically at Arianna. Rafe is at her side in an instant. Arianna excuses herself. Sami is displeased that Arianna referred to her as that woman. Rafe says she does not mean what she says but Sami doubts it. She must think she is a b*tch who is about to ruin his life. From Will's perspective, she must be an evil, lying mother. But then there is Rafe, who always makes her feel better. He promises her everything will be alright. Sami laments Will called her a liar and he is right. She lies about everything and she cannot stand it anymore. They have coffee and Rafe tries to make her feel better. She sighs she should be better at this, since she has spent 16 years raising Will and gasps that Rafe's sister seems to hate her. He tells her to forget it, as Arianna is just overprotective. Sami does not think she will come around. Rafe asks why she is so upset about what happened with Will. She told him about his adoption plan and he became upset and accused her of tricking him, then stating she was lying. Sami laments he was right. Rafe points out that not telling will the whole story is not exactly lying. Sami whispers he will not see it that way. And he is such a great son. Rafe reminds her she only lies to protect Grace. Will is lucky to have her as a mom. All her kids are lucky. Sami feebly
nods. Rafe gives her a pep talk. He tells her to lean on him and let him take care of her. She gasps she should be strong enough to deal with things on her own. Rafe repeats his offer. "I'm here for you." They kiss on it.
- Outside the pub, Max sees Bo, who is on his cell phone, talking about warrants from a judge. Max asks when it will ever end, this Kiriakis/DiMera war. Bo assures him he will make it end soon. Bo later has another call on his cell and realizes that something is about
to go down. He confides in little bro Max that about a week ago,
they put a tail on Victor, but he has now given them the slip. He is clearly up to something!
- Meanwhile, Phil is on the phone with Elvis, talking about the trade. EJ points out these things take time. They will need to find neutral territory to make it happen. Phil asks him to give him a call when everything is arranged and he wants him to make it fast. He adds
they gave Stefano his last dose of insulin a while ago. EJ will call him with the meeting place location once all has been arranged. When the call is over, EJ tells Nicole the good news. He starts to lose it as he does not even have Stephanie now, and his father's life is depending on it! EJ then places another frantic call to Owen, but still no answer.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Victor informs Phil he will get Stefano ready to move. He instructs Phil to pick the men he wants to use
for the mission and reminds him to make sure they all know the
signal when to move in, if need be. Phil promises he will let him know when he gets the details of the meeting place. Enter Brady, who would like to know what is going on. The Greek tycoon
excuses himself after telling Phil he will take care of that problem
they discussed. Brady wants Phil to share. Phil informs him they are going to end the feud with the DiMeras peacefully. Brady looks doubtful. Phil adds he owes him an apology as well. Brady would
like specifics. Phil thinks they should have listened to him and have the cops help. He thought he could handle things himself. An eye for an eye, so he made some stupid mistakes. Brady wants to know
what the stupid mistakes were. Phil says he will make things right
but he cannot tell him how. Brady raises his voice and he looks very worried about what might come next. He senses it will be something big, illegal, and dangerous. What if that does not work out? Phil insists it will work and tells Brady to leave him alone. He walks out
of the room.
- At the morgue, Owen tends to unconscious Stephanie, to cover the scratch on her head. He is smitten. He thinks her hair is like silk and she has a lovely face. He then questions whether he should give her over to Mr. DiMera after all! The mole is torn and talks to himself about the matter. He will make his decision for sure after he talks to Mr. DiMera. He just needs to find the phone. Crazy Owen forages
in the woods outside and soon hears the ringing phone, which he answers. Tis Elvis and he demands to know what is going on. He is livid that Steph answered the phone. Owen says that was just a little mishap for a few moments, and he still has the captive. He has just found the phone. Elvis is displeased he has left the captive alone
even for a moment, but Owen assures him she is in a place where
no living person would look! Elvis instructs him to return to the place where he has Stephanie, as he has a new assignment for him. Owen is all ears. The boss explains. He is to bring Steph to where they first met and he must be there within an hour. Owen pauses. He asks if anything bad will happen to Stephanie. Elvis snaps he is to do what he is told, no questions. He has one hour tops. "Yes sir," says Owen. Once the call is over, he concludes that Master DiMera must be planning something bad.
- Meanwhile, Stefano is in bed and has become increasingly weak.
He calls out to Elvis, whom he is sure will not fail him ... Moments later, Victor arrives and informs him they are taking a trip. "I knew," says the Phoenix. "I knew Elvis would outfox you!" He grins he knows it must pain the Greek tycoon to lose, as Vic's thug helps the patient to his feet. Victor quips that if he lives long enough, he will enjoy a happy reunion with his son and his s*ut of a wife. Stefano weakly tells him to face the facts. "You lost." He wonders what
Elvis did to make him back down. Victor points out they have been
at the game a long time. They will simply say they decided to end things. Stefano agrees. "But still I won!" he chuckles and then he collapses.
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, Phil answers his cell. It is Elvis, who tells him they are all set. "One hour. The pier. Dock 15."  Phil says he will get what he wants as promised. Elvis warns no funny stuff. Phil seconds the motion and starts to leave. Brady now informs the prodigal son that he just realized what is going on. Phil plays innocent. Brady asks if they ever found Stephanie. Phil pretends
she was away getting things and he talked to her. He refuses to say more and departs. As soon as Brady is alone, he makes a call to Bo and requests an immediate meeting!
- At the morgue, Owen returns to Stephanie and is delighted to see her waking up. He pats her head and explains she fell. He shows her in the mirror how he fixed the scratch on her head. Steph wishes to be untied, though he thinks she would be a flight risk. She promises she will not try to get away from him. He believes her, but they have to leave soon. He must take her to see someone. Steph becomes
very scared. The DiMeras! What will they do to her? Owen agrees Mr. DiMera does not seek seem to think highly of her. Steph cries
the DiMeras are killers. Owen assures her they may not have her
best interest at heart, but he surely does. She says if he cares about her, he will untie her. She soon finds out his contact must be EJ and says EJ is evil. He would kill her in a heartbeat. Owen agrees he is evil. Steph begs him to help her. He is a good person and how could he become involved in such a thing? Owen complains he had no choice. Steph thinks he can fix it now. He can fix everything by untying her. Owen points out the DiMeras have been paying him all these years. Steph reminds him about the Kiriakis family. Victor will be very angry if he does what the DiMeras want. Owen exclaims he knows. Steph tells him if he unties her, she will make him a promise. She will return to the Kiriakis family and say nothing about the whole matter. Everything will be okay. Will he do this for her?
- Nicole gives EJ a sendoff kiss as he leaves to make the exchange. She is worried. When Elvis arrives at the designated meeting place with Owen, he impatiently awaits, but still no sign of Owen.
- At Java Cafe, Brady meets Bo, who assumes he has inside info on Victor and Philip.  Brady drops a bomb. "I think something has happened to Stephanie ..."
- At the pier, Phil is on his cell, updating the Greek tycoon. He is in position now and the crate with Stefano has arrived ...
- Back at the morgue, Stephanie tries to reason with Owen and begs him to help her. The cell rings so he shuts her drawer again and
takes the call from Elvis, who blasts him for being late. "I'm very sorry, Mr. DiMera," the obsessed gardener explains, as Stephanie wails in the background. "It seems there's going to be a slight change of plans, sir ...!"

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Lucas tells Maggie, "It's like they''e keeping something from me. Something big, really big. I can feel it."
Bo tells Brady to stay put. "I'll handle this." Brady disagrees but Bo repeats he will handle this!
Down at the pier, Phil faces EJ. "You didn't bring, Stephanie. You son of a b*tch!" he exclaims and rushes him!
"Where are we going?" Steph asks Owen, who promises "Wherever we go, we'll have a happy life together ..."

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Replay of Rafe saying he wants to make a commitment and Sami asking what kind of commitment he means. He wants to be a father to Grace in every way. In fact, he wants to be her father legally.
Sami realizes he wishes to adopt her. Rafe gallantly adds he will be there for her, and her mother and father will be together. Sami is not sure what to say. "Say yes." Sami gasps that Grace has brothers and a sister and then there is her, her full-time mom. Rafe smiles he is aware of that. He is seeking a lifetime commitment. "Are you asking me to marry you?" she says incredulously. Sami goes on to gasp it is the sweetest thing. However, she is concerned about a few things.
He is probably generalizing his feelings. She realizes it would be perfect if he were Grace's father and her husband, but she does not think she can marry him, not now. It is too soon. She gasps as she nervously states they have just started their relationship and hopes he is not hurt. He is not. Sami is surprised. He points out that in order
to be hurt, he would have had to propose first, which he did not. Sami is miffed he did not want to be her husband, but he brings up the fact that she did not want to be his wife. She sticks out her chin and throws a stuffed animal at him. Rafe agrees with her that once they decide to get married, they have to be really sure. Sami agrees they can take that part slow, but is he really ready to be Grace's father before? Rafe assures her he is. Sami wonders how they can make that work without anyone finding out that she is her mother. Rafe asks her to sit down so she does. He admits she is right. She thinks there is one thing that they can do. They can just tell people that he wants to be with her and Grace and the family. Sami says
him adopting Grace and being a father to her would mean much to her and she feels it was meant to be. All is well and they kiss on it. Rafe later gets dressed. Sami is sorry to see him go. He thinks it best that he leave before Will returns and suggests she get some sleep. Sami gives him a hug and they fall on the sofa. The happy couple snuggle. They both agree it has been a great night. Sami wonders if he had this planned all along. Adopting Grace, that is. Everything he has done for them has been perfect. He admits the first time he saw her, he fell for her hard. Sami can identify. However, she does have worries about Johnny. She wishes he were safe, too. Rafe is certain that Elvis would never let anything happen to his kid. That makes Sami feel a tad better. They kiss again. All of a sudden, Will opens the door and wonders if he should wait in the hallway. Bowling was canceled as it turns out. Rafe kisses Sami, tells Will it was good seeing him, and departs. Sami is all smiles in her pink robe. Will asks if Rafe would have spent the night had he not come home. Sami
grins and gets him in a headlock, teasing him for his directness. She reminds him she is his mother. She now talks Rafe. He understands the kids are her priority. Will has a question. He is not sure how to act when Rafe is there. He wonders if they are serious about each other. Sami replies they are. They are together and he will be around a lot. She hopes that is okay with him. Will asks if what he thinks makes any difference at all. He is just concerned they might be going a little fast. Sami now has something to tell him. Rafe wants to adopt Grace and she told him yes. "How did you talk him into that?" ponders Will. Matter of fact, it was Rafe's idea, for he wishes to be
a father to Grace. Why him why now, Will questions. Sami is sorry he is upset. Will senses there is something big going on that she does not want him to know about ...
- Meanwhile, Rafe has gone to the Brady pub. Arianna happens by and steals a few of his fries, joining him at his table. The two chat. He offers to buy her a beer. She remarks he is in a good mood. He smiles he is. She concludes it must be Sami. He admits it is serious like it has never been serious before. "Like marriage?" she asks. "No," says he. She thanks God in Spanish. Rafe now declares he
will adopt her little girl. Arianna cancels her thanks to God and asks Rafe if he is out of his mind. "How did she talk you into that?" his
sis wants to know. Rafe replies it was his idea. It was meant to be. Arianna is worried about him being tied to Sami's life. That woman is nothing but trouble! He thinks his only mistake is telling her. She insists she is worried about him, but he is miffed and starts to walk away. Arianna stops him and asks him to open his eyes. "It's all happening again ..."
- At the house of Kiriakis, Phil aggressively informs Vic he is not asking his permission to trade Stefano for Stephanie, he is simply stating that they are going to do it! Vic refuses to let them get away with it. He suspects it is no more than a bluff. They will not harm Stephanie and he says he knows what he is doing. "I've done this before." Phil refuses to let Steph be used in this manner and if the Greek tycoon will not help him get her back, then by golly he will
do it himself! Vic points out that men guarding Stefano only take orders from him. Phil threatens a civil war. Victor says he cannot
beat him, and besides, giving Stefano back will not ensure Steph's safety. Phil does not know how far EJ will go. He senses he is out
to prove he is a real warrior and he knows what that means. He has been like that himself, and Tony DiMera ended up dead. He will not allow his fiancee to become a casualty. Victor promises she will not die. He explains the reason EJ chose Stephanie is because he knew Phil would become irrational. Phil gets sarcastic. And yes he does
feel guilty. Papa Victor wants him to calm down but he refuses. Vic believes that caving in will solve nothing. It is just a shame that Stephanie got caught up in the war. He now alludes to the fact that they might harm Stephanie even if they allow Stefano to go free, as she could testify against them as a witness. Ominous music is heard. Phil recalls that Stephanie is already not in good shape mentally and they must help her fast. He worries she cannot take this. He puts his hand on his father's shoulder and looks at him intensely. The two men sit and talk. Vic vows he will not let him any anything happen
to Stephanie. Phil flies off the handle. He accuses Victor of blowing it. Victor is sorry. Phil does not want sorry, he just wants him to see they do not have the upper hand here. And if Stefano dies, they will have nothing EJ wants and he will still have Stephanie. "If I lose her, I will never ever forgive you." Vic retorts he does blame himself for what happened. Nevertheless, they must think before they react.
Phil snaps there is no time to think and the clock is ticking. Victor points out first they need to know where they stand. He wants the prodigal son to tell him exactly what happened. Phil thinks it must have been an inside job. He stops Victor from making a call to a contact, as he thinks it is time to call EJ directly and let him know they have Stefano for him. Phil states that Victor still loves Caroline and if the DiMeras had her, that would be his call, but they have Stephanie, the love of his life, and therefore it is his call. The Greek tycoon reluctantly relents. Phil's decision it shall be.
- At the morgue, Steph screams on the phone as Owen wrestles it away from her. Caller EJ is horrified. Big Steph shoves the gardener mole against the wall so he hits his head. She takes off with the telephone, crying as she storms off. She races out into the dark woods and tries to place a call. Owen is behind her in an instant and grabs her. She screams and howls and wails at him to let her go. She struggles and he yells at her not to make him hurt her. Big Steph breaks free but then falls and hits her head. Owen then turns her unconscious face toward him and hopes she is not dead. He takes
her back to the morgue, ties her up, and puts her back on the slab. Owen tells her he must simply do what he is ordered. He is sorry
and lovingly puts a sheet on her. Steph continues to sleep. He now realizes someone had indeed been trying to call her phone. What if it was Mr. Kiriakis? What if he heard her? He decides he needs to find that phone, which is still outside and ringing by a rock.
- Meanwhile, EJ tries to call back but it goes straight to Steph's voice mail. Nicole enters and asks him what is wrong. Elvis hesitates and then replies all is under control. Nicole  notes it seems like there has been a derailment. Elvis talks about the baby. Nicole thinks he is pretending everything is okay and she does not buy it. She perceives he does not want her to be involved and that is fine, though first she has something to say. At their wedding, she insisted to Stefano that she knew what it meant to be a DiMera and that stands true today. She knows that what he is doing is for the family. He implies that does not excuse everything and takes a drink. Nicole reminds him he is better than his father. "You can tell me anything, EJ ... I won't betray you." She later puts Sydney down for the night and then returns to Elvis. Is there something she can do? He leans on the
chess set and shakes his head. She offers to listen. He thinks he may have crossed the line this time. He now unburdens his soul to her.
He has had Stephanie, Philip Kiriakis' fiancee, kidnapped. Nicole becomes silent as he explains. After a long silence, Nicole says she hates the man who has done this to the girl and she hopes Victor will burn in hell for what he has done, because it is all his fault. She understands EJ is trying to save Stefano's life and praises him. She sees he is just trying to use Stephanie as leverage and maybe this
will make her see the silliness of planning to marry Philip anyway. Nicole asks what else he is hiding. Elvis pauses. He admits his father had a man working inside the Kiriakis house and he is the one who took Stephanie. He had been calling him using Stephanie's cell, but when EJ last called the number, the captive answered the phone screaming. Now he does not even know if his man handled the situation. They do not even know if she escaped, as no one answers the phone. "If I don't have Stephanie, I don't have anything to exchange for my father." In addition, he might have just really upset Victor, whose hands Stefano's life remains in. Nicole does not think Victor would harm his father. She points out that Victor and Philip
do not know he no longer has control of Stephanie. Even if she did escape, they would have heard from Victor by now. His mole might have his reasons for not answering the phone. He kisses her on the forehead and she promises they will get through it together. All of a sudden, EJ's cell rings. Tis Philip, agreeing to the deal. "Stephanie
for your father." Elvis smiles at Nicole in relief. It's a deal ...!

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"EJ! That man is evil. If you turn me into him, he's gonna kill me!" Stephanie laments to Owen.
Phil listens to EJ's words, as Brady stands in the background at Kiriakis mansion. "If anything even seems out of place, you'll never see her again," Elvis warns on his cell.
Will tells Mia that although Sami keeps insisting she is telling the truth, he has this feeling she is lying.
Arianna warns Rafe "What happened before .... I'm warning you
that woman could destroy your life!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sami and Rafe wake up happy together. She has never felt this way before. He feels like the luckiest guy in the world. They kiss on it. Afterwards, she tells him he is the best thing that ever happened to her. He thinks she is everything he ever wanted. He is falling for her big time. They stay in bed cuddling and Sami admits she is in desperate need of continual assurance. Rafe likes that she is what
she is. She is beautiful, insecure, sweet, generous, loving "but mainly a smokin hot pain in the ass!" Sami sits up and makes a funny face. Rafe compliments her and promises he cherishes every inch of her. Then he tickles her and she laughs. She now wants to know why he gave her such a hard time in the safe house. He reminds her she kept trying to break out of custody and go awol from witness protection. She  jeopardized her safety as well as that of Grace. She still insists she was just trying to protect Grace at the time. It did not make him worry any less, though he has great respect for the way she tries to protect her kids. They start to kiss again and then Rafe sees the time and jumps out of bed. He gets dressed and she asks where he is going. To his place, before Will comes back. Grace starts to cry and Sami thinks he should stay as Grace needs him. He agrees to attend to the baby. Sami listens on the baby monitor as he talks to Grace and tells her he will take care of her and her mommy forever. Sami then walks out to join the happy pair. She has just gotten a text from Will. He is with his friends and will not be home until later. That means Rafe can stay longer, if he wants to. He does and adds that perhaps she should eventually have a talk with Will. She intends to tell him they are together and how she loves the sound of that! Rafe thinks Grace just smiled when she heard it. He has an idea. Now
that they are together, he should do the right thing and make a
proper commitment. It is time. Sami agrees they have been through much together and asks what kind of commitment he meant. Rafe states he would like to be a father to Grace in every way.
- At the pub, Mel holds up Steph's earring and wonders how much it is worth. She sure could use the money!
- At Java Cafe, Brady has removed his shirt and laments about the burns Arianna might have given him on his arm. She sits him down and promises to take care of it. As she holds ice on his arm, she tells him she is sorry. Brady teases that seeing her just gets better and better. And he is sorry that when they first met, he acted like a jerk. Melanie approaches their table. Brady explains what happened to his arm. Mel offers to have a look as she is training to be a nurse. She thinks he will live. She giggles and excuses herself to go over to the computer, apparently pleased that Brady has found a nice girl. Arianna tells him he may buy her a cup of coffee, to replace the one he made her spill. Brady jokes they will do ice coffee, just to play it safe, and walks off to get her one. When he returns to the table, one of the employees, Brandon, asks if Brady is still coming to the ball game. He sure is, but his stuff is still a Sami's place. He will stop by and pick up the necessary equipment before the game on Sunday. Brandon gets back to work. Arianna gives Brady a look. He explains he joined the community softball league. "Good for you," she replies and wonders if he is related to Sami Brady. She is his stepsister. Arianna knows her, but she is not a fan!  Brady puts his shirt back
on and wonders why. Arianna does not trust Sami, that is all. Brady admits they do not get along well, either. Arianna thanks him for the coffee and hopes his girlfriend will not be angry if she scarred him. Brady says he has no girlfriend. Arianna looks pleased. Brady drawls he will see her around, holds her gaze for a while, smiles, and then walks off. Meanwhile, Mel looks at Steph's earring and starts to
have a conscience. It belongs to her so she must do the right thing and give it back. She opens her cell phone.
- Victor sits next to his bedridden patient and notes Stefano is feeling better. Stefano vows he will continue to be well for many years.
That is the power of his faith. "In God and in my family." Victor smirks that is touching but he should be realistic. That last shot was all they had. Unless Elvis is wiling to hand over all things DiMera, "I'm afraid it's rest in peace, papa," the Greek tycoon gloats. The phoenix calmly explains that his heir has the DiMera ingenuity and fortitude. "Elvis will not let me down." Later on, when the nurse checks his vitals, Stefano informs her that she should know the man for whom she is working is an amoral swine! He thinks she could do better. In this job market, she is not so sure, however. He asks her
to answer a question honestly and she nods. How long will that last insulin shot keep him healthy? She pauses and admits it depends. It will be absorbed by the body at an accelerated rate. Stefano realizes that means he does not have much time. She says she is sorry and walks off. "Come on, son, I'm counting on you," sighs the phoenix.
- On the pier, Phil cannot believe what he is hearing. EJ grins he indeed has Stephanie, the love of his life. Phil says it must be a bluff. Elvis gets sarcastic. She must be at home, in that case, curled up
with a nice cup of tea. If not, where is she? Phil is not interested in what he has to say. EJ offers a sweet deal. Stephanie for Stefano. Phil starts to walk away. He stops when Elvis adds that Steph is safe for now. Phil gets mad and warns him to leave innocent people out
of it. He tells him to stay away from Steph. EJ smiles, pleased he
has gotten to him. Phil now does the math. "You took her!" Elvis proposes a swap and he wants his fatha there tonight. Phil suddenly changes his mind and deduces is that he does not have Stephanie. Elvis blinks in surprise and points out it was so easy to take her. He grins he always thought the man was supposed to protect his woman. "Oh my God," mutters Phil. He now realizes he was drugged and it was probably part of the plan. Furious Phil now agrees Steph for his father. EJ wants him released immediately and orders Phil to make the call. Phil replies he cannot do that. EJ repeats the demand. He wants father released now. Phil says he is no fool and there is no proof he has Steph and she is ok. Elvis smugly whips out his cell
and holds up a picture of Steph at the morgue. He assures Phil she
is safe. And once he has father back, they will give him back his precious Stephanie. Easier said than done. Phil will see what he can do. He agrees not to go to the police. "Good," drawls Elvis. "And
one last thing. The contract that your father wants me to sign. I assume we can now declare that null and void!" He tears it in half, drops it to the ground, and walks away with Marco. Phil punches a crate in frustration.
- At the morgue, Steph screams and bangs on the drawer door.
Owen opens the door and berates her for trying to attack him. She moans she is confused. All he is doing is following orders. She needs to shut up and start stop screaming or he will do it for her! Steph promises no more stupid stuff as he lets her get some air with the drawer open. He thinks she is sweet and beautiful and kind. Philip is a lucky guy. Steph asks why he took her there. He was carrying out specific orders. The morgue, however, was his idea. After all, no one will find her there. He mentions his employers in passing and Steph concludes he works for the DiMeras. She says they are just using
him and he can prove he is better them that by letting her go. Owen
is sure his employers would not be happy about that. She wonders about his other employers, the Kiriakis family. As soon as they find out what he has done, he is a dead man. Owen thinks they will consider the fact that he did not hurt her. Steph warns that as soon
as they get their hands on him, he will be the one lying in the morgue drawer, not her!  She also brings up the fact that her uncle is the police Commissioner. She advises him to turn himself in before something terrible happens. Owen insists he is a good guy so nothing terrible will happen. Steph pretends to agree he is a nice guy who is just mixed up with bad people. Owen crouches down by her head. Under different circumstances, she might even like him, he thinks. She wonders what he means, as she already likes him. "You do?"
he says hopefully. She states he seems like a good person. He is thrilled and promises this kidnapping thing is not like him at all. She says this place gives her the creeps. Perhaps they can go somewhere else. Owens makes it evident only he knows she is there. "Guess I could keep you here forever!" he laughs. Steph looks ready to cry and forces a smile. She now asks for some water. He allows her to
sit up, and hands her a bottle of water. He also apologizes about her lost earring, which must be real gold. She says her grandmother gave them to her and that they have sentimental value. All of a sudden
her cell rings. Own stares at it. He refuses to tell Steph who the call was from. They will now sit and wait until his contact calls with further instructions. Steph pretends she has a bad back and asks him to let her stand up for a few minutes.
- Back at Java Cafe, Mel sends Steph a text message about having her earring, in addition to the voice mail she has left. Brady happens by and wonders why she is checking out at a website about buying gold. He asks if she is selling someone's jewelry. She says she is not as her conscience got the better of her. He realizes she has Steph's earring and is impressed that she is doing the right thing this time.
He likes the new Melanie and she quips he should not get used to
her as she is not completely reformed. She tells him she called Steph to let her know she had her earring. Brady is proud of her.He senses she has moved on from Philip. She declares she has and is therefore no longer jealous of Stephanie and her future. Mel is still a tad surprised that Steph does not return her call to get her earring back.
- At Brady pub, Phil drinks and stares at the torn contract. He then places a call to Victor. The Greek tycoon says it is late. Phil insists it is an emergency and he will be at the house in a moment. He then saunters out, a man on a mission. Within minutes, he storms into the Kiriakis mansion and faces Victor. "They've got Stephanie. They took her."  EJ even showed him her photo. Victor considers. "Unfortunate."  Phil raises his voice. They are talking about the woman he loves! They wants to exchange Stefano for Stephanie.
He wants them to do it now. "No," says Victor and takes a drink.
- Meanwhile, Elvis returns home to the mansion and pours himself
a drink. Stefano's portrait has been returned to the wall and Elvis addresses him. He finally has the upper hand. "You'll be coming home soon," he promises, "very soon," and takes a drink. He now places a call to Owen.
- Back at the morgue, Owen brings up the fact that hostage Steph tried to attack him with scissors so he will only allow her to get down from the slab for a minute. She thanks him and steps down, glancing at the cell phone. Owen is distracted when the cell phone starts to
ring so Steph knees him in the groin. Owen lurches forward in pain. Steph grabs the cell phone and answers the call. "Philip, Philip, is
that you?" Owen comes up behind her and grabs her. "Help me!
Help me!" she cries in panic as EJ listens and covers his eyes with a hand, clearly bothered by what he has heard ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
"Are you asking me to marry you?" Sami asks Rafe.
"Thinking like that gets people dead and I will not let Stephanie be next!" Phil warns Victor.
Stephanie struggles with Owen. "Let go of meeee!" she cries as he replies "Don't make me hurt you!"
"Something's gone wrong, hasn't it?" Nicole says to a visibly upset EJ.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sami and Rafe continue kissing up a storm. They end up on the sofa. Sami wonders what they will do if Grace starts crying. Rafe wonders if she does not want to do this. "I do, I really do." says she. Rafe means a lot to her and she does not want to mess this up. She fears he might come to his senses since she has four kids. Rafe grins she does not look like someone who has four kids. Matter of fact, he loves that she has four kids. "I love everything about you." he says. Sami worries he is too good to be true. He says not at all. And she does not seem to need rescuing. Sami laments she has always ended up alone as she has a history of pushing people away whom she
cares about. She is amazed he is even there now. He says there is no other place he would rather be. She asks him to look her in the eye and say that so he does.  She just wishes things were simpler. Rafe likes things the way they are. "I like that your life is complicated." And he would like to be part of it. Sami is moved. Grace starts to
cry. "As predicted," she smiles. "I'm a patient man," says Rafe. She flounces off to attend to the baby while he waits. Sami later returns, but does not see Rafe anywhere. She flashes back to the time he thought he wanted to be a bigger part of her life than she wanted him to be. She now sees a rose, which has Rafe attached to it, and smiles. He lifts her up and carries her into the bedroom. He has lit candles. Sami admits she was worried he had left. He promises he is not
going anywhere and they continue kissing. They later drink wine and then continue where they left off, rolling around under the sheets as lazy music plays in the background. Afterwards,they reminisce about their first meeting. No matter what she did, he could not stay mad at her. He insists she is all he ever wanted. Sami is overcome and starts to cry. "I'm so happy. I have never felt this way before!" They continue to make out in the bed ...
- At Kiriakis mansion, Phil asks Carlo when he last saw Stephanie. Several hours ago on the terrace. Phil wonders why the guards don't know everything and orders him to search the house,just find Steph! He then whips out his cell phone and tries to reach his fiancee that way. Stephanie, however, is not answering her cell.
- At the morgue, Owen nervously wonders who was calling him. On the other end, EJ is yelling at him to pick up the phone, but he does not, as he does not recognize the number. EJ now sends him a text message. Elvis is a bundle of nerves and tells father's portrait to hold on a bit longer.
- Owen now gets a call from Philip, who asks the gardener mole if
he knows where Steph is. Steph moves her head a bit. Owen looks like a wreck. He stammers and asks why he would ask that. Phil admits he lost track of her. She is MIA. Owen suggests she might have gone out for some air and states he has not seen her. Steph starts to stir, so he prepares to cut the call short and quickly shuts
the drawer. Phil apologizes for bothering him at home. Owen assures him everything will be fine. Phil complains it is not like her to not answer her phone. The gardener points out they were arguing earlier and she might have just taken off. Phil appears to consider.
- Back at Kiriakis mansion, Carlo has not found Steph so Phil orders him to check her room. He tries to call her cell again and leaves an apology on her voice mail. He does not recall what was said in their arguments and begs her to call him to let him know she is okay. "I really am sorry. I love you. Call me." Carlo comes downstairs. Her belongings are all still there.
- At DiMera mansion, Master Elvis flips out that Nicole cannot get the baby to stop crying as he awaits his important call. Nicole turns the baby monitor off and he apologizes. She understands these past few weeks have been tough on him. Elvis is now not sure it was
such a good idea for him to bring Johnny there. She points out he
was just doing what he thought was right and she just wishes she could help. He thanks her for being so patient with him. Nicole now sees the phone and asks what happened. Elvis picks up the pieces of the untraceable cell phone which Sami broke. "I never should have
let her in the house." And if she has ruined things, he will never forgive himself or her! He tries to call Owen again and complains to Nicole that it is a disaster. Owen finally picks up. "Have you got
her?" Elvis demands. "How do I know this is you?" bumbles Owen. EJ says the code number. Owen informs his boss that the mission
has been accomplished. He asks what EJ wants him to do with her. He then says that will not be a problem. Just then, Stephanie comes to in the dark morgue drawer! "Where am I?" she cries. She calls after Philip and continues to cry. Meanwhile, Owen and EJ have just gone over his instructions. EJ does not wish to know where the hostage is at the moment. He advises Owen not do anything until he has heard from him. Stephanie starts to use her cell phone so Owen pulls her out of the drawer. He begs her to forgive him as he had no choice and takes the phone away from her. Steph cries as he warns her that if anyone finds out, they are both dead. "What did you do to me! You kidnapped me!" She can barely move. Boohoohoo! He
says the chloroform will wear off after a while. She realizes she is in
a morgue. "Why are you doing this to me?" He had no choice and suggests she not move. He promises everything will work out fine if she follows his instructions. Owen thinks she still looks beautiful and asks her to keep still for the picture. He then takes a photo of her with his cell phone. She tries to reason with him, though he insists he had no choice. He promises he would never hurt her. He thinks of her as a peach blossom. Owen now gets busy with his cell, just as Steph starts to reach for the scissors. She weakly raises them and prepares to fight back! Owen easily gets the scissors away from her
in an instant. He pushes her back down and shoves her in the dark drawer, which he shuts. Steph screams and howls.
- Victor watches sleeping Stefano and remembers his conversation With EJ. Elvis had warned him that Stefano would come back, but
he doubted it and called it the end of an era.Stefano breathes deeply. Victor now has the nurse administer the final dose of insulin to his patient. "It's finished," he calmly concludes, whether EJ gets in touch or not. Victor then places a call to EJ, who wonders what he wants. Stefano is now awake and alert. Vic says that is all the insulin there
is and they have no plans to restock. EJ calls him a son of a b*tch. Vic asks if he has all the documents signed and ready for him to
turn over DiMera enterprises."Or is your father going to die tonight?" Elvis states he will see his father soon ...
- When that call is over, Elvis talks to someone who is sure that a certain someone is somewhere. Nicole walks in, after helping calm Johnny down. Elvis smiles they are back on track. He gives her a
kiss and prepares to head off. She wishes him luck. He does not
need luck. "Somebody's eyes are about to get opened, in a very big way," explains Master DiMera. Ominous music is heard as he saunters off.
- Outside, Brady ends an unpleasant business call. Arianna happens by, quick to point out she is not listening in on his conversations. He says that is cool. She notes he has much on his mind, which must be why he left his credit card behind. She hands it to him and he thanks her. It is a corporate card. Arianna says his wife must be lucky as he is cute and rich. Brady enjoys the compliment. He teases her for her 180. Maybe it is because of his corporate card. She teases him about the checkbook in his pocket. He thinks she has checked out his rear end. She tells him never mind and pretends she was just trying to do her job. Now she is sorry she crossed paths with him! She denies
she was flirting, but he feels she was fishing about his marital status. Arianna smiles and rolls her eyes. He jokes she is not subtle. She retorts that just because a woman is making polite chitchat does not make it a fishing expedition. He points out he is not married, he is divorced. He insists he is not full of himself, he is just a little out of practice. She wonders what he is practicing now. "I'm flirting," he grins. She admits she is rather testy. He says he is testy too, due to current family issues. She thinks it will all work out and excuses herself. He just wants her to know the for the record, he thinks
she is cute and checks her out as she walks back to work. Nervous Phil soon arrives on scene. The guards are keeping a reasonable distance. Has Brady seen Stephanie? Phil is having trouble standing but loses his cool that he is not the one who needs worrying about, after Brady asks if he is okay. Brady asks if something happened to Stephanie. They go inside and Brady still wonders what happened to Stephanie. Phil assures him there are guards everywhere so nothing could have happened to her. Brady is concerned Steph is missing. Phil says he gave up the right to react the second he went to Bo Brady and ratted out his own family. Brady points out he is the one who has been keeping Titan afloat while Philip and grandfather plot out their revenge. Phil accuses him of looking out for only himself. He follows the rules only because he does not want to get caught! Brady offers to help, but Phil says if he needed help, he would be
the last one he called. "Get out of here!" he slurs, so Brady does just that. He heads for the Java Cafe, where he again runs into Arianna. She starts to say something and he turns around too fast, which leads to her spilling coffee on him!
- Down at the pier, Phil is later on the phone with Max, asking if he knows anything about Stephanie maybe visiting her folks. He thanks him for his help and asks him to give him a call if he hears from her. Phil concludes she must be visiting her parents. Elvis now walks up with his bodyguard and sarcastically remarks that Philip seems cheerful. "Everything going your way, is it?" He points out Tony's death happened nearby. Phil admits he thinks of that often. Elvis wonders if Phil also thinks about Stefano. Phil says he does not
know what he is talking about. Elvis angrily retorts he knows they have him. And he has a message for Vic. "He's not going to win.
And neither will you." He now takes out his cell phone, ready to show the picture of his hostage. Philip, not realizing what is to come, leers he is cocky for a guy who is about to lose everything. Elvis chuckles that would be him. "I'm talking about Stephanie. You see,
I have her ..."
- Meanwhile, Victor asks Stefano how it feels to be the pawn instead of the King. Stefano laughs he should keep talking if it makes him
feel better. Vic boasts he is victorious. The Phoenix explains "If you think that my son is going to play by your rules, you underestimate him severely." He adds if this were a game and he were a gambling man, he would put everything on his son. He then nods knowingly.

Next on Days of Our Lives
"Are you related to Sami Brady?" Arianna asks Brady, who replies she is his stepsister. "Why, you know her?" "Yeah, not a fan."
Rafe tells Sami "I should do the right thing. I should make a proper commitment."
Stefano thinks aloud. "Come on, son. I'm counting on you."
"I propose an exchange, a swap. And I want my father here tonight!" Elvis angrily informs Phil.

Monday, May 18, 2009 


At DiMera mansion, Sami loudly argues with EJ. She demands to know what is going on. Elvis retorts it is none of her business but
she noisily insists it is.
- At the pub, Rafe gets off the phone after ordering red roses for his sweetheart. Arianna gets sarcastic And what is next, a diamond ring! She knows this is all for Sami and she senses Sami will break his heart. It is just a matter of time. Rafe defends her and does not want his sis to say another word about Sami. He does not appreciate her insulting the woman he is involved with. Arianne replies she is protecting him. "Give me a break." says Rafe. Arianna asks what he sees in her. Rafe tells her to stay out of it. She promises not to talk about her anymore and invites him to stay and have something to
eat. Rafe reluctantly takes a seat. She sits opposite him as he looks
at the menu. Arianna wonders if Sami is rich. She continues to wonder what the draw is for Rafe. She now realizes they are not intimate yet. She can read him like a book and sees he is obsessed with Sami Brady. She just does not understand why. Rafe agrees to tell her. When he was guarding Sami, he saw she had a good heart, was tough, can make him laugh, and more. Arianna adds that she is beautiful. Rafe says that is icing on the cake. He wonders what Arianna really has against her. She has heard stories. And she knows Rafe loves to play the hero. Rafe points out Sami does not need rescuing. Arianna replies she is a single mom with four kids, so how could she not need help? Rafe has had enough. Arianna concludes that she wants Rafe to be happy and if Sami does that for him, then so be it. She just hopes he knows what he's getting himself into.
"I do," says Rafe and takes his leave.
- At Horton house, replay of Mia telling Brady she has never done drugs or alcohol and she was just trying to keep the truth from someone. Will stands there and looks confused. He greets Brady,
and Mia is surprised to see that they know each other too. Will wonders how Mia and Brady know each other. Brady pauses. Will says he will let them talk and walks out. Mia is exasperated. Brady asks how she knows Will. They met a while ago and they go to school together. Brady surmises that Will does not know about the baby. He realizes Will is the friend she lied to about rehab. "About rehab, about my baby, about everything." says Mia. She admits to Brady that Will has been sweet to her and she feels bad about lying
to him. She confides in him about what happened with the rumors from her last school. Brady understands. But he does not agree
when Mia thinks the truth would make Will want to have nothing to do with her. Mia goes on. The truth would mean she would have to tell Will that Nicole has her baby because she does not want to lie to him anymore. Brady reconsiders. He believes it is important to be honest, though she did make a promise to Nicole and there are other people involved in this situation. Mia sighs. What would he do?
Brady would keep his promise. If Will slipped up and EJ DiMera found out, it would be a nightmare, especially for Sydney. Mia
agrees that would be a disaster. Brady reminds her the terms of the deal were to keep everything secret. Mia solemnly says she has kept her promise thus far, what is another 50 or 60 years. He understands it is hard for her and gives her a glass of water. Will now returns.
The meeting is about to start. Brady states he forgot about some work he had to do and bids them goodnight. Will asks Mia if she is ready. Mia blurts out she has lied. This is her first meeting ... since rehab. Will just wants her to get help. She says she does not use drugs anymore. She hopes Will believes her. He does. She thanks him and smiles. They are still friends and walk to the meeting together.
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Phil has fallen to the floor calling for Stephanie. "I'm sorry," he says before passing out. Dr. Dan soon arrives and finds the prodigal son on the floor. He checks for a
pulse, opens his cell, and orders an ambulance pronto. He tries to wake him up. Phil is still breathing but there has been no response. Finally the golden boy comes to and says he is fine. Dan says he is not fine as he passed out. Does he know what happened? Phil sits
up and declares he will not under any circumstances leave the house. Dan solemnly cancels that ambulance. Does he have any idea for how long he was out? Phil says no and his head is killing him. Dan wishes to give him a thorough examination. No arguments. Phil
insists that he not tell Stephanie.Dan asks Phil how much medication he took. Just what was prescribed. Phil does not remember much of anything after he took the pills, though. Dan wonders if there were side effects, unless someone tried to drug him again. Phil looks very serious. Might the DiMeras have tampered with his medication?
Dan asks to see the pills. He opens the bottle and has a look. He will have tests run at the lab. In the meantime, he will write Phil a new prescription for something to counter the effects of whatever he has taken. He also would like to take him to the hospital but Phil flat out refuses. He thinks if someone wanted him dead, it would have happened by now. He feels better already. Dan thinks they should
not take the chance. Phil insists he is fine. Besides, he would rather remain there and spend time with his fiancee. He has become engaged to Stephanie. Dan thinks she is a great girl, but is he sure
now is the time to get engaged? The DiMeras have tried to kill him more than once, after all. Phil says that made him realize life is
short. Carpe diem. Seize the day. He will not allow the DiMeras to dictate his future. He is safe, Stephanie is safe, and the family could use a little good news. Dan hopes they will be happy together. Phil flashes back to their earlier argument and looks remorseful. He then goes to find Stephanie to make things right. He later goes out to the terrace, where Dan is pouring himself a beverage. The doc had planned to touch base with Victor, yet according to Henderson, he is out.  Phil does not know where Steph is. All of a sudden, Dan gets paged and explains he has to leave. He asks Phil to give Stephanie
his congratulations. "I would if I could find her," Phil says unhappily and once again remembers their terrible argument.
- Owen the mole opens Steph's drawer at the morgue, while the captive sleeps on. He assures himself he had no choice and did what he had to. He then whips out his cell to update Master DiMera.
- Meanwhile, at DiMera mansion Sami is still getting mad EJ. He had better tell her if Johnny is in any kind of danger. Elvis calmly replies
if Johnny were in any kind of danger there, he would not have him stay. His cell rings and Sami grabs it away. She lets the phone keep ringing, snarling at EJ that she wants her answers. He grabs the cell phone away and Sami reacts like a madwoman, jumping up and knocking it out of his hand to the floor. "Don't you ever ignore me like that again," she growls. Elvis picks up the phone , but it is too late. "Look at what you did, what is the matter with you!" Elvis exclaims, as the phone is now broken. He tells her to leave. Sami refuses. He calls her out of control and she says it is only a stupid
cell phone anyway. Elvis tries desperately to put the phone back together. Sami realizes the phone must be untraceable and wants to know what he is up to. "Answer me!" she screams. Elvis yells back the only thing she needs to know is that she and her little orphan
will be safe when they leave the house. Sami glares and then snarls
at him to get her son now. He points out they are surrounded by security and no one will touch Johnny there. Grace starts to cry.
Sami realizes she forgot her bottle. Elvis says that is a good reason
to go home Sami states she will return for her son first thing in the morning and warns him not to talk about Grace that way again. She
is not an orphan, she is her beautiful little girl. Elvis says he has no connection to her and he does not see why he should give a damn about either one of them. He tells her to leave now. Sami finally  storms off, pushing Grace.
- Back at the morgue, Owen starts to panic that DiMera has not answered his phone. He fears Master DiMera has been caught and
he will be caught as well. He berates himself for getting involved. He knew in his gut that this was wrong. Now he flashes back to their clandestine meeting. Elvis told him he wanted him to remove Stephanie from the premises. He insisted and there was no way out for the indentured mole. Elvis explained Phil would move heaven
and Earth to find Steph, which would give them the upper hand. Owen wondered what would happen if he got caught. Elvis had promised they would take care of everything, get a new identity for him, etc. But the mission had to succeed. He asked Owen what he could do with Miss Johnson. Owen replied he knew a place. All of a sudden, Owen's thoughts are interrupted when his mortician father walks in and demands to know what he is doing there. Owen hastily shuts the drawer containing Stephanie when his father bends over to pick something up. Owen assumed he was in the Ozarks, but as it turns out, he had to postpone his trip a few days. He will be leaving
at the crack of dawn. He repeats his question. "What are you doing here?" Owen pretends he is thinking of a career change. He wants to follow in his father's footsteps as a mortician. Shortly afterwards, his pop gives him a hug and starts to walk out. Owen calls after him to send him a postcard. His pop pauses at the door and tells him to stay out of trouble. Then he is gone. "If he only knew!" Owen laments and hastily opens Stephanie's drawer again. He then opens his cell and places a call to EJ. Still no luck.  He crouches down and
proceeds to talk to sleeping Steph. Maybe they are safe. Even if DiMera has been caught, he has no idea where they are. He now realizes she lost one of her earrings. "Oh oh." The missing earring is nowhere. Owen flashes back to his meeting with EJ. EJ had told
him the less he knew, the less chance there was of him getting
caught. Owen now panics the DiMeras' enemies might be able to track him down They might be on their way, he gasps.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Elvis asks father's portrait to hold on a little longer. He sits down at the desk and rummages. He then opens
a safety deposit box , finds an untraceable cell phone, and places another call to Owen, who nervously stares at his ringing cell.
- Sami answers her door to Rafe, who hands her a lavish bouquet
of red roses. He enters and she admits she was in a shouting match with EJ, as he would not let Johnny come home. Seems he felt Johnny was safer with him. Sami suspects he was up to something and that is why she wants Johnny out of that madhouse. Rafe suggests she call the cops. She cannot call the police. It would be
bad for Johnny. In addition, there were guards all over the place. Besides, she would not know what to tell Roman what to look for. EJ, she now claims, scared the hell out of her. Rafe decides to go
talk to Elvis himself. Sami stops him. Rafe wants to put EJ on notice that if he hurts Sami, he will answer to him. Sami assures him she is okay, but Rafe dislikes the fact that EJ thinks he is above the law.
He promises Sami she does not have to do all this alone. Sami grabs him and they start to kiss passionately.
- Brady is standing outside the pub, leaving a message for Nicole.
He needs to talk to her  and there is something she needs to know. Arianna has just exited the pub. Brady asks who the hell she is and why she is listening to his call. Arianna points out she works there.
He wants to know what she overheard him say and will not let her pass. Arianna wonders if he is always this rude. Brady apologizes as he has had a rough week. So has she. She adds she heard nothing. She does not even know him. Brady would like to start over and introduces himself. "Are you for real!" says she and starts to walk away. "Till next time," says Brady and she wonders what he means by that. He is a regular at the pub. He introduces himself as Brady Black. She introduces herself and smiles at the irony. Brady as in Brady pub. She realizes he is part of the family and wonders if she should look for a new job. Brady puts her mind at ease and admits
he has a soft spot for feisty types. "I assure you. you haven't seen feisty yet!" says Arianna.

Next on Days of Our Lives
"Do you have all the documents signed or is your father going to
die tonight?" Victor asks EJ on his cell.
Brady approaches Phil. "Did something happen to Stephanie?"
he asks. "Nothing could have happened to Stephanie with all
those guards at the house," Phil insists.
Owen stands over a petrified Steph with his cell phone. "Nobody
can ever know that you're here. If they find out, we're both dead!"
Rafe tells an elated Sami "What do I have to do to convince you
that I'm not going anywhere!"
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